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07/14/2014143 Comments

This is an open thread for members to introduce themselves. For those who don't know, The Corbett Report is a member-sponsored website. Membership entitles you to the weekly Corbett Report Subscriber newsletter (featuring my International Forecaster editorial, subscriber-only videos, recommended reading and viewing and DVD discounts) as well as access to login to the website and leave comments on the posts here.

In this post, members can introduce themselves, discuss their interests, introduce their website, and more. Check back often for updates as new members sign up and add their voice to the mix.

Not yet a member? Get your Corbett Report membership today for as little as 100 Japanese yen a month (what is this in US dollars?) to get your access to the subscriber newsletter and leave comments on the website!

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  1. Broc West says:

    Hello everyone, it’s great to be on here.

    This is Broc West. Editor of and associate editor of

    You might also know me from the monthly ‘Asia-Pacific Perspective’ video series that I co-host with James Corbett of course.

    Looking forward to meeting fellow subscribers & building a great little community here on


    You can follow me @brocwest & @ap_perspective too. 🙂

  2. Mr. Anon says:

    Hi everyone, Mr. Anon here aka James Corbett. How do you do? I look forward to talking to you.

    • debbie.goings says:

      In your email today you asked for suggestions as to what to do on your enforced vacation. Before I give my suggestion, I would like to thank you for all your diligent work and courage in educating all of us about the NWO and its gruesome spiderweb of deception and evil.

      As for something to do on your vacation, I would humbly suggest that you read the Bible if you have never done so. While it seems like the world has gone mad, God is still in control. I do not know why he allows so much evil and suffering to exist, but I do know it is not because he doesn’t care: he sent his son to die for those who trust in him for salvation. This was supreme suffering for us. It is my fervent prayer that you and your family come to know the Savior in a personal way. So many good people do not. We all think that living a good life will get us to heaven, but we don’t realize that a perfect life is the standard, which no one can achieve. Jesus lived this perfect life and paid for our sins on the cross. We are then justified through faith. His perfect record is transferred to us. Heaven is a free gift, but we must trust in Jesus our salvation, not in ourselves. May I suggest Tim Keller on youtube to learn more about this. Tim Keller is a pastor in NYC who very articulately and humbly explains all this much better than I do, in an interesting way. I will end with this Bible verse: What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? God bless you, James, your wife, your son, and all of your extended family. I pray God will also bless your work.

      • BillC says:

        Debbie – Great message! As a Christian it dismays me to see so many Christians supporting death, torture, mayhem and the spreading of disease and disfigurement. It is encouraging to find fellow Christians supporting truth and liberty. I second your message to James and your prayers and wishes for him and his family.

  3. Anna Brix Thomsen says:

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Anna. I work as a teacher by day and by night I am an activist, writing blogs at, and also soon for the Hampton Institute.

    My primary passion is education – especially the self-education needed to get us all out of the mess we’re in on this planet. I do vlogs every Sunday on my Youtube channel, where I’m at the moment doing a series at the moment titled Self-Educating Humanity.

    I decided to sign up and support James because he is one of the few people (they can literally be counted on one hand) that I have come across who shares sound and commonsensical information and perspectives about what’s really going on in this world.

    People like James are greatly needed in a time where cognitive disinformation is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in every home. The more I dig into the depths of this rabbit-hole of madness, the more layers of the veil that I uncover for myself – the more I realize how everything I was taught was true, isn’t.

    I am here because I have realized how important it is to stand together to dismantle the lie that this world has become, so that we can create a real home for ourselves on this planet and create a world that we would want our children to be born into. I support the end of abuse of all life and living beings, through equal self-responsibility for this earth.

    Oh, and I would like to see more females join the!

    Glad to be here.

    • dubrey says:

      Hey, Anna Glad to meet you ,, This is how it works! Read Anna’s comment/visit “a teachers Journey” website/access “archives”/read “the puppetry of puberty” (because my granddaughter is in that experience at this time)/watch the superb presentation “propaganda-full english version (2012)” on youtube. I can only wonder how different life for me would have been had the internet evolved to what it is, 30 years earlier. Thanks for your contribution, Bob

  4. Leon says:

    Hello from Leeds, UK.

    I’m a linguist and journalist in training. I’m a huge fan of the Corbett Report! Looking forward to putting the world to rights with you guys.

    I hope to have some content of my own up soon, but it is in the works.

    Pleasure to be here.

  5. dubrey says:

    Greetings from Franklin, Wisconsin USA. From a tool and die maker.
    I am also glad to be part of the team.
    I heard of the Corbett Report while listening to Bob Chapman’s program and was curious as to who this really smart guy was that made such a startling impression on Mr Chapman. The rest is history.

  6. corbettreport319 says:

    Hello friends, this is David from Houston, TX.

    CEO of a small corp for several years involved in real estate, mortgage brokerage, software, web-hosting, IT, etc. Sold my company and started consulting. Worked with most of the well-known global corporations and some not so familiar. I’ll be setting up my new web site over the next few weeks to add my voice to the conversation. Feel free to friend me on Facebook
    Twitter: @BoDogBrown

    I’m addicted to James’ great work and glad to be here amongst like-minded friends.

    Be the best,

    David Brown

  7. sean mcfadden says:

    Hi All,

    Writing from the west coast of Ireland. I have been following James for some time now , at least since 2011, and I have to echo what Anna has so well said that….

    “James (is one of ) few people…. that I have come across who shares sound and commonsensical information and perspectives about what’s really going on in this world”

    It was good to see his interview on RT with Abby Martin recently.

    I hope that this area really flourishes and motivates people to come up with new and exciting modes and methods of getting the word out.

    Take care


  8. ccstieber88 says:

    Hey everyone. Chris in the US here. Been listening to for about a year now. Great stuff. I don’t have a website or anything but I’m always spreading good info sources as much as I can. Especially people who are into the alt media but have fallen down one of the many pitfalls. I look forward to contributing to this community and James great idea to have a comment system, and I look forward to it evolving and taking shape.

  9. michaelnh78 says:

    Hello Corbett Report lovers,

    I am Michael and leaving comments is one of my least favorite things :). I love Permaculture, music, history (in small doses), and any of a million things that catch my interest for however long they do. I am currently working on providing food for my community all year round, which in New Hampshire is a fun challenge, and taking time to stop, breathe, and enjoy myself.

    Looking forward to seeing this community grow.I may even comment here and there.

    Breathe in creations dream and exhale your visionary tale! 🙂

    • nwherbalist says:

      Michael, hello my fellow farmer/permaculturist. Hope you are well and do you have any fun projects to share?

      • michaelnh78 says:

        Oh man, I commented and never returned (until today), that was not intentional.

        My current project is a 70’x30′ high tunnel greenhouse that we are transforming into an all season greenhouse. I am taking my time since the more I learn the more I realize I need to learn :). I am focusing my efforts on three things (2 more so than the third), Heating with compost via the Jean Pain method, building a rocket mass heater, and getting my feet wet with aquaponics :). I am also taking this time before the cold comes to insulate the end walls and figure something out for the north wall. The greenhouse placement was not actually very well thought out (type 1 design error), but it is not my greenhouse and I was not involved in that part of the process, I came along later.

  10. dave_voce says:

    Hi, my names’s Dave, i’m from England although i’ve been around a bit, i even taught english in Asia like James did a long, long time ago. Now i’m a gardener. I’m interested in everything, except football.

  11. rico says:

    Hello all.

    Rico here. I’m an old guy who began waking up during the Viet Nam war. I smelled a rat even as a student in an American public high school. For many years I thought I was staying awake because I listened to NPR. About three years ago I began to smell that rat again, and started to dive deeper into the internet, searching for some semblance of truth. Early on, I stumbled upon James (probably thru You Tube). I have stuck with him as one of my main sources. His integrity and quality of work are top drawer. Besides, I love the story of his journey as the “everyman”.

    Looking forward to interacting here….


  12. Bogman says:

    Greetings, my name is Scott from Calgary. I stand at the forefront of evolutionary consciousness ( often with my fly open) and I love the Corbett Report as much as all of you. I’m inspired by James to move to a more open source philosophy and way of living as this is the answer to creating a sustainable human presence on our planet.

    • shopbruce says:

      Hi Scott – Bruce from Mexico here – I tried the “fly open” trick and no one noticed! 🙁 Story of my life! ja ja A smile is universal! Keep informed, follow your inner self and help others along the way!

  13. jgreer says:

    Quick Hello from Nashville, Tennessee! Thank you to James for all he does to keep us informed. He has played a significant part of my waking up to reality. I still haven’t found my own place in helping spread the information, but I appreciate all the well reasoned and researched information that he and his associates present.

    I simply don’t have the time to do the research and connect all the dots for myself. With a wife & 3 kids under 10, and a workload that tends to keep me away from those 4 most-important people way too often, I find it very difficult to keep up with the REAL news on my own, let alone keep the information in a proper historical and ideological perspective.

    James’s extremely concise and powerful packages of information (whether they arrive in the form of an interview, round-table OR documentary) fill a vital need in my life to understand current events in a context that’s far broader than the default left-right paradigm. And the packages are easily shared. All of that is why I support him.

    Thank you James! We remember you and your family in our thoughts and prayers often!

    • dogdoc says:


      So many of us are in the same boat, too much to do with too little time. What we have at our disposal however the power to see what is presented herein and simply spread it out through the network. We can multiply James’ effect many fold by just passing it up the social network chain.

  14. nwherbalist says:

    Hi, names Ryan and I’m commenting from the USA. I’m an herbalist, farmer, permaculturist, hiker, wildcrafter, researcher, and things like this.

    I thoroughly enjoy working within my small community and building relationships with my neighbors and friends.

    Coming across Corbett’s work has been expansive. Although I always knew there were turds pulling the strings, I felt utterly disempowered by “the system.” Now I feel extremely empowered and am researching alternative currencies with the intention of starting one within my community. Am also working with others on the possibly of introducing an alternative news newspaper for free to those living within the county. Have been having incredible success reaching out to people this year and I must thank James for teaching me how to deliver information with integrity.

    Nice to be here with you all. If anyone ever has any questions about natural medicine, feel free to ask. Have experience with a variety of cases/instances.

    • macburns says:

      Hi Ryan, this is Angela. I recently was looking into hydrilla verticillata for a metal detox. Do you have any knowledge? I think it is interesting that is on the federal list to be eradicated due to its invasiveness. It is also considered to be a superfood. Hmmm. As for alternative currencies, are you aware of Ithaca hours and Berkshares?
      Nice to meet you digitally. 🙂

      • nwherbalist says:

        Angela, I have no particular hands on experience with hydrilla verticillata, but I did just read through a couple scholarly articles associated with the plants ability to absorb heavy metals and in-turn help with pollution. If you are trying to flush heavy metals out of your body, I would highly suggest drinking distilled water and seeking out a bionic foot bath. A neighbor of mine had aluminum poisoning and he used these 2 methods to flush the heavy metals out of his body. I was at his house when he was using a bionic footbath and you could see the aluminum in the bottom of the tub when he was done with the session.

