Politics is Fake and Staged

07/21/201626 Comments

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Only a psychopath could read someone else's lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. And only the flag-waving, dumbed down masses could believe them. Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be: "Who is writing their speeches? And who is pulling their strings?" This is a public service announcement from The Corbett Report.

Obama plagiarizes Deval Patrick

Albanese plagiarizes Michael Douglas

Cameron plagiarizes Tony Blair

Ward plagiarizes Barack Obama

Biden plagiarizes Neil Kinnock

Clinton plagiarizes John Edwards

Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama

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  1. taylrmd says:

    unfortunately, those still caught up in the left/right, lib/con paradigm will only see the “sins” of the “other side”, ignoring and willing to excuse those who they think side with them, not realizing that the politician class only sides with themselves agains you (us).

    • peace.froggs says:

      I know what you’re saying about the left/right, lib/con paradigm, however that really only applies to domestic policies, like when they argue about the economy, jobs, terrorism and healthcare. They use these core issues as political footballs.

      When it comes to Foreign Policy, its also true that there has been a push for globalisation from both sides. however there is a hidden hand.

      To suggest the politician class only sides with themselves against us is erroneous.

      Dwight D Eisenhower really did warn us about the military industrial complex, JFK really got his brain blown out, Reagan really got shot, after 9/11 anthrax letters really were addressed to Democratic Senators, Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

      There really is a hidden hand at work, whenever politicians go against foreign policy that isn’t aligned with that of the hidden hand, and that hidden hand doesn’t want Hillary to become President, and it would appear that hidden hand is supporting Trump.

      Think about it, if there is no difference between Trump and Hillary, why then is Alex Jones, the guy which help people wake up to the left/right paradigm, supporting Trump?

      • calibrator says:

        Frankly, I don’t see Alex Jones as somebody who helped anybody to wake up. In my book he is a “showboat”, an entertainer – and, yes, *perhaps* even controlled opposition.

        People like Jones who have ridiculous guests like Steve Pichenik (psy-op specialist working for the CIA) can’t be taken seriously.

        Sorry, that’s my opinion and I don’t say that to offend anyone here.

        But there really is a “hidden hand” behind the scenes.

        But it’s not really hidden, isn’t it?

  2. phreedomphile says:

    Was it really just an oversight that Melania Trump’s speech writer plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech writer or was it intentional? There has to be an operation underway to make the public so completely disgusted with the current political paradigm that they will accept rule by unelected “experts”.

    And is it only domestic politics that are faked and staged or does that include the international geopolitical stage too? The global elite play every card in their deck so why stop at nation states? We learned from James’ brilliant interview of James Perloff about the political set up to launch the Korean war. Perloff explained the USSR leadership, as permanent voting members of the UN, inexplicably refused to protect their interests by not voting (to veto) the aggression which was the first major undeclared war for the US carried out under the banner of a “UN Police Action” setting two precedents at once of US participation in wars undeclared by congress and the UN as an entity to wage war. Meanwhile, the apex global elite were aiding and propping up the Russian communists starting with the Bolsheviks continuing on through to the USSR to include during the time of the Korean and Vietnam UN police actions when the USSR, in turn, was using the gifted aid and technology to support Korea and Vietnam militarily.

    In current times, there’s the report of the US and Israel “silently” providing Iran with high tech military parts and weapons (principally for fighter jets) the past several years which, in turn, were being sent to Syria – all the while the establishment and their media lapdogs were making Iran out to be part of the “axis of evil” and Syria run by a dictator. Meanwhile, Iran and Syria have been adopting UN Agendas and IMF structural reform guidelines for neoliberalization going back to the 90s for Iran and Syria going whole hog by early the 2000s.

    James, I hope put you consider putting your remarkable talents to bear on a podcast summarizing the fake and staged aspects of international politics. Maybe a quickie like your amazing 9/11 hit, with a good dose of comic relief.

    • calibrator says:

      Iran-Contra is bigger than is commonly known.

      Even Israel selling weapons to Iran is nothing new.

      It’s established under “conspiracy theorists” that in the eighties Israel delivered weapons via Germany to Iran.

      While there is no final proof there are enough clues that the highest echelon of German politics not only knew what was going on but *executed* what it was told to do.
      Why? Because Germany still isn’t a true sovereign state (even if it claims otherwise) – but before 1990 it was even less so and simply had to follow orders.

