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As you know by now, I'm busy at work on my next project. As you also know, the news doesn't stop just because I'm away. So what's on your radar lately? Let's keep each other informed of the latest breaking news, your deep reflections on the big philosophical issues, or whatever else is on your mind these days.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Good News & Hope for the Future
    Regenerative & Anti-aging Medicine

    The other day, I was doing follow-up research to a recent article, “Ozone gas: reversing tooth decay” published at “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”. It was written by an excellent researcher/journalist, Celeste McGovern.
    For 300 bucks, in the past on occasions, I have done the ozone & Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy, which is miraculous in itself.

    As I was looking at some of the different current alternative health modalities, I latched on to the video mentioned below.
    I recommend watching it.
    (It is a 4 part series. At the end of each video, the screen has the link to the next video.)

    What Are Stem Cells?…and their applications with real people.

    I feel that this is an excellent example of “Solutions”.

    We are faced with corporate and political eugenics, polluting toxins, bad food, big pharma, corrupt ‘protective’ agencies, etc.
    These entities strive to lower longevity and quality of life.

    The way I see it, a modality like “Stem Cells” or ozone or whatever, is like giving the middle finger to Big Pharma’s solution.

    • mkey says:

      I was looking at ozone as well. How safe is it to use really, there appears to be quite a lot of opposing views. On one end of the spectrum people claim it to be a pollutant, on the other the best thing since sliced bread.

      The base concept is plainly evident, the third oxygen atom is “loose” and it can’t wait to attach to something (i.e. oxidize it) which sounds just about right for getting rid of sources of smell. But what else will it cling on to?

      • pauldmeyer616 says:

        Ozone is excellent at oxydizing something, but is hazardous in the extreme to living tissue–it is a generator of free radicals (because the ‘free oxygen’ latches on to the other part(s) of the molecule), and free radicals do all sorts of damage to living cells. It gets rid of odors (and stains), but they don’t “breathe”!

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Last January, I had viral pneumonia.
          One treatment ($300 cost) of UV Light Blood Therapy and Ozone Blood Therapy (given together at the same time) fixed my viral pneumonia within a day.

          The same treatment once saved a friend of mine’s foot from being amputated by an infection which Doctors had previously spent 7 years trying to eradicate.
          HIV (AIDS), Herpes, Polio, and other viruses are treated with amazing results.

          Basically, the Doctor or nurse extracts blood from a person. The blood passes through a UV Lamp which kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. (Now the body can recognized the pathogens and fight them.) Then with a bag of my blood, the nurse injects some Ozone and shakes the mix. The blood turns bright red. Then she puts the mix back into me.
          Then I dance to the car for the drive home.

          More information at the bottom of this Anti-Fluoride webpage…

          • candlelight says:


            I knew a guy some thirty years ago who had been involved in competition cycling who said he developed at some point Epstein-Barr syndrome from having completely wiped himself out, physically, and experienced an overall chronic fatigue. He mentioned that he was doing, or had done ozone treatments to help him. He seemed to couch the experience as if it were mostly in the past, so maybe it had helped. At the time it sounded pretty exotic, if not a bit like quackery. But, here was a guy who was cycling on a professional level, so, in retrospect, given the videos at the bottom of your link, on both ozone and uv light treatments, the whole idea of it is now quite intriguing, especially with your own testimonials you’ve shared!

            By the way, I’m very gratified to know, that you know, that I was just busting your chops and having a little fun at your expense, and that I meant no harm the other day. But, I think I now know what you file your cut and paste under when it comes time to whip out that infamous post – Word Patrol! 🙂

            Now, you may be gratified to know, that because of your incessant consciousness raising with regard to that ubiquitous substance that is sapping the vitality of our precious bodily fluids, after a long while of feeling an incipient uneasiness, I finally scrapped, once and for all, my Colgate a couple of months ago, and switched to Tom’s of Maine’s non-fluoride toothpaste, and feel very good about it…I kid you not. Believe me, if it weren’t for you, I never would have done so.

            I’m actually very happy I made the switch, and I do very much thank you for that!

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I am grinning, the whole way through.
              Of course I knew ya was teasin’. Friends do that.

              That is great about the switch further away from Fluoride.
              I once under-estimated its toxicity, even when fighting the Fluoride fight. Fluoride messes with many, many body chemical processes and pathways (inhibiting enzymes & G proteins & cellular function). Because it is a gradual poison, it is difficult to recognize which adverse health affects are caused by it.

              Ozone – Interesting anecdote with the cycling guy.

              What I am realizing is that despite efforts of the system which make us ill… …like I, Pencil, there are many folks who find alternative tools beyond the mainstream which help to remedy health situations.

              The toolbox just gets larger. The number of folks on board are increasing.
              I find this very hopeful as a future trend. A statement of the ‘good’ in mankind.

              Here is one tool…GcMAF anecdote

              • candlelight says:

                GcMAF is one more thing I never heard of. But, I do know that doctors are prescribing for their patients a daily regimen of vitamin D3 and B12 as a matter of general course.

                What I’d like to do some day is prescribe myself a healthy diet of leafy greens, fresh fruits, lean meat, fish, nuts, legumes, omega3 oils, fresh air, sunshine, and a light daily exercise program, and stick to it…… Only for me, however easily this might be at my finger tips, it’s one very elusive box of tools that takes some craftmanship to utilize on any kind of consistant basis.

                The only consistant answer I’ve found to date to resolve this issue is to promise myself I’ll start tomorrow.

            • andrea.b says:

              Hi, I have stopped using fluoride toothpaste too and my teeth are less sensitive and my teeth are in better shape than they were before. i have just had my check up. I use Euthymol. Do you filter your water too? It is possible to remove all but a trace using some ceramic filters or by distilling.

              • anna.z says:

                Simply ditching the fluoride is not enough. It is a little known fact that the seemingly innocuous toothpaste ingredient glycerine is equally pernicious. Glycerine is in virtually all toothpaste brands and therefore much harder to avoid than fluoride. It coats the teeth – meaning that the saliva is unable to do its job, which is help replenish mineral-depleted teeth.
                Here is a link to a short article on the topic:

                Toothpaste is wholly unnecessary anyway – plain salt is perfectly adequate. Diet is the most important factor in determining tooth health. I stopped going to the dentist a while ago, adopted a carnivore diet and a natural teeth cleaning protocol based on salt and colloidal silver – and healed my periodontal disease without the help of any invasive, toxic and expensive treatment.

                The more we can free ourselves from corporate medical procedures and products, the better.

              • mkey says:

                I managed to get a hold of sone “natural” tooth paste, it supposedly has no fluoride in it, but it does have glycerine, both brands.

                Can you expand a bit more on “natural teeth cleaning protocol based on salt and colloidal silver”?

              • mkey says:

                I ran into some interesting recipes for tooth paste, but getting a hold on all the ingredients to make a sufficient amount for one person is a pain in the posterior.

                The recipe went somewhere along the lines of:
                1/4 bentonite clay
                1/4 water
                1/4 coconut oil
                1/8 ground cocoa nibs
                some mineral and whatnot tablets

                Maybe something else as well, there were optional ingredients. This stuff can be ordered from amazon, but I’d end up with several kilos of paste while yearly I use maybe 300 grams.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                On Toothpaste, I believe it becomes a personal quest.
                A person will need to make some judgement calls.

                Euthymol contains thymol which has anti-microbial and anti-critter properties.
                It will also probably help to repel mosquitoes, because of the thymol. For real. Some mouthwashes contain thymol. The thymol might be chemically made, not a plant extract, because Johnson & Johnson makes Euthymol. (I have at home both the chemical version and the extract version of thymol which I once used for some experiments.)

                Personally, I would avoid toothpaste with clay (e.g. bentonite clay). It could be abrasive and wear down the enamel.

                Soap – Tooth soap. Actually, this is one objective of brushing teeth – to remove crud. So, I think there are variations to how a person finds the best “soap” for teeth.

                Iodine – I am a proponent of Iodine. It is a nutrient and also it is a superb antimicrobial & anti-amoeba solution. One could use a drop or two of Lugol’s liquid after brushing. Iodine also helps with detox of Fluoride and Bromine…but get hatted on how to approach the detox. Melissa Gallico has a good write-up.

                Dentist, Dr. David Kennedy has a great video(s) Bad Bugs which gives insight on tooth care and one form of Iodine. He is a leader in the anti-fluoride movement. Great humor is found in his conversations.

                Some folks have had success with re-mineralizing teeth per anecdotes. A good diet & Vit D is important.

                Towards the bottom of the “Info&Resources” page are some tidbits on teeth.
                …And the Ozone application to teeth sounds very promising (bottom of this webpage)
                Ozone for Dogs too.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Thanks for the link on glycerine and toothpaste.
                I am gonna use it on the website.

              • mkey says:

                I’m not super certain about thymol, even though I have never heard of this devilish concoction, but we certainly do have a small world of its own in our mouths, don’t we. People promote that mouthwash thing which kills 99,99% of everything in there, but that’s not what one is supposed to do. A healthy fauna of the gastrointestinal system is too important to just commit a genocide. Assuming thymol is as strong as I made it out to be.

                The recipe I listed above also has an optional addition of probiotics (in capsule form) which are supposed to stimulate fauna of the mouth and gut.

                Regarding bentonite, it is supposed to have a minor abrasive property, but its remineralization potential should mitigate the ill effects and provide greater gains. To that purpose, the freshly ground cocoa nibs are supposed to have an even stronger abrasive action, but mineral content should counter that as well, and then some.

                I think phosphates are used to achieve the soapy action, but some sources claim phosphates are not very healthy for your mouth. IDK really.

                I’m perplexed regarding iodine, if it’s mass used on commercially available salts, how healthy can it really be? Guilt by association.

                Will check out dr. Kennedy.

              • mkey says:

                009 BAD BUGS

                Good luck finding any dentists equipped with a microscope in large radius. I may be talking out of my ass, but none of these doctors I visited were even close to getting a microscope, none of them discussed getting a microscope, none of them made any idle commentary regarding the remote possibility of having a need of watching something under a microscope. I’m not sure the point is sufficiently clear, nod awkwardly if it isn’t.

