Philip Dru - FLNWO #23

01/20/201533 Comments

Richard Grove of and joins us on this month's edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order to discuss "Philip Dru: Administrator" by Edward Mandell House. We examine the man behind the work and how the novel presages House's time as the power behind the throne of the Wilson presidency.

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Last month's episode and comments: Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Next month: Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse

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  1. stevekelly911 says:

    Great discussion. I think the connections of Mandel House really get right to the crux of who pulls the strings of the Federal Reserve. The City of London and the merchant banking dynasties of the British Empire may have lost the US in the revolutionary War, but just over 100 years later they got it back solidly in 1913. Wilson was probably a bigger puppet than Nixon.

    Even the Vatican does its main banking in the Cayman Islands and dovetails its finances through New Jersey diocese which just happens to be where all the Mafia are … hmmm, what a coincidence. The Crown Tax Haven system is a large part of the dark pool economy where these stateless pirates hide all of their capital outside of national tax reach, and also mainly for secrecy, but they require the Crown for their survival.

    The sun most definitely never set on the British Empire, and it is much scarier now that people don’t even know that the British mercantile systems are actually the spine of the NWO system. There is a reason that the DTCC which has a monopoly on all Equities and Derivatives repository and trade in the USA, has its Derivatives branch headquartered in the City of London and not New York … so it is outside of the reach of US regulators, and dovetailed into the Crown Tax Haven and Secrecy Network.

    A good book that exposes this system and its real size and influence is ‘Treasure Islands’, by Nicholas Shaxson; it is a great book and an easy and concise read that I highly recommend.

    • Mark K. P. says:

      some great info here Steve, thanks.
      The top German military brain of WWI, Max Hoffmann, defined Wilson as an imbecile. Probably not too wide of the mark.
      The US wasnt really taken back by the Brits, looks more like a merger at the top, apparently initially via the Pilgrims organization set up in 1897. Then the US embarks immediately on its imperial course, breaking international law to steal Spanish colonies (with the first false flag attack on its own servicemen in Havana harbour), getting green light for Panama canal, invading Hawaii, etc., all in a very short period of time.
      But still it took time to get all the major players on board (note Coolidge’s refusal as late as 1920s to use the US fleet in Chinese waters as ordered by London), and a huge propaganda effort to get involved in WWI in flagrant violation of entrenched and earnest public desire to keep out of European wars.

      The sun most definitely did set on the British Empire when Bismarck unified Germany and allied with Russia. WWI was the great turning point, and new dawn of evil in caps ; not only German and Russian power and traditional monetary systems (as well as their technology partnership) destroyed in one hit, but the successful intrusion of the ghastly Bolshevik regime into Russia as well — probably the most notable early example of the “special relationship” in action since it was a pretty far-fetched project, and couldn’t have succeeded without co-ordinated contributions from both sides of the Atlantic

    • Richard says:

      Here is Treasure Islands by Shaxson on a free pdf:

    • Ukdavec says:

      Good recommendation – would add the documentary based on the book – The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire

      available here

  2. David Brown says:

    Outstanding discussion, gentlemen. This is perhaps your best work to date in my opinion.

  3. Phillip says:

    I can’t imagine two better people to discuss this book. I have some minor points that James and Richard didn’t mention.

    I don’t believe you mentioned the quote from Mazzini (1805-72) at the beginning of the book. Mazzini was an early promoter of a united Europe. I wonder what House had to say about Mazzini in his private papers. I suppose that quoting Mazzini was a little more subtle that quoting Machiavelli.

    At first, I thought that an underlying theme would be “The South shall rise again!”, what with Dru’s Southern origins, a reference to “imperial Texas” and later starting a second civil war. After the civil war depicted in the book, however, House interpolated the accepted American attitude towards the 1861-65 civil war into the text.

    House provided Dru with some parallels with Jesus Christ. In addition to the more obvious ones, such as the chapter entitled “The Prophet of a New Day”, Dru wanders in the desert, lives a life of sexual abstinence until the end, and chooses 12 disciples, er, advisors to head various departments, and give advice. Not a doubting Thomas or a denying Peter in the bunch, though!

