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Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Seven Fake News Stories Coming Out Of Ukraine

Image: "Shocking picture of Kiev after being bombed by Russia. Just kidding this is a peaceful protest in America."

IAF Bombs Targets in Syria, 3 Soldiers Killed

FSB Is Failing the Russian Army, State and Escalation. Big Time.

So Bad It’s Good: The Flood of FSB Fakery Deserves an Oscar

Chris Hedges: Russia Was Baited Into War but That Does Not Absolve Its Criminal Aggression

Story #2: Britain’s Steel Industry Hammered by Climate Change Taxes

Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed

German Green Party Embraces Coal, LNG and Nuclear

Story #3: Top Po​llster​ Advises Democrats to Declare Victory Over Covid and Move On

"Here is the literal memo to the Dems from Biden's polling firm. Declare a win over Covid and move on. I suspect CDC will get the memo."

PDF: Impact Research's Covid Positioning Strategy Memo to Democrats

Biden Extends US National Emergency Over COVID-19

Episode 411 - States of Emergency

WHO Planning New “Pandemic Treaty” For 2024

WHO Moving Forward On Global Vaccine Passport Program

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  1. Duck says:

    Hearing about the neo Fudalism made me think of ‘Collapse’ by Jarad Diamond and how Japan rolled back into ‘Eco’ Feudalism (with things like internal passports and limits on the size of pieces of wood people could use on their house) which he showed as something of a success story at avoiding ecological degradation rather then a super tyrannous way to oppress people

    Anyway… as long as there are rival gangsters in other countries any nation that drops to the middle ages is gonna get shoved around like China or forced to catch up like Japan was. I guess thats why they want a one world cartel to stop anyone cheating.

    I also wondered if that book was pre-programing people to get ready for a drop in living standards… (there were a load of Global warming scare books i read about the same time)

  2. mkey says:

    The thing JC touched upon, regarding the importance of making people reflect on their views and stand by their mental diagrrea, is of paramount importance.

    It is also a chance to demonstrate the true meaning of turning the other cheek, which does not mean “I’m a glutton for punishment” but “we are not moving on until you make ammends”.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am with ya.
      Individuals are accountable.

      • Jetmab says:

        Absolutely agree…however, millions of, otherwise good and intelligent people, are by now so brainwashed, I’m afraid it will take a long time as well as a huge amount of the ones in the “top” being sentenced some massive prison sentences..and all this, before we can even start thinking of going forward…
        Many of these morons doesn’t even understand what they are guilty of….?

    • edw98 says:

      I don’t think any jab advocates like the Russiagaters are ever going to apologize for anything.

      • alexb says:

        I agree. I don’t see any of the “follow the science” advocates acknowledging that they were in the slightest bit wrong or even concede that they were misled and misinformed by the MSM. No surprise, since they out sourced their need for enquiry and reason to the MSM long ago.

      • Jetmab says:

        An apology will not help these psycho’s anyway..

  3. Skeptical Narratives says:

    I saw JC was brushing/laughing off, the possibility of Russia targeting US/Ukranian Biolabs? There may be some truth to this. I think it warrants further serious investigation. I know there is one Anon who has been doing a lot of work on it. This goes back to the Obama years.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I lean with Corbett on the idea that the BioLabs in Ukraine are NOT an important “ta do”.
      Personally, I want to put my focus on things other than BioLabs and such.

      Evidently, the DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has funded 11 bio-laboratories in Ukraine. But there are many biolabs all around the world in different countries.
      Maps and graphics are here on one webpage…
      The Pentagon Bio-weapons

      • Skeptical Narratives says:

        I think the US/Establishment used this as bait the whole time. They knew this would eventually provoke a response from Russia. With Biden’s Presidency tanking for the past 2 years, this was an easy way to deflect attention and get them out of the scamdemic and also a way to further demonize Russia. They lured Russia and they took the bait. The US doesn’t care about those Biolabs.

  4. Howler Monkey says:

    Truly enjoyed your statement of your love for humanity. The empathy for fellow humans experiencing this point in time, the mistrust in all they believed in, most who don’t understand why they feel this, but feel something is wrong.

