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Marie Antoinette didn't actually say "Let them eat cake" but you won't believe who is saying "Let them eat ice cream." Join James for this edition of #PropagandaWatch as he explores the latest fad among the celebrities and political puppets: Shaming poor people!

Pelosi shows off her ice cream stockpile

Nancy Pelosi brags about stockpile of $13 per pint ice cream in $24,000 fridge as Americans line food banks

Thousands wait in line at San Antonio food bank

Patton shaming protesters

Madonna slammed for bizarre naked coronavirus video

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett says:
    “Let’s just keep a record of some of these statements for posterity’s sake.”

    • On that note, I wonder if there’s anyone keeping a detailed log of all of the daily happenings while this plan-demic plays out.
      Because, although it’s often claimed that ‘the Internet is forever’ the reality of the matter is that stuff disappears from the Internet all the time and some of that disappearing stuff is undoubtedly going to be key pieces of the puzzle that we’ll wish we had when we are, at a later date, trying to figure out the who, what, when, where, why and how.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ” keeping a detailed log “
        Good point AnimalsArentFood.

        This is one reason why I like to include
        “EXCERPTS” or
        quotes or
        descriptions or
        summaries of an article or video.

        If the source link goes away, we have a record.
        Sometimes, that record can help us find other sources.

        Another reason…
        It is also appropriate comment behavior to have enough courtesy to other readers to give them some kind of overview of a link.

        Everyone has different tastes.
        Some folks thrive on “gross injustices or sensational startling out-of-the-main news”, while other prefer more information based stories.
        Descriptions of a link help the reader choose whether they are interested.

    • BabyJysus says:

      I’m hoping and praying this plan-demic will backfire… At some point in time one of these conspiracies will backfire let’s hope this is it.

      • andrew.s says:

        I don’t mean this as a reproach, but alas, as I learned in business school, hope is not a strategy. What we need is a plan and a strategy. Does anyone have any ideas?

        • Noahsark723 says:

          Yes – boycott their system and their dictates on all fronts.

          Yield to overcome them – withdraw from all of their control levers and machinations.

          First step for most – boycott the cell phone – and if you can’t do that then how are we to do anything in regards to this. Because that would be one of the easiest in light of what we are faced with.

          But ultimately the boycott is where the power lies. Also people are going to have to get their heads around the fact that if they try and force themselves on you with what ever – then they left us with no other option but to strike back at them.

          Don’t tread on me needs to be understood as the last resort on an individual and group level. But in no way should we incite violence, patience in this regards must always be employed.


          • andrew.s says:

            Thank you for the link, Noahsark. It was interesting to learn about the Gadsden flag.
            When I was living in China I could get my salary ONLY by bank transfer into my Chinese bank account and in order to open up a Chinese bank account one MUST have a smart phone. In other words, no smart phone, no pay. So although your suggestion to boycott mobile phones sounds nice in theory putting it in practice in real life is something else. Since I am not living as self-sufficient yeoman in the 18th century. I am looking for strategies on how to deal with things as they are and probably will be rather than as they should be.

            • Noahsark723 says:

              You are welcome for the link…

              Well that is how they use the technology to corral the people like cattle in the direction the manipulators want them to go.

              The immediate future will be two camps possibly. Those who have been corralled into the new world order – enslaved and chipped; and those who are not who had to learn to become self-sufficient and find creative ways to live outside of it.

              There are hard days ahead and the choices everyone makes matters.

              If it is no smart phone, no pay – tell them no labor from you. That is if you want to… find other work.

              I myself would rather starve in the streets them serve them in any way, shape or form. But when one door is closed – many more are open – and life wouldn’t treat me so to where I would have to starve in the streets – but if need be I am willing because I am not selling my soul to this system under the threat or what ever they have to offer in pain and suffering.

              In fact I rather die than live in the new world they are building!

              In fact with the way things are looking I most likely will be “dead” in the next few years with the way things are looking – because I am not going along with this bullshit; I am only 45 years old and in good health. When the time comes I am going fight them…

        • BabyJysus says:

          Yes I understand but to be honest when I hope and pray the World Hears my voice.

  2. robert.t says:

    It would help if these celebrities were not charmless vulgarians. Well, it wouldn’t help, since they wouldn’t be doing it if they had just a bit of what used to be called tone.

    Ah well…

    “Glad I was able to snatch some happiness
    “Before the age of universal crappiness.”

    • capt zilch says:

      dear universal crap-age,
      If it IS so easy to get  masses to obey, so obvious to be a herd, then perhaps that is a clue about how easy it can be to avoid extinction? can we work with that? recompose, using antidote inverses? There is a timing factor (think drumming): set the pulse in advance of suppositions, friendly easily digestible, but quick-smart (marshal arts?) ,,a standard of rolling out fastest. Weaponizable directed energy phase arrays are getting manically deployed, could it be a meatphor for a model that protects creation?, in a style that pre-empts the pre-empt, so the dominators will have no ground and have never seen it coming. 

      apologies for the bumpy syntax, I’m just in the brainstorm phase of this, writing while watching the attack, beginning to come over the last ridgeline.

      I was at a fiv-jee protest/blockade yesterday. The most frustrating aspect of the stupidity factor (just fucking standing around/ in the way/human shield with zero dialog), was the fact that I could find no-one, including the police, telstra technicians, and  protestors I asked, who could voice concisely, any factual based knowledge about why it was a threat to have the transmitters installed. the installation was blocked yesterday, hooray, an all night watch was kept, which continues today. We seem to have hit pause. It had been voted NO by the local council, and yesterday, installers arrived because some  statehouser pushed their pencil (too hard), which dominoed  life-threatening nonsense, Whoever said “butterfly’s can muster hurricanes” was right. 

      I managed to get, almost “normal”, conversation going with 4 police and one Telstra worker. (always one on one). It would of been extremely helpful to have a dummies guide to how the systems being installed can be weaponised. has anybody seen such copy? there is a big need to get concise info into the public hands.

