#NotMyPresident? Take the #ClintonPledge!

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Do you have the sinking feeling that democracy is not what it's cracked up to be? Do you insist that Trump is #NotMyPresident? Well don't despair, get active. Take the #ClintonPledge, and pass it along to your friends. It may not be as scary as you think.

James Corbett Discusses the Anarchist Ideologies

James Corbett on Solutions for a New Generation

How To Free Your Tax Cattle

Anarchy in Action: Spontaneous Order

Solutions: Agorism

Larken Rose on the Immorality of Voting

Voting is the Problem. Here’s the Solution.

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  1. peace.froggs says:

    You offer different options/pledges at the beginning of your video James, however you don’t actually propose any alternatives to replace our current democratic system. Furthermore, the political process doesn’t end after we cast our vote, quite the contrary, that’s when it begins really. Kinda like a relay race, the runner doesn’t stop after he’s handed the baton, that’s when he takes off running.

    Half of America is genuinely fearful of Trumps proposed campaign promises, these are legit grievances, and no way does it say in the American Constitution that a President is dictator for 4 years, therefore people have a constitutional right to protest peacefully.

    Democracy can be described as both wings of a bird, in order for it to fly, the bird needs both his right wing and his left wing. Also, to stop it from going around in circles, the bird needs to counter balance the right and the left. In essence, that’s democracy in a nut shell.

    Now that the US has been governed by 8 years of left wing leaning politics (ie, Obama), it would appear the US was ready for a change in direction, and to counter balance the direction they voted for a right wing President with right wing leaning campaign promises, with the added caveat that the left wing actually won the popular vote.

    I’d love to hear how anarchy could supplant democracy peacefully (pragmatically speaking).

    • pformby says:

      Even after the election the Clinton side continues with lawless agitation, intimidation and violence in the streets, demonstrating to reasonable people everywhere that Americans did make the right choice. Thank you MSM and Mr. Soros for showing everyone just how free, democratic, big hearted and open the globalist new world order would really be if Hillary had won.

      If the US election rules had been that the candidates had to win the popular vote in order to be elected, then Trump would have campaigned more vigorously in the large cities and likely also would have won that contest in a landslide. But how much more of a landslide that would have been can be seen by considering what really happened.

      The people who supported Trump mainly voted for jobs and to save core values and constitutional rights from a misguided globalism being imposed upon them. They were essentially voting to save their nation from an establishment which has been systematically outsourcing just about everything which matters to them. However, despite the stakes they were and remain essentially principled people adhering to the electoral rules of fair play for lawful democratic change. The Clinton side on the other hand appeared devoid of any real principles other than their own interests. During the election the Clinton side used intimidation tactics of paid agitators. They cheated by swelling voters lists by opening the border and signing up droves of illegal immigrants. Even voter fraud and rigged voting machines were acceptable to them. But most of all they were supported by an absolutely biased, corrupt and lying mainstream media. The effect of the media was so pervasive that Trump supporters were generally so ridiculed and shunned that few made their views known. Without such dishonest, illegal and oppressive tactics by the Clinton side, the Trump vote would most certainly have been much much greater. In the circumstances the Clinton loss could not be more embarrassing for her, her party and the MSM.

      Paul Formby

      • peace.froggs says:

        “Even after the election the Clinton side continues with lawless agitation, intimidation and violence in the streets…”

        — Ah yes, I’ve read this somewhere before, “riots” funded by Big Daddy Soros, am I right?

        Please explain to me how riots benefit the left?

        Seems to me peaceful protests across America would be a more effective way at de-legitimizing Trump the so called anti globalist, don’t you think pformby?

        • ralphodavis says:

          Denying Soros’ involvement in funding and organizing paid protestors ala the legacy of ‘color’ revolutions that he openly boasts of sponsoring? No evidence to suggest disengagement once the process begins. Soros is all in.

          And telling just how committed to peaceful transition of regime are the Obamabot Hillaritites staging a rainbow gamut of the emotionally supercharged from university ‘cry ins’ to defiant rebellion disallowing even a pregnant woman safe passage to a hospital, ..to UVA students urging a ban on Thomas Jefferson quotations on the campus he founded.

          Shouldn’t peaceful dissent also include equally emotional protestations of the now openly FBI documented investigation of the broad democrat pedophile culture surrounding the hierarchy of the Clinton machine. Denny Hastert has lots of company in perverse exploitation by political scum.

