Interview 997 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/30/201526 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Sheriffs Want Popular Police-Tracking WAZE App Disabled
NWNW Flashback: FBI Report Exposes Police State Paranoia (Dec 2014)
Audit Shows NSA Agents Broke the Law Nearly 3000 Times from 2011 to 2012
Two Weeks After Zuckerberg Said 'Je Suis Charlie,' Facebook Begins Censoring Images of Muhammad
Canada Joins World Powers in Spying on Smartphone and Download Data
How The CIA Made Google Story #2: The Radical Leftist, Anti-Bailout Syriza Party Won in Greece’s National Elections
‘Hope Begins Today Was Their Mantra’: The Inside Story of Syriza’s Rise to Power
Greek Elections: Five Things Syriza Wants to Change
"The Barricades Are Down": Syriza Is Already Rolling Back Austerity "Reforms"
Greek PM Tsipras Pushes On With Radical Change, Markets Tumble Story #3: Fatal Peanut Allergies Could Be History
Wikipedia: Royal Children's Hospital
Fake Article Called ‘Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs’ Accepted By 17 Medical Journals
Incredible Edible Public Park Helps Feed 200,000
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  1. candideschmyles says:

    I think it will not be so easy for Tziπpiz to ignore the people of Ellada as you imagine and I seriously doubt he thinks he could get away with it. The Greeks are far more willing to take to the streets than any other western nation and do so with a passion that is uniquely their own. Being resident in the south west Peloponnessos for 6 years during the time of Papandreo and the initial years of November 17th revolutionary activity and a veteran of many Athena US embassy demos,(one of which I was beaten badly by the astanomia – broken ribs, hands and nose), I know the ‘Greek Passion’ first hand. I could easily imagine this being a pivot point, just not one that will end well for the people I would naturally support. Greece has form for a military junta and the hard right, they fill at least one of the two cafes in every village, that would get behind that are not too be ignored.

  2. Al Saleh says:

    Syriza said on multiple occasions they do not plan to leave NATO nor the EU nor the Euro. This Grexit nonsense is nothing but fear propaganda that you both believed, based your opinions on, and echoed to your audience.
    Syriza threatened to play the “Default” card, but your MSM sources that shaped your opinions about Syriza never said that.

    If you want to talk about Syriza, you should verify everything from the official source. Otherwise, The MSM will manipulate your understanding of Syriza as they manipulated your understanding of Syria.

    • mammique says:

      Syriza won’t be able to make any significant change while staying in NATO, EU and Euro. They already lost by stating that they won’t leave these institutions.

      • kris weston says:

        personally i dont think its necessary to verify anything, its simply too much to believe that they would be the first political party ever to follow through on their campaign promises. they will throw a few crumbs and thats it, same as every other party ever. you can be sure that the finance is on the winning side, whatever way these puppets choose to turn (ie by profiting from all sides) – perhaps this is the debt jubilee thing coming and thats just the start of new financial onslaught by these obscene casino people, who knows.

      • Al Saleh says:


        Here are two different things,
        1- what you think.
        2- what they said.

        They repeated in multiple occasions that Grexit is hostile propaganda against them.
        You think they can not change anything without Grexit, then we will wait and see.

      • Al Saleh says:


        I understand how you feel about politicians, I don’t feel the same, I always have the Descartesian doubt, and I am open to evaluate the results of any new “experiment” without pre-judgement.

      • kris weston says:

        @mr politician lover: you must be young. youll learn.

        absolute power corrupts absolutely. its never been any different throughout human history, but keep waiting for it to change!

      • Al Saleh says:


        Indeed, I am young and learning at 43, but my point here is not personal, and it is not about loving any politician. I have nothing to do with Syriza. I am Syrian, Not Greek. I am anarchist, not Socialist. And I don’t believe what the MSM tells about people until I verify it with the people themselves.

        James is repeating the Grexit propaganda, he even based his personal opinion on it. I hope he would follow his personal policies of verification before forming an opinion.

      • mammique says:

        It is not about what I think or what they say, but what we know for a fact being possible or not. The EU takes all important decisions, if one country wants to make a significant reform it has to get the unanimous approval of all other countries, which is impossible. The probability to have all 28 governments on the left is of 0,0000004% (in French but understandable visual animation, at 1m30s), and I’m not event talking about far-left. So they must get out of EU. No one can make efficient reforms in economy without having total control on their currency. So they must get out of Euro.

        Or they lied to the media to get elected, and they plan to get out of Euro & EU, if yes how will they face the western pressure (including military pressure, up to false flag Greek attack on Turkey soil for NATO to intervene?). Or they lied to the Greek people. Or they lied to themselves.