    Agree with the tough love, as hard as that may be, we absolutely need to empower those who chose the MSN narrative with the consequence.

    I follow yours, and other websites (love Kit Knightly) because I seek truth and freedom from scripted narrative.

    But have to say this, your move to Solutions Watch was the inspiration to become a member and subscriber to your website. For this simple reason, it’s time to move on.

    We can research and give reason to any situation we are in, collectively as the human race. But, what are we going to do about it. Let me tell you what we are going to do. We are going to show the globe that Love, respect for fellow humans, the desire to live peaceful prosperous lives is why we are here. It’s the only reason we chose to be here.

    We are all souls on a human journey, don’t get lost in the weeds. Love and respect is the answer, the only answer they can’t conquer.

    Reach your vibration, elevate it so that it empowers others around you.

    Love, light and respect for all humanity.

    In Lak’ech

  5. openlens says:

    I hope you show the video of the French journalist testifying that it is the Ukranians themselves bombing their own citizens.

    Maybe re-viewing the Conspiracy Trial of The Chicago Eight would lend some inspiration to “derailing the agenda”, as well as having as much fun as possible while doing it.
    Well , they did go to jail, but they didn’t mind at all. They changed the world. One little bit at a time.
    Here ya go, a riot. The book with full transcripts is even better. An, it’s been so long. But The Inferno is ahead of it on my list.

  6. openlens says:

    By the way, one of the Jan. 6 incarcerees, who dared to allow himself to be waved in by capitol police, hang out between the ropes for twenty minutes and take pictures and leave, and who had been in limbo hell jil since as they increase insane charges, is dead.

    Could be anyone of us anytime.
    Revolver News

  7. travail says:

    Of course every govt in the world uses propaganda in an effort to gain the support of their citizens for a political manoeuvre. But with regards to what’s going on in Ukraine now, few of us in the west have seen any Russian propaganda surrounding this event…or certainly nothing on the scale of absurdity we see in the western media. I’ve always had great respect for Corbett’s intellect, but I’m not sure what he’s trying to get at with that argument. And calling on Chris Hedges to give authority to his moral high ground on this matter is particularly unimpressive…since Hedges is the most morally arrogant man on the social media talk circuit, so much so that his armchair moral standards are as impossible in the real world of geopolitics as they would be even in heaven.

    I’m willing to consider that this whole thing might just be a charade and Putin is in on it as much as Klaus Schwab. The other possibility is that it’s not that at all and Russia has legitimate security and economic grievances that the west seems to have been intent on ignoring…even goading him to act. And when you consider that Russia, like Ukraine is now, was a safe haven for the greediest pack of thieving oligarchs and corrupt american politicians (like Biden) bleeding the country dry before Putin finally got control of the govt there, it’s impossible at this stage to look at the two countries as evil equivalents. We’ll just have to wait to see how this plays out. But at this stage, if I had a vote on the UNSC, I would not be voting “yes” for sanctioning Russia over Ukraine. I wonder if Corbett would?

    • Fact Checker says:

      Yes, of course Putin is just a complicit player in the Grand Charade.

      To me, getting all weepy (as Hedges does) and grandstanding about “injustice” and “war crimes” only plays into that bogus narrative. It’s just as how harping on the “Bio-Lab Leak Theory” or “Early Treatment with Ivermectin” only plays into the prevailing narrative of the Scamdemic. Just as those ctrl-opp narratives reinforce the existence of a “deadly novel virus,” Hedges denouncing “war crimes” is a subtle way of reinforcing the idea that there is any kind of “military” thing going on at all, for which I don’t see any good evidence. Yeah, Hedges saw the Shit Go Down In Grenada (or whatever) but I see plenty of reports that it’s humdrum business-as-usual in Kiev right now.

      As far as I can tell, the safest bet is that the “Russian invasion” is just an engineered narrative being fed to the US/NATO/Ukrainian masses by the World Government in order to justify the next steps in the “permanent crisis”. TeeVee bullshit. Probably NATO/Ukr. forces are doing some low-level false flags against the Ukies here and there, to blame on the Russkies. But “invasion”? I’m calling bullshit.