       I ‘m not saying humans will last for billions of years, but when we finally have served natures yen or slant, lets at least finish with having shined our brightest.  Perhaps we have already? can you imagine topping Shakespearian English, or Charlie Parker’s riffs, or pyramid precision,,, I got told that the plant kingdom’s shift to an enlightened  state was marked by the advent of flowers. Have we humans flowered yet? The reaching of mortal perfection was called siddha back in the day (buddha’s day), so where are the siddahs now?; From a big timeline perspective, hundreds of thousands of years of cycles of rise and falls, we may have glimpsed these last embers of a fading fire, michael jordons leaps, fela kuti’s polyrhythmic fire, MLKjr’s sermons (just the first 3 that popped into mind, but hmm? all three are afro).

      fiv-Jee cliff notes anybody?

    • weilunion says:

      “Let them eat Jelly Beans,let them eat cake

      Let them eat shit, whatever it takes

      We just can’t make it anymore”

      James McCurty


  3. scpat says:

    Tucker: If there’s one thing Gov. Whitmer doesn’t like, it’s civil disobedience

    Regarding recent protests in Lansing, MI-
    Governor Whitmer of Michigan:
    “People are flying the confederate flag and untold numbers who gassed up on the way here, or grabbed a bite on the way home.” [They bought food to feed themselves!! And bought fuel that their cars need to operate! GASP!! And they expressed themselves? Who do they think they are??? They should lay down and take my tyrannical orders!]

    “We know that this rally endangered people. This kind of activity will put more people at risk and sadly it could prolong the amount of time we have to be in this posture.”

    Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan:
    “What happened yesterday was inexcusable. People did not have masks. They didn’t have gloves. They did not distance themselves. They had Confederate flags, swastikas. They blocked an ambulance trying to get to a hospital.”

    “There were people bare-handed, handing candy to children. [Human brings touching each other?!? GASP!! Oh the horror!] What they did was to help spread this disease around the state more, most likely — not contribute to the mitigation. And it just made me sad.” [Oh, you can’t feed your family because we have shut down business and have you locked up in your home, and you dare to complain about it??? Oh, you irresponsible, ungrateful peon. Think of the children!]

    • Libertydan says:

      Gov. Grinch Whitless (who got elected when I was out of State) has made “Planned parenthood” an “Essential Service”. On my way to the Park last Sunday there were 4 foot high yellow Letters out front of Planned Parenthood spelling out “HEROES WORK HERE”.

      I would also like to make people aware that her father was CEO of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan for 8 years.

      Indeed, the State does make money on the sale of Booze and Lotto tickets, but theses things can spread the Virus more so that many of the things that she has made illegal. Consuming Hard alcohol will impair ones Immune system and thus make them more likely to get sick. But then, depressed people, trashed on their ass, are not likely to protest, let alone sign a Petition to have her Recalled, eh!

      • scpat says:

        Wow. Heroes eh? Who exactly decides what professions are heroic and which ones are not? Funny.

        As I see it, what her actions and these recent events boil down to, and the question we should be pondering is: where does any elected official get the authority to decide what we can or cannot buy, where we can or cannot travel, how we can or cannot recreate, how we can or cannot expresses ourselves, etc.? This is downright disrespectful and insulting to our very humanity.

        • Libertydan says:

          I am guessing that someone on the staff at Planned Parenthood put up the 4 foot high letters in front of the building where they worked. Yet, when I drove by later that same day the Sign was gone. Given that it was Sunday, and that there is a Church and a real Hospital within a half mile, I am guessing that they caught some flack rather quickly, and removed the sign.

          I can recall seeing the “Right to Lifers” protesting in front of that place a number of times, so it really got my attention when I saw the “HEROES WORK HERE” sign in front of the place.
          Any way, Planned Parenthood is a friend to Gov. Whitmer and The Gates Foundation, thus they are, of coarse, “Essential”.

    • joe_r says:

      Truely as a Michigan resident I was enraged by Whitmers and her cohorts response. Our group Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantinet is not involved in the things mentioned above yet are getting grief for it. We represent people supporting the constitution and against government overreach. We are not deterred though and did a call to action yesterday of mass phone calls and emails to Lansing expressing our desire to open up the state… More to come.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks so much scpat.
      I always appreciate your posts, and also the descriptions of them.

      Tucker Carlson
      While I am not a fan of FOX or Tucker, I do appreciate some of the news which comes from that part of the universe.

      Applicable to this “Ice Cream of the Elite” Thread
      is this short video by Tucker Carlson on the government bailout money going to rich Universities, where the heads of those Universities make millions a year in salary and the University already has immense funds in their endowments.
      Rich colleges get bailed out while American people suffer

      (3 minutes)

      • scpat says:

        You bet, and I can say the same thing about you and your comments here.

        Thanks for sharing this. This issue of funds not going where they are truly needed reminded me of an interview with free market economist David Friedman. He talked about “market corruption” and how that can be seen in tariffs. Most people suffer and only certain corporations and industries benefit greatly. How I understood it was that there is a market within a market in politics that operates by free market principles. Only that particular “political free market” environment does not benefit the common man, it benefits corporations, universities, (globalists, I would add), etc. that fund politicians to get re-elected so they can benefit from their policies once in office. I think the thing that confuses/gaslights people is that politicians will say they are all for the people yet their actions are stimulated by what really benefits them, that being money from corporations and other players in this type of free market who have their own interests separate from the common man.

        Queued Interview:

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          “The Case for Anarcho-Capitalism. David Friedman & Keith Knight.”

          I am listening now.
          What a rigged game these politicians and special interests play.

          Hope you are doing okay up there in northern California.
          Things are so nutty right now.
          The rule-makers are having a field day.

