Russell Brandwagon, CIA Healthcare, Food Stamp Riots - New World Next Week

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Welcome to — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Russell Brand Isn't Waking People Up - He Is Putting You Back To Sleep
Russell Brand's Epic Interview With BBC's Jeremy Paxman Just Might Start A Revolution
Video: Paxman vs Brand - full interview
Russell Brand's Nazi Barbs Didn't Go Over Well With Hugo Boss
ClandesTime Episode 008 - The Russell Brand "Revolution"

Story #2: CIA-Funded Software Company Manages Private Data For
Kathleen Sebelius Apologises for Obamacare 'Debacle'
The EyeOpener- Exposing 'In-Q-Tel': The CIA’s Own Venture Capital Firm
NSA Tapped Vatican Phones During Papal Conclave
A Guide to the Background and Charges in the UK Phone-Hacking Trial Involving Top Murdoch Aides

Story #3: Do Food Stamps Riot Predictions Give Blank Check for Mayhem?
Craigslist Makes Turning Food Stamps Into Cash a SNAP
Weekend's EBT, SNAP Chaos Caused by 'Routine Test' at Xerox
Corbett Report: Soylent Green – FLNWO #04
Media Monarchy: Interview w/ Exene Cervenka of X

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Previous Episode: ASEAN Union, Petition Shutdown, Monsanto's Nobel

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  1. Samadhi108 says:

    I love your site James but I wanted to say that im not anti government like anarchists are, in fact im pro government, but a healthy kind of gov., and though its true that we need to move towards a world of people helping each other and sharing with each other, until that happens and maybe to an extent even after it happens, we will need government help. I dont believe government is all bad or even mostly bad or that every mistake they make or or whatever needs improvement is part of the shadow governments plan to destroy aspects of the world or take over the world. In a much more balanced, sane and healthy world the people would work together with the gov for the benefit of all and the gov would care about the people and help however needed. That is what the world is moving towards in the future, despite the current shadow gov’s psychopathic schemes ! A benign gov, not no gov in harmony with the people, not no gov. ! According to many or most, maybe all humanitarian orgs, they cant handle it all and need the govs help with the social programs and safety net. We dont yet live in that kind of world where familys and communities get along, live in harmony and all help each other. And even if we did, I think the gov would still be part of that process of organizing, managing and helping each other ! In fact im sure of it ! Food stamps are a great program that has saved so many people and worked very well ! U said in the past that people were all helping each other and living in these nice cooperative communities and didnt need help from the gov. When and where was that cos I see no evidence of it in history and know that prior to these social programs a lot of people starved and were homeless, didnt have healthcare or other necessities, including elderly people who worked for several decades, and conditions were often horrible prior to social safety nets ! Sorry but that sounds way too republican for me, and very pie in the sky, and I abhor the republican party, and therefore have to strongly disagree with u on that ! Aside from that and your belief in anarchy, I generaaly agree with your views and your very intelligent and are helping very much and im thankful for your site and links ! Thx very much !

  2. Cloudkicker says:

    On the subject of Russell Brand and his legitimacy as an activist or whatever you might call it, I have to say I’m currently giving him the benefit of the doubt (okay, I’m actually a fan). I understand anyone’s initial skepticism when a celebrity, or any popular figure is suddenly against the status quo, but I’ve watched numerous episodes of “The Trews” and I don’t see anything but good intentions. And if the goal as an activist is to spread truth, awareness, and love, then I believe Brand is on the right track and he’s effective. Whether or not he’s a shill, I don’t know, but he’s certainly (imo) waking people up. If he is a shill, then I find it a bit odd that so much effort has gone into belittling him and his message by the hands of the MSM outlets in the UK. Yes, he’s on the MSM talking about revolution but I don’t think you should jump to the conclusion that he’s a pretender PURELY on the basis of him being there. I believe that’s more of an attempt to undermine him and the cause than anything else because of how most people look at Brand (ex drug addict, ridiculous clothes, flamboyant comedian). If they can put him on the air and ask him hard questions that make him struggle to answer then he looses credibility and the viewer will become disinterested in Brand. And the message. I think the reason people got excited about the Paxman interview for instance is that he didn’t fumble and he held his own despite the obvious attempts to undermine him which we see all the time in these types of interviews. A good example of this type of thinking by the MSM is when Piers Morgan interviewed Jesse Ventura and he talked about numerous conspiracy theories. But since Jesse Ventura is.. well, Jesse Ventura.. it creates an association in the public mind of “crazy/ridiculous” people believing in conspiracy theories.

    From what I can tell from listening to The Corbett Report and The Trews you’re both on the same side. Before you try to discredit Brand, I suggest you listen to him more and if you still feel the same way give a detailed critique of him and state your reasoning. We don’t need any unnecessary infighting. I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for doing what you do, James.

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