    I wonder if the 1933 cabal of plutocrats who tried to overthrow FDR and install General Smedley Butler as a puppet administrator was inspired by this book?

    • Mark K. P. says:

      Mazzini was an operative of the Brit foreign office, and the M in MAFIA, a British creation named acronymically from five leading individuals and families. Webster Tarpley is essential reading on the Italian connections, especially Against Oligarchy at
      Yes, yes I know he’s a FDR tragic and New Deal ideologue but an outstanding researcher nonetheless, especially on NATO terrorism networks, Euro commercial imperialism and its origins in the Venetian system and (17th cent.) transfer to Amsterdam and London. (also on the painstaking diplomacy and assassination preparations for WWI).

  4. Very interesting in deed.
    House was advisor to President Woodrow Wilson, but who advised House.
    For those interested, more information on Edward Mandell House can be found in the book “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed, chapter 29, The Ambition of Mr. House.

    Quoting from the above mentioned book, page 235.

    Mr. Wise states that (after the election) “we received warm and heartening help from Colonel House, close friend of the president … House not only made our cause the object of his very special concern but served as liaison officer between the Wilson administration and the Zionist movement.”

    “The Crontroversy of Zion”

  5. Bilejones says:

    Scott Horton, late of Antiwar Radio fame did a serious of interviews channeling Phillip Dru about a decade ago.

  6. johnd.jasper says:

    I’ve just listened to the audiobook of Phillip Dru Administrator available at LibriVox and I’m amazed that anybody ever read this book to the end. It should come with a warning to keep a sick bucket handy at all times! I’d love to think that it was intended as a spoof of the powerful men of that era who worked hard to mold their societies according to their visions regardless of what anyone else may have wanted. Yet, I suspect that this was Col House’s own vision of how the USA should be reformed if he only had the opportunity.

    Well done on producing a very interesting podcast.

    • stevekelly911 says:

      Maybe the bad literary quality was part of the agenda in putting something out there without making it popular enough to be mainstream? Or he was a pathetic author, either one is possible 😛

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      johnd.jasper. …{ the powerful men of that era who worked hard to mold their societies according to their visions regardless of what anyone wanted.}
      That must be one of the qualifying characteristics for being a psychopath, or tratior, or Judas Priest or King. Now that the Docherty and Macgregor books of 2013 Hidden History The Secret Origins of the First World War, and more recent 2017 Prolonging the Agony, we get a clearer picture ( much clearer than Caroll Quigley offers) of why and how our present circumstances ( reality) have come into existence. It should be comforting to know but in reality becomes terrorizing to face up to. So little time so much to do.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Its always interesting to hear Richard Grove and James Corbett discuss anything. Even the time of day or weather report. Here’s one for the French. Viva le France!

        Perfidious Albion !

        The Oxford dictionary of phrases and fables ; Perfidious Albion England or Britain considered as treacherous in international affairs, in a rendering of the French phrase ‘ La perfide Albion’ said to have been first used by the Marquees De Ximenes.1726-1817 .
        Im guessing he was speaking of the secret elite and not the general population. Who in their right mind would ever trust any one of these secret elites with anything? Much less the time of day or the weather report.
        One of the saddest events orchestrated by the secret elites of Albion has to be Gallipoli 1915. Than again all the repeats, up to the present day. That may be the saddest.
        I hope Corbett keeps repeating the message.

  7. cush350 says:

    From Small World Report: I was employed by the CRI&SP railroad that jointly ran the Trinity and Brazos Valley Railway with C&S parent Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. 1973-1980 with the Rock and the BNSF (FWD) 1980-2008.

    ( Edward Mandell House, being one of the founders of the TBV),

    Seven degrees of separation?

  8. Phillip says:

    Why Narcissus and Goldmund? Having just re-read it, I am truly stumped as to why James selected this modern classic for FLNWO. Perhaps merely to atone for Philip Dru? That would be reason enough. I can’t wait to find out.

