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James joins you today for a quick update to let you know about a 9/11 Global Livestream that he'll be taking part in this weekend and a course that he'll be teaching at Renegade University in November.


September 11th Global Live Stream (information and tickets)

Mass Media: A History (course information and sign-up)

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  1. Fact Checker says:

    Many dads sneak off to the garage and hide in the car to take a belt from the flask of Bourbon they’ve hidden under the passenger seat, out of earshot of the domestic din, in a precious stolen moment of quietude.

    Mr. Corbett, on the other hand, sneaks out to the garage and hides in the car to…record a webcam video in which he…announces his upcoming other webcam videos.

    There’s a sitcom here just crying out to be developed.

    • inisfad says:

      Thanks for the laugh. That was a good one.

      • Fact Checker says:

        The pilot script is in the works. I’m thinking the title should be either Mr. Corbett’s Conspiracy Class or The Corbett Family Conspiracy.

        James Corbett plays “Mr. Corbett.” By day, he’s a mild-mannered Canadian teacher at a high-school in the sunny climes of Western Japan. By night, he’s a raving conspiracy theorist, regaling a worldwide online audience with feverish tales of the high-level corruption and deep occult plots that control the world. Sometimes this moonlighting hobby gets him in trouble with sinister agents from the NSA, NATO, the Trilateral Commission, the Prefectural Tranquility Office…and Principal Okezu, the gruff and long-suffering boss (voiced by beloved seiyuu Ken’ichi Ogata of My Hero Academia!) who is always at his last wits dealing with the aftermath of Mr. Corbett’s madcap extracurricular activities.

        At home, Mr. Corbett dotes on his feisty wife Honey-chan, who can’t help but love him even if he doesn’t quit the internet-vigilante gig and settle down once and for all. Brainy son Junior-kun and precociously sardonic daughter Sis also do their best to keep the absentminded Mr. Corbett from peril to his teaching job…and his life!

        • Fact Checker says:


          [Interior: the Corbett Family dining room. Breakfast.]

          MR. CORBETT: OHAYO-Gozaimas Honey-chan!

          HONEY-CHAN: Oh don’t you “Ohayo-gozaimas-Honey-chan” me, MIS-ter Cor-BETT!

          [canned laughter]

          JUNIOR-KUN: Uh-Oh! What’d he do this time, mom?

          HONEY-CHAN: Your fath-er’s boss, Principal Okezu called this morning! It turns out the janitor caught him last night–AGAIN–in the A/V Club office using school equipment to make another one of his WEBCAM videos!

          MR. CORBETT: Gulp!

          [audience goes woooooooo]

          MR. CORBETT: Uh..you know what this means, Honey? My clone must have escaped! I better, uh, go down to the school and catch him!

          [canned laughter]

          HONEY-CHAN: O huh-uh do you di’nt !

          [roars, applause]

          HONEY-CHAN: I’m not going to fall for that…again.

          [canned laughter]

          HONEY-CHAN: We can’t afford any more of these late-night shenanigans! We’re still paying for the janitor’s therapy after you scared him half to death in your ape suit “reenacting the Bigfoot film” for your LAST webcam movie!

          MR. CORBETT: I told you, Honey! That really was Bigfoot!

          [roars, applause]

          HONEY-CHAN: Now you’re REALLY pushing it Mr. Corbett!

          MR. CORBETT: Ok fine! But I have a good excuse for last night! I just HAD to warn the Corbetteers about the credible threat of an imminent operation by the Globalists!

          JUNIOR-KUN: Was this the Alpha-Centauri Brain-Worm attack, dad?

          MR. CORBETT: No. Worse! This was a false-flag FAKE Alpha-Centauri Brain-Worm attack, staged by NATO as a distraction!

          [canned laughter]


          [roars, applause]

          TO BE CONTINUED…

  2. rickmcc says:

    James – I Love your work

    Don’t need to hear about your very busy day – TWICE. …… gives the impression that you are being kind enough to lower yourself to impart your wisdom to the ” little people “. I know I’m being a tad harsh but you , I think , are such a well-grounded individual that you will take this criticism for future well-intended good.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I appreciate James touching base with everyone and giving us updates.

    I know that he an Broc West have been busy.
    I miss seeing Broc West’s Twitter.

    In the NEWS cycles, I’ve been running across a variety of reports about Vietnam. Here’s a recent one…
    ACTIVIST POST – Sept 7, 2021
    Man Convicted of Infecting 8 People with COVID Will Be Jailed for 5 Years
    In 2020, Activist Post reported about Americans who were legally penalized for refusing to follow COVID quarantine protocol (see 1, 2). Now a Vietnamese man will spend 5 years in jail for it.