                I did have that water jet thing (I still do, but it’s not in a very good condition) and it was kind of a big pain in the posterior to use it since it sprayed water all over the place and there’s this thing with your eyes, they can’t look in your mouth so you can’t really see what you’re spraying at. Distant imagery of past experiences revolving around making silly faces in front of a mirror while water squirts all over the place comes floating back.

                There is also a problem with receding gums that I had spring up on me some decades ago. Nobody provided any advice as to how to treat it nor did they provide any insight into what started the problem in the first place. I don’t think it ever got into a critical phase, though.

                Would an iodine treated salt based mouthwash prove useful? I have no idea what’s the iodine content percentage in the salt.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Weston Price Org

                The linked article on Iodine is a fantastic read.
                It is long, but very revealing.

                5,000 patients with Iodine supplementation as a study
                Some Doctors are mentioned in the article.
                (e.g. Jorge Flechas, David Brownstein, etc.)
                There are YouTube videos of some of their lectures.

                There are some good books out regarding the topic.
                When taking Iodine, there are some other nutrients a person should take.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Ozone as a pollutant. In a way, this is a misnomer.

        When the news or weather puts out an ‘ozone alert’ during the summer months on a wind-still day, they are basically saying that the sunlight is messing with the nasty, volatile chemicals (pollutants) in the air. Chemical reactions start occurring, O3 gets formed, which again reacts with the chemicals. O3, by nature, is unstable and reacts easily with other things. Sunlight is hitting the pollutants starting this O3 cascade of reactions.
        The real culprit are the nasty chemicals in the air, which remain in altered states after getting hit with Ozone.

        Just prior to a thunderstorm with the lightening, that whiff of sweet clean air is also ozone. But the ozone is not reacting with pollutants.

        Ozone and the lungs.
        The alveoli in the lungs are sensitive to O3. Ozone can possibly damage them. So, breathing in ozone is not recommended. It can irritate the lungs. A person will start coughing when breathing in too much ozone.

        However, I think there was a study with rats breathing ozone. In the beginning week it seemed the ozone hurt their lungs, but then after recovering, the researchers filled their box with much more ozone and the rats seemed to do fine. …I just can’t locate the study.

        • manbearpig says:

          um speaking of ozone, I can vouch for neither the qualifications of the people posting nor the quality of their sources but the following WUWT posts in reaction to a very recent article about alleged Ozone hole recovery caught my attention:

          stinkerp November 5, 2018 at 1:51 pm

          “…Something that not a lot of people know…

          The U.S. began banning some CFCs like Freon in 1978. Countries other than the U.S. began limiting or banning CFCs after the Montreal Protocol went into effect in August, 1989. Global chlorines continued to increase until 1995. See here:

          After 1987, the maximum ozone hole sized essentially stopped growing, 8 years before global chlorines started to decrease.

          To the rational mind, maximum ozone hole size stabilizing (more or less) 8 years before global chlorines started to decrease suggests that the effect of CFCs on the ozone hole is overblown…”

          then tty and co made the following remarks:

          “…Ozone is created by sunshine (UV) and there isn’t any in Antarctica in winter, so of course the amount of ozone goes down. What varies a bit between years is the rate of decrease.
          The effect is much weaker in the Arctic, where there is just as much CFC:s (probably more as a matter of fact), but no active volcano and much more air comes in from lower latitudes.

          Dsystem November 5, 2018 at 1:59 pm
          That’s right tty. Why is there a hole problem above Antarctica but there isn’t a problem over the Arctic? Most of the CFC’s were generated in the northern hemisphere. Did the CFCs just fall down to the southern hemisphere by some magical mechanism? It doesn’t make sense!

          Tom in Florida November 5, 2018 at 3:35 pm
          CFCs flow downhill so simply by looking at a map on the wall you can see the CFCs must go to the South Pole…”

          M Courtney November 5, 2018 at 1:51 pm
          CFCs may be being produced in China but that isn’t affecting the Antarctic.

          Warm air rises (at the equator) and carries the emissions round to the nearest cold part (the pole) where it sinks and the cycle continues. China, North America and Europe are in the northern hemisphere so their emissions aren’t causing this “hole”. Their emissions go to the North Pole.

          The global villains are the Australian Cricket Team with their spray-on sunscreen.

          and finally

          Jerry 2 November 6, 2018 at 5:53 am
          Amazing Psyop article.

          We all know that the Solar EUV, and UV create Ozone. Due to the quiet Sun, less EUV and UV are being produced. This creates less Ozone in the upper atmosphere. Also, the new data showing the amount of cooling in the upper atmosphere due to reduced Solar output. The cooling is nearing an all time low… [see Space Weather].

          Now, where is the graph and/or data, relating Solar EUV, UV to the amount of Ozone produced??? How can we make a scientific analysis without that data???…”

          holy ozone layer batman!! a whole lotta holes in this whole hole story…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        …a wealth of information about Ozone.

        Ozone, Anti-Fluoride, Corbett Video
        Go to the bottom of the webpage.

        Corbett Videos
        There are actually a variety of Corbett Videos on that webpage…
        One at the very bottom, one towards the top (October lawsuit update), and a link via “propaganda” at the Aluminum topic. There might be other links, but I forgot ’em.

    • johan.b says:

      Thank you HomeRemedySupply for bringing this up. My friends has been helped by Ozone injections that they received by Susan Wong in Walnut Creek CA. It has cured their rheumatoid and back problems. Stem cell therapy seems to be something these kinds of practicioners do and I am sure the claims about it is to be trusted.

    • madmovond says:

      Great topic to bring up ozone therapy!

      I’ve found one doctor that’s been great at sharing what he’s been doing with ozone, including curing/treating ebola.

      On the subject of tooth care, I’ve found a pretty great combination that has worked really well for me and my wife. I use Poofy Organics Happy Teeth tooth powder in the mornings and then use an activated charcoal tooth powder in the evening.
      (I’m not sure the brand of coconut activated charcoal that we use, but there are lots to pick from)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I plan to put that toothpowder link on the “Info & Resources” webpage with some of the other Dental stuff.

        I love Dr. Robert Rowen and have seen many videos & interviews with him. He suggests using UV Light Blood Therapy with Ozone Blood Therapy. I agree. It is a wonderful “go together”.
        A few years back, I experimented for myself with my Dallas Doc and did a “10 pass”. Ten passes of ozone in the IV which needs a special machine.
        My body felt like it did when I was 8 years old, very limber and ‘alive’.
        I never knew I had some very minor “achy joints” until the minor aches were gone.
        This makes sense… After all, ozone can help regenerate cartilage and bone when the gas is injected…see Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

        Dr Rowen is mentioned in the “Reversing Tooth Decay” article at the bottom of this webpage of the Dallas Anti-Fluoride website…

  2. m_j_s says:

    What tools are being used these days for grabbing video from ThemTube or other streams that don’t provide a direct download? I have found myself using WebTorent to download from Bitchute. TIA

  3. manbearpig says:

    desire paths of least resistance… so what’s wrong with no resistance?

    I’m clearly struggling with the I, Pencil/desire paths concept… It’s as if there’s a veil I can’t lift that would allow me to see…

    I believe I understand the notion of spontaneous order… and the examples cited on this site seem obvious and intuitive…greater courtesy and efficiency in the absence of traffic lights…etc…

    I understand that overarching bureaucratic central planning and overbearing government stunt creativity and efficient solutions…and create corruption and the power-hungry corrupt…

    but I can’t seem to disassociate the desire paths from their context of an otherwise centrally planned environment…

    as if their genius could only exist within such a controlled environment… are created in reaction to such an environment…

    If the existing lanes, buildings and environment were absent, what would the network of desire paths ressemble…?

    More direct ways to creation for the creative? more direct ways to confusion for the misguided and more direct ways to outright destruction for the destructive?

    Or perhaps in the absence of central planning, the corrupt, misguided and destructive players that were spawned in its mire would be largely absent as well?

    I’ve personally noticed that the more rigid and meticulous my preparation for classes or presentations is, paradoxically the freer, more sponaneous and creative I feel when delivering them…

    At summer camp as a young manbearpig, the more rigid the daily schedule was in both form (the hours) and content (the activities), the better I felt and the more success I encountered in competition. And the more I appreciated the daily scheduled “free time”…

    My vision is probably hampered by binary thinking: with Totally centralized planning on one side and Totally delocalized planning on the other…

    It’s certainly more of a question of natural spontaneous cooperation and affinities, leading to spontanously occurring natural rules and leaders and natural aspirations for our children and our lives in general…

    At any rate, there’s got to be a better solution than what we’re living with today, a civilization built on institutionalized rape, pillaging, exploitation, genocide…

    how to get there…?

    guess if I really want to get it, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and start reading anarchist manifestos…

    anyhoo… My current Corbett binge is about to reach its end in favor of more productive hamster wheel activation…

    • mik says:

      “….binary thinking: with Totally centralized planning on one side and Totally delocalized planning on the other…”

      I don’t think spontaneous order is the right approach in all situations. I’m sure big things cannot be accomplished without planning, certainly not Gosplan style, but still planning.
      Both concepts doesn’t exclude each other. I think it’s like ying-yang, there is no more important part, both are necessary, intertwined.

      “I’ll just have to bite the bullet and start reading anarchist manifestos… ”


      What Is Property?(Proudhon) is my recommendation.
      Most anarchists that are talking about self-ownership (I guess they are talking about being free) haven’t read it. Unfortunately.

      • manbearpig says:

        Yea, thanks Mik for the suggestion. Mr Corbett has invested a considerable amount of time and energy on precisely that tome:

        and I remember being quite enthousiastic… But I’ll have to go back and take another listen as its precepts have faded fast from my chaotic memory…

        Oh, and I’m a little embarassed to say I actually had to look up “Gosplan”, so thanks for that. I’ll go to bed a little less ignorant tonight…

        Be well.

