Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?

01/23/202336 Comments

Last week we looked at the ways that an engineered food crisis (or the perception of a crisis) is being used as an excuse to reengineer our food supply.

From cricket powder dumplings and bug burgers to GMOs and glyphosate to bioreactors and designer microbes to nutrigenomics and 3D printed material, the future of "food" is shaping up to be radically different from anything you've eaten before.

But in order to truly do something to derail the runaway train that is the Great Food Reset, we must first understand it. And in order to understand it, we have to know something about the people behind this agenda.

This week, we must answer the question: Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?

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  1. Gavinm says:

    This is helpful intel James, thanks for all your research.

    I would like to point out another one of the central culprits in pushing forward “the great food reset”. The culprit I speak of is you and me! (you, as in, whoever is reading this now).

    While we (as relatively well informed conscientious objectors to global technocratic tyranny) may not eat ze bugs, the lab grown fake meat or the bioreactor goo, I am 99% sure that we all are guilty of buying food projects that contain either GMO ingredients (corn or soy derivatives) and/or were produced by corporations that have direct ties to the oligarchic interests exposed in the excellent article above. I am no exception, I bought a bag of chips the other day without reading the package, turns out it was made with gene spliced corn. That purchase provided direct funding to perpetuating the ‘great’ food reset juggernaut (through the subsidiary corporations that feed up into the billionaire’s pockets behind this global take over of food and attempt to “steal the real and sell you back the fake”).

    If I make excuses for ‘just one bag of chips’, then I start making excuses for three other things, next thing you know a solid chunk of the money I am making is flowing right into the pockets of the people at Blackrock, The Vanguard Group, Wellcome Trust, Gates (and other delusional, megalomaniacal and psychopathic scum bags).

    I know this is not news to many of you, but I just felt compelled to underline our own potential role in building out this global food control grid. I do so in the hopes that our solutions can reflect not only effective methods to expose, avoid and sabotage the overtly disgusting/Orwellian aspects of this food take over, but also so that we can decisively take steps to withdraw our support from the subsidiary corporations and systems that feed into the hyper-centralized corporate juggernaut pushing this ‘great’ food reset forward.

    Lets expose the parasites while also ensuring their tentacles are not drawing strength from our lives as well.

    Here is to sabotaging the corporate take over of our food systems and creating viable alternatives that not only serve to dissolve their plans for using food as a weapon, but also serve to increase the quality of our lives and our health during the best of times.

    • No one should feel demoralised just because one is not fighting and soft-sabotaging the Great Reset, in a complete way. No one can do it 100%. If anyone sets the standards too high and realise that given our present reality is almost an impossible goal, then frustration will arise. James, has mentioned this a couple of times at least.

      So please folks, remember that maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude is the very first step towards resistance. This is the ground basis we need to be solid in the long run.

      Hasta la vista!

      • Gavinm says:

        @Facundo Merciadri

        Thanks for the comment and for the positive message to remain optimistic while striving to ‘fight’ and “soft-sabotage” the Great Reset.

        I should have been more clear in my comment above in emphasizing that each small step we take to starve the parasites, refusing to support their corporations and directing our energy locally and in connection with the Earth is something worth celebrating and feeling good about. I have stated as much in many other comments, but I can understand why you might get the impression that I am some kind of hardcore ‘rebel voluntarist purist’ from just reading what I put above. On the contrary, I am in agreement that we all have to start somewhere and each little bit counts, the important thing is that we do start (and keep working towards that goal of one day comprehensively severing our dependence on their centralized systems).

        While I whole heartedly agree that we should not nor beat ourselves up because we are not severing our ties to all centralized systems in an expedited and comprehensive fashion (in the way that brave people such as Derrick Broze and his partner are doing with their Conscious Agora Ecovillage https://fundrazr.com/consciousagora?ref=ab_1IGtcncikws1IGtcncikws ) I do feel it is also important that we do not allow ourselves to use the fact that we have a long way to go as an excuse to not start at all.