  4. Noahsark723 says:

    This reminds me of the movies They Live and something akin to the prequel of the Hunger Games society.

    Predictive Programming for these times for sure.

  5. Noahsark723 says:

    Off topic but encase anyone is interested I have a new song posted at my channel which is part a larger project I am calling The Linux Experiment.

    The first song is called…

    There Were Windows Staring @ Me



    • Duck says:

      Sounds Very 90’s! Congrats on learning how to do that.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        Thank you Duck, I appreciate it!

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          Reminds me of ‘Stella by Starlight’.

          • Noahsark723 says:

            Thank you Fawlty Towers, I appreciate it!

            after listening to it a few times…

            It kind of reminds me of the Miles Davis 70’s era – Bitches Brew but more like the album called On the Corner with maybe some hints of Weather Report.

            Those would most likely be the influences that caused me to pick the specific sounds I used. But i wasn’t thinking like that while doing it, I just picked sounds that worked well together and it became what it came. The bass track was worked out some – but the other tracks were basically improvised on the spot.

  6. Libertydan says:

    Indeed, Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France and thus her removal ended the Feudal system there. Whether or not she actually said “Let them eat Cake”, should not over shadow the point that she was out of touch with the people. The idea that this Queen’s army would be extracting dues from farmers so that she could live in elegance at a time when the people were starving, is the point. And, yes we do see that scene repeating itself today with Politicians and Celebrities.

    History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rime, eh!

    • Duck says:

      The revolution was very much steered and controlled by outside forces who did not give a fffff-fig about the poor. They just wanted to replace the leadership class with ‘themselves’.

      History is likely repeating now as the bad people steer the causes of suffering as well as offering the cure.


      • Libertydan says:

        Shall we call these self appointed Leaders (those who control the politicians and celebrities) who create a problem only to make a killing on the Solution “False Prophets”, leading the Sheep to slaughter? It almost sounds like this story has been told somewhere before, eh!

      • wylie1 says:

        You have described Collectivism(Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism(Corporatism), etc.) well; with those secretive societies promote. All about getting rid of the competition and installing themselves as rulers, under the pretense of making things fairer to help the poor …while the fairness is that everyone becomes equally poor; some more equal than others, being the rulers, as is always the case.

        Short version:
        Equality and JustAss for y’all, Power, control, benefits, and JustUs for us.

    • calibrator says:

      Apropos Marie Antoinette: “Hameau de la Reine”

      “Marie Antoinette would stroll around her perfect world in simple peasants’ garb with her children, part of an idealized Nature. Her closest friends joined her in her ornamental village, where they also enjoyed pretending to live a simple life.”


  7. Fritzie's dad says:


    Pelosi is literally a “representative” of the people … In fact, she’s the *Speaker* of the house and, by extension, the speaker *for* the people.


    Almost *every* member of the “House of Representatives” becomes a millionaire while *serving* the people.

    I believe the appropriate word to sum up her very essence is: ‘condescension’. But I agree that the degree of (s)tone deafness is pretty astounding. And common among the powers that shouldn’t be.

    • Duck says:

      ‘..Pelosi is literally a “representative” of the people…’

      In a lot of ways she IS representative of them- LOL.
      People really do want to spend unearned money and get away without consequences for their awful behavior…. she is just better able to live the ‘crime life’ then the rest of us.

      • flammable says:

        Those people should be demanding to join that table of monsters instead of having a representative live it for them. Maybe it can work. Imagine millions of people storming governments buildings, country clubs, and mansions. Not to protest but to live it themselves.

        Come on those elites must secret have the cures and immunity to all kinds of diseases. Why risk infecting the common man at local parks when we can safely gather at luxurious locations?

        According to the narrative of the TPTSB this is should be a perfect compromise. We can gather without infecting the general population, mitigate the financial losses of the crisis, and contribute to the eugenics mission by upgrading ourselves to elites.

  8. Here’s Don Lemon losing his maudlin bananas over those ‘privileged’ protesters and how ‘mad’ he is about their guns and their probably-not-supporting-social-justice-protests-in-the-before-time risking public health because they just want a haircut.


    At the 6:45 mark though he drops the act to talk about how he’s gonna need his guest to be a workout buddy (presumably once the authorities give him permission to go to the gym again) to drop the quarantine weight he’s gained from over-eating.

    Aside from being overfed and suspiciously well-coifed, a short scroll of his Twitter feed reveals how much he’s willing and able to spend on that signature ‘Lemon’ look: https://twitter.com/donlemon/status/1235408575318634501?s=21 (a shot of his designer glasses, model number included). His personal branding apparently requires Morgenthal Hendrics ‘Bruno’ frames.

    They’re listed at a price of $395.00, which is a far cry from what most people spend on glasses (https://morgenthalfrederics.com/collections/complete-catalog/products/brando?variant=20722229084230), but here’s the kicker—they’re only available for purchase in-store at what Morgenthal Frederics describes as follows:

    “We believe selecting frames that best amplify one’s individuality is an art and fitting them with precision is a craft. We have hand-selected a team of expert opticians who execute masterfully at our 14 boutiques across the country from initial styling and fitting through the continued service and care of each piece.“ (https://morgenthalfrederics.com/pages/boutique-locator)

    You can book an appointment from there—no word on the price of the service—but I’m guessing that a trip to the barber shop is a little less exclusive. While I didn’t complete a booking, it appears their business is deemed ‘essential’ because I could’ve locked in a 10:00 AM appointment tomorrow on Madison Avenue if I were so inclined (spoiler alert: I am not so inclined).

    I wonder if whoever keeps his hair TV-ready offers a similarly-essential boutique experience?

  9. Duck says:

    The people who lost touch with reality are the masses of people who need to line up for food handouts… the world is not changing as much as its going back to normal reality rather then the magic world where we could spend more then our income and not learn any life skills (like storing food in the house and cooking it…)

    No savings? No dried beans or rice at home? No cans?

