Dissent Into Madness: Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

03/20/202329 Comments

In "Dissent Into Madness: The Weaponization of Psychiatry," I told the long and sordid history of how the study of the mind has been used to suppress political opposition and subdue unruly segments of the population—not just in the "enemy states" of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany or communist Cuba, but in England and the US and the rest of the "free and democratic West" as well. I also looked at specific examples of how this was accomplished and named names of some of the figures who had a hand in forging this psychiatric weapon.

With that history in mind, this week I will explore how the public has been trained to accept the pathologization of those peskiest of dissenters, the conspiracy realists. I will also explain how the trigger has already been pulled on this psychiatric weapon and how it is impacting those who dare question the motives of our would-be rulers.

Are you ready? Let's begin . . .

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  1. democracyiscoming says:

    hey james– i don’t own a cellphone- downloading an ‘app’ is not something i can do- how else can i listen to this podcast, please?

  2. Duck says:

    “….The general public has been conditioned by over half a century of propaganda to see conspiracy theorists as delusional and potentially dangerous paranoids….”

    Sadly the public has digital dementia and forgotten all the times the Gov has lied to or hurt its own people. They will get what they deserve if stupid enough to trust what the Gov says after the tuskegee syphilis experiment (a boomer told me ‘that was a long time ago’ , lol) or the Swine flu vaccine or the Iraqi WMD (I know people who still think we found some there….sigh)

    Swine flu report https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3291400/

  3. Duck says:

    When you read the Populist delusion and a bit of history you realize that Conspiracy is just the normal way things get have always been done…from your local government to the average office a small number of people decide whats going to happen and then impose it.


  4. mkey says:

    I actually read a few of those recommended articles. Take care, they will have a detrimental effect on your mental higene.

  5. vadoum says:

    Its no exaggeration about the nutty psychiatrists, I know this first hand.

    I know a few. one hopelessly brain washed psychiatrist has claimed that narrative questioners & antivaxers are subconsciously lowering their resistance to getting sick, endangering themselves, a kind of self-harming. He recommends suppressants, calm and dumb those schizophrenics down, they’re causing a pandemic… talk about inverted perspectives. I have tried to have a thoughtful dialog with him, but as soon as my content brings any question to his position, he begins to get ugly,, Ive given up trying to dismantle that wall of his self made prison.

    • SilentCricket says:

      I agree with you vadoum. People working in the psychiatric field have built unbreakable walls to protect their ideology which has become their identity. Prior to the scamdemic i had worked in that psychiatric clinic, to which Thomas Binder was brought to. During 2020 i rang up one of my former collegues and friends to ask him if he could confirm the case. He did, he said he was brought to the closed section, the sister ward of the one i had worked on and was under a fake name as is done with every media-present patient I tried to talk to him and reason with him to get his opinion. He became very hostile and attackt me verbally. That was the last time we spoke. I tried this with all my former collegues and got the same reaction.

      The pathologisation of conspiracy realists is a dangerous reality especially due to the ignorant(& at times also arrogant) employees missusing their power over the dependent. But just to point out that already prior to Thomas Binder, people who do not fit into the system have been forcibly diagnosed pathologizes and medicated even though they were no threat to others nor to themselfs. I had wondered if some of them were not subject to something bigger..what is psychozophrenia to us might be very real realitity. Not to say that there is no such thing as mental illness, although i do not agree that it is simle due to a chemical inbalance in the brain. I have 3 examples in my mind where a guy kept talking about directed energy weapons, another who claimed he was used in a military operation and tracked and traced via a gps in his tooth, therefore he had pulled all his teeth other than that he lived calmely as homeless person, one woman might have been a victim of ritual abuse. In the shadow of the scamdemic a big cleansing has taken place in Switzerlands major psychiatric institutions, firing CEO and staff who were open to discuss the topic of satanic ritual abuse. They all were let lose and the government has started investigations to prevent “such” people to be employed again. Our national brainwash channel broadcasted a shamfully lowlevel smeer campagne in form of a 2part “doc”series portraying people (teachers, Chief doctor, policeman and poiticians) who stated that evidence for Satanic ritual abuse is tremendous that it could not be ignored any longer, as nutty crazy dangerous conspiracy-tinfoilers. As a consequence the 2 teachers and the Chief doctor lost their jobs and it sparked the former mentioned cleansing process in psychiatric wards.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I think there is a difference between genuine delusions and psychosis and conspiracy theory and this can be objectively identified. Working as a nurse has given me an opportunity to interact with many people who were really psychotic. To me this is an inability to understand where another person is coming from and acknowledge that someone else may have a differing view of reality and that there is a shared physical reality (or consensus physical reality). Like if a person jumps in front of a moving truck that they will probably be inured or killed. Most people can agree on that.