  4. Airean says:

    Just when it seems the non-mainstream news surely cannot be ignored any longer on the reporting of unarmed Palestinians of all ages being shot, bombed or bulldozed, suddenly a new subject is covered by mainstream news – the diabolical Saudi’s and not only their horrific slaughter of an apparent beloved-by-all reporter, but also their until-now ignored slaughter and starvation of the helpless Yemen citizens. What gives? The effect is diluting the alternative news coverage of Palestine. Granted, any American sway with Israel is a joke, but how is it possible that no Euro or American leader does anything about the Yemen slaughter? Like a simple phone call to the Saudis? Is it about making diverting and eclipsing the Palestine genocide? Is the IDF being painted moderate in comparison?

    • urban says:

      Good point^ The world is a loveless place at the level of governments. Normal sheople don’t operate at the level of these psychopaths. There is a prince of this world and he ain’t any good. One day, the playing field will be leveled and people will govern themselves and not allow the bullies of the world to lord it over them. BTW, I thought the Saudis were just a branch of STATE of Israhell. Does anyone have any more concrete evidence to support that -that is not a spider web of Arabic factions and difficult to pronounce names? (Do I ask too much?)

  5. urban says:

    Something I noticed.
    What if the STATE of Israel is being set up for the purpose of a false flag? What if the Jewish people are being played by the satanists to further their goals of a new world order? The two are NOT synonymous you know. Think of the backlash if the worst happened in that arena. The runway would be immediately and irrevocably cleared for NWO take-off. Could anything stop it then?
    Putting 2 & 2 together, the population of STATE of Israel, is currently 6,500,000, and shortly before or on 9-17-2012 Henry Kissinger stated that “in 10 years, there will be no more Israel”. What could possibly go wrong? Mark the date on your calendars, 9-17-2022. Wait for it, wait for it… (PS, why is it that the satanists are willing to live and die for satan but it is taboo to talk about Jesus, who is the antidote, in the face of such conversations?)

    • urban says:

      ^Jewish number 6,500,000 in Israel today but there are more if considering other ethnicities.

    • urban says:

      So what I am seeing is this order of events qued up:
      1. Over 6 million Jews in the Land of ancient Israel (This is why the dark side working so hard to import Jews into Israel)
      2. Getting the military might of the USA working for Israel to push the dark side’s agenda.
      3. Al-Aqsa Mosque ​being blown up
      4. Third temple gets built
      5. Massive holocaust upon Israel in staged retribution. This will be blamed on the Muslims but really the satanists will be the ones behind it.
      6. As the solution to the holy war (WW3), NWO in​stalled with the Antichrist at its head.
      ​7. World Tribulation
      8. Jesus returns.

    • Airean says:

      There is no one the psychopaths have more contempt for than successful Jews and observant Torah Jews. No different than the “48ers” and later the Bolsheviks (aka Young Hebrews) seeing their fellow Jews as pawns to the agenda. They would slaughter all of Israel, Arabs and Jewish alike, for their objective.

      • urban says:

        Hence, perhaps, the Rothschild/Schiff/Trotsky Bolsheviks and their ilk (I don’t know about the 48ers) are not really Jews, but rather…. something else? I posit they are satanists (which is ironically all too similar to “statists” BTW). They would kill everyone with each other then themselves being last on the list because that is the nature of their daddy the devil. These are not their own persons but of something that hates humanity. I posit that there is more to the picture than fits into the “science” box. These eugenicists gone wild are simply puppets and slaves to spiritual entities whose plans and schemes transcend lifetimes of men. -…as suggested by their adherence to plans that span centuries.

        • phonicphotonic says:

          urban says:

          “These are not their own persons but of something that hates humanity. I posit that there is more to the picture than fits into the “science” box. These eugenicists gone wild are simply puppets and slaves to spiritual entities whose plans and schemes transcend lifetimes of men. -…as suggested by their adherence to plans that span centuries.”

          You are certainly not alone in such pondering.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Speaking of contempt and slaughtering all of Israel…

        I was thinking the past couple of days about Saudi Arabia.
        Apart from worldwide contempt, what has been preventing the U.S. from slaughtering all of Saudi Arabia so they can take over the country, lay claim to their oil and save themselves trillions of dollars?
        They could so easily come up with an excuse to start a war with them. Something about homeland security, terrorism, WMD, preemptive strike etc…

        Is it simply economics? More profitable to sell arms to them instead? Too many people?
        Surely the U.S. couldn’t be shamed by such an aggressive move?

    • redrose says:

      It is possible that the deep state state will destroy the jews after using them. the whole point, IMHO, is to keep peoples destabilized. We are nearing our usefulness in US, and so the destabilization is beginning here now. Our government is run by Zionists. Cynthia McKinney and other congressional people have told us they had to sign supporting Israel.

      As far as Jesus returning, there may be a faked returning with all the technology they have now…voices inserted in head, 3d projection in sky, etc.
      Jesus of the new testament is a fabrication of Paul and the Romans.

  6. GW says:

    Today I heard for the first time about the 4-part documentary by Al Jazeera that critiques the workings of the Israeli lobby and was blocked from airing following threats to Qatar (who funded the production). From RT’s Anya Parampil: Al Jazeera’s censored four-part investigation series on the Israel lobby in the U.S. was leaked by the Electronic Intifada. It explains why the Qatari network opted to censor their investigation series after years of production. Co-Founder of the Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, explains why Americans must see the films to understand the full scope of Israel Lobby interference. Later, former member of UK Parliament, George Galloway, joins the show to discuss the Israel Lobby’s influence on Al Jazeera’s decision to censor the investigation. See the RT report here: The documentary is up on Youtube. Here is Part 1 to get you started:

  7. Oscar says:

    Hi James,

    I always love the big projects you’re working on (and most little ones as well). However…I hope that the next big project you are working on is finally finishing the book about the New World Order you are writing for some time now…or at least I hope it’s the next big project after that or even after that. If not, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask again about it’s status again somewhere in the future 😉

    Why not just continue your weekly operations, but drop all other big projects until you finished your book about the NWO? I mean, I can’t really imagine which big project could be more important than that. I would really love to read that book and spread it among friends!

    To be continued…

    Well, at least that was one of the things on my mind.

    Anyway, keep up your good work!

  8. Rufus Kohn says:

    In this world where leaders all seem to give the bad example I would like to dicscuss leadership but only over my own life. Self-leadership as you will.
    I think anything I do has some reflection on the world. Most thing I may never notice because I am busying my self with what seems to be the most important thing whatever that may be. Whatever I observe, it has not much to do with me, the me living in the here and now. Mostly driven by emotions I don’t stop to feel whart life is presenting. It is always some thought that pushes me to go on and take the next step. Often for the approval from others. Mostly from some illusion the one part is more important than another.

    What I lose out of sight is what is good for the whole. What is the next step or natural phase?and is there any need for my attention at this point.

    I believe that is true leadership. To see what is necessary and acting accordingly. This removes the external force on my behaviour and frees up space to look at the situation at hand.

    So those are my two cents. Not all leadership is doomed to become corrupt. Just as long as the power does not leak to the outside we will be alright

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Rufus says: “…Not all leadership is doomed to become corrupt.”

      I agree man.

      In fact, I feel that we all are Leaders in some degree. Often, we act as a leader in our own life, or with our family, or with our fellow employees, or with our friends, …where our spheres of influence may be.

  9. manbearpig says:

    1991 – Hughes Aircraft Company files the Welsbach patent to spray metal oxides into the stratosphere supposedly to fight AGW:

    Friday, March 24th, 2017

    “US scientists launch world’s biggest solar geoengineering study
    Research programme will send aerosol injections into the earth’s upper atmosphere to study the risks and benefits of a future solar tech-fix for climate change…

    …Bill Gates and other foundations are substantially funding the project, and aerospace companies are thought to be taking a business interest in the technology’s potential…”

    About the magnetic reversal of the poles:

    “…Such an event might leave Earth with a substantially reduced magnetic field for some unknown period of time, exposing our world to dangerous effects from the sun. If it occurred in today’s world of ubiquitous electric power and global interconnected communications, a reduced magnetic field could cost us trillions of dollars…

    Co-author Andrew Roberts of Australian National University (ANU) said in a statement that Earth’s magnetic strength could decrease by about 90 percent during a magnetic reversal. He said:

    Earth’s magnetic field, which has existed for at least 3.45 billion years, provides a shield from the direct impact of solar radiation.

    Even with Earth’s strong magnetic field today, we’re still susceptible to solar storms that can damage our electricity-based society.”

    April 2018: Lee Wheelbarger on the “Prepping for the Grand Solar Minimum” program -Chem-trails, Cosmic Rays, Community and cosmic calamity… the Earth-facing quiet…growing glaciers
    Don’t know what his predictions and analyses are worth but they’ve gotta be better than his accents…(French, Indian, Russian…8-\ )

    Continental cold starting next week? (November 10th – 14th):

    Heading towards the grand solar minimum, droughts causing water wars…in the clouds with silver iodide? struggle for energy and resource independance?

    Chemtrails designed to screen cosmic rays and galactic cosmic rays to stave off excessive and imminent exposure to radiation, seismic activity and cold?? To buy time?

    or simply to poison people and control the food supply?

    The man made climate change hoax… the deindustrialization of the west… to prepare for more rudimentary living in cooperative communities independant of electronic grids that can be incapacitated by…cosmic radiation and geomagnetic fluctuations and reversals?

    Fall of Empires in a long line of climate-induced collapses?

    or just another Y2K panic recycled?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Manbearpig : In Which direction are we being directed ? Nudged or led? What’s the grand plan? Thanks for bringing this up. Can anyone speculate the simplest destination for all the hubbub.
      The planes have been spraying all last week for rain, little here, a little there here in the heartland. No fronts associated with it though. Just chemtrails, graying skies than drizzle. Smells like burnt aluminum slag. Warmer at night.

  10. FlyingAxblade says:

    in other news, I saw Vincent today looking in the ashtray for butts and he knows I will readily buy him smokes, & his Pepsi =), even food. However, when I addressed him today he merely acknowledged I addressed him, didn’t call me buddy, and kept moving on to the next ashtray. So when I came out of the store with some supplies for him & he wasn’t around I wondered about him. Later on I put the stuff I bought for him in my backpack and took my dog for a walk to a number of his “chairs” (electrical boxes). To no avail. =( So I guess whenever I go out now for a walk, I’ll be wearing my backpack, fortunately I know the Pepsi won’t go stale =).