    Poor choices and lacking skills will soon have intimidate consequences when they cant be pawned off on society or shoved into the future.

    The kind of people who used to come to the food bank – often with nice phones and nice cars- have been farmed by a system that feeds off their misery and uses them as a zombie army to push ever growing expansions of power. After that they have no future.

  10. Won Fat Fuk says:

    This tune is apropos to the time, but not necessarily to this video.


  11. suzt says:

    Hi James,
    I LOVE the photo you created for the video… of Ms. Pelosi of the People, By the People and For the People,

    sitting on her cone chair surrounded by scoops….

    Any chance you could post a link to that photo as a jpg file so I can download and use it? who knows…this could be very useful.


  12. manbearpig says:

    How fixing food chain shortages will create golden opportunities for vaccines?

    Um speaking of eating, had thought about this but not deeply enough:

    “Will the COVID-19 pandemic cause a food crisis?”
    by Kazuhito Yamashita

    “…There are two elements in food security. One is whether people have enough money to buy food. The other is whether people can actually secure or have access to food. These factors can be rephrased as economic access and physical access.

    Poor countries may lack both. If food prices go up, people who spend most of their income on food purchases are unable to buy the food. A surge in the price of grain, which provides the calories necessary to sustain life, will have an especially serious impact. A significant decrease in income due to the COVID-19 pandemic will cause the same problem without an increase in food prices.

    Even if rich nations deliver food aid to the shores of poor countries, the food will not reach the people who need it if there is no means to transport it to inland areas. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic may cause a food crisis in poorer countries due to problems in both economic and physical access…”


    continued below:

    • manbearpig says:

      “How COVID-19 may disrupt food supply chains in developing countries”

      Building inclusive food systems: 2020 Global Food Policy Report Released
      Will COVID-19 cause another food crisis? An early review
      COVID-19: Trade restrictions are worst possible response to safeguard food security

      GIEWS Crop Prospects
      Apr 16, 2020 posted by s.malhotra

      By: Thomas Reardon, Marc F. Bellemare and David Zilberman

      “…How should governments respond to minimize supply chain disruptions and fallout from lockdowns and other restrictions? The general strategy must be two-pronged: Implement robust public health measures to slow the spread of disease; and address food security impacts, particularly the potentially enormous effects on income and employment.

      This strategy presents significant challenges for developing countries. Addressing the FSC issues will require three complementary policy paths: In the short run, implement new, broad safety nets for SMEs and workers in the midstream and downstream segments of FSCs; for example, governments could use cash-for-work schemes to employ workers to distribute emergency food rations, upgrade sanitation in wholesale markets and wet markets, and maintain essential operations in their own enterprises so that the latter are there when the crisis passes. In the short and medium term, monitor and regulate wholesale markets, retail wet markets, and processing clusters more strictly, and redesign their sites for improved health practices. Finally, make long-term investments to help SMEs change hygiene practices and better site design that will help them remain competitive…”


      Sounds as if, like the earthquake in Haiti, this crisis will provide a golden opportunity for NGOs to go in and fix the “accidental” damage.

      Oh! and why not provide a few vaccines on the side!?

      • Noahsark723 says:

        This is all factored into the plan – to use food as a weapon.

        They will literally be hanging a carrot on the stick to get the people to fall in line. When that kicks in we will see who is really who because the mask are all coming off.

        This picture here of one of the Rothchilds is a fitting symbol…


      • capt zilch says:

        if all the effort to expose the myriad lies of 9/11 still hasn’t yielded justice, and today’s kerfuffle certainly has all the same stench. Clearly a new survival strategy is called for. In the day by day, truth, mostly seems to win. But these top perpetrators (or some overwhelming negative charge) have/has humanity in a hair ball,,,

        one vision has forces at play far greater than any truthers capacity to see, (in other words have faith and spread the love). Another way could be more better stepping up (in front of the tank / tianamen).
        Or running (like Forest).
        Or getting a whole lot earthier (like the remaining indigenous)

        Ive been trying those and more, but the tide is simply coming in. Grab some flotsum or getsum as you like, and at least keep ones head above water,, is all I got.

        I expect brilliant innovation from the sharp pain, though It would be good if we could pre-empt the addiction to catharsis through suffering. its already been done. Euripides and Shakespeare did a noble enough job of jotting that dynamic down. and so but here and now, seeing humanity as one being, whether we’re on track or off chops, getting the heaviest consumptive elements to drop anchor is good instinct good intuition good medicine, though enabling us to continue feeding on screens, eclipses the whole ascetic point: couldn’t be more matrix.

        Fight for life and learn to love it. Thanks James, for this place, where like minds help each other parse this flea fart out.

        I still think a dummies guide to the potential weaponization of fivjee would help a lot of fence sitters. please share specific/pertinent links/knowledge (not easy to find because the topic is “classified”).

  13. calibrator says:

    If I add up the current value of *everything* I have in my home it wouldn’t even approach $24,000…

    But then again I’m neither a triple-digit millionaire nor do I sell out my fellow people to corporations.

    I also have never bought ice cream as expensive as that in my whole life.
    Even if I had her kind of money I wouldn’t buy such stuff.

    However, I wasn’t surprised by the video (I saw it yesterday). She was always scum & and a goon for the really rich people. That’s her place in life and if she doesn’t do it some other opportunist will rise. That’s her justification.

    But the real shocker of the video was “Madonna” who I wouldn’t have recognized without her name being mentioned…

    As for posterity: Don’t care. It looks like Germany will re-elect Merkel for another four years because of her new rise in popularity…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I hear the hops harvest might be in jeopardy.
      Oh no!
      …now, THIS is really a CRISIS!
      How are we going to get good German beer?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Ya know…
      I am embarrassed to say…

      I am divorced now, but…

      But my wife would spend high dollars for some of this crap…then give it away or trash it and buy another.
      I’m talking a new washing machine over $1,000 which she kept less than a month.
      Or a $2500 refrigerator which she kept less than six months, then gave away after she got another.
      New car every year.
      She had over $5,000 worth of name brand purses in her closet. Then, one day, she started giving them all away and started over with her purse collection.
      Buying stuff, especially top of the line expensive stuff, was like a drug fix for her. But, in order to justify buying stuff, she first had to get rid of some stuff.

