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01/21/202027 Comments

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This week on the de-program James digs up an old New York Times report on the CIA's "mighty wurlitzer," their global propaganda network that included hundreds of journalists, editors, academics, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines and front companies. Although the Times piece is, as expected, a limited hangout, it does provide some interesting pieces of the global intelligence propaganda puzzle.


Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by the C.I.A.

PDF copy

Crashes of Convenience: KAL 007 (Tom Braden clip)

JFK murder confession by CIA agent - full interview

Episode 302 – How To Free Your Tax Cattle (Hadley Cantril and War of the Worlds)

How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media

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  1. Skip Tomalou says:

    If you haven’t read Joel Whitney’s Finks, it’s apropos to these questions. There are quite a few little nuggets in it, some new ones that I was unfamiliar with (John Wayne, CIA asset, anyone?*) and certainly a few ltd hang-outs, maybe some modified, it’s hard to know. Anyway it’s a fairly revealing history, the author’s family relations (potentially) notwithstanding.


    *Makes the On Wings of Eagles reference in Hail! Caesar make a lot more sense

  2. manbearpig says:

    Loved this propaganda watch.
    I’ve always been fascinated by Mary Pinchot Meyer (Cord Meyer’s wife and JFK’s chief sex and drugs partner). A lot of U.S. history was buried with her.
    And I’m curious about any relation she might have with the Warburg funded and founded Institute for Policy Studies. (A chomsky hang-out)

    No time but to recycle past posts in two parts:

    “…Her goal, she told Leary, was to follow the prescription of poet Allen Ginsberg for achieving peace in the nuclear age. Kennedy and Khrushchev, Ginsberg had said on various public occasions, should smoke pot together. Then the threat of war would go away.4

    By dint of her status as the senior presidential lady friend, Mary appears to have inserted herself into the U.S.-Soviet relationship as a key go-between. It appears that she used this position to push her recipe of peace and drugs on the Soviets as well as on Kennedy.

    We do not know what she told the Soviets−That Kennedy was smoking pot with her? That other powerful men in Washington were turning on? That Kennedy was eager to resolve superpower disputes peacefully (which of course was true)? Whatever it was, it seems to have persuaded Khrushchev, who already suspected Kennedy of weakness from their encounter at the Vienna summit, that Kennedy was a pushover who would acquiesce in the emplacement of Soviet missiles in Cuba….

    …“According to Dej’s account, when Khrushchev finished reading that cable [from the KGB in Washington saying that Kennedy had ordered a naval quarantine of Cuba], his face was purple. He looked inquiringly at [KGB chief] Semichastny, and, when the terrified general nodded, Khrushchev ‘cursed like a bargeman’. Then he threw Semichastny’s cable on the floor and ground his heel into it. ‘That’s how I’m going to crush that viper,’ he cried. The ‘viper,’ Dej explained in telling the story, was Kennedy.

    • manbearpig says:

      Part two from above:

      “…Goading himself on, Khrushchev grew increasingly hysterical, uttering violent threats against the ‘millionaire’s whore’ and his CIA masters.”

      Dej interpreted ‘that viper’ and the ‘millionaire’s whore’ as references to Kennedy, but viper (gadyuka) is feminine in Russian and a common epithet for a malicious, treacherous woman. Moreover, Kennedy was a millionaire himself and of the wrong gender, and he did not have CIA masters. A far better interpretation is that Khrushchev was referring to Mary Meyer. In turn, this suggests that Meyer’s peace rhetoric and her talk about the purported use of drugs by American leaders had emboldened Khrushchev to undertake his reckless Cuban missile adventure, thus putting humankind at risk of an all-out nuclear war.

      This hearsay account could have been inflated or distorted in the telling and retelling. Nonetheless, it deserves credence for four reasons. First, it has the ring of truth, being characteristic of Khrushchev’s behavior. Second, Dej told and Pacepa retold the story without realizing its real meaning, and the mistaken details and explanation make its real meaning more believable because Dej and Pacepa did not intend to give it the meaning it clearly has. Third, it fits perfectly with the need for a persuasive explanation of why Khrushchev took such a risk. Fourth, in fact the KGB arranged for a contract murderer to kill Mary Meyer on the Canal towpath in Georgetown in October, 1964…”


    • phreedomphile says:

      I also found that Pinchot Meyer story line very intriguing as well and, like peregrine (below), I read Mary’s Mosaic when it came out. It catalyzed a greater interest in me to read books detailing the complex intelligence plot behind the Kennedy assassination which was very helpful. Yet, I felt like Mary’s Mosaic was itself a limited hangout or Janney had been led down the garden path somehow with an incomplete picture. Would he really out his father as a conspirator in treason and murder?

