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Do you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 containment measures? Do you hesitate to don your mask, practice proper social distancing, or (eventually) roll up your sleeve for the experimental mRNA vaccine? Then you're a sociopath who needs to be dealt with, according to a team of researchers from Brazil. Join James as he explores this latest attempt to pathologize political dissent, the horrific history of the weaponization of psychology for political purposes, and what this tells us about the coming biosecurity paradigm.

Sociopathic traits linked to non-compliance with mask guidelines and other COVID-19 containment measures

Dr. Fauci Made the Coronavirus Pandemic Worse by Lying About Masks

Compliance with containment measures to the COVID-19 pandemic over time: Do antisocial traits matter?

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

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DANGEROUS MINDS: Political Psychiatry in China Today and its Origins in the Mao Era

The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks – #PropagandaWatch

New Report: Aiding Torture

Episode 098 – Weaponized Psychology

Interview 474 – The Anti-Authoritarian Mind with Dr. Bruce Levine

‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

From Bioethics to Eugenics

The development and initial tests for the psychometric properties of the COVID-19 Phobia Scale (C19P-S)

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  1. Sonicsyringe says:

    James, do you have any thoughts regarding common/natural law as a possible solution to the corruption we are facing? Best wishes, Alan

    • CreativeLife says:

      Sonic, I was just putting this together

      Breaking News Release: Tuesday, August 25, 2020

      COVID restrictions and mandatory vaccinations are outlawed and nullified by Common Law Assembly; Citizens are encouraged to resist police state measures as officials are threatened with fines and imprisonment

      Parksville, British Columbia (Republic News Service)

      In an historic act of direct democracy last night, the Oceanside Common Law Assembly (OCLA) passed a Public Safety Bylaw that prohibits COVID restrictions and mandatory distancing, masking, quarantines, and vaccinations anywhere in the communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Canada’s west coast.

      As of today, anyone who tries to impose COVID regulations on the people of these communities can face fines and imprisonments by OCLA and its Common Law Court.

      Citing International law, the Assembly Bylaw states that these COVID regulations “are unlawful, unwarranted and medically unsound measures that threaten and assault the fundamental liberties, health and security of the people of our community … Therefore it is ordered that no-one is obligated to consent to or comply with any of these regulations … and anyone is free to actively resist and disobey such regulations and measures by any means necessary without fear of legal consequence.”

      The Bylaw concludes by accusing anyone who tries to impose COVID regulations on the community as being part of a criminal conspiracy and threatens them with “penalties and imprisonment upon conviction by the Common Law Court of Parksville … All police authorities are expected and compelled by law to enforce this Bylaw or be charged with obstructing justice and democratic process.”

      In the words of one of the authors of the Bylaw,

      “We made history tonight by putting power back in the hands of the people. This is our answer to the police state and the COVID scam. We call on people everywhere to take the same step through their own Common Law Assemblies and Courts”.

      Since 2015, more than forty Common Law Assemblies have formed across Canada, many of them under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata. The Assemblies have become the front-line defense of Canadians who are resisting the corporate police state.
      CONT’D hopefully not snipped

      • CreativeLife says:

        Republic of Kanata Announcement

        Police State measures outlawed by Common Law Peoples’ Assembly as people empowered to resist


        Abolishing and Outlawing COVID Restrictions, Mandatory Vaccinations and other Unlawful, Unhealthy and Unwarranted Measures in our Community

        Issued by The Oceanside Common Law Assembly (OCLA) on Monday, August 24, 2020

        LET IT BE KNOWN that the regulations in Canada that restrict free movement and association, impose mandatory quarantines, distancing, medical testing and vaccinations, and require the wearing of masks are unlawful, unwarranted and medically unsound measures that threaten and assault the fundamental liberties, health and security of the people of our community and violate the internationally recognized legal right of free and informed consent that governs all medical procedures. (Nuremberg Code, 1947)

        THEREFORE IT IS ORDERED by the Oceanside Common Law Assembly as a voice and defender of the people of our community that a) no-one is obligated to consent to or comply with any of these regulations, regardless of what authority, person or individual is ordering or compelling them, and b) anyone is free to actively resist and disobey such regulations and measures by any means necessary without fear of legal consequence.

        IT IS FURTHER ORDERED by the Assembly that any individual, official, body corporate or their agent that requires or imposes any of these regulations on anyone in our community is taking part in a criminal conspiracy against their life, wellbeing and liberty, and stands in violation of this Order. As one engaged in a crime, the offender is subject to penalties and imprisonment upon conviction by the Common Law Court of Parksville, British Columbia.

        This Order is issued on August 24, 2020 as a legal Bylaw by the Oceanside Common Law Assembly and has the full effect and force of the Law.

        All police authorities are expected and compelled by law to enforce this Bylaw or be charged with obstructing justice and democratic process.

        OCLA Bylaw No. A-09242020-101A
        I’m hoping this will not get snipped
        Thread will be lost in traffic

    • holmesmd2 says:

      Finally some are doing more than just talk!! Hooray!

      Again: THE ROOT of this at least in the medical field are called “Emergency Use Authorizations” and must be challenged on Constitutional Grounds…otherwise we’re just trimming the trees….there are a couple more titles I’ll post later. The POTUS actually mentioned this phrase in a speech yesterday or the day before…and it does start at the top…not the Governor’s.

      Anyway: these two are worth a look:

      ““Here is the question: can a governor, for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all, simply declare himself to possess limitless powers?” Blackburn said.

      Blackburn said the lawsuit is not a criticism of Lee’s actions during the pandemic but rather a safeguard against the legal structure that has the potential to be abused by future governors.

      “Gov. Lee is a decent, well-intentioned man, but we have had scoundrels as governors in the past, and given the human condition, we will have scoundrels again in the future,” Blackburn said. “We cannot tolerate abuse of power, even for motives that are appropriate.””

      And this:

      Here’s more to look into but the roots are the place to start: this is one of MANY in the results…

      Trump Has Secret Emergency Powers? –
      [Search domain]
      “The Article II to which Trump was referring is the section of the U.S. constitution that outlines the powers given to the president. Among other things, that article requires that the president …

  2. dooglio says:

    As always, James, thank you for your tireless work!

  3. butternut says:

    Pathologize dissent, pathologize the questioning of authority, pathologize “inappropriate” skepticism, pathologize independent thought. Do you wonder if maybe aiming and shooting a little gun at every kid’s forehead every day may have some psychological effect on them? Oh, you and your paranoid delusions! (there’s a vaccine for that; let’s get you to the doctor)

    Seriously, immense thank you James for propaganda watch. It is so incredibly necessary and valuable.

  4. Noahsark723 says:

    The day is coming when they will write up in their mental health manual that “believing in conspiracy” as a mental health disease.

    Then all they will have to do is zap you with their black project emf “mind control” weapons and it will convince all of those around you that you have lost your mind.

    These emf weapons are the trump card up their sleeves.

    Look up operation crimson mist and then apply that to what we see happening with all of the ivory tower funded social unrest.

    This is a huge subject that needs to be looked at – you must know the weapons and tools of your enemy as much as it is important to know their tactics and plans.

  5. padraig says:

    reminds me of getting pinched for ‘care and control’ years ago. part of the endless punishments was a trip down to the mental health hospital, where, after inputting my info, the mental health ‘expert’ declared that as an avid cyclist i was displaying critical danger/thrill seeking behaviors.
    my weekend of shame, confession, and personal abasement became 16 weekends!!!!!! whee. she (the expert) was unable to steer me towards any activity that would lower my reckless nature or score. i made sure i rode a bicycle to every one of those appointments. i think it was about a 50 klik one way journey. i, naturally, forgot to apply pit juice every morning and in fact i forgot to wear new gear every sunday. as a veteran of many 24 hour team events, struggling into wet cycling shorts and jersey was pretty old hat! (yuck) of course i managed to find a seat quite close to the expert. about half way through the bike racks disappeared. only on the weekends. hehe. her coat rack in the corner turned out to be a decent place to lock it up.
    saw my first fact check today! apparently the myth of irish slaves in north america is just that. a myth. they were indentured servents. not slaves. dying. from heat stroke. and starvation. wheeeeeee!!!!!! thank god they straightened that mess out.

