Interview 987 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/09/201547 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Britain Investigates Alleged VIP Pedophile Ring From ’70s and ’80s
Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry Member Warned Against Speaking Out
Jeffrey Epstein Witnesses Take the 5th
Bill Clinton Drawn Into Prince Andrew Sex Scandal
Famed Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Ensnared in Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Case

Story #2: Paris Attack On Satirical Newspaper a Textbook Terror Event
Pepe Escobar: Who Profits From Killing Charlie?
Three Prime Suspects ‘Identified After One Leaves ID Card in Abandoned Getaway Car’

Story #3: Monsanto Earnings Fall 34 Percent on Lower Corn Seed Sales
@BrocWest: My Community Garden Journal – Week 1, 2015
Media Monarchy:  Best Music Of 2014

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  1. NotDole says:

    Great episode. I visited my mom for some days and I left the day this thing happened in France. I noticed that she’s kind of waking up since she’s listening to a non politically correct radio station (not always the brightest commentary, but some of it is good, a station that is harassed by the CRTC since a decade+ for not “comforming to Canadian standards of broadcasts”, it’s pretty famous in the prov of Quebec.

    Anyway, great commentary James about this effin’ obvious Gladio B op. The thing is, we still gotta be able to explain to people who are just awakening to the fact something is deeply wrong with the world so that they aren’t lost “Neos” for decades and scrutinizing will have to be done by some people. I tried to explain to her that all this crap descends from almost a century of torment the “West” is causing in the middle east and most people there who aren’t living in a stable secular dictatorship (is there any of these anymore, I almost miss those times) are likely to take arms and do crazy stuff because they are encouraged to do crazy stuff because of generations of cultural entrapment etc. etc. most listeners here do not need me to explain more. I can understand that James would be sick of doing podcasts about horrible things too.

    One thing I’m glad is that I’ve finally had my dad (who’s always been kind of awakened but I had a bad relationship with because, like me, he has trouble dealing with what he knows, hell my grandpa on that side I’ve only seen twice because he was an alcoholic who my dad and uncles and aunts mostly avoided at all costs…nobody cried at his funeral. But as a mechanic for the Canadian Army in WW2 and later he told my dad about chemtrails and that the army was spraying silver nitrate and ammonium(?) nitrate to modify weather. My dad told me that when I was very young when I asked him what were those trails that didn’t go away that were behind those CF-18’s and he told me “it’s the army, they modify weather”.

    So I can have discussions with him and I wanted to say that I finally explained to him that it was impossible to repay Canada’s debt and any politician saying they want to reduce debt and impose cuts and austerity are doing it mostly because they are outright evil because that there is very little money printed by the Bank of Canada (which is interest-less) and that most money we have is printed by a German company charging us ridiculous interest (there’s also another private company creating it, combined they create about 95% of the money that’s released into the country). I learned all this from the documentary “Oh Canada, Our Bought And Sold Out Land”, probably the best documentary to rival James’ about the Federal Reserve, but regarding Canada (as I’m sure you’ve seen it). Too bad it’s in english, despite my ancestry escaping to the US during the Patriot revolt of 1837 (which also involved Upper Canada (Ontario then, except the English history books in school in Canada do not teach about it), wiki Upper Canada Revolt…) my dad does not understand english very well. So I told him in the best of ability and then he said it made a lot of sense because he always was asking where this national debt was coming from being so huge for our small population…At least we’re not the US…at least. (and I don’t buy into US, Canada and Mexico merging, fearmonger per excellence Alex Jones was showing those joke Ameros made by this metal artist on youtube for years until i was told it was all a joke and not a prototype). Yes, the SPP was signed by Paul Martin (who looks pretty ridiculous being caught in his circle logic explaining why it would be bad to only use debtless Bank of Canada money by a couple university students, at least he agreed to participate even if it makes him look bad, probably why he wasn’t prime minister for long…).

    Well that’s a mouthful. Happy new year to James 2!

    p.s. I am growing some vegetables after making composts for 3 years, I got my first crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and lettuce it’s a lot easier with it. I might consider going vegetarian again for ethical reasons too, which I find is something not espoused by many people here, but that’s ok, my teetotal vegan friends who wouldn’t eat cultured meat would scare the lot of you hehe.

  2. Burak says:

    what ever conspiracies u have corbett, the Prophet (pbuh) has been avenged. We as muslims, are discriminated daily and mocked for our belief while our brothers and sisters are bombed night and day, slaughtered all over the world. Whatever the narrative is, there is millions of muslims celebrating these attacks, but not our leaders because almost all of them, even the scholars are working for the west.
    And also, whatever training these guys had and from whom, does not tell u of their reason for doing this attack. Their motive is clear, they wanted to avenge the cartoons mocking our prophet, made by this man, while the government in france where protecting him under the guise of freedom of speech.
    But I do understand that the mainstream media is using this attack to control the narrative, while racist people with islamophobia get all emotional and probably what is going to happen is that the government of france (whom right now is bombing Iraq,Syria and somalia and various other places) is going to make new laws against muslims and discrimanate them even more, as well as mocking us under the guise of freedom of speech. This is our daily life.