      You have to wonder if Mary’s Mosaic cleverly whitewashed the CIA’s introduction and promotion of psychedelics to fragment society and create “openness” to a the new culture they were launching via cybernetics and the Macy conferences.

      Clearly this is a repeating pattern of one hand of the elites making street drugs illegal while the other actively promotes and distributes it. For instance Leary, who described himself as the reincarnation of pedophile Aleister Crowley, participated in the MK Ultra program testing of LSD on subjects and was publicly the big LSD guru yet he testified before congress that LSD should NOT be legalized. Several decades later Soros backs initiatives to legalize cannabis while his pals on the other side of the whipsaw prosecute.

      Ginsberg is another unscrupulous character and also a pedophile and apparently a NWO Luciferian Kool Aid imbiber. Which brings to question the narratives you describe as probable political soap opera.

      Bet ya a pony that Khrushchev was also very much in on the NWO plot. Mercurial or not, he had a Rothschild et al pyramid cap set of puppet strings on every moving part.

      All the world is a stage, manbearpig. 😉

      • manbearpig says:

        Yes, that Khruschev was in on the NWO plot seems plausible to me.

        I’ve really done no research on any of this but am nevertheless rather interested in the period of the early 60s

        AND in the Institute For Policy Studies. Of course Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Studies is a most intriguing source of deep state operatives.

        I believe Chomsky spent time there.

        Actually my casual interest quite simply stems from the fact that, when I was just “waking up”, learning about the concept and existence of gatekeepers, without whom the deep state could not operate, was one of the earliest and most brutal slaps in the face. Learning to ecognize the sophistry and manipulation was nauseating. Especially as some of my closest friends are Chomsky disciples.

        And all the men and women merely players.

        well, no; some of us are stage managers…

        see ya ’round the campus as my dad used to say…

        • phreedomphile says:

          I’ve had a difficult time relating to the 60s myself. It was Dr. Hans Utter’s lenses on music, mind control, and cybernetics that gave me some grounding. I was able to tie in the ancient mystery schools to the birth of advanced technologies and not struggle with compartmentalization to keep my sanity.

          Beyond that it seems we can get so wrapped up in analyzing the past we lose sight of what’s being lost today. Health freedom, free speech, right to privacy, etc. The Karl Rove-ian dance of “judicious study” of old crimes and old paradigms while TPTB create their “new realities”.

          That’s why I have been making an extra effort to spread the word locally and encourage activists to work together. My passion is medical freedom and transparency but it’s all part of a much larger problem.

          Onward! See ya around the campfire outside the cave.

  3. peregrine says:

    Another interesting book to read re: CIA//media/JFK/Mary Pinchot Meyer (ex-wife of Cord Meyer) is the book “Mary’s Mosaic” by Peter Janney. Lot’s of unfortunately juicy info re: CIA and their nefarious operation which often lead to ‘suicided’ people’s as well as outright assassinations and the cover-ups upon cover-ups to cover their cover-ups.

    • weilunion says:

      Yes, a must book for those interested in the murder of JFK.

      Mary Pinchot was married to Cord but left him.

      Cord, with his CIA friends and fascists, started The World Anti Communist League (WACL) whose documented tentacles reached around the globe.

      Mary was the person who most visited JFK during his presidency at the White House, according to Secret Service logs.

      Also, she was part of the Timothy Leary and Hitchcock LSD house in MA. and it is claimed that she turned JFK on to both marijuana and low doses of acid.

      James Anslinger, of the CIA, knew she had a diary and Ben Bradley, who was married to Mary’s sister and ran the Washington Post when Graham left the position, also knew.

      Anslinger broke into her garage and found the diary. He said he gave it to Bradley who said he burned it.

      By the way, Phil Graham who ran the paper in the 1950’s was also found shotgunned to the head.

      Bradley is dead now, so is his wife, so is Mary so is Graham and so is JFK and Cord Meyer.