        In the past James has explored concepts such as “Learned Helplessness” and offered some important insight into how we have been programmed to fall into the disempowering (and fallacious) worldview that ‘nothing I do will really matter in the bigger scheme of things cuz I am just one person’. That is nothing more than a psyop and/or a lie we tell ourselves out of laziness and apathy (wearing the veil of a ‘poor me’ attitude). Thus, while I agree we should not beat ourselves up because we are not taking action to starve the corporate parasites at the level of someone like Derrick Broze, I also feel we should not fall into the degenerative (and irresponsible) trap of giving ourselves excuses to stagnate where we are at (because as you say, we all have room for improvement).

        Thanks again for the comment and for striving to do your own part to starve the corporate parasites and build out parallel systems to replace their centralized ones.

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      Nicely said.

      “steal the real and sell you back the fake”

      Well, this seems the general order of the day in the elite-criminal-circles in respect to almost any aspects of real life.

      Zuckerberg’s META will only be the momentary culmination of this strategy.

      • Gavinm says:



        I think it was James Even Pilato (of Media Monarchy) who coined the aphorism “𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗹 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗹 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗳𝗮𝗸𝗲“. So I give him my compliments as well for his making an astute observation and putting into such an apt and concise adage.

        I agree it is a prevalent Modus Operandi among the oligarchs.

        I wonder if in the near future they will apply that same strategy to actual human beings/personalities (using a combination of A.I. platforms like VALL-E and GPT3.5/GPT4 with deep fake tech for doing it in the digital realm) ?

  2. Steve Smith says:

    Reading this newsletter this morning got me to wondering if, or how many of the people, (globalists?), that are taking it upon themselves to transform the world politically and the agricultural systems that feed the masses of people have personal religious beliefs in a power higher than humanity itself.

    Many people would describe my faith in a triune God as belief in the supernatural. Yet in my life I choose the most natural foods that I can. Growing what I can myself. Utilizing natural processes that can be observed in nature such as composting, animal husbandry and such.
    I rely on my own natural bodily systems and natural remedies to protect me from disease. And I trust in a “Supernatural” Creator who I believe strongly has a plan for my life and for the His entire creation.

    The folks who are leading this march into a future of lab created and insect derived nutrition. from all appearances, seem to be driven purely by what they call “science”.
    As well as their followers who so readily submit themselves to be injected with substances that they don’t understand based entirely on what they are told. Or willingly consume products that just a couple of generations ago wouldn’t even be considered food.

    I guess my point is that I think that their science, and the abandonment of the teachings of God is what really constitutes a belief in the supernatural. Or maybe unnatural is a better word.

    Perhaps the dearth of the true Supernatural in the global misleaders is the real problem.

    • Gavinm says:


      I would also be curious to see a sort of tally of the stated religious beliefs of those at the top of the plutocracy (though it would be worth keeping in mind that some of their publicly stated beliefs are likely nothing more than subterfuge). I would be willing to bet my bottom kale seed that the majority are atheists.

      You raise a very good point. I feel there is a lot of validity to the supposition/hypothesis that the degenerative, greed driven and often malicious calculated behaviors of oligarchs (and the legions of goons and unquestioning followers that obey their edicts) are at their root, in large part due, to their lack of “beliefs in a power higher than humanity itself” (as in, the Creator of all things, that has gone my many names in many different cultures).

      I believe that the dominant modern materialistic, deterministic and fallacious paradigm of thought which teaches that we are molecular machines (that through biochemical electromagnetic functions produce consciousness and self-awareness) created by nothing more than a rare cosmic accident, is one of the main sources for the toxic behavior on Earth.

      The only caveat I would like to add to that is that while I do strongly feel that an acknowledgement of the existence of, belief in and seeking to nurture a direct personal relationship with the Creator of all things (in whatever form that may take) is perhaps one of the most important things any human being can choose to do, there is an inherent danger in conflating the choice for an individual to embark on that path to know the divine inwardly, and the choice to look to religious institutions or other human beings that are telling people what the will of the divine Creator is. The difference between an individual looking inward to know God and one looking to other humans or institutions to be told what the will of God is significant.