      I never could think with that.

      • onion says:

        If you think about her statement “Other people in our family prefer different kinds,” it’s clear she is referring to another fridge. She spent $24K on ice cream storage and still didn’t get it right…

  14. Libertydan says:

    The fact that Joe Biden publicly commented that he liked Pelosi’s choice on the high end treats, should give us reason to question this political system. These people are not even good Pawns. The real power does not lie in the hands of the politicians or the Celebrities. It lies in the hands of those with the money that controls them.
    I might add that power also lies in the hands of those that cannot be controlled with money.

    • calibrator says:

      > These people are not even good Pawns.

      They are shameless grifters who know that they get away with it.
      And 99.9% of them do.

      “Taxes are for the little people.”

    • Libertydan says:

      Most of those that have lost their jobs are out of work because the corporations that they worked for are under the spell of a Corporate Government and a Corporate Court System. Should these people who are out of work wish to work as an Individual Self Proprietor (which is what James is doing with “The Corbet Report”), they would not be subject to Corporate Laws. Thus, this may be a good time for people to find a new way of making a living. Trading services, or goods, without the arbitrary digital government money seems like an easy sell under these conditions.

      As I see it, this Planned Pandemic/Economic Crash, along with Government pay-outs, was designed to make people dependent on Government Digital Money. The longer it lasts (18 to 22 months according to Gates)the more dependent the people will be on the Government. In other words, by January 2022, the Bankers and the Corporations that have grown up around them, along with the Governments they control, will own every company and their employees. If we let it get to this, people that want a job will need to be Vaccinated, and likely chipped.

      The sooner we stop this, the easier it will be.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        Keen insight Libertydan!

        There needs to be a separation of corporation and state.

        In fact it has so much to do with them tricking everyone into excepting the corporate law which is the law of the high seas and pirates.

        The law of the land is the common law – I remember there being a court case I came across from the 1800’s where the judge lamented how the legal system was getting changed by the moving of admiralty law onto the land.

        ALot of this happened after the stock market crash where america declared bankruptcy or something of the sort and social security started and the people where sold to the hidden hand – a step on the way – then everything began to get legislated away – the right to travel became a privaledge when people started getting licenses to drive – always with safety as the plea. “These rights make you all unsafe and we are here to save you from yourselves.” – thinks some elite fool with shit for brains

        They are running the same plan pretty much and now the public fire sale is on and all of the bidders at this private auction are stealing everything – the biggest banker heist of all history is taking place right now

        Over all this is a 4 prong attack – Economic – Psychological – physical on our bodies and health with the medical mafia – and 4th using the technology to heard the people into the technocracy through transformation into transhumanism – the new man.

        Truth Stream Media’s new video called
        The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual
        is worth watching…


        This is the time for the people to wake up – we are at the parting of ways – where the wheat and chaff are separated.

  15. Pelosi is doubling down on telling the world she’s a chocolate connoisseur:


  16. Jed says:

    Good one JC, brings back memories of contracting here in the Hamptons. That big shinny overpriced box, with the compressors on top blowing greasy hot kitchen dust all over the place, sweating like a pig so much that there’s a mung-skinned drip pan underneath, and when the drain clogs (eventually) the bacteria rich overflow rots the sub- floor, screwing up whatever tile or wood flooring or whatever else’s around it. I can close my eyes and smell the rot.
    Is the preceding describing:
    A- Nancy Polosi
    B- Sub-Zero fridge
    C- Present day circumstances
    The answer’s always sí

  17. MaryD says:

    The way Beto O’Rourke describes immigrant workers here is no different than how plantation owners used to describe slave workers. These are the neo-liberal establishment class that perpetuate class inequality in the country.


    Beto O’Rouke’s comments portray his privilege! He acts like a royal. The plantation owners were lower royalty, moved to colonies by the monarch, removing the burden from England & beginning the slave trade here. Northerners always did their work themselves with family.

  18. doublek321 says:

    Isn’t there a thing about Warren Buffett always being shown eating ice cream in his public appearances because it makes him seem more kindly and relatable? Maybe Nancy Pelosi is trying to win the public’s favor using the same tactic?

    One has to wonder if some PR firm did tests to determine that (sort of how Hill and Knowlton came up with the “they took babies out of incubators” line to help push the 1990 Gulf War).

    Watch Bill Gates and Warren Buffett sell ice cream in Omaha

    Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Secret Ice Cream Fix

  19. Oscar says:

    Mayor Bill de Blasio applying full-blown fascist tactics:

    “How do you report places that aren’t enforcing social distancing? It’s simple: just snap a photo and text it to 311-692 and action will ensue. Enforcement will come… #AskMyMayor”

  20. calibrator says:

    Q: And what do you like while being at home, Mr. Podesta?

    A: A spicy pizza and some cute little hot dogs! 😉

  21. Fritzie's dad says:

    Here’s one …

    Chris Cuomo (who is apparently some kind of CNN celebrity) contracted cv1984 a couple of weeks ago. Now his brother happens to be New York governor Andrew Cuomo (aka the newly-minted founding father), so Chris Cuomo was able to make an enormous public fuss at a daily NY state press conference about being quarantined in his basement. You know: It’s a hardship but one must do one’s civic duty, blah, blah …

    Today he’s making an equally big public fuss about recovering, ending his sentence in solitary confinement, and returning (upstairs) to his family.

    Okay … A model citizen: Using his public profile to encourage others to follow suit. Right?