  9. Larry says:

    I am a bit disappointed that Richard Grove forgot to mention the best non-fiction book about (among other crucial matters) House: Rose L. Martin’s “Fabian Freeway: High Road to Socialism in the U.S.A. 1884-1966” (1966), which shows that House is not only a member of the Rhodes conspiracy, but also a Fabian socialist. The Fabians met regularly with the Rhodes imperialists, they formed a dining club for this purpose:

    • Bas (Scrutinised Minds) says:

      Hi Larry

      Very interesting indeed. I’m currently delving into the history of World War I and the first modern iterations of the new world order concept. Can you elaborate a bit on what the book exactly says about the connection between House and the Fabians? I can’t find the book online in pdf so a little more info would come in handy before I decide to buy the book.

      I’ve also read the claim that House’s father was connected to the Rothschilds, but haven’t really bumped into evidence about that yet.

      Interesting stuff, the Coefficients dining club. The fact that the Fabians, the Rhodes gang and H.G. Wells come together is very tellingly!

  10. manbearpig says:

    I’m way out wasted from a very long week but this was…

    extremely thought provoking, to say the least, on a variety of levels and from various angles…all bubbling together preparing the imminent eruption of a new revelational understanding of how the world turns…

    – Of course, as niched within the context of the recent WW1 documentary…I was truly, Literally wondering what someone with such a studiously placid face and strategic place in history was actually Thinking…

    – from a purely irrelevant and coincidental angle with this name Zimmerman from the Zimmerman Telegram and Dr. Zimmerman, the autism specialist from the very recently recommended Sharyl Attkisson vaccine video, Arthur and Andrew Zimmerman…

    – the GCHQ and the giant brain, like the one I’m obsessed with in Madeleine l’Engle’s pulsing central intelligence IT (information techonology) giant all-encompassing Camazotz brain in her 1960 Wrinkle in Time…

    – and revelations as a way of facilitating paradigm shifts in the global socio-economic order…as particularly…important…currently… !?

    – to Richard Grove’s perspective, apparent endorsement of Snowden and Binney…I’ll have to find some time to listen to his interview with Binney…

    …In fact, just took a rapid peek at this very short Binney video (not Grove’s) on Snowden among other things

    and balked instinctively at his following statement that seems terribly convenient somehow:

    “…Right now by taking in all this bulk data they’re |the NSA] smothering themselves with information, they can’t see through it and they can’t actually find real true terrorists. That’s why you had the bombing in Boston, the shooting in Fort Hood, the attempted bombing in Times Square, the underwear bomber; All of these things happened because they are smothered in data…” -William Binney

    anyhow, a good night’s sleep should coalesce this disparate info… into something…more coherent and… pertinent… let’s be crazy; life-changing!…

    oh, and… I also have a terrible weakness for alliteration…Turgid tome of trash… terribly titillating…


    • manbearpig says:

      Well, at the risk of making eyes roll… after a single viewing late on a Friday night of Mr. Grove’s “the Future of Freedom” feature interview as well as a couple of others including a GRTV one with Mr Corbett:

      …I have to admit I don’t buy this guy Binney. I think he’s infiltrated the 9/11 truth movement. His ambiguity, his Snowden connection and endorsement (accepting the film prize for Poitras) and his Apparent LIHOP position à la Edmonds “We had info that we ignored or couldn’t interpret effectively” then deflecting attention directly over to “Total Surveillance scandal” side-stepping the meticulously planned mass murder is suspicious to me.

      He supports:

      -The secret services deliberately facilitated attack through deliberate illegible flooding of info, supposedly as a ploy to keep building up their budgets (as Edmonds stated) (so for MONEY??).

