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11/04/202260 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: "You Murderous Hypocrites" - Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests 'Amnesty' For Pandemic Authoritarians

Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty

Story #2: Family Takes Action Against Inflation, Grows Veggies In Community Garden

Spaces of Opportunity

Story #3: Sweden Ditches Agenda 2030’s Climate Change Scam

Sweden’s New Government Abolishes Ministry of Environment

Mexico to Proceed With GMO Corn Ban, Seeks International Grain Deals

India's GMO Regulator Paves Way for Commercial Cultivation of GMO Mustard

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  1. mecabunnyzilla says:

    That was hilarious guys! Thanks for that. Happy 500! Monarchy mom should be proud.
    Inspires me to start doing videos. Heck, I could do 5 or 10 minute videos. Its a start.

    Keep em coming!


  2. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Congratulations on 500 episodes fellas!!! I haven’t been around the entire time, but the episodes I have seen are great!!

    Hopefully many more to come!!

  3. Happy 500!
    That Sweden climate story made my day. 🙂

  4. openlens says:

    So, the Minister but not the agency. Does that mean they are going to keep Eiscat? What Could they do with it? Sweden is one of Europe’s most well hidden imperialistic countries.

    Lots of folks would love to grow their own food, if only they could use some land!! A community garden in LA years ago is the subject of an excellent documentary called “The Garden”
    ]Mexico has been fighting the GMO corn deal for years. More than twenty years ago there were reports of GMO corn being snuck into Mexico. Corn, Maize, is Mexico’s greatest treasure and heritage. The GMO stuff has been sold recently for very cheap, and the seeds as fall by the roadsides produce very warped plants.

    For a good picture of India’s GMO woes, long standing, view the excellent documentary “Bitter Seeds.”

    Fun report. Nothing went “wrong” with the pandemic scam. It’s been planned since the late fifties, and went off quite well. They need no forgiveness, just nooses.

    • ksmen says:

      I am a member of a community garden that is over run with liberal extremist teachers. Nothing but drama. They won’t even talk to me.

      • mkey says:

        If these idiots are ignoring you, you must be doing something right.

      • Lucidity says:

        ksmen, Yr post triggered my memory: Lenin was once asked how do you deal with your opposition? His reply: Join them and then lead them to your goals (paraphrased).

        • Practically speaking, this is a tactic that marxist-leninist-stalinist-maoists use, but it has also been used by Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bill Gates, the CIA, the FBI, and the WEF.

          I searched for something like your paraphrase and found “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

          However, I can’t find the source.

    • Gavinm says:

      You can grow some very nutrient dense food inside in pots too (such as ginger, tulsi, leafy greens etc) all you need is a sunny window. Theoretically one could even grow nutrient dense food inside without a sunny window if one cultivates gourmet/medicinal mushrooms. I have done that on my kitchen counter using nothing but mason jars, coffee grounds, oyster mushroom spawn and patience.

  5. westelia says:

    How I love nostalgic moments.
    I can’t imagine how you guys did that for as long as you did, before goobtube increased the time limits.
    My hat goes off to you.
    Great show guys.
    Let’s do it again hahaha

  6. Octium says:

    My preference would be a combination of stories 1 & 2

    “Family Takes Action Against Inflation, Cost of fertiliser By burying Pandemic Authoritarians In Community Garden”

    • vadoum says:

      “a combination of stories 1 & 2”

      sounds “safe and effective”, but I reckon that level of dissonance manifest as “human” requires dissolution at the atomic scale; who knows what might grow out of that compost? plasma bro, same way frodo finally got rid of the ring. a job for the biggest bosses, the volcanos

      happy 500th J&J
      long life, forca enduratmente, luck laughter and abundant friendship for both yous and yours

    • vadoum says:

      a 2fer one, but I reckon dissolving that level of evil, masquerading as human, requires more than composting. who knows what might grow out of that? ,,Frodo finally gets rid of the ring,, plasma separates material at the atomic level, may that which is abominable face our planets biggest bosses: volcanos.

      happy 500th J&J
      long life, honey in the heart, lightning bolts of luck, bellyfuls of laughter, abundant friendship and forca enduramente for yous and yours

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


  7. langmusiq says:

    Congrats guys!! Wish it had been a longer episode #500 but nice throw back to when 10 minutes was the max. Can’t wait to see your show after USA mid-terms. Should be a doozy.

  8. nosoapradio says:

    LMAO at the last 3 seconds!

