Thanks for the Concern. We're OK.

04/18/20164 Comments

Thanks for the emails and messages. We're hundreds of miles away from Kumamoto on an entirely different island, so we're completely fine here. Don't worry about us, worry about the people of Kumamoto.

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  1. whateverittakes2 says:

    Just heard about this right here, James. Hope the aftershocks don’t travel too far. Stay Safe!

    Aloha from Hawaii (We’ll try to do the same here — as if any of this were under our control).

    Well: We can/could stop fracking, but they don’t do stupid stuff like that here — at least not yet.


  2. VoltaicDude says:

    Nice of you to post this – first thing I thought of when I first heard about this some days ago was how you were doing? Was glad to see your email updates kept coming thru.

    Glad your OK, and indeed feel sorry for all the people in Kumamoto who have lost so much. Wish them as quick a recovery as possible.

    Has there been any renewed interest/concern about all the reactors that are still up and running in Japan in the media since these last quakes? It’s really hard to believe that people will tempt fate so recklessly.

    Did you post from your new favorite soba restaurant? – TV and all.

  3. stanleydanielle3 says:

    I knew that you were in “the sunny climes of western Japan.” So I was sure that you were OK. It was nice of you to reassure us. I’m always amazed at the way people deal with the horror of such a calamity, both emotionally and physically. My bravery has never been tested in this way.
    May you be safe.
    Danielle Stanley

  4. anacardo01 says:

    Goddamn HAARP just keeps trying to take out our man JC and they just can’t catch him slippin’. THUG LIFE.

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