          The damning evidence is certainly worth mitigating all the unbridled grief of Hilarity’s defeat amongst morally decent democrats. Shouldn’t there be full spectrum equality in exposing the vast perversion and moral decay across party hierarchies? Or, do we continue to ignore the many Clinton visits to Epstein’s child raping fantasy island?

          Let’s shed a tear while we’re sobbing for the NYTs avowed ‘renewal’ of commitment to authentic journalism as it, too, abandons its manifest mission of omission, distortion and abject lies. We now await the same proclaimed reformation from WAPO, as well the AP, WSJ, Reuters, Guardian ..and on.

          What we’ll actually see is a continuum of Soros funded and directed social instability that will likely involve deployment of militarized DHS force to distract us further from the economic destruction about to ensue and along with it the obscurity of those responsible from the entire goats-headed hierarchy.

          Trump, as societal savior, is only marginally less ridiculous a notion than that of the child rapist Clintons. The hysteria has no discernible bounds at this point, but we do have the assurance of its smothering by necessity of basic survival demands in post-market, hyper inflationary suppression of all civil liberties by our beloved DHS waiting in the wings.

          Happy Thanksgiving that the farce is unmistakably advancing in decline. We will reap what we’ve sown globally, friends.

  2. mkey says:

    For me the most important side effect of coming to this realization is that people would need to take charge of their lives and assume responsibility.

    It would mean the end of mom and pop government; no more spoon feeding us into the coffin; there wouldn’t be anyone there to make our decisions, assume responsibilities, tell us what to think, how to act, what’s hot and what’s not.

    I often think about how to get in the state of mind where endless motivation could flourish.


  3. At 4:32 – 4:38 in the video above you say that “the ruling class is not legitimized in a voting booth.” To the contrary, if you participate in an election by voting, the outcome is legit for you. Of course, if you do not vote, the outcome is not legit for you.
    And by the way what is happening on Wednesday on your channel?

  4. m.clare says:

    Every newspaper, every TV station, every magazine and at least half of the “alternative” media have spent much of the last year vilifying Trump.

    Yet, even the “mainstream” were talking about improper emails and the rigging of the Democratic convention. Trump alluded to this and suggested the only way he would lose the election would be if it was rigged. He won…therefore, logically, nothing is rigged….right?

    Have you noticed….the official narrative delivered unto us daily by the corporate media mafa is veering towards promoting the idea that the existing system is broken. What can this mean?

    I believe Trump is the predecessor to the American Gorbachev who will arrive in Trump’s wake to usher in a Brave New Age. The “communism” experiment ended in 1989; “democracy” is now on the ropes. (I doubt that democracy ever existed).

    Hatred, distrust, threat of civil war, WW-III, ISIS terrorism, economic hardship, collapsing fiat currencies, bank bail-ins, climate crisis, racism, political corruption….. carefully orchestrated to erupt in an historical momementus singularity. Mr. Corbett, your solution will get lost in the noise of the main stream who will promote a solution of their own.

    People are reeling in the wake of this latest clown show. I think they are ready to hear your message today. We are at a crossroads. Will people see the path you allude to or will they simply be led down the garden path of least resistance according to the agenda?

    This window of opportunity won’t stay open for long.

    • nosoapradio says:

      gosh. Now that I’ve actually read other people’s comments I realize I pretty much reformulated exactly what you already said.

      I even said “usher in a new age”…

      Well, anyhow, if I’m going to be plagiarizing someone I’m glad it’s you.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi m.clare,

      I too agree with your reading of the situation. I believe Trump is going to be the knee-jerk that will bring in the new radical changes.

      I suspect we will see lots of new autonomous technology deployed over the next 4 years, that will help with managing safe transition to the Brave New Age.

      Unless i am very much mistaken… The gang-bang is coming folks 🙂

  5. Rovak says:

    Looking forward to Wednesday, all in all well said.

  6. nosoapradio says:

    Trump is the synthetic live virus injected into the governmental system to create antibodies – to awaken the immune system – to activate the macrophage and get them to devour, eradicate, neutralize everything this gilded, populist political dilettante who reportedly bought the presidency like he pockets a new wife represents.

    So the people will chant even louder “hang the climate skeptics!”
    “we love Obamacare!” “no more governmental moonlighting!” “We need longstanding experts (like Hillary)”

    The world now has a word to describe its suffering.

    “Send in the technocrats “to keep him in check” or we’re doomed!”

    Move aside all you aliens, nuclear war, climate change and even ISIS! You’ve all been Trumped!