        Yes, it has taken over some of the water ways in the state I am currently living in, essentially chocking off native species. Although the plant has medicinal and nutritional properties when consumed by humans, it may not be great for native ecosystems.
        I have looked into both! Thank you for sharing your comments and suggestions
        Since the time I’ve written my original introduction, I have met a few locals who have tried issuing alternative currencies in the community (I’ve only lived here for a couple of years). They had a failed experience because most people prefer barter and the talents of the community members are conducive to this form of exchange.
        Although it recently burnt down, we used to have a market (The Exchange) set up next to the local garbage dump that held items to be recycled/upcycled. All transactions were based on donation, trade, or grab and go. It was a thriving culture where people brought their junk to become someone else’s treasure (tools, cloths, you name it). Very few people relied on buying new items from the mainland. We’re all missing The Exchange terribly, and it is soon to be rebuilt.

    • grey.beard says:

      HI Ryan, have you come across Sepp and Veronika Holzer of Austria. They farmed in the Austrian Alps (Krameterhof)using Permaculture techniques. You will find them on youtube. Absolutely fascinating.

      • nwherbalist says:

        grey.beard, no I haven’t heard of those permaculturists. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll be watching some videos tonight.

        Where I’m at locally, we have the Bullock’s Permaculture, one of Bill Mollison’s students and his family. I believe they also have a few videos online/youtube.

  15. Marlen says:

    Hello everyone, glad to have the comment section here.

    I consider James to be an example of what we all should do to the best of our ability: to become consistent and congruent informed individuals that in turn can also share our findings and proposals for solutions, as well as becoming pillars of support in the very necessary ‘awakening’ after centuries of force-fed media indoctrination slumber.

    I am thankful for everything that I’ve learned thus far from James and the various people/connections/quotes/show notes posted in his freely available material, which as it’s been said here, to do such thorough investigations is impossible for the vast majority, and this is why I consider that supporting the Corbett Report in a public manner will strengthen the website’s credibility as well as encourage many others to take the same debrainwashing process as many of us have done through the material here.

    I’m taking this information and placing my grain of sand through providing personal support for people – including myself- to get to understand more about this world system and our individual actions – or the lack thereof – by walking through the debunking process at a mind level as well as at a world-system level, emphasizing on self-responsibility at all times. Recognizing our own power to steer our way through becoming informed on how things really work, gives us the ability to create solutions based on principles that have been virtually non existent in our history.

    So may this continue to be a growing platform of informed individuals that in turn give back to our societies/cybercommunities solutions, proposals for change and becoming that which we would like to see changed in this world, to deconstruct the lie of hierarchical powers that shouldn’t be so that we can instead see where we have missed ourselves in the equation all along, and begin learning how to honor each other as living beings

    Thanks for all the great work! And I agree with Anna: more females on the alternative media. So, it will be great to give continuation to this idea here.

    Marlen Vargas Del Razo

  16. mauricebourke88 says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Maurice and I’m living in Dublin Ireland. Love this website and want to congratulate James on his recent documentary

  17. twoicefloes says:

    Greetings from the Mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

    I am Mrs. Cog, from Two Ice Floes ( which is the website for my better half Cognitive Dissonance, a contributing editor over at Two Ice Floes is where we seek to examine the connections and dysfunctions between the control system/Matrix we live in and the psychology of our spiritual crisis which has brought us to this state of humanity’s collective insanity. Our website chronicles our adventures of withdrawing from the financial management industry and starting a more self sufficient lifestyle on a small mountain homestead.

    We appreciate and support the efforts of the James and the Corbett Report as there really isn’t anything more important than seeking the truth. Thank you James for your continued diligence.

  18. janescooper52 says:

    Hello all my fellow seekers and learners and un learners. I am a retired grandmother of nine from Charleston, South Carolina. I’m doing what I can to share information with my family but it’s challenging, except for my husband who is in the loop with me! One of our six sons is! I want the grandchildren to be schooled at home. We want to move upstate to our farm and start farming and hunting. We have just taken up food dehydration and we are excited about being more informed about the food we have been eating. My younger sister has stage four colon cancer, and has to have chemo! But at least, because of James, I was well aware of the cancer industry fraud. It’s difficult to convey truth about it, as her daughter is a new doctor, as is my other sister and brother. I’m grateful to have access to truth and share every natural cancer cure with her. Glad to know my new friends!

    • macburns says:

      Hi-I just finished a quick, light read about the Billy Best story. Do you remember the teenage boy who ran away from home in 1993 to escape chemo? He ended up using alternative treatments, one from Quebec, to strengthen his immune system. He is in his 30’s now with a son of his own. Maybe his story would be a good way to change your sister’s mind…

      • macburns says:

        [Link removed. Please only post links in context and with explanation. No random links to websites selling products, please. – Corbett]

      • macburns says:

        Oops sorry about that post with the link James. It was an afterthought. The link that was deleted can also be found on the above website for Billy Best. Thanks

    • nwherbalist says:

      Welcome! Glad to hear that you’re following your truth. You looked in the show notes of Rockefeller Medicine and watched Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, right? Really good documentary. I notice that people have been forced to remove it from YouTube in very recent days.

    • dave_voce says:

      Hi, i’ve been thinking quite a bit about cancer after hearing about some research that said that cancer is not a repeating error of cells, but rather it’s a switching on of ancient ‘junk’ DNA that turns the cell into a tougher form that coped with a toxic environment when we floated around in a shallow sea in an early form of a multicellular organism. Since we have got more complex the specialist protected cells cannot cope with a toxic environment and so as a last ditch attempt to survive the junk DNA gets switched on and we have cancer. But the problem is not the cancer, it is the toxic environment, the cancer might be a survival mechanism. The more i think about this theory and the more i learn about the subject the more it seems to make sense.

  19. scottk says:

    Hi folks,
    My name is Scott and I too like most of the subscribers woke up about five years back. In my day to day life I write software, but given a choice and time follow geopolitics from a perspective of how do I teach my children to survive in this insane unfair world.

    James your work is phenomenal and thank you for your dedication.

    I would love to see more coverage on what people are doing to over come the image of “being patriotic is unpatriotic”. I realize all must stand up and speak against this misinformation.

    My main point is I feel until we gain momentum on what is a true patriot, the masses (the sheeple) will be our largest obstacle to changing the world because they will cause effect what the elite can not achieve themselves.

    Again, James, as well as everyone else, thank you!


  20. dambkowski3 says:

    Hello All,

    My name is Walter. I live in Northern California. The Corbett Report and all the people whom contribute their journalistic skills are truly wonderful. And the open source journalism that is used is an even greater resource as it allows you to verify for yourself the information upon which is being reported/commented. Keep up the amazing work of informing the people of the REAL truths. Cheers

  21. Batman says:

    Greetings everyone. My name is Kris from the hot SW of the USA.

    I have been a fan of James Corbett and his content and critical thinking for many years. To have this opportunity to interact with fellow fans is a great move by James.

  22. NickU says:

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Nick and I am from Melbourne in Australia.
    This is amazing to see all the comments already on here 🙂
    Thanks to James and everyone involved in this website for creating this opportunity for us. Looking forward to chatting with fellow members.

  23. maraymer_1970 says:

    Hello James and everyone else,

    I’m an expat gone native based in the Philippines. I have been posting James shows on bittorrent here:

    Anyone who wants to help with spreading his material (and a few other shows) please join in.


  24. macburns says:

    Hello-This is Angela. I am Canadian-born, living in New England and I am the mother of two grown children. Bearing the weight of all that I have learned over the past year, I recently said to my fully-vaccinated and semi-indoctrinated daughter that I wish I could have a do-over as a parent. She, however, reminded me that she turned out perfectly-and she is correct. 🙂
    I am so grateful to James for getting the truth out in such a concise, clear and credible way.
    I am very interested in health and wellness, alternative healing and food as medicine, and I am looking into the effect that electromagnetic “pollution” (cell phone frequencies, rf meters, wireless technology etc.) has on our health. This is generally off-topic for what James tends to cover but it would be great if maybe James could have more discussion about this kind of harm as well.
    My best wishes to all of you!

  25. Chris says:

    Greetings from Houston, Texas.

    I am a law student at the University of Houston. Currently, I don’t have a website or any other activism platform. My hope is to start a blog in the near future.

    It is sometimes rough being surrounded by people deeply ingrained and invested in the system, but hopefully being a lawyer will allow me to help individuals in various different ways, including civil liberty violations.

    James you reignited my passion for geopolitics and trying to make this world a better place. Your calm and thorough presentation style was an oasis in the desert of the alternative media that I was exposed to at the time. Keep up the good work and I am excited to meet some of the fellow subscribers!


  26. richie master says:

    Hello all,
    I am Richie from Dorset England, a Dutch native.
    Became aware about 7 years ago and have been active in the community ever since trying to help people ”wake up”. Became a fan of James 4 years ago after the seemingly obligatory Alex Jones experience :), and never looked back.
    I am hoping that this community will become truly common unity and that it will grow and prosper.

    In lak’ech

  27. diksss says:

    Hi my brothers and sisters,
    My name is Jeremie, i’m a french artist living in Brussel, Belgium.
    I’m a long time subscriber, Corbett is my main source for informations regarding international issues. I always advise my friends and family to look at corbett’s channel.
    But what I prefere about Corbett is his philosophy and wisdom, he’s a good man, invested in the most noble cause.
    I am so happy to see other subscribers introduce themselves to eachother.
    Reading you, I feel we are all trying to create and embody the solutions to make this earth a better place, each is own way. You guys are all truly inspiring, this is a real cultural revolution we’re working on !

    May we blossom
    May we spread

  28. shopbruce says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Bruce and I’m an ex-pat from the US now living in Merida, Mexico. Although retired, I’m 73,I still try to remain active in spreading the truth about the lies and miss-information we’ve all been subjected to over the years. It has been so refreshing to follow Jame’s work on the Corbett Report. His honesty, integrity and shear commitment is absolutely fresh, inspiring and engaging and a joy to read even when it may expose those things we all dislike. Am proud to be a part of this community and keep hoping that in some small way I can contribute at least bits of my experience in furtherance of this great awakening and noble endeavor. Sincere thanks to James and his family and all who contribute to his work!

  29. AndyIB says:

    Hi All,

    I am originally from a then occupied Baltic country during the early part of WWII and then spent the war years in camps in Germany before emigrating to England and then Canada during the cold war years.

    After a degree in Earth Sciences, I travelled and worked extensively in South and Central America, occasionally during politically unsettling times, and a few other foreign countries for more than 20 years, in addition to Canada and the US, until my retirement.

