Reddit Identifies A New Threat: The Truth - #PropagandaWatch

09/03/201833 Comments

Reddit is a controlled propaganda platform. Shocking, I know. Join James for this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch where he breaks down the self-proclaimed homepage of the internet's war on truth.

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Suspected Iranian Influence Operation Leverages Network of Inauthentic News Sites & Social Media Targeting Audiences in U.S., UK, Latin America, Middle East

An update on the FireEye report and Reddit

This announcement from Reddit Admins scares the bejesus out of me.

This war criminal sneaking a piece of candy to another war criminal's wife is warming my heart!

I did the math. This is advertising for Coca-Cola.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am enjoying these short #PropagandaWatch videos.

  2. zyxzevn says:

    Does that mean that we have to post on a forum that is not controlled?
    Like Corbett Report..

    Some interesting links:

    Jimmy Dore Show: Media already pushing war with Iran
    As RussiaGate continues, Iran is becoming a new scapegoat.

    Newsbud seems to know a lot about Iran
    I just found a few preview-videos.
    War On Iran Began with an All Cap Tweet
    Can anyone share more info?

    Kill everybody: American Soldier exposes US policy in Iraq

    Eyes left – Veterans Advocate Mutiny
    Abby and Robbie Martin interview Iraq War veteran Mike Prysner and Afghanistan War veteran Spenser Rapone about their experiences that turned them from patriotic soldiers into anti-imperialist socialists. They also talk about their new project @EyesLeft, a podcast encouraging rebellion within the ranks of the war machine.
    Collective mutiny could be a solution.
    Sadly they promote to go “against Trump” and fail to state
    that Obama was also a warmonger. But it may help certain people
    to act.

    Jimmy Dore Show: Gov Shutdown of TeleSUR and Empire Files
    -explained by Abby Martin
    Venezuela’s oil is also a target.

    • wall says:

      Lotta good it does. Newbud is untrustworthy now. She’ll probably manipulate it the same way she did with Turkey’s fake power consolidating coup.

  3. AnimalsArentFood says:

    I’ve been on reddit reading the patterns for quite a long time now.
    In my opinion, the primary controlling force on reddit is the U.S. military (or an organization working on their behalf).
    The manipulation is so strongly in favor of the U.S. military that I’m having to give serious consideration to the possibility that they flat-out run the site (as opposed to just extreme shilling & botting).

  4. pcwise555 says:

    Can’t comment because my head just exploded…

  5. calibrator says:

    The phrase regarding the team that has “a particular set of skills” is probably some kind of “pseudo inside” joke, originating from the Liam Neeson movie “96 Hours” where he plays an ex CIA-agent whose daughter gets abducted.

    It really has become a meme and gets parodied a lot (Family Guy etc.):

    Perhaps they simply want to appear cool, perhaps they want to signal that they employ people that were former intelligence.

    • AnimalsArentFood says:

      “96 Hours” is the German title for “Taken” for those wondering

      • calibrator says:

        It’s indeed the German title but of course not German at all – which is a bit funny.

        • siopaomeow says:

          Clarification: he plays an ex CIA-agent whose daughter KEEPS getting abducted. Again and again and again. Clearly that “particular set of skills” doesn’t include protecting his own. At some point, you have to wonder if he’s using his daughter as a honeypot to manufacture excuses for performing acts of violence.

          Maybe that movie is an accurate portrayal of the CIA after all.

  6. n4x5 says:

    James as usual supplies some refreshing sanity here.

    James, maybe I missed it: Did you address the reports that YouTube is now using the SPLC to police its content?

  7. scpat says:

    What is the real threat here? The changing of popular opinion against the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

    MoonOfAlabama did a report on this (FireEye Report) on August 22nd, titled Facebook Kills “Inauthentic” Foreign News Accounts – U.S. Propaganda Stays Alive

    Similarly to what you are saying James, he points out that:
    Moon of Alabama is also promoting anti-Saudi, anti-Israeli, and pro-Palestinian themes. It supports the JCPOA deal. This is, according to FireEye, “in line with Iranian interests”. It may well be. But does that make Moon of Alabama a “suspected influence operation”? Is it an “inauthentic news site”?