    The Khemtrailing today was quite discreet so it must have been happening further away & floated over to us. Because the sky pretty hazy. Some of us documenters of the effects, in order to have the Encyclo Brit entry for Contrails removed from our titles, are pushing to see if spelling it Khemtrails will avoid being tagged by the algorithm.

    As well, my dog Scarf is still happily chasing racquetballs, however, he prefers the blue & red balls so much more he’s hidden the purple balls from me & I’m quite baffled where they can be stashed.

    In even other, other news, Dungeons & Dragons on YT has disabled their comments section & the ability to thumb up or down. This happened directly after the NPC meme blew up for a week. They did not make a comment on any of their platforms about the change. Now, did they fear the repeated typing of NPC would get their accounts on a yt hitlist? Or, they are too chicken, with their SJW leadership, to confront the Monster?
    The 5th Ed. D&D seems rather Cult of Personality oriented now & people who I didn’t think would sink to the new lows of turning a game into a cooperative storytelling experience have very much done so, even so far as to be discourteous to me for bemoaning the loss of the strictures of Alignment which literally forced players into considering Ethics & Morality regarding their actions. Also, if I mention they are taking away humans & replacing them with humans in funny suits, they often get aggravated that I think monsters should be monsters, despite whatever cultural conditioning they have had. This winter I’ll be doing some deeper research into the Corporatization and worship of Corporations WITHIN their game system, now designed for preteens & teens.

    Keep plugging the drugged water, the drugged skies, and the drugged people!

    Cherish is the new love, BE WELL! (as best you can)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks. You too FlyingAxblade. I’m sure it is getting cooler up there.

    • manbearpig says:

      khemtrailing pretty prolific here in France… see’em sprayed most every day at the moment… I keep hoping maybe it’s all for some very Good reason… wanna believe…

      considering his unusually evasive behaviour, maybe Vincent’s got the purple balls stashed someplace…? you think he tried to smoke’m??

      games encouraging kids to abandon ethics and morality… tragically classic… if you wanna win the game you gotta be inscrupulous… ’cause the others all are…
      the human condition…

      …sometimes kinda makes you wanna OD on ozone or pepsi…

      anyhoo, take care o’ Yourself an’ Scarf! an’ Vincent!

  11. zyxzevn says:

    More on electromagnetic radiation exposure

    I think most people have seen this report by now.

    Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer,
    Says U.S. NTP in Final Report

    It is certainly not the only one.
    Almost every year there is a new report that shows health damage from EM-radiation.

    Most peer-reviewed research on this subject is on:

    The problem is that all research finds something wrong with EM-radiation,
    but the scientists can’t understand why, so they repeat the belief that
    it might just be statistical.

    Scientist are often stupid
    That is because, like most people most scientists do not know anything about antennas.
    But scientists THINK they know everything, that is why they are stupid.

    Even scientists who make the antennas themselves do not know much about the health effects or don’t care enough. Or have signed related contracts.

    Most scientists only look at the heat-damage of EM radiation on the body. To make it even worse, they model the body as a very simple barrel of water. Reported problems as DNA breakage can not be explained that way.

    In reality there is much more going on. Different parts of the body can act as an antenna, which can amplify radiation to significant levels. The simplest example is a spark-gap antenna, which is the first antenna ever invented. Most people understand that sparks may be damaging in some way, especially with long term exposure.

    DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields. – PubMed

    We examined published reports of increased stress protein levels and DNA strand breaks due to EMF interactions, both of which are indicative of DNA damage

    So scientists report DNA strand breaks due to EMF interactions.
    This research tries to explain why it is.

    This research shows that the DNA may even act as a fractal antenna. Depending on their design and the signal, fractal antennas can be sensitive over a wider range of frequencies or more sensitive to certain signals. Google fractal antenna and you will find many examples.

    The DNA is a fractal because it has a repeating spiral structure. It is a spiral in a spiral in a spiral. DNA is also a conductor, so we have indeed an antenna. Spirals are used in cell-phones antennas to receive the rotational polarized radiation of GSM and WIFI. So this radiation is certainly related.

    What research is really needed?

    Some things still need to be researched: What frequencies does the DNA react to? This depends on the size of the spirals and the molecules inside the structure.

    What I like to see is DNA tested under different frequencies to see what frequencies exactly are affecting it. Like the effect of EM-radiation on bacteria in this video:
    Electromagnetic frequencies stun spirochete bacteria.

    And this study:
    MRI’s Show Damage in Brains Of Those Who Suffer From EMF, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
    Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is clearly not a mental problem,
    but a physical problem. The EM radiation has a real effect on
    the brain.

    Psychiatric problems like schizophrenia do not show up in MRI.
    Drugs and medicine usage does show up.

    In some studies ALL people show negative reactions to
    EM-radiation (like stress), even if they are not sensitive and
    claim that they really feel nothing.

    It also affects Plants
    9th Grade Student “Cress + WiFi” Experiment Attracts International Attention

    What I experienced
    With myself and people around me.

    Negative reactions to EM-radiation:
    1. Memory loss, concentration problems.
    2. Reduced will, reduced feelings.
    3. Addiction reactions.
    4. Sleeping problems, nightmares.

    Solution: Keep distance, switch off WIFI, put that phone away.

    • manbearpig says:

      disturbing for the most part…

      but fascinating idea that DNA might act like an antenna…?

      wonder what folks like Penrose and especially Hameroff would say about that…? cosmic consciousness an stuff…

      now gotta teleport myself to work pronto!…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      While some of the information is above my pay grade, I wanted to mention this local Dallas Doctor. Some of his lectures are very interesting.

      Dr Jerry Tennant – pH and Voltage – “Healing is Voltage”

      • zyxzevn says:

        Sadly, the video of Dr Jerry is far from accurate.
        He is doing the same thing as the mainstream scientists do:
        oversimplification and over=generalization.

        One must first explain the complexity of the system and all
        of its (relevant) observations (or experiments) before one can
        apply a generalization.

        We humans tend to make things simpler than they really are.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Zyxzevn, Jim Lee of reported the Arocebo dish in Porta Rico has been refitted with a HAARP antenna of 600,000 Watts.
      It was turned on Nov.3rd and is scheduled to run 24/7 until Nov.9th.
      Where in the ionisphere is unknown but that is a lot of heat and radiation exposure. Wonder what its doing to people, biosphere and the weather, wherever it is directed? IRRESPONSIBLY CRIMINAL SCIENCE.

      • zyxzevn says:

        HAARP and similar projects are very interesting.
        I think they are designed to target the weather,
        not the minds of the people (at least not on purpose).
        It is already proven that you can change cloud formation
        with radio-waves and probably you can trigger rains.
        Jesse Venturas Conspiracy theory series clearly showed that.

        I first thought that it might be used to trigger earth-quakes
        or even hurricanes, but for that you need static charges,
        not micro-waves.
        The extreme weather is caused by charged particles from the sun,
        that are part of the solar wind or solar storms.
        When they hit earth we get lightning, as you can see in this video:

        If you have lots of charged particles, they can also trigger
        earth-quakes. But that is outside of our control.
        The sun is much better with it than we are, and uses much more energy.
        The channel of the video above goes into depth in how you can
        predict earthquakes from solar activity.
        If the military would try to do the same, we would see that in
        weird false predictions.

        In the mean time we see even corporations trying to manipulate
        the weather using sound and/or microwaves.

        Now back to electric influence on people:
        I lived for a while without electricity. It was wonderful.
        I felt much stronger and vivid.
        When the electricity was restored to my place I felt numbed,
        but more comfortable. (“Comfortably Numb”)
        I think we people are addicted to this numbing effect.
        Which is in a way similar to alcohol.

        So it is not that this electric “suppression” is forced onto us.
        We choose do it for ourselves, because we get addicted to it.
        You see that effect especially with cell-phones.
        It is probably easier to send a meme to someone you don’t see, that to actually make physically contact with someone near you.

      • zyxzevn says:

        Oh wait. Only now I see Arecibo (you wrote: Arocebo).
        I think that is fakery in the category of secureteam5.

        First, it will probably cost more to move the antenna to that location than to build a new one.
        Second, Arecibo can not be directed to anything, due to its fixed direction. It rotates with earth, which also made it less useful for normal astronomy. They used it to transmit signals instead, to maybe contact aliens that still use old technologies.
        The HAARP can be directed by tuning the grid of many antennas. You
        can not combine that with any parabolic disk like that of the Arecibo.

        Third, as you can see in my other story. The effect of “controlling” weather via EM-waves is likely limited to manipulating cloud formation and rain. Near the location of the installation.

    • zyxzevn says:

      5G experiment kills hundreds of birds

      Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, Netherlands

      Want to get rid of birds? Install 5G antennas now!

      The “scientists” are of course working hard to explain
      away any possible link with the antennas.

      That is, because they do not understand how antennas work.
      The first invented antenna is called a spark-gap antenna,
      because it ionizes the air.
      So it also has damaging ionizing effects in living matter.

      The common tendency of smart people to do destructive things,
      because they believe that they understand something completely.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


      • zyxzevn says:

        Note: I do not know whether 5G is the cause of the deaths of the birds in this case.
        But if it is, the scientists involved will have no clue. Because they only model the heat damage of the radio-waves.

        Not any other damage is looked at. Like the ionizing damage that is caused by the spark-gap antenna principle. Or stress due to electrical activation of parts of the nerve-system.

        The simplest way to study the damage, is by starting with plants. Researchers already has found negative side-effects of cell-tower microwaves and WIFI on plants and trees.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Zyxzevn, funny thing you should mention plants. Today we moved all the plants indoor. I had to choose which plant would go next to the ATT router. I chose the rubber tree hoping it could survive the abuse. I will monitor its health.
          Thank you for the link to Arecibo. See reply below, which should be near here. Thanks again. I agree its Irresponsibly Criminal Scientists.