    Any opinions I may have are likely to be influenced by my experiences during my war and post war years and by closely living and working with the people of other countries.

    • Filip says:

      Wow, a fellow Balt! Eesti, Latvija or Lietuva?
      I’m a South American gone native in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Tallinn.
      As South American I’ve felt in real life how the Globalists act, and how we don’t realise it because we are stuck in the phoney left/right (Imperialist/[pseudo]Anti-imperialist, Peronist/Antiperonist, Red/White, Liberal/Conservative…) political divide. I’m an anarchist at heart, although I am doubtful that it will ever be possible to have an enduring anarchic society anywhere.
      I “woke up” to the existence of the NWO a year ago thanks to my 911 doubts, finding James’ great 911 video, and the Snowden saga. I’ve listen to the podcasts from the first one (James, although you think it is embarrasing, it was actually very good!), and I am on 263 by now. Still a lot to go through, and a lot to try to implement in my real life.
      I’m looking forward to participating in this community.

  30. janescooper52 says:

    Friends, Thank you for commenting on my post with support for me. And I want to thank James for the courage and confidence of his presentations and documentaries. Thanks for encouraging me, James.

  31. carobi050 says:

    Hey Y’all,

    Charles here, born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in the States outside of Philadelphia.

    I protested the Vietnam war while in High school and joined the US Navy at 32 years old. I Peacefully protested at the FTAA Protests in Quebec, Canada in, was it 2000?, 2001?, I forget the year now.

    I live in Missoula, MT currently. I’m still looking for fulltime work; but, I think my working days are winding down.

    I love it here, the slow pace, the mountains, rivers and the wildlife.

    Though much on the web is depressing and infuriating, I still want to be informed as much as, and to the degree that I can be.

    Once I discovered James and heard him speak, I noticed how precise he was – and is- in articulating his thoughts, in conveying his knowledge, in discussing his musings. I also noticed the people he chose to interview and who he has collaborated with. I respect James.

    I am not, as busy a man as he; yet, he took the time, he had the character, to reply to my email. I had not expected this at all, I know how busy he is, but I appreciated it.

    There are very smart people around James and drawn to him; so, I don’t know how much I will actually have to comment on; unless, it is to ask a question or to maybe raise an unraised angle.

    Peace and good will to all life!

  32. chrisgdives says:

    Congratulations James! Keep up the amazing work you do!


    Great Barrier Reef

  33. desmotrek1 says:

    Greetings from the corn fields and hog lots of the american Midwest. I’m Matthew and I’m an awakened wage slave and societal outcast. I’m skeptical about being a skeptic and after 40 years of life in the US, have nearly lost the ability to trust information that I haven’t researched myself or obtained from what I believe to be a trusted source. The Corbett report has become one of those few sources, although, I admit to reaching dead ends in researching some topics presented here. Ideologically, I’d say I’m somewhere between a scientific meritocrat and a rational/volountarist anarchist, with a deep seeded dislike for authority in any form. Glad to meet you all and looking forward to both engaging discussion and potential problem solving.

  34. Bart Houkes says:


    I’m Bart, 37 years old, I work as a software developer and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    I had always thought of myself as a well-informed person. I was reading all the newspapers; watched the evening news and the talk-shows; participated in discussion panels at school; I had strong political (leftish) convictions. In my early twenties I studied journalism. I did some research into CIA drug-trafficking in this time, which, looking back, should have alarmed me that something was terribly wrong in this world if I had really investigated properly.

    About 4 years ago my girlfriend and I split up and I lived with a friend for some months. In this period I didn’t have a TV, which at first, I really missed. I did have an internet connection though, so I started watching TV on the internet. Then I discovered I could watch channels that weren’t on TV. I watched the Egypt ‘revolution’ mainly on Al Jazeera, which I considered to be alternative media at the time. Now I know how silly that is, but at least it opened the idea to me that there were media out there with a different story on the main events. I wanted to know more.

    When I moved to my new home I didn’t even bother to get a TV connection. It didn’t take too long before the spell was broken. I’m not sure how, but someday I stumbled into one of the 9/11 documentaries. This changed everything and I was sucked into the rabbit hole. From false flag terrorism, to the banking scam and fake politics and still falling down the rabbit hole.

    Many of you will recognize the process I went through. First the anger of realizing that you’ve bought into this giant lie your whole life. Then the frustration of not being able to convey this knowledge to your friends and relatives. Some will fiercely oppose your ‘negativity’ and ‘paranoia’, others will just say you’ve lost your mind. And I must admit I was caught up in the Alex Jones drum-beating for a little while, which is totally focused on keeping people in that negative and paranoid mindset.

    I guess it was the ‘9/11 – A Conspiracy Theory’ video that led me to the CorbettReport youtube channel about 2 years ago. I learned so much from his video’s but, most importantly, James helped me to realize that it is not a negative or paranoid thing that we are doing. We don’t have to be angry and screaming and lashing out at the world. Instead we seek to rid ourselves of the negative and fear-based thinking that we were imprinted with. We believe in human beings and that we can improve the situation we are in. Therefor we have to address certain very negative issues, but at the basis of all this is the love for and trust in our fellow men.

    After 2 two years, listening to the CorbettReport feels like ‘coming home’ from a place where hardly anyone understands the subjects I think about, to a place were these thoughts seem so obvious and self-explanatory.

    Thank you James, for consistently pushing your message in a positive and constructive manner. I dwell in all the information and eloquence that comes from your channel. It inspired me to return to my journalistic ambitions and start creating content myself. Once that happens, I will let you know. I hope we as a community will find a way to combine our efforts.

    With kind regards,

    • Anna Brix Thomsen says:

      Cool Bart. I can very much resonate with what you’re describing. I haven’t had a TV probably the last 10 years, but before that I was severely addicted to it. I would turn it on the minute I walked through the door and would only turn it off when I went to sleep. When people hear that I don’t have a TV or when people ask me if I watched something last night, they get this very despondent look in their face as though I’m doing something unsocial and extreme lol. Like they’re thinking: “you can’t do that, it’s against the rules”.

      Cool to hear that you are inspired towards writing again!

      • Bart Houkes says:

        Anna, indeed people get uncomfortable when I say I don’t watch TV, but I think that’s because most people know very well that watching TV is not the most uplifting thing they do in their lives. They know they watch too much TV. It’s like talking to an addict about drug abuse. Somehow they envy you that you don’t need that in your life.

        However, they do not realize that their entire believe-system is created by that TV. They are strongly convinced that they are free and independent thinkers and are not aware that they are being manipulated all the time. So, while people might agree with you that TV isn’t the best influence in their lives, they will still defend all the lies that TV put in their minds.

    • Gypster says:

      Hi Bart!

      I’ve gone through very similar things, and your post has touched a gentle note within me, and I’m sure within others.

      I have recently started a blog titled Persuasion not Coercion (not to shamelessly plug it here) and am looking for contributors as well as readers. Won’t you have a look?

      • Bart Houkes says:

        Gypster, thanks for your kind words. I have done some writing recently, but it is in Dutch. My English is pretty good, but even in Dutch I find it quite a challenge to express myself properly. I will get to it though.

  35. goodfella says:

    Hello fellow Corbett fans! I reside from AZ in the states and am looking forward to the discussions we can have on this site in the future. Thank you James for all you do and everyone else who supports this site.

  36. john says:

    Hi everybody and thanks to James for turning this already-wonderful site into something more interactive and a chance to build some community. I’m John, a novelist and playwright (and Web Guy when writing routinely fails to pay the bills). I’m a New Yorker living in the UK these days.

    On September 11, 2001, I was in NY, watching the towers smoke and then crumble from a vantage point along the 7 train line in Sunnyside, Queens. I can verify that the whole demolition vs “softening steel” debate began approximately 10 seconds after the first tower went down, right there on the subway platform. So I thought it was a very fishy bit of business right away and I was highly receptive to those researchers and analysts who did the early math and found things not adding up. It’s a nice feeling when you begin to think that maybe you’re not the crazy one.

    Anyway, since I’ve noticed a tendency in myself that I often only speak up when I’ve got some sort of pedantic criticism to make, and am harder on my allies than on my opponents, and have even once or twice questioned the wisdom of James Corbett — let me say something overtly positive: James, you do amazing work, it’s extremely valuable, and I appreciate it very, very much!

  37. Blackdog says:

    Hi all

    My name is Andrew but you guys can call me Blackdog. I’ve been a supporter of James work since seeing him on Global Research TV. I was and still am a great fan of the late Mike Ruppert especially with his work on the 9/11 exposure and later on his work with Peak Oil. His work opened up a whole new world for me and eventually lead me to Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research and then to James. Thanks James for providing a more balanced perspective on global politics and economics. Look forward with chatting with all of you and making a real difference.


  38. millerpatrick13 says:

    howdy all….seems im a little late. Patrick here from north london! great to finally have a comments section on the c-report. Great to finally be able to contact people who watch some intullectually stimulating information as oppose to the drab that i see most consume. If anyone is in London and would like to meet up / start a discussion group (i used to host one but moved house) then give us a shout! ( . In the meantime I will stay tuned to all the fab work here at the corbett report! wooo yeah!

  39. nexangelus says:

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks to James and more than a handful of people I follow online, I have become “politically” aware once again after years of not voting (since I turned 18 to be exact) and now having a valid reason (I knew I always had, but all of this information just reinforces that feeling). I am a home care worker by day and researcher and activist in my spare time. I am in Bristol, UK.

  40. dogdoc says:

    Hi Guys,

    Like most of you, I’m a recovering mainstreamer with a passion to learn more, every day. I’m a dyed in the wool truther, not just about 911, but about the origins of the stuff we’ve taken as Gospel for so many years. thankfully there are a few voices out in the void that are starting to be heard. Can’t wait to hear more about the topics we’ll open up in the future.

    Just to kick things off, I’m interested in hearing what chances this community gives the High Rise Initiative to bring about a honest investigation into the destruction of WTC7.

    I’ll kick it off: I think it will be shot down on some funky legal grounds, probably made up by the Supreme Court. I do however totally support the effort and have contributed three times so far. This is the best chance to date to get a public hearing on any part of the 911 fiasco.

    • john says:

      The high-rise initiative is interesting isn’t it? My fear isn’t that it will fail, it’s that it will succeed — it’ll get on the ballot, the ballot will be passed, and then…well, what? They trust the NYC Department of Buildings to do an honest, thorough job of it free from political interference? What are the odds of that? What I can easily picture is that they do a rubber stamp job on the NIST report, agree it was caused by fire, and then the “new investigation” concept is deader than ever. Anti-truthers will just say “hey losers, even your own investigation says you’re wrong.” And no amount of “no, the investigation was flawed” will ever change their minds.