    However, I’m a bit perplexed as, in my neck of the woods, I haven’t seen any significant contrition on the part of perverted pandemic planners, lockdown lackeys, non-vaccinated health-worker haters and mask-nazi magnates.

    France refuses to reintegrate non-vaccinated health workers and far far faaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr from any apologies I haven’t seen anyone at all even admit there was anything untoward with the measures culminating in ongoing enforced mass poisoning of men, women and children and promises of reinstating mask mandates.

    I only see it all continue with messages to get boosted, threats of new apocalyptic viral strains and climate/energy rationing lockdowns looming on the horizon.

    So the “forgive and forget” flatulence hasn’t yet infected France as, as far as I can tell, no one sees that there’s anything to forgive.

    Then again, I haven’t really been looking at the most recent and local perception control feeds otherwise known as “the news”.

    But happy 500th anniversary and here’s hoping for 500 more!

    “…Covid-19: why does France refuse to reinstate unvaccinated health workers?
    While Italy has just reinstated in their functions the caregivers not vaccinated against Covid-19, the question arises only very timidly in France….”

    • mkey says:

      People on the old continent suffer from brain rot, that’s why.

      Here there is a complete twist, not insofar of anyone apologising (which I personally could not care less about) but all of the “mandates” have apparently dwindled completely. Masks are nowhere to be seen and the only reason the “pandemic” still lives is due to idiots who refuse to stop getting “tested”. This is the worst of the worse people, let me tell you.

      For some reason they do not appear to be counting and reporting these figures as vigorously as they did just some months ago. The vile traitors are probably bracing for a substantial economic downturn and they don’t want people to hit that iceberg while still being primed with all of the pandemical nonsense.

      My only contact with the idiotic “vaccination” world is this:

      I don’t know how valid these statistics are, but a picture is painted.

      • nosoapradio says:

        and a picture paints a thousand words…

        The flattening of that curve should have been encouraging, however

        Bronchiolitis is progressing sharply in France – Liberation
        November 3, 2022

        “Levels higher than those observed at the epidemic peaks of the previous three seasons”
        A total of 6,167 children under the age of two went to the emergency room for bronchiolitis in mainland France during the week of October 24 to 30, a jump of 47% compared to the previous week. Nearly 1,980 were eventually hospitalized. Those are “Number of visits to the emergency room but also hospitalizations for bronchiolitis very high and at levels higher than those observed at the epidemic peaks of the three previous seasons and already equivalent to those of the peak of the 2018-2019 season” underlines the health agency.

        This epidemic has hit pediatric emergency services which are more widely plunged into a crisis linked to unsatisfactory working conditions and a lack of staff. Faced with this crisis and under pressure from caregivers, the Minister of Health François Braun announced on Wednesday new measures to help pediatric services, for a total amount of around 400 million euros. He recognized a “worrying situation” in hospitals, linked to a “disturbing” epidemic of bronchiolitis

        Climate change strikes again. Right? 8-/

    • Hare says:


      Yes, I agree. In France nothing has changed. Just now, a woman walked passed by my home walking her dog, masked up, fresh cold air blowing in, winter is finally here, smallish town.

      People still keep their distance when talking, a meter at least. Don’t even think about mentioning adverse reactions to the clot shot, don’t even think about mentioning the lies we have all been told, seems the UK and the US are talking about it but no, not here where I am.

      I also don’t have a TV but at night, if their shutters are open, you can see the blue shadows flickering on the wall. Zombies consuming their daily intake. “You think they, the news, doesn’t verify their information?”

      Father-in-law quadruple shot has phase IV cancer suddenly, “How can you say it’s the “vaccine”, cancer has been around for years!” (insert face-palm).

      And, a month and a half ago, General Christian Blanchon writes a letter calling the unvaccinated superheroes, his purpose of writing I do not know except for his pointing out that they now know all those that refuse to go along.

      And, I am told complotists social media is going nuts saying Macroni didn’t get the shot.

      And its getting cold, and my newly installed woodstove is still missing a part to connect to the chimney, ordered two months ago, another month they say, ya know, covid…

      Stopped to put petrol in the car but the station was all out, 90km run left in the car and then to the bicycles we turn. Getting us used to supply shortages pretty quickly, all Summer it was mustard, an essential French item, all of a sudden it’s back, next they say rice and pasta, ’cause ya know, ze Russians.

      And a car mechanic calls and recommends switching to Ethanol, corn based fuel, higher performance, cheaper but more consumption and en plus less C02!

      And here we are, no family/friends talking to us, staying far away, cause we ain’t got the shot and cause climate change is “scientifically proven”. Oh the merry times.