    [Article continues with details – short video]

  4. Mielia says:

    yeah I got the lawyers committee newsletter with the instructions for the event too
    folks, if you are interested in 9/11 sign up with your email. they don’t send out emails very often and it is the way to stay informed of their work.
    haven’t watched anything by Thaddeus Russell in quite a while because he does not seem to be on odysee (only on youtube). although renegade university is probably the content where it is really at.

  5. robert.t says:

    One thing I’ll be watching out for as the date approaches is the tendency to confirm much of the official narrative by contradicting the narrative.

    It’s not just 9/11 where this happens. We see it in the clamour for alternative cures like Ivermectin or the blaming of a Chinese lab for CV. Such can be contrarian or “agin’-the-guvmint” ways of confirming the existence and even lethality of a pandemic. My initial doubts were centred on the now out-of-mode stunt of people falling and spreadeagling like awkward kids playing cowboys-and-indians. Along with the convenient timing of Event 201, this was enough to convince me that there was no pandemic and likely no specific bug. If I then demand my Ivermectin, what am I doubting?

    In the case of 9/11, my first doubts were centred on the absence of any convincing wreckage of planes at all four alleged crash points. To this day, the circumstances are near-impossible to utterly impossible. The next set of impossibilities concern the free-fall of all buildings (and the cratering of 6!) and the beyond-ridiculous initial damage to the Pentagon.

    My point is that once I start speculating on the fate of passengers, the use of rockets and such like I am buying into part of the official narrative. It is clear to me that using real jetliners flying at near-impossible speeds for sea-level was out of the question. Reducing seven buildings to rubble through the triumph of aluminium over steel in a single impact was and is out of the question.

    Too often I’ve caught myself buying into the official narrative in this way. What lies at the heart of our Less-than-Great Reset is pure deceit. Deceit is cheaper than jetliners and only requires the control of the weak and deceitful people who populate all media, from the BBC to Netflix. The fakery doesn’t have to be good or even average, it just has to be on TV.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Do you remember the events of April 10th, 2010?
      Absolutely none of my students do.
      And none of them has ever heard of the Bank for International Settlements.

      You’re right. If it’s not on TV then it didn’t happen, like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest…

      or April 10th, 2010…

      • robert.t says:

        My home was involved in the globally discussed Australian bushfires back in 2019. Fortunately, I and the home survived.

        Here’s the funny thing. After months of panic and endless updates about fires which were far away, the media, by the end of summer, began to change the subject from fires. When my (suspicious) fire swept up from adjacent state forest few neighbours were interested and most just went to bed. These were the same people who had insisted that my lack of TV viewing was making me careless about the threat of fire through that summer. (In fact, I monitored the relevant bushfire sites constantly, while the TV was reserved for Test Cricket only.)

        I should add that all these people have had experience of what can go wrong in the bush. Twenty years ago their attitude was different. Now they are all soaked, saturated and all but drowned in media.

        I say media, I should say the medium. It’s all one, and it’s all bad.

        • nosoapradio says:

          I’m just so sad because my ex just informed me

          that one of our son’s closest friends from nursery school, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school

          who is 18 and has always been recognized as being unusually gifted intellectually

          has been in a psychiatric hospital for the last three months…

          which reminds me of the father of one of my son’s other best friends who recently committed suicide during the lockdowns…

          We’re living in mass insanity… and I don’t know how to explain it it to my entourage who seems to find things relatively normal…

          I imagine, perhaps mistakenly, that poor Antoine, the young man, my son’s childhood friend, who’s been in a psychiatric hospital for the last three months

          understands what’s going on

          but can’t express it

          because it’s the rest of humanity who should be in a psychiatric hospital and not him

          and he knows it.

          And he can’t count on the parents, all masked and injected, to protect him…

        • nosoapradio says:

          Those last two comments robert.t are very interesting indeed.

          Twenty years ago their attitude was different. Now they are all soaked, saturated and all but drowned in media.

          I wonder what happened that sent all these people, your neighbors and mine, into media land never to return?
          When I think about 20 years ago, what happened to me, well, 9/11…
          I, like the rest of the tuned-in world, had to interpret that event…

          maybe, as long as a person who was old enough to apprehend those images at the time they were created, when families became 9/11 victim’s families and everyone on the planet became suspects to be scrutinized from every angle down to the bone…

          as long as a person hasn’t come to grips with what that event incontrovertibly revealed, then they will be a prisoner of the media narrative, needing more and more narrative to convince them of what deep down they know isn’t true… saturating themselves with ever more narrative so they can live in a world that fits their manufactured vision of it, so they can hide from the bogeyman of the truth which has nothing to do with what exotic tech brought down those symbolic sky-scrapers or what exotic medication will save you from terrifying mass mediatized ills…

          I guess it’s as simple as understanding that it’s a show

          a formidable show with real death and destruction

          the true nature of which has been masked and choreographed to create a convenient deus ex machina illusion

          people plunging themselves into staged narratives, visions that allow them to hide from themselves

          so they can maintain the moral highground and the image they have of themselves, their government, their world


          • robert.t says:

            The centralisation of media to one medium has been progressive.

