The Global Uprising Against CBDCs Has Begun!

08/20/202325 Comments

Stop the presses! Here's my hot take for the day: CBDCs are a bad thing.

OK, maybe that take is not so hot. After all, I don't even need to spell out "Central Bank Digital Currencies" for my well-informed, switched-on readers to know what I'm talking about when I refer to CBDCs. And the idea that a digital form of programmable money with a central banker's on/off switch is a bad thing? Come on! Even the normiest of the normies can sense that.

But here's the hot part of my hot take: CBDCs are deeply unpopular with the general public and we have a chance of stopping them in their tracks.

At first glance, you might not think this is such a controversial statement, but really think about it for a minute.

If you listen to the stenographers and presstitutes of the establishment dinosaur media, you'll believe that CBDCs not only represent an exciting opportunity to bring our outdated paper money system into the digital age, but that they'll be bestowed on us by the benevolent central banker technocrats in the next year or two (if we're lucky!).

If you listen to the pundits in the alternative media, however, you'll believe that CBDCs not only represent the greatest threat to human freedom in our lifetime, but that they'll be forced upon us by the evil central bankster overlords in the next year or two (no matter what we do to fend them off).

Do you see the similarities in these two "competing" narratives? In both cases, you and your opinion about CBDCs are utterly irrelevant. It's a fait accompli. You can love 'em or hate 'em, embrace them or recoil from them, but whatever your position, you will be forced to use them.

But this just isn't true. In fact, we're already seeing a massive global pushback against the CBDC agenda. And this pushback is already causing the banksters to panic and to pull back on their grand plan for world domination.

Of course you're not hearing about this CBDC pushback in the establishment media. Why would they tout their masters' failures, after all?

But, weirdly enough, you're not hearing much about this pushback in the alt media either.

Let's correct that today, shall we?

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Comments (25)

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  1. Bill Pritting says:

    A CBDC in the USA is not a fait accompli so long as there are a majority of Constitutionalist Justices on the US Supreme Court.
    My hope is that the US Supreme Court will declare CBDC to be unconstitutional, as well as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

  2. Bill Pritting says:

    Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Being Rolled Out NOW!

    Virtually every government and central bank on the planet is rolling out Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) even as globalists and Deep State totalitarians brag about what they intend to use them for — shredding privacy and controlling your life.

  3. playinggrounded says:

    Hi James,

    Excellent article, as usual. I just wanted to point out a typo. I think you meant to type ‘best’ in this sentence: ‘… the banksters are now openly plotting how brst…’

    It will be interesting to see how far they’ll go to get people to cave and use their filthy, evil CBDC’s. They’ll think of something. We just have to resist.

  4. Ectorshire Wolf says:

    To be optimistic or not to be optimistic …..

    As a resident of the United States (has anyone noticed how “united states” is an oxymoron?) I don’t put a lot of trust in a large number of fellow residents. Many are recipients of government handouts. If government requires all handouts be via a digital type of currency I expect more residents will line up to sign up as opposed to line up to protest.

    If the forecast of another type of lockdown pans out I think we will get a good read on current mindsets. If there is a noticeable resistance to such an effort, that will be a good sign; but to many, locking people up will seem more draconian than implementing a CBDC. To the urbanites CBDC will seem to be cool and convenient, so many will embrace it. It’s the ruralites who, theoretically anyway, will be less receptive.

    So what happens if government, who I think is the big driver of the push, more-so than banks, mandates the switch? As I said, urbanites will embrace it, for a while anyway, and I suspect in rural areas it would be used, to the degree it can be; but I think it will be inevitable that the local trading communities will start to spring up. Once that gets a footing there could be parallel systems. That could be good.

    The question that would spawn is how would government attempt to quell local efforts, and how would the locals react? I think that’s where the unknown begins. But the status quo is so corrupt I’m to the point of thinking a CBDC might be just what an honest doctor would recommend.

    • garfieldfan says:

      What do you mean by “urbanites”? I live in a city, and I am certainly opposed to CBDC. In fact, in the last two months, I was opening certificates of deposit at a few banks in my city, and I chose locally owned and founded banks as opposed to Wells Fargo, US Bank or bank of the west. This was specifically because Wells Fargo, etc. would be more likely to try to impose CBDC Than a smaller (number of branches wise) locally owned bank. And as I give donations to various pro-life (antiabortion) charities, I am greatly opposed to CBDC. These include a maternity home, a crisis pregnancy center and an organization that helps save baby girls in China.

      • Ectorshire Wolf says:

        I used the term urbanites because, on average, urban areas trend blue, and most of the urbanites I know are fine with CBDC’s.

    • “But the status quo is so corrupt I’m to the point of thinking a CBDC might be just what an honest doctor would recommend.”


      It sure sounds like you were serious when you said the above. 🙁

      The status quo is corrupt. Check.
      Therefore bringing in CBDC’s surely couldn’t be worse! HUH???

