The Future of Food (Is Ours to Decide)

01/30/202329 Comments

From GMOs and lab-grown meat to the "Eat Ze Bugs" agenda and molecular gastronomy, readers of What is the Future of Food? will know that the global cabal is busy cooking up nefarious plans for reengineering our food supply.

And, as readers of Who Is Behind the Great Food Reset? will know, that global cabal includes the usual suspects—the Rockefellers, the Gates, the World Economic Forum—as well as upstarts like the EAT Forum. (And let's not forget BlackRock!)

But for those looking to avoid the creepy culinary concoctions of the Great Food Resetters, that still leaves the question: what do we do about this agenda?

Answering that question is our task for today.

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  1. Kati says:

    Must read “Seeds of Destruction” by Engdahl, first time i read few years ago how bad green revolutions really were.

  2. ccuthbert2001 says:

    “It is not a perfect power: monetary constraints and the lack of transparency that has been baked into our existing food system means that we do not exercise total control over our dinner plate…”

    No, I don’t accept this, James. We always have the ability to JUST STOP PUTTING THE GARBAGE IN OUR MOUTHS. PERIOD. Pass on the product if we don’t know that it’s clean. There’s always a healthier alternative. The only exceptions are truly starving peops in poor countries who don’t read your webpage.

    • Loft says:

      But…. people are too busy tapping on their smart phones to bother about what goes in their mouths! (sardonic)

  3. minnie says:

    I think once this EU approval of ‘partially defatted cricket powder” starts to sink in, people will start seeking out insect-free food. Hopefully some food suppliers will soon start to label their products as “insect free”, which will then – hopefully – catch on.

  4. Gavinm says:

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    Hear, hear!

    Thanks for all your hard work on this James 🙂


    • Gavinm says:

      (continued from above..)

      I do have a different opinion with regards to one part of what you said above (and I have concerns with regards to a specific term used above) but overall I stand behind the message in your article that outlines the imperative for taking action as individuals to take responsibility for creating/contributing towards decentralized food production systems locally.

      Where my view differs, is that I do think that some of those things you listed can indeed provide “total solutions” (in the context of finding a solution on a quest to create resilient, reliable and agile decentralized food production systems in each of our communities) though I agree that this cannot happen “overnight”.

      The one other point of contention I have is with the implications that are built into the term “Peasant Food Web”. I know you were basically just using this term in the context of quoting an article that used the term in a specific context (relating to describing a decentralized web of individuals employing low tech cultivation methods and nurturing resilience through their diversity of crops and methods) but I feel that the subconscious connotations that using such a term perpetuates outweighs the potential positives of using the term.

      The problems I see with using the word “peasant” are multi-pronged. Part of it is quite obvious and has to do with how it is a pejorative term used by oligarchs and/or monarchies throughout the centuries (and in present day to a lesser degree) to describe a lower class of humans (“useless eaters” if you will) that are seen as unintelligent and limited in their potential to contribute to “civilized society”.

      Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I feel this terminology adds credence to a pervasive fallacious belief system that many in the west have been programmed to adopt relating to their associating the act of gardening or working with one’s hands in the soil as a farmer as some kind of lowly, archaic, savage, unpleasant, dirty and ‘uncivilized’ activity which should be avoided by ‘respectable’ and ‘advanced’ intellectuals that have ‘moved beyond such things’ in their more ‘modern and civilized pursuits’.


      • Gavinm says:

        (continued from above..)

        Some reading this might say “Hey wait a minute Gavin! That is crazy talk, no one here would think such egotistical, shortsighted and illogical things about the incredibly empowering, educational and noble act of growing a food garden at home! It is clearly a choice that each of us can make (to some degree) which enriches and hones not only the body and the mind, but also nourishes the soul!”

        Well, while I would tend to agree with anyone that might say that, unfortunately, that perspective is not held within everyone and the delusional superiority complex I outlined above (where people see gardening as ‘lowly peasant work for less advanced humans’ is indeed pervasive and exists subconsciously in a great many in the west).