            In my youth it would never have occurred to the most unscrupulous proprietor to just bury an entire war by distraction and under-reporting. In the 60s they felt they had to put Vietnam and Biafra on the front page. Now, they can make a mountain out of a Miley Markle twerk and a molehill of Yemen’s tragedy (or a Polish/Russian plane disaster).

            Nothing matters till the media say it matters, and it won’t matter for very long. It’s about pressing buttons then moving on.

            My doubts began vaguely over the impossibly good shooting by Martin Bryant at Port Arthur. Later, I wondered about the fall of the Twin Towers, though I didn’t wonder for long enough. When I began finally to think I fell prey, as most do, to the usual controlled opposition and disinfo.

            What has helped most is re-connecting with those old, first doubts. For example, instead of buying in to the fate of the flight passengers, granting of access to terrorists etc I keep my mind on the impossible manoeuvres required for the Pentagon hit, the hopeless chances of hitting the towers while flying near sea level at maximum speed. Add to that the aluminium versus steel factor, and I don’t need to puzzle over passengers and terrorists.

            I might wonder about those who want to emphasise the passengers’ fate and the terrorists’ flying lessons. Distraction from the main deceit? Is it like keeping the pandemic real by harping on Joe Rogan’s Ivermectin?

            Like you say, it’s “a formidable show with real death and destruction”. The television and press constitute one big Medium which only offers a red team/blue team wrestle match to keep an illusion of choice or difference. Everything in the Medium is a lie, a manipulation, a conditioning or an advert, everything. And I have to be willing to lose friends in saying as much.

            • nosoapradio says:

              reminds me yet again of madeleine l’engle’s wrinkle in time (everything seems to)

              with the one big central pulsing IT

              that grabs you by your dreams and enslaves your mind forever

            • nosoapradio says:

              just a total side note:

              Yemen is of course a much more tragic event than April 10th, 2010

              and it’s shocking that, like the Palestinians, the Yemeni are being martyred year after year, in the shadows, to almost total worldwide indifference and ignorance.

              But what marked me about 2010 was just the message: We can, one sunny morning, in one fell swoop, murder an entire European government, 96 top brass, in full daylight, make the morning headlines and then a mere few hours later, effortlessly and effectively flick the whole incident down the memory hole.

              I mean, as far as I can tell, this fortuitous crash didn’t even make a blip on the alternative media radar.

              that’s my subjective impression…

              Only one person continued to cry “foul” consistently after the event and that was Lech Kaczynski’s twin brother.


  6. Simon says:

    James, your steering wheel is on the wrong side.

  7. westerncivic says:

    So… what type of innoculation (ha ha ha) is this Biden 9/11 papers declassification release???

    And what type of forced innoculations are on his mind for tomorrow???

    • Ned Isakoff says:

      The Saudi angle is just the last layer in the propaganda narrative. First it was the official story. Then complicity of the US govt, now it’s the Saudis, which ties back to the Bushes and the US govt. Anything to distract from the real perpetrators: Israel and their Zionist PNAC co-conspirators.

  8. mkey says:

    Does anyone have some pointers where I can find that video in which Ronald Reagan is summoned by the man behind a curtain, where the “president” reacts like a little obedient slave? I know I’ve seen this scene in a documentary somewhere sometime, but I can’t dig it up.

  9. Ned Isakoff says:

    Israel and PNAC were behind 9/11. This is obvious to anyone who investigates.

    See Corbett’s video on the Dancing Israelis if you have somehow missed it.

    Three articles:

    Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake by Alan Sabrosky


    From Wikipedia:

    >Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D, is a retired Marine officer and former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute where he held the position of the Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He received the Superior Civilian Service Award in 1998. He has taught at the United States Military Academy at West Point; Georgetown University; the University of Pennsylvania; and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

    This is a great article to introduce normies to this, due to Sabrosky’s credentials.

