Iran Missile Strike Open Thread

01/08/202059 Comments

I'm sure you've all seen the latest developments in the Middle East by now, and their strange denouement(?)

Unfortunately I'm sick in bed today with the tail end of a flu bug and unable to produce an analysis of these events right now. I am, however, starting this open thread for Corbett Report members to post links, information and analysis of these events.

Stay tuned for further coverage of this issue in this week's edition of New World Next Week.

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  1. Broc West says:

    Get well soon Boss!

    I’ll get things kicked off with the crash/downing of Ukraine International Flight 752, minutes after take off.

    ‘No Survivors After Ukraine-Bound 737 Crashes Two Minutes Into Flight From Tehran’



    ‘Earthquake strikes Iran near nuclear plant’


    I’d recommend Ryan Cristian’s of The Last American Vagabond latest Daily Wrap-Up video.

  2. Truth seeker says:

    This is due to the government buying it’s own debt, which will accelerate countries ditching the petrodollar and alliances with the US.
    I think the financial system is cracking apart behind the scenes, and they can’t hold it together much longer.

    Hence, start a war with Iran as a distraction, and blame the crash on them.

    • matt.mewis says:

      There is also an ongoing crisis in the repo market since September. Its not been too well publisized.

      The Fed is propping up the Repo market with billions at a time to prevent a liquidity crisis in the financial sector.

      This is a link from Sept last year. Its still going on.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks ya’ll!
      With a keen eye, for months I have been watching the Repo Situation also.
      Occasionally, I will add an article or video to Corbett’s October article
      about the Repo Market: “Everything (g)Old is New Again: What QE4 Means For You”

      While supposedly The Fed will soon wean off the Repo, Trump was bragging not long ago about all the spending approved for the military.

      Increased military spending is one way to inject money into the American economy.
      If oil prices go up and stay there, that is another way to beef up a large sector of the U.S. economy.

      Two aspects that I have been noticing with Trump…
      ~~ He likes to keep people guessing and deliberately causes a stir.
      ~~ He is playing America’s interests like a business. Many businesses try to suppress all competition, especially as they become a powerhouse with massive wherewithal.
      We saw it recently with Russia-Germany pipeline.
      We see it with Iran and the middle east.

      • Truth seeker says:

        Good point about higher oil prices and increased military spending to prop up the failing economy.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Repo Madness and Iran
        For the record…
        Tuesday (7th) night and then Wednesday (8th), the markets went wild.

        Gold and Oil soared to extreme highs on Tuesday night with the Iran worries, while stocks crashed.
        Then Wednesday, gold and oil crashed while stocks went up again.

        What? Me worry?
        The Fed will take care of everything.

        Sven Henrich writes a nice summary of it all.

    • Katsavidiz says:

      The same thought crossed my mind also.(with Truth Seekers 2nd and 3rd sentence.)

  3. Hope you feel better soon James.

    • decti says:

      DITTO, James… too bad there’s no oriental netipot medical user near you.. as i seemingly have americanized the [Cayce advocated] oriental netipot usage to make it more civilized, even more than the israeli attempts to do the fire-fight after the blaze has started.. The israelis were even more electronic gizmo oriented in their nasal abuse with pH and temperature to defeat the replication of the virus so your immune system can emerge victorious…

      But since you’re already sick, that only leaves gut-tolerance C to get well fast.

      personally the americanized method has stopped ALL colds and flu and rhinovirus troubles [even pneumonia direct exposure long term for all of us users] for nearly 28 years and counting.. ttyl, but that’s maybe too blue-eyed for y’all

  4. paul823 says:

    The flu?
    Natural or vaccine-derived? 🙂

    Feel better. 🙂

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Flu? Me too.
      I finally called in sick for a few days Saturday. Came back to work on Tuesday.
      Lots of mucus.
      I am still a bit under the weather.
      After a hard stressful workday on Christmas Eve, I was sick on Xmas.
      In fact, a number of my coworkers have had it recently.

      I believe it is being “shed” from the vaccines.
      The flu shots are advertised “free” at many of the pharmacies.
      This year is different from previous years.
      Usually, I rarely see people with it, nor do I get it.