      I’ve donated to the cause, but lately each time they ask for more, I’ve asked what the plan is for ensuring an honest investigation with scientific integrity. They haven’t deigned to reply to the question so far. I’m afraid there is no plan. I fear the worst.

  41. BennyB says:

    Greetings, BennyB here.

    So briefly, obviously a big fan of James Corbett’s work and a strong supporter for the model of independent open source journalism he represents. It was via his Gladio Plan B series with Sibel Edmonds and his excellent Eye Opener Report series that I was introduced to Boiling Frogs, which I’m not only an advocate for; but I’m also a subscriber. (seriously, but wink, wink if you get the joke… 😉 That said, also a fan of many of the excellent regular contributors who bring so much to the table here as well ( you all know who you are =} )

    Anyway, looking forward to sharing ideas here with some of you out there, doing some critical thinking, and trying to find ways to use the power of information to make some changes for the better where it’s possible.

    ~Benny …//))

  42. matagordagreg says:

    How y`all doing,
    Sending you salutations from the “redneck riviera” formerly represented by Dr. Ron Paul (we are already missing him big time). Port Lavaca is on the Matagorda Bay about 100 miles sw of Galveston.
    So glad to be a part of this group and look forward to seeing your comments and concerns on the topics that James entertains and enlightens us.
    Thanks James for sharing your thoughts and incredible research with us.

  43. n.riva1989 says:

    Greetings, Nathan here.

    Currently writing from Red Deer Alberta. Have been enjoying James for well over a year now!

    James you have a wonderful control of the English language, and you articulate your points clear and precise. It truly is a joy listening to you.

    Keep exposing the utter Bullshit that is peddled to the masses on a daily basis. More and more people are becoming unplugged becuase of people like you.

    Keep up the amazing work!!

  44. Particle Man says:


    I have always been inherently disinterested in “the news.” I have no desire to sift through the fluff and questionable veracity that mainstream media comprises. But when I was on a different search for truth, in which I enjoyed sifting, I was introduced to Myron C. Fagan’s “The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations” and “Red Stars over Hollywood”; and years later, the 9/11 video “Loose Change.” These discussions were fascinating but insufficient to impel me to further research. Over the years, however, my interest in such topics grew.

    On the rare occasions of watching TV, I had been inexplicably drawn to a name in the listings that I knew nothing about, Glenn Beck. But it was a few years until I acquiesced to satisfy this curiosity. Although Beck’s show expanded my horizons, about a year later, I felt like I should stop listening to it, so I did. Perhaps on that last day of listening to Beck’s show, I searched for a few things and people he had mentioned from time to time, including Agenda 21 and Alex Jones. That day changed everything.

    My discovery of alternative media showed me that there indeed are news sources that address important issues honestly and extensively. I felt that Jones is right about most things, and so I searched for what he discussed, and this was how I found James Corbett. Impressed with Jones’ knowledge but not his sensationalism, exaggeration, and general gloom-and-doom, I was relieved by Corbett’s more intellectual and positive approach, even though I do not share all of his views.

    I greatly appreciate the alternative media for their efforts. And uncompromised though they may be, none negates the need to sift. But it is to counsel given in my religion that I owe any lasting interest in learning about history, countries, kingdoms, laws, the wars and perplexities of the nations, as well as warnings about conspiracies, or secret combinations. Otherwise, I probably would not retain sufficient interest to discover the unfortunate yet expected evils of this or any other era in history. But regardless of what has happened and will happen, I believe that all corrupt individuals and organizations, including banks, foundations, corporations, and governments, will continue to (appear to) rule the world only temporarily, that these monstrosities will one day fall–and more importantly will be replaced, but that’s another discussion.

    Ultimately, through everything I seek to learn, I hope to help myself, my family, my friends, and others make wiser choices, detect the deceptions promulgated by the powers that shouldn’t be, and exemplify the virtues that should and will prevail.

  45. Gypster says:

    Hello friends!

    I’m 38, have four cats a husband and a successful home business.

    Let me share what woke me up in not so chronological order.

    1. The Bhagavad Gita. Believe it or not it loosens the mind when taken non literally 🙂
    2. Patanjalis yoga sutras (more mind loosening)
    3. 9/11 Loose change
    4. Alex Jones
    5. James Corbett
    6. Tragedy and Hope community
    7. and so many others.
    8. Having to directly pay the irs
    9. G Edward Griffin, even though I couldn’t make it through his book 🙂

    I used to be so angry at the world for all it’s lies and I suppose a part of me still is. But the important part I’ve learned is to let those angry thoughts go and focus on solutions. I believe the solution lies in Persuasion over Coercion. One must lead as an example and appear as an expert to convince others of this fact.

    James is a master of this.

    There are also two other channels through which people can be convinced. Through the heart and through the mind. I believe I have stumbled across something important enough to begin blogging about it to educate others about these methods so that we may teach ourselves and others to not use coercion in any aspect of their lives.

    I shall blog about these three methods but in the meantime, thank you so much James, for all your hard work!

  46. greencrow says:

    Hi James and all:

    Great opportunity to communicate on this forum. Introducing myself, I do have a website “Greencrow As the Crow Flies” I think the address is in my profile. I have been a news junkie and a keyboard activist ever since 9/11. My perspective is from someone who has lived through several geopolitical pendulum swings. This latest one is the most worrisome of all. I appreciate communicating with like-minded peers because, while I am “left of Lenin…my relatives are all right of Attila the Hun.


  47. Gwen says:

    Hiya all,

    I’m Gwen from Germany and I just wanted to say:

    James is the best! 🙂

    I just love the way he gathers information, processes it and then shares with us.

    Gives me a lot of hope!


  48. Presence of Peace (Mirko from Berlin, Germany) says:

    Woohoo! Finally: Adding something of my own to “the” Corbett Report!
    I am very grateful & humbled to be able to connect to all of you who are reading this.

    As much as I am a fan of James’ work, the most profound effect of all his highly appreciated efforts will bear fruit within the actions that his current listeners and future audience will take once they are inspired by this open, intelligent and solution-oriented spirit.

    A well informed, self-empowered portion of humanity that is actually living in presence (aka being in the [k]now) & sharing their wisdom for free – that’s all we need to really improve the situation for all life on this planet.

    Earth is a beautiful sacred place, all lifeforms on this plane are longing for a peaceful life in freedom, full of recognigition & appreciation of this simple truth. Offering the experience of peace is what I strive for on a daily basis on all levels of my being and I guarantee you it’s not going to be without consequences! ♥

    • Presence of Peace (Mirko from Berlin, Germany) says:

      By the way, I have been called Jan Mirko (a mixed name in between european cultures signifying “victorious messenger of peace”); ever since I have been able to reflect on my existence in this world I have felt a strong determination towards caring for peace & balance on this planet.

      At the moment, I work for a member of the Berlin parliament (Abgeordnetenhaus) who represents the german pirate party. I’m a regular background demonstrant, not affiliated to particular parties or organisations.

      Currently, there are several individuals whose sole purpose in life is to ensure a safe unraveling of human potentials and secure the current life on earth. I welcome you to join these universal agents of peace & truth who are united within their dedication to inner peace, manifested through lifes of integrity, authenticity & sovereignty. If you resonate with these words, you might also enjoy my Youtube channels:

      I’m looking forward to getting out my own work in political spheres, although I guess I might stick to my mother tongue (german language).
      Thanks for being around and caring for this world, my Gratitude to You!


  49. Ukdavec says:

    Hi James and Team

    I am a fifty something semi retired UK expatriate now living in New Zealand – I spent 35 years as a corporate IT / Security mercenary – I now divide my time trading and mentoring in the precious metals arena and educating myself in wider geopolitical, economic and world issues.

    I am here because I value and want to support the work that James does. Although I have had a personal email and internet account since the early 1990’s, I do not use twitter, facebook or even linkedin ( my audit training I guess ).

    I also now tend not to post in online forums – my personality seems not to be suited to dealing politely with some of the abrasive types that can appear in such arenas and has in the past resulted in lots of valuable personal time being wasted in meaningless online ‘exchanges’.

    That said I am approachable and personable and will contribute if I think it will add.

    I wish you all the best in this endeavour.

  50. s.jamieson says:

    Currently, I put all my comments on YouTube. Maybe I could start commenting more here in Corbettland. I just read all the above introductory comments, and I send good wishes to you all. My YouTube channel is not2tees, which simply refers to the spelling of my first name, Scot. If you visit my channel you’ll see that I am not really a thinker. But, somehow I appreciate people like James Corbett who hold these to me amazingly clear and insightful opinions. I believe that I was raised in a family where it was considered not polite to have opinions about anything much, other than a football team, maybe. Grandfather and father both had careers in the military. I am a non-conformist by instinct more than reason, but I imagine that I’m learning how to think for myself in this present life. I’m more of a mystic, which means an outsider in any culture, certainly in our “culture” – a culture is suppose to be a nourishing environment, therefore the quotes. John Taylor Gatto is where I really started to get wise about the elites’ agendas. God oh holy God school is so deadly. I’ve been on meds, so that and my advancing age has taken off most of my edge, but like Faust I hope that in the end the angels will be allowed to save me as well because what was it? Oh yeah, Faust (at least with Goethe’s version) never stopped trying.

  51. arcadia11 says:

    hello to all. glad to be here with you and glad there are so many of us.

    cheers –

    n. california

  52. alanfhayes says:

    Greeting from Ireland,
    Thank you James for all the effort you put into your work, i don’t know how you manage to find the time and produce work far superior to the lame stream media.

    My own interest involves the work of Walter Russell, and how the illusionary universe or matrix is actually created.

    • macburns says:

      This intrigues me, I am interested in how wireless technology is harmful to us. We are living in a soup of microwaves, ELF, RF, cell phone waves, wireless router waves all flowing through our brains. Free wifi may not be such a good thing! You must be aware of the story of Wilhelm Reich, and the “research” at the HAARP facility? I think all of these geopolitical, economic events are interrelated with physics, chemistry, our DNA, vibrations, resonance and frequencies and that these are some of the secret knowledge held by the tptsb. The occult numerology is a language related to secret knowledge, power and energy and chemistry…. and of course is used by evil people for harm. Just throwin that out there.

    • joan.redmond says:

      Hi Alan
      Greetings also from Ireland.
      On top or Walter Russell’s work also have a look at Bruce Cathie grid.

  53. clem says:

    Hello to everyone and thank you James for all your work.

    Clem in sunny Scotland

  54. macburns says:

    James, look what I’ve done, this is all your fault.