        “a poor farmer of low social status who owns or rents a small piece of land for cultivation (chiefly in historical use or with reference to subsistence farming in poorer countries).”

        In order to provide an example of what I am talking about with the tendency for some to have a subconscious (and some times not so subconscious) association in their head between gardening and “lowly, dirty activities of serfs and savages” I will share a quote from another subscriber which was part of a discussion we were having in the New Years Open Thread.

        The following is part of a comment from a Corbett Report subscriber that goes by the screen name “mutig”:

        “The solution, as you point out, is to forage and grow one’s own food, but that isn’t possible for most people, or they must spend most of their time on food gathering and preparation, which takes us back to the way of life of an earlier century, which we might find unacceptable.”

        Whether one makes the choice to deem taking action to cultivate skills and knowledge related to food cultivation and preservation as “unacceptable” (in other words, something they would rather not do) because they have chosen to mistakenly associate the act of cultivating and preserving one’s own food as some “lower class”, “dirty”, “peasant-like” activity that people in the past did (or just out of laziness) or whether one musters the courage to step outside their comfort zone and excuses to take responsibility for their future through growing some of their own food may decide whether they and their loved ones survive the storm ahead.


        • Gavinm says:

          (continued from above..)

          Some of us see the wisdom, nobility, foresight, courage and untapped potential in learning from and emulating our ancestors in how they had a close knit relationship to the land. There are others though, that continue to choose to look upon our ancestors as the oligarchic billionaires do (as dirty ‘peasants’). Each of us is capable of choosing either perspective and each of us will have to face the consequences down the road.

          The mentality I often come across where people in the modern western world have made the decision to avoid gardening/preserving (and making a long list of excuses for themselves why that choice makes sense) is a corrosive and degenerative mentality that cripples many individual’s effectiveness in their efforts to resist tyranny and build parallel systems.

          I even saw this mentality reflected and overtly expressed in some of the presentations at the recent “Greater Reset Conference” (Organized by Derrick Broze and John Bush) where there were individuals (such as Mark Moss) promoting the idea of getting rich fast using various schemes so that one would not have to “go live out in the forest or one a mountain top with goats” because, as Mark Moss stated stated “who wants to have to do that? Not me”.

          Thus, while I acknowledge the report linked in the article above starts by defining the “Peasant Food Web” by saying “ describe the small-scale producers, usually family- or women-led, that include farmers, livestock-keepers, pastoralists, hunters, gatherers, fishers and urban and peri-urban producers..” (and goes on to elaborate further as to what they are talking about when they use that term) I still think that repeating the term is a bad idea.

          I think using that kind of terminology is a bad idea for I suspect it could serve to re-enforce the delusional, egotistical superiority complex and laziness/apathy based mentality that sees gardening, food forests, and farming as some dirty lowly activity for unintelligent plebs (rather than acknowledging those pathways of learning and self-empowerment for what they are, which are, in fact, forms of higher education that surpass any offered by universities or book knowledge as it means learning directly from Creation through biomimicry and thus, by extension, learning directly from Creator).

  5. lotusblossom says:

    Speaking of food, for anyone wondering about the Eggspiracy, here’s a video by Yanasa TV explaining why it very likely isn’t one (not everything is a WEF-led conspiracy, y’all!):

    Sorry about the GooTube, I still use it a lot because I want to encourage the truth-seekers still working there. After all, they’re the ones reaching the normies…

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Connection of Las Vegas shooting to Saudi Arabia power grab

  7. Steve Smith says:

    Well, if we are what we consume and “Bill Gates drinks water distilled from human faeces and urine”.
    Thats one mystery solved.

