The BBC Exposed (video)

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For much of its 80 year existence, the BBC has been criticized by those who believe it to be an insidious mixture of political and cultural power, and now in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the British public is once again outraged at their national broadcaster. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we examine the history, function, and institutional biases of the BBC, and how the British people are rising up against the Big Brother Corporation.

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Democracy Now coverage of the Jimmy Savile scandal
Time Reference: 01:20


The Royal Charter of the BBC
Time Reference: 03:50


Press TV coverage of the Jimmy Savile scandal
Time Reference: 04:07


BBC Bombast – Propaganda, Complaints And Black Holes of Silence
Time Reference: 08:01


George Orwell:Battling Big Brother
Time Reference: 12:18


BBC Scrubs Video Of US Backed Syria Rebels Committing War Crimes
Time Reference: 14:57


Scrubbed BBC video preserved on YouTube
Time Reference: 15:28


BBC Propaganda on Iran
Time Reference: 18:36


The BBC editors admit their "mistake"
Time Reference: 19:54


BBC 'must improve EU coverage'
Time Reference: 22:04


More BBC lies for Irish to vote yes to Lisbon treaty
Time Reference: 24:34


FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named
Time Reference: 28:39


The 'secret' list of the BBC 28 is now public
Time Reference: 29:44


BBC weatherman ‘ignored’ leaked climate row emails
Time Reference: 33:03


Climate model forecast is revised
Time Reference: 34:31


How to Deal With BBC TV Licence Goons!
Time Reference: 40:24


Cassetteboy vs The News
Time Reference: 47:14


Mitch Benn - "I'm Proud of the BBC"
Time Reference: 50:17

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