  12. lionkiller says:

    My comment is not relevant to the news cycle but I just read this and thought James Corbett might like to see it. This is an extract from p144 from Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg diaries. He recounts the 1998 meeting held in Turnberry Scotland. The bit about Christine Whitman made my eyes widen.


    “For the past several years, the only legislators to attend were Sen.
    Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) and a House member—but only after each had
    announced his retirement.
    “We need them back, as the IMF problem shows,” the Frenchman
    “But how?” asked the American. “Congressmen now consider
    attending Bilderberg to be political suicide.”
    Bilderberg regulars were all accounted for, including Rockefeller,
    Kissinger and Evelyn de Rothschild, chairman of N.M. Rothschild &
    Sons of Britain and Europe.
    Clinton had sent his usual assortment of administration officials:
    Marc Grossman, assistant secretary of state; Vernon Jordan Jr., a top
    unpaid advisor who will report Bilderberg demands directly to the
    president; Lawrence Summers, deputy secretary of Treasury; and
    Christine Todd Whitman (R), governor of New Jersey. This was Mrs.
    Whitman’s first Bilderberg meeting, which meant they had plans for
    her. ”

    End quote

  13. laing says:

    My chief concern is that the world, and particularly the scientific world, has gone mad. In normal scientific investigation, a theory is only accepted once it’s been thoroughly validated by numerous hard-data-related studies in the peer-reviewed literature, none of which refutes the concept of the theory. In the case of the CO2/warming mechanism, this crucial step has not been taken. One hard-data-based study was performed by Knut Angstrom in 1900, and its result was negative. Because of this, the idea was dropped by the climate community for 36 years. Then, a British steam engineer and climate hobbyist (!) wrote a series of persuasive articles saying that the idea “should work,” but he gave no hard-data evidence to back these up. Unfortunately, the climate community listened, and today, the CO2/warming mechanism is so highly regarded that to speak against it earns utter vilification.

    I have recently had my own hard-data-based study of the mechanism published in an international, peer-reviewed journal, and in that study I conclude not only that increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration does not cause global warming, but that it can’t. I also show that the dramatic episode of global warming that took place between 1975 and 1998 was most probably caused by anthropogenic emissions of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) during that same time period.

    My article doesn’t explain why CO2 doesn’t function as a greenhouse gas in the Earth environment, but the reason is straightforward. CO2 absorbs and emits significantly within the waveband from 13 to 17 microns wavelength, corresponding to a temperature range from -51 to -103 degrees C. Except for occasional cold snaps in midwinter at the South Pole, this temperature range is well below that of Earth’s surface, and as is well known, cooler substances (here, CO2) can’t add heat to warmer ones (here, Earth’s surface). The reason for this is that all the molecular bonds of Earth’s surface are already vibrating at the frequencies within this waveband, so CO2’s incident back-radiation has no effect on them, and therefore this radiation is simply reflected rather than being absorbed.

    Thinning of the ozone layer, on the other hand, allows a greater influx of ionizing solar UV-B radiation, which raised concerns about increased sunburn and genetic defects, but this radiation vibrates 48 times as fast as CO2’s back-radiation, and if it can cause these effects, it can certainly cause global warming as well. Further production of CFCs was banned by ratification of the Montreal Protocol in the 1990s, and for the two decades since 1998, we’ve had no further global warming except for weather-related El Nino events. The reason temperature has remained elevated is that chlorine attacks ozone catalytically and it has a long residence time in the atmosphere. The effects should therefore be with us through the present century.

    In short, the present hysteria over global warming, or “climate change,” as it’s been called because it hasn’t behaved according to predictive models, is complete nonsense. Global warming is over, and as long as we remain vigilant about enforcing the Montreal Protocol, it’s no longer an active concern. The problem is that it’s been so deeply ingrained in the thinking of scientific study and those who believe in it unquestioningly, that it’s very hard to erase. Climate alarmism has become fashionable, and public policy, even global policy, has been based upon it. This must stop. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only example of scientific theory not being supported by hard evidence, but it is by far the most troubling.

  14. Octium says:

    Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

    …and remember it is just a plot, as everybody knows there is no such thing as a Conspiracy 🙂

  15. scpat says:

    Google main page and at the top of Youtube search results:
    “Election Day is Tomorrow. Don’t miss your chance to vote in the US elections.”

    Oh, you mean my very own chance?! Like, like, the government is giving me the chance? How gracious of them. And thanks Google for reminding me to be a good little citizen and go vote.

    • phonicphotonic says:

      Sooo opted out.

    • mkey says:

      I wasn’t aware of this mess on the other side of the world. They could have implemented, easily, the option to have your pesonal digital files stored on some place of your own choosing, protected the way you best saw fit, with limited access issued only with your consent. That would have made some sense. The idea to have all data accessible by all “authorized” personnel is ridiculous.

      Assuming there aren’t any nefarious machinations going on, we can only conclude the gubment is choke full of incompetent shmucks.

  16. As most know there is an election in the US and an anarchist will simply ignore it. But why?

    What about from a Christian perspective?

    Well, here it the answer. With confidence I will assume that most in the Christian community will not agree with me on my position. However, I back it up with Scripture. If you disagree, can you do so with Scripture or just your opinion?

    I welcome dialog on this. Share as you see fit. It is 12 minutes long. You can directly download it and links to various video sites are on the page.

    Trusting the Lord or Voting –

  17. george.m says:


    This topic is not geopolitics or eugenics and the like, but instead deals with the recorded history of our planet. It is yet another paradigm that we deal with that is controlled to highest degree. The power structures want us to feel as if ‘they know everything, and ‘have everything figured out’. In that current state we are not open to new discoveries like we were in the past. Academics is shunned for suggesting new ideas, or even listening to alternative views on our past. New discoveries are made yearly, unearthing fossils, ancient civilizations and many unexplained things in general. That being said, the particular topic of this is the fabled Atlantis. Many scoff at even the idea, but it is just because it is gone. I could go into great deal about the comet impact theory, and the actual evidence that shows sea levels rising 400 feet roughly 11,600 years ago, over a 1,200 year span. Civilizations that clearly existed 12,000 years ago (Gobekli Tepi). That is basically prerequisite information that can be found at any time. In any case, the following 3 videos show very compelling evidence for the actual Atlantis site. I suggest to watch it and open this door. This is bit one tiny piece of ancient unexplained, and protected information.

    There is more information out there, but this sums up some stuff.

    I would like to hear your take on this topic, and if people think our real ancient past is even worth our time.

    Thank you.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      George M. The mysteries are founded in the belief that the mysteries are known to a few. That they know there is no mysteries (bother/brother) in knowing. Also that it is a mystery why any one would ever be involved in pursuing the mysteries.( a sucker is born every second) Schmaa-UK to be had (easily). Get it? Also as told by Alan Watt in his writings of Plato’s father , He relates that ” while studying in Egypt ” that Greeks don’t even know how old their culture is , you are more than 10,000 years in the making”
      The understanding is in the manipulation of peoples curiosity today not in any historical past (Fact/event) that’s the mysteries. Why is burning libraries so helpful in confusing the past? Religions, all share a common past for use today. Money is one of the cons from way back. Hope this helps some in understanding your gut feeling,
      “… even worth the time.” You might be right!

      • george.m says:

        Thank you. Are we to just not explore what is true or untrue, based on the new evidence that we see? I understand your points, but there is a middle road to all of this. I am curious, but not foolish. I want to know about the past, and sites like Gobekli Tepi, Petra, the Longyou caves. The list goes on and on. The curiosity into these things is natural, and fascinating. Regardless of knowing the facts… these things exist. If they are secrets, or even if just no one knows, these things must be explored properly.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          George.m , Alan Watt has been a comfort in esoteric thinking for me . you sound sincerely appreciative of the serch for a truth. Keep serching, it will find you . The old searchers had an apprenticeship of twenty years. Then you could be squared away for the next leg of the journey. This place
          (TCR) here is an wonderful example of the next leg. Minds making decisions that may be used for them or agin em in the future. The ministry of justice as George Orwell alluded to is real. The hall of records is in Utah and the Google warehouse for future purviewing is being build not far from where I reside. The server farm was over a million square feet and is being doubled as I write this. These are real today things. How it will be used in the future is up for debate. So I have lost all interest and feel I no longer can pursue intellectual curiosity for the prue joy of doing so. This needs to be explored properly. How can we return to a post Rockefeller time of enlightenment and solve this conundrum, so I can join you in examining the marvels of the past. Make no mistake about the WEB and its potentialities. As old councilor and former Mayor Rudy G. said ” there are many truths…” I say there be dragons ahead that nourish themselves on fear, so lets starve them to death! Thirty years ago I had no thoughts of any constructive or repairitive awareness that the pot was near boiling or that I was even in the water! So hows the water ?

        • bill_i says:

          I just finished _Beyond the Robot_, a biography of Colin Wilson (1931-2013) by Gary Lachman and recommend it to both those familiar with even some of Wilson’s over 100 books and those who have never heard of him.

          Like H.G. Wells, Wilson came from a British working class family and despite eventually accepting a number of guest lecturer roles at colleges and universities over the years, never bothered to acquire an academic degree. He did get into the Hancock/Bauval/Hapgood etc. area, among many others, maintaining a basic central theme from his very first book, a bestseller entitled _The Outsider_, published in 1956 when he was only 24, through all of his writings. Initially lauded by critics, it wasn’t long before he and his writings tended to be dismissed. (_The Occult_ and _Mysteries_ were also bestsellers. He wrote fiction as well as nonfiction; _The Mind Parasites_ was a popular sci-fi novel at one time.)

          Lachman, aside from being an excellent writer, was the bassist for the band Blondie.

          I’ve purchased a copy of his recent _Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump_ but have yet to read it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks George. Interesting.

  18. mkey says:

    Voting: Same Old Shell Game

    Larken Rose goes all in on voting. Does a solid performance of beating a mummified horse with a pointy stick. I bet voters are still marching on. The point about how it’s important to have a close vote result was well taken. Also the point about having same people in power with small cosmetic changes was something I’d have a hard time disagreeing with. The “permanent state” as that commenter on MSM described it. I bet people voters will keep marching on, though.