  8. Loft says:

    It’s only been 25 years since, in a North London community, finding organic fruit and veg was for a niche market within a single niche store and was hugely expensive. Now the supermarkets sell it (though I sometimes wonder whether we’re being had on occasions). 25 years ago there wasn’t the backing of an entrenched paradigm like CAGW to force folk to buy ‘greener’ or healthier. Interesting how such a paradigm has gone arse about face and is now behind the bug eating push and will be seen by the trendies as a magnanimous, virtue-signalling, altruistic, great way to ‘save the planet’! (One which doesn’t need saving) Methinks, with celebrities behind it, they will be queuing up to buy ze bugs. Let them! We, for our part, must not allow this to become the norm as we did with Wifi in schools and hamburger joints on every High street. If we do, it’ll be an age; a couple generations at least before we can backtrack. Too late for some.

  9. Gavinm says:

    Another pathway of learning and accessing food/medicine that aligns with the wisdom and wealth of knowledge of our ancient ancestors that is worth mentioning in the context of this article is foraging. Foraging is not “the solution”, but having some foraging experience certainly adds another layer of resilience, increasing one’s food sovereignty and one’s ability to subvert the industrial food system by accessing some of our food without having to buy it.

    In the modern western world we are conditioned to think of plant identification and foraging skills as some kind of ‘obscure hobby’ for ‘crazy peppers’, ‘hippy herbalists’ and/or ‘poor people that can’t afford groceries’ but if you go back only a few centuries, these were skills that our ancestors cultivated from a young age and used in their day to day lives. These skills gave our ancient ancestors a form of resilience and True Wealth which many of us now lack in our lives.

    I recently started a “12 days of eating weeds” series on my substack to offer a small contribution to increasing our collective resilience and ability to resist tyranny. I published these articles in the interest of helping to offer opportunities (for those that are interested and motivated) to remedy this modern day ‘poverty of plant knowledge’ so they can take decisive steps to be able to access the same wealth and resilience of our ancient ancestors (regardless of what situation or challenge one is facing).

    Here is a link to Day Ten of the series:

    It focused on a plant that has a great many uses for food, shelter building, first aid, fire starting, weaving baskets and more.

    Known as Pakwiyeshk and/or Bewiieskwinuk – to the Potawatomi/Ojibwe peoples of the Great Lakes regions in the Anishinaabemowin language. Known as τὐφη to the ancient Greeks and known as nGéadal (pronounced NYEH-tal) to my Celtic ancestors.

    In Potawatomi, the word for cattail, bewiieskwinuk, translates to “we wrap the baby in it” and in the Mohawk Kanyen’kéha language, cattail (Osháhrhe) translates to “the cattail wraps humans in her gifts”.

    I hope you find this information helpful and find some peace of mind in the knowing that we are surrounded in food and medicine.

    If we learn from Mother Nature and accept her open hand we can thrive and nurture our bodies in any and all situations (while staying guided by integrity and love).

    We can align our wealth and health with the health and wealth of the living Earth and through merging with her regenerative capacity and inherent abundance we can become irrepressible.

    We can take steps to lift ourselves and our communities out of the widespread modern day ‘poverty of plant knowledge’ and in doing so become resilient enough to survive and thrive no matter what life throws our way.

  10. ejdoyle says:

    In far less words then Gavinm 🙂
    This has been predicted for many decades…
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In 1970, Henry Kissinger said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    …but the outstanding work of the controllers to addict, manipulate, direct the masses to greed, over-consumption of junk food, sugar, alcohol, new shiny stuff, etc. and sheepishly go about their lives with no resistance is at work.

    Unable to rise from comfortable couches, computer chairs, etc. and take to the streets has been replaced by shaking little fists on blogs then going back to the same patterns of destruction.

    The lack of using such a great tool for organizing, the web, is like having a new Cadillac in the driveway and only using the radio. Unless the urgency for resistance rises up in action, it will remain all talk, memes, and Rambo fantasy.

    GOTTA RISE UP (song)

    • Gavinm says:


      Hey there EJ, I am honored you felt I was worth mentioning in your comment.