      When Meyer was dying in a rest home in his late years he was asked who he thought killed his ex-wife, Mary and he responded that it was the same people who took down JFK.

      • phreedomphile says:

        “Cord, with his CIA friends and fascists, started The World Anti Communist League (WACL) whose documented tentacles reached around the globe.”

        That’s a very important piece of the big puzzle, weilunion.

        James shared a clip of Tom Braden gaslighting Congressman Larry McDonald who was outing the Trilateralists, the CFR, and their big project. McDonald was also the president of the John Birch Society which had been essentially captured by Fred Koch to become controlled opposition. Koch was also Stalin’s pal having built refineries for the Soviets. (Fred’s sons carrying on the globalist tradition working both sides of the Hegelian dialectic but only known publicly for their ‘right wing’ activism.)

        Then McDonald’s plane is taken down by Soviet jet fighters.

        FWIW, I met an elderly truther activist who told me his roommate’s uncle was CIA and got on that plane but another agent boarded the plane and took him off.

        Seems the KGB and CIA have always been siblings rather than adversaries.

  4. Libertydan says:

    I just finished reading “A Century of War” by William Engdahl (see link below), and it got me thinking. When is James going to finish his WWI Series?

    [SNIP – You linked to a local file on your hard drive, not a publicly accessible URL. -JC]

    I purchased “The Corbett Report 2018 Data DVD” just prior to Christmas (the only place to get the WWI Series) and when I went to play it for a friend, I found it to be an Audio presentation, so we watched something else, and I loaned him my “Century of Enslavement” DVD (which really is a DVD).

    That said, with all the good people getting killed over the years relative to the politics of the Oily Garchs, I wondered what happen to William Engdahl, and I had no trouble finding his website;
    Yep, he is still putting out with a 2019 Book “Manifest Destiny” and has a lot of good info on the website.
    My guess is that he would welcome an interview with James.
    Again, his website is;

    [Both the audio and video of the WWI documentary is on the 2018 Data DVD. Please contact me directly if you need help using the DVD. -JC]

    • Libertydan says:

      Thanks for the quick reply. I guess you really do read these comments,eh!
      Anyway, I could not find anything listed under a Video for “WWI”, so it must be three Episodes I am looking for. Not to worry though, I will figure it out.

      After exploring William Engdahl’s website I found this Interview done in November of 2015
      Yep, James interviewed William Engdahl over 4 years ago, and this was the latest video I could find on his website. He has lots of newer articles but the videos were older. -DG

  5. zyxzevn says:

    Not only the CIA plants fake/biased stories it seems..

    From Bill Browder – who is wanted by Russia for tax evasion and planting false stories about Russia

    Espionage operation foiled by security services.

    Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’s phone ‘hacked by Saudi crown prince’

    The last one reminds me of how US veterans are working for Saudi intelligence to hunt political opposition.

    Emails Expose How Saudi Arabia And UAE Work The U.S. Media To Push For War

    UN Works With Intelligence Contractors To Destabilize North Korea Dialogue

  6. Aphix says:


    I don’t believe that was a mis-transcription, (condensed):

    “It’s the old business of Parkinson’s Law, a question of people flaying too much idle time and too much idle money.”

    The following is largely quotes and paraphrasing (based on my current understanding) from here:

    “Parkinson’s Law” is:

    “The amount of noise generated by a change is inversely proportional to the complexity of the change.”

    This is also known as “Bike-shedding.”

    Putting it simply:

    If you want to build a bike shed, the amount of people that will have an input regarding which color to paint the shed is a much greater number than the amount of people whom will provide input toward the type of wood from which it should be built.

    The structural integrity is obviously more important, but also more complex, so the audience which can contribute input is necessarily smaller than something merely cosmetic.

    This is a massively common concept (and important to spot!) in software engineering, but I suspect it’s also quite common in basically any project involving more than one person.

    It is for this same reason (again, most of this is found in the link above, with more context and better written), that one can expect to walk into a boardroom and present a plan for an atomic power plant, and also expect to receive exactly zero questions about what material to use for the exhaust pipes of the heating element. This is because it’s so complex that everyone in the room would figure you’ve got it taken care of, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking in the first place.

    Thusly, as they say, “don’t sweat the small stuff” — ask the big questions.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly:

    Don’t prevent someone from building a bike-shed simply because you don’t like the color they might paint it.