    • candideschmyles says:

      NoI do not take anything the MSM says at face value. But by the same logic I do not accept anyone else’s logic as having any more merit. If we are lucky we realise the truth years after the events have taken place.
      What I do know is that Tsipris, Nikos Kotzias (foreign minister), Panos Kammenos (Defence minister) and Gianni’s Dragasakis (deputy PM) all have close ties to and political sympathies with Russia and view Europe rightly as servants in a US hegemony. The talking points and sound bites of the MSM have to be managed and my guess is this new Greek administration is playing its cards close to its chest. The unknown quantity for me is finance minister Takis Varoufakis. His terms at Cambridge (UK) and U of Texas, Austin I find highly suspicious despite his apparent critical attitude toward the US dominated economic machine.
      Regardless of what Syriza achieves or fails to achieve Greeks have proven to themselves that they can put in power who they want and with policies that meet their needs. I have faith that should Syriza fail to meet the expectations of the people they will be swiftly replaced by those with the spine to do so. But it will be messy.

      • 911truther says:

        This Syriza win is indeed a big victory for democracy against the Western financial empire sometimes called the NWO. If Greece now seeks relief from the pressures put on them by the European banks by going to the BRICS nations for help, that is exactly and precisely what needs to happen. Let us hope that this movement spreads to the rest of Europe. They must repudiate their debts to the vulture banks, reject sanctions against Russia and join the BRICS financial institutions instead.

        I have heard suspicions about Varoufakis expressed in other quarters. We will keep our eyes on him, but also keep in mind that Syriza’s enemies will do everything possible to sew such suspicions.

    • kris weston says:

      well. im getting on with planning my removal from the corporate paradigm instead of bickering about nothing of consequence on the internet 😉 see ya!

  3. pmoddel says:

    James, why give opinions where it seems you have not studied the details of what your talking about. (Is this right, or am I making a mistake?) To have a fixed belief about rulers (for example, that Greeks are duped just as Americans were duped by Obama) and impose your opinion on situations that, from afar, appear similar is just not informative. It’s tedious. It’s not helpful and may do harm. I say this as an admirer of your work and that’s why I decided to mention how it appears to me. If I am wrong about this, I apologise and retract my complaint

    • It seems you are uncomfortable with dissenting views. Not everyone is enthused or easily succumbs to the mass-mindedness that only comes from politics.

      To think that any real change is going to come from a purported Soros-funded controlled opposition candidate likes Tsipras is foolhardy.

      Whether that is true, it certainly adults this whole organic movement coming out of the blue paradigmthey’re trying to sell the dupes.

      Even when one looks at the CV of Yanis Varoufakis, you can see he’s more of a product of the City of London, and a front man of the hidden oligarchs that okay global chess dialectics.

      • Pardon my typos. It’s difficult doing this on one of these “smart phones.” The paragraphs at the end are:

        Whether that is true, it certainly blurs this whole organic movement coming out of the blue paradigm they’re trying to sell the dupes.

        Even when one looks at the CV of Yanis Varoufakis, you can see he’s more of a product of the City of London, and a front man of the hidden oligarchs that play the global chess dialectics.

  4. 911truther says:

    Once again the libertarian/anarchist James Corbett displays the contempt of all his ilk for democracy. He also does not understand that there could be no better way for Greece to protect itself from the predatory Western bankers than to form economic relations with the BRICS countries. He does not understand that the BRICS are an alternative power center to the Western financial empire, and even he should realize that a multipolar world is better than a unipolar one.

    • kris weston says:

      so the 911 ‘truth’ crew dont like james anymore cos hes not sucking up to the NWO? we dont need global financial institutions. what we need is to get rid of them. guess what!? BRICS was coined by a goldman sachs employee!

      btw please dont use libertarian and anarchist interchangeably, they are totally different things. libertarians are indoctrinated with capitalist greed. they are ‘anarcho-capitalists’, which is a despicable term and contradictory to anarchist thought.

      • 911truther says:

        What “crew” is that? 9/11 truth is non-partisan, scientific truth that is independent of one’s political orientation. Unfortunately, many or most 9/11 truthers don’t necessarily understand much about political economy, and James Corbett is one of them, in my view. The BRICS are an alternate economic power center that has formed in opposition to what you call “the NWO”, the Western financial empire that has been seeking world hegemony. The unipolar world that has existed since the collapse of the Soviet Union is coming to an end. Now it is the Western economy that is collapsing. There is grave danger that the West will initiate a nuclear war rather than give up power. The Greek elections are a very positive event. If the Greeks turn to the BRICS countries for help against the predatory European banks (as Russia has already invited them to do) that is exactly what needs to happen. We need to see the rest of Europe break away from the Anglo-American empire, reject the sanctions against Russia and form closer economic relations with the BRICS.