    And lastly, I really like what u are doing Corbett, and I have full respect for the effort u put into your work, but please remember that not everything that is happening around the world is created by the west, we as muslims are in this age rising up against oppresive regimes in our lands, we as muslims are tired of our blood being spilt like nothing everywhere around the world. So my advice to you is, also think of all this that is happening from our point of view, not the point of view that the mainstream media creates, or the conspiracy point of view, we are living human beings also, and believe me, we are not stupid or ignorant about the things that take place and what plans the non-muslims have for us.

    • Corbett says:

      If by “the Prophet (pbuh) has been avenged” you mean people should be killed for free speech, then you are on the wrong website and I can’t imagine how you could possibly like what I am doing. I don’t care what your (or anyone’s) religious beliefs may be, but if they involve killing people over cartoons I cannot disagree any more strongly.

      • Burak says:

        every action has a consequence, the cartoons insult 1.4 billion muslims and their faith. The prophet is more beloved to us than our kids and parents, but yeah, for non-muslims, freedom of speech is more important. And dont say cartoons like its totally innocent, we have seen these kind of cartoons way too often mocking our religion and politicians and journalists alike use freedom of speech as an excuse to mock us, and the consequences have now been seen. This is not about freedom of speech, its about respect to others religions. Unfortunately, U dont seem to understand things from our point of view and all the bullshit we experience daily.

      • Burak says:

        as i stated in the last reply, every action has a consequence, and my oppinion is not really important here, we as muslims obey God and the laws in Islam, and according to muslim law, a person insulting ANY prophet of God, whether it be Jesus peace be upon him, or moses, is punishable by death. I hope that answer is enough

      • Burak says:

        no it isnt, your website is about the truth, its not about insulting other peoples beliefs and mocking them and what they hold dear. If it comes to that one day, tell me and i’ll unsubscribe. If I was against freedom of speech in that sense (exposing the truth), i wouldnt pay for it. Dont fall down to the level of those stupid people screaming freedom of speech to insult our religion for their own gains, i know u are better than that.

        • Corbett says:

          As I said before, I don’t care what religion you or anyone else belongs to. But no, I cannot and will not stand by anyone who advocates the killing of people who are using speech, even if that speech is “stupid” or “insulting.”

      • Burak says:

        understand this, i am only commenting to make you understand the reality from our point of view, understand, not embrace,not advocate. everyone is free to have a different oppinion, but there is a consequence for a man making a living out of mocking our/every religion.

        And lastly, give me an honest answer, do you support idiots who use the excuse of freedom of speech to INSULT other religions? are u supporting those who create rifts in different societies and promoting hate, and provoke these kind of actions? plain and simple answer please

        • Corbett says:

          I support the principle of free speech, including the right to insult other people’s beliefs or hurt other people’s feelings or tell lies or many other things that I do not necessarily advocate doing.

      • Burak says:

        “…..many other things that I do not necessarily advocate doing.” what? u dont advocate it, but u support it?

        just give me a yes or no answer, do you support those idiots using freedom of speech to insult, and only insult? im not talking about freedom of speech in the way that you do your work, for that i have respect for, because freedom of speech was not at all intented to insult, it was intented to use speech against oppresive governments. There is laws all over the world against insulting other minorities/ethnic groups etc. dont confuse freedom of speech with the freedom to insult. And again, a simple yes or no answer will do

      • Burak says:

        dodging a direct question eh, thats sneaky, and very western-journalist like, totally opposite of what you preach on this site and what I understood u stood for. Seems u have no interest in broadining your audience, cuz yeah, who needs any muslims point of view right? things are not black and white like you put it, just by saying u dont support freedom to insult does not mean u support killing people who practise that.

        Anyway, i’ll unsubscribe now, and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the informative videos etc u have put up. Thanks for all the knowledge Corbett, and keep up the good work.

        • Corbett says:

          I dodge nothing. Freedom of speech is not “intended” for anything. It simply is or is not. One does not support people “using” freedom of speech for anything at all, one supports the principle. Please tell me you at least have heard Voltaire’s phrase “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

          If anyone dodged anything, it’s you. My question: “should people die for creating cartoons.” Your answer: “as i stated in the last reply, every action has a consequence, and my oppinion is not really important here, we as muslims obey God and the laws in Islam, and according to muslim law, a person insulting ANY prophet of God, whether it be Jesus peace be upon him, or moses, is punishable by death.” Now you try to say that “just by saying u dont support freedom to insult does not mean u support killing people who practise that.” I never said it did, I asked you whether you in fact supported killing people who practise that, and you dodged the question.