        Another example if someone is seeing things that is not seen by others and they insist that the others are lying and part of a plot to hurt the person, that is an example of psychosis. It could certainly be possible that that is occurring but unlikely in certain contexts like a regular hospital. I see a lot of people with methamphetamine or other drug related psychosis who believe bugs are crawling under their skin and all kinds of other things that are probably drug related.

        You mentioned the person who pulled out their teeth. To be honest if someone did that I’d be reluctant to believe them. On the other hand if they removed one tooth and sent it for analysis and it did have a gps devise in it confirmed by an independent lab, I’d be more inclined to believe them. My point is that there are objective tests that can be done to discern the difference between psychosis and paranoia from legitimate conspiracies.

        The main difference is when someone cannot empathize or see things from the point of view of others if there is facts to back up what the other people might be saying. Like the guy who pulled his teeth, if he had sent them for analysis and they came back normal teeth without any gps devise could he change his belief? If not then he’s probably psychotic rather than actually being tracked.

        The ritual child abuse stuff is something that politicians want to keep under the rug because they are probably involved in it.

        • SilentCricket says:

          The example you give are leading the answer and yet I argue they still highly rely on context.
          If rember correctly from previous comments of yours you are working in an ICU or ER which means you have seen quite some psychotic cases come through, I know, since mostly they are sent to psychiatric wards. You see i am a nurse too and have worked in the psychiatric field for a decade. I have seen/ worked 100s if not 1000 of patients. And yes as i already had mentioned i agree that there is a phenomena where the person “lost it”, yet i am open to what the cause of that might be, chemical imbalance at the most being a symptom not the cause.
          Those 3 patients out of 100s i have seen during my work in that psychiatric ward are a fraction of people, insignificant to anyone not paying attention to details. Now since you are arguing with objective reality, yet that is the exact thing which is 1.) under attack 2.) not always fully verifyable due to lacking info or/and depending on context and since we all are part of a bigger picture, so being subject of Reality and therefore never ever fully can grasp it.

          Here some questions:
          The statement “Taxation is theft!” is that an objective statement of reality? Is the biological reality of your physical nature an objective reality? And if the majority says othewise does “it`s a social construct” the majority create reality? or are they in mass psychosis?
          How many people did listen in 2020-2022 to the facts against the effectivness of the meassures yet alone the ethical dimension beheind it. Even when they listend and looked, was the majority convinced of objective realitiy? Does the official narrative not sometimes determine what the objective reality in our society is? And satanic ritual abuse is true even though it is seen by the vast majority of medical staff in psychiatric wards as a dangerous conspiracy theory?

          You see it is not so clear cut, and that is imo the overall question of this topic and article “What IS sanity? and wo IS sane?” more as rethorical questions posed to ponder upon. I have seen very insane people who were happy to get help in what ever form, i have seen very insane people who did not want to be treated/helped but were causing a problems to the set construct of our society(even if i do not agree with the structure of this society like myself) by being a problem (not paying bills, no work etcetc) is forced treatment here ok when someone is not physically violent? It is very difficult and an ethical delimma, i have experienced enough to know that i do not have a good answer.

          • SilentCricket says:

            I can recommend Colin Ross books “Multiple Personality Disorder” and “Satanic Ritual Abuse” where he not only portrays case studies but an admirable way of working with patients. His underlying message is, that he has no real proof or any evidence for the claims people had made (spirits, astral travelling, ritual abuse, ghosts, demons) he nontheless treated them with an open mind, that they might be right and he just did not have the full picture.

            • SilentCricket says:

              As for the examples i gave above, I disagree with you. While I know my words were insufficient to give a good overall picture therefore it best not to jump to conclusions based on those few words. So with in mind that I have seen x patients and I pointing out this particular patient might spark curiousity rather than set conclusion. My assumption is based on the factors, knowledge of psychological symptoms,experience, the treshhold for when someone is going to be treated, how long etc, knowing of military black-ops (using human subjects for special operations). This guy did speak about things which could be totally possible yet are not verifyable. You ask why he did not send his tooth in? I obviously do not have the answer, yet i do speculate that when w he a) did not want to proof anything but just be free from the harrasment and b)that he probably knew proving smt will not make a difference maybe even life threatning, like this he just was sent to the psychiatric ward. I noticed i forgot a rather important word, it should read “pulled all his BACK teeth”, he still had his front teeth. I always put myself in the other position. And i see that it would be a vicious circle, the more the people do not trust/belive the more distrust is triggered the more maybe anyone and anything is “the enemy”…maybe all of it is a mere psychological tradgedy or maybe there is some grey in this easly black-white dismissed area.
              As it was that suddenly the majority of people during 2020-2022 were acting like people who were hospitalized in psychiatric wards prior to 2020, now i see in the “truth movement” people being extremely paranoid protecting themselves with essences,tesla-spirals what have you, to go out shopping because they feel threatend by 5g&the shedded spike protein of the jabbed and when experiencing the slightest physical negative phenomena it is surely due to being exposed to a jabbed person too long or a 5g antenna…and maybe they are right..we do know that these things exist and probably are best avoided…and yet the life in fear determining their everyday life. the psychological traites like the mjority of people during 2020-2022 are similar. Again arriving at the question what is sanity? Who has it and how much of it? Is sanity a spectrum? As we both agree that there defenitly is objective reality, the data to obtain objective reality is smt. not at hand and we humbly have to be guided by our intuition, morals and sincerety for the person communicating to us. Especially in healthcare, people with integrety are needed more than ever and since you are a member of the CR i am sure you are one of those.

    • Duck says:

      psychology is a science invented by a pervert to fleece rich people and destroy ‘Christian Civilization’. Freud was a seriously Fked up guy, and Jung was not much better.

      Dr EM Jones writes about both of them (and the weaponization of sociology) in “Degenerate Moderns” which is a real eye opening book

    • cu.h.j says:

      Some people can take in information directly by confrontation and later sit with what had been said and admit when they are wrong. Others have so much cognitive dissonance and ego identification going on that a person will not listen. They cannot listen because they are afraid of the discomfort that comes from acknowledgment, the lack of anchors and fear of the unknown future.

      The people orchestrating this type of stuff have probably used a lot of the psych research done on the human mind to weaponize it against people. But people have, can and must out smart them and “flip the script”. Or get people to see the truth or at least value freedom of thought, expression, speech and liberty in general which I think is probably the most fundamental natural rights every one has.

      Dealing with psychiatrists in the US for treatment of depression has given me a lot of personal experience with some of the human beings who are in that role. There are some that are not trying to oppress people but to really help them in any capacity they can. But the field itself is built on subjective opinions and corruption by pharma and the institution of medicine.

      There are probably even some psychiatrists who may be conspiracy realists as well but as the above article mentioned afraid to speak out to lose their reputation and livelihood and even their social ties to their community (family, friends, colleagues).

      I really admire people who are courageous enough to do it anyway, to speak out. It sets an example and builds up an alternative narrative, one based on facts and truth and liberty.

      Anyway, I think some people cannot escape the mental prison but some can and a person should not give up on the people that might be able to see what’s going on. If you can discern someone values freedom and has empathy, those are the ones who can change. Mental flexibility is also important, the capacity to admit when they are wrong and know that every human being is capable of making mistakes. It is important though to correct those mistakes and stop harming others.

  6. lotusblossom says:

    This type of problem also happens in other fields where people are forced into psychiatric wards for not complying, such as what Britney Spears had to go through. This whole “shut up and do as you are told because I am earning big bucks off your enslaved a**” is, unfortunately, quite widespread. They couldn’t call her a crazy conspiracy theorist because the conservatorship was out in the open, so they just found some other dumb mental illness for her. I wouldn’t be surprised to find many kid stars being treated that way, too.

    I am, in no way, a fan of hers, but as soon as I found out about her problems with her father, I sporadically checked and hoped she would win. Thankfully, she did.

  7. Dalesco says:

    Whenever the notion of “conspiracy theory” gets thrown in a discussion, I found that simply asking “Do you think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself?” cuts short the offensive. If the conversation is online, your comment will usually get shadow-banned and the chat will take a different direction. If it is spoken, your interlocutor will typically reply “I really don’t know much about that story”.

    I find it amusing…

  8. Dalesco says:

    As stated in this article, indeed many individuals will have faith in some sort of hypothesis that is considered delusional. The belief of visiting extraterrestrials, for instance, is fairly common. Nevertheless, many will easily change their mind on a given subject if some authority tells them to. For example, one will believe in aliens if their favorite actor does too, or reject the idea if the latter ridicules it.

    As far as I can tell, most people don’t really have a definite stance on sensitive matters. They tend to follow the trends produced by opinion-makers.

  9. Dalesco says:

    We can imagine that to be diagnosed insane and put away because of your convictions – especially when their soundness can be demonstrated – is actually worse than being jailed. I suppose that there has been such cases, especially during the “COVID crisis”, that we don’t know about and never will. So, no doubt, it must be a living nightmare… But without going that far, even the social isolation that can be imposed upon you as a result of your thought-crimes is pretty heavy. Of course, your professional life will also suffer from it.