      Those that accept the word of other humans as dogma leave themselves wide open to predatory and/or deluded individuals that will attempt to blur the lines between religion, science and statism.

      Case and point :

      “NY Governor Hochul: God Wants You To Get Vaccinated” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8TDi3v6uS8

      Thus, I respect everyone must choose their own path in this life (and I do not claim to walk ‘the only true path’) but I am not a proponent of dogmatic religious belief systems. I am a proponent of cultivating spiritual awareness through humility, courage and looking inward. I feel that as long as people inaccurately view their consciousness as nothing more than a phenomenon produced by their biology, they will live in fear of the perceived finality of death (a misunderstood process). This fear of death leads them to be motivated by selfish ego-based desires, including seeking out and focusing their entire lives on many unhealthy distractions (aka “sins”) such as material wealth, thievery, deceit and seeking to gather ‘power’ to control others.

      • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

        I think it obvious that most, sombunall (thanks Robert Anton Wilson), do believe in some sort of mix of that which is the only real because tangible thing (for them):

        Money, Power, Fame, Sex, Violence, Entertainment & all the Technology/Progress in these areas.

        Some of those a bit more evolved will also value their own in-group over their ego to some degree. Higher evolved beings are a rare find in elite network circles (well, the mob).

        Booktip of the day: “Prometheus Rising” (RAW)
        This IS the book (in PDF), so go download and read, this is an order 😉

        • Gavinm says:


          Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

          I would be grateful if you could provide a comprehensive definition of what you see as a “Higher evolved being”.

  3. mkey says:

    Exposing Scientific Dogmas – Banned TED Talk – Rupert Sheldrake

    This is a very relevant topic of belief vs knowing.

    • Gavinm says:


      Agreed. Thanks for providing some context for delineation/differentiation between the two.

      I shall strive to use those two words more decisively and intentionally.

      Watching now. Thanks for sharing.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Here’s a Bitchute link for the gootube averse.



    • Gavinm says:


      The video is filled with excellent material. I found the fact that he highlighted how modern “scientific” dogma tells a story on an inanimate universe filled with mechanistic deterministic ‘organic robots’ to be an extremely important point.

      It illustrates the truth in part of what I think Steve was saying above and definitely speaks to the same thing I was talking about with the most widespread detrimental myth in modern western civilization.

      The myth I am referring to, being the one taught in “schools” which tells people that we are molecular machines (that through biochemical electromagnetic functions produce consciousness and self-awareness, which ceases to exist after our bodies stop functioning) and that we (humans) were created by nothing more than a combination of rare cosmic accidents and some biochemical-molecular flukes in a pool of goo.

      Thanks again for sharing the video.

    • Torus says:

      That was fascinating, thank you for sharing. Life affirming indeed. I’ll be looking into Sheldrake’s works.

      • Gavinm says:


        You may also want to check out the work of Rupert Sheldrake’s son (Merlin).

        He is a mycologist (specializing in underground fungal networks such as mycorrhizal fungi) that has some very compelling (permaculture design enriching) insights to share in his book called Entangled Life. https://www.merlinsheldrake.com/entangled-life

        His other son Cosmo is multi-instrumentalist musician and composer. I remember listening to a cool song he made a few years ago (I think it was called “The Cuckoo Song”) where he went into a forest, recorded all kinds of bird song, then looped them to make a beat and made that into a song (to raise awareness about an endangered species of bird in his local area).

  4. G. Jingping says:

    I loved this quote from one of the linked articles, criticizing the program in Rwanda; it is “replacing hunger with malnutrition”. We should make this the Bill and Melinda Gates motto.

  5. Torus says:

    James sure does have a way with words, huh?

    “Subsidies for small farmers? Development of community gardens? A new food sovereignty campaign encouraging people to get their hands dirty and start growing more food themselves?
    Of course not. On the contrary, the Rockefeller Foundation wants a further centralization of control over the food supply, including ‘a new, integrated nutrition security system.’”