      Happy 500th James and James from another James.

      • And, a month and a half ago, General Christian Blanchon writes a letter calling the unvaccinated superheroes, his purpose of writing I do not know except for his pointing out that they now know all those that refuse to go along.”

        It should be noted that Blanchon plagiarized that letter.

      • Chadders says:

        I questioned my housemate today on why the family she works for is still asking her to come to work at their house even though they all ‘have covid’ (and are vaccinated) when not so long ago you would be hung drawn and quartered for expecting such a thing. Why can’t people see the nonsense? They are all vaccinated (as is my housemate) and yet they all ‘have covid’ and clearly don’t care if they pass it on (How is this possible? They are vaccinated!). I am unvaccinated so don’t they care that they are giving it to my housemate who will eventually then give it to me and kill me? After all, I am not protected from hospitalisation and death like they are. OMG! Woe is f*cking me! Forgt granny, what about housemate?! 😀

  9. Zaid says:

    Hah, I love this! Can’t believe it’s my first time posting here but I loved witnessing the gradual increase of this video’s pace as they realised they were running out of time. Here’s for another 500!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for posting! and “Welcome!”
      All of us here enjoy hearing from Members.

      At the 5 minute mark, I was squirming in my seat. I was afraid that the duo wouldn’t make the cut. They seemed so cool in comparison.

  10. wessel says:

    Looks like few people have read past the headline of “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” ( which is not an apology at all. For example, the author laments:

    “Many people have neglected their health care over the past several years. Notably, routine vaccination rates for children (for measles, pertussis, etc.) are way down.”

    Rather than forgiving, they are doubling down. Well, I’m not sure they know what else to do, as their creative spirit has left them.

  11. playinggrounded says:

    Congrats on reaching the BIG 500! I needed to start my day with a laugh, thank you!
    I look forward to every episode of NWNW. Thanks to you both and to Broc for all of your hard work. Keep it up!

    I will say, I had to go to urgent care yesterday and the staff insisted I wear a mask. The nurse stood like 8 feet away from me the whole time. If she had to get near me to take my vitals, she jumped back as soon as she was done. I’m not sick, just needed some antibiotics for an infection. Everything around here is still COVID, COVID, COVID. It’s maddening. Some people are still wearing masks while driving alone in their cars. It’s not as bad as it was, but the brainwashing certainly had the desired effect around here. Will these creeps in charge ever be held accountable? I doubt it very much!

  12. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    OMG am I laughing.

    Brilliant work for the 500th. Still laughing.

    Tenacity and humor win.

    … and now back to the studio for something different.

  13. mkey says:

    Good thing about the 10 minute episode is that I get to listen to it three times.

    Regarding the first news story, what is there to forgive?

  14. Hal says:

    Congratulations on 500!

    I’d really like to help and connect with anyone, anywhere, on how we might fight any tyrannical measures still in place.

    • Lucidity says:

      Hal, Try Catherine Austin Fitts’ website:
      She offers a number of ways that an individual can fight the beast—the world mafia cabal. One way is to use cash as often as you can when buying things. Another way is to become active in yr local municipalities. Catherine states that an individual alone cannot take down the mighty beast from the top. However, one can make changes locally at the bottom that can spread upwards, creating cracks in the mighty beastly system which will eventually collapse the might beast
      Additionally, Catherine’s website offers other ways to counter the world mafia cabal. I hope you find it worth your while.

      Also the website offers ‘Solari Circles’ for members of like-mind to socially communicate ideas and info—a group you could join.

      • Hal says:

        Hi. Thanks very much for that. I do know of Catherine Austin Fitts. Thanks so much for reminding me of her and this website. I forgot about this. I shall take another look and do my best.

  15. aslak.s says:

    Haha, awesome! – I think I heard Corbett talk about spreading information through humor, and thats definetly something you should do more of.
    And instead of figuring out jokes to say, its much more fun, to do this kind of games that you did now, with time-restriction. – you could also, have a game where you tell a news story where you say one word at a time. – or that you say the last words of the sentence together etc.

    basicly: impro-theatre games with valuable important information about whats going on.

    anyways: thanks for this one 😀

  16. Gavinm says:

    Awesome episode, the end provided some much needed medicine for the heart and mind (in the form of laughter)

    I can get down with the concept of Gardening for “saving one’s soul” 🙂

    For me it was spending time in the garden and in the forest that really helped me to cultivate an awareness of the more permanent essence of my being. When I slowed down to notice the little things and nurture things to grow I felt a deep sense of gratitude and humility as I observed the miracle of life unfold.