      I do strive to say more using less words in my writing but some of the concepts I was attempting to explain in my comments above are quite nuanced and/or obscure so I wanted to be crystal clear. I also do not want to leave room for confusion or for what I say to be misconstrued or twisted, thus I also strive to explain the concepts I am discussing comprehensively so that any future discussions on said subject matter, will (hopefully) not involve time being wasted on defining terms or clarifying what was originally said.

      This has been predicted for many decades indeed. Some might say “this” has been predicted for many centuries (perhaps even millennia).


      I would add to your description of the programming, brainwashing and corrosive conditioning that has been used to create complacency, stagnation, apathy and excuse making in the masses by saying that we (as males) have also been conditioned to internalize unhealthy/unproductive forms of machoism. This conditioning involves males being programmed to associate specific activities with being something that is more for females (and not for “tough guys”). Gardening, Preserving food, Weaving, Sowing and Embodying Love and Compassion in our interactions with our fellow humans and non-human beings are among some of the things that would fall into that category of machoism programming.

      While I do feel that rising up and going to the streets (as those in Ottawa and in many other places did) to peacefully and resolutely embody the truth, speak the truth and demand to have one’s voice heard is an admirable choice and does have meaningful ripple effects in the world, I contend that the acts of planting a food garden, preserving food and learning how to make one’s own clothing from scratch are far more revolutionary acts (especially for males) which more effectively subvert the plans of the oligarchs and their puppets in government than any amount of protesting.

      Could you please elaborate on your usage of the term “Rambo fantasy”? I am familiar with the movie with the soldier guy that runs around and shoots and stabs ‘the bad guys’ but I am having trouble understanding what you meant by using the name of that character in this context.


      Do you mind if I ask if you have a food garden?

      Thanks for sharing the link to your song, I will contemplate the lyrics and let you know what I think in another comment at some future time.

      • ejdoyle says:

        >>Hey there EJ, I am honored you felt I was worth mentioning in your comment.>>

        >>I do strive to say more using less words…I wanted to be crystal clear.>>
        My music goal…“Forge simple words that children can understand.”

        There may be something else going on with your loquaciousness, some need, astrological sign, or such. Mine is frustration at the controller’s success and MY loquaciousness is metaphoric “yelling.”

        >>…Some might say “this” has been predicted for many centuries (perhaps even millennia).>>

        >>I would add…would fall into that category of machoism programming.>>
        >>I contend that the acts of…are far more revolutionary acts (especially for males).>>

        That 60’s idealism that got destroyed.
        Uncomfortable with your bashing of masculinity.

        It is far too late for peaceful protesting. Most males are sissified and women whored out in fashion, values, etc.

        >>Could you please elaborate on…the term “Rambo fantasy”?>>
        If you check out “The Donald,” Black Listed News, The Gateway Pundit, etc. you will find far too many keyboard commandos espousing tough guy tactics but no SOLUTIONS. “Lock and load,” etc. IMO the majority have never even taken a punch in face let alone gone to real war.
        So it is talk, memes, and Rambo fantasy.

        >>Do you mind if I ask if you have a food garden?>>
        1/4 acre worth but experiencing a high volume of damaging UV at 11 to 13 or more from the weather war, chemtrails, etc.

        >>…I will contemplate the lyrics and let you know what I think in another comment at some future time.>>
        My pleasure. A comment would be rare. Over 34,000 views of my music and perhaps 100 comments. People have lost the ability to see the tribal connection and be supportive of it.

        The controller’s success to govern minds…The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.

        “It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”
        – -George Orwell-1984

        • Gavinm says:


          There are others that apparently share your view and have described my way of expressing myself as “loquacious” (and most of them have made it clear that they mean it in a pejorative way, as in, they see my form of self expression as verbose, garrulous or some form of blathering). These were typically people that were using that criticism as sort of weak attempt at an Ad hominem attack, because they disagreed with something I wrote (but were to afraid to address that subject matter directly, since they were standing on shaky intellectual and/or moral grounds in their position).