      • Ectorshire Wolf says:

        Huh? Because I’m of the opinion society is standing on the trap door of the gallows with a rope tightly on the neck, and the only thing that might arouse the masses to stop it is something like CBDC’s. Spurring the creation of a parallel economy might be comparable to a reprieve from the governor. Otherwise I think the door will drop open in the not too distant future.

        I will say I won’t be disappointed if I’m wrong.

        • OK thanks for the clarification.

          I disagree though on this one.

          Rather than waking up the masses, I think CBDC’s could be the final nail in the coffin, and kill any hope of stopping Big Brother, if they are implemented globally.

          • Ectorshire Wolf says:

            Hahaha, I think we have found a 50/50 situation. The decider is the mass; which way will it flow? My money is the path of least resistance, and I think that will be acceptance of CBDC’s.

  5. Ectorshire Wolf says:

    An interesting video. Are these “emergency” situations one of the mechanisms being used to impose CBDC?

  6. I can contribute to form an agorist network linking the Hispanic world. If you are looking to import or export to this markets you can reach me out. I’ve friends with some very popular YouTube channels and a big network of contacts.

  7. generalbottlewasher says:

    Well I must have been visited by an unearthly being and my thoughts are not my own on this 100+°f morning.
    Public currency, private in it storage and private in its use. How simple is that idea to reject or to accept. It has value,the accepting and rejecting! Not so much the fiat script. Value has power and that power is not to be allowed in my hands. Or is it?
    Voting too has Public currency from a different bank. The political bank. Much like fiat script it only has value if you exercise it or don’t exercise it. Sure like fiat script it is manipulated to reduce or increase its value.
    For both, and this is the most alien thing, we have more leverage , force or power, in our hands, what ever you care to call that potential, by not using it, not exercising it. They both are a fraud that was designed to control us. The ol’ F.I.W.
    Thanks Jimbo for exposing us to that aspect that they,TPTSB, have tried to remove from us, normal people.
    I won’t , to both banks, the bank of politics and the monetary bank. A twofor. Shall we?

  8. msh6 says:

    Great for the anti-CBDC movement that the ALT media is in near 100% agreement that CBDC’s are bad! I’ll add that the “evil central bankster overlords” are also individual consumers, so how in a CBDC regime would they easily pay for their vices without being detected?

    • Ectorshire Wolf says:

      That wouldn’t happen initially. Only once the competition seems to be snuffed out will vices be dealt with appropriately.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett says:
    “Yes, your resistance and pushback do matter.
    It does make a difference.
    We do have a part to play in this.”

  10. Sherry says:

    Great article, James. I no sooner finished reading this and my cousin sent me this which is quite the opposite. What do we make of this?

    This Is CRAZY!! CBDC in China, Its Development & What It Means!! (14:01)
    Coin Bureau
    August 15, 2023

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Corbett’s end of article, subscriber only “Recommended Listening and Viewing”

    The article about RFK Jr.’s Own Family Members had a lot of great links.
    It goes into CBDCs and digital money at length with also references to Corbett Report and Bill Gates.
    For Example: In his Instagram post, Kennedy recommended the investigative reporting of independent journalist James Corbett, who in a major video series on Bill Gates has observed how the Gates Foundation has funded “the research, development and deployment of injectable contraceptives to the developing world.”

    …and moving on to “Just For Fun”… and Corbett’s referenced article there…

    I have an affinity for Fat Bottomed Girls.
    I don’t want to see that go away.
    (under 4 minutes)

  12. happy_usagi says:

    The presstitutes here in Malaysia write about the dream of a cashless society.

    I experienced the nightmare first hand in Estonia in May. At a bus station, bursting for the toilet when I arrived, the toilets would only accept a card. Cashless for a 40 cents charge. But it wouldn’t accept mine, which elsewhere worked.

  13. Jetmab says:

    Thanks millions James…I absolutely love this type of pushback 💓💕💓

    I suggest, while we all wait for the chains to be linked around our ankles, we simply buy popcorn, lean back and watch

    After my first two shares of the link to this movie yesterday, I am proud to announce my link was censored within seconds on both…

    I have started to be proud of all this censorship…tells me, someone, somewhere is indeed doing something more than correct and, with all the “illness” now hitting the following 3 countries – Denmark, Israel and “surprise” the USA , I strongly suggest links to both this pushback and the Jones Plantation film is sent to as many people as possible in these 3 Countries…just for them all, to be able to watch a good movie while they’re waiting for their next boosters/chips or whatever is in stock in these “idea-making” places 💓💓💓

    Have a lovely week

  14. Ethan Hunter says:

    Excellent article! Right along the lines of what I’ve been thinking of late…the globalists are not all powerful! I especially love this thought:

    “I’ve made the point before, but it bears repeating: the constant stream of propaganda, conditioning and censorship that we are subjected to from governments, establishment institutions and their lapdog media is not a sign of their strength. It is a sign of their weakness.”

    Exactly! I’ve been craving that the alternative space highlight the weaknesses of the globalists and their cronies.

    There is always this vibe that “oh no, they are coming for us with inevitable tyranny!”