    Thanks for lighting a fire under me. 🙂

  55. galinka says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from Cambridge, MA. I stumbled here by accident at the time of the Boston Bombings. I’ve learned a ton from this site and the show notes links. Living in the world of insanity, this site has come to be a small oasis of sanity and humility for me. It is my window into the reality of the world we live in. I have been trying to introduce more people to the Corbett Report, but it has been very very difficult. I’m surprised because there are so many educated people here from all over the world, but then again, most of them work for prestigious universities and a good chunk of their funding comes from our beloved gov’t, so you can expect resistance. I wish more people came on board and stopped putting their trust into our gov’t and the media.

    • macburns says:

      Hi! I live in Mass too and took some grad classes at Lesley. I also have sent the link for the Corbett Report to friends with no luck. For those who are completely oblivious to the truths (all my friends, family and coworkers), a first look at the website comes on pretty strong and will definitely not invite them in. Last time I checked, the JFK video starts playing immediately and unfortunately I know that is an eye-roller for most people I know.

      James, would you consider doing a little introductory video for those who are visiting the site for the first time, before they look at anything else on your site? It could be a very gentle way into all of these topics for those of us who find this all too frightening and think we are paranoid or delusional or gullible or whatever. I admit, there are still some articles and videos (on your site and Sibel’s)that just by the title, give me that flip flop of terror in my gut (regardless of how far down the rabbit hole I am)that stops me from reading or watching. Thanks

      • ad says:

        hi fellow jamesian,

        although i think your message was primarily meant for james himself, i feel very strongly about reacting on what you said.
        of course, all reactions here are interesting, but to me personally, your contribution is the most valuable so far. the attitude you describe so refreshingly may be very essential. let me show you some of my own thoughts on the subject.

        for years i have been bewildered by the ruthlessness of the united states. they are a democracy they say, meaning that at least a majority of their population approves of the constant slaughter they spread over the earth. but how can a majority be so cruel?
        being a democracy also implies a certain sense of justice i suppose. but, just a small example, when they provoke military action from libya by entering the gulf of sirte without permission, they retaliate by bombing a libyan city. this is criminal to me!

        democracy also means a collective responsibility i think. so the responsibility for all these killings is not primarily with the us government, it is with the american people. and because of this collective responsibility, you could indeed blow up twin towers and the like when for example you have seen your whole family blown to pieces by some funny american drone. thus, like a boomerang the violence may come home.
        are americans stupid? don’t they see these consequences?

        libyans on the other hand lived under a dictatorship, they had no say whatsoever in khadaffi’s doing. therefore, their killing cannot be justified, if at all. you must have had some say in the crime to be punished for it.
        so most probably, they were destroyed as a punishment to their perceived owner.
        your gouvernment may think of their own subjects the same way, as objects they own.
        more bizarre, lacking acute revolutions, the attitude of americans in general must be complimentary to their gouvernment’s and they may not be the predators they appear to be when looking at all the blood spilled in their name. they simply behave as slaves, subdued and powerless but without being aware of it. their whole democracy is a marginal facade for a slave state.

        ok, i’m taking a bit of a shortcut, i like long stories but this may not be the place. i wanted to arrive at slavery at a structural level, et voila! there it is.

        i live in south america and have done so for the past 30 years or so. this country is inhabited by the descendants of slaves, and i found there are many correspondences between me and them on aspects i would never have guessed before.

        i think there were black slaves because there were not enough white ones. problem with black slaves was you had to pay for them, because they were a scarce good. so in this context slave trade was profitable. but the white ones were goods as well, but more like the oxygen in the air, who would pay for that?

        i realised my slave descendance when my sister did some research on our family tree. just about 200 years ago one of my ancestors comes to declare a newborn to the administration. a few months later he comes again, the child died. then he came once a year, his life long, always the same message, with very few exceptions. his profession was registrated as agricultural labourer.

        thinking about this misery, there is of course the genetic link between me and my ancestor and there were a few strange things in myself that suddenly fell into place.
        we know about adrenaline and the fight or flee alternative. that’s human and very basic. i on the other hand do not fight, nor do i flee, instead i freeze. i used to detach from reality, i hold my breath and my spirit hovers somewhere else, leaving the scene that threatens me. this all happens in a reflex, fully automatically. it seems to be a third reaction on acute stress, and it is very appealing to see a relation with slavery and the evolution of humans into slaves. because what happens when you attack your boss when he hits you? he will kill you and if you kill him his mates will get you. no way out.
        fleeing on the other hand may get you out for a while, but you will always have to live under cover in enemy territory. not much chance for procreation.

        psychological effects like stockholm syndrome and learned helplessness so aptly focussed on by james may be just on the same level as holding your breath when threatened. and as your own gut problems, of course, that is the part in your text that triggered me. you must become aware of this problem in yourself and conquer it before you can get to others.

        in short, i have come to believe that history has shaped very many good people into being good slaves down to a genetic level. this should only be a minor problem, though, because the mind is extremely flexible compared to genetics. a little bios patch in the operating system will do, either by education or by conviction. unfortunately, education as i know it is usually energized by fear and conviction fed from the mainstreams that promote slavery.

        so concluding, i think you hit the nail where it should be hit and you better try to emancipate yourself and everyone around you as much and as quickly as you can.
        your rabbit hole is not the place to be. all you will find there is virtual and meant only to deceive you in continued slavery. you and all other american rabbits must stop this crime. you live in a slave state and you deserve better than being served at the table.

        these days, with the internet all around you, if you are a slave, it is because you choose to be one. if you want to end your enslavement, it’s up to you, not to james or anyone else. if you want to help others, your example is essential. you cannot give this responsibility to james and step back into the crowd. you need to inform yourself about things, that and only that is where james comes in. he is great at that.
        and if you need some theory to support your feelings, try studying some anarchism.
        anarchism is a symmetrical movement against slavery, you don’t want to be slave, and you don’t want others to be slaves. on the other hand, never try to become an anarchist, that would spoil the whole thing.

        see you around,

      • Dr. Kropotkin says:

        Hi Macburns,
        I understand you’re difficulty in spreading the word. We need to figure out a good way to do this, if anyone has had any success maybe they should post it here and let us know how they did it. Family, co-workers and friends, these are the people we have constant contact with, but when presented with something that does not match their (constructed) reality they react too quickly and shut off the disturbing message.

        The only person I have got to consider the alternatives so far is my wife. It took a few months of videos and arguments, but I can’t do this to my friends unless I kidnap them and tie them to a chair. My wife is now a big fan of the Corbett Report and hence she lives in the same world as I do. The world where you know what’s going on but nobody will listen.

        The Irony of you’re experience with the JFK video is that the majority of people don’t buy the official story, but when you try to explain this in detail you get called a conspiracy theorist. If we can’t get people to explore the alternative theory of they don’t believe, what chance do we have with 9-11?

        We will keep fighting regardless even if it’s one mind at a time it’s worthwhile.
        All the best,
        Dr. K

      • ad says:

        greetings Dr.Kropotkin, and you too, Macburns, Galinka,

        ‘kidnap them and tie them to a chair’ -and let the stockholm syndrome do the job!

        interesting, you are joking of course, me too, but there are lots of true but crazy things hiding behind such line of action.
        after all, it worked with your wife..
        sorry, also joking.

        i think your call for ideas maybe a good start for a new thread on communicating the truth. that’s up to james of course, but it may be just what he wants. the problem you and others above mention is at the core of his bussiness. so far, he just collected the like-minded with all the sugar at this site. and what a job he’s doing, his brain must be pretty hot at times if not constantly overheating. nevertheless, no revolution in that. a pity, indeed.

        i believe this sly canadian now has found his way out of this dead end by reshuffeling his website and let his fans solve his problem. distributed computing may get as powerful as you need and cooling down a central processor may be a beneficial side effect. he is permanently studying without even a decent study loan! let’s give the man a life! let’s extend our support into a new dimension, add something different to this 1000 yen and give him a monthly 10 hours of our time, as a gift of course, no need to invent an alternative currency (‘corbett hours’?).

        after all, his info is worth much more than he charges and as many of us do not seem to be particularly wealthy -and anyhow more money could not possibly make him work harder-, we may as well donate some hours to the common case.

        then my first suggestion for developing a strategy. i experience the same problem, by the way, and on a massive scale. i have no direct solution yet, but some analysis may help find a direction.

        there is this funny invention of the ‘war on terror’ as a recent policy of the us gouvernment. this is not your war, of course, it is theirs. through this faltering virtual war concept, they themselves excercise the worst of terrorism, but in your name. not only do they terrorize their own population, they have also perfected worldwide destruction and killing into an industrial process.
        in our own war against terrorism, we should not even think of fighting them. we must just destroy their most effective weapon. it is called FEAR. you need a fearless majority for democracy.
        after all, fear is what terrorism is all about. the nice thing is that we have a potential control over this weapon, because it is right inside us, like a bio-chip.
        cut it out!

        you read where Mackburns gets gut problems. this is fear of thinking wrong or ‘sinful’ thoughts. this background is subconscious, it just causes this bad feeling. in the gut, good place to feel bad. it is a basic way of slavery and it was a central point of my catholic education. effective too, with me it held for over a quarter of a century.
        only if you want to you may get rid of fear. it takes some courage though, a little leftover of the hunter inside.

        being born an evolved slave may turn out very usefull as soon as you manage to become your own master. after all, what to expect from being a hunter only? fight or flee? meaning depression in or drones over your head? there is no good in simple adrenaline, times have changed and so many true hunters have died from stress diseases and are still dying every day. evolution never stops.
        let us become self-mastered slaves and turn all the misery in the crackling beneath our feet into something beautiful.
        by enslaving us they have dug their own graves. there, Dr.K, is natural justice.

        with about 3000 we would constitute the same fraction of the worlds population as jesus with his 12 apostles at the time and you know what they accomplished and no internet!
        it would not turn james into a millionaire but his punch could increase considerably.

        just dreaming..


  56. dolefullions says:

    Hello everyone
    My name is Jonathan I live in Chicago and have been a reader of Corbett Report for a couple of years, and a subscriber for a year now (the best 1000 yen I spend every month). I am a musician/songwriter and thanks to Corbett Report and other essential alternative media outlets, my lyrical content has changed dramatically. The album I am currently working on is tenatively titled “Angel Is Next”. Thank you James for everything you do!

  57. ks says:

    Hi, ive been checking out james for a few years and i finally made it to a place where every penny i had wasnt spent on food, so glad to give some to some actual decent reporting for once.

    my name is kris weston and im a musician – and sometimes i write – glad to meet you all, and look forward to discussions.

  58. douglasbarnesjr says:

    Hi everyone! I just recently bought some land and my girlfriend, two kids and I are working the land right now, trying get on our way to living off grid. Step one is trying to clear an area to get our wall tent set up. We may have to rent for a year, but no more than that. Then we will be living in the wall tent while we build our house. I think we are going with an underground house, but earthbag homes and the earthship homes are still something being considered. We have 8 acres that are completely wooded and we plan on keeping most of it that way. We will set up a food Forrest and have some animals. We will be home schooling our children. I happend to catch one of james’ shows back when he was on RBN and his shows have been a valuable part of my research ever since. I am excited to see what this community becomes.