      Let me take you back three years earlier:

      In 1987 a German politician, Uwe Barschel, a former “minister president” (comparable to a gouvernor) of a West German state has been found dead in the bathtub of a Swiss luxury hotel.

      Especially the part “Conspiracy theories around Barschel’s death” (in the German Wikipedia everything that goes against the official narrative is a “conspiracy theory” and people promoting that get character assassinated):

      Here’s why I think that he was killed by “geopolitical and money interests”:

      What Wikipedia doesn’t write is that Barschel had multiple lesions in the face and on his chest. Something that a regular guy who wants to kill himself in a bathtub won’t have.

      In fact Barschel was a martial arts amateur and likely tried to defend himself – leading to these injuries – but obviously stood no chance against experienced “wetworkers” (fitting, considering the bathtub…).

      Most people killing themselves won’t likely take their drugs of choice via their rectum, too…

      He then was found not by the maid but by two German journalists who just happen to travel to this exclusive luxury hotel, that particular room (do you think the lobby sent them up without trying to phone the guest?), find the door open(!), enter the suite, find the body, photograph it – and then their magazine prints the corpse right onto its cover in very grainy black & white – to NOT show the bloody lesions in his face?

      Warning: Somewhat graphic image of a clothed corpse!

      By the way: This was the same magazine that published the fake Hitler diaries – so much for their journalistic integrity…

      But this murder is _still_ being sold as a suicide today because high-powered interests continue to prevent a true investigation.

      Get this: The German government never had an interest in the investigation by the Swiss police and state attorneys! In fact they were immediately satisfied by the early conclusion that his death may be a suicide.

      So what does one conclude from that?

      Only one thing: That the German government already knew who killed him.

      And if a government prevents the prosecution of a suspected killer you can always assume that it was either one of their own henchmen or one of a “friendly state”.

      It seems to me that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi is getting publicized internationally much more than the murder of Uwe Barschel…

      Fun fact 1:
      “Jamal Khashoggi was the nephew of the high-profile Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, known for his part in the Iran–Contra scandal, who was estimated to have had a net worth of US$4 billion in the early 1980s. Adnan Khashoggi had claimed that his own grandfather was of Jewish descent.”

      Fun fact 2: Uwe Barschel was more than once a guest on the luxury yacht of Adnan Khashoggi and worked on deals for the German nuclear industry.

      Fun fact 3: The Swiss investigating judge for the Barschel case got quickly replaced by a more experienced elder colleague. It later transpired that this has been an order directly from the Swiss justice minister, Mrs. Kopp, whose husband a few years later got convicted for money laundering and illegal arms trades on behalf of ***Adnan Kashoggi***.
      Mr. Kashoggi used the company of Mohammed Shakarchi for clearing his profits. Mr. Kopp held the position of supervisor in that company and had been warned by his wife of looming investigations resulting in her dimise as justice minister.
      Years later it had been revealed that he had asked her to exchange judges in the murder mystery in Geneva.


      Everything is connected. Especially the secret services which facilitate the weapons sales, their transfers and eliminate potential problems – all for the benefit of the M-I-C and their international financiers.

      Gladio, being a CIA and NATO product, is intimately connected to these circles and likely provided local support in that case.

      Wetwork specialists were flown in and worked as a team – just like the Mossad demonstrated in that hotel in Dubai…

      The cover-up was then done like in the JFK-assassination: With the willful cooperation of the connected media and corrupt justice officials.

      => The game isn’t rigged – the whole game is the crime.

      But regardless who actually killed Barschel – the point is that he didn’t commit suicide but was silenced while he tried to get proof that he wasn’t guilty of what was brought against him and destroyed him politically.

  3. peace.froggs says:

    Haha this is Priceless, and this is also why William Cooper called us sheeple.

    Thanks James for reminding me to stay awake.

  4. Octium says:

    The irony is that many problem voters will look down at and “pity” problem gamblers.

    The difference being that every once in a while a problem gambler will actually win and become rich – unlike the problem voter who will never win and will always remain poor!

  5. oeo says:

    Good work.

    Whoever put OBAMA into the TRUMP speech must have known it would be recognized.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Captain Clay Higgins —
    I don’t normally vote.

    But if I lived in southern Louisiana, I would vote for Captain Clay Higgins. He may not be perfect (which he admits), but he is REAL and he despises career politicians and the corporate-military industrial, big banks, wall street, big pharma complex.

    Captain Clay Higgins – Parish in southern Louisiana – Unprecedented success
    19 Felons turned themselves in peacefully due to his videos.

