The Corbett Report (Is Not On Facebook) - Scorpio Remix

01/16/20188 Comments

Hey, have you heard? The Corbett Report is not on Facebook!

Special thanks to Scorpio of the band "Batlord" for the song. Check them out at!

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Excellent marketing!
    I would love to see this spread on Facebook.
    Judo can be so much fun!

    And thank you “Not This Little Frog” & Mkey for starting a morph…

  2. scpat says:

    That was goddam amazing.

    Now I’m hoping for a video mashup with techno house beat with Corbett’s actual words looping.

  3. Shubus says:

    Not on FB either….took me 2 years to get off it. And now, time to get off Twitter. Get a lot of this:

  4. charliebond says:

    Wicked! Rock out Batlord

  5. mkey says:

    I don’t get why does content of this level of quality get to fly so low on the radar. It’s a bit generic sound, but 359 views, come on. The lead singer moves and solos are worth at least a 100x that.

  6. Octium says:

    Like I tell my friends, if you can find me on facebook – it’s not me!

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