    Second article: Laurent Guyenot’s “9/11 was an Israeli Job”


    Third, from Wikispooks: “9/11: Israel Did It”


    Bonus article, brand new from Guyenot again: “9/11 was a Straussian Coup”


  10. russ says:

    The Corbett Report provides readers good access to scientific data and real debate about “settled subjects”, along with an wonderful open door for ears to hear and eyes to see who will. Their numbers are growing and more and more are looking across “settled science” fences and issuing DAWs (Dead Assed Wrongs) to “scientific” DSTs that originate from elite-controlled money troughs spouting lies like:

    • GMO food is roughly equivalent to natural food:

    • A Hepatitis B shot is necessary for a newborns;

    • 49+ vaccine shots/”boosters” are needed to immunize a child by age six;

    • Polar bears are starving in a sinking arctic;

    • The world needs an H1N1 flu/corona shot to avoid a swine flu/corona “virus pandemic”;

    • GWS (Gulf War Syndrome) was a “mysterious condition;”

    • America was attacked by “terrorists” on 9/11.

    • A faux Corona virus “. . . is ravaging the world”, occupants of which have to take Oz’s shot.

    And we were attacked by terrorists on 9/11 (but not kind we were told). It was all “explained”. But the “settle-science/official explanation” was methodically refuted by ethical architects, engineers, pilots, demolition experts, first responders, widows, writers and researchers like James Corbett, and lay people fr fom all walks. Griffin has produced an documentary that all a legal team would have to do is walk into a courtroom, show it, and let the jury or judge put the perpetrators of this heinous crime away.


    Investigations have been underway since 9/11 happened.

    Breakthroughs and clarity are occurring.

    Oz’s keeps censoring

    But the days of “JFKs” are over.

    Much rides on our rule of law and Constitution going forward when legal action occurs. To not occur will leave the planet in chaos.

    Prople like James keep tossing grenades into packs of lies. Facts and science used right by men and women of good will can dispel faux science lies run rampant.

    And if our rule of law and Constitution stand under the onslaught from The City’s financial demons bent on destroying them—who underwrote 9/11, profited from the 20-year Middle East war, who cried “COVID” to deliberately profit from vaccines manufactured for a faux pandemic, who deliberately flung the planet into an economic tar pit for economic control of the globe’s money and hard assets, and who’re planning on installing a world communist governmentswith themselves in charge for more profit for—then there’s hope.

    “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version (1/3)
    “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version (2/3)
    “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version (3/3)

  11. russ says:

    All of Washington—including the MSM propaganda conduits—knows about 9/11. All had knowledge or involvement. All are culpable.

    • There were no real cell phone calls from the “plane” that “crashed” in Pennsylvania and left no wreckage.

    • Remember: “Let’s Roll?” The technology wasn’t in place to make that call.

    • It wasn’t a plane that hit the Pentagon. It was a missile. In the exact spot auditors were going over documents in search of two trillion dollars that had gone missing.

    • No plane hit the 47-story WTC-7 building, yet it collapsed around 4:30 p.m. on 9-11 in approximately 7 seconds. (WTC-7’s owner was caught on tape saying “. . . lets pull it [demolish WTC-7]. . .”).

    • It wasn’t planes that hit the Twin Towers either,

    • The steel-structure of a building has never collapsed from a fire.

    • Jet fuel cannot burn hot enough to melt steel.

    • The 100-story Twin Towers collapsed in 12 or so seconds each—a physical impossibility in free fall.

    • A peer-reviewed article was published in a scientific journal verifying the presence of thermite (a demolition charge that cuts thick steel) in debris overlooked from the 9/11 buildings.[5]

    If there are no law abiding people left in Washington, who can initiate action to right a wrong like this, then what we’re left with are psychopathic demons racing around the plant with armloads of [all the] money, weapons, and resources wreaking havoc for profit upon humanity with no feeling or conscience for human life;

    So, during the annual “. . . where were you when the terrorists hit the Twin Towers” recalls on 9-11 or anything on/in the Internet, television, magazine, book or newspaper about 9/11, and the person says “. . . we were attacked by Al Qaeda [or terrorists]. . .” know you’re reading/listening to (a) a piece of deliberate propaganda or disinformation, or (b) someone who has done no research on 9/11.

    The same applies to the term “H1N1 swine flu pandemic”, and to the “Covid pandemic.” Both deliberate deceptions and lies. As was Ebola, zika, etc.

    Dr. David Ray Griffin has pulled together these 9-11 facts—and hundreds more— in his books.

    • The New Pearl Harbor Revisited

    • The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7

    • Why the Final Official Report About 9/11 is Unscientific and False

    • 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press.

    A [dry] academic book about who do 9-11’s and start wars for profit,:

    “Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes,” Red Pill Press, Canada.


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