        We must have international financial institutions because we have an international economy. The question is what kind of institutions they are. Are they looting institutions or are they institutions that invest in genuine economic development, large scale projects like the New Silk Road that create prosperity for all? The IMF, etc. are looting institutions, and that is why China and the BRICS countries have formed alternate financial institutions to develop the real economies of their countries.

      • kris weston says:

        sorry mate, not interested in what 911 ‘truthers’ (lol) have to say – they are crackpots. you will never learn the ‘truth’ (which doesnt exist) of 911 so stop wasting your time and get on with living your life and trying to change stuff for the better. see ya!

      • 911truther says:

        Well don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

      • Interesting exchange. Here’s my take.

        “911truther”: You’re analysis of the changing unipolar world order is correct if you look at things at face value. However, on a deeper level it’s merely window dressing the same globalist ideas, putting lipstick on a very ugly pig and repackaging them to the all too gullible masses who are all too eager to sign away their self determination to essentially a well connected oligarchy of different stripes who have a aesthetic quibble amongst each other of how that world order is going to be run. You also commit a fallacy in assuming that because we have an international economy that therefore we somehow need these big globalist institutions to help facilitate that when in reality localized relationships can do just fine.

        “Kris weston”: I disagree that 911 (call it truth or whatever) is unimportant. I think it’s important for several reasons because it provides both philophical, political, economic, analytical, aesthetic and technical insights into the “human condition.” That because we can never know the full truth and that therfore means we must abandon any attempt is cynical and leads to nihilism. That has often been the response of people who are resistant to these ideas. “Then how did they do? It seems all you conspiracy retards just go in circles and don’t explain how it was done. I’ll believe it when you can prove it.” Of course this is an impossible task which creates an artificial metric that which we have to reach to convince said “skeptic” of our views. This is silly and impossible because nothing and no one ever knows the full truth in a crime or any other aspect of our reality. Not even police investigators are able to fully answer every detail and every technical know-how of every murder investigation. They are all approximations. Moreover because we don’t have access to the tools at the disposal of governments and intelligence agencies, our ability to research and investigate is far more limited than the government which will never investigate itself. Ultimately, I believe that there is an objective world, and although we can only perceive it subjectively, the wisdom enhancing power of this work is in that subjective journey of trying to uncover that objective world through our god given faculties.


  5. candideschmyles says:

    Although ideologically attracted to principles of governance best espoused by the Zeitgeist Movement, ( that is seeing governance as a resource based logistical matter rather than an ideological battleground ), I realise such logic is hundreds if not thousands of years from realisation.
    The choice between bipolarity and monopoly is not so great as you paint it. A small town may have two supermarkets but the choice offered to the residents will be essentially the same from both stores. All the BRICs nations still, despite headlines that often misinform to the contrary, have entangled interests with the western bankers corporate hegemony and do most of their international trading via Wall St and London. BRICs is a flyweight and the boxer in the ring is a super heavyweight. And I see no sign this is about to change.

    • kris weston says:

      agreed. any large institution will be corrupt. thats just the way it is in our world. altho, if someone can show me one that isnt, i will eat my words happily. decentralisation not globalisation is the way forward. stick us a mars in the deep fry mate. i must admit i have a soft spot for fresco and his RBE, its a utopian vision, but i quite like it.

      • 911truther says:

        Any large institution will be corrupt? Maybe so, but I guess doctrinaire anarchists such as yourself simply cannot understand that you can’t have a modern economy without large economic institutions. If you have large economic institutions then you have to also have powerful representative political institutions to control them. If you want to get rid of all large institutions, you must favor returning to hunter-gatherer economy, maybe something like North American Indians? Sorry, but humanity has moved on.

      • kris weston says:

        if humanity has moved on, how come you exist ?

  6. candideschmyles says:

    @ 911truther, growing up a fairly ardent Crasstafarian during the late 70s amid the winter of discontent where society really did seem to be crumbling before my eyes anarchy, peace and freedom seemed like a challenge but a doable one. In the intervening years I have seen that possibility recede ever further into the distance until now where it is simply unimaginable. Thinking about it over for well over 30years and with admitted hubris I think only science can deliver the near utopian reality Crasstafarian ideals saught. It is only by the removal of ideology, and all variants of anarchy are included, from the management of human infrastructure and resources that greed and power can be removed from the equation. The scientific method applied with rigerous oversight in accordance with an unchangeable bill of rights and constitution recognising equality across all aspects of life is the only possible way forward. Humanities pressing problems and needs are all resource and logistic problems. Ideology of any kind is counter to solving them. Resource and logistical management are best served by the evidence based crucible of the scientific method.
    I was not alone in my musings and with quorum sensing evident even in human populations the Zeitgeist movement now works on the details of achieving this. Anarchy, like all ideologies, need to be consigned to history for humanity as it has now evolved to continue to prosper and take life to new worlds.

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