Meet Adam Curtis, Establishment Contrarian (video)

02/23/20131 Comment


The Power of Nightmares. The Century of the Self. Pandora's Box. All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace. If you're familiar with the alternative media, you've doubtless come across references to the documentary work of Adam Curtis. But besides the well-known examples of brilliance within Curtis' work is a deeply doctrinaire strain that seeks to normalize mainstream history and convince us that the driving ideologies of the political elite are exactly what they say they are. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we deconstruct Curtis' documentaries and look for the deeper meaning behind the globalist ideology.

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The Power of Nightmares
Time Reference: 03:48


The Century of the Self
Time Reference: 10:05


Pandora's Box
Time Reference: 14:24


The Living Dead
Time Reference: 18:41


The Loving Trap
Time Reference: 25:17


James Corbett on The Mind Renewed
Time Reference: 39:29

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  1. lanita says:

    Thank you James, excellent video. It is an insidious method to insert the ‘official narrative’ (du jour) in-between genuine bits of truth. So now I have to go back and re-watch Hypernormalisation, his most recent documentary.

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