  19. zyxzevn says:

    Why Your Vote No Longer Counts,..

    Last American Vegabond explains how the elections have
    been hacked by Americans since 2000 (if not earlier).
    There is clear evidence of this hacking in courts,
    but no actions were taken.

    Redacted Tonight has a similar thing with humor:
    Search list for the die-hards:

  20. Hotfoot says:

    Following on (albeit 3 years later) from James’ ‘How To Fake An Alien Invasion’ article…

    Is it just me, or are they cranking this stuff up in the MSMP
    (Mainstream Propaganda 😉 ?)

    Google News here in UK today had the subject of alien spacecraft as their leading ‘Science’ story. Here are the top 5 links which featured on the main feed page for this..

    Am I getting old or something? I find it stunning how people can scoff at the notion of explosives being planted in buildings for political gain, yet nod sagely about alien spacecraft disguised as rocks being sent on flyby spying missions around Planet Earth.

    Seems to me that all you need to sell snake oil is a liberal sprinkling of the word ‘Science’ alongside a web address featuring a newspaper or educational establishment.

    • paul823 says:

      Hah, that’s funny I noticed a ‘poll’ in our local MSM rag this morning entitled “Do you believe that aliens exist” which was 80% in the positive. As a Trekky, it would be cool if they did exist but as a semi-realist I have to go with actual evidence and not hypotheses. Just because there are x bazillion stars in the universe it does not logically follow that there fore aliens exist. The best explanation for the strange stuff we do see is in this vid I spotted a few years back. While I don’t agree with all the interviewees I think the general principle is spot on the money and fits the available evidence quite nicely.

    • zyxzevn says:

      While I certainly think that certain UFOs exist, I think that they are multidimensional. Observations like floating lightballs (Foo-fighters) are very common in the UFO world. The disk-like objects are also interesting but the evidence is not so strong. The evidence for strange things going on in the paranormal is also strong, but that does not mean that they are aliens. These things are mixed up sometimes.

      Now we have some public reports of UFOs by the army (etc) and by scientists. Most of those are distractions.
      There is no follow-up on the pentagon UFOs that was reported last year. They should have thousands of reports, but there were no more. The most interesting ones are the reports around nuclear weapon storages, as they can cause waves of UFO-reports.
      The strategy of the Pentagon has always been distraction, misinformation and covering up.

      The mainstream scientists like those in NASA use UFOs and related stuff to spark public interest. The Mars Face was used to collect funding for new trips to mars.
      The NASA has introduced the “Warp-drive” hype too. Which was caused by heat and bad shielding.

      The space scientists like to bring new ideas to people and talk about
      black holes and other far away impossible objects.
      In the mean time they have no clue about the nearest star, our Sun, as they have done almost all physics wrong. We should not take astronomers seriously. That is why most of it is called “theoretical” physics. 😉

      The reality is that telescopes found a thing that is maybe 3 pixels big, so there is almost nothing to see.
      See image on wikipedia:
      All you see is a very small dot:

      Most scientists decided it is a long rotating rock, due to the periodic differences in reflection. But some scientists decided that it could be an alien spacecraft anyway. I don’t think that this latter has any credibility. But still this is published in papers.

      It is usually related to funding.
      Like the crazy space-force project.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Get the jaywalkers! Terrible, roving criminality!

    NEWS Nov 6, 2018

    Big Brother Is Watching You: Chinese ‘Gait Recognition’ Tech IDs People By How They Walk

    “…I like the way you walk….”
    A dime for the juke box…CCR “Suzie Q”

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nov 6, 2018
    Former JP Morgan trader pleads guilty to manipulating US metals markets for years
    •John Edmonds, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of commodities fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, price manipulation and spoofing.
    •Edmonds, a 13-year J.P. Morgan veteran, said that he learned how to manipulate prices from more senior traders and that his supervisors at the firm knew of his actions.

  23. mkey says:

    Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?

    He who controls our past, controls our future.

    • manbearpig says:

      Yes! I saw that on WUWT. New calculating method (that in itself might be worthwhile) but ooopps! mistake in the interpretation of results. Mistake that of course errs in favor of man-made climate change hysteria. of course. And with no response from the authors of the paper.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Recent research…
    Better than DEET Repellent Compounds Derived from Coconut Oil

    Flies and biting bugs can be a problem for cattle.
    Evidently, this non-toxic, topical method to repel bugs is expected to cost less than a dime per head. Pretty cheap.

    It seems that they utilized the fatty acids of coconut oil, (e.g. lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid.) Then they mixed in some catnip (a known bug repellant) and cheap starch.

    The cells of the body often derive their energy from oils. It is the preferred source rather than sugars. Some oils are long chain molecules, so it takes some work for the body to break them into shorter molecules. Coconut oil is known for its shorter chain oils.
    (Carnitine, an amino acid used in this oil cell energy process is offered as a supplement, and can help old people like me who don’t have it around like I did when I was twenty. Acetyl-carnitine also helps mental function.)

    Here is an article that briefly explains the short & medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil. ‘C’ stands for Carbon…thus C8 is a chain of 8 carbons.

  25. generalbottlewasher says:

    Zyxzevn , thank you, for the wiki- link to Arecibo .It is packed full of information I had no idea about. As in Jim Lee’s post, wiki does say how steerible the new installations to Arecibo are. What I found revealing was way down in the dry leaves of script, there where key words highlighted in blue. What is revealing to me was what words were not highlighted. In their text relating to Architecture and Design on its inflexibility to steering the words “radio astronomy and radar astronomy ” are highligted, however the third crucial feature to its steerible necessity was “atmospheric science. There has been a media blackout of all atmospheric science relating to all things HAARP, ARPA and DARPA. Even further down in the text from Arecibo wiki, it alludes to it now as a weapon that can be used to mitigate asteroid threats to earth. All in line with Elanna Freelands works documenting the HAARP weapons capability.

  26. WAYNED says:

    The real value of the kavanaugh hearings is that it truly exposed the fakery that is “government”.

    Kavanaugh is infamous for helping to cover up a very likely politically-motivated murder (vince foster) to the extent that apparently the case was noted for possible witness tampering and intimidation, all very likely linked to kavanaugh himself.

    Clinton’s impeachment was about nothing more than the erosion of privacy, required to set up 9/11. Kavanaugh has some very strange ideas about privacy.

    So this flawed man, doing the work of “both” “sides” had to get on the court, and they had to make a drama to avoid any serious looking into his record. and so he was accepted, as was always intended, and the public dragged through the most popular reality show of its day…

    Of COURSE she was a lying fake CIA-connected tool, of course he did not do what he was accused of doing. We were made to pick sides. But what other purpose did this serve?

    I think it helped cement the politics of emotion and coercion. Of deception.

    Ultimately, it reveals the extent to which the sides will collude to create drama to get what they want, even if it’s distracting from other things that may be more real.

    Why did both sides deem her “credible”? And why did both sides keep insisting on stating the state of mind of this supposed victim “ford” by insisting she never wanted to come forward?

    Indeed, that tidbit was ESSENTIAL to keeping the drama going. It helped move the plot.

    And that’s all we saw. A plot. And sides becoming more entrenched in their own distorted view of what they think is real.

    Sadly, more and more, it does become ‘real’ because it infects the actions and beliefs of too many people who cannot and do not wish to think for themselves, who only want to be skilled at compartmentalizing the information in the way it was given to them, practice for the test to come later.

    I watched the Clinton Impeachment live on CNN, it was not what the news presented. Interestingly, after watching it live without commercials or comment, I would turn to the news channels to see how it was covered, and it did then to the republicans what the media does now to democrats, it legitimizes their shenanigans by restating them and not examining, and then characterizing an opposition in a game of kill the straw man.

    (Of note: One night on the evening news before commercial they said: when we come back, is there any hope for democrats after this clinton impeachment? Then they showed barak obama. I watched and knew he was going to be president, because he said NOTHING. And they said he was great.)

    The sides seem to have swapped taking turns being bad cops…

    And the public, too weary of work and money concerns, on top of all the fake concerns bogging them down, is left to fend for itself if it wants the truth. So many do not have the means, the time, the ability, the literacy, the humanity to look for themselves, so easy it is to just take what is given to you while you eat and stare into a screen of talking heads who only lie or tell truths in service of a lie.

    it was quite a thing to watch some of the hearings. I felt from the beginning that both sides had an interest in seeing him on the court, but also that his record would have been easy fodder for democrats willing to engage in any REAL concerns.. As soon as the accusation hit, I knew I had to watch to see how they would achieve it.

    Reality TV as politics today. The sad and sorry state.

    Of course, there is an alternative. Anyone who ever went to burning man when it used to be fun a long time ago realizes 10s of thousands can come together and behave decently towards one another without any “rules” to guide them. We don’t need them, we have them built in.

    It takes programming to change that. like taking advantage of a stupid biker getting killed to begin to implement “rules” and it was forever changed. And if you question the rules, you are shouted down because ‘SOMEONE DIED’. Yes, a guy on a bike and a few people in a tent because a jerk ran over them in the middle of the night in his truck.

    You can never legislate for stupid, only learn from it, and people do, without rules to guide them.

    the media is a lie, because as was noted on today’s nwnw when comments are allowed, the public is clearly not fooled. So for now, the media is just a shell and people project themselves willingly, easily, almost in a stupor, to feel not as alone as they are for lapping at a cold dumb screen projecting a lying image… as effective as any drugs ever devised.

    For now, the media is completely fake, and so obviously outside of reality, and yet, events will be blamed and justified, based on their created narrative.

    One day it will be forced to go away. I don’t watch it, except when I think there is something to see.

    • pearl says:

      So very well put. You reminded me of the insightful Edward Curtain’s essay “Showtime in America: Idiots’ Delight: A Quasi Review”:

      “The words the real Frank Serpico, the honest and brave cop, not the actor, Al Pacino, who played him in the movie Serpico, come to my mind. He told me that when he was lying in a pool of his own blood on the night of February 3, 1971, having been shot in the face in a set-up carried out by fellow cops, he heard a voice that said, “It’s all a lie.”