    • daflammas says:

      Hello from sunny Brittany, France
      I’m a Brit living on a smallholding with my husband and 2 kids growing our own veg, meat and medicine. I exchange eggs for bread, yoghurts and jams. I’ve also swapped turkeys for furniture and pork for sheep! My closest neighbours are French and we share seeds, surplus fruit and veg, and knowledge. I raise outdoor pigs, chickens (broilers and layers), geese, pintades, ducks, sheep, goats and have a horse (not for eating!). We are aiming for self-sufficiency but who can ever be truly off-grid when there are property taxes to pay?
      I’m lucky that my husband is pretty awake too – we looked up “peak oil” in 2007 and came across David Estulin who joined up more of the dots, and bought a book about peak oil from Vernon Coleman, whose pet hate is the European Union which led us to finding out more about the central banks, IMF, World Bank etc and then to John Perkins at which point we became pretty incensed about the sheer scale of the corruption, greed and ruthlessness of the Banksters/pharmaceutical industry/military complex – it’s a very tangled web. Here in France we saw James on Showcase.TV (back when they had interesting programmes and before they were threatened by the broadcasting police) with James Evan Pilato and doing his weekly report.
      Something I’ve noticed missing from James’ subjects is the issue of sovereignty and using the banksters’ fraud against them to nullify the false debt we are conned into having. Useful sites for looking up debt solutions and understanding sovereignty are and Mary Croft has a freely available e-book (essay?) which details very well how we are programmed and manipulated everyday by everything from traffic lights to registering our cars, dogs, land and children. She also explains how the banksters defraud us at the point of signing the credit agreement (NOT contract as they would have you believe)for loans and mortgages – how it is a sleight of hand between the banksters and the lawyers/conveyancers.
      That all said, James Corbett is definitely the most incisive, insightful and coherent of anyone else I’ve found on the interweb – his body of work is phenomenal and consistently accurate, honest and moral.
      For myself I’ll continue to forge local relationships to keep the local community strong. we even have a local currency – the Maillette which we’re signed up for.
      Anyone interested in more info about our smallholding and what we’re trying to do here can check out

  59. Moral Citizen says:

    Hi everyone, great to be here amongst the best of the best! Iv been a massive follower of James and his work on YouTube to which Iv left hundreds of comments. Unfortunately, the trolls rule YouTube so it’s a refreshing change to read such productive and thought provoking comments here on the Corbett report site. Ever since I was a child, I always felt there were deeply set lies in what we are told to believe, Iv always asked questions and in this world, that doesn’t always deliver the honest answers, question became my mantra. These beliefs have stuck with me all my life and My quest for truth and justice started when I hit my twenties and it has never left me. In my late thirties, My international taste buds were stimulated when a friend of mine showed me the loose change video. As a qualified mechanical engineer, It wasn’t long before I had calculated something was very wrong in what we have been lead to believe. Throughout my life Iv worked in retail management, criminal justice, drug treatment, engineering and environmental management. Approx four years ago I decided to quit working for companies as I felt disillusioned by the whole “work your nuts off for some fat cats to do nothing” routine. I reduced my outgoings enormously and began to become as self sufficient as I can be. This has enlightened me as It soon became clear to me how manipulative our system is. I currently do odd work for friends with there own businesses and am working towards setting up a network for adult survivors of sexual abuse as children as there is very little in terms of help for the victims of such traumatising events. Iv spent the last decade campaigning for survivors and now I’m in a better position to work towards my dream of setting up a survivor based treatment program. One step at a time, we grow together. Of coarse, there are more truths to be filtered from the lies and James has been a major player in relation to my own psychological connections in relation to truth and justice on an international sphere. I’m fascinated by this subject as a whole and feel each of us plays our part in propping up this disgraceful system we call global politics. As a new member I am very much looking forward to having worthwhile discussions with the best of the best, the type of discussions that don’t seem to exist very often in regular life as most of what I explain to my friends goes over there heads quicker than a 747! Anyway, I know I’m amongst more thought provoking friends here so I want to say just how excited I am to finally be able to stretch my mind and intelligence to new levels with the cream of forward thinkers and doers. To me, this site is paradise! James, your work is up there with the best and I’m proud to be part of the Corbett people’s network. Evolution not revolution. Yours, the Moral Citizen.

    • ad says:

      hello Moral Citizen,

      inspiring alias you took there. nowadays it’s almost immoral to be a citizen, considering the gruesome crimes committed in your name and assuming you are an american citizen of course.

      it is interesting to read things you told about yourself and your path through life. i found your last remark partularly catchy: ‘evolution, not revolution’. somehow, it does not sound right, and i had to give it some thought, before i could partly agree with it.

      nevertheless, what exactly did you mean by that statement? i am fighting with the concept of social evolution myself and would be very interested in your ideas.


  60. Colin Green says:

    Hi everyone, and a big thanks to James for his very credible deliveries on so many important issues.

    I am from Auckland New Zealand and work as a construction consultant.

    Although I have long had an awareness of a strong underlying hypocrisy in our societies, I have only recently (the last few years) set about addressing my own ostrich-like reluctance to face up to and learn about the many truths that we typically prefer to ignore.

    My learning experience has at times been scary and depressing. I have now passed through the stage of drowning in the seemingly endless ocean of distracting illusions that we ourselves create, and (with the help of people like James) now find it easier to identify and ingest a fair part of the bitter truths of our world without throwing up and/or losing perspective.

    If I have only one or two pieces of advice to pass on to others who are looking for truths and answers to life’s many perplexing and conflicting illusions, it would be to say. Focus on the facts, strip away all emotion (including your own), think in terms of probabilities rather than solid truths and don’t place faith in information sources that appear to contain conflicts or emotive presentation.

    Facts are obscured and twisted, or just straight out supplanted by emotion. Deliberately so more often than not.

    All the best.


    • ad says:

      hello colin, nice to meet you and thanks for the interesting story you wrote about yourself.

      indeed, you should not let emotions blur your judgement. on the other hand, all thinking is based on emotions i believe. you cannot see your own brain as just a computer waiting for commands from the outside world. i’m sure certain people up in the food chain would be happy with an army of zombies, but it just doesn’t work that way. your mind is constantly bombarded from the inside with impulses that may be emotions. your animal substrate, product of natural evolution is strongly intertwined with the gray supercomputer between your ears.
      for a long time i wondered where my thoughts come from, as i very often can hardly believe they are really mine. although there is no final answer to that yet, i do believe there is a constant and rather hectic communication going on between me and myself without me being aware of it, apart from some headaches now and then. and being just one of 7 billion, i believe this must be quite ‘normal’.. we are very sofisticated animals, product of natural as well as social evolution. consequently, all psychological experiments with natural animals are valid for humans as well. i know this may sound crazy but then you tell me what’s wrong with it.
      ask james about learned helplessness. the actual experiment is with dogs, but as a method of conditioning, it is easily extrapolated into human behaviour. you mentioned your own oistrich already. apparently there are ways of information processing that go straight through the brain into the animal substrate, without any intervention at all. in this proces, fear seems to be the key element. fear is a kind of interrupt from below. is says ‘don’t need you here brain, i already figured things out’. apparently, the animal that controls you has only limited confidence in the brain. this is a real disturbing idea to me. ah! see the problem? it’s the animal in me who is disturbed. so you get into a knot which can only be dissolved by the brain of course. in my experience, you can effectively kill a particular fear by not giving in to it and after evaluating the dangers of course, just do what you’re afraid of. it’s revealing how this releases tension in my favourate pet inside. i think there is the essence of the problem of accessing the corbett report for so many people we try to convince.
      so i agree with you about taking emotions for truth, but emotions are a truth in their own way and extremely valuable for understanding yourself as well as other people.

      so do not just blank out emotions, but take care and try to understand. that’s my supplement to your advice.

      see you around,

  61. david1 says:

    Hello everyone.
    My name is David I’m married and have two kids.
    I’m a musician and a web programmer.
    I live in Israel.
    I would like to thank you, James, for such important information you put out, i wish more people would get that information but as mentioned above it’s hard to bring people to the truth.
    I’m realy happy to meet thinking people and being a part of this community.
    We (me and my wife) find ourselves prety isolated around here, and due to the current situation we are deeply worried for the future.

    • JBMetter says:

      Hello David,

      I notice you are from Israel. I’ve love to hear about what the mood is like there. The alternative open source media is pretty focused on Israel in terms of disinformation and false flag events. I’ve personally been very touched by the presentations of Miko Peled. Do people there know of him and his strong position regarding the Palestinians?

      • david1 says:

        Hello JBMetter

        I never heard of Miko Peled before, thank you for this info.
        I watched some of his videos yesterday, the man is spot on.
        Did a little research on the opinion of people about him here, well, not very popular to say the least.

    • ad says:

      hello David,

      congratulations, you must be a very brave man, not only for taking the risk of becoming a target here, but also for your personal security in general.
      lots of questions of course, but let me keep it short with only one.

      i have become very interested in the proces of individual adaptation to an environment of violence, terror and war.
      you and your family live in such an environment, and i recently read somewhere that 95% of your countrymen agree with your gouvernment’s actions against gaza.
      good gouvernment it seems, true democracy indeed.

      ok, not a joke, just being cynical. forgive me, it’s pretty hard to find a proper way to access my question.

      if i understand your position well, you find yourself surrounded and totally outnumbered by a murderous bunch. they are not after you yet, but chances are you will become a target too, accused of treason and so on.
      my question is: are you afraid? if yes for what, and how do you cope with your fear. and more in general, where do you think fear to be instrumental in the whole setup of this genocidal operation? do you know anyone who really believes this wasted concentration camp called gaza to be a significant threat to israel or to them and their families? why would they believe this? how can almost a whole country comply with this indiscriminate killing and destruction?

      sorry, wrong questions, i am interested in fear, because i try to understand it.
      i read a few things about the psychology of warfare, in particular about de-humanizing the enemy. somehow, even usually warmhearted people seem to lose their empathic faculties the moment they experience a certain kind and/or degree of danger.

      example, i consider myself a peaceful person. nevertheless i once tried to kill a man without a moment of doubt. he was a burglar, and i was totally cool with him. but the moment he threatened my children, exactly then, immediately and without even noticing this myself i completely lost control to something inside me i didn’t even know was there. i hit him once on the head with an iron pipe and then he fled. i ran after him, barefoot, only wearing a short. we ran at least 500 meters on public roads. he was a young, muscled, atletic guy, perhaps 25 years of age. i was over 60 already, i am skinny, i am weak. he could have knocked me out with one blow.
      finally, i came to my senses and there i stood, almost naked, for the whole street to show, totally puzzled about what happened.

      a painful experience, indeed, but essential i think for better understanding myself and others. there seems to exist a father’s instinct that can override all my education, believes, even my fear for violence and turn me kamikaze as if with the flip of a switch. i never considered myself brave in any way, and i still don’t.

      i hope you understand what i am after. sorry in case i have been thoughtless and hurt you somehow. it was never intended.

      good luck,

    • david1 says:

      Thank you for your questions, i will try my best to answer.
      I would like to make a few points to clarify the context of my answers.