          I am less concerned with the superficial judgments, labels and/or insults that are slung at me by others, and more focused on striving to make my actions match my words, and to make my actions those which are aligned with building the future I want to live in. Thus, while I am open to accepting the constructive criticism of my fellow humans in the interest of utilizing their observations as an opportunity to ‘take an honest look in the metaphorical mirror’, since I sense your criticism may not be shared with an amicable intent, I have decided that whether or not you appreciate (or approve of) the way I go into detail in my writing is of no concern to me.


          You falsely accused me of “bashing masculinity” when, in fact I was speaking about machoism, which has nothing to do with embracing the innate masculine traits within us.

          Perhaps you associate the act of being Macho in some positive way and place that type of behavior on a pedestal, and perhaps you mean something different when you use the word than I do.

          To be clear, when I use the word Machoism I am talking about a mentality and behavior patterns that are manifestations of ego, pride, self-importance, an intent to dominate others, usually via superficial show of physical prowess (that is typically exhibited by one that is seeking to compensate for their own internal insecurities and emotional immaturity).

          True Masculinity (unlike machoism) means becoming a protector of those that cannot protect themselves, it means being creative (not destructive) leading by example, choosing actions that serve to give a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves, it means respecting females (as well as our fellow males) and aligning our energy with them to co-create and nurture life to grow and thrive.

          Machoism is a sad and hollow shadow of masculinity, it is the cowards way to attempt to avoid looking within to know his own heart and to live with integrity by beating his chest and attempting to use fear as a weapon to dominate his fellow beings.


        • Gavinm says:

          (continued from above..)

          All through my life I had to deal with males that chose that path of machoism. It often seemed as though my very presence threatened the legitimacy of their hierarchical, domineering and hubristic way of interacting with their fellow humans. I have always been drawn to observe, tend and work very close to the plants and to all aspects of nature. I have always been drawn to learn to understand the natural world through the lens of science. Macho males saw this as weakness when I was young and attempted to beat it out of me, and force me to conform to their shallow form of existence. I was beaten many times but refused to capitulate and conform to their shallow/hierarchical way of interacting with others.

          Having observed that macho cowards were (and are) plentiful in this world (being bullied when I was young for showing an interest in gardening, cooking and science) I decided at a young age to learn Aiki-jujutsu. I did not learn martial arts so that I could exert my will over the bullies in retribution (for in doing so, I would have allowed their depraved way of thinking to infect my mind as well). No, I chose that path so that I could defend my self, and others, while remaining true to who and what I am.

          When I was in high school the macho individuals that felt threatened by me attempted to attack me in all kinds of disgraceful ways. Some of them tried to sucker punch me while I was not looking, others slashed by bike tires or loosened the brakes and some attempted to use weapons such as knives to give them the upper hand in their attempts to beat their chest and assert dominance over me. Sometimes they succeeded in severely damaging this body I inhabit, but never did I allow that deter me from being true to myself. Some wished me dead and attempted to make it so (one guy tried to stab me in the chest in front of my high school with a 6 inch double edged blade because I told him to stop bullying the little grade 8 kids with his pathetic macho displays) but as you can see, they all failed. In the end, I chose to see their pathetic attempts to beat their chest and force me to conform as a helpful opportunity to increase my appreciation of the value of compassion, gentleness, kindness and acting in accordance with an acknowledgement of the sacredness of all life.

          I choose to see the actions of all bullies and people involved in machoism in this same way today and use their depravity as motivation to improve and enrich myself to be of greater service to my community and as an impetus to take steps to be more capable of embodying integrity as I provide for myself and my loved ones.


        • Gavinm says:

          (continued from above..)

          Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are found in one’s home and/or family, some in school, some are on the street, some wear badges and carry guns, some have fancy-sounding titles working in the government and some are the dominant members of a transnational oligarchic racketeering operation, but in the end, the cowardice and lack of integrity that drives them is the same. The way to render them obsolete, disarm them, render them harmless and either help them to heal and evolve (or leave them behind if they are unwilling) is also the same.

