The Death of SWIFT and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

09/02/201822 Comments

Remember when I told you about "China's SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar"? Well, now it's Germany's turn to get in on the act.

As the Rothschild Financial Times reports:

Germany’s foreign minister has called for the creation of a new payments system independent of the US as a means of rescuing the nuclear deal between Iran and the west that Donald Trump withdrew from in May.

Writing in the German daily Handelsblatt, Heiko Maas said Europe should not allow the US to act “over our heads and at our expense”.

“For that reason it’s essential that we strengthen European autonomy by establishing payment channels that are independent of the US, creating a European Monetary Fund and building up an independent Swift system,” he wrote.

Boom. There it is.

As I wrote in these pages earlier this year, the scrapping of the Iranian nuclear deal was the international crisis that was needed to tip the scales and nudge the EU out from under the umbrella of the post-WWII American World Order and into the clutches of the New Eurasian Order that President-For-Life Xi is busy constructing with his Belt and Road project. That Belt and Road vision of a united Eurasian trading space is not just about building highways and rail lines; a key aspect of that vision is the creation of an alternative payment system that bypasses the American-dominated SWIFT network.

So what is the SWIFT Network? What does it mean for the Old World Order that Germany is talking about creating an alternative? And how does this all tie into the engineered death of the dollar? Find out in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber. For full access to the subscriber newsletter, and to support this website, please become a member.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Don’t miss watching this!
    Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing”
    Cody Wilson – Press Conference 8/28/2018 (Banned from YouTube!)

  2. manbearpig says:

    No swift deaths,

    just swift mutations…

    facilitated by the illusion of nationalities and Trumped up antagonism…


    time for some peer-to-peer pressure?

  3. Nivek S says:

    Hello, JC. Great article,you boggle my brain with your intellect. Thanks for presenting all of your work in a way that us dummies can understand. Love from the motor city!
    Also, I heard a typhoon is nearing Japan. Hope you and yours are and will be safe!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You are right Nivek.
      I agree. Corbett really delivers, and in an easy-to-understand design which evolves as it flows.

      I loved this article “The Death of SWIFT and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar”.
      Great punch line at the end.

  4. Hotfoot says:

    Cryptos are the obvious solution for international bank transfers. Bank A takes your payment in currency X and sends the equivalent value in crypto eg Litecoin to Bank B, which immediately converts the crypto back into currency X, or into local currency. Fluctuations in the crypto value affecting the value of the transfer are avoided as the whole process happens in a short space of time.

    The banks still get to control the money supply, and no one nation state like the U.S. gets to bully everyone else.

    No need to build a SWIFT alternative, really.

  5. Givemeaminute says:

    James, the steemit article is 404, cannot be found.
    Thanks again for all your work.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    “What if Earth does not exist”, relates to quantum mechanics.
    The idea comes from the problem that we detect particles, while
    at the same time they behave as waves.

    Quantum mechanics also conflicts with special relativity, as
    both treat time and space differently.
    To correct this problem scientists added virtual particles,
    and imaginary multiple worlds in the mathematics to make
    this problem disappear.
    The end result gives quantum field theory (QFT) that gives us
    the best and the worst prediction at the same time.
    See Veretasium:

    Both the unreal world that is portrait and the worst prediction
    that is found, gives a clear indication that something is wrong.

    This problem starts with the first step:
    Einstein’s hypothesis of particles is wrong.
    Forces can not be caused by particles, as they will give random
    and different movements of particles in a force-field. The fact
    is that we only see continuous force-fields. Even for the
    smallest particles.

    So the first step is to use fields instead of particles for forces.
    This includes light.

    So if light are only fields, what gives us the appearance of
    According to experiments, that we see on
    we do not get Einstein’s particle model, but Plank’s threshold model.

