Interview 999 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/06/201511 Comments
 Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Globalized Healthcare Is Coming
Flashback: TISA, Yet Another Secret “Trade” Threat (Oct 2014)
YouTube Search: "TiSA Trade In Services"
Wikileaks: Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex
"Why Come You Don't Have A Tattoo?"

Story #2: China Forcing Citizens to Use Their Real Name On the Internet
India and Russia Back China's Call for 'New World Order'
Goldman Sachs: Building Better Global Economic BRICs

Story #3: Good News? The FCC Says Your City Can Build a Public Internet, Even If Your State Says No
FCC on Verge of Killing State Laws That Harm Municipal Broadband
Wikipedia: Tom Wheeler's Career
How Nebraska Citizens Took Control of Their Energy Grid
Coke Drops #MakeItHappy PR Stunt After Being Tricked Into Mein Kampf Tweet
Flashback: Cheerios Removes App During Fury of Anti-GMO Backlash (Dec 2012)
@BrocWest: Community Garden Journal: Week 3 & 4

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: New Allegations of Saudi Involvement in 9/11
Amy Pascal Out as Sony Studio Chief Following Virtual Flag Terrorism Event Popularly Known As 'Sony Hack'
Rupert Murdoch Gets Off Scot-Free in US Over Phone Hacking
Brian Williams Under Fire For The First Time In His Life As Iraq Attack Lie Comes Undone
James Corbett, Dan Dicks and Luke Rudkowski Invite You to Change Media University

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Previous Episode: Anti-Austerity Syriza Seizes Power In Greece

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  1. kevin.kimmich says:

    I think you’re driving toward a real shift in consciousness which is refreshing compared to others in the alt media.

    The aristocrats/oligarchs of our world operate seemingly without restrictions, with freedom, and are the real anarchists. While so many of us in the counterculture who claim to be “awake” are really just indignant about the state of the world, and just savor that indignation/disenfranchisement cocktail instead of taking an active role in the world.

    • Corbett says:

      Thank you for the feedback, Kevin. I fear that you’re correct that many of the people who consume this media are merely “savoring their indignation/disenfranchisement cocktail” as you so memorably put it. That is precisely why I am so excited to be gathering like-minded do-ers in The Corbett Report community.

  2. sandy steel says:

    Parish News Letter.

    The Church of Ampney St Always, GLOS, UK. Letter No1

    Dear friends and neighbours,

    In these cynical times I think it would help to reiterate our Lord’s 10 theses regarding why you shall vote for The UK National Party Politicians, and for their local Quislings:-

    1. The UK Elections aren’t systemically defrauded by The Mainstream National Party Politicians Cartel, aided by Civil Servants & The Media

    “to impede anybody else getting started in UK politics The MNPPC neither runs undeclared parties with undeclared policies at the local rural elections so that these electorates are unwittingly misled into signing with illiterates’ crosses a series of policy blank cheques:- nor systemically super-duper sizes the still so called ‘local urban elections’ so that these electorates don’t know the candidates, so they have to vote for national parties. All of this isn’t a local elections’ ‘bid rigging’ & ‘market sharing’ cartel fraud system, also it doesn’t protect The MNPPC politicians above, as well. So this isn’t a comprehensive UK Elections Fraud System:- and it is neither a Cartel Fraud, nor the criminal usurpation of Government, therefore High Treason.”

    2. UK Mainstream National Party Politicians aren’t systemically bribed.

    “Even when they stand as a candidate, every National Party Politician doesn’t give up both their own rights and their prospective constituents’ rights to decide policies to their party political elite, in return for that elite promoting them both at the election and then to paid public political offices, so there isn’t a UK National Party Politicians’ bribery system. So by contrast the solution isn’t that all candidates should write their own manifesto policies, and never be bribed on any policy matters, nor on any public matters:- also to do other neither is a UK Policy Bribery System, nor is it High Treason.”

    3. The UK’s Jury Trial, Common Law isn’t systemically defrauded by The Bench Justices & Party Politicians substituting their own “Civil Law.”

    “Less than 1% of cases are now allowed to go to Jury Trial Common Law Jurisdiction, which is The Law of the Land; while over 99% of cases are not being compelled via systemic malicious processes through the Bench Justices and Party Politicians’ own “Civil Law” in order to enslave the UK People. Also there aren’t now Secret Trials under “Civil Law” where defendants are neither allowed to attend, nor to present any defence, (Ed: nor have I secretly, repeatedly been subjected to this process). All of this isn’t High Treason, and it doesn’t break the Queen’s and all her Justices’ oaths to uphold The Law, meaning the Common Law, not their own “Civil Law” System.”

    4. The Global Energy Market isn’t rigged by The MNPPC, Oil Corps & Civil Law suppressing cheap, clean, indigenous energies to fleece The People.