    Is the @MoonofA Twitter account showing “coordinated inauthentic behavior” when it promotes the pieces presented on this site? We, by the way, assess with high confidence that that this activity originates from a German actor. Is that a reason to shut it down?

    Who will shut down the tons of “inauthentic” accounts U.S. spies, the British military and Israeli propaganda organisations run?

    Here is another high confidence tip for FireEye. There is proof, and even an admission of guilt, that a hostile government financed broadcasting organization is creating inauthentic Facebook accounts to disseminate disinformation. These narratives include anti-Russian, anti-Syrian, and pro-Saudi views, as well as support for specific U.S. policies favorable to Israel, such as its financing of the anti-Iranian headscarf campaign.

  8. Hotfoot says:

    They missed out the box with ‘Kevin Bacon’ in that FireEye flow diagram.

  9. zyxzevn says:

    “FireEye” sounds similar Sauron’s burning eye.
    I See You:
    Long intro:

    “Sauron was become now a sorcerer of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves; his dominion was torment.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

    Sounds like the CIA. 😉

  10. manbearpig says:

    Not really familiar with Reddit, just vaguely remember how by banning “Pizzagate” a couple years back they managed to discredit the whole issue…

    • manbearpig says:

      Didn’t Reddit regain credibility by accepting to censor…setting the example for Facebook… now it continues that tradition with its “Iranian/Russian influence” Witch hunt…

      the diagram reminds me of one that circulated throughout “conspiracy spheres” illustrating the “The Gatekeepers: Foundations fund Phony left media” where Soros, Rockefeller, Mother Jones, Democracy Now etc were featured …

      This hysterical fear of populations siding with Russia or Iran reminds me of Adous Huxley’s 1958 “Brave New World Revisted” (that I’m only in the process of discovering)…that conflated Malthusian overpopulation concerns with those of the rise of technocratic totalitarianism through propaganda… Mr Huxley, a believer in democracy, recommended government regulation:

      “…And permanent crisis is what we have to expect in a world in which over-population is producing a state of things, in which dictatorship under Communist auspices becomes almost inevitable….

      …But there can be preventive legislation — an outlawing of the psychological slave trade, a statute for the protection of minds against the unscrupulous purveyors of poisonous propaganda, modeled on the statutes for the protection of bodies against the unscrupulous purveyors of adulterated food and dangerous drugs. For example, there could and, I think, there should be legislation limiting the right of public officials, civil or military, to subject the captive audiences under their command or in their cus­tody to sleep-teaching. There could and, I think, there should be legislation prohibiting the use of subliminal projection in public places or on television screens. There could and, I think, there should be legislation to prevent political candidates not merely from spending more than a certain amount of money on their election campaigns, but also to prevent them from resorting to the kind of anti-rational propaganda that makes non­sense of the whole democratic process…”

      he’s saying: “the over populous uneducated lower classes will be instrumentalized to consolidate into tyrannical technocracies…”


      • manbearpig says:

        errrr, my last sentence, typed in my characteristic haste, is an attempt at synthesizing the message of the work in its entirety

        and not of the passage I copy/pasted just above it…

        a patchwork of unrelated ideas…

        • BennyB says:

          No worries, manbearpig =]

          It becomes increasingly remarkable how relevant and, sadly, prophetic the dystopian futures presented in the works of Huxley and Orwell are in this day and age. Yet, as it would seem, people with reasonable or even overall above average intellectual capacities, who are able to make sense of the messages and warnings contained in these works of fiction seem so at a loss when it comes to seeing even some of the most transparent representations of these concepts within the current sociopolitical climate.

        • BennyB says:

          Btw, glad you mentioned Brave New World Revisited. I was familiar with Huxley’s television interview from 1958, but not the book from the same year. I just started reading it today. So far, as was the case with the interview, many of his observations are insightful and his dismay with the extent of the prophetic nature of the original Brave New World ring true. Again though, as was the case with the interview, there are still aspects of the overall thrust of his presentation that I find troubling in ways which are difficult to articulate (aside from dated conclusions like the benefits using DDT). Perhaps that there is just as good an example as any…

          Although Huxley is insightful when it comes to presenting the ways in which the corruption of power manifests itself and is quite candid about the way he views much of the “altruistic” window dressing as a deception for concealing sinister agendas, it seems like he somehow lacks imagination when it comes to discerning how far this superficial “window dressing” extends into the interior of the store (so to speak).