      I’m an Anarchist, meaning i respect the non agression principle and condemn any form of violacne exept for direct self deffence.
      There’s no clear cut answers to this long and complicated problem. too often people expect short, black and white answers which always faill to explain complex situations.
      I prefere focusing on the human experience rather then the political one.

      To the point, the situation is one of continious war in one form or another in various degrees for decades. depending on the location of the war zone, some experience direct conflict while in other areas life goes on prety normaly. For example, people who live 10-20 km around Gaza live in constant threat of missiles and morter shell bombing them 24/7/365 for years. Other incidents include suicide bombings, riots and other violent aggression.
      Again let me be clear, i’m describing what is actualy happening in day to day reality to give you an idea of the kind of life some people have, not as a pretext to defend one side or the other. So to come back to your question how fear dictate the mind set of people i would say a lot.
      The whole Isreali-jewish narative is based on the fear from extermination and the feeling that we are forever victims of discremination. This narative is deeply embedded in the education system and in the way the israelis percieve themselves. Of course the isreali gouvrnement exploites this fear to advance its own agendas with the help of the media.
      A similar state of affairs exists on the palestinian side where the rulling class has no real intrest in finding solutions and because of that i dont see an end to this conflict in the near future. Unfortunately people on both sides pay a heavy price.

      My family and I do not experience direct threats in this current situation but things can change very rapidly depending on the political agendas.
      We are concerned about the athmosphere in israel which is becoming more and more extreme and hatefull. further more any attempt to suggest a different perspective is met with insultes and accusations of being unpatriotic to the state of israel. Because of that very few people dare to speak up publicaly which was not that way before.
      I’m deeply disturbed by the waste of lives and suffering of thousands and wondering for the first time if we should stay here.

      I will gladely answer any speciffic questions as honestly as i can.


  62. JBMetter says:

    Hello All,

    My name is Julian. I’m located in the US (Pennsylvania). This is a wonderful site and I’m delighted to connect with all of you.

  63. trouble_every_day says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m Stefan.
    I live 30 minutes from Christchurch in New Zealand and I like to give money to people on the internet.
    This is the first time I’ve donated to anyone outside of Nigeria and already I have something to show for it – a member’s login.

    This is a good day.

  64. justin.delano says:

    Hello fellow Corbettsters!

    My name is justin and I live in Northern California. I have been researching for a few years now, and a member of the report for about a year. After getting lost in the sea of good and bad rabbit holes on YouTube, I found James and Richard Grove right around the same time. If for any reason any of you aren’t familiar with Tragedy and hope .com and peace I strongly urge you to visit both ASAP. These three websites have been the best resources for good, well-researched information that I’ve found. And the affiliates of these guys are all top notch as well, so it has been a treasure trove for me.
    I work in the service industry, and I feel a little trapped in the rat race here. I envy all you folks who are getting off the grid and getting more self sustainable. I have a tiny outdoor space right now and no real options to buy land any time soon. My fiancé is still a bit reluctant to open her eyes all the way to all of what we know as reality, but most think of as “out there” ( although I have to give her a ton of credit for coming as far as she has). We are getting married without a state license and hopefully having children without birth certificates. We want a home birth, and I’m pushing for home schooling, but we don’t have kids yet, so I guess I have plenty of time.
    I think it’s great that there are so many awakened individuals all gathered in one space, albeit virtual. It is hard to find people in person that are cognitively aware of the world we see. It’s amazing the number of supposedly smart people I run into on a daily basis who are ignorant of everything outside their little bubble. I made up these little business cards with my favorite mark twain quote on one side and on the back all my favorite independent media we

  65. libertymentor says:

    Hello, 3000 characters is not enough to clearly describe myself but then that is a limitation of this virtual communication. I value privacy so I’m going to limit what I make public but feel free to contact me privately if you are seeking knowledge. I am no expert but I value my ability to seek out information (using reason and evidence) to find facts. James Corbett and The Corbett Report are outstanding means to that end. The quality of the news produced by The Corbett Report makes it a reliable and trustworthy source for international news with a specific focus on government corruption. (Govt. = Corruption) Well, enough said. Keep up the good work James. I’ve been too poor (limited budget, lots of medical debt – I’m in the U.S. so that shouldn’t be a surprise) to be a regular donor but I’m going now – right now – to the “subscribe” button and seeing if there is a way I can do this without using corrupt Paypal. lol seriously….

  66. libertymentor says:

    Sorry James, I’ll have to just continue with the “donate” button once a year. I just can’t bring myself to create a Paypal account. I promise to schedule a calendar reminder to “renew” my donation each year. (I know I was a bit late this year with that “renewal.”) I’d give you Bitcoin but I’ve yet to figure out how to do that privately and with cash (using FNRs) in very small Bitcoin denominations, given I can’t afford even one single Bitcoin. [I have justifiable trust issues with these technologies.] I’d offer you labor hours but if I were you I’d politely decline. lol What can I possibly do to help you (other than donate) from the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean? I wish you and your family much health and happiness.

  67. Joyce says:

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Joyce! I am from Germany and have been living in England for almost seven years now.
    So I am herewith sending sunny coastal greetings from Folkestone to you all!
    I am very glad to have become a member of Corbett Report and think James’ work is phenomenal beyond description! Thank you, James!

  68. lcsrn927 says:

    Hello everyone this is Linda from Kalamazoo, MI. Very truthfully I was looking for a podcast for the STEPHAN Corbett report when I stumbled here.

    I have spent my life trying to connect the dots and have pulled information from a lot of sources. . At the library. The internet is a big boom to me. I am a retired nurse and have raised a family and currently involved with the next generation of young souls. I am not educated in politics and am dazed and confused by the current world situation.

    The areas I am following most closely are the politics and activism around feminism and gender identity, discoveries of ancient artifacts and their implication on our understanding of history, and the possibility that electromagnetism may be a more significant force than gravity and that our sun is a part of a larger galactic climate and this effects our weather and earth phenomena. I also study cultural understanding of our own creation and that we maybe involved in a story not of our own making. Also, I am intensely interested in ethnic art expression and the common symbols that we see.

    In a nutshell, I believe that the larger world is very complex and incomprehensible. BUT I have seen that every meme, trope and archetype I can find, has been played out in my own life. I believe that the politic is the personal and that I need to look to that to find any meaning or ascension.

    Greetings to you all, I will be lurking, adding thoughts when relevant in a short form, and occasionally requesting direction or input when I find a new dot to connect.

    • Bart Houkes says:

      I was delighted to read your post, you mentioned so many interesting subjects that are not part of every day conversation. I share at least 3 of your interests: ancient artifacts, electromagnetism and symbology. Studying these subject gave me a much broader perspective on life and humankind.

      The introduction thread is for introductions, but maybe James can create a topic we can use to share interesting websites, youtube channels, etc..

    • ad says:

      hello Linda,

      nice to read about your interests, dazzling indeed! you mention things that never even came to my mind.
      there is one point however, when you mention the incomprehensibility of the world. this i do not believe.
      i like relativism, the bottomless variant in particular. i believe anything is comprehensible. understanding is just making a model in our head. and you can always make a model, however clumsy it may seem. another relativist idea: there is always a better model, ah, a worse one too. you just try to find it. and the final one: no matter how strong your model seems to be, there will never be a perfect match with reality, whatever that means, because we may only see some vague shadows. the latter is ancient greek wisdom, so don’t blame me for that. metaphysics, yes, but without it there is no hope, like you expressed yourself. i like hope and i choose to keep hoping, no matter what.

      we may have a common interest in ‘public religion’, just google it. i read a book about the subject and as a result i have been tracking the work of maria gimbutas and george dumezil for awhile. real exiting i believe, and lots of links to feminism and symbols.


  69. greencrow says:

    Hi all…I’m trying to remember the name of that website you go to to create an avatar that then follows you around the web. It was suggested to me on this thread, but now I can’t find the link. I want to recommend it to someone…thanks.


  70. rozngaz says:

    Hello James and all the Members,
    My name is Roz and I live in Queensland, Australia. Like many others, I struggle to find people who have even the slightest awareness of the bigger picture (for want of a better term). I am always grateful to the insights and information shared by James and look forward to learning more from this community.
    Best wishes to all.

  71. alex says:

    hello fellow truth seekers, my name is Alex and i live in Wimberley,texas. I am very interested in the future dialog this community will breath into life. i would like to thank James for all the time and dedication he put into spreading knowledge.

  72. davidgueguen2000 says:

    Hi all,

    My name is David and I live in the sunny western Britanny, France.
    Thank you James for your work, hope to be able to help a bit.


  73. confuseddany says:

    Hi Guys. Good to be here. I have been looking forward to meeting some likeminded peeps. I hope we can help each other to understand and act in this landscape that has been revealed to us. I am 21 and live in Denmark. I became familiar with James’ work just over a year ago and it has changed my world. Thanks James.

  74. Droves of Perception says:


    Got banned from the Daily Paul site for suggesting that crisis actors were involved in the Boston bombings, Making Dr. Paul proud!!? I’m also eager to see how far blatant trolls get on this site with James Corbett moderating. let the show begin!

    Been following James for a few years. He is getting better all the time at proliferating open source info and logic driven narratives. Since my wife can only stand about 38 seconds of my perceived “truth” per week, I feel quite isolated from time to time. Hope I can curb my enthusiasm with enough critical thinking and links to avoid passing on too much garbage, or worse , on this discussion board. Ive gotten so much better at the whole game we play here with our typewriters .

    I’m busying myself with opening an adult’s yoga and children’s multi arts room under one roof, two rooms of course! Los Angeles is sick with the religious Statist mentalities that run the Propaganda machine in Hollywood. I’m here in the hornets nest because my worst fear is to make a wonderful utopian life in Montana only to have the global swarming come find me and “their”water or what not. We must act now. Man prefers to care, love, and share. Darwin was a Shill. There is nowhere to hide on this marble it seems now.

    I’m big fans of Karen Straughen, Erin Pizzey, Jan Irvin.

    Where are all the artists in our movement? Punk was one hell of a controlled opposition movement. with that and the sixties Al Hubbard(CIA) psychadellic movement , CIA run “NEW AGE” and Ms. Magazine..people are still looking around in dismay….