  6. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    i have not seen James answer a single questions in the comments recently i hope he is okay.

  7. NES says:

    The most irresponsible and unscientific ‘study (ha)’ that I’ve seen in years. Guess who is profiting from this POS?

  8. FlyingAxblade says:

    had to convince a guy today that it was okay to enter the grocery even if he forgot his mask, he “don’t want to be ‘that guy'”. Told him I AM that guy. He straightened up his back and walked in.

    • NES says:

      THANK YOU for being ‘that guy’. You performed a service for humanity, albeit seemingly small in scope but still important–one person CAN change the world.

      I talk to people on the streets/stores who I’ve never met and on an on-going basis. 99% of them are wanting to be ‘that guy’ but are complying out of necessity ONLY. Guy in our building (mandatory masks currently for public buildings) said the same to my husband yesterday when he was going out to walk our dogs without a mask. He actually circled around behind him in order to begin a conversation. He had a mask. He reached to shake my husband’s hand after they spoke, there was a moment of confusion but they shook hands. Then he said, I just wear it out of the necessity to get by, not because I believe this stuff.

      Ours is not a public building. It’s secured from the public at every entrance and all elevators. A ‘fob’ is necessary to enter or ride. Yet the corporation who owns it, pumped up by their property manager’s compliance, has decided to interpret this site in the most extreme manner possible putting up signs that the residents must comply with the new law on every floor. After a couple of weeks the maintenance man asked if we’d been out of town. I said no I just don’t go to the first floor any longer as it’s open to the public and I refuse to wear a mask IN MY OWN HOME! He told the property manager, of course. She has never said a word to me on the subject. I avoid her shouldn’t-be-public area and she stays off our floor. We are in a stand-off ignoring one another, currently. When I have to deal with someone who is uninformed, afraid and compliant telling me I need to comply I ask them–“Why doesn’t your mask work?”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        NES and FlyingAxeblade,
        I love hearing these anecdotes.
        Hearing these little tidbits encourages us all. It is grounding.

        NES, That is a great come-back line when someone demands compliance to wear a mask…
        “Why? Doesn’t your mask work?”

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          “NES, That is a great come-back line when someone demands compliance to wear a mask…
          “Why? Doesn’t your mask work?” ”

          Well actually TPTB have a comeback to that.
          You see officially, the story is that masks don’t protect the person who is wearing it, they just prevent a sick person from spreading the disease!

          I know I know, it doesn’t make sense at all.
          In essence they are saying that masks only work in one direction.

          They prevent viruses from escaping the mask, BUT they don’t prevent viruses from entering the mask!!!

          I kid you not, this is their current official conspiracy story!

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Those people must have their masks on “inside-out”.
            They need to flip ’em around so the anti-viral part protects them.

            • Fawlty Towers says:

              Good one! 🙂

              And here’s the thing.

              If you poll 100 people on the street and ask them why they wear their face masks, I guarantee that 90% will say
              “What are you some kind of a kook? Don’t you know there is pandemic going on with a killer virus? I don’t want to get sick and die!”

              That is, if they don’t punch you in the face first. 🙂

              (In other words, most won’t even know the official story for face mask use.)

              • NES says:

                This has not been my experience at all. It’s been 99% in the opposite direction.

              • mkey says:

                In my area, people will claim that if they have to wear it, you have to as well. Of course, discussion about why they have to wear it is off the table. It’s just important to get them in circular logic reasoning and they’ll spin for a while.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      As NES says:
      THANK YOU for being ‘that guy’.
      You performed a service for humanity, albeit seemingly small in scope but still important–one person CAN change the world.

    • taxSlave says:

      Today I went grocery shopping with a bare face, and as I walked in, some guy behind me tome I needed a face mask, I asked him if he was a store employee, he said no, and I said “ok Karen, mind your own business” and walked away as he was saying something about protecting others.

      If a store employee said anything, my response would have been: My doctor advised me that I can not safely wear a face covering.

      Of course my tru medical reason is that I have an IQ above 100 and understand the consequences of wearing a mask and the effectiveness.

      • NES says:

        “I have an IQ above 100 and understand the consequences of wearing a mask and the effectiveness.”

        LOVE IT. I read a few years back that the average IQ is no longer 100 but is now 90 in the USA. The ‘average’ was changed to accommodate the public school system graduates, apparently. Sure throws a pall over advanced course work, huh? They are not smart but simply smarter than the average–not difficult.

        taxSlave you simply need to be brought into compliance–perhaps a Gulag lobotomy to lower that IQ!?

  9. scpat says:

    Aren’t there Portuguese speakers in the Corbett Report audience? Maybe they can clarify this study as to what the authors were actually stating.

    There are a couple thoughts I wanted to share on this propaganda watch and this tectonic societal event we are all experiencing:

    – Regarding people who are deemed crazy for not going along with the official narrative, besides 9/11, this was also demonstrated with the events after the JFK assassination. This was explained in JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglas. The notes I took when reading the book, below:

    Ralph Leon Yates, a refrigeration mechanic, was driving between jobs on November 20, 1963 when he stopped and picked up a hitchhiker at 10:30AM. The man he picked up was carrying a brown package about 4 feet long. Yates told him he could place it in the back of his pickup truck but the man insisted that he keep the package inside the cab with them. He said the package contained curtain rods. While driving conversation started about Kennedy’s upcoming visit to Dallas. According to Yates’ report to the FBI after the Kennedy’s assassination, the hitchhiker asked him if he thought a person could assassinate the president. He then asked if it could be done from a tall building. The hitchhiker pulled out a photo of a man with a rifle and asked Yates if he thought that gun would do the job. The man then asked Yates if he knew the President’s parade route. The hitchhiker asked to be dropped off on Houston Street. He was dropped off near the Texas School Book Depository. Later that day, Yates told his coworkers about the strange conversation. After Kennedy was assassinated, Yates realized that the hitchhiker looked identical to Lee Harvey Oswald (he also picked him up near to where Oswald lived), so he attempted to tell his story to the FBI. They did not want to hear it. He tried on four different occasions. The last time he told his story he did so in a polygraph examination. The polygraph results indicated he was telling the truth. That wasn’t the result the FBI was looking for, so they decided the test was “inconclusive.” The problem the FBI had with Yates’ story is that Oswald’s cover story in the Warren Commission Report involved Oswald asking a coworker on November 21 (one day after Yates’ hitchhiker was carrying “curtain rods”) to drive him to his wife’s house to pick up curtain rods he said he would later install in an apartment. Oswald brought the package containing what he said were curtain rods into work the next day. According to his coworkers, the package was about 2 feet long. That is smaller than the size of a rifle, even fully broken down. The FBI could not have 2 Oswald curtain rod stories, so they accepted one and silenced the other. After Yates’ last trip to the FBI office to tell his story, they told him he needed to immediately drive to Woodlawn Hospital, a hospital for the mentally ill. He spent the rest of his 11 years of life locked inside various mental hospitals. Yates never recanted on his story and kept talking about it until he died.

    • scpat says:


      – This immense social pressure campaign that is going on all over the world is a true sign of a very sick society. As the Zen Master and philosopher Alan Watts once said, “So every sane society allows a certain number of people to deviate. Monks. Some sort of outsiders. And says you don’t have to join, you don’t have to play the game. A society which is insane and unsure of itself cannot allow that to happen it’s everybody must join everybody must work. Everybody must belong. And then freedom disappears.”

      – The social pressure campaign and attempted take-over of the minds of individuals can also be seen in videos from the establishment political comedy jesters, such as Stephen Colbert:

      Karen, Please Just Wear A Mask

  10. vaniasas says:

    At the present time the reading of Thomas Szatsz is very important.
    Honestly he was warning and being so interesting about this.

    One of the best authors of last century.

    • chris says:

      Vaniasis, I am glad you mentioned Thomas Szasz- I was immediately reminded of his work during the video.

      I also highly recommend that Corbett Report members interested in the topic of this video look in to his writings. He has a number of books and articles that are readily available online (for instance, search for one of his most well known books, “The Myth of Mental Illness”).