    When I said at a work lunch with colleagues that I didn’t get vaccinated, I remember someone saying “Oh, he’s one of those”. The attitude of family, friends or acquaintances will change and will affect you.

  10. Gavinm says:

    This is very well written James. It is cogent, hard hitting and well referenced.

    I look forward to re-reading and checking out the many links provided when I have time.

    Thanks for your hard work in shining light onto this very important issue.

  11. Jed says:

    Great article. Much easier for most to hate conspiracy theorists and make the psyc DSM a few inches thicker with foil-hat pathologies than for most to admit they’ve been completely played. It’s about 8 to 2, and they are fu*k’n dumb — doctors, scientists, engineers, educators ect., they’re dumb and they have the booster shots to prove it. This for me is heartbreaking.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Some people are very uncomfortable with the “red pill”. It can be like a bad acid trip that they try hard to avoid (this is sort of how it feels for me). Their unconscious and subconscious mind will try to protect them from pain. They perceive it as keeping them safe. To me taking the jabs though is irrational behavior and self harm, especially the medical people who took it. It said right on the FDA print out that it was experimental and that side effects could include death.

      Healthy people took a research drug that could kill or maim them for something that posed little risk. That shocked me and made me realize that perhaps conspiracy realists are dealing with people who are delusional themselves, trapped in a cult mentality that is so strong that they will harm themselves and others to defend it. It’s truly mind blowing and very unsettling to say the least.

      I have felt like I am in a nightmare these past three years surrounded by crazy people of various types and I have to carefully plan and secure some type of real world survival for the future. It’s been an intense process with some positives but also a lot of very negative emotions for me. Some people don’t have the mental fortitude for it.

      • Jed says:

        Blows my mind, seemingly smart people and they’re all jabbed -up, their helpless children all jabbed up too. Folks are dropping but still they get booster shots. I thought this madness was over, I thought it was a done deal, the stats don’t lie but no, people have gotten worse and the anger is directed at us, it is a nightmare.

        • Duck says:


          “…people have gotten worse and the anger is directed at us, it is a nightmare….”

          Sorry to hear that your still getting anger. Where I am people dont even mention it, I’ve gotten a weird look or two when I talked about how the Spike protein was now shown to remain in blood for a % of victims, probably chewing up their body like diabetes or something. If anything people I know are either checked out on the issue or act mildly embarrassed…maybe it helps that back in th early days I was 100% sure the coof was gonna be the new plague, lol, so I also have egg on my face so to speak.

          • Jed says:

            No one is ever wrong here in NY, can’t pretend to be tough and sophisticated while admitting to have been stuck with poison like a dumb farm animal. Why would anyone think the shots are bad, they’re still advertising them on tv.

  12. G. Jingping says:

    You mentioned former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi. The writer of the book about Charles Manson (“Chaos”), Tom O’Neill, had a very long and contentious relationship with him. Bugliosi was clearly someone who was given a narrative to promote, and was eager to threaten or attack anyone who disagreed with him. Such people are useful to the establishment and no doubt explains why they often are put in high profile positions of power.

    • Jed says:

      There’s an interview that’s findable online, Joe Rogin and Tom O’Neill , they discuss “Chaos” — great book

  13. sbk says:

    I see it differently. I believe we are living in a time where more people than ever are willing to stick their necks out.

    The commoner risks losing family and friend relationships. The professional risks a working license.

    In either case, I see like minded (open minded) people seeking each other out, and fear of abandoning the status quo dissipating.

    Thank you James!

  14. Anyone who uses “truth” to refute government covid narratives is clearly clinically insane…

  15. weilunion says:

    One only has to look at what the US Government did to Paul Robeson and they will find that driving people insane is a weapon of US domestic policy.

    Trying to blackmail MLK Jr. was another piece of evidence and part of Cointelpro.

    And do not forget the good man, Dr. Cameron from Canada.

    Truthstream media did a great documentary on his crimes.

    His pychiatric crimes abound.

    And then Jolyn West, with his ties to Manson and Jack Ruby.

    Jolly was part of the William Hunter group under the Federal Narcotics Agency that morphed into the DEA.

    He worked with the best: Dr. gottlieb of the CIA.

    And one can only wonder about the use of psychiatry in prisons to create the Simbonese Liberation Front and other such faker astro-turf groups.

    The use of psychiatry in prisons is where the torture was experimented with.

    Since we are now in a prison, it is touching us as well.

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