    I believe that when help living things to thrive and achieve their highest potential, we also enrich ourselves in a meaningful and permanent way. This life-affirming experience invokes a conscious awareness of the miracle of life. It helps us to feel the awe and curiosity we felt naturally as children observing facets of nature.

    Gratitude is one of the most important states of being and perspectives we can choose in our time on Earth, for it serves to reacquaint us with the permanent essence of “Self” that was before we came into these bodies (and will continue to be long after these bodies we inhabit cease to function).

    When we nurture things to grow and pay attention to the details of the miracle that is life we can’t help but begin to see each day as an opportunity to be part of co-creating and experiencing wondrous things; working in the garden (whether it be a sunny window, balcony, community garden or a backyard) we are often gifted moments where we see that even in the most seemingly monotonous task is the opportunity to see immense beauty, look inward to better ourselves, and choose to embody love and peace (despite what others around us may be choosing). Gardening nurtures our gratitude to exponentially expand as we are invited to notice ‘the little things’ as we work in the garden. This conscious act of choosing gratitude and building more gratitude has a powerful syntrophic effect as it re-shapes our perspective, the energy and thoughts we put out (and this changes what people and situations we attract into our lives).

    As we use our time to nurture the inner garden, teach the young ones to do the same and then from that irrepressible place of clarity, confidence and purpose direct our energy to invest in the Earth we withdraw our support from corrupt and oppressive centralized human systems. In doing so, we begin to render them obsolete so we can one day leave them behind. As we begin to re-imagine our definition of wealth and see our own well being and wealth as intrinsically tied to the health and wealth of the eco-systems that support us, we move towards a more equitable and abundant future for all who will call this place home after we are gone.

    In doing so, I believe we cultivate not only medicine and food for the body, but also medicine and food for the soul.

    • Lucidity says:

      Your posted message is so beautiful. So moving. So true.
      I am a gardener and related deeply to every detail you expressed.
      Thank you, sincerely.

      • Gavinm says:


        Your comment actually means a lot to me as most of what I shared in that comment above was actually an excerpt from unpublished book. My book is way behind schedule in getting to the presses (due to software compatibility issues with the printing company I have a contract with) in a time when I am simultaneously juggling a 6-7 day a week (physically demanding) day job along side doing my best in the early mornings and evenings to tend our own garden and preserve crops (while I am also getting emails from kickstarter backers for the book asking me when they will get their books). This has been quite stressful and at times (after being hammered by negative emails from backers) I start to question whether or not I am really providing something that is meaningful, practical and valuable enough where those that have pre-ordered a copy of my book will feel it was worth their patience, but getting positive feedback like this really helps me to see that I should not let the negativity get to me and should trust my intuitive guidance in the knowing that what I have put together will be worth the wait and offer lasting value for those that get a copy of my book.

        Thank you for that. 🙂

        • mkey says:

          What kind of software compatibility issues are you having?

          • Gavinm says:


            I made the rookie mistake of using “Bookwright” software to write my book.

            There is no way to export a solid convertible HD PDF from bookwright to other software (their way to ensure you have to use their expensive POD printing services).

            The printing company I am working with needs the PDF to be on Adobe Indesign to run it through their machine without border/formatting issues.

            So now I am having to manually edit the borders and re-position photos as well as change the fonts and image file formats so the resulting PDF can work for their printing set up. After I get that done then I can pay for an ebook version of my book through Blurb and then provide that PDF to the printing company specialist (that I will have to pay to do further modifications) so it will work with their presses.

            I am at the point of no return for how I am approaching the problem, and though it is pain staking work as it is a 444 page book (well, for me at least, as I am not computer savvy) i`ll get it done once I am done planting trees and doing landscape installations for the season and actually have some solid time to sit down and tackle the editing in a focused manner.

            So the moral of this story is do not use “BookWright” software if you are trying to self-publish a book And (if you do a crowfunding campaign and are giving backers timeframe estimates for a project) double what ever your estimation is for how long you think it will take to get it published, printed and shipped.

            • mkey says:

              Bookwright charges per print? I think it would be advantageous to do a smaller export and send it over to the printing company to confirm that they can work with the output.

              I was once in a somewhat similar, albeit a lot less work intensive, position where I was preparing a pamphlet and needed to get it in line with what the printing company expected. Their somewhat elitist demeanour did not help one bit in the process.