  11. manbearpig says:

    How to kill two birds with one stone
    How to create two pathologies with a single virus.

    The pathologization of dissent conversely evokes the further normalization of conformity.

    It’s this “medical” normalization of conformity that I find profoundly eerie. A “medical” normalization of conformity via a “medical” emergency that is as frightening as it is engineered.

    Again, at the risk of sounding decidedly paranoid, what scares me the most is not the frightening antagonism of the corrupt and or otherwise coerced authorities but rather the collaboration of my entourage with these authorities; an entourage who would finally obtain a sufficiently satisfying if not comforting explanation for my otherwise mystifying case of dissent and history of conspiracy theory; Yes a comforting explanation as it comforts them in their own physical and mental health.
    Good people being transformed into unjust persecutors through fear and manipulation. Sort of reminds me of Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”.

    and this is also why I particularly enjoyed a recent Corbett commenter’s proposition of the term “Doctatorship” to describe this current covid paradigm.

  12. geisha says:

    Talk about sociopaths. Who is the sociopath? The person who looks through the mud, or the ones who want to put your head into the mud?

    These clowns try with all their power to discredit anybody who cares enough to educate themselves on what’s wrong with the narrative concerning a disease that hasn’t even been properly defined.

    Yale will run a trial to see how to best make people take the Covid19 vaccine:
    COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1

    Other: Control message
    Other: Baseline message
    Other: Personal freedom message
    Other: Economic freedom message
    Other: Self-interest message
    Other: Community interest message
    Other: Economic benefit message
    Other: Guilt message
    Other: Embarrassment message
    Other: Anger message
    Other: Trust in science message
    Other: Not bravery message

    All the while, the CDC lists a May 2020 review study that shows (according to 14 or 15 different quality research studies) that face masks protect neither the the wearer nor those around him from influenza like infections. The CDC also turned the mortality rate down to ridiculously low:

    It appears that the covid PCR test uses the exact same 16 nucleotide sequence as is present in the human chromosome 8, which explains not only the random test results but also why just everybody can test positive or not (depending on one’s current tissue detox state).

    So a sociopath is now defined as people who know stuff they’re not supposed to know.

    Where is my SOMA (Brave New World) to calm me down?

    • manbearpig says:

      Thanks for the links geisha.
      Will use CDC link (for the fatality rate of course) with students and an email correspondant of mine is particularly interested in the second.

    • manbearpig says:

      so in a nutshell, concerning your second link, according to the website’s commenter “stephers” hypothesis based on the supposed revelation of “Chromosome 8”,

      this contrived Covid-19 psyop is both:

      “…an extension of a massive epigenomics R&D operation…”


      “…a massive, global simulation (functional pandemic preparedness exercise)…”.

      very interesting…

    • manbearpig says:

      Gosh, I hadn’t noticed the dates on the comments of your second link Geisha.

      And had I simply read the April 11th comment following Stephers’ engaging hypotheses I would have seen that it seems to have been debunked. Can’t say for sure though as I don’t have time to delve into the science of all that at present.

      Seems the “Chromosome 8” theory is obsolete according to the last comments on that website:

      “Bernd Paysan
      April 11, 2020 at 5:23 am

      People, the virus is an RNA virus, and chromosome 8 is DNA. It’s not going to be replicated by the RT-PCR, because this process starts with the Reverse Transcriptase (RT!), and therefore does not copy DNA.

      The remaining question is whether this snipped can exist as RNA in human cells, which is still possible, but not necessarily likely. The overall test is positive if all three primers+probes are found, so one false positive primer does not kill the entire test.

      Furthermore, you also need to have the probe in proximity to the primer. If the PCR doesn’t hit the probe, the test will stay negative. Is the probe found in chromosome 8?

      The Chinese had some problems with their test in the first weeks, and changed things to improve the situation. This is normal in such a situation, where tests are developed in a hurry. The US CDC had severe quality issues in the beginning, even water tested positive.


      April 12, 2020 at 9:53 am

      “Thank you for the comment. This is honestly what I was looking for…hoping to be wrong. Although I disagree that the process could not possibly be thrown off by this error. Any instances where chromosome 8 had been unzipped for replication would leave the matching sequence available for the PCR primer to anneal. This might not cause full replication by the PCR process, but if the test is so touchy you would really think this could throw off their results. If as you say plain water originally tested positive. Thanks again for the comment…”

      However stephers’ hypotheses concerning an epigenomic experiment (and pretext for developing and testing RNA vaccine tech) and worldwide pandemic drill are still provocative in addition to all of the other obvious NWO goals achieved by the “THREAT OF THE VIRUS” all outlined here on TCR…

  13. CreativeLife says:

    More Sociopath action ” everything is upside down and reversed, that is the nature of the beast system and its occult practices.”
    You can count it a fact that every body of information that comes out from this Technocracy system is based on scientism that has nothing to do with health.
    The WHO is much more than you think and as their Technocratic Generals band together in the spiritual realm, they will find out who is the Great territorial Spirit.

    Our case against the Canadian governments and Covid Broadcasting Corporation
    Rocco Galati’s interviews as we finally break out of the controlled media

    Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued Over COVID Measures; Sets Worldwide Example w/ Rocco Galati

    Rocco Galati, COVID-19 Supreme Court Lawsuit

    Rocco is leading the Constitutional front.
    Intercessors rise up!

    The last week has been incredibly eventful, He wants his little ones protected in every way. For those who are asleep or napping, we are standing in the gap. Fear Not. Love overcomes Fear.

    Time for a refreshing music break, cucumbers are on ice; ready to pickle.
    Power of Your Love

    • CQ says:

      Speaking of the occult, CreativeLife et al., last weekend I ran across this article, written three months ago:

      It’s about “How Mask-Wearing, Hand-Washing, Social Separation and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order.”

      Yes, it’s written from a Christian perspective, and, yes, it quotes many Bible verses, but if what the author is saying about these initiation rituals is true, then his reason for wanting to defeat the occultic New Global Order is neither here nor there.

      What he says in this article explains, for me, much of the madness of the mandatories — and of the mandaters!

  14. katiyi says:

    The participants to the study were recruited on Facebook. Therefore, the subjects were not randomly selected, but rather they themselves decided to take part to the investigation.
    In statistics, such a sample is called “Voluntary Response Sample” and is considered a non-representative sample. Therefore, the study has strictly NO VALUE.
    In addition, as highlighted by James, only two confounding variables are taken into consideration, sex and age. Maybe, the levels of corruption/trust in institutions might be another confounding variable?

    But I would suggest they research the following thing: if we follow the researchers conclusions, and admitting that the prevention measures are effective, it is primarily sociopaths who should fall ill.

    • NES says:

      Thank you for this information. It’s important to know the proper language that describes this POS propaganda the so-called psy-site is calling a ‘study’. LOVE the logic equivalent best. (Someone went to college and was actually listening when taught critical thinking. THANK YOU!)

  15. Qno says:

    It reminds me of Logan’s Run, where everybody stayed under the dome because they believed the outside world was dangerous.

  16. ….This all Feels like I am being forced to sit and watch a really bad Sci-Fi movie again and again -you know the ones I mean, that B- movie with really bad actors and a terrible music score; one you can watch only once -for a laugh. Now the thing is, I’m bored -and I really want to leave!

    But now …there’s also a guy just outside with a gun, taking names. WTF?

    I keep thinking, what if everyone just got up and left, at the same time -surely that asshole with the gun would… be powerless to stop us.


    • Fact Checker says:

      Not only are we suffering this overlong, intolerably bad movie, just wanting out of the theater…
      but the audience is packed with enthusiastic masked fanatics cheering at every cheesy line and phony special effect!
      That’s the problem. Most of the audience like. This. Movie.
      They wouldn’t miss the Big Finale (aka Darth Gates’s Final Solution Order 66) for anything.
      The guy with the gun is more than enough to deter the few “bad apples” in the crowd like you and me.
      In fact, the frenzied crowd would block us before we got to the aisle.