          What you mistakenly (and derisively) describe as “60’s idealism” (men embracing compassion, courage, speaking truth no matter the cost, standing up for the defenseless with love, embracing creativity and protecting/nurturing the natural world) has it’s roots many ancient cultures and ways of being that predate the existence of the United States. I spoke about one thread that weaves it’s way into that expression of true masculinity in my comments under “How Do I Introduce Voluntaryism? – Questions For Corbett #095” regarding the Druidic traditions that became the foundation for the Brehons.

          Anyone can build up their physical body and become a fearsome implement of destruction and violence, many hubristic and egocentric humans (mostly males) have done this throughout history, but very few humans summon the courage to look within, into the heart, to know oneself, to know love, embody love and honestly express oneself. Bruce Lee explains this truth in his description of what he sees as the true meaning of Martial Arts in this clip

          The courage it takes to honestly look within (embodying love and compassion in a world full of countless hubristic macho cowards) is a thousand fold of the courage it takes to swing a sword on the battlefield. The earth has seen many sword swinging warriors (some were self-less, some were noble and a great many were hubristic individuals involved with machoism) but what we need now is not more warriors of violence, what we need now to break the cycles are peaceful warriors.

          In truth, no amount of rioting, revolting, witch hunting or any other overt violent act will create lasting change, nor will it contribute towards creating a world worth giving to future generations. These actions sound gratifying and glorious, but that is just the ego talking, as students of history understand that such attempts to create lasting change are an exercise in futility (only serving add more energy being given to feeding into the endless cycles of violence and humans attempting to force their will over others).


          • ejdoyle says:

            From my observation as both a long time activist and ex Psychiatric Social Work Specialist you come off as VERY needy and narcissistic.

            You write thousands of words when a hundred would do.
            Everything seems to be about you being a victim.
            You abuse and confuse the comment box as soap box.

            People with some knowledge or skill think they are better, more knowledgeable then they really are, the Dunning-Kruger effect. Then they hop on that donkey and ride it to death, getting on blogs and pushing their opinion as the “fact” or “truth.”

            When James commented on my verbose rambling I adjusted for the good of the community. You might consider others like myself are not out to get you but just mirroring what you need to hear.

            • Gavinm says:


              I have spoken the truth in my heart and that is what is important to me.

              Any insults, attempts to be derisive or degrading which you chose now (or in the future) say a lot about you and very little (or nothing) about me. These choices you are making offer you a mirror, though I have a feeling you will not want to look into it.

              I will now wish you well and bid you adieu.

              I hope you find peace brother.

              • ejdoyle says:

                You just don’t “get it” do you. You talk like a victim not understanding that me or others are not “insulting” you, we are being truthful but your narcissistic ideation that must always be right sees it as that.

                “I hope you find peace brother.”
                Talking down to others as if you are in the morality driver’s seat does not help.

        • Gavinm says:

          (continued from above..)

          Learning to cultivate food at home, forage in the wilderness, create medicine from plants and fungi, preserve and provide what one needs to nourish themselves and their loved ones (by the work of their own two hands in connection with the Earth) is an expression of True Masculinity. Making excuses why one cannot take steps to do those things more and more and/or putting those activities down by using sad macho insults is a coward’s path that leaves one wide open to enslavement and dependence on the totalitarian psychopaths and their parasitic systems.

          Each of us are faced with the choice that can lead down one of two roads now. We either step outside our comfort zone to learn from the wisdom of our ancestors that forged a close knit symbiotic relationship with the land, learning skills, gathering knowledge and hands on experience (and do not allow any excuses to get in our way) which will enable us to provide for ourselves and our loved ones without centralized systems, or we choose cowardice, complacency, stagnation and “learned helplessness”. Choosing to start a riot or go on a witch hunt falls into the second category for a great many humans all throughout history have attempted to use violence to end tyranny, but they all failed, those who are students of history know that story well.

          Many prophecies have foretold a time in which the depravity and degeneration that is prevalent in modern society (describing it in detail) and they spoke of a fork in the road. We now stand at that fork and each of our decisions will decide what path we take.