    • manbearpig says:

      Yea, I just read your comment going from the bottom up. Interesting journey. Great rant. Well-stated. Provocative Clinton/Lewinsky – 9/11 connection…

      Yes, of course they gleefully switch back and forth playing saviour/villain and dangling the strawman in the never ending tittytainment spiral tangle of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” herding the masses over the decades into their smart cities, protecting their mutual interests and realizing their immortal designs.

      and yea, for some reason, most people seem to emotionally and indiscriminately injest and excrete it giving a certain putrid substance to it. You are what you eat.

      To feel less lonely? …

      …coerced through expert psycho-existential weltschmerz manipulation?

  27. Chris says:

    What is all comes down to is this: We live in a society that has been laid out & designed to fleece us; from the cradle to the grave (and beyond.) If we know that Contract = Law and Law = Contract, then we have to see things with new eyes. What is the Law, then? It’s Contract. What’s a Contract? A contract is an agreement between private parties creating mutual obligations enforceable by law (contract.) And being that we have the unlimited right to contract, we have the unlimited right to fuck ourselves and that’s exactly what we’ve done as a peoples, as a society. Those with the knowledge have used said system to enslave the debtors in perpetuity. Remember the Bible? “My people perish for lack of knowledge” All law has been derived from the Bible, believe it or not. “Agree with thine adversary quickly.” All contract/law. We need to start to learn WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE and WHAT WE ARE, and then we can start to become who we want to be as a society, as a whole… a community. We need to stop accepting benefits from a Government that cares less and less about you, and more about criminal psychopaths who are looking for the next instance to take advantage of you. Because of our own ignorance we are also our own worst enemy. A good look in the mirror can be very healthy & informative!

    Mr. Benjamin Franklin answered it best when asked (after leaving the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia cementing the CONstitution into History books) what they had wrought? He answered by saying: “A Republic… if you can keep it.”

    Think long & hard about that one. The founding fraudsters knew. They knew full well what they were setting up. They knew full well that the Republic would not last. Democracy is not good for anyone, but that’s what we’ve ended up with. God help us.

  28. manbearpig says:

    I found the following WUWT “guest gain-saying” (the Juliana vs United States) article by David Middleton interesting if even for just the third visual: a letter by Clinton Anderson to JFK about weather modification:

    Though I believe Truthstream Media referred to it, I can’t remember if this letter is already somewhere on the Corbett Report or not. The following sentence particularly jumped out at me:

    Quoting John Von Neumann speaking about weather modification Anderson writes:

    “All this will merge each nation’s affairs with those of every other, more thoroughly than the threat of a nuclear or any other way may aready have done.”

    This reminded me of the later (1993?) Club of Rome quote about looking for a common enemy:

    “IN Searching For A New Enemy To Unite Us, We Came Up With The Threat Of Global Warming”

  29. Mark K. P. says:

    An interesting newish book (2014, 3rd edition 2107) on the bankster phenomenon is Stephen Goodson, A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind.
    Different to all others on this topic because Goodson’s background was as a director of the South Africa reserve bank.

    The biggest thing in recent months is Ron Unz’s series of articles on Jew power & influence ;

    Equally interesting is the brazen onslaught he prepared at the same time against the ADL, on the topic of its repulsive origins in the context of the amazing trial and lynching of the Jew rapist/murderer Leo Frank

  30. andrea.b says:

    Last night I watched a truly shocking video of a ‘debate’ at Davos in 2016 about mind control.It was on a site called Truthstream Media. I will add a link below as I think you should all see it. It looks as if it will soon be possible for governments and other quasi official bodies to read our thoughts, implant memories and erase others and the psychopaths in control of our World don’t believe we have any right to our private thoughts as this is not enshrined in any law or constitution. It was the most frightening piece of film I have ever seen.
    Also as an economic collapse is almost certainly overdue, what are your thoughts on how to avoid losing everything? If I leave my savings in the bank they could become inaccessible and potentially confiscated. If I take out cash, governments could make cash obsolete and use a crash as an excuse to introduce electronic money linked of course to a social credit score and enabling them to see everything I purchase. If I have gold it could be hard to use it to buy a loaf of bread and make me a target for thieves even if it’s ownership is not made illegal. I do not trust crypto at all.
    So what can I do to prevent myself from starving when it all goes belly up?

    • Octium says:

      I think the food part is relative easy with long term food storage, food rotation, growing your own food in the garden, seed banks, food preservation techniques and bartering. There is lots of information on how to do that on the Internet.

      The real challenge will be coming up with enough fiat currency to pay the government ransom demands that will be continually occur during the time.

    • mkey says:

      You need to get a plot of land and a shotgun.
      Plot of land for your food and shothung for things of more sensitive nature.

      Generally, I think gold is the only thing that’s readily available to the common man which can store value over a stretch of time. The problem is that this stretch of time could outlast your life span and in the mentime gould could be useless, however if shit really did hit the fan and you xame to get some product with a bit of gold nobody in their right mind would deny such transaction. Making change would be the problem, you’d need small enough denominations.

      Other things rich used to stay ritch, besides precious metals, were art and realestate. Diversification is key, have no doubts about that.

      Crypto is, if for no other reason, lesser than gold because gold does not require internet nor electricity.

  31. mkey says:

    Strawberry needle investigation leads to Australian woman’s arrest, police say

    Mmmm, high Fe content strawberries.

  32. mkey says:

    Our Money System is an Ecocidal Ponzi Sceme

    Paul Grignon is back with a refresh of some previously produced material and some new outlooks. Hopefully the video will manage to gain some traction.

  33. mkey says:

    Japan’s cyber security minister admits he has never used a computer

    What a joke.

  34. mkey says:

    Panel Laughs At CNN Host’s Crazy Claim That Ratings Don’t Matter

    The CNN talking head shows he really has no dignity.

  35. manbearpig says:

    Good reasons for stratospheric aerosol injection? (reasons I myself had pondered reading an article about galactic cosmic rays and volcanic eruptions/earthquakes)

    “…Since governments themselves are not actually concerned about green house gases, the only logical purpose to spray particles into the sky at this time is to manage the increasing incoming cosmic rays or harmful electromagnetic space radiation in order to mitigate obvious weather anomalies as long as possible.

    As we know, increased cosmic ray influx – as during low solar activity – not only propagates cloud formation and climate instability, but also increases the rate of explosive volcanic eruptions. Could this be a reason why one of the first regions where activist groups were concerned about aerosol geo-engineering, was Hawaii?

    Aerosol spraying would also be a last resort preemptive measure in the case of a nearby gamma ray burst aimed at Earth. (if it could be predicted). In such an event, the absorption of radiation in the atmosphere would cause photodissociation of nitrogen, generating nitric oxide that would act as a catalyst to destroy ozone, the loss of ozone as the protection from UV radiation could rapidly end surface life on the effected hemisphere…”

  36. Fawlty Towers says:

    Perhaps this story may be worthy of a future NWNW episode?

    “Supreme Court to hear case of woman arrested after not holding escalator handrail”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good find, FT.

      Bela Kosoian was in a subway station in the Montreal suburb of Laval in 2009 when a police officer told her to respect a pictogram with the instruction, “hold the handrail.”

      She replied that she did not consider the image, which also featured the word “Careful,” to be an obligation. She refused to hold the handrail, and tensions mounted after she also refused to identify herself.

      She was “taken by force” by the officer and another who had arrived as backup, according to court documents.

      The officers detained Kosoian for about 30 minutes before letting her go with two tickets — one for $100 for disobeying a pictogram and another for $320 for having obstructed the work of an inspector.

      She was acquitted of the two infractions in Montreal municipal court in 2012 and subsequently filed a $45,000 lawsuit against the Montreal Transit Corp., the City of Laval and one of the officers, Fabio Camacho.

      Her suit was rejected by Quebec court in 2015 and by the Quebec Court of Appeal in 2017, which said Kosoian was the “author of her own misfortune.”
      The VIDEO within the article shows much more about the case.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Faulty and Homey. This falls under the bus all the time here in Oklahoma. Had she been here, she would be incarcerated, terrorized and possibly shot for disobeying a sworn officer of the Courts commands. Which brings me to the point of ” Conformation Bias”
      Jim Lee has an excellent rant on ClimateVeiwer.Org yesterday about becoming the “Cop”, the authority in a civil conflict of ones view of the law.
      He quotes Joseph Stalin ( something like) ” Ideas are dangerous , we wouldn’t give our enemy’s guns so why would we let them have any ideas”
      That summed it up for me. I got a better perspective from it so I kinda understand our troops, oops, court sworn thugs, oops Cops. Racketeers!

  37. cemanuel says:

    Data collection & Facebook experts???
    Can somebody shed any light on this incident I had the other night? Is this pretty standard practice of SM companies collecting/selling our data?

    A friend posted some pics on Facebook yesterday of a Thanksgiving gathering we had for friends. When her post appeared on the timeline, there was a glitch that caused some of the photos not to load. The boxes contained background text in the place of the photos. The background text was partially cutoff but it looked something like… “Image may contain: one or more people, dog, sitting, table and drinking”… There were several images that had this text literally labeling every item and action in the picture. Clearly this must be some AI data collection tool, and I imagine only a small percentage of users understand what data is being collected and how.

    I think a deeper dive into the micro-level examples of data collection & breach of privacy are necessary to wake up the masses. When you are able to strike a personal chord with someone or give an example that is feasibly “close to home” for them, then you get a much more open audience willing to stand up to the surveillance state. Ie: You have to creep somebody out to make them concerned… While I’m still dumb enough to hold on to my FB account, I am well aware of what that entails. It is crucial that more people understand the importance of privacy, as we approach the next stage of data collection/exploitation (biometrics). If the masses are more resistant to giving up digital data, then it will be tougher to implement the biometric nonsense on the horizon.

    • mkey says:

      I’m not certain I understand the issue. It’s common, and deemed appropriate, to have the alt tag on the html img element contain a description of the image, So that, if the image does not load, the user gets something out of it.