          I suppose at the heart of it there’s an aspect of what I might refer to as “Snowdenism” to his overall presentation — essentially that it’s an exposition of serious threats to freedom of thought, expression, and overall wellbeing (or in Huxley’s case, survival as a species in and of itself), but without any significant ideas of ways in which people might be empowered, as opposed to “enlightened” into a state of resignation.

          I guess I’m just getting started with the book, so this assessment is a bit premature, but these are my thoughts at the moment nonetheless.

          • manbearpig says:

            “enlightened” into a state of resignation”

            Interesting formulation… that I fear may be quite accurate in my case…

            If that’s not what Snowden had intended (which it may well have been) that is certainly the effect he’s had on many in this age of swiftly paving the way for Technocracy…

            From what can not even be described as a lightening skim of BNW Revisited I’d say

            Mr Huxley must realize that a GOB Crony Capitalistic “democracy” whose administrators (certainly his family, friends, peers and/or acquaintances among them) have either been engineering or are so steeped in the plethora of propagandistic practices that he paintstaking describes, will never enact the legislative measures he recommends (as cited in my comment above…)

            It is this impossibility that, in my view, is the paradoxical attitude of the author that, along with his pronounced warnings against over population and its consequent ills, betrays his true and profoundly held eugenical vision of the world.

            While appearing to give warning, analysis and recommendations

            he is in fact simply describing the sauce in which the rest of us shall be stewed and eaten.

            Then again, perhaps I should read the work with some attention before commenting….but late for a class now…

            • BennyB says:

              Still more reading to do, but my thought at the moment is that Huxley is illustrating some of the valid concerns about population vis a vis resources that drives the concerns of the elite and motivate the eugenicists which have some validity to them. Yet before anyone jumps down my throat on my commenting on the “validity”, the underlying cynicism that drives this agenda is the frame of mind where “conservation” etc relies on an equation where the lifestyles of those in the position where they coud most easily alter their pattern of consumption and use of resources view these lifestyles and patterns as fixed variables.

              It’s like a man at a campsite with a huge heating unit fretting about how those around him are going to adequately shield themselves from the cold as winter approaches. Showing them how to hunt so that they can use the fur to stay warm, yet worrying about whether there are enough animals in the long run to support the need for clothing, especially if more children are born. Providing instruction on how to arrange themselves closely together to conserve heat and so forth. All this plays out while the idea of incorporating the heater, which has far more heat than the man could ever use, into the equation is off limits.

              • manbearpig says:

                To tell ya the truth, I was going to instruct you to ignore my last comment about Huxley because, as is often the case, I Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. (I tend to run off at the keyboard as I’m sure many have noticed…)

                And a fair and lucid assessment of Huxley’s words would be both infinitely more nuanced and instructive (and time-consuming)…

                However, enjoyed the heater analogy…

                I’d agree it’s off limits…

                And I wish Mr Huxley could explain to me why Nelson and Stanley Romulus had to be shot dead at point blank range…

                Have a nice evening.

    • candlelight says:


      I’m not familiar with Reddit whatsoever, but if they banned “Pizzagate” as you say, then you have to know that they’re completely and absolutely controlled, especially so when push comes to shove, and I don’t necessarily mean the every(fucking)day drivelingly absurd yet highly publicized Kardashian-ish trash such as dubya giving Michelle a piece of candy, that is, the typical nonsensical bullshit which blankets the corporatocratic “real news” platforms the world over. That’s not so much an aspect of being “controlled” in a sense, as it is a “given”. Meaning, that IS their platform – drivel, mixed in with propagandized, sanitized “news”. I’ll call that static control, if you will.

