Party Like It's 1907

04/10/20236 Comments

I know you're all patiently waiting for the conclusion of my Dissent Into Madness series . . .

. . . but you're going to have to keep waiting another week. While I'm finishing up that editorial, I have an email interview to present to you. It was conducted by Graham Smith, founder of Voluntary Japan, and posted to last week. It's a more in-depth look into the latest banking shenanigans, the historical parallels that can help us make sense of these events, and what we might expect from here.

I'll see you soon with Part 4 of Dissent Into Madness. In the meantime you can read (or re-read) Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 via these links, and check out the text interview below.


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  1. vadoum says:

    looks like everybodyz hooked on 1’s & 0’s except the bottom 10%, or is it the long-drop 60%?

    (numbers varied by small percentage margins over the first 5-10 sites viewed: UN and other,,)

    who live w/o money .72 billion (10%)
    who live w/o electricity .75 billion (10%)
    who live w/o a phone .75 billion (10%)
    who live w/o running water .8 billion (10%)
    who live w constant hunger .8 billion (10%)
    who live in fear of hunger 2.3 billion (30%)
    who live w/o a flush toilet 5 billion (60%)

    all that sufferance and all the busiest busyness 1%er folks can think of is how to round-up and delete?

    clearly the goal isnt to digitize dollars, but to digitize humans.

    why? How do people become obsessed with manipulating other people?

    it may be us humans are being used to exhaust the potential that jealousy can exist at all? play it out , see what happens, wear out the sole of the jealousy shoe..

    it maybe a bingeing on the adrenaline rush from sudden huge amounts of attention (rock star govn’a)?

    Do they just want to have what others have because theyve forgotten they already have it, or perhaps misplaced it : the capacity to feel and reason simultaneously
    & or
    Are they stuck in the Darwinian knee jerk of “theres always a bigger fish”, and simply proceed as defense or offence, but why choose those battles, when we know the result will be lose-lose?

    I reckon the most dangerous globaloneyer’s are power-tripping from their solar plexus while in solitary confinement. They can push-pull harder than most but they’ve been pre-aimed (pre-potent arrangement) in the wrong direction. and will not open the heart chakra until,,

    to get past the beast that owns their “humaness”, it may take self-saving from near death

  2. weilunion says:

    “All paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value. Zero.”


    The only question is when.

    Perhaps we might consider his other quote:

    “The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.”


  3. hpete says:

    Speaking of monetary, investment and “literary” scams, Voltaire would know, since he participated in a monetary lottery scam that made him “hugely wealthy”:

    Voltaire could be considered the original “expensive watch” scammer, peddling cheaply made watches to the rich. He tried to scam even his rich and devoted “friends” like Catherine the “Great”, another royal scammer and usurper, by trying to sell her his overvalued watches.

    Everything Voltaire did and wrote seems to be a scam, deception or an outright lie! One would really have question also the satirical poems for which he was imprisoned. If they were false – should such “literature” be even allowed or should it be censored?

    As an atheist Voltaire hated the Catholic Church and Jesuits, and he had no qualms about deplaying lies and calumny:

    “He assured Damilaville that between 1760 and 1763 he had stored up enough books of this stamp to stuff an arsenal. Needless to add that he had no illusions about the inferior quality of these pamphlets ; but after all, why try to maneuver the destruction of the Jesuits with literature when it could be done much more efficiently with lies. With disarming frankness he urges all philosophers to follow the same procedure, without so much as a bow in the direction of truth. “——-en-20–1–txt-txIN——-

    Ironically, knowing about Voltaires incessant lies and scams, how should one take his advice about politics and government?

    And, ultimately, even from the psychological point of view, how should one take his famous condemnation of religion?

    “Religion began when the first scoundrel met the first fool.”

    Isn’t this how all psychopaths lie and act ?!?

  4. zyxzevn says:

    A.I is B.S.
    It is not conscious nor does it understand anything.

    I also wrote about that problem here:
    In short: All critical decisions are made by humans

    • vadoum says:

      nice writing mate,
      As you broke down /hammered home the fact that human consciousness is much more than an algorithmic sift through meta data, i was reminded of how the quest to be able to create intelligence is at the heart of the human intellectual dilema, (also urge), which demands bi-location (could it be useful in small doses?), & therefore makes it an impossibility: as zen koans point to,, one cant be and behold ones being simultaneously, ouroboros.

      not to mention the niagras of complexity when zoomed in at the micro biome scale, and that our unpredictability is perhaps a clue to as yet untapped awareness that isnt dependant on logic (spoiler: its the yogic bulls eye, samadhi).

      But like, hows’come, the most functioning logical minds that the race can muster, cant crack this question but most of the people on the planet can whoop it up, feel mighty (albeit briefly), and on the spot create separate intelligence (artificial?) from themselves, a vehicle for intelligence that is perhaps high maintanance,,, but why try to copy ourselves with silicone and voltage when we can do it in bed, doesnt even require a lab coat.

  5. mkey says:


    Del got his feet wet a bit.

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