    “The Global oil price’s recent fall by 55%, doesn’t show this market is rigged, nor that this fall’s covert intention is to bribe the UK Electors to vote for the riggers yet again. The riggers’ even more subliminal, electoral message isn’t, if you don’t, then we & our Royal Wahhabi allies may oil embargo you:- and the truth isn’t that we oughtn’t to need any foreign oil and gas, as we’ve plenty enough untapped, far cheaper, clean, indigenous energy such as: Tidal, Wave, Geothermal, Nuclear Thorium, Cold Fusion, and likely ‘Zero Point Energy’ too.”

    5. The Global Media isn’t rigged by The MNPCC, The News Corps and Civil Law having taken control of local & national papers, radio & TV.

    6. The UK Education Market isn’t rigged by The MNPPC, Ed’tn Institut-ions & Civil Law obfuscating all the curricula so supply & price fixing it.

    “From Primary to Higher Education every Public Course couldn’t have been audio-visually recorded since 1927, so then made readily avail-able via libraries, and now via the internet, also both the student and parent public customers wouldn’t then be in control, rather than the Party Politicians, Bench Justices and Institutional Teachers, which latter groups don’t supply and price fix The UK Education Market.”

    7. Global Banking isn’t rigged by:- The MNPPC, Bank Corps & Civil Law.

    “The Bankers, The MNPPC & Civil Law didn’t deregulate Banks in the 1980s/90’s in order to create the 2008 Crash:- and engineering wars also banking crashes doesn’t create the biggest debts of all, also the bankers’ business isn’t to create debts. So by contrast the solution isn’t to move to online currencies like Bitcoin where The Bankers, The MNPPC, & etc, both cannot adulterate the currency by printing more than is necessary to keep the inflation rate at 0% which is ethical for savers and borrowers, also where all transactions are transparent, so where the super-rich billionaires then have less opportunity to hide their wealth, therefore to pay little or no tax:- nor is usury unethical”.

    “The World’s eighty five richest billionaires now don’t earn as much as half of the World’s Population, and half of these billionaires aren’t UK residents, since under UK “Civil Law’s” Non Dom tax rule, it isn’t true these needn’t pay any income & capital taxes here:- also most of their wealth isn’t from “The Civil Law’s” Copyright Monopoly Racket.”

    8. The Global Medical Market isn’t rigged. Little illness is dietary or lifestyle related, so medicine neither ignores such causes, nor rather treats the chronic symptoms, with costly medicines and surgery.

    9. The UK Housing & Construction Market isn’t rigged with most build-ing not due to The MNPCC and Civil Law creating mass immigration.
    “The UK Construction Market isn’t based on price and on quantity, rather than on quality, since it isn’t largely catering for mass immigration, so the quality of life for the General Public thus isn’t reduced.”

    10. The Global Military Industrial Market isn’t rigged with attacks like 9-11, 7-7 & 11-M not being run by our secret services, & their allies.

    “Though ‘False Flag’ attacks are continually reported on by the honest Corporate Media yet they aren’t the Secret Services’ bread and butter, so who don’t contract with one another both to snoop on, and to blow up their own Peoples, as peace doesn’t make them all redundant, while war and terrorism doesn’t make them all indis-pensable. War and terrorism doesn’t make The Banking and Arms Corps more money than anything else does. In short, none of these are war promoters and war profiteers; also the euphemism for all of these and their allies ongoing Global campaign in order to terrorise, fleece and slaughter ordinary people, isn’t “The Strategy of Tension”.

    10b. The Anglican & other Ecumenical Clerics ‘show you the Way, the Truth & the Life, no-one comes to the Father except thru’ Jesus’,

    “Now you can see the truth:- that today isn’t about self-interested oligarchies who systemically fleece and or slaughter The UK and Global Publics, also that these don’t cover up each-others’ criminality, also that cynics who claim otherwise are rightly condemned by “Civil Law” secret trial. So the solution isn’t to re-establish a ready access for defendants and complainants to Jury Trial, Common Law Jurisdiction as the Law of the Land, & not just in theory, but in practice”.

    Now this parishes’ last cynic has dug a hole, and been condemned by both our Bench Justices and Party Politicians according to ‘normal legal practices’ which is to say repeatedly by a Bench Justices’ “Civil Law” Secret Trial where he couldn’t attend, or supply any defence, so he can be excluded from the elections too. So when they have a renewed popular local and national mandate, then our Bench Justices and our Party Politicians, also their local Quizzling allies, may confine such a hardened, cynical refusenik, further than just ‘to Coventry’,

    “Remember Jesus loves you shed loads – but if you don’t honour the Queen and all her Spiritual and Temporal Ministers ‘except one’, then Jesus will make sure you burn in Hell for ever:- also although Jesus is all powerful, don’t forget he always needs your money”.

    Rev Nicky True-Faith.

    ( More about The Cynic at : )

  3. While it worth celebrating that one arm of government (FCC) is thwarting another (states) when it comes to Internet services, the case of Chattanooga, Tennessee is not one to celebrate. The major player in the market, proving some of the highest speeds in the United States for citizens of Chattanooga is EPB. A minor issue is that EPB is government funded and therefore driving out non-government backed providers.

  4. NotDole says:

    Great info here. From both of you.