    Wrong! … On Easter Sunday he was caught outdoors by a “jackass loser fat-tire biker” (Chris’ words), who recognized him and asked why he was outside. Cuomo allegedly threatened him.

    But the moral of the story, of course, is that the rules don’t apply to patricians like CC, only to the plebeians like us.

    “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    One clever commenter made the following remark: ‘Chris Cuomo emerges from his basement, six more weeks of fake news!’

    • lovetodust says:

      I read a prediction weeks ago that Joe Biden will be gently (?) pushed aside and the savior of New York (the Governor, not his brother) will become the democrat nominee.

      God, it’s so obvious.

  22. MrMagoo says:

    Has anyone seen the story about Mayor De Blasio being reported to his own covid snitch hotline? he’s been taped walking at a park miles from his home with his wife while he yells at everyone else to stay inside and avoid sunshine and fresh air, the essential components of human life. I’ll attach excerpts and the article URL for all to see.

    — The mayor explained that it is “easier than ever” to tell on those who are breaking the rules.

    But according to the New York Post, de Blasio’s “snitch number” was inundated with “penis photos” and “Hitler memes” amid a wave of prank messages. —


    — One notable legitimate complaint, however, was when someone reported Mayor de Blasio to the 311 number for violating his own social distancing orders.

    De Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, were spotted earlier this month taking a stroll through a park that is roughly 12 miles from his home — despite the mayor’s insistence that New Yorkers should stay inside amid the pandemic.

    Citing a report from the Daily Mail on de Blasio’s reaction to being called a hypocrite, one Twitter user told the mayor, “Thanks, Bill. I just reported you,” with a screenshot of her message to the 311 number saying, “Mayor bill isn’t adhering to lockdown rules.” —

  23. robert.t says:

    After being a leader of total COVID “zone-flooding”, the SERCO newsletter, Zero Hedge, is again starting to report on…oh, I dunno…minor stuff like economic collapse and bailouts and all that freedom stuff. It’s like someone threw a lever and the COVID flood is being discretely drained to a medium level.

    How easily they play with us, these media fiends.

  24. hanky says:

    Fact check, please.
    $13 a pint!?!
    She must get a special deal. I thought I heard her bragging about how you can get this delivered. Refrigerated truck? Special rates for special people?

  25. wylie1 says:

    How best to take down(remove) an ammunition factory?
    a. As gently and rapidly as possible from within?
    b. Light a match and not worry who gets killed?
    Make no mistake the usa IS an ammunition factory.

    Voting less hard or not at all will solve it.

    The less direct involvement by the people, the worse govt gets. And voila, here it is.

    People have all the power, while whining they have none.

    Whining about those in power or being poorly represented by our so called representatives means that YOU haven’t been screening, contracting, nominating, and supporting much better individuals totally bent on permanently reducing govt power and corruption, in vast numbers. Dump the political parties and gather to do it.

    I would prefer almost none or no govt. However, there is only one way to get there without bloodshed. The bloodthirsty don’t care how many innocent they get killed, doing the job of the weasel powers for them. They act as children or dupes.

    If you are willing to shoot someone looking for food but unwilling to solve the root problem in a similar or preferably better method, then what does that make you?

    If people have the energy and inclination to revolt, then they also have the energy to clean house via elections. The refusal to do the latter is evidence that they are just yammering about the former.

    They’ll say, can’t win anyway so why bother? Or endless other excuses. If I could, I’d boot all of those to some middle east desert where they can roam around for 40 years. While those helping solve the problem, live in unequaled good times.

    Websites where people are actually DOING rather than yammering? Any?

    • flammable says:

      You are right. What will work is cleaning house. Take away long time corrupted politicians and replace them which in turn will weaken their power without bloodshed. But the vast majority of people seek a single or a few political candidates to overcome the majority power elite. That is always guaranteed to fail.

      That is why we are saying voting is useless. Not delegation itself but the mindset of voting instantly saving us. People will never agree to follow your plan of replacing TPTSB until their minds are fixed. We have the power yet little power over the mind. So that power will always be misdirected.

      Right now the focus is on informing and building communities. We need to inform enough people of what is going on so they will stop falling for propaganda and feeding the beast. And communities will make it easier to get representatives we can trust and people guaranteed to vote them in.
      Yes it is annoying we are not getting results now. Yes there is too much complaining and not enough action. But the most important thing is to build the foundation first or else everything will collapse.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      It is going to take a hell of alot more then just elections to fix this.

      Read at least the first few chapters of Joe Plummer’s Book Tragedy and Hope 101

      Maybe what you talk about would have been possible starting many years ago – but we are in the end game now, man! They have the upper hand and that exist in the fact that they have themselves concealed as they do; with their hands on all kinds of switches – psychologically or otherwise.

      You say…
      Voting less hard or not at all will solve it.”

      That isn’t propaganda – voting is a rigged game and it you think that you are going to get in there at this late hour and change things on that level, when the tenticles of this thing run deep – I really question if you understand the nature of this conspiracy, and the levels at which this thing operates at – to think that voting and getting this so called “person of good will” as some savior or a group of them – it is ludicrous at this late hour.

      It really comes down to people – saying NO to the system and meaning it – simple – boycott the new world order and all of its dictates and so forth. If those in government at this point want to do what is right and repent from their wicked ways or wake from their sleep, then great. May they do some good…

      Fundamentally – it comes to down to people being awake and aware as to what is going on. With out that – who the hell are you going to get to elect these so called patriot politicians if people are sleeping…?

      Read Joe Plummer’s book – because to cure this new world order disease you have understand it and all of its machinations – otherwise you will only be hacking at branches instead of the root.

      Plummer’s book is written with keen insight as to how these wicked men operate.

  26. idablank says:

    Someone should look into the suspicious death of Patton’s wife.