      Putin could be just filming speeches about the “grievances” you mention, for the exclusive benefit of Western audiences, or his speeches might even be pure CGI deepfakery for all anyone knows. But in any event, the 2D-chess narrative should be discarded entirely. That’s just shadow-puppet stuff.

      You say, “it’s impossible at this stage to look at the two countries as evil equivalents”

      No it isn’t. In fact, more accurately, I think they’re not just “equivalent” but identical…as in, one big happy evil family running a big scam on the people of the Earth.

  8. zyxzevn says:

    About US bioweapons around the world and other illegal activities
    There is a whole can of toxic worms.

    I am a Bulgarian journalist and Middle East correspondent. Over the last two years I have published a series of reports on weapons supplies to terrorists in Syria and Iraq. In December of 2016 while reporting on the battle of Aleppo I discovered and filmed underground warehouses full of heavy weapons with Bulgaria as their country of origin. They were used by Al Nusra Front (the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria which is designated as a terrorist organization by the UN). Diplomatic documents which were leaked to me revealed that these weapons were just a small part of a covert international weapons shipment network via 350 diplomatic flights for armament of terrorists in the Middle East and Africa. It was organized by USSOCOM, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

    Articles about the bioweapons: (April 29, 2018)

  9. BbobKS says:

    Wish I was a good editor , unfortunately my editing skills are below my writing skills believe it or not ! Just substitute Putin for Hitler !

    The Covid ANSER corp is now task with Russia , Russia, Russia again ! Remember the anti French Fries and French Wine rebellion when they call Iraqi War propaganda and refused NATO troops ?

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE; Story #1: Seven Fake News Stories Coming Out Of Ukraine

    Around the 8 minute mark, I really appreciate Corbett bringing it home.
    He does an excellent job of emphatically driving home the bottom line…this is a War on us, the people. Ordinary people are the casualities of Authoritarianism.

    Citing the Chris Hedges’ article helped to give his point impact.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I’m not sure if this is really this is really “new” or not. I don’t recall seeing it.

    “Watch: Witness Posts Video of 9/11 Impact Never Seen Before”

    Feb 24th
    9-11 Kevin’s Video with raw audio (includes swearing)
    (8 minutes 46 seconds)

    Video DESCRIPTIOM – Kevin Westley YouTube Channel
    Copyright 2001 & 2022
    I posted this video in the 2000’s but accidently left it private for until now. I gave a Sunday Service on a scout trip to Shiloh battlefield about one of my religious journeys and showed this video (stop before swearing). I noticed the video was private and made it public. Here’s the message notes for the sermon I wrote. I am an engineer not a pastor, so don’t expect the message to be awesome.
    As a combat veteran, when they spoke of going to Shiloh, the last place I wanted to visit was a battlefield. However, I could tell that it meant a lot to the adults planning the trip. As we were packing up to leave the house, it was a struggle. For you this is a visit with history. For me this is a return to Hell.
    As I prayed about what to share, I decided I would share this struggle from my own personal devotion. Sermon notes below:…

    • Octium says:

      I haven’t seen that whole footage before. I do vaguely remember seeing footage from a similar angle though… it was posted by somebody as supposed evidence that there were no buildings!! (No, I didn’t really want to follow them down that Rabit hole at the time!)

  12. openlens says:

    Here’s Eustace Mullins on the Secrets of The Federal Reserve, which he learned initially from Ezra Pound when he was incarcerated for opposing war.
    He says, “In a just society, there would be no need for money, because people do things for one another. ”

  13. HyperSimian says:

    Conversate (voice your concerns). Listen. Listen. Listen again. Be prepared and research your values(opinions). Conversate again. Listen. Listen. LISTEN. The best medicine is letting THEM corner themselves and CALMLY prove their logic and or research is faulted. PATIENCE (a 20 to 30 minute talk). Let them talk it out and use their vocal references against them. They said it and make them own it. Hopefully, one person at a time we can systematically open eyes to the truth. Good luck humans.

