IP Freely (Screw YouTube)

07/28/20197 Comments

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From "Steal This Podcast (Please)": https://www.corbettreport.com/ip/

In this clip from Episode 360 of The Corbett Report podcast, James debuts his blockbuster online protest song, “IP Freely (Screw YouTube)," featuring the YouTube thoughtcrime chord: the Dsus2!

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  1. drago66 says:

    Many years back I was watching a movie on a add supported TV channel and I thought, how much do they get from the adds per viewer? 5 cent, 10 cent. Wouldn’t mind to pay one Dollar or one Euro per month to watch movies without adds. Remember also reading that Film studies might be loosing 2% of their revenues through piracy. Those are ridiculous small amounts. Small artists are actually gaining from it if people steal their music. Free advertisement for them. Musicians make most of their money playing before an audience and the film industry makes 80% of their money within the first 2 weeks of a films release.

  2. linda.m says:

    Catchy! Someone oughta cover it.

  3. SleepingBooty says:

    I love the song. and the bouncing C. ball !
    Encore ! ! !

  4. Olaf says:

    My guess is that BitChute is the work of weasels with ties to the UK government. They say that they are against censorship and for free speech and yet they delete comments much more readily than YouTube. They use “Disqus” to police speech that does not violate their terms of service. Their algorithm just flags your comments as spam, and they are deleted before they even get posted. To me it looks like an attempt to stifle dissent by leading the opposition into a trap that was advertised as being a viable alternative to YouTube.

  5. I’m sorry for the silly distraction, but as a kid I heard about the book “The Yellow Stream” by I. P. Freely. Is there any relation? Isn’t satire wonderful!

  6. Olga says:

    Woooo!!! This and the associated music video (which someone linked on Reddit) have made my day. You’re a brilliant musician. Any chance you might be willing to share the lyrics and chords here, James?

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