      • …all WE need is just 10% of the population to stand-up to say ENOUGH!… IMO, many of the meek will then stand-up with US. I have this deep down feeling (there goes those feelings again) that there are many many more than just the few of us ready to do so, they just need encouragement. ( I’m also an optimist, as you might have guessed. )

        Who was it that said -either we all stand together or we will hang separately.


        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You are absolutely right!

          Many, many, many folks will be doing actions this August 29th,
          many folks have been doing actions in recent weeks!
          (Scroll up and down this ACTION THREAD)

        • Fact Checker says:

          “Standing up” is strictly an abstraction.
          No substance.
          Humans come in two flavors: producers (like herbivores) and politicians (the predators).
          Politicians know how to use violence: they’re psychically equipped for it.
          Producers are not. They wouldn’t know how to “stand up” any more than a flock of gazelles can “stand up” to a pride of lions. The herbivores are only designed to graze until the last moment as death descends, when they flee instinctively with the rest of the flock, while the slowest get caught and devoured by the lions. The cunning hyenas, moreover, lurk on the flanks and anticipate the flight-path of some of the agile ones, and those gazelles get taken down too.

          There is no “standing up.” The phrase doesn’t connote any particular action in the context you use it, because there is simply nothing the atomized-but-homogenized masses are capable of, except grazing until the moment of their demise. Producers can’t imagine what would happen after violence, and so they would never engage in it. They can only think about maintaining the material existence they have worked for all their life. They won’t do anything to jeopardize their careers, their social standing, and their little home, however humble. The Jews rounded up into ghettos kept struggling, striving and saving up for the future as their fellows were systematically enslaved, starved, experimented on, executed, and tossed into mass graves. They were totally incapable of violence. The masses today are even softer.

          Sucks…but inescapable.

          • NES says:

            Apparently, you haven’t seen a herd of female deer, even small herds, ward off predators. They are fearless, but then they are female. I’ve watched them do it many times. They stand together against packs of wolves and coyotes and win the decision by driving the pack away.

            Again, let me repeat: They are female. My husband, a highly decorated vet, says he never, ever crosses women because females will turn deadly when brought to anger and will not stop until you are crushed. Gives me hope.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I agree. If one looks at the American Revolution, only a small number of people stood up and fought.

          I think it comes down to how many people are capable of leading others, there tend to be a smaller number of people with natural inclination. Good leaders can generate good opposition.

          • Fact Checker says:

            Again, the American Revolution was a masterful coup d’etat, planned meticulously by a dedicated group of brilliant, ruthless and extremely wealthy elites, who operated through secret societies to accomplish thoroughly-conceived and precise goals. They quite literally “stood up and fought” with an organized and funded army. They had PLANS. They had MEANS. They had IDEAS and DISCIPLINE.

            They didn’t just sit around the publick house waiting for Redcoats to randomly stage a raid, and then find themselves the “new government” after the smoke cleared.

            Such a thing as the AmRevs accomplished is in no way feasible for the scattered and disenfranchised dissident set in the current global tyranny. Proof of that is in the nonstop wishful thinking and glittering generalities that perversely pass for “optimism” on the internet nowadays…

  17. Stronghorse says:

    Here is what came to mind while watching this.

    I went over to the Sargent, said, “Sargent, you got a lot a damn gall to ask me if I’ve rehabilitated myself, I mean, I mean, I mean that just, I’m sittin’ here on the bench, I mean I’m sittin’ here on the Group W bench’ cause you want to know if I’m moral enough join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages after bein’ a litterbug.”
    He looked at me and said, “Kid, we don’t like your kind, and we’re gonna send you fingerprints off to Washington.”

    Does this make sense to anyone other than me, or am I just age dating myself?

  18. studiotwoseven says:

    Anyone catch this tidbit about adding lithium to the water to make us less suicidal?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Interesting that they are again (July 2020) bringing up the “Lithium added to water” idea.
      Thanks studiotwoseven.

      • NES says:

        The movie Serenity! 30-million murdered because the predatory class wanted to calm the public, weed out aggression.

        Of course, our predators are talking lithium again. They are afraid and they should be cause things have just got going.

  19. troymc says:

    Yesterday I quoted Chris Witty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, in the comment section on the CBC website, a quote where Witty reminded people that the virus is not that dangerous for the vast majority of people it encounters.

    Someone replied and suggested that I must have psychopathic tendencies.

    There is a phenomenon that I have dubbed ‘Pandemic Lovers’. There seems to be more than a few people out there, for whom the ‘global pandemic’ is fulfilling, gives meaning, meets some longing for collectivism.

    I have also noted that, in the comments, some of the pandemic lovers often wish death on others, that others who don’t take it seriously enough should deserve to die from it.

    • Qno says:

      Brits especially love a crisis. It takes them out of the humdrum world of the daily commute on the A13. Maybe there is also a certain ‘spirit of the blitz’ thing as well. They like the unity they feel of pulling together to solve a problem. So, they have misidentified the problem.

      Interesting was that film clip with Dickie Attenborough that was shown in Rich Man’s Trick, where the guy in the suit gets punched in a pub for saying ‘everyone knows it’s a phony war’ (WW2).

      The real trick we amateur propagandists need to pull off is to create a sense of unity in pandemic resistance and scepticism, and a sense of isolation in pandemic lovers. What we are doing needs to be hip. The trouble is, it isn’t. And if it were, would George Soros buy out the movement?

      • troymc says:

        ‘we amateur propagandists’ It’s hard to resist, eh? I must admit to having a go at it, trying to clue someone in to what is going on. To whom I said ‘i estimate that up to 30% of the population have already figured it out’. Which might actually be accurate, anyway it does present the idea of the cool kids club, and ‘are you gonna be a member? are you gonna be one of the people who figures it out?’.

      • gauntlet33 says:

        Exactly. I totally agree. People are unfortunately followers and tend to vote for the most popular person, idea, etc. Therefore, we do need to make it hip, smart, etc. to say “NO” to the mask and all other oppressive conduct.

        • Qno says:

          There is another way to approach this, taking a leaf out of the propagandist manual. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Given enough resources we could start a grass-roots (astroturf) campaign to promote the c-virus narrative and oppose anybody who challenges it. Then we can manage THAT message in our own way. Anybody motivated?

          • cu.h.j says:

            Yes I agree with this. We need more leaders and brave examples like JC. We need an armed resistance too.

            • Qno says:

              Armed with what? I reckon an army of hackers could do more than an army of riflemen. Let’s float some creative ideas for how to defeat the enemy, just as an academic exercise in tactical thinking, mind you. Mine is, let’s take over Elon’s self-driving Tesla. How about send around a bunch of memos at CNN HQ? The possibilities are endless.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Both are needed. Preferable hackers who are also armed with weapons. Non-violent means of opposition and violent means or the willingness to use force are necessary for the situation at hand in my opinion.

              • Jed says:

                No more leaders, that’s how we got into this mess, no leaders and no followers and no violence—I don’t know what to do but I know what not to do and that is anything that supports the sociopaths on this planet. The so called rulers are a round-shouldered pack of inept soft-handed spazholes. They need slaves to do just about everything.

              • Qno says:

                Jed, you’re right. So, we just need the whole of the human race to get on board with that idea. So, some leadership is required. And thus why hierarchies emerge, simple physics. You can’t lead people into a philosophy of no leadership, you can’t coordinate the emergence of anarchy. So, what to do? How do we achieve a critical mass of resolve without leadership? Rhetorical questions but if you know the answer do please help me out here. Meantime, I feel I have no choice but to get behind or beside some kind of movement to stop this happening, if such a thing appears and if that has a leader, too bad, it has to be. Let’s not be so stubborn about our ideologies that we become the People’s Front of Judea. Our survival is at stake. Peace love, freedom and unity just descending at this moment is not very realistic.

              • Jed says:

                Yes, a paradox, and followership is the problem. I’ve lost just about every material thing I had living by how I feel but it’s worth it. I’ve accomplished this by running my mouth to everyone and anyone. If you call them educators and not leaders, and hold them in that spirit, I’m with you Qno.

              • Qno says:

                This whole time period reminds me of Cabaret, in the build up to WW2 in Berlin. The scene where the Michael York character says “we’ll let the Nazis deal with the communists, then we’ll deal with the Nazis”. I can sympathise with that feeling, I accept it is totally naive.