      • Perhaps Mr. Burak did not get the memo: sticks and stones will break my bones but words (and toons) will never hurt me.

    • kris weston says:

      christopher hitchens vs burak, what a great debate that would have been :/

    • NotDole says:

      There is a lot of Lebanese, Egyptians and Syrians (mostly Syrian christians but I think you would not differentiate their struggle over there) in the province of Quebec in Canada, a lot of them speak french in advance so it helps their integration. All we ask is that you follow the rules of the places that you move to, and there’s an exagerated thing in the media about you guys doing this here, but really, the large Jewish community in Montreal live here since 200 years and they lobby the government to have illegal per our government schools and do not follow traffic laws on saturday morning when going to the synagogue. They will also not move out of the way on the sidewalk because they won’t make place for the gentile(s) coming the other side, I had many occasions where I was shoved and cursed at in yiddish, I replied the last couple times, I live near the Jewish neighborhoods, they make up the majority of 2 central areas of Montreal…while brown people live anywhere (I’m including Mexicans and latin americans with you guys because like George Carlin used to say, it doesn’t matter, Iraqi or El Salvadorians, we just love to kill brown people”), turn that into discriminate and that’s the case in the US for sure. Obama, nevermind what he did, in his first election, I looked at the few states that voted massively for McCain then and I laughed when Kentucky voted the most for McCain, quickly followed by Tennessee. If you get insulted by southern US people, just call em up on what they are, inbred like a Noble family.

  3. Burak says:

    I also want to point out that I also find it weird that the suspects where covering their faces, but “forgot” their id’s in the runaway car. either the mainstream media is lying (highly probable) or the conspiracies are true. What im trying to say is that the facts, are not always true, mainly because most reports come from the mainstream media, and they are not trustworthy so I would not start creating conspiracy theories. And I can assure u, that if the suspects get caught, they will probably be killed by the police, and that is already justified by the media because they said over and over that they are armed and dangerous. so right now, the mainstream media is controlling the narrative, but that does not mean they control the suspects.

  4. Debra says:

    Interesting source regarding several recent questionable events.

  5. bladtheimpailer says:

    Gentlemen, meaning the two James doing the NWNW, another thought provoking report. The attack in France, by whoever for whatever reason is a true waste of life, unfortunately echoed in many places everyday on this globe. Also, Hebdo it seems took delight in being provocative in portraying certain religious figures and icons in what some religious followers might and do find insulting. The question of whether or not those insulted have a true moral right to their indignation is for philosophers to ponder. What is known is that Hebdo staff were aware of how their cartoons were being perceived and dared the insulted to take them up on it. Within any group of 1.6 billion religious followers you have to figure there are a few who will react violently to such a dare- provocation whether entitled to or not. The staff at Hebdo acted somewhat irresponsibly and they courted the resulting carnage and the terrible waste of life. I agree no one should ever be killed for their speech no matter how disgusting. However, in this case Hebdo’s staff played a very foolish game with unknown persons who may not share Hebdo’s passion for free speech and reaped a deadly result. Whether Hebdo was a self chosen target of independently acting persons or the attackers were put up to it does not change the unfortunate nature of these killings. Idealistically Hebdo should not have been attacked, but pragmatically they were a very foolish group.

  6. bladtheimpailer says:

    addendum: This does not mean that commentary need be guarded in opinion but that rubbing people’s noses in what they might take as inflammatory rhetoric-drawings and then daring them to act is what I would call rather stupid and asking for it even if the reaction to the taunting is wrong.

    • Well then, we should probably shut up right now, and James should shut down his website, because everything we say is offending someone, somewhere in the world.

      • Indeed, if we are not in the business to challenge and offend the sensitivities and dogmas among the profane, then how do we advance as humans? Not that I much care for Charlie Hebdo, but whether these cartoonists provoked people of a certain religious order, no matter how intellectually mighty or tacky, the marketplace of ideas determines whether this recedes into obscurity or occupies a space in the discourse. To hold otherwise leads to regressive and despotic intellectual regimes which are not conducive to the advancement of human civilization, knowledge and wisdom.

        What I question is why there are laws in France that criminalize certain speech (Gayssot Act), and why the blatant provocative tacky speech of False Flag Charlie is freely allowed to fester? I know one can argue about the degrees of speech and its intended subjects, but speech is speech, is it not? If you are going to have anti-intellectualism in once instance, then it should apply in all instances. But if you permit freedom in one, then you must do so also in the other. Behold the ill-logic and contradiction of the state and the parasites that wield its trough.

      • nosoapradio says:

        You answered your own question Algorithm; Dieudo is censored yet “nous somme tous Charlie”.

        This is not an issue of free speech but pure political manipulation.