    Notice the use of the word it “nutrition” security?! In place if “food” security? The “transformation of the food system” will result in people eating lab grown, chemically formulated, synthetic nutrients that are rationed out based in our biometric profile. There will be no “food” in the sense humans have understood it for millennia, if these planners get their way. I feel gross even thinking about it. Banning domestic livestock, pets and backyard gardens is coming soon I think. The homesteading trend that has been growing significantly is about to be attacked via warnings of “zoonotic disease”. The right to grow food must be innate, right? But these goons don’t care about human rights, they care about control. They’re egotistical maniacs!

  6. Torus says:

    This leveraging of power, collaboration of attack, and centralizing of control, are exactly the same tactics used in other sectors. For example in the financial system, and Breton Woods 2.0 and the creation of CBDCs. In October of last year the Atlantic Council published a document “ Modernizing the Bretton Woods Institutions for the twenty-first century” where they propose to reorganize and define the roles of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group, and World Trade Organization. (There is an informative diagram is shown on page 9 of the pdf showing the new power structure.



    “These institutions must work with regional and other United Nations (UN) specialized bodies. They should coordinate with bilateral aid agencies, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and private philanthropic organizations. The IMF, WTO, and WBG need to leverage their power and resources to draw in private capital at much higher levels.”

    Yeah, “Leverage power and draw in private capital”. So in other words, use force and threats to extort as much money as possible, got it.

    The same leveraging of power and collaborating on control mechanisms is happing the health sector as well, the WHO and their affiliated organizations CEPI, GAVI etc. It’s a pattern or framework.

  7. Simon says:

    Is the Karl Hess: Toward Liberty under Recommended Viewing supposed to be a link?

  8. ejdoyle says:

    In 1970, Henry Kissinger said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

  9. jhos says:

    This is also another good but sobering long read on the dangers of synthetic foods.

    The Corporate Push for Synthetic Foods: False solutions that endanger our health and damage the planet.

    • Gavinm says:


      It seems like some of the language used on their website shows that either some people in their organization are ignorant/brainwashed about the ‘climate change/global warming’ scam, they are aware that it’s BS but are using it for PR or they have been infiltrated by COINTELPRO type operatives. That being said, I still think there is a lot of truth, important info worth learning from and solutions worth putting into action which are shared on the Navdanya website (as long as one keeps in mind that the ‘climate change’ narrative that is sometimes brought up in their material is bogus).

      I like their “Seed Satyagraha” initiative (https://www.navdanya.org/living-seed/seed-satyagraha ) and their “Global Movement for Seed Freedom” as they focus on a decentralized solutions based approach that can bring resilience to each of our individual communities.

      They describe these movements as being “..network(s) of individuals and organizations committed to align our thoughts and actions with the laws of Gaia, Pachamama, Vasundhara, Mother Earth… We protect the biodiversity of the planet by defending of the freedom of the seed to evolve in integrity, self-organisation, and diversity. We are seed savers and seed defenders, farmers and gardeners, practitioners of regenerative agriculture..

      ..Our right to save and exchange our open pollinated, non GMO, non patented seed is non alienable. We will resist every law and technology that attempts to undermine our freedoms, and the freedom of the seed, which is intimately linked to the freedom of Mother Earth. Across Diverse Ecosystems and cultures we are united in defending Seed freedom/Seed sovereignty as the foundation of Food Freedom/Food Sovereignty, based on ecological production and fair and just distribution, beginning with protecting and promoting local food systems.”

      I do my best to serve as a living embodiment of seed satyagrahi in my community, gathering ancient heirlooms that offer drought tolerance, cold tolerance, disease resistance, potent nutrition, medicinal benefits, unique flavors and ancient cultural stories, growing them, and sharing them with others far and wide to preserve the living heritage of our ancient ancestors.

      I find it very rewarding, not just living with the knowing I am boycotting the corporate oligarchs, but also that I am tending the same living crops that our ancient ancestors spent many generations tending to make them what they are today. It offers a sort of living bridge to connect with and give thanks to those that came before us in a tangible way by honoring (and protecting) the heirloom varieties they worked to co-create with nature.