  27. JadeEyes says:

    J.C. — ‘from your mouth to god’s ear’!!!!

  28. mik says:

    Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs

    Have no doubt, climate change is real and to many people on the world.
    Maybe, environmentalists in bed with capitalists will now become mainstream.
    Still, don’t expect to much, it’s limited hangout, green movement didn’t lost all saints and The guardian points out like this:
    “Although it should be said that, for all his radical bravado, Gibbs does not dare criticise Thunberg.”


    Is documentary coming out right now, I mean for free on gootube with promotion of msm in support…..is this just another coincidence?????

    I think they are stealing from us just another narrative. They will dilute it, mix some other rubbish and after that, if one would try to use this narrative it will be: yeaa, that’s from that fat director.

    Well, I really can’t get one thing: The guy shows capitalists in bed with greens. Who is running the show? Normie answer: rich and politicians.
    How the hell you can come to conclusion that we, The People, are guilty for mess on the planet.
    It’s like you find a guy with bloody knife and a corpse and your conclusion would be: it has to be somebody else.

  29. Fritzie's dad says:

    Governors govern … The people/sheeple suffer …

    A ‘respectful’ protest requesting/demanding the reopening of Maine businesses occurred on Monday. Patriot Day being a state holiday.

    A sizeable crowd convened outside the governor’s state-provided mansion (Blaine House) in Augusta. Many persons spoke against the rigorous stay-at-home rules and their deleterious effect on small Maine businesses. One of the primary organizers was/is the state representative of a rural area in one of the eastern counties, where population density is extremely low. So low, in fact, that two of the counties have had only 2 cases each (no deaths) and a third county nearby has had zero cases. The vast majority of cases/deaths in Maine are in the distant southwest counties, closest to Massachusetts/Boston and, of course, in the cities: Augusta, Portland, etc.

    The protesters were permitted to assemble without harassment, even though their gathering was, technically, illegal.

    Was their protest heard? … Well, not by the governor. Governor Janet Mills had broken the restrictions which she had imposed on travel, and was elsewhere visiting family.

    “Do as I say, not as I do!”


  30. cas says:

    hey all, your propaganda watch job must’ve been so easy this time?! there’s so much to choose from at the moment.

    that video of her pretending to be so much like the peasants was hilarious. she ate that ice cream with so much discomfort, as though she’d never even seen one before in her life. the shelving looked as though it’d been stacked 5 minutes previously. it was probably her spare champers chiller. agreed though…we are definitely not all in this together. pointless celebs and soulless, savage politicians are not in this together with the public…obviously. they are just saying that so they public don’t come for their blood! more lies for their soulless self preservation.

    so many more will die from the governments behaviour, depressions and mental illnesses, food scarcity, stress from trying to hold on to the things we’ve spent our lives working for in a culture that politicians have shaped around us. this is evil and so sad to experience.

    silver linings though, lets hope (as you stated) the uselessness of celebs is recognized and they become redundant overnight 🙂

    peace all,
    cas, x

  31. Hotfoot says:

    Please cut and paste this quote as far and as wide as you could hope to. I have been doing just that, and isn’t it just a wee bit strange how my comment seems to be ignored or permanently stuck on ‘waiting for moderation’, on sites like https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/02/who-reveals-underlying-concerns-over-the-safety-of-vaccines/?unapproved=56774&moderation-hash=c3971dbb2c76efcc9862a66a8c13f189#comment-56774

    The quote:
    “The world today has 6.8 billion people, That’s headed up to about 9 billion. if we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.” -Bill Gates, TED2010 Feb 2010

    I want to shout:

    Stick that comment up your MSM arse and call me a conspiracy theorist, you blinkered, indoctrinated dullard. While you’re at it, wake the fuck up and stop being so spineless. You ARE being deceived. This IS a coup. This IS your chance. Your children WILL judge you.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Too bad the will to actually take action is missing. Not just here. Action begins in the mind. What happens in your mind determines your physical actions and goals. 99.9% of the people are too cowardly and lazy to think for themselves. Without them the powers that cower would have no power. They are the true enemies of freedom. And those too cowardly to look at where this is heading are just as guilty. Freedom ain’t free. It requires a fearless attitude and a refusal to submit to anyone. It also requires people who prepare. By the time it becomes obvious, it’s too late.

      And to duck, I’m calling you a liar. Not only did you lie, you twisted what truths you did utter. All to come up with your childish ignorant analysis. I also call you the enemy of freedom. You are a statist. Which means you endorse mass murder, slavery, and tyranny. I also call you a fool for listening to Corbett and not realizing what a disgusting death cult statism is. And to think you claimed the moral high ground. No, you just want YOUR mass murdering psychopaths in charge. I wanted to discuss preparing to survive the death cult you worship. But your twisted slave mind turned it into a call for violence. As if recognizing violence is advocating for it. In short, you make me sick.

  32. cas says:

    further to my last comment; maybe a solution to this is to write and support an open letter to the governments stating that we are going back to work in the name of supporting our economy and to protect the public from the effects of a depression, alongside protecting the healthcare services (funded by employment tax) and the many other sectors that our lives depend on, stating that if we get the specific flu they are stating as the cause of this, we will not use the healthcare system. in addition we can wear masks and gloves for further public ‘protection’.

  33. Jed says:

    “Test, trace and isolate” is Cuomo and Bloomberg’s new plan to go into the cell phones and trace down and quarantine the contacts of positive testees. This is all over the morning tv news and should guarantee that Cuomo is now as unelectable for potus as Mayor Mike.

  34. Cloudy says:

    A German celebrity posts on Facebook that all people, who protests against the restriction of fundamental rights, just do it to get their convenient old life back. For their own convenience, they sacrifice the old and weak, therefore they are fascists.

    She plays on the keyboard of German trauma. Her words (translated from German):

    “The hypocritical phrase that the (weak) group needs to be “specially protected” really means: “Lock them up so we can finally continue our comfortable lives unhindered.”