                That said, while Trump is kicking deep state butts at the moment I say let him continue to do so. Lets see Brennan in prison and all that. Is there a deeper state behind that? Maybe: this is the eternal sea. Politics, kings and tyrants will not go away in our lifetime or anyone’s lifetime. My grandfather once wrote ‘in the end we all have to choose our own prison’. I can’t see a way that he is wrong. The idealist in me keeps looking for one.

                Was Churchill an establishment psycho? Probably. Am I sorry he led the British to apparent victory in what we perceive as WW2? No way.

                So, I realise the world might be better without governments and leaders and so on. Perhaps. Nature abhors a vacuum though, something will fill it. And that something will be human, hopefully.

                So, being a realist, I hope to goodness that Trump wins in November, as the least worst of the feasible outcomes. It will still be messy, there is a war on after all. Campaigning for an end to government now of all times is simply poor strategy.

                This stuff isn’t going to end, ever, and moral victories are for losers. A more realistic intention is for a workable equilibrium to arise and rid the world of some of the bad guys. Give a bloody nose to the rest. That’s how it has always been and how it always will be.

              • Jed says:

                Trump who still gives shout-outs to Grizle Maxwell? Fuck him and the child sniffing dementia patient he’s opposing. If a meteorite were to pulverizes both of them there’d immediately be two more assholes to take their place. They’re criminals, skells, scumbags and con artists, all of them. I stay away from those kind of people and tell everyone the same. I don’t get many arguments on that one, not as many as the mask thing anyway. Experts need to be outed next— left brained retards — fuck then too, if I ever find out who made this Aloha-gal tic disease I’m gonna gut them, and I fucking mean it.

              • Qno says:

                You’re not wrong, but good luck with that plan

      • Qno says:

        Following on from that, when I lived in Spain, I noticed the Spanish do not love a crisis the way Brits do. When something went wrong, they would move slowly, methodically, one person would deal with it, everyone else would keep their mind on the job. This is a country that (when I was there) could still remember the civil war, and the last thing anybody wanted was a crisis. My friend Jesus explained to me that in Spain the first rule of a crisis is not to sow the seeds of the next crisis.

    • Arby says:

      Randolph Bourne noted the phenomenon years ago. I talk about it all the time. The first of my 60 covid blog posts looked at his thoughts, intended to be published but not published because he died (1918). See “Corporate Media – A Terrifying Addiction” /

  20. Mal says:

    Morality pill (translation: Compliance pill) See Brave New World. They’ll force us into taking it soma or later….

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I’m with ManBearPig. What she says.

  22. peter64 says:

    I can only assume that by “The increase in COVID-19 cases in the country are not associated with people’s adherence to containment measures.” they meant to say “The increase in COVID-19 cases in the country are associated with people’s non-adherence to containment measures.” and they put the negation in the wrong place.

    Regarding the reddit comment by PokeDaLady about “disagreement” vs “compliance”.
    I think most people would be tempted to think this is an oversight on the writters part, but I think this feeds into the dictators dilema that it is insufficient that people admittedly comply but disagree as it will lead to their hurt ego and the inevitable collapse of their control due to discontentment. They need people to be incapable of differentiating compliance and disagreement, because that is when we become a true collective.

    I’ve seen this kind of group think in companies where they force alleged company values on people that are ambiguous and vague and often superficial and actually not in alignment with what actually happens.

    I’ve seen it abused in customer satisfaction surveys designed to make people say how much they like a company to positively polarize support in the customers mind for otherwise mediocre companies.

    Also it feeds into the whole thing about persecution for micro-aggression, the populace is being trained to believe that disagreement is bad and more-so disagreement and compliance is an impossibility. I’ve seen in other people how over time they have no memory of their support for policies that they now are adamently against. It disturbs me because it tells me that the majority of people cannot handle the cognitive dissonance of being forced to do something they disagree with for long periods of time, without internally rationalizing and supporting whatever action they are being forced to do, and that they ultimately don’t even remember they supported it.

    Anyways sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to say there is something very deep going on regarding the psychology changing peoples beliefs through changing their actions, and I don’t think the conflation of the terms is entirely by accident, or if it is, it may be a Freudian slip of sorts.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “I can only assume that …they meant to say ‘The increase in COVID-19 cases in the country are associated with people’s non-adherence to containment measures.’”

      I actually don’t think so. I think their actual point, in non-academic, non-google-translated English, was, “These sociopaths don’t even fall in line despite the increased cases afflicting the country [Brazil]!”

  23. Arby says:

    They forgot to add special and unique to the list of adjectives for covid 19. The novel, unique, special coronavirus. It reminds me of Donald Trump’s musings on the Free Trade Agreement. ‘We have to add ‘fair’ he lamented. I thought he could have added a whole list of cool adjectives.

    As for the ‘over here’ in relation to the pathologizing of dissent, just look at the police States that the US was largely responsible for, beginning with hero JFK’s toppling of the Brazilian government (which he started but died before it was completed). Very good documentation of that is found in Edward Herman’s “The Real Terror Network” and Edward Herman’s and Noam Chomsky’s “The Washington Connection And Third World Fascism.” Douglas Valentine’s “The Phoenix Program” is excellent and revealing as well and perhaps more to the point even than those other works.

  24. alexandre says:

    Did I regret watching this during dinner. Shivers? Try wall spraying jet vomiting.

    First it was excruciatingly funny to see Corbett dealing with the Brazilian spirit. At last! “What, wait, what…who…wait, what the….” Yes, James. Now you know. It’s a phonetic culture with an underlying assumption covered by a smile and a tanga on the cadeiras de uma garota being electrocuted on DOI-CODI’s underground. The Argentinean group Les Luthiers said it all. Pelé … y banana. There was true Brazil once, but it was substituted by this hyper esbornia.

    Second, I’m trying to find the original study in Portuguese, but I can’t find it. So I can’t check to see if the “what, wait, what…who…wait, what the….” is a translation problem or if it’s just the usual Brazilian competence. As far as I could see, the study was written in English (by Brazilians?). If someone can find the original, please let me know.

    I just sent an email to Fabiano Koich Miguel (one of the authors) asking for the original.

    Many links on that study redirect back to the same document and, with names like Pianowsky, I can’t help but feeling this is like the Extinction Rebellion site, a nonsense page designed by AI (or an insane cadaver) with fake names and indecipherable job descriptions etc. It looks like something created by some demented department on an advertising agency. Maybe James is wasting time trying to parse these make-believe nonsensical artifacts of the new asylum, but it’s still valid to point out that idiocies like that are part of a general ethos that is indeed taking us all to room 101.

    In my time all this was just so freaking bleeding obvious that you didn’t have to discuss it. Woody Allen has General Molina Vargas, for example, and even when the revolutionary leader takes over San Marcos, he says “From now on the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. Silence!” On a Get Smart episode Max goes to some place in South America and meets General Pajarito (little bird), who is the chief, the governor, the head of the university and the president. In a more serious vein, if you watch La Historia Oficial you have a good idea of how this works, and sense is the last thing to look for. Vargas will say anything and it’s the law, period. And I don’t have to mention once again the book Brasil Nunca Mais – and its Argentinean companion Nunca Más. Maybe all this will end in pizza, as we say here, but then again it might not, and a global Ditadura will continue growing fast on the horizon (thunder).

  25. Fact Checker says:

    “Corbett Report-eers”?
    Aw, c’mon James, it’s okay. You can say Corbetteers!
    It’s much catchier, and it won’t make you sound self-centered.

    • CQ says:

      Fact Checker,

      Corbetteers would be the opposite of the Maskateers, I suppose?

      • manbearpig says:

        yayYess! the masketeers! AWE SOME! HOli connoli! it’s all been waiting for this! the Corbetteers vs the Maskateers! Top là CQ! Trop fort!

      • Fact Checker says:


        Now why didn’t I think of that?

        • CQ says:

          Well, you started the Corbetteer ball rolling, Fact Checker. So please take a bow.

          I’m embarrassed that I mispelled my own made-up word: “Maskateers.” It should be “MaskEteers,” with an “E” in the middle, as you correctly spelled it. So please take another bow.