    The threshold model is extremely simple..
    This different model states that wave-energy is distributed evenly over
    all detectors. The detectors start with random energy-distribution.
    When enough energy is received, a detector will reach a threshold and
    change state. The detector will think that a photon-particle has been

    Due to this sometimes we can detect more “particles”
    when only one “particle” was send to the detectors.
    Most scientists ignore these findings as “noise”, but in experiments
    we can see that this is actually very common. It also grows when
    we use more energy (higher frequency light).

    This simplest explanation seems to be valid with all real-world
    experiments that I have seen.

    But the most interesting thing is that it removes all the need for
    spooky particles. Neither virtual particles, no multiple worlds, etc.
    And it can be tested!

    For Fermions the principle might be a bit different, but also here
    experiments show thresholds. Probably matter is just some
    compressed form of energy. In scanners atoms behaves a bit
    like a fluid.

    My own research goes a step further. We still have the problems
    of fields and special relativity. How are space and time related
    in this sense? Because fields are real and particles are not.
    So I came up with “relative fields’, where the field experiences
    a different space/time instead of the particles.
    With this principle I can keep normal space and time for reality,
    without Einstein’s modifications.
    I am still working on it, but again: things look a lot simpler.

    Einstein created a lot of complex problems,
    but Occam can beat Einstein.

    • zyxzevn says:

      I forgot to add that “multiple worlds” and the non-existence
      of particles logically combine into the world not existing.
      This is the main logic behind “what if the earth does not exist”.

      And from my long text, you can also tell that I do not
      agree with it.

      Typing correction in previous article: “portrayed” instead of “portrait”

      • Redneard says:

        Yeah something about equating the whole of human suffering with a game of Dig Dug doesn’t jive well with me either.

    • pearl says:

      Yesterday morning, I made it halfway through that video, stuggling against what I perceived to be an undercurrent of determinism. I discussed it with my son who is also fascinated by this sort of thing but whose grasp of it far outweighs my own. It sparked a 2 hour conversation/debate going all the way back to Mars Hill! Anyway, I just finished reading your input to him which has further stimulated his inquisitive mind. I’m bookmarking your links as well.

      Many thanks!

      • zyxzevn says:

        Thanks, my post was intended to spark curiosity and exploration.
        Not to push this or that idea.

        But I am very interested in why scientists follow certain
        logic and avoid certain logic. Often there is some belief
        behind it. Often this belief goes against the observations. 😉

  7. scpat says:

    You have pointed out now and in the past that the U.S. and NATO block are clearly instigating conflicts and putting on sanctions that are forcing these non-NATO block countries (the “enemies” – Russia, China, Iran, etc.) to create alliances with each other. You have pointed out that the likes of Clinton and Israel have directly transferred classified American technology to the “enemies” intentionally. You have also shown in depth that the investment in China by American banks (Rockefeller) and other corporations came directly after Kissinger paved the way for Nixon to visit China and presumably give the green light. What I would like to know is: is there any more direct evidence that Rockefeller or other power elite are whispering in the ears of the US presidents, NATO, etc. telling them to do this? Where are these marching orders coming from? Council on Foreign Relations? Trilateral Commission? Bilderberg? Other Globalist hangouts? Are there documents that have this in black and white?

  8. Rooster_Ninja says:

    Personally simulation theory = Yawn.

    Just an updated way to say turtles all the way down.

    Historically western science has a habit of matching current technology to a world view; for example the clockwork universe arose after the invention of clocks and machines.

    A-ha the planets other objects move in an ordered predictable rhythm exactly like my clock! That’s it boys, time to put the pencils and notebooks down, we will have the whole nature of reality business wrapped up before noon. (Legit, this is what they actually felt heading into the 19th century.)

    We still suffer from this world view to some extent, I’m looking at you materialism. (Good for making an iPhone, that’s about it.)

    So now we can create simulated worlds in computers, Aha wrap this up boys welcome to our Solipsistic reality.

    Here is some real world experiments of the pilot wave interpretation that get zero air time, despite being able to replicate quantum effects in the “general” world.