    Kids need to know how much power they have to change things. We gotta teach em critical thinking before the schools get them all repeating this “we’ll never know the real answers” crap. Or load them up with enough contradictions to spend the next ten years arguing with each other… Tolerance has become consent, responsibility a dirty word. exhaustion, an political /economic winning bet.

    “It is much easier to fool someone than to get them to admit that they have been fooled”-Mark Twain
    This explains much of what I think we are up against… So lead like James and try and meet them where they are at. If we cannot afford the least among us their dignity of process then we are fascists ourselves. Understanding where the real lines of violating our god given rights (Violence) must be held will someday keep us from being led by those least among us.

    We must reclaim our language. Banning Barristers from holding public office there was an understood of the dangers in our law makers speaking a different language than the public. Now parents don’t understand their children and who even remembers where Grandpa is…

    Embracing this technology of our first free press on this scale, in known human history, it seems “a race to the finish”. Too close to call. They’re playing more viscously and dirty all the time.

    So happy to be here surrounded by so many of the growing hope for our future.


  75. Mike B. says:

    Hi Fellow Members,
    I’m a network and systems administrator in west Texas.
    My former career was as a nurseryman, a career I’d return to eagerly if I weren’t so fair-skinned. I’m a huge fan of James and I’m looking forward to participating in open-source reporting!

  76. Algorithm of Consciousness says:

    Hello folks,

    I am from southern California and grew up in Hollywood, the land of illusions. I am thankful for that, as the materialistic collective zombie-ism that pervades much of the area catapulted me towards the other direction. If the snake has two heads, and one is Wall Street, the other is Hollywood.

    I stumbled upon the Corbett Report when I saw the GRTV Backgrounder (which I had also accidentally stumbled upon from one link or another during one of those endless nights of searching and reading various links) and enjoyed James’ manner of presentation and analysis. It spoke to me, so then I followed up with the Corbett Report and learned about Open Source Intelligence. I found the idea of having links and sourced material as a basis for making analysis and inferences to be very appealing, contrary to many in the MSM and alternative media, that all too often spout a bunch of disinformation or unsubstantiated assertions.

    Prior to this, I grew up having read Jim Marrs’ “Cross Fire” and “Rule by Secrecy,” as well as David Icke (although I’ll happily leave the lizards with him). Consequently, I was aware of the idea of “false flag” terrorism, and Operation Northwoods, and all the other instances of the U.S. (and other govts) attacking itself to have pretexts to act upon. In the world of statecraft, these Machiavellian modalities make perfect sense, and are almost too logical.

    Fast forward to September 11, 2001. I am 19. Getting ready to go to work. On the TV were images of a huge fire from the WTC as a result of a plane crashing into it (2nd plane had not hit yet). As I saw the second plane hit the WTC, I don’t know why, but at that moment my intuition just spoke to me thus, “The government did this to itself.” What I had just witnessed was such a perfectly telegraphed psyop to propound deep into the annals of mass consciousness and supplant into it a certain narrative of how the puppet masters wanted to direct the energy of the populace for a long time to come. It honestly scared me. At that moment I knew this was going to be a long and arduous road for human consciousness. I also remember feeling an immediate sense of isolation and loneliness. Although I knew this to be true, I also knew no one else would believe or even entertain the thought, and it would be a long road before others could be awakened, one conscious thought at a time. When I mentioned this to my family, they thought I was nuts and never to say such things.

    Ultimately, I put my money where my mouth is, to support this platform here because this is information that needs to be spread and supported. I do not subscribe to the fatalistic defeatism that some in the nuttier realms of the alternative media subscribe to – a deterministic outcome from which we cannot break open. Yes, it is difficult to not succumb to cynicism or pessimism given what we deal with, but, I feel that a quote from Gramsci (yes, he’s a Marxist) is applicable here: “I proceed with the pessimism of intelligence and the optimism of the will.”

  77. Bart D. says:

    Good afternoon everyone! Glad to be part of this community.
    I am a software engineer from the Netherlands.
    I hope to be able to share and learn a lot from/with you guys.
    Have a nice day.

  78. stanleyvandermeer says:

    Hello everybody,

    my name is Stanley and i’ve finally put my money where my mouth is, so to speak 🙂
    I am very greatful for the work of James Corbett but that goes for all of us subscribers.
    I am an artist from Holland. My ‘waking up-story’ is very simular of that of James, it took me a couple of years of processing questions, but i feel ‘all in’ now.
    I think, and feel, that there is a whole world to be discovered as it comes to ‘Art and the New World Order’. I must say, with all due respect, that i was a little disappointed in the first (and only?) Art and the NWO podcast. (contemporary) Art has a very broad spectrum, and i guess it takes a some knowledge into the matter to bring it properly, as James does so well with literature, i think there is a lot to win when it comes to the art world. It’s not all ‘arty-farty’ -aesthetic stuff out there, there’s also some very insightful and interesting works to be discovered. It’s probably going to take a little while, but i hope to contribute in that direction, so we can all widen our view and bring all the human faculties in line with the thing we all cherish so much: the truth. Thank you!

  79. T.T. says:

    Hello everybody, this is T.T. here. (Netherlands)

    After swallowing the red pill i took a few blue pills, put my head in the sand and tried to go about my way but to no avail. So i started to look for alternative newssites and i quickly discovered that a lot of these sites are as bad as the MSM and even worse!
    Than i found this site (among a few others) and i finally got the feeling that i wasn’t being manipulated/lied to. I must say it’s a sigh of relief because all this manipulation (and the knowledge of) can make a person CRAZY! Or maybe even worse, apathetic. So thank you James and everybody else for making this site possible. It’s keeping me sane and in the fight for truth!

    Have a wonderful day!

  80. n2abstract says:

    Hello World!

    I’ve been following James’ work for a while now and like all those who follow James’ work can’t help but have a keen interest to see how much deeper this rabbit hole goes… so I finally signed up! And I have to give it to you: James, that it was your recent report about Allen Dulles that had really won me over. Excellent, excellent work!

    So now that I’m “in” I’m hoping to connect with everyone. I am also curious to see if there are anyone from the US who used to work for the Department of Defense like me who has also woken up. I was an engineer with the Department of the Air Force for 10 years, at Edwards Air Force Base.

    BTW James, I haven’t really looked around the site more closely but is there a forum?

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for joining, n2abstract. Good to have you here.

      To answer your question, there is no Corbett Report forum at this point. I’ve thought about adding a forum to the website before, but a recent thread here about the value (or lack thereof) of the forum discussion format reflects my current thinking on the matter:

      • BuddhaForce says:

        One of the issues with the comments imo, is that we can only reply to a comment three times (can only reply to a reply of a reply, if that makes any sense?) I’m sure this is due to the formatting requirements of the site’s theme.

        It’s also impossible to know if somebody has replied to you, unless you catch it in the “Recent Comments” widget, and even then, you only see the most recent 5 posts.

        • Corbett says:

          Thanks for the feedback. I’ve changed the comment formatting so threads can now be nested 6 replies deep. Also, you can choose to receive email notifications of any replies to any of your comments. Under the Submit Comment box there is the text: “If A New Comment Is Posted: Do Not Send Email Notifications.” Click on “Do Not Send Email Notifications” and it should give you the option to receive email notifications when someone replies to you specifically or whenever someone posts a comment to that page. Hope this helps.

    • skylvguy says:

      Hi n2abstract,

      Small world indeed. It’s been with the incredible work of people like James that I too have, as you say, “woken up”.

      As to your query, I found myself working for nearly 20 years as a contractor for AFFTC Det. 3 deployed from Edwards at an “USAF operating location” north of Las Vegas. Your comment really struck home for me as I realized how far I’ve come since those days and how people out there are living not just in “The Matrix”, but seemingly within a matrix in another matrix, within yet another matrix and with no real idea as to the agenda(s) they actually serve. Stunning really.

      Good to see you here and realize someone else that may have travelled at least a somewhat parallel journey.

  81. WannabePhilosopher says:

    I’m happy to be in good company with people that I feel are my intellectual kin. After years and years of interest in politics and economics I have found that the Corbett Report is certainly my top news source. With great pride, I can say that JC’s thoughts and ideas have shaped my world view in a way that has profoundly changed my life for the better. Corbett and I may have followed a similar path to this point as I understand he had an interest in Chomsky’s thoughts as I did for quite some time. However, reluctantly I realized that he too was just another facet of the establishment as with many others that I previously respected. An individuals understanding can only increase if he or she is willing to weigh evidence without emotion or ego, therefore, having an open mind. I try my best to keep that in mind. Hope to contribute whatever I can to the conversation.

    Peaceful, non-violent revolution will always and forever be the only solution.

  82. mik says:


    I’m mik from Croatia.
    After years following James’s work I finally decided it’s time to support him and join the community and stop looking after every penny (living counter-ecomics style). Obviously not a native speaker so I will butcher English language but hopefully not too much and most of all I hope that I won’t be misunderstood to often.
    James was definitely one of them who help me to cross the line to brighter world of anarchism and also to start blogging ( The site is quite new with topics similar to this one. Translations of James’s work are also present. I’m interested in so many things I won’t mention either because the list is too long. When the debate starts I feel like pig in the mud as people say here. I’m not stranger to curse words (it’s so nice to me when Sibel gets emotional and spits some). I believe they have their time and place. It’s kind of sport here in Balkans and we could be champions. Maybe some people will find me to “red”. Take into account that I’m coming from ex-Yugoslavia and wasn’t exposed to fear mongering of “red menace”. It wasn’t bad at all would say many people of my age. Also Yu was quite different then USSR-block what I know from personal experience. So for example for me anarcho-capitalist is an oxymoron. But I’m open minded…..
    Enough. See you in commentary section.

    P.S. Agora video, Yeeee. For a long time I have been contemplating how could the Change look like. And Konkin put it down. Sounds very good(well?).

  83. Frank Id5500 says:

    Hi, glad to be here. Nice to meet you all. I’m from Texas. I currently work near Houston Texas. I’m currently on the wagon and I feel great.

  84. iserra says:

    Hello James
    I am so happy to be a subscriber to your work! I have been following it for some time and I find it so clarifying and intelligent! Easier to connect the dots of this nightmare – bad fiction movie we are living in!! I really appreciate your critical analysis of the problems! I am, thanks to you, better able to see “ the big picture “…
    I am a portuguese musicien, viola player and teacher at Lisbon Conservatory
    Thank you so much!!
    Isabel Serra

  85. rumykynd says:

    Greetings, All! I am in Knoxville, TN and highly interested in starting a meetup. If you are in E TN, please, please respond to [SNIP – No email addresses in the comments section, please. People can contact me if they want to get in touch with you. -JC] and we will get this thing going!
    Peace and many smiles,

  86. Steve Smith says:

    I had no idea that this introduction thread existed.
    I suppose its a little late to use it now.?

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