      As far as image content detection algorithms go, that type of technology can be quite worrisome, depending on who’s using it.

  38. manbearpig says:

    Arctic stable over past decade…

    Arctic sea ice extent has exploded since early November, gaining over 200,000 km² daily on average, as depicted by the following Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) chart:

    Polar bear biologist and expert Dr. Susan Crockford reports here:

    “This is the second year in a row that freeze-up of Western Hudson Bay ice has come earlier than average” and that “it’s unlikely that a strong wind will again blow the newly-formed ice offshore (as happened earlier this year) because the ice is more extensive.”

  39. manbearpig says:

    Though Tim Ball has poo-pooed ongoing stratospheric aerosol injection as mere
    “conspiracy theory”
    he did very recently co-author the following article decrying proposed geo-engineering:

  40. generalbottlewasher says:

    MBP. This is good laugh material. Your sence of humor is stimulating without diminishing the underlying serious meaning. It made me think of my favorite comic Diogenes who did over the top better than anybody. Like Paul Krugman, who authored this piece you found, good over the top conjecturing , is an art to be appreciated.
    After viewing Cathern Austin Fitts latest interview I can’t help but wonder what Mr. Krugman really means by ” climate change” or “globle warming” or “denier”. Its like he is speaking code. In Fitts interview she asks “If we could know the group who runs the teraforming than maybe we could ask why are they running the teraforming?”. As it is we know very little as to who and less about why. Unlike Mr. Krugman’s misdirection op-ed piece that its crazy to even ask any questions, or redefine the official narrative, it is cynically crazy never to mention why. Climate change deniers are not teraforming deniers, but that would be redefining the narrative and we all should know that’s just crazy as Diogones. Nice finding MBP.

  41. Mark K. P. says:

    Yellow Vests on three consecutive weekends now, and a fourth in planning. What if Macron sent in the army and it defected to the protesters ?
    A minor coup d’etat, or a second French Revolution ?
    This unrest is especially interesting because Macron is an overt Rothschild stooge and confessed Mason

  42. Mark K. P. says:

    if this article is right it looks like a nationalist/right wing revolution working hard to co-opt the military and possibly overthrow the Jews and bankster elite, not just Macron ;

    hip -hip- hooo ! woooooooo!

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:


    I had to laugh seeing some recent financial headlines this past week.
    And it keeps getting wilder.

    The markets are in a tizzy.
    No one knows which way to go.
    Bond yields turned upside down, China-Trump trade stuff, Putin (Russia): “We Aren’t……Aiming to Ditch the Dollar, The Dollar Is Ditching Us”, Mike Maloney talks about the gigantic Australian Real Estate bubble, …

    The Saudi’s have been planning a moat around Qatar. Filling it with radioactive waste.

    Natural Gas (commodity futures) have shot up over the past month.
    But, get this – Gas Wells in West Texas can’t get rid of it fast enough.
    They can’t sell it. They have to pay to have it hauled away on a pipeline.

    Interesting times.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Last week (week ending Dec 7, 2018), the U.S. stock market took it on the chin. It may finish the year down.

      Bank Stocks really have been sinking fast.
      See the chart within the article…

      (From above comment regarding natural gas)
      Talking about West Texas (Permian Basin) (the Bush family old stomping ground)…
      USGS Identifies Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resource Potential Ever
      …”Permian Basin province contain an estimated mean of 46.3 billion barrels of oil, 281 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 20 billion barrels of natural gas liquids, according to an assessment by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).”

  44. colin786 says:

    One for Propaganda Watch:
    Anonymous Ousts UK’s ‘Information Secret Service’

  45. Fawlty Towers says:

    For me the biggest news story of late is the
    arrest of Ms. Meng, C.F.O. of giant Chinese telecom Huawei in Canada, for allegedly breaking U.S. sanctions against Iran.

    The strange thing is that The Supreme Court of British Columbia was told that Ms. Meng had used a Huawei subsidiary called Skycom to evade sanctions on Iran between 2009 and 2014.

    Funny that the U.S. would only be going after Ms. Meng now, 9 years after the supposed sanction evasion started.

    This story is very fishy. Lots of behind-the-scenes games are being played.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Fawlty, Me too. I told someone it made the hair on my neck stand up. You are so right. The story in our Birkshire-Hathaway Media paper was so goofy, with multiple back alley fishy globs of multiple narratives.
      Is it connected in some way to spy vs spy swaps, Iran, 5G Israeli kill switch hacks or bank fraud or all of the above? The 5G narrative is what got my attention.
      I’d speculate,guessing, push back was needed, to counter the mounting resistance to its roll out. Maybe what this might be about? A strong feeling of:::Warning psyop ahead!!!:::jumped out at me. Will making the Chinese the 5G boogieman detract from all 5G being the boogieman? Like the undeclared US 5G backdoor weaponisations will somehow be better than the declared Chinese backdoor weaponisation , and that will make it ok? I smelled fish too.
      The AP article by Paul Wiseman and Frank Bajak was no news report. Read like duck and cover, leading and confusing op-ed-ish John Bolton Iran/Chinese=bad bashing, US 5G=good balderdash.
      Maybe Corbett got a clue as to what’s up wit-dat?

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        I have a feeling this story ain’t going away anytime soon, so Corbett will likely be on top of it shortly.

        There are so many moving parts to it as you have alluded to above that you almost have to start making a road map to keep track of everything.

        Bolton vowed he’d go after the Chinese months ago and he’s making good on his promise. The story is shaking the financial markets worldwide and for good reason.

        If this isn’t resolved soon it could easily escalate into a tit-for-tat arrest/sanction fiasco.

        This is like messing with the Chinese deep state.
        You are not supposed to do that!

        The timing of the whole thing is suspect.
        Ms. Meng has two condos in Vancouver worth $14M.
        Daughter and husband now in Vancouver.
        She obviously comes and goes.

        Why go after her right now?

    • mkey says:

      Just a few hours before you posted this, I’ve seen this bit of news on the “news portals,” it didn’t captivate my attention until you posted this which made me think how any news has a potential for almost instant global propaganda.

    • mkey says:

      This is a bit dated by now, but still may be informative. They painted it with a brush on the broad side.

      Ron Paul: Arrest of Huawei exec will leave US powerless & broke

      • manbearpig says:

        Y’know, it might be the rum, but, I see this whole incident, that is from any bystander’s standpoint, utterly mystifying, even in full view of the Iranian sanctions

        as a means, once again, of pitting the U.S. against China

        in the eyes of the masses

        forcing them to take sides

        with China (embodied by the lovely Asian demoiselle in distress)

        against the frumpy and belicose U.S.

        (as if at the very top the two superpowers (USanada and China) were really antagonistic)

        in the continuation of Trump’s role as midwife and boogeyman helping the world’s collective psyche mourn and move on from the American Dream

        and step confidently into the Brave New World embracing the Eastern-dominated Technocratic Transhumanist Smart Grid.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Funny but I happened to watch that one too last night.

        This next one is a little better I think.
        (also a bit dated, but still to the point)

  46. manbearpig says:

    “#Climategate continues – first look at the Mann-Hughes hockey stick emails
    Guest Blogger / 2 hours ago December 10, 2018
    Evaluation of the Hughes emails

    David W. Schnare, Esq. Ph.D.

    This is a lengthy article and covers several related topics. As previously reported, we have now received the Malcolm Hughes emails discussing issues related to the 1,000-year temperature reconstruction presented in the Mann, Bradley, Hughes 1998 & 1999 papers (MBH98 & MBH99). The collection contains 7,511 pages of emails and attachments and other records, of which 93% (6,999 pages) were withheld and subsequently ordered to be released…

    …In another example (at ABOR/MH/Priv-000082), Tom Crowley argues “if we cannot make a case to our colleagues, why muddy the waters further”. It is one thing to recognize that you cannot demonstrate new knowledge. It is entirely another to begin from a presumption of knowledge and realize you do not have the observations necessary to convince others. The correct approach is to admit ignorance and highlight to your colleagues that this is an avenue worth of pursuit. Mann seems not to recognize this as how scientists should behave.


    Bradley arguing that borehole data that does not support their approach should not be used. The manuscript should indicate that kind of decision. It calls into question all use of borehole data, one would think.


    This is a good example of the (potential? Actual?) biases entered into their paper. They simply did not include anything that altered their prior planned outcome and did not explain why.


    When Nature did not accept the attack on Pollack, they sent it to Science. There is harsh criticism of both the Nature editor and the Pollack paper, neither appropriate, and Hughes calls Mann out on that. See, ABOR/MH/Priv-005813. Bradley calls him out as well, wanting the following taken out: “but are based on what many in the paleoclimate research community feel are deep flaws in methodology and data quality.” Obviously, Mann does not “speak” for the entire community and Bradley believes Mann is not in step with the “community” in that regard.


    Hughes demonstrate the position of a responsible scientist, writing “We should avoid all appearance (and reality) of pressuring any journal or organization.” This is a very strong indication of his integrity and commitment to good science and the proper means to engage the scientific community. But, Mann isn’t having any of it. See, ABOR/MH/Priv-005944. Bradly and Hughes cave on this. See, ABOR/MH/Priv-005950 …


    In late 2000, efforts to replicate the MBH98 & MBH99 temperature reconstructions had already begun to invalidate the hockey stick output. Of particular concern by Mann was the efforts by Tom Crowley, Phil Jones and Keith Briffa. Dr. Hughes describes the contretemps as rising from a “mental block accepting the basic idea of your [Mann’s] methods.” In contrast, Mann describes this as

    “Phil and Keith (and sadly, Tom) simply just don’t seem know what the hell they’re doing here or, if they do, they are being intentionally deceptive.” See, ABOR/MH/Priv-000523 – ABOR/MH/Priv-000529.

    Michael Mann has demonstrated a lack of civility in the past and that behavior is on full display in the Hughes collection. In comparison, Dr. Hughes does not engage in such behavior.


    The Esper/Mann disagreement was not completely civil. Mann directly accuses a Science Journal editor of “bad judgment” for allowing publication of a paper with which Mann disagrees…”

    etc etc…

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