  14. Fact Checker says:

    JEP @ 31:25: [Siiiigh] “Kinda depressing. …DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, THEN, PEOPLE!!!!!!! YAAARGH!!!

    “Buy my DVDs! 15% off! Limited time offer!”

  15. Jake Lemay says:

    No comment as this was a long time coming, but hey! British Steel by JP – way to go JEP.

  16. Octium says:

    JC has a lot of patience!

    I think by this stage if somebody still believes in the covid theatre I’d probably encourage them to get as many booster shots as they can until a big white taxi with flashing lights on top comes to take them away and out of my hair!

    • ChairmanDrew says:

      The theatre will exist as long as people give it any credence. Jon Rappoport’s work should be a primer for anyone just starting to get that the scam may just be an entire scam, from top to bottom.

  17. minnie says:

    I think the Canadian truckers convoy has probably hastened the end of the covid nonsense. They just couldn’t be labelled as “crazy conspiracy theorists” in the way that a group of sceptical protestors could.

    Having said that, I completely agree with James that we have to keep fighting the ongoing covid “emergency” – I have been doing that with my own government in Scotland, and I’m certainly not alone – a recent government consultation on whether to extend the “emergency” got so much negative support (85 percent I’m told) that they launched another one.

  18. nosoapradio says:

    I watched this NWNW twice between classes – many high moments like “switching from clapping for nurses to clapping for Ukraine”, the WHO moving to a prominent place of world government and other such nuggets,

    but an apparent lack of focus has left me wondering what exactly happened that should make “normies” realize they were wrong…? In their minds, wrong about what? What are they supposed to atone for? Why exactly would they be having a sudden attack of lucidity?? I’m not trying to be obtuse – I really don’t understand, and I really want to! Can someone explain that please?

    However, the way I stay focused when communicating with my students is thusly:

    The Great Reset realized via the Crises of the 6 Cs that we have and will be seeing: Covid, Currency & CBDCs, Climate Change, Conflicts and Cyber.

    (always been a sucker for repetitive consonnants)

    Now, late for new student!!

    • mkey says:

      I would say that what demands some introspection is the fact that this most leathal infectious disease stopped being newsworthy at a flick of a switch. Worldwide, at that. That fact alone is either proof of collusion and top down control or the science changed to such a degree and in such fashion that these flip floppers all came to very similar conclusions at practically the same time. Or possibly everything occured due to some wild chance.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Thanks for the clarification. But absolutely no one in my “entourage” finds anything at all untoward or unusual in the fact that Covid measures will reportedly be over in France on March 14th, almost exactly two years to the day from the first day of lockdown. Nothing noteworthy enough to apologize for, that’s for sure. Sure people have noticed that we’ve gone straight from Covid to Ukraine but there’s nothing in that fact that would trigger any sort of self-introspection or apologies due. Especially not to wacky conspiracy theorists. Everyone I know only sees what they wanna see, including myself, I guess.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “repetitive consonnants [sic]”

      We call that alliteration in the English-language biz, nosoap. 😉

      Now, onto your point, you’re exactly right about the dumb masses having zero self-awareness about being wrong. James’s whole spiel on that point just shows how disconnected he is from the on-the-street reality of the Western World. In their minds, the Covidists were right the whole time; they’re right right now, and they’ll be right tomorrow when they believe and obey whatever the TeeVee tells them tomorrow. They’ve got the Winds of History at their backs, and they’re being ushered into a Technotopia Future of comfort, safety, truth, justice, and Universal Health Care for all. In fact, right about now they’re expecting an apology from all those doomsayers who suggested the Shots weren’t safe and effective! I mean, obviously they cured Covaids with zero downside! The sudden deaths of their aunts and brothers-in-law were all totally coincidental. Pandemics rule!

      • nosoapradio says:

        Well actually, FC, I was talking about the repetition of the letter and not alliteration, which is the repetition of the sound, a literary effect I also quite enjoy as I’ve been known to mention on these boards. For example “Cyber currency” isn’t, AFAIK, alliteration. 😉 one hard C and one soft…

        Alliteration Refers to Repeating Sounds, Not Letters…

        What Is Alliteration? (with Examples)
        Alliteration is a stylistic literary technique in which nearby words repeat the same initial consonant sound.

