Interview 998 - Roger Ver on Being Denied a US Visa

02/01/20151 Comment

Roger Ver, the bitcoin entrepreneur and evangelist behind, joins us once again today to discuss his recent ordeal being turned down for a US visa...despite having been born in the US. We talk about the tactics the embassy staff used to deny him his visa, how and why Roger renounced his US citizenship in the first place, the tax implication of renouncing citizenship, and why nationalism and imaginary lines on the map still exist in the 21st century. We also discuss his upcoming appearance (along with James) at Anarchapulco.

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

Bitcoin, Anarchy and Freedom

Roger Ver Denied US Visa to Attend Miami Bitcoin Conference


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  1. kris weston says:

    same old stuff from the USA, if i was roger i would be moving my business out of america and employing people from other countries.

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