      The temperatures have been mild here in Texas. Cool mornings with a high in the 60’s (20 C).
      We all work outside, but are exposed to hundreds of people and their stuff everyday.
      Sacking their piles of old clothes and linens which might have bed bugs, lice, poisonous spiders, poop, piss, body fluids, harmful synthetic chemicals including fragrances, hepatitis and other diseases, broken glass, needles, steak knives, razors, fish hooks, etc.

      Shedding viruses from vaccines.
      Makes sense.
      Last month… Somoa VACCINE caused epidemic

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Homey, today the aerial assault is quite unnerving .40+
        ‘contrails’ and growing since 7:30am .cst.
        The effects will come in a few days. Laksidasical stuper, forgetfulness, body aches and dry cough with runny nose. 3 days.
        Sometime back I had a signals personal explain to me the charging of the atmosphere for better satellite communications and over the horizon command and control. Either way our air is polluted and we pay an existential tax on our health. A tax paid in blood here on this community.

        And when we offer resistance to this , we face WWilliam Barr and the military thugs hedging their global bets . Story from today. No need to lock down Berkyville normies just tuffs who are use to fighting for survival.
        Get well soon Tex.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I thought of you this morning.

          …The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia published new leading index data for 50 states for November 2019 last week. The leading indexes are a six-month forecast of the coincident state indexes that show nine US states are expected to plunge into a recession within six-months – this is the most significant number of states to slide into a contraction since the financial crisis…

          …Delaware, Vermont, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, Kentucky, and Connecticut are other states where leading indexes are indicating an economic contraction could occur in the next six months….

        • geisha says:

          Dirty air mostly from planes releasing aerosols for climate engineering; mixtures always seem to contain aluminum and microfiber (and other heavy metals), sometimes bacteria in it (usable for ice (chemical) nucleation like some chemicals, which explains sudden ‘unexpected’ ice storms, snow, cool downs.
          The metal components in the aerosols improves conductivity (allowing for better communication as you mention, also causing more lightening->wildfires). Climate engineering aerosols pollute the air, water, soil, us,… and are used for chemical/biological and weather warfare (while they have failed for decades to ‘improve’ the climate).

          A few years ago, Iran has publicly stated at a UN meeting that foreign countries manipulate their weather (causing e.g., droughts as was seen in the other countries the US/NATO invaded in the last several years).

 has tons of info, lab analysis/data, satellite documents, experts (e.g., former military personnel or pilots), government documents, patents, interviews, etc. that pulls this all well together.

          Aerosols delivered via ‘climate engineering’ programs are an easy way to distribute toxins incl. pathogens over wide areas (even climate engineer ‘expert’ Ken Caldeira can be seen in a video talking about this quite proudly).

        • Nusuth says:

          Hello bottle washer, I too spend time looking into the skies. I live in Maryland near BWI, there is a lot of people here. If SRMs are causing illness wouldn’t there be spikes in hospitals visits for respiratory irritation? Legit question I am going to try to make recordings of trails and see if I can later correlate with records. Though I doubt that info is public.

      • Mielia says:

        I recently watched Shiva Ayyadurais presentation
        VACCINES: Beyond VAXX & ANTI-VAXX. Beyond “Left” & “Right”

        As someone who always stayed out of the vaccine debate, I really enjoyed it.

  5. Octium says:

    Wondering if the “technical problems” were that they lost the remote control?

    Ukrainian Boeing 737 crashes on takeoff from Tehran, all passengers and crew killed

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It sure is ‘coincidental’.

      Where there is smoke, there is fire.
      But, Octium, I bet you really, really, really know that.

      Hope all is well with you down under.

      • Octium says:

        Yes, you could say that.

        Whistleblower Reveals “Backdoor” 757 Remote Control And Flight Crew “Lockout” Technology Available Prior To 9/11

        Pretty well, although I think I have a bit of the vaccine “shed” myself. Been fighting it off six for six months with vitamin C and eventually got a bit of it right in the middle of summer. Work was offering the flu shot for free and no doubt many of the cattle volunteered for a prod. Been weird illnesses going around all year.

  6. Jermaine says:

    I was going to post this in the other open thread since it seemed like it did not have anything to do with the Iran attack, but as the interview went on, I found that this touched on topics that Corbett has discussed many times about geopolitics. Based on the topics touched on in this interview I believe there could be a connection to this being another act to help build up China while the US goes further into the grave by wasting resources in the middle east.