        The following, however, I cannot quibble with:

        “…In fact, right about now they’re expecting an apology from all those doomsayers who suggested the Shots weren’t safe and effective! I mean, obviously they cured Covaids with zero downside! The sudden deaths of their aunts and brothers-in-law were all totally coincidental…”

        When announcing the news that the “sanitary pass” was slated to become obsolete on March 14th, a couple of separate students looked at me with deep compassion as if they were dying to ask me if I regretted leaving France. LLOL! (Literally laughing out loud = a mediocre example of alliteration).

  19. Elynit says:

    I agree, James, that war is purely demonic, but you must nor forget, that this war is going on for 8 years by now. Just as long as the ukronazis slaughter Russian people, nobody cares.

  20. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Artificial Flavors of Freedom —

    I am disappointed with many Americans who profess to be awake and to love liberty.
    Many have a low-rent, plastic veneer concept of individual freedom.
    Many are stuck in this weird nationalistic “patriotism” where having served in the armed forces is a badge of honor towards freedom.
    It is a sickening mental condition.

    The People’s Convoy – Interviews with supporters
    (4 minutes)

    Currently, The People’s Convoy and other convoys originating from different states are meeting up near the Washington D.C. area for this weekend of March 5th.

  21. ChairmanDrew says:

    Having started listening to JEP’s Morning Monarchy since the start of this year, I can now hear how restrained he is when it comes to co-presenting NWNW.

    Any day now I’ll start paying a measly dollar a month to his efforts, like I do to JC.

    P.S. Nice touch with the “British Steel” LP.

  22. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Great episode as always fellas! I’m going to have to show my ole man the 7 “news” clips. He got pretty emotional when I said we aren’t being told the truth about Ukraine, he’s a Fox News guy.

    I’m going to be seen as somewhat naive here, but Tulsi Gabbard a member of the CFR!? ? It makes sense though, that’s why she’s trotted out on all these talk shows and news programs. The Joe Rogaine Experience anyone? An Obama/Trump style politician, wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think they’re using her to bridge the gap between Republican voters and Technocratic Globalism. A democrat always pandering to conservatives. A quick search shows she’s also a member of The World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders.” Of course she is! Why not?

    I also found this tweet ?

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Freedom Chain Canada – (Saturday) March 5, 2022 – Please Come Out and Support!
    (2 minutes)
    LINKS in shownotes

    Choose any location along Highway #1. Wear bright colours, bring your sign, and stand on the north side of the road (west bound side). Be safe everyone.

    There may not be enough people to stretch across Canada but the purpose is to show unity and raise awareness. What do we want?
    -end all provincial and federal mandates for all Canadians
    -correct all the wrongs that have been done (rehire those who were forced out of their jobs, ban vax passports and more!)
    -hold accountable those responsible for medical coercion and discrimination

    [Just so folks know, there have been a lot of ‘local’ demonstrations in Canada.]

  24. Sherry says:

    Has anyone else seen this: Ukraine: Situation and Background, February 14, 2022?

    Or this: The Biden Ukraine Bribe Tapes, November 2020?

    Just wondering…

  25. wyng says:

    Bet you guys are so sick of being right.

  26. cush350 says:

    Off subject.

    Is it just me or what? When navigating to the Corbett Report Documentaries, Odysee can’t play the media. This message is displayed, “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”. No problem with BitChute.

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Saturday March 5th, 2022 – Zero Hedge (Videos/Images in article)
    Watch Live: Convoy Of Truckers Arrive At Final Staging Area Before Push To D.C. Region

    At least 1,000 ‘freedom convoy’ vehicles converged at a speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Friday night and through Saturday morning into the afternoon as some made the 2,500-mile journey from Southern California, according to WaPo. The convoy is at a staging area where their next move could be Washington, D.C., to protest the COVID-19 vaccine and other public health mandates.

    NBC4 Washington reports the convoy is planning to drive onto the Capital Beltway on Saturday, but a convoy spokesperson said they’ll stay in Hagerstown for another night…. [VIDEOS]

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