      Thanks for sharing the link.

      • Gavinm says:

        oh and I also like this

        “Declaration on Seed Freedom”

        by Dr. Vandana Shiva


        • s511 says:

          Thank you, Gavinm, for the beautiful scroll. I will print it and hand it out. I stumbled on Vandana’s work in the late 90″s via YES Magazine. I love her.

          • Gavinm says:


            You are most welcome 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration to print out some hard copies. I think I shall do the same.

            Good luck tryna “shadow ban”, “downlist” and “fact check” a piece of paper we are handing out to people and pinning up on public bulletin boards oligarchs! 😉

          • Gavinm says:


            I stumbled across an interesting article in Yes magazine and thought of your comment.

            The article is called “Hearing the Language of Trees” and focuses on a species of pine that grows where we live in Ontario.


            “White pine is revered across Indigenous cultures as a symbol of wisdom, longevity, and of peace. They are thanked for their material gifts of medicine, materials, fuel, and food and for their spiritual gifts. Pines are understood as among our oldest teachers; in fact, they are of an ancient lineage in the tree world and have seen much change across the earth. The pine, like all trees, is spoken of in my Anishinaabe language, not as an object, an “it” but as a “who,” a person of some standing, whose name is Zhingwak. Charismatic white pines are honored as elders. They are the esteemed companions of the visionary eagle who uses their emergent canopy as nest and watchtower. Zhingwak plays many roles in the canon of Native stories, as a protector of human people and the embodiment of highest virtues. Known as the Tree of Peace, white pine is the iconic symbol of the Five Nations of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy, who taught the people peace through unity, by its five soft needles, bound together as one.

            Traditional cultures who sit beneath the white pines recognize that human people are only one manifestation of intelligence in the living world. Other beings, from Otters to Ash trees, are understood as persons, possessed of their own gifts, responsibilities, and intentions. This is not some kind of mistaken anthropomorphism. Trees are not misconstrued as leaf-wearing humans but respected as unique, sovereign beings equal to or exceeding the power of humans. John Mohawk wrote that according to his culture, “an individual is not smart but merely lucky to be part of a system that has intelligence. Be humble about this. The real intelligence isn’t the property of an individual; the real intelligence is the property of the universe itself.

            What if you were a great teacher, a holder of knowledge and vessel of stories, but had no audible voice with which to speak? What if your listeners presumed you to be mute, save for the passive whispering of your needles? How would you bring your truth into the world? Wouldn’t you dance your story in branch and root? Wouldn’t you write it in the eloquence of cellulose? In the lasting archive of wood? Plants tell their stories not by what they say but by what they do. They tell their story in their bodies, in an alphabet once as familiar as the song of every bird, which we have also forgotten.

            If you know how to see, their storytelling goes deeper than the curve of a windward branch. Everything that affects the pine is expressed in its body. The tree is an integrator of all its experience and that of the surrounding community.”

  10. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    My experience is that these people, just because they own stuff, a lot, and partake in ‘elite networks’, suffer from a considerable delusion of grandeur.

    Only 300 years ago, such people were safely put into a mad house to protect society. Nowadays, they rule the world.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Jan 27 – by Irina Slav Substack
    From novelty teapots to novel foods

    …in the European Union, authorities just approved the fourth insect species that will be added to foods across the bloc. They’re calling it a novel food. It means food that was not commonly consumed in the EU prior to 1997….

    FAQ from European Commission
    Approval of fourth insect as a Novel Food

  12. enso says:

    Great work.
    My question is how do we resist the blackpill hopelessness?

    • Steve Smith says:

      “My question is how do we resist the blackpill hopelessness?”

      Only one true way to do that.

      Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead….1 Peter 1:3

      “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” … John 16:33

    • Gavinm says:


      I think that a handful of heirloom seeds and some tlc is a great place to start regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof).

  13. scpat says:

    In addition to Lieutenant Ilia vibes, Gunhild Stordalen gives me Sophia The Robot vibes.


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