    Yes, it is true that the globalists are powerful. But, they are not all powerful. I humbly propose that we start thinking along the lines of what the globalist’s various weaknesses are, and here is a list of my own:
    * Overconfidence and Arrogance
    * Cowardly – they have to do things in secret and by stealth
    * Cynical – they never focus on human potential, but always are focused on the delinquencies of humanity
    * Uncreative and Unimaginative – are the accounting, managerial types that have to use the ideas of others or co-opting them to forward their agenda of control
    * Do not have complete control of human thought and action
    * Constantly outpaced by innovation and ingenuity – in fact, they fear this!
    * Lack faith and optimism
    * Have to hide behind counterfeit facades and various “Trojan horses”
    * Their agendas are discovered if they act too desperately or aggressively – then they have to pull back
    * Cannot deal well with a lack of buy-in from the public
    * When public buy-in and trust diminishes, they lose power
    * They fear non-compliance and resistance
    * Influenced heavily by academic institutions – which is always, and I mean always, 3 to 4 years behind the real world…

    And I could go on…can a podcast FINALLY talk about the globalist’s weaknesses instead of this obsessive fretting about their strengths??

  15. davidbmcbain says:

    Not forgetting the dangers of tactical withdrawal. See The Battle of Hastings 1066.

  16. OneKnightErrant says:

    James – I watched the Bobby Kennedy campaign speech. I imagined a private conference with niece Carolyn afterward.

    Carolyn K: Uncle Bobby. Besmirched, bothered and bewildered am I. I was embarrassed to watch.
    Bobby K. Jr: Really?! Was it that bad?!
    CK: I’d like to make a few suggestions. First, get rid of the multi-ethnic peanut gallery in the arrière-plan. The black woman with a blond wig looks like a Detroit madam. The dark complected mustachio asian reminds me of a hitman for the Qing Bang. Where in Saint Mary’s name did you get those characters?!
    RK: My campaign manager lined them up.
    CK: Get rid of your campaign manager. I’m not talking about the East River. Just don’t let him anywhere near your campaign. You are not a politician. Stop acting like one. If you’re going to tell the truth, don’t go halfway. You must know if you get the Democratic nomination you will end up like your father.
    RK: They wouldn’t dare. I’m not concerned about that.
    CK: You’re shitting me, right?! Jesus, Bobby. They’ve got a thousand ways to take you out. It won’t be a mind control patsy this time. Most likely a heart attack or cancer drug.
    Pause for reflection.
    BK: OK. How would you run my campaign?
    CK: For the remainder of your speeches, NO peanut gallery! Instead, a PowerPoint presentation. Big screen. Watch some of David Icke’s talks. Begin with images from the Ambassador. In smaller venues you’ve already exposed the real shooter. Go national with it. Show the man who shot your father in the head.
    BK: Don’t you think that’s going too far?!
    CK: Bobby! Be bold! By announcing your candidacy it’s already been established you have a death wish. At least say something meaningful before they kill you!
    BK: I think you’re being a bit dramatic. But…OK. What next?
    CK: The Plandemic. Put the CDC VAER statistics on the screen. Show the number of vaccine related deaths. Use other sources as well. Show the Tiffany Dover video followed by verification of her death on ancestry dot com. Put up a slide of H.R. 5546, the National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act of 1986 providing indemnification of pharmaceutical company prosecution for vaccine injury. Video clips of autistic children with supporting evidence of vaccine correlation.
    BK: I’ve already mentioned autism.
    CK: Normally, I wouldn’t recommend self promotion, but show your book: The Real Anthony Fauci. Follow that with a short video of Kary Mullis’s opinion of Fauci. Perhaps also, Mullis on the climate change hoax.
    BK: Carolyn, I respect your point of view. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Let’s talk again next week. Right now I’ve got a splitting headache. You said you had something for me. What’s in the box?
    CK opens box.
    RK: It looks like…
    CK: A light weight bullet proof vest. Also a small bottle of snake venom antidote. I have other stuff that might be useful if you’re interested.
    RK: Every little bit helps. Thanks.

  17. gabyville says:

    “How UBI can pay for itself” One of the proposed way to finance UBI is to impose a micro tax on all digital transaction:
    Micro Tax
    Understanding it
    Financial Transaction (payment) Tax of 0.2% – $160,000,000,000.
    Learn more: Implementation of a Micro tax on Financial Transactions

    A payment tax (or micro tax) applies a tax on all financial transactions undertaken within Canada. Payments Canada has estimated that there are $50 trillion in annual electronic financial transactions in Canada annually. This would reduce financial speculation and give all Canadians a share of our economy. ”

    This is just one of their financial proposal to finance this scheme. You can read the whole thing here:

    As you can see they have already the means to impose a micro tax on all digital transactions and once people get a whiff of this they will earnestly start to use cash. It is well worth your time to read this whole site on UBI (if you are Canadian) as they have already passed a law in the Canadian government to study the possibility to implement this system.

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