    This was an interview from “China Uncensored.” The person being interviewed was Jim Fanell Director of intel and info ops for the Naval Pacific Fleet.
    Here is the link to the video that was posted on January 1st (before the assassination of Solemani)

    Here’s my take:

    It starts off about the Chinese creation and expansion of “Blue Economic Trade Routes” in the pacific islands. Jim discussed how these routes are a concern to US interests and their connection to the “Belt and Road Initiative.”

    At the 14:00 mark, is what caught my attention. Jim describes the danger of China becoming a world power claiming they will use they’re social credit score system to control world trade. He details since so much of our consumption relies on Chinese manufacturing, the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” can be used to gather big data so the Chinese government can dictate and control trade on a individual level to determine who is “worthy” of obtaining the new iphone or whatever gadget that is manufactured in China.

    At the 18:00 mark Jim talks about the need to get out of the middle east and to refocus on the pacific since China is becoming more of a threat. It seems that this ties into the Iran conflict since Soleimani was reported to be in Iraq to discuss a peace deal with Saudi Arabia.
    Stability in the middle east could allow resources to be focused on the pacific, which seems to go against the interests of the globalists who are invested in seeing China become a world power. In Corbett’s lectures he discusses how this was similar to the rise of Germany and how it led to World War One.

    At 21:00 mark he goes on about creating a “new” Marshall Plan with the assistance of Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan to help develop the regions where China is planning for their “Blue Economic Trade Routes” to counter China’s role in the region. This sounds like a proposal for a pacific version of NATO to me.

    AT 23:00 He discusses about how China’s plan for world dominance has existed long before Xi came to power. He refers to seeing a map of the “Blue economic trade routes” back in 2012 (there is no reference for this claim other than an image of the map he is referring to shown on screen).

    Overall this interview connected a lot of dots between China’s rise to power, the rise of a Technocratic world order, and how the middle east could be used as a tool to prevent any counter to China’s rise. Obviously this has nothing to do with any kind of allegiance since it is US companies like Google and Intel that are assisting the Chinese government with this build up.

  7. ShutR says:

    No mainstream outlet (of course) dares to ask what the response would be if a country would assassinate any US general with a drone attack (no judge or jury). Instead the NATO “peace organization” stands with US and warns Iran. Disgusting!

    CNN praised Soleimani (4 years ago) for being the driving force defeating ISIS.


    Four years ago, Trump had no clue who Iran’s Suleimani was.

  8. Truth seeker says:

    The best things for the flu is elderberry (Sambucol) is made from it and vitamin C (liposomal). As you know, the worst thing is vax due to all the toxins.

  9. Truth seeker says:

    I also think Rouhani the leader of iran is controlled opposition. He spend time in the UK supposedly going to college there.Assad also supposedly was an opthamologist in the UK. Lol
    One other factor why that general was offed because he may not have been controlled opposition. Leaders or their puppet masters don’t like political threats.
    Iran is following globalist plan of sustainable development which proves it is controlled opposition. See here.
    So, I think there were many reasons why that general was offed. I put some above about the Fed.

    • phi1p says:

      I agree. All of this feels very orchestrated. Like both Iran and the US are putting on a show for the world and the media is loving it.

      • manbearpig says:

        yup. as usual. a show that allows various elites to advance and yet mask long-term plans, financially, logistically, ultimately engendering fear and stress and highly emotional ready-made solutions and opinions among the rabble and pumped through the media while keeping attention away from what those plans really are.
        as Mr Corbett has oft demonstrated and repeated, much like the manoeuvering leading up to WW1. Will Soleiymani play the Archduke Ferdinand in this Kubuki theater show?

        • alexandre says:

          Of course, MBP. That’s the first thing I thought. I was actually gonna post here something like “Soleiymani = Archduke Ferdinand?” or “They killed Ferdinand again?” It’s a stupid perpetual novela and we shouldn’t be even talking about it. Fuck’em all, pass the mustard, please.
          You think there’s gonna be a lot of nukes – the big ones? That’s what the “audience” is eagerly waiting for, isn’t it?

      • Hans Verbeek says:

        If the oilprice goes up a few dollars then every oil-exporter (US, Saudi’s, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and even Russia) is happy. China, Japan, Korea and Europe need to cough up a few extra bucks per barrel.

  10. Rui Preto says:

    Freaky times we’re living.
    I suspect that Iran’s diplomacy and strategy stance will prevail and war will not happen. D.Trump is about to request NATO’s support, I’d urge my country to get out of it asap and request Lajes Base in the Azores back. This guys is a lunatic.