        • Gavinm says:

          (continued from above..)

          While there are many prophecies worth examining to understand where we have been, where we are and where we may be headed, I will share one in particular that I feel is pertinent to the subject matter we are discussing here.

          The people that called the land where I now live on home before the Europeans arrived and removed them speak of a Prophecy Of The Seventh Fire. Here is a video clip with Robin Wall Kimmerer sharing one interpretation of it

          In the prophecy her elders spoke of, there would come a time when humans would neglect their sacred connection to the living Earth and we would face a fork in the road. One of the paths is soft and green and the other is charred, jagged and burnt. The prophecy says that there will come a time when people of all colors and creeds who seek to embark down the green path together must first look back to the teachings and the wisdom of their ancestors, to choose as they did, to nurture a symbiotic relationship with the land and embrace a reverence for the living Earth (which will provide them the guidance they on the path forward).

          I believe that in many ways, each of us stands at that fork in the road that the Seventh Fire prophecy describes, right now. Machoism, ego, violence, and dependence on technologies/products created by big hyper-consolidated corporations are choices that lead down the black and charred path.

          Thus, instead of feeding into the fire of violence, commodification of nature, materialism, hubris and fear that leads one down the black and burnt path, I strive to look to my Celtic ancestors (and I also strive to look to the ancestors of those that called this land where I live home now before I was born) for wisdom in how I can live in close connection with the Earth, to be an effective protector of life, embodying truth and working to align my efforts with the regenerative capacity of nature (and with others interested in co-creating a new path forward to build intentional communities). Regardless of the level of depravity any bullies chose to involve themselves with, I choose to walk this path love, compassion, reverence for all life and integrity guiding each of my actions.

          • Steve Smith says:

            Blinded by bitterness
            Bereft of Grace
            Offers of fellowship
            Thrown back in the face
            Pearls cast, quickly trampled
            Defiled in haste
            But truth freely given is never a waste

            • Gavinm says:

              Thanks Steve, that means a lot.

              What I shared above was truly in the spirit of fellowship.

              You really have a talent for words my friend. I dabbled in poetry in the past but it was not yet, of this caliber. The vivid and heart centered way in which your poem reads inspires me to take steps to revisit my poetic expression again.

              I come across a great many humans on my path that recite the bible, but from my experience interacting with you I would describe you as one that absorbs its wisdom, looks within, and then allows that enrichment of your inner environment to enhance your own unique form of expression of the truth contained within its pages. This is a co-creative process that is desperately needed on the Earth now, and I want to thank you for endeavoring to be a part of it.

  11. ejdoyle says:

    Look friend, I really don’t read any of your long dialogs. Try just a few words that aren’t all about you and your “truths.” OK?


  12. Gavinm says:

    Re-sharing this video from the Permaculture and Food Independence day of the Greater Reset 2023 Conference

    The presentation is by a Dr. Lyla June and is titled “Architects of Abundance: Indigenous Food Systems and the Excavation of Hidden History”

    She offers lot of empowering knowledge about agro-forestry/food forests and regenerative ocean shoreline garden/farming systems.

    I especially found her description of the constructed Oyster gardens by the natives in Florida to be compelling and representative of ideas filled with untapped potential.

    When she described how they used to build partially submerged rock walls along the ocean shore to break the big waves, create tidal pools, warming the water and creating a microclimate I had a vision of a larger scale (multi-leveled) oceanic food forest that has both a forest (composted mainly of plants/fungi that produce food or medicine) on the land and one under water as well (with incremental tidal pools of different depths for shellfish and shoreline sea vegetables such as “irish moss” etc and then a kelp forest in deeper water going out several hundred feet with a larger rock enclosure, housing larger fish being free-range farmed). The oceanic component f the food forest would yield kelp/seaweed (for eating and composting) and fish bones (after eating the fish) which could offer immense nutrition for soil building the land component of the food forest. Imagine the abundance that such a system could create! ?

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