          Just like MuskEteers and MousEketeers.

          Speaking of “Three Musketeers,” shall we nominate Bill and Tony to be two of ’em? Who shall the third be? Melinda? Or one of the WHO officials? Maybe Tedros? Or Dr. Michael “remove family members from the home” Ryan?

          Then again, since Disney (the man, his movie company) is identified with triple-6 and the new “bill” (think “Bill”) in Congress is #6666, perhaps we should put mouse ears on the whole satanic cabal. Or, better yet, mouse-ears-shaped face masks.

          I’m sure a cartoonist could make a wacky meme or two from my crazy musings.

  26. Mal says:

    Hi all,

    Just a quick thought to those people, like me, who are discouraged by peoples’ reactions when we try to impart valuable information and insights such as those in this presentation; even when we are at pains to avoid being domineering.

    Passing on important information (in a respectful way) is effective, regardless, as it removes the recipient’s appeal to future claims of ignorance.

    Plausible deniability can no longer be claimed. “You communicated the information and you have a copy!” This is especially important when informing people in leadership/key positions – especially if they are pursuing predaceous policies while disguised as the proverbial sheep; they may do nothing, but they can no longer claim ignorance!! Eventually they will be exposed to the light.

    Not exactly a killer punch, but certainly a nail in their coffin which may well be hammered in at some time in the future. 🙂

    Cheers Mal

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good point. Very good point.
      I will remember that the next time I have a reservation about bringing up the topic.
      Recently, I almost did not broach the topic…

      ANECDOTE – A Covid Case in the family
      One of my younger brothers called me Sunday after his church let out. He’s a minister. He enthusiastically thrives on large social interactions, and I can tell that this Covid shutdown of in-person group settings is killing that spark.

      When I asked about his boys, he tells me that one has Covid. The boy is married with a pregnant wife. There are already complications surrounding the pregnancy. He isolates in a separate room of their house. After a couple rough days, evidently he is doing better.

      I told my brother to have his son give me a call if he wants to know of natural things which can be done. I also relayed the fact that I watched testimonies of many Covid cases who applied certain natural remedies and quickly recovered, but YouTube has since censored them.
      My brother is well aware of my science degree and penchant for natural remedies, but I do not preach it to him. I use a light touch when bringing up the topic.
      I did warn him about Ibuprofen & Covid. That prompted all kinds of questions.

      I brought up the fact that YouTube and all the social media are censoring a tremendous amount of information, with the examples of America’s Frontline Doctors and a recent documentary. Briefly, I mentioned the India and Africa Bill Gates vaccine scenario (he has been to those countries on church work.)
      My brother had no clue.
      He could not fathom that such a thing as censorship or that vaccine harm was occurring. It was a foreign concept.
      However, he did not “reach”. He did not really want to know more, and so I dropped that line of thought and moved on to more mundane topics.

      He knows about my thoughts on 9/11 and other such topics, but I don’t preach it to him. Actually, he returns the favor. He doesn’t preach to me.
      We do often share a lot of jokes and humor.
      My jokes are cleaner than some of his.

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    From The American Psychiatric Association (APA)
    July 31, 2020

    (By the way, the website and “News Releases” is worth looking at.)
    Susceptibility to Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

    Conspiracy theories, which explain events or a set of circumstances as the result of secret plot by usually powerful and malevolent groups, are quite common. One study reported in JAMA estimated that about half of Americans believe at least one medical conspiracy theory, such as those relating to cancer cures, vaccines or cell phones. [GT1] Research has provided some understanding about why people are drawn to conspiracy theories and what makes some people more likely to believe than others.

    In a commentary in Psychiatric Services last week, Richard Friedman, M.D., notes that “some conspiracy theories, such as the belief that Earth is flat or that the moon landing was faked by the government, are laughable and harmless.”
    Others, however, such as the idea that vaccines are part of plot to cause harm, can be dangerous.
    Belief in conspiracies can prevent people from seeking medical treatment and from sticking to it…

    …One 2018 study identified some characteristics common to people who are more susceptible to conspiracies.
    People who are more suspicious, untrusting, eccentric, and tend to see the world as a dangerous place are more likely to see meaningful patterns where they might not exist and to believe in conspiracy theories…

    …The authors identify three basic categories of motivation driving people to accept these theories, including the desire to:
    ~ understand one’s environment;
    ~ be safe and in control of one’s environment; and
    ~ maintain a positive image of oneself and one’s social group.

    However, the authors did not find that the conspiracy beliefs fulfilled these motivations. Instead, they conclude that these theories “may be more appealing than satisfying.”

    Taking a slightly difference perspective, researchers from Princeton and New York University looked at who is more likely to share false information (i.e., fake news) on social media.
    Based on a study of Facebook, they found instances of people sharing false information were relatively rare, but there were distinct differences by age.
    On average, users over 65 shared nearly seven times as many articles from fake news domains as young adults.

  28. Nick says:

    Did James just invoke the phrase ‘circle jerk’??!

  29. biek says:

    The labelling dissenters as sociopaths is classic Scientology style brainwashing.

    What is in train is cognitive dissonance processes. A series of small steps that we are requested to comply with are demanded with some unpleasantness offered if we do not comply. These measures progress towards a shutdown of critical thinking, and total unquestioning obedience.

    Cognitive dissonance is imposed where a minor action is requested such as wash your hands. You perceive it as unnecessary but in the interests of keeping the peace you comply. But then there is dissonance between your thinking and your required actions, which is uncomfortable. So to reduce your cognitive dissonance you change your thinking to accept the hand washing.

    The steps so far have been hand washing and keeping 2 metres distance, accepting a dodgy test as valid, accepting inflated death statistics where people who died after ‘testing positive’ were classed as dying of Covid-19. Accepting inflated death statistics where anybody who died even when not tested was listed as dying of Covid-19. Consenting to lockdown to try to eliminate a virus that the government had already classed as of low consequence and low death rate. Accepting fearful reportage with little or no information to back it up. Consenting to applaud the National Health Service with cheering and hand clapping at defined times. Accepting indoctrination that dissenters are psychopaths….

    Somewhere along the progression you become a believer and fanatic…

    Also check with Lifton’s Criteria . These are 8 criteria which if all 8 are fulfilled, permit the label ‘brainwashing’ to be applied. (To prevent frivolous use of the word brainwashing).

    • manbearpig says:

      Yes, the Covid compliance test began with clapping at balconies.

      Wow, Biek. Simulataneously to your comment, I had just written the following (less savvy) comment (particularly the lower part) but hesitated to post it:

      With students, when giving my solicited, or more often unsolicited, opinion on this crisis I say:

      “Actions speak louder than words. Just look at what everyone’s Doing: only the strict minimum to avoid being harassed by the ever-lurking authorities. They’re crowding into cable cars, elbow to elbow in restaurants, supermarkets, farmers’ markets etc. As soon as they can, they pull their mask down below their nose, ignore social distancing. Clearly, deep down, these people know it’s all BS.

      Evidently, these people are not afraid of catching anything or they wouldn’t have to be forced to wear these bogus masks or stand as far away from each other as possible.

      As usual, they’re more afraid of appearing callous than of actually getting sick.”

      Despite the media mindcontrol blitz, these people who verbally defend the measures, secretly know there’s no real medical danger or they would behave differently, with more urgency.

      What people don’t want to fully realize is just how dangerous upcoming tracking and vaccination measures will be.

      Perhaps this is the real goal.

      Each individual’s cognitive dissonance has been effectively and drastically exacerbated, their actions and words going against their true convictions causing profound confusion.

      As invasive police state measures expand and contract we get the “Good cop/bad coop” treatment until everyone’s become a totally emotionally fried and confused basket case and thus totally compliant. Especially the poor kids growing up in this madness.

      People know the vaccine’s dangerous and the tracking measures inhuman but the emotional manipulation will have gone on for so long everyone will be screaming inside: “give me the damn vaccine and let’s get it over with!”

      Cognitive Dissonance

    • manbearpig says:

      and of course Biek, in my incorrigible tendency to try to do everything too quickly

      I missed the essential part of your astute observations:

      “So to reduce your cognitive dissonance you change your thinking to accept the hand washing”.