    The True universal enemy uniting the world’s populations against all things bling-bling, anti-environmental and otherwise politically uncouth has dwarfed you all in his inimitable inscrupulous Trumpiness.

    In fact, I bet TRUMP is actually a subliminal acronym for something like Tru Materialistic Pomp

    that will be burned in effigy to usher in the new age “17 global goal” paradigm…

    At least we’ll know who to blame the worldwide Black Monday on.


    • m.clare says:

      The trick is to play the masses so that, rather than having unpalatable changes rammed down their throats, they actually and sincerely demand the oppressive changes themselves. (e.g. so many of my fellow Canadians are demanding to pay a Carbon Sin Tax to “save the planet”).

      Like you, I suspect Trump has been installed as a catalyst for future reactions; the people will demand to be more severely oppressed for their own good.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Yes. Media “95% consensus” brainwashing combined with the illusion of democracy equals how to get the people to dig their own graves.

      • Aron says:

        m.clare – On some days I’d agree with you that many in Canada want a carbon tax. But, I also hear a lot of opposing voices as well, particularly in Alberta where the social-marxists are in power. Agenda 21/2030 is alive and well there! You’re right though, many people aren’t really aware of what’s going on that for sure.

        • m.clare says:

          Were you at the protest a couple of weeks ago? A thousand people, myself included, were at the Calgary protest against Carbon austerity. Very little media coverage. It would seem those in charge have come to depend upon some combination of ignorance, laziness, fear and apathy which leaves us collectively paralyzed.

          James is doing his part. You and I will continue to do ours.

  7. Aron says:

    America came within a whisker of a violent revolution. The globalists came to realize late in the game what the real numbers were behind Trump and the sentiment they had towards the establishment. Turning off the rigged voting machines was nothing less than a self-preservation move by the globalists. A peaceful revolution resulted but this still has the potential to turn ugly if Trump bows to these powers. The people have spoken but they need to keep his feet to the fire.

  8. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I have a secret to share with you people…

    I am some what stunned by how some people are divided still between left or right, between blue or red, between R or D.

    The fact that this is the mindset while they are part of Corbertt community gives me a real scare… As those people are aware or at least have seen some of the reports done by Corbertt and friends and still believe the cock & bull story.

    It leads me to ask the question. Are the “powers that shouldn’t be” right in thinking that majority of the populous are too stupid to earn the right to govern themselves, and are not different than the rest of the apes??

    It is a question that I ask myself every time i hear an ISIS story, or White Supremacist group story… Now i find myself asking the same question a lot more often.. I am worried.

    • Lance says:

      Frightening isn’t it?

      I think ‘education’ has a lot to do with it. I see it every day with my own children. How can we think for ourselves when our whole ‘education’ has been effectively a brain washing effort to stop us thinking for ourselves?

      We physically become adults and think we make our own decisions and formulate our own views on the world. Well, for the most part I can see: we don’t. They are handed to us, ready made. Would you like View A, View B or the fashionable “Don’t Care” View?

      The solution is in a real education based on training the mind through mindfulness, meditation, self-remembering.

      Everyone doesn’t need to practice this. Only one person – myself.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Lance,

        Yes it is very frightening. It became almost paralyzingly scary when I learnt the term Prussian education system, and how it was introduced to create people “Smart enough/dumb enough” to win wars (non-thinking man).

        The actual Prussian education system was introduced as a basic concept in the late 18th century and was significantly enhanced after Prussia’s defeat in the early stages of the Napoleonic Wars.

        That said, I came out of the same schools… and at the age of 30 something, I have decided to start reading philosophy, strategy and history, and today, i can say i am more aware or awake!

        Which means, there is hope!

  9. nosoapradio says:

    “The garden path of least resistance…

    Come to think of it…

    I’m such a product of this usurious, elitist, consumer society that I might very well be a likely candidate for the garden path of least resistance…facility…and that great American word “convenience”…

    Convenient democracy…

    Maybe TPTSB are right…

    Maybe the TPTSB have been successful in creating me (as a product of my public school education and middle class tv dominated ubpbringing) in such a way

    as I need to be saved from myself…?

    Maybe I am ruled by my base instincts and appetites and am fundamentally incapable of taking real responsability for my society…



    Maybe I do need trillionaires lording over me deciding if I live or die in a false flag terrorist attack!?

    Oh my god!

    Give me bread and circus!!

  10. Big-_-Brother says:

    I cant wrap my mind on a person that is excited to vote for Hillary. They are just fearful of Trump and wanted to vote against him. But at the end they all get played LMAO

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