    Stelly’s Supermarket – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz95O1OQCH0
    Young lady involved with drugs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhbPXCdPRAw
    Racial is not an issue in going after violent offenders – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1lc7i7BaG8

    The Sheriff’s perspective on the qualities of man, both the victim and the perpetrator.

    “America United”

    Clay running for Congress

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — The 4th Estate —

    Powerful speech!!

  8. tgmolitor says:

    One speech writer, one speech, one world.

  9. Bog_Digger says:

    Politics is Fake and Staged well….
    Try this link to Clinton Cash.

    Have fun digesting this latest on Clintons politics. Please share!


  10. Excellent video. It is quite sad to see so many people I consider friends and loved ones drinking Trump’s kool-aid and buying into this voting charade.

    The guy is an opportunist, a demagogue, a fascist, a nativist, and a failure for a businessman whose been bailed out by his mob and Wall St. connections. He’s not a Washington ‘outsider.’ He, like Clinton, have made various deals with different operatives and factions of the deep state and which is why they’re allowed to run.

    One of the most telling signs Trump is a fraud was when he referred to the dancing Israelis from 911 as the dancing Muslims. I laughed at that.

    What ‘truth to power’ does he speak? None. He speaks no ill of Wall St., of the Fed, or of any matter of significance.

  11. candlelight says:

    Funny as hell on election day! Perfect re-post.

    As subsciber tgmolitor excellently sums it up in single statement above:

    One speech writer, one speech, one world.”

  12. generalbottlewasher says:

    “All the kings of the nations lie in glory;
    Cased in cedar and shut in a sacred gloom;
    Swathed in linen and precious unguents old,
    Painted with cinnabar and rich with gold.
    Silent they rest, in solemn salvatory,
    Sealed from the moth and the owl and the flittermouse-
    Each with his name on his brow.”
    Jean Ingflow 1888

  13. Octium says:

    Has it really been two years since the last US selection?

    Wow how time flies when you are getting screwed over!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      No kidding, Octium.

      Yesterday, Tuesday “Go Vote Day”, I told the guys at work that we would see more customers come by because they get off work to vote. Sure enough.

      Some folks were real wrapped up in the Vote Routine.
      The sense of urgency permeated the air as many people were fixated that they must vote for their candidate to hold off the bad things from the other candidate.

      I tried with a few folks to let them know that voting is a fluff show. But (sigh!), when that “urgency” sets in their mindset, it is all she wrote.

      • CQ says:

        I went to the polling station yesterday for one reason: to vote FOR a proposition that would, if passed, give firefighters in my city a pay raise and pay scale equivalent to the city’s police and equivalent to the firefighters in other major Texas cities.

        As I approached the building on foot, two firefighters standing on the sidewalk were holding up placards. They made way for me to pass by and were surprised when I stopped in front of them and announced that the murder of the firefighters in NYC on 9/11 is what brought me to the polls. One of the fellows responded soberly, “And it wasn’t just on that day that firefighters were killed. All of the firefighters from our city who went to New York to do search and rescue are either dead from cancer or dying of cancer.”

        I said I hoped he and his colleagues question whether planes could REALLY have caused the Twin Towers to collapse. Well, whenever I’ve suggested as much to other firefighters who work down the street from my house, they’ve always recited the “company line.” So you can imagine it was music to my ears when this fellow replied: “Those towers were constructed to withstand the impact of a 737.” Clearly, he wasn’t buying the notion that hijackers ramming jets into the buildings had caused them to fall. I would’ve stayed a lot longer, but had to pick up a student at the school across the street.

        On our way home, we encountered the talkative guy standing alone with his placard. Emboldened, I posed the one question most on my mind: “Have you guys ever heard of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth or Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth?” He hadn’t but was clearly intrigued and promised to look up both groups on the web that evening.

        Gotta trust that he did and that he’s now running at breakneck speed down the rabbit hole–as fast as if he were racing to . . . a fire.

        P.S. The proposition passed!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          – Bump –

          I love hearing this anecdote!
          Texas style!

        • manbearpig says:

          That was one heckuva motivating post to read first thing in the morning over coffee! So well told! congratulations CQ!

        • pearl says:

          Ditto to what HRS & manbearpig said! Such a contrast from the other conversation you shared not too long ago (that was you, wasn’t it? The old man who got hostile?). You just never know the response you’re going to get, and that you keep on keepin’ on is quite impressive to me.

  14. americanvirtues says:

    If I share this will I be no different? Ahhhh!

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