    Reality is ridiculously weird, if I had to vote I’d lean towards Idealism (Based upon a more grounded ontological primitive versus materialism, IMO.) But, I do think Animism is probably our most workable model in dealing with the current here and now.

    Bernardo Kastrup does a pretty good job of breaking down Idealism if interested.

    • manbearpig says:

      Great comment! Thanks for that!

    • pearl says:

      “Historically western science has a habit of matching current technology to a world view”

      “That’s it boys, time to put the pencils and notebooks down, we will have the whole nature of reality business wrapped up before noon.”

      Yes, great comment. I appreciate both you and zyxzevn pointing to alternative experiments challenging simulation theory.

  9. alaska says:

    How will one swapping one system of financial totalitarianism with another benefit non-aligned nation states? In all of my trade disputes with Chinese companies, I’ve found that if the money is in escrow with a Chinese bank or company … well, you’re going to lose that money. Han Chinese are racialists and use in-group preferences in business transactions. Sure, many transactions on the network are between two third-party nation states such as Iran and Russia trading cash for oil. At the same time, if Germans, Brits or US customers get on the network to trade with factories in China, they will be in for a rude awakening. Does the US pick favorites and confiscate funds? Yes, but not to the degree I think we would see in a Chinese world order. Add to that the Shadow economy and cooked books that China either boldly publishes or completely hides and we’re back to square one.

    As many Russians in business have bluntly stated to me, Russia would prefer to work with the West. They see themselves as part of European Christendom. The problem is that Western Europe and the US worship scientism and multiculturalism. Demographics will the number one issue of the 21st century, not whose SWIFT network we use. Russia is asking the West to wake up from its insanity. If that doesn’t happen, they are prepared to “go their own way” with China and Iran.

  10. generalbottlewasher says:

    Dear James, thank you again for making an informational packet of extreme importance in written form. We are losing our ability to think critically by an over abounding reliance on videos and sound to exchange ideals and transfer knowledge. Maybe, there is some truth in “State Dependent Learning”. I have greater uptake from reading, whereas the younger generation may uptake from a screen, who can say after observing them on Iphones an such. The point is when you write it is a beautiful thing. I wish you would write about topics like KATILAXCY, I for one finally got its importance after reading about it. Lets talk about how books are vaults of truth. If the truth be found there it can not be altered, only destroyed. Its time for that book or books forthcoming. So come on why not? Times a-wasting Jamison. I can see them in 7 languages can’t you? Think EMP your work goes away. Now think Fahrenheit 457, never goes away. You have a grasp of economic reality and can communicate those complexities eloquently. Its a gift and with love of art this old kramungin says don’t waste it.

  11. fedora says:

    Great article and I’ve viewed so many vids that I’ve lost track of who posted what. Perhaps it was you?… I saw a vid with a Russian official (in military uniform) speaking about 9/11 and how they knew the Rothschilds were involved in the scheme. (I speak Russian and regret skipping Japanese.) But to the SWIFT…Putin has ever so every gracefully sidestepped personally naming the real parties for the sanctions and the reasons for them… So being a part of BRIKS and out of the IMF control of world “money”, what do you foresee for Russia when the US dollar collapses? Gold and Bitcoin? Which is the hoax? Russia and China storing up gold and are they ignoring digital currency?

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mid-November 2018 – NEWS
    In recent weeks the stock market has been in a tizzy with many stocks taking it on the chin.

    The dollar has been climbing (DXY ~97) which makes many international companies nervous.

    Russia and Iran (and other countries) again are planning some alternative dollar transactions.
    The Biggest Threat To Dollar Dominance

    The Wild Ride of Natural Gas Spiked Prices
    It should be noted that there is a lot of natural gas production in the U.S. But natural gas prices have spiked incredibly high in recent weeks while oil prices have been declining. It is not “logical”.

    11/13/2018 article which probably explains the “illogic”.

  13. CreationPersonified says:

    2.5 years later… James was on point. Nice work.

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