              I was working with inkscape (a freeware alternative to indesign) and managed to get everything in line, but the CMYK color mode which inkscape did not support. So I exported 6 pages out of inkscape, converted to CMYK in gimp (which needed a plugin at the time to do that) and then finally created a PDF out of these images.

              I guess one could prepare a book for printing in inkscape, but that would not be the easiest thing since sliced bread. At the time, it was in interesting exercise in jumping through hoops, and that was almost 15 years ago.

              • Gavinm says:


                Blurb (a print on demand company in Canada) which produced the glitchy software “bookwright” (which is intentionally incompatible with other writing software programs) charges per each digital final HD copy the program puts out, and per each physical copy yes (and it’s not cheap).

                I appreciate your thoughtful suggestion to do a test run, I did that a few months back (paid for a ebook version of my rough draft through blurb/using bookwright) then sent it over to confirm it would work. They offered to have a specialist do the manual reformatting (borders, photos etc) that is required but the fee is too steep for my situation). I am already gonna be spending way over my kickstarter budget for the printing costs (as I felt bad having people waiting so long to get the book, so I added an additional 100 pages of content related to medicinal superfoods/preventative medicine through nutrition). I am fine with covering the extra myself so that people can get a highly practical, versatile and quality end product (that can help them and their loved ones to be resilient in the challenging years ahead) but I can’t afford to pay computer specialist people huge fees for additional things so that is the part I am gonna do my self once I have time to focus on it this winter.

                I appreciate you sharing your experience with inkscape and self-publishing a pamphlet. I think for my next book I am just gonna use Adobe Indesign as I have some friends that have authored a number of permaculture books and they say it is worth the cost and time spent learning how to use the software.

                thanks again for the thoughtful comment.

              • mkey says:

                Gavin, that you care so much about the quality of the product delivered to your customers stands as testament to your character. In today’s world of abject insanity and faltering morality dominated by hazy understanding of and nonexistent interest in the truth, this is very much refreshing to see.

                I believe I already asked you about it, if you will make a digital download of your book available once it’s complete I would very much like to purchase it. I’m afraid the conditions that those unnamed, insatiable government goon extortionists would place between me and a physical copy purchased abroad are something I simply can not acquiesce to. These people do not care about many things, and granting unfettered access to books is certainly not in their narrow scope of interests.

  17. Lucidity says:

    Happy 500th episode James P and James C!!
    What an accomplishment!
    And what a fortunate benefit to us, members,
    AND to non-members.
    I am sincerely grateful to you both.
    All the best to you both as you continue your good works!!

  18. lizzie says:

    Congratulations and thanks for giving us 500 episodes of NWNW. Dunno how you sort through the news when it’s as crazy as a bag of badgers, but you do it every week.
    Much love to you and the community.

  19. Paul says:

    While it would not have been worth doing, I would have found it quite funny to cut at 09:59 mark.

  20. tomk says:

    As we approach National Liars Day – I want to thank you both for the years and years of true journalism you have graced those who have been willing to “dial in”. I was walking home from school at age eight when I felt something weird about the
    “narrative” television was communicating to the world about the murder of JFK. A few years later, after seeing the film of Kennedy’s skull being chased off the trunk of the BBL (big black lincoln) I realized my little 10 year old mind was able to understand physics at a level most adults I was around were unable to. I realized then what I now term “highly educated idiots” was pervasive in such a programmed society. People align with the belief that gives them a “smoother” reality – rather than question that which is contrary to “the conveyor belt of conformity”.

    Upton Sinclair – “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon not understanding it.”

    The deepest thanks for you both doing what you do! Cheers to another 5000!

  21. 1. Congratulations James and James. May there be 500+ more. Thank you for spending 5 of your precious ten minutes on the Amnesty story. You did a great job of squeezing in all the reasons why there should be no forgive and forget—ever. An apology won’t stop it from happening again. In fact, I was so outraged by the idea that I wrote my 37th blog post — “They Knew That They Did Not Know”, which is what I think was the most egregious sin of all—scientifically speaking. I acknowledged The Corbett Report as a source by providing the link to this NWNW episode at the bottom of my post. Don’t expect heavy traffic coming from my limited number of readers, though.

    2. Yes, horrible things do sometimes flower into wonderful things—plant life being an example of that. Community gardens are a great bulwark against the hunger games. I have tried to grow tomatoes on my window sill without success. I have some very happy cacti and succulents growing there now. The only food product I have been able to grow is sprouts.

    3. Hurray for Sweden!

  22. Chadders says:

    That episode made me smile – as they usually do. Greta work guys! Whoops I mean GRETA! Aaargh what’s happening?!

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