      It’s fascinating and terrifying to watch my entourage, nevermind my students, going into mental pretzel knots that defy the laws of physics in their effort to feign a semblance of coherence between their contradictory convictions, words and actions.

      But, quite simply, they generally end up defending authorities alleged ignorance and incompetence due to the professed uniqueness of this unprecedented virus and find refuge in the age-old fallacious “precautionary principle”.

      I’d say it (almost always) comes down to the essential difference between “conspiracy theorist sociopaths” and “normal people”: the basic perception of the true role of so-called “government”;

      If you really think Daddy’s really there to protect you

      or if you strongly suspect he’s truly there to use and abuse (and kill) you to his own and others’ advantage.

      If people reject the second proposition then Cognitive Dissonance would seem to be the only possible outcome.

      but that’s just highly subjective, even sociopathological paranoid conspiracy theorizing, right?

  30. cstrouss1 says:

    This reminds me of this YouTube shrink I watch sometimes… He did a piece analyzing the emotional challenges of mask resisters…

    • mkey says:

      What a load of crap. Doctor? The noble profession has been reduced to shambles. I found it most interesting that he didn’t bother to mention that some people will choose not to wear the mask because they have shed the slave mentality. Possibly without even knowing it.

  31. Octium says:

    There could be some truth to it. Do you ever see sociopaths like Prof Neil Ferguson or Bill Gates wear face masks? (Except say during Photo Ops)

  32. отец says:

    With no disrespect to your journalism, James, there is a major mistake at the beginning of this video, which is reiterated throughout. The DSM-5 and its previous editions were not published by the American Psychological Association, but by the American Psychiatric Association.

    The pseudo-medical field of so-called “psychiatry” was a development of the 19th century along with its evil twin eugenics, both of which trace their roots back to the 16th century philosophical theory of materialism that arose in opposition to Cartesian dualism. The modern field of psychology, on the other hand, traces its roots back to at least the 4th and 5th centuries, particularly Aristotle (it’s much more diverse and ancient than this, but you get the idea). There is a major relationship between the two fields, with “psychiatry” having even been described as “the bastard child of psychology.” While the so-called field of “psychiatry” service no good purpose, psychology does not necessarily need to serve that same evil purpose.

    The main difference between psychology and “psychiatry,” which from an etymological point of view is obviously not psychiatry, is that psychiatrists are licensed to prescribe and administer neurotoxic drugs, electroconvulsive therapy, and other physical assaults on the vulnerable and incarcerated, while psychologists [generally] are not. Many psychologists support and collaborate with psychiatrists; however, many do not and some even oppose psychiatry.

    All that said, this is not an endorsement of psychology, even though some of their methods are useful and beneficial to some people. (Nor is this an endorsement of Cartesian dualism).

    An interesting thing about the DSM-5 is that many of the traits given for what it labels as “personality disorders,” is observed in those working in and with the field of “psychiatry.” A key trait of those suffering from these disorders is that they appear to be incapable of seeing these traits within themselves.

    The DSM-5 does clearly describe its publishers and supporters (with a small editorial addition): “The essential feature of antisocial personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence [or perhaps even in med school] and continues into adulthood. This pattern has also been referred to as psychopathy, sociopathy, or dyssocial personality disorder. Because deceit and manipulation are central features of antisocial personality disorder, it may be especially helpful to integrate information acquired from systematic clinical assessment with information collected from collateral sources.”

    It is best not to trust any government that funds, supports, and/or collaborates with the pseudo-scientific field of falsely-called “psychiatry.”

    As for your citing of the Soviet use of psychiatry… Saint Gabriel of Mtskheta and Saint Amphilochius of Pochaev, pray to God for us.
    Господи, помилуй!

    • alexandre says:

      Good one, отец.
      I always knew the difference you describe and I myself did 11 years of psychoanalysis with a guy that was a psychiatrist AND a psychoanalyst and he never even came close to suggesting any drugs to me, even though as a psychiatrist he was licensed to. In fact he was against it except in very extreme cases. He used to work at an old institution in Rio called “Pinel” and he had some real experience with extreme cases, but people like me were more of a philosophical or existential thing, almost “cosmetic”, as he put it. He wasn’t a freudian or junguian or follower of any isms. Interestingly he told me that psychoanalysis in the US was different from what it was here (Brazil), the US being more directed to adapting, or conforming the patient to a model of normality, something like that (behaviorism?) I can say I saw none of that in my analysis at all, quite the opposite. It helped me a great deal and we’re friends to this day, now no longer as doctor-patient, but just guys. In any case, I’m glad you brought this up because it’s a very touchy subject, since the “pseudo-scientific field of falsely-called “psychiatry”, as you say, took over completely and the only thing you’ll ever hear about psychology is trash. So thanks for that.

  33. jbuczek says:

    Typical “muh feels” pseudo research. Also, psychology is not a Science: repeatable experiments with human beings that yield independently verifiable, repeatable results is not possible. Not Science.

  34. debra.b says:

    I feel as if I’m nearly out of words. So, sharing this which I stumbled upon.

    Via Twitter

    “THIS is the type of COURAGE we all need to muster to protect our family, and our way of life!“

    As a reply just below it stated. “That’s a mom.” 😢 With the exception of being a mother and grandmother, I don’t know how courageous I truly am. But, I wish for it to be enough.

    • mkey says:

      That’s very powerful. Obviously staged and the animal was probably going through the motions several times, but still.

    • CQ says:

      debra.b, yes, as mkey says, “very powerful.” In the tweet, under the video of the mother bird there are three comments. I especially love the third one — by “bam.”

      I’m sure, if put to the test, as this mother bird was (whether rehearsed or not), that you’d pass with flying colors, debra.

      • debra.b says:

        Thank you CQ! 🙂.

        Shutter to think that poor bird was rehearsed. Cruel. I’d rather they doctored it. It is a powerful image, nonetheless.

  35. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    I agree. There are 2 psychological differences between those who wear masks and those who do not. Some have the mind of slaves and some have the minds of the free.
    The powerful have always taken advantage of the less so. It’s neither good nor evil. It’s simply natures way.
    If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to scale back the influence/wealth of the powerful (In the US, Russia, China or anywhere else.), AND at the same time increase your own, start with these 10 things:
    1) Save at LEAST 10% of all you earn. If you are not saving at least that amount you are no better than a slave living for what your master gives you to eat! (Get yourself a free PDF copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon”: Easiest book you’ll ever read on personal finance and is taught in parable so enjoyable to read as well.)
    2) Keep your uninvested money in physical form. Either in Gold, Silver or, more pragmatically, physical currency (Remember in the most recent financial panics in the US (2008), Cyprus (2012), Greece (2015), etc. people were trying to get physical cash, not Gold or Silver.). If you must use the banking system only use Credit Unions or Savings and Loans. Keep only as much currency in it as you need for expenses over the course of a couple of weeks or a month tops (Business owners will need more because of tax and logistical reasons.).
    3) Read “The Politics of Obedience”. It will open your eyes to more possibilities of action than I couldn’t possibly list here. It is very easy to read (Half hour if you read REAL slow. 1 Hour, also if you read slow, if you include the forward by Rothbard).:
    4) If you’re a wage slave paying down a lot of debt talk to an attorney about bankruptcy. You are doing your patriotic duty by not repaying banks. Fractional reserve banking is fraud so don’t lose a single nights sleep if you don’t repay another cent of it! (
    5) Speaking of being a wage slave, if you’re getting a refund at the end of the year then you need to change your withholding status so you OWE at the end of the year. Why give the government a free loan for a year while you are paying 100+% from a payday lender?!?! Society trains you to be a slave, that doesn’t mean you actually have to be one!
    6) When possible use physical cash when you purchase things. This helps by a) making it hard for the powerful to profile you and add you to their metadata. b) allows those so inclined to reduce the power of government by being “tax neutral”. c) supports the poor by making merchants obligated to accept cash through your free market choice to use currency, as opposed to governments tyrannically passing laws forcing merchants to accept it (

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  36. helenf says:

    I need to preface my comment by saying I really like and appreciate James’s work, and I have not watched this video through to the end yet, but I feel I need to correct his comment about the DSM-5 being the psychologists’ bible. It isn’t. Like all it’s predecessors, it’s been developed by psychiatrists, for psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are concerned with diagnosis, clinical psychologists with formulation (a narrative hypothesis about how an individual may have come to have the problems they are presenting with, taking into account historical factors such as trauma and abuse experiences). Clinical psychologists (good ones at least) aren’t so much concerned with labelling people. I totally agree that there are psychologists who have, and do, play very significant roles in manipulating the masses, using their knowledge of human behaviour for nefarious means. There are bad people in all walks of life. And I have to say I am exceptionally disappointed about how quiet psychologists have been regarding the detrimental effects of the multitude of so-called Covid measures that have been enforced by governments around the world. And just as disappointed in their apparently blind willingness to accept the government/WHO/health authorities’ narratives. Clinical psychologists are supposed to be “scientist-practitioners”, after all. I just feel that it’s important for James to be accurate in the information he’s imparting, and not conflate psychologists and psychiatrists. They are 2 very different entities.