  11. Rui Preto says:

    I apologize! Get well fast James 🙂

  12. alexandre says:

    Jesus Christ. Analysis of events?
    Trump tweeting the all is well and we have the most powerful military in the whooole world?
    American, Brazilians and Mexicans tweeting that “Iran is fucked now”?
    How can you take anything seriously?
    Here’s an analysis that is as good as any in this ridiculous mass psychosis.

    Paul is going to confess his love for Sonya, but he doesn’t know that she’s already engaged to Thomas, even though she’s pregnant by Brian, unbeknownst to either Paul or Thomas, or Brian for that matter. Sonya’s plan is to take over the company owned by Thomas, whose father was the uncle of Brian’s great-grandfather, and have her son (Austin) inherit the fortune as a revenge for having been left in the altar by Fabio.

    THIS is what’s going on, and because of that, millions of people really die in real horrific pain and unimaginable terror, over and over and over again, aka samsãra.

    PS – get well soon, James. What’s the medicine for the flu there in Japan? Over here is propolis, vitamin C and sleep.

    • mkey says:

      Who the hell is Fabio? And where’s Chad in this story?

      • alexandre says:

        Sorry, forgot all about Chad. He’ll come in in the third act. (Come in in? Come in at? Come in on?)

      • cooly says:

        Fabio is just some selfish, lazy prick who doesn’t follow through on things. He lives next door to me. He has a dog that he never gives any attention to. Never pets or takes for a walk.
        Chad is in Africa. Somewhere near Libya, I believe.

        • alexandre says:

          Wow, man. I didn’t know. The plot thickens….

        • alexandre says:

          Just one thing; I’m not joking. It is exactly like that ridiculous script, de facto, only with better names and plots, and everyone is falling, AGAIN, for the script, discussing all sorts of irrelevant details about something that is nothing. I ain’t joking. It’s not even an “as if”. It’s exactly like that. The failure to see fully that it is like that is an obvious symptom that “the curriculum is working” even in the best minds.

    • cooly says:

      Samsara. Samsara imposed on people for power and profit. The greed machine will never stop. Ever.

  13. bladtheimpaler says:

    Where exactly is the transition point from the controllers of reality events and those who know this fact and those who take orders that bring about these reality events and who are not in the ‘know’? There are those who are pushing globalist agenda across a broad spectrum of fronts and levels within those fronts simultaneously,incrementally and sequentially. Does Trump or the Ayatollah know they are playing roles or is one or the other oblivious and believe they are acting with free will? If they are practicing free will do the choices on offer come up against hard economic realities or threats thereof that then proscribe what those choices must be? In effect laying out a reality script that is then played out like a theatrical production. If the world operates as Quigley stated with financial capitalism able to control the politics of all individual nations and the world economy as a whole, conducted through central bank policy arrived at in frequent conferences and meetings then what if any national sovereignty to act in national interests is actually left? This in that these so called national interests are only the interests of a ‘pyramid cap’ that can then play all sides of the great game along lines the ‘cap’ has long understood that specifically advance their own agendas. All as in some complicated and elaborate stage play where money or anything else required, like armed forces, are not an issue to the production of what takes place on the reality events stage.

    To recap, where is the dividing line between the pyramid cap and those who take their orders, those who carry out those orders and who knows what the hierarchy of power diagram with names and photos truly looks like and those who simply do not question?

    Is this event of increased tensions between the USA and Iran a set geo political piece being proffered for the advancement of agenda such as the uni polar world versus a multi polar world? The assassination of General Suleimani seems a rather pyrrhic victory for the uni polar world while the multi polar world seems to fit the narrative of the new paradigm shift to come much more readily.

  14. Ethan Hunter says:

    Luke Rudkowski gives some excellent, politically neutral, commentary on the developing situation in the middle east that I believe merits further investigation.

    In brief, I like how he picks apart the supporters of Iran in their stance of perceived defense to the assasination as well as the Trump-always-right camp who don’t see Trump as a mere puppet of the Military Industrial Complex that has been drumbeating a war with Iran since the advent of the Project for A New American Century document written two decades ago.