      -Indeed, he says the secret service people were deliberately incapacitated by being drowned with info maintaining that his THINTHREAD project would’ve minimized info intake, respecting citizens rights to privacy and effectively doing the job of discerning critical info and stopping attacks for example. They were deliberately rendered incompetent…

      – speaks of “short-sightedness” with regards to backdoors in software systems…

      The most interesting thing he said during his interview with Richard Grove seemed to my tired mind to be at 1:28:56 concerning “Profiles of Interst”, pattern analysis and recognition of specific community behavior patterns over a timeline, (which he states the secret services are currently incapable of!?? “they’re struggling just to find out what’s important in the data, let alone put together and analyse what’s important in the profiles” (explain that to Cambridge Analytica (even if the interview was done 4 years ago)) He explains:

      “…We call that “Profiles of Interest”. We never documented that for them so they can’t do it (chuckle)…For example the 9/11 crowd did a typical military attack profile…the military profiles will simply be the military moves to positions to prepare for the attack, in other words their takeoff positions for the attack, they prepare for the attack by setting up their command and control systems, and then they execute the attack from there. But you can see that movement and shuffling into positions to do that, and that’s a typically military action. Well the terrorists did exactly the same thing; they moved to hotels next to airports, got on the, bought the tickets for the airplanes and then got on the airplanes simultaneously, so you could see that build up, that was an obvious attack coming…”

      hm. So signals of 9/11 can be summarized by what happened on that day only? Not months of the preparation timeline he’d evoked?

      …wish I had time to sort this out and make it more coherent but I must get to grading. Needless to repeat, my gut feeling about this guy is one of distrust. I suppose enemy moles might be integrated and constructively manipulated and pumped for info but there’s a fine line between using characters like this constructively and showering them with the credibility they need for their mission of misleading the public (sacralizing Snowden for example). But what do I know. I’m just an incurable, paranoid conspiracy theorist. I don’t trust anyone, do I. Except Mr Corbett.

      But let’s not forget other whistleblowers such as Barry Jennings, Beverly Eckert, Kenny Johanneman, Deborah Palfrey etc etc etc…

      duty calls. OOps. Went over the word limit, sorry.

      • manbearpig says:

        I would just um quickly add that in the GRTV interview of Gage and Binney by Mr Corbett I really enjoyed and appreciated the latter’s insistance at 15:17 on the implications of the petition that Binney had just signed concerning what I would expeditiously call a murderous MIHOP, considering the guest has in my view always clearly espoused a LIHOP position (though I recognize the two are not entirely mutually exclusive).

        Specifically Mr Corbett asks: “…this hinges on an exetremely important uh detail…were these buildings taken down as a result of a controlled demolition and if that is the case, if we can establish that scientifically, that Does fundamentally change the narrative of who was involved and what the government knew and what has taken place in the meantime. What can you say about the implications of this investigation, what it can possibly uncover about what happened on 9/11?..”

        to which Mr Binney carefully replies

        “…Well, uh uh, you know, I think uh…I’ve been, uh, uh, I think I’ve basically been saying that uh they’ve been perpetrating a fraud on the pop, on the people of the United States, so that’s that’s really what has to be addressed…”

        A fraud.

        “…let’s get the truth out here, they don’t seem to want to address the truth, they don’t want the truth out, that’s all…”

        the truth about… incompetence…? or…

        I guess he needs to be very careful and seems to have flown right around the implications Mr Corbett was alluding to at any rate…

        Mr Corbett is a decidedly excellent interviewer even if we may not agree on what Binney’s all about.

        Another great job Mr Corbett.

        • manbearpig says:

          errr… well… last night I was too um tired to finish the last 10 minutes of the Richard Grove interview with William Binney and I had already come to my own cognitive bias-based conclusions so…

          Well, I’ve just finished watching the very end and I can’t help being mystified by the fact that it took him 36 years working in the intelligence community to figure out it wasn’t constitutional… anyhow… I’ll just transcribe a couple of comments of the last 10 minutes here for anyone interested:

          “Richard Grove: You’re quoted as saying “It’s disgusting that all those people had to die. It’s disgusting our government did that.” Why is it disgusting?