    The eradication of the weak is a genuinely fascist thought, even if you leave this work to the virus. So we are very quickly at “unworthy life” and the selection which precedes the medical triage. What a contemptible (and despicable) image of man is revealed.”

    The fact that nursing homes in our system are “Not System-relevant” therefore they do not have a good change to get protective masks, seems not to bother her. Her salary is save, as all Germans have to pay every month a fixed fee to finance the state sponsered TV programme (No matter if you have a TV or not).

  35. robert.t says:

    Get those numbers down with Bill…

    I’m a technical dunce (as equation-loving Bill would say: dunce – tech + klutz = doofus).

    Yet even I can use Linux. So let’s make 2020 the year we switch off Bill plus his vaccines plus his software. (Or, in patronising terms Bill will understand…2020 = No more Bill.)

    Time to scrape this nasty excrescence off our civilisation.

    • lovetodust says:

      But I just upgraded to windows 10!!

      I am going to look into Linux, though. This situation, and what could be it’s horrific consequences, have given me the final push.

      Althoughhhhh.. and I don’t mean to sound facetious – is it going to make the least bit of difference if we all leave microsoft en masse? Bill is gone, isn’t he? He already has his billions (which I theorize are not all “his” billions) so what does he care?

      I wonder if Mr. Gates is and has been a front for the cabal/Powersthatshouldn’tbe/militaryindustrialintelligencecomplex who provide him with the millions and billions to donate here and there.

      Perhaps I’ve gone way too far out in conspiracy land, but there is something about Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk that just doesn’t ring true to me – in terms of the official narrative.

      But I will still look into Linux.

      • robert.t says:

        Yes, these new industrial barons who seem to be taking over state/govt roles in info-gathering, info-dissemination and surveillance as well as tightly directing production and consumer demand…

        They can make money without making profits and make more money when they give money away. How does that work?

        I wonder if they actually might be the state? Or Betty Crockers fronting for the state. If it looks like the state, walks like the state, quacks like the state…

        But get with Linux. Not now, but when your machine starts to creak and bloat again just load it up with a zippy little distro and that computer will fly. So you won’t be switching just because because Bill Gates is an unlanced boil on the rump of humanity.

      • Noahsark723 says:

        Lovetodust, You can still use windows 10 and linux at the same time by creating a dual boot system, where you have your windows os and linux on the same hard drive.

        I like using separate hard drives for different os and then when you boot up your computer a screen will come up asking for which operating system you want to load up.

        Linux mint has an installer that makes creating a dual boot system easy.


        There are 3 different versions – cinnamon has all of the desktop bells and whistles and XFCE is the light weight version.

        So you can use windows and then learn linux mint, which is so user friendly, and after you feel confident with linux then just dump windows or keep it for what ever programs that you still use.

        The other thing is that linux mint is completely upgradable through the operating system – so it is set up to upgrade just like windows does.

        Also there is a windows virtual environment called Wine – which isn’t perfect at this point but it can run alot of windows programs right in linux.

        My point is there is no need to wait to switch with a dual boot system.

        Here is link with instructions on setting up a dual boot system

        And if you have any questions there is always someone at the forums you can ask or on the ICR Chat where someone will answer you right away, most likely.


        If you ask me Linux is part of the liberation when it comes to the tech side of things.

        It takes some bit of learning to do certain things but if you are willing to read up on it, all of the answers are there in the respective documentation.

  36. andrew.s says:

    I was wondering how the PR consultants would spin this one and to my amazement, here it is:


    Saint Nancy is helping the small ice-cram manufacturers. I suppose she is also helping the refrigerator manufacturers and the cashmere pullover manufacturers as well.

    The media and their hangers-on really are, as Gerald Celente calls them, presstitutes.

  37. cbsk says:

    the media speaking of it as the virus to blame for job loss and people going hungry when it was them that caused it over something that doesn’t deserve any fear compared to the flu, such a twisted world that they can get away with speaking of it as if it isn’t their fault and the mindless masses don’t get it

  38. claudia.m says:

    Hello James, I love your work. Thank you so much. There is a video on YouTube where they are stating you are a shill. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I have always believed in you. I am very concerned that the dark overloads are keeping us all distracted with corona virus while they implement 5G. And spray us to death with Chemtrails. Could you please talk more about these two things and how we can protect ourselves.
    Thanks again for your genuine investigative reporting.

  39. Chapati says:

    a sick urge to openly mock the sheeple?

    Politicians revealing that they`ll be staying home and playing bunny madness during easter. And they praise people who have done so too.


    “insulting” being the flavoured icecream of choice here

    Totally ignoring real life problems espacially for people living on the fringe of society. F.e. on one of the charity works HP they ask for donations to at least keep up their work to provide cooked food for „take away“. (translated)

    The extraordinary situation of the Corona crisis and the associated rules of conduct are a major problem for many people on the fringe of society: How can you stay at home if you have no home at all? How can one eat, without money or if it is not possible for other reasons?

    Ah and Hygiene you say? Well the restrooms are closed btw.

    So i was in particularly proud for Daddy-State`s pat on the back


    Keep up the good work..in exposing this garbage for what it is

  40. Fritzie's dad says:

    I scream … You scream … We all scream – for an end to these ridiculous lockdowns!

    The biggest problem with shutting down, locking people up and throwing away the key – is going to come when ‘we’ try and achieve some kind of economic recovery/restoration.

    I’m guessing that Sweden got it right by *not* sacrificing their economy. Also, the 8 (eight) U.S. states which did not impose a lockdown: (Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah) – per Tucker Carlson

    These counter examples will stand as a control group if/when the virus/lockdown is unwound.

    As protests inevitably grow, what will be the response?

    Mmmm, chocolate … my flavorite!

    Meanwhile, crumbs fall from our masters’ tables.

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