The Corbett Report Data DVD Vol. 1 (2007-2008)

12/01/20114 Comments

Now, for the first time on one DVD you can have every podcast episode, every interview, every article and every video produced by The Corbett Report from 2007 - 2008.

Remember, governments and big business are lining up to try to pull the plug on the internet, but with The Corbett Report Data DVD you will have a physical copy that you can take anywhere, any time. Make copies and hand them out to friends, family and strangers. This is the ultimate tool for unlocking minds!

NOTE: This is a data DVD, not a video DVD. It is compatible with all PC and MAC based computer systems.

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  1. setatliberty says:

    Does this and other data dvds have the sources loaded onto them? I’m actually looking to attain a lot of your work for a private collection of documents and information that would be helpful to reference in the event of an internet censorship or shut down type situation. I do think that such information may well be useful in the future.

  2. setatliberty says:

    I’m changing my email notification, so I think another “message” is necessary here to complete my notification change

    • Corbett says:

      No, the documentation is not on the DVD, just the podcasts/articles/videos/interviews I created myself. I’m sure there is probably some web spider software that can crawl the site and download all the first-order links, though. Maybe some savvy commenter here can even let us know about such software.

  3. pbirdstheword says:

    Is there a table of contents for these DVDs?

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