    • CQ says:

      Aphix, I thought James was merely questioning the odd use of the word “flaying,” which I chalked up to the way software “(mis)reads” words that were typed years ago. The only word that makes sense to me, and which looks a bit like “flaying,” is “having.” 🙂

      Of course, no one who studiously keeps up with the reams of Corbett Report material could be accused of “having too much idle time. . . .”

      • Aphix says:

        I read that myself, at first, and after reflection I think flaying works perfectly given the context: The context being the splitting apart and utter shredding of valuable time and resources — I could be totally off though, haha.

  7. BbobKS says:

    Makes me wonder if first test of propaganda system was the British invasion by the Beetles and Stones ? It was a clear demonstration of the power of media of the day , just imagine what they plan for this generation fondelslabs !

  8. Octium says:

    No of course they don’t do anything like that today…oh apart from this guy, Udo Ulfkotte, who confessed to RT just before he died of a trademark CIA heart attack in 2014.

    European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure – German journo

  9. thomas.j says:

    On an unrelated note Tommy Robinson have just received a freedom of speech award in Denmark. His story is amazing:

  10. wylie1 says:

    I could fwd this fine video to friends and they would say interesting, while thinking the major media news THEY watch is CIA free and that they would know if they are being fed a shovel full of shyte.

    From many observations, the only way to Not be influenced to some degree is not to watch or listen to it, at all. It is mind pollution akin to smoking unfiltered car exhaust sized cigarettes.

    Preaching to the choir here… …too bad there wasn’t a magic sentence or such that would snap folks out of their major media addiction.

  11. Jed says:

    Nice work James, I think this subject is very important. CIAos not only tries to control the news, they use their journalists to set the art paradigm as well. The “Paris Review” for example, or abstract expressionism, Hollywood, music, publishing, are all either created or tainted by CIAos. Good art is made of love and truth and CIAos is hate and lies so all you starving artists, no matter what your medium, keep working, you are on the front line against these soulless turds.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Jeb, the cultural brain washing runs long and deep and your observation brought a wave of, programming by the networks, from deeply embedded memories I have from childhood. Remember The Man From Uncle and its nemesis THRUSH. The discovery of humor to go even deeper into a child’s psyche . Get Smart and its nemesis KIOS. Child abuse.

      • Jed says:

        I’ll bet you know the lyrics to a thousand jingles, from Shrinky Dinks to the game of Perfection, can sing what’s in a Big Mac, brainwashing no doubt, the Madison Ave. mind meld!
        I remember the Man from Uncle, how about the Lone Ranger and his side kick Tonto (means dumb-ass in Spanish), or, “The FBI, in color,”— that muffin-faced pervert bastard himself, J Edgar Hoover, reviewed and edited the story lines. But if we’re talking psy-op child abuse, none of them can hold a candle to the Catholic Church. I have the Vatican’’s mind control scrambled in under all the rest.

  12. Bigpicguy says:

    I’m not trying to promote a show or anything but I’m looking for an honest assessment.. I’ve been listening for over ten years, religiously, & have recently came across Suspiciousobservers & the Diehold Foundation on YouTube. I need to know how much faith to have in them & I haven’t found anyone to let me know their thoughts. Very seldom will they talk about the same topics as you James but they certainly follow your philosophy in many ways. I understand how busy you must be & I will be patient for some kind of answer.. this is extremely important to me & I will continue to ask. Do you believe the theory’s of Ben Davidson or Douglas Vogt are wrong?

  13. scpat says:

    Globalists Gone Wild

    In this article, the Politico writer ruminates that the “elite” class of the world gather at their various private retreats and forums because they just want to be included. They just want to be in the “in” social circles and be one of the cool kids. That’s all.

    On the positive side, people are social creatures—they like to be liked—and most of the events on the annual elite calendar are, in part, genuinely devoted to discussion of ideas and ways to make humanity better. WEF’s long-time slogan is, “Committed to improving the state of the world.”

  14. lincoln.k says:

    Presstitutes Embedded in the Pay of the CIA: A Confession from the Profession
    by Dr. Udo Ulfkotte – is just out in English (from German). The author describes in detail how he was bought by the CIA, and advises young journalists how to avoid their traps.
    (Corbett Report is named by the author as a reliable source of information)

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