    But I think I miss the material James was producing from 2011 to 2013. It seems that you’re pushing your anarcho-capitalist dogma a bit too much here, making us other anarchists like me (and there is many varieties, in fact, all forms of anarchism but this one is capitalist, I’m feeling ostracized by your mere speech as an anarcho-syndicalist who views the state not as a religion, but as a means to an end (which should have no army, I wonder if you would consider Costa Rica, a country that’s basically paradise on earth (that I try to visit at least every 2 years) has no military and maybe 500 “policemen” who aren’t even called such, they’re just people making sure nobody is comitting acts that anyone except the most disgusting street bum from the US would try to get away with, if you consider a country like this wallowing in Statist religion.

    Property is theft and inherently violent. I know you’ve read some Proudhon, I suggest you read more.

    There, my first negative post, unlike this other guy who seems to post in every single video’s comment section only to duke it out with you, James. Don’t take it personally, my anarcho-communist teenager years, I look back and laugh at, anarcho-syndicalism (with a touch of anarcho-pacifism) is the only way I see humanity survive this century even (or maybe even this decade).

    Certainly not an economy based on metals that were decided by Emperors long ago to be used as currency because they are rare, do not cause chemical reactions just sitting in your pockets, aren’t radioactive and a couple other properties common to gold, silver, copper and platinum. I’d really like to know if you’ve ever watched O Canada : Our Bought And Sold Out Land where the makers of the documentary actually gets to sit with Paul Martin and he explains that making debt-free money from the Bank of Canada is a bad idea and that we have to use that german company to print our money with interest (I think there’s another company from elsewhere but I forgot where).

    I’m really getting sick of precious metals, which have a physical limit, meaning that the argument of the eugenicists make sense if you want to live in a world where only precious metals are used for currency, otherwise it’s gonna be 100% sure some people are gonna die from hunger, not something I wish on anybody. Point is, it is possible to produce paper money that is debtless, they just choose not to, in many countries.

    I have a few health issues and strangely at my last appointment (last week)the surgeon suggested going to another country to get a procedure they don’t do here, that he didn’t seem to put much faith into, I told him I didn’t find this on a non trustful site, told him it’s on wikipedia, and it is linked with a 4 sources (I got a problem that could be solved with a kind of special glue, in Canada, it’s a very painful surgery followed by 2 months to 2 years of remission, and you’ll get one hell of a painkiller habit if you do the surgery. I decided not to take it right now, told him that the solution I brought up…(he was going on about how what I read online is performed in Russia or…I dunno I cut him off) I said no it’s performed right in the US. He said, you can go to the US if you want, but you’ll pay about 5000 dollars just for this, asked how he knew that, if he wasn’t even aware of the procedure requiring no surgery….let’s say I left saying I was going to get a second opinion, in my own country. So you may be on to something, first time I’m told “go to the US if you want to”.

    • kris weston says:

      thanks for the update on your health issues, i do enjoy coming to this site so i can read them.

      • NotDole says:

        Hey, fuck you too.

        James hasn’t said we couldn’t speak of personal matters if they didn’t relate to the subject at end.

        A feeling of take a dump like you wouldn’t recongnize empathy towards your fellow human being even if you listened to and watched all of the material on here since 5 years. They aren’t kidding when they say it might sound like hippie dippy nonsense to quote J.E. Pilato, but all that matters is peace and love.

        Something you show that you have no intention in applying. Get lost, annoying gnat.

  5. NotDole says:

    Also, Saudi Arabia is in the news, even MSM news about more and more relation to 9/11.

    I’m sorry but they might have been only patsies. Everybody by now who pays attention knows it was ISRAEL, with the help of maybe France (depends on how you view Joe Vialls, he’s dead now, but his material was top notch and his reasonings, always sourced, like you two. The 15 Saudis or so accused of 911 (with their magical passports) found by crooked cops who now rot in jail, were constantly spied on by the largest spy network to ever be found in the US (by a supposed ally), often in apartments right next to their arab(I say arab as in primarily arabic speaking people, i think it was 15 saudis, 4 others from Egypt and Yemen combined or something, maybe Morocco.

    Probably the only worthwhile investigative journalism (do they even do that still on FOX News) from that channel, I’m sure most here have seen this, but if not, please do, this investigation was removed from FOX’s site, and it didn’t give you a regular oops this link is dead kind of page when it was still linked (until around 2008), it linked to an Orwellian white page saying “This story no longer exists”.

    It’s in 4 parts, I downloaded em a long time ago, because it keeps getting deleted.

    A real reason for this is probably the deal they reached with Russia and the sudden rising of gas prices to well, I liked the 93.2 a L price, but I know it was completely artificial, since Arabia and Russia met prices have jumped up from 93.2 to 106.4 at the pump here, and Peter B. Collins claimed something similar happened in California right after.

    Saudi Arabia is deciding to act on their own, it pisses off the US, especially since they talked with Russia, so there you go. Apparently, talks of how to manage ending the Syrian War and Russia keeping their naval base in Syria being part of the talks is one hell of a point of comptention(sic)for the Soetero Administration.

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