      By far, one of the clearest examples of really centralized and dynamic controlling power (push coming to shove) which exposed the MSM for it is – a mega conglomerate controlled by very few – goes back to when John Podesta’s emails exposed him, and a number of his associates, including his brother, as being in reality, truly sick individuals. That purposeful exposé of emails and unedited social media accounts of his circle of power broker friends – DC insiders, himself included – hit a very raw nerve which sent shock waves throughout the echelons of power causing the most widespread, blatant, obvious and feverish rush for damage control that I have ever witnessed. And thus, out of their beneficence and largesse, that the public should recognize Lies when we see it, was born the very hastily created conceptualization that every bit of information that doesn’t happen to fit the narrative be stamped with their newly contrived and universally and rapidly disseminated moniker – Fake News. Opposed, of course, to their propagandized, sanitized “Real News”, which we know is actually the lying news.

      And, of course, they [MSM], expert at obscuring and twisting truths (with the help of disinformation professionals) into expansive rabbit holes, along with the likes of a Reddit running with that, I will assume, did manage to discredit the whole issue of “Pizzagate”.

      On an absurd note:

      Dubya probably handed Michelle a flavor he didn’t want to suck on. Not that that would be real surprising news, fake bastard that he is….

  11. James says:

    I never paid much attention to Reddit…but I HAD NO IDEA that it was a controlled propaganda platform. Yikes. Thanks loads James for the report.

  12. BennyB says:

    Thanks for this James. I got several laughs out of it.

  13. zyxzevn says:

    This one is right in line with the Reddit story..

    Who is behind censorship?

    I$rael’s Internet Censorship War – If Americans Knew

    Explains the military groups that are working on forums and wikipedia.
    And how they are infiltrating media companies to control the

    And then we have the CIA controlling the media:

    Has the CIA now infiltrated Reddit too?
    Are the CIA and i$rael working together?

  14. manbearpig says:

    Just had a class with a software developer who’d just attended a seminar about “coding and ethics”…

    She stated that “computers were racist”.

    At which I had to laugh, and then

    she spoke about the Joy Buolamwini TedX talk describing:

    “the coded gaze” which is a catch phrase for “algorithmic bias”.

    And just as the star-studded movie The Circle completely occults the question “is total surveillance ethical?”

    supplanting it with “is it ethical for some people to escape total surveillance”

    the question “is facial recognition an ethical technology”

    is supplanted by “is it ethical that some faces are not recognized?”

    In other words, by waving the emotionally-charged racism card we can not only completely skirt the question “is facial recognition ethical”


    Under the pretext of preventing the “Breaching of Civil Liberties”

    we suppress the question of whether the technology itself is a fundamental Breach of Civil Liberties.

    Wielding the “Computers are Racist” meme to advocate “Inclusive Coding” for “Anyone who cares about Fairness”

    seemed like a possibly pertinent form of propaganda to me used for professional and language training, entertainment etc…

    TED TALKS and TED X Talks, at any rate, are a very powerful vector for propaganda…

    The Pen is mightier than the sword…;-)

    • manbearpig says:

      OOOOOppps! Still another Haste makes Waste incident!

      Screwed up my whole conclusion!!

      Should read:

      “Wielding the “Computers are Racist” meme to advocate “Inclusive Coding” for “Anyone who cares about Fairness”

      seemed like a possibly pertinent form of propaganda to me…

      TED TALKS and TED X Talks at any rate, used for professional and language training, entertainment etc…, are a very powerful vector for propaganda…

      ahhhhh anyhow just skip it………..arrrgh!!

  15. Fawlty Towers says:

    Being able to post anonymously has always been a double-edged sword.

    Golden opportunity for both good guys and bad guys to have their say.

    Can anyone see the day when all will have to register their souls online (in blood) before they can post ANYTHING to ANY site?

    So that everything any human says in the world will be traceable by all?
    (Except for TPTB of course, they will have free passes to any site).

  16. wall says:

    I will spam this again as I have no other way to get it out. And I think youtube would pull it down even if I did manage to upload it.

    This has the video of the student who claimed 1 shooter was coming in from 1 entrance, and that when they ran to the other entrance another shooter came through that entrance. This proves that there was more than 1 shooter.

    Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution

    Here it is on if the above link doesn’t work.

    part 1


    part 3

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