  37. Alchemist says:

    Reminds me of the Salem witch trials. Admit you’re a sociopath or die!

  38. james.w says:

    Berlin “BANS anti-lockdown protest, condemning ‘corona deniers & right-wing extremists’”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The local government says police will be out in force to prevent the gathering…

      I wonder if there will be a showdown. It may be a wild weekend.

      I was surprised to see RT say this…

      About 20,000 people marched against the lockdown measures on August 1

      I saw videos and photos. There were many more than 20,000 people there.

      1 hour 22 mins of the
      August 1st Berlin March
      condensed to a 5 minute video

      And I know how those marches go… People come from all different directions and join in later at different areas.
      I do know that the number involved was fabulously high.

  39. james.w says:
    The U.S. government is planning to launch an “overwhelming” COVID-19 vaccine campaign come November, and many have suggested that mandatory vaccination of the entire global population will likely be necessary to get COVID-19 under control
    It’s still unclear exactly when a vaccine will be available, but it could be as early as October, or as late as January 2021. Only half of Americans say they actually want the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available; 27% say they will “definitely” refuse and another 12% say they will “probably” refuse it
    Yale University is studying the effectiveness of various messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 to ensure maximum vaccine uptake
    The primary outcome measure is willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Secondary outcome measures include the participants’ confidence in the vaccine, their willingness to persuade others to get vaccinated, their fear of those who have not been vaccinated and the level of social judgment of those who choose not to vaccinate
    The Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination: “Protecting Health & Autonomy in the 21st Century” will be held online October 16 to 18, 2020

  40. victoria says:

    first thing that struck me about the study, its basically demonizing the enemy — using those three words to search for further material brought quite a melange, considered posting one of the heavy metal clips, when at last i came across… wow!! utter brilliance!! Disdiagnosis – a new term for malicious diagnosis

    Coining neologisms is described in psychiatric texts as a sign of ‘schizophrenia’ but it is important for linguistic and cultural evolution. With this in mind I have coined a new term – disdiagnosis.

    Disdiagnosis is deliberate, malicious accusation that a person is mad and has a longer history than that of modern psychiatry – the practice of demonizing ones enemies dates back thousands of years.

  41. Fawlty Towers says:

    I’m sorry but you have to be a true sociopath to ACCEPT this as the new normal!

    Folks, this is truly sad, sick and insane. This is what we’ll be up against in the months and possibly years to come. 🙁

    • alexandre says:

      Wow, this stupid study again? It’s making the rounds, eh? I’m gonna produce a study also. In fact I just did.

      After a study done by the Universidade de São Tomás de Aquino in Bragança do Sul, a team of experts in sociology and prevention determined that people that use deodorants are more likely to show psychosomatic traits (sustainability). The study used 5.978 volunteers and concluded that the appreciation of smell (acquaintance), the refusal not to use deodorant after shower (social squeezing) and the failure in communicating these tendencies to the proper hierarchies show that 68% of the population of the planet have a tendency, or not, to show, at the time or some future time, traits of psychosomatic persuasions. This endorses the notion that every inhabitant of Earth should consider giving all their moneys and possessions to a certain jazz musician named Alexandre, as well as obeying every regulation proposed by him in the foreseeable future, an impetus which is being studied by congress as of yesterday.

      Professor Josué Accordeonowsky, Samuel L Bronkowitz, Madame E. Picasson and Dr Pandômera de Jesus. (Bragança do Sul, May, 2021).

      Now let’s see James parsing this one.

      • mkey says:

        I pee reviewed this and can confirm that this is solid science.

        • alexandre says:

          Aha! Pee is all you need.

        • redrac says:

          Yes I also pee reviewed this but I think that is just part of me getting older 🙁

          I was going to say that the study left a funny taste in the mouth but that would not be in good taste so I can only conclude it does not smell quite right.

        • victoria says:

          it is a destinck & great honour to pee review the study too… supeerb!

          and alexandre, as a token of appreciation & b/c ur in a class most peeple cannot imagine — im sending 198.4 tons peenut butter & 2.020 zillion peeperoni peeza pies.

          ps ~ given são tomás de aquino is an old relative of recently dead michael aquino, in memoriam i give 666 thousand imported caca covered peenuts to universidade.

          pps ~ my fav jazz peeanist & singer/songwriter annette peecock is melodydramatic schizo-psychosomatic** as am i, two birds of a feather, two pees in a pod… 2+2=5yrs unlimited supply canned pees on the way — shipped yesterday.
          per requested possessions im sending the exorist & the shining dvds, & “33 x “66 inch poster of the vatican.

          **deodorant is poison, do not wear or ingest

  42. james.w says:

    Vaccination: What’s Trust Got to Do With It?

    It will be just like McCarthyism: It won’t be the government; it will be businesses that fire you/won’t hire you, and schools that will not admit your kids – schools are already “forcing” your kids to be vaccinated or they cannot go to school. So while they may not tie you down and inject you, they will ruin your life if you do not.

    Social Sanctions for Failure to Get Vaccinated May Align With Lockdown Sanctions
    The punishing social sanctions being talked about if you refuse a COVID-19 vaccination are likely to be enforced using government-operated electronic tracking systems linked to digital “immunity passports” that require you to “prove” you are immune to the new SARS coronavirus before you are allowed to work in an office building or enter other public spaces.131,132,133,134

    These social sanctions for failure to vaccinate may closely resemble the types of social interaction restrictions enforced in the U.S. and other countries over the past year.

    In the U.S., most public health laws, including vaccine laws, are enacted by the states,135 while the federal government makes vaccine use recommendations and can mandate vaccines for people crossing national or state borders. Local city and county governments also can impose their own public health regulations.136 That is why some states and cities have seen very restrictive COVID-19 pandemic masking137 and lockdown regulations138 and others have been more open.139

    So, whether or not you will be punished for refusing to get a COVID-19 shot next year primarily will be determined by your state’s governor and the representatives who have been elected to make laws in your state capitol.140

    Depending upon where you live and the political philosophy of the majority of representatives in your state legislature, after the COVID-19 vaccine is licensed by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recommended by the CDC for use by all children and adults,141 if you refuse to get a COVID-19 shot, you could be blocked from:142

    Being employed and going to work in an office
    Getting an education

    Obtaining a driver’s license or passport
    Boarding a train or other public transportation

    Attending a sports game or concert
    Entering a store, restaurant, bar, coffee shop or nail salon

    Booking an appointment with a doctor

    And you could be prohibited from checking into a hospital for surgery, or visiting a family member in a nursing home, or blocked from obtaining private health insurance and Medicaid or Medicare.

    In other words, if you refuse to get a coronavirus vaccination, you could be subjected to the kinds of punitive social sanctions I have been predicting and publicly warned about since 1997,143,144,145,146 sanctions that are already being applied to Americans who decline to get or give their children dozens of doses of CDC “recommended” liability-free vaccines147 and already are being denied an education, medical care and employment.148,149

    The Supreme Court Never forced anyone to be vaccinated. Only pay a fine.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

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