    Here is the link:

    Project for A New American Century

  15. marvinsannes says:

    nearly 40 yrs. ago my daughter had a surgery on her sinus. The surgeon had her take echinacea for two or 3 weeks before the surgery. I ask him about it: “We don’t know why it works, but it does. If your daughter were to catch a cold or flu during recovery, it could be life threatening so we like all the prevention we can use.” I’ve used it ever since and have never had a cold or flu – I’m now 75. Apparently, it’s a virus killer. Probably an old wives tale and nonsense, huh? Get a vaccine! Hahahahaha

  16. ClintTorrez says:

    Get well James!
    Rueters is going with 737 technical problem and Iran won’t relinquish the black box, but of course there are many possible scenerios playing out for the establishment to serve up an already beleaguered Boeing. This could mean cover-up of by both or either side in either a blatant payback to escaping operatives to instrument interference by secrect undisclosed tech which brings into question the opportunistic timing of an 5.9 earthquake in a similar time period. All to coincidental.

  17. ClintTorrez says:

    The Firesale economy on steroids to create(forcing) greater polarization politically by design will ply voting public to vote protectionist analitics based campaign as previously used tactic.
    All gains privatised all losses nationalized – So Fed gives $6 Trillion to Wall Street for investment purposes then the Iran war fear starts up coincidentally, yeah right – to flood imvestment in Defense stocks – Basically a one-two punch leving the citizens of the world dealing with the Empire’s tactics.

  18. Does anyone have any further information on why the US media is reporting no casualties in the Iran missile strike, while Iran’s media is reporting 80 casualties and nearly 200 wounded?

    US Army Sustains Heavy Casualties in Iran Missile Attacks

    • manbearpig says:

      Just took a quick check in the French press;

      Now it seems the official story has changed, even according to the Iranians:

      Today, January 9th, according to PressTV who originally reported wounded being evacuated to Bagdad hospital and distress calls to local hospitals:

      “RIMC Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief unveils details

      …Quoted by the state television channel, the senior Iranian official said that Iranian missile attacks against US targets in Iraq were NOT intended to kill US soldiers, but to damage Washington’s “military machine”. General Hajizadeh also said that the “appropriate vengeance” for the U.S. assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani is aimed at expelling U.S. forces from the entire West Asian region…”

      The original reporting:

      “Apocalypse à Ain Al Assad!
      A first report collected on the spot reports the death of 80 US soldiers…

      The attack took place at 10.10 a.m. Tehran time, and U.S. terrorist forces continued to evacuate their dead and wounded eight hours later at about 10 a.m., after Iran’s first military response targeted U.S. occupation troops based in Ain al-Asad in western Iraq. An Iraqi army spokesman, contacted by PressTV, said that the evacuation of the dead and wounded Americans is still continuing from the US base where US forces issued a distress call to Iraqi hospitals. The American military, according to a US Army spokesman, “are being evacuated to Baghdad” especially since the attack was “very intense”…

      …In a statement issued this morning, the US Embassy in the United Arab Emirates stated that “everything is under control” and that there is no change in the security configuration of US troops in the Emirates and the region”. It is hard to believe this. The RIMC intelligence report states: (hyperlink) “At least 80 U.S. military personnel were killed, 200 others injured, with base authorities hastily and hastily evacuating the wounded”. ”–au-moins-80-GIs-tus-

      But when you click on the hyperlinks to get more info on the dead and wounded you get something else… At least I do; I get this:

      • manbearpig says:

        But the 8th of january the BBC was already suggesting the Iranians’ had deliberately missed…hmmmm….

      • manbearpig says:

        PressTv is headquartered in Tehran.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        QUOTE from ManBearPig’s article
        …Quoted by the state television channel, the senior Iranian official said that Iranian missile attacks against US targets in Iraq were NOT intended to kill US soldiers, but to damage Washington’s “military machine”. General Hajizadeh also said that the “appropriate vengeance” for the U.S. assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani is aimed at expelling U.S. forces from the entire West Asian region…”

        This Zero Hedge article also states something similar.
        1/9/2020 Tyler Durden
        IRGC Commander Confirms Iranian Missile Strikes Targeted “Military Apparatus”, Not Troops
        “We were not after killing. We were after hitting the enemy’s military apparatus,” Hajizadeh is cited as saying by semi-official Fars news agency.