          William Binney: Well, because they had the way and means of preventing it, all they had to do was adopt it, starting in January 2001 and these guys wouldn’t of gotten to square 1…because all the data they were using they were communicating still…all the evidence was there and it was in the data bases, they just couldn’t get to it. Well the program that we had woulda pulled it out immediately and shoved it in everybody’s face…they wouldn’t have had a chance to miss it…it wasn’t dependant on people to pick it out…that woulda stopped it almost immediately…so those guys could never have landed in San Diego from Kuala Lumpur without us knowing it before they got off the plane…we shoulda been prepared immediately to follow’em and map out the entire network of collaborating terrorists inside the country just from that…

          Richard Gage: Is it unreasonable to ask the question whether or not the NSA took a dive in order to take some money, grow their budget, grow their power, grow their empire?

          William Binney: I think the… I think the uh emphasis was to uh uh to ignore um things that would be helpful to promote the budget, that was the general trend and I don’t think any of them anticipated what would happen but surely they could anticipate that they were making the country vulnerable in the process, that was easy to understand and so they were willing to take that risk to get the money. Which um that’s why I accuse them of trading the security of our people for money.


          William Binney: So I think the American public needs to wake up and stand up and start opposing this and start firing bums in Mo, in Washington that don’t do the right thing by the constitution. We need to fire them all. (pause)
          And you do that by voting by the way. (chuckle)…”


          “I don’t think any of them anticipated what would happen…”

          well neither did they:

          • manbearpig says:

            Goodness gracious, I keep forgetting to include the link:


          • pearl says:

            “I’m just an incurable, paranoid conspiracy theorist. I don’t trust anyone, do I. Except Mr Corbett.”

            The hours you invested to prove your suspicions is thoroughly appreciated, MBP. The information you provided here and elsewhere regarding wrongfully sainted whistle-blowers (Snowden, Assange, Edmonds, etc) is truly stellar and leaves no doubt whatsoever in my mind that you are right to be “paranoid”.

            This work goes right up there with your other excellent and most thorough description of what a gate-keeper is (wish I could remember where that was buried, but is was your exchange with JimBob). Anyway, thank you so much for slogging through and revealing the seeds of confusion.

            • manbearpig says:

              Here’s the moon:



              for Pearl.

              • pearl says:

                What a sad and beautiful song. How have I never heard it before?!

                We also didn’t know about the eclipse. We’re usually on top of astronomical events, but this one escaped us, so thank you again! The forecast will be clear and cold (27 Fahrenheit!), but my son is only too happy to build a campfire. It’s a plan!

              • manbearpig says:


                Thank you too.

                P.s. don’t forget your thermal underwear!

  11. manbearpig says:

    “…I think the… I don’t think any of them anticipated what would happen…”

    -William Binney

    Well neither did they:

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh and there was something about the format of this revealing interview (with William Binney by Richard Grove) that sort of underlined the theme of agressive and total surveillance; with the elderly guest sitting vulnerably in an armchair and 33 technicians pointing cameras and mikes at him lined up like a firing squad in front of him, drinking coffee that was… unpleasantly unsettling…and seemed excessively voyeuristic…if that’s a word…

      didn’t make the guest any more endearing however… just more falsely earnest in a calculated manner… imnsho…

      • manbearpig says:

        I just don’t understand how he can sign the Architects and Engineers’ petition that clearly implies a probable controlled demolition

        …and then say he doesn’t “think any of “them” anticipated what would happen…”

        that’s all.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Thanks for all your research into Binney MBP.

      The guy clearly isn’t a MIHOP’er nor a LIHOP’er.
      Rather he appears to be a WIHDTI’er.

      That is a ‘Watched it Happen Due to Incompetence’-er

      Having said that, I don’t think we should quickly package these
      characters into the ‘mole role’ or ‘dis-info agent role’.

      There are many other possible explanations as to why big name activists
      and whistleblowers such as Binney take the position they do about 9/11.

      • manbearpig says:

        Well I didn’t do research into this guy, I just transcribed what he said

        and seems pretty clear to me that he’s both a LH COP and JP FOS (a limited hangout controlled opposition psyop and just plain full of shit. (there are just so many belonging to that latter category.)

        As to Why someone would actively be an accomplice to mass murder, that’s something I’ve been wondering since I discovered the Chomsky phenomenon.

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