        However, when you read the article, there are some flip-sides to that concept, such as an aerial view of the target via a Tweet.
        …a senior IRGC commander said Thursday morning that Iran’s missile attacks against US installations in Iraq were merely the start of a vendetta that will play out across the region.

        IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh said the “appropriate revenge” for America’s killing of Qasem Suleimani would be to expel American troops from the region…

        …And like President Rouhani suggested earlier, Hajizadeh insisted that the missile strikes were only the beginning of a “larger operation.”

        “Iran attack on U.S. bases was the beginning of a larger operation that will carry on across region.”

      • manbearpig says:

        I was shamefully posting this even as my student was sitting in front of me which is perilous for various reasons exactitude not being the least amongst them. Just for the record, from Wiki:

        “Press TV (stylised as PRESSTV) is a 24-hour English- and French-language news and documentary network affiliated with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).[1] Press TV is headquartered in Tehran.[2] The service is aimed at the overseas market, similar to DD India, WION, BBC World News, DW, France 24, RT, and Sputnik….”

        It’s not French press; it’s in French.

        But as least I did a visit and hardsell of the Corbett Report by the same token…

        anyhow… Now I gotta not miss my bus home!!!!!

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Orenda Review. I see Americans and the MSM get less interested the farther you move the body count from one, you can know one intimately but loose all conscious feeling the closer to 500,000 deaths you get. Its the ” big gulp” syndrome. Comes with all forms of propaganda from the common ground the Iranian Elite and Anglo Establishment share. I would wager that article was produced in the Pentigon and forwarded to the Elites counterpart in Iran. Nothing could surprise me anymore. Cynical doesn’t even come close.

  19. Mielia says:

    As mentioned in my comment below the Ryan Christian video, I want to reference the articles by Richard Silverstein on the recent Iran events. Not monumental or anything, but what I mentioned there
    “NOTE: I originally wrote this piece for Mint Press News. Its editor, Mnar Muhawesh, killed the piece, which caused me to sever my relationship with Mint Press, an outlet I’d contributed to for several years. These are hard blows, but ones independent journalists face regularly (I know I have).”

    makes a plug worthwhile.
    on Pompeos ridiculous speech
    WWII like internment of Iranians in the USA?!?
    The argument that Iran will finally now actually develop nuclear weapons.
    A view I can easily follow.

  20. troymc says:

    if you were to read it you would find the following phrase near the end,in parenthesis:

    (Iran has said that Ukranian officials can be present, however, as well as Canadians, albeit in a limited capacity.)

    the article also says:

    “It is unlikely that Iran has the technology needed to access the information from the black boxes,”

    elsewhere on the cbc news site is an article about possible iranian cyber attacks:

    “Tehran and its proxies are thought to possess some of the most highly developed cyber arsenals in the world”

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    January 10, 2020
    Team America – A FORCE for “Good”
    (Never mind civilians and collateral damages.)

    For those who don’t have the many updates…
    A few days ago, the Iraqi Parliament took a vote for a resolution requesting that foreign troops leave the country.

    Trump fired back:
    “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build, long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”… …“we will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Zero Hedge – Friday 1/10/2020
      (Article is a summary taken from other mainstream news outlets)

      US Rebuffs Iraq PM Request To Talk Troop Exit: It’s “Our Right” As A “Force For Good” To Stay

      – Rendition of the Patter –
      Thursday January 9th, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi had requested that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo send a delegation
      “to prepare a mechanism to carry out the parliament’s resolution regarding the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq.”
      Madhi added:
      …”American forces had entered Iraq and drones are flying in its airspace without permission from Iraqi authorities, and this was a violation of the bilateral agreements.”

      Friday January 10th
      State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said:
      “We have been unambiguous regarding how crucial our [anti-ISIS] mission is in Iraq.”
      “At this time, any delegation sent to Iraq would be dedicated to discussing how to best recommit to our strategic partnership — not to discuss troop withdrawal, but our right, appropriate force posture in the Middle East.”
      “America is a force for good in the Middle East.”

      “Our military presence in Iraq is to continue the fight against ISIS and as the Secretary has said, we are committed to protecting Americans, Iraqis, and our coalition partners.”
      “There does, however, need to be a conversation between the U.S. and Iraqi governments not just regarding security, but about our financial, economic, and diplomatic partnership. We want to be a friend and partner to a sovereign, prosperous, and stable Iraq.”

  22. padraig says:

    RIP Neil!!!

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