        Free speech problems take care of themselves: generally tact, restraint economic and more often self-censorship along with political laws in the form of the Gayssot law or Patriot act supposedly passed to protect people close the case.

        Neither muslims nor any other human being devoid of a political agenda kill other people for excessive demonstrations of insulting “free speech”.
        Terrorists do. And terrorists are generally manipulated for more obscure agendas.

        Passion crimes are instantaneous and unplanned.

        This is not a free speech issue.

        P.S.: We never speak about the Gayssot law in France and so it is never juxtaposed with Charlie Hebdo blasphemy revealing the blatant hypocrisy in Free speech values. And even if people were to recognize this hypocrisy, paradoxically, for the majority of the French, Laïcité (and the official version of history) is Sacred. Not prophets or God.

    • NotDole says:

      Yeah, well. Tell Ernst Zundl that. In Canada, if you write a book about how not exactly 6 million Jews died in ww2 you can and will be taken to the courts and be put in prison for 10 to 20 years.

      That’s good reason enough to use a vpn when Canadian to me.

  7. nosoapradio says:

    Well, contrary to you Burak all the muslims I’ve spoken to have insisted on the utterly peaceful message of the Quran and do not believe in killing people for “insulting the prophet”.

    Terrorists are terrorists and muslims are muslims. Totally different. Terrorists have a political objective that includes renouncing the fundamental principals of the teachings they claim to avenge.

    Rather like the difference between Jews and Zionists. And like all of the other religions whose extremists instrumentalize their religions preaching love, tolerance and interfaith solidarity into a murderous and malleable political tool.

    And though one might easily imagine that a percentage of muslims so obviously and immensely wronged by the imperialistic forces of the west and Israel would be driven by a flaming rage to avenge their lost loved ones, lost freedoms, lost livelihoods, would seek to retaliate in the face of the rape and destruction and misrepresentation, on the contrary, the vast majority don’t. They try to pick up the pieces, adapt and “make the best” of a terrible situation;

    while a vast minority of lost young men pumped up with testosterone are financed, trained and stoked up with even more hate, rage and confusion to be instrumentalized by those with a political, imperialist agenda. Ironically, tragically, cynically in the interests of the very same forces this minority claims to be fighting.

    But if this indignant hate were really so powerful and pervasive the Palestinians would’ve wreaked a lot more havoc than the token rockets and stones occasionally launched to very little avail. But those mothers who’ve lost children to bombs, gunfire and white phosperous are not transporting bombs into the hospitals, shops, schools or streets where their oppressor or oppressor’s children might be found. Because the vast majority of people are utterly repulsed by violence.

    So I have difficulty believing that millions of muslims are celebrating these attacks because the muslims I meet every day are the kindest, humblest, most sincerely devout, discerning, respectful and life-loving people I’ve ever met and all that in the face of daily racist adversity.

    Oh and they don’t all wear a veil.

    • candideschmyles says:

      That was very well said and I agree with almost all of it. Indeed it is surprising that the Muslim masses have singularly failed to rise up against this supposed usurpation of their faith. You might expect to see such a large mass of people so maligned and misrepresented to spontaneously erupt in an unequivocal rejection of such labels. So why this apathy in the face of such devastation to their home nations and butchery of their loved ones? Why this total and paralysing submission?
      Because submission is the purpose of Islam perhaps? The message of submission instilled in developing children that stays with them till the grave. So while I do agree with you I see nothing good about it. It is a part of the problem and will forever breed young disaffected men and women ready for conversion to extremes.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Could be, candideschmyles.

        Indeed, amongst the countless links I’ve looked at in the last 48 hours I believe I saw that the very etymological root of the word Islam is “submission”…

        Though I’m not absolutely sure and of course I can’t say whether it’s true or not – I’m hopelessly ignorant of religion and of religious doctrine. Along with a lot of other things for that matter.

        And I fear I won’t be reading the bible or the Quran any time soon. Are there Cliff notes?

        But I will be googling “wahhabi death cult”…

      • nosoapradio says:

        Come to think of it we in the “west” are fairly well indoctrined to be submissive to a suit and tie.

  8. bladtheimpailer says:

    I am not Charlie.

  9. Jason says:

    ‘Tour de France’ Kraftwerk album sleeve… well that was a sneaky little hint to current affairs if i ever did see one! 🙂 Nice one Mr.Pilato!

    • Simon says:

      Good spot! not noticed the albums much before, I only really tune to see each week what Mr.Pilato facial hair will be, the ‘Bitcoin Bypass, Biden Truth, Anarchapulco 10/12/2014’ show being a favourite.
      Nice to see Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’ in the background on ‘GMO Fight, Tesco Tizzy, Royal Troll 11/01/2014’.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Very intersting this sacco guy, Myers. But, he too seems to be promoting the idea that “muslims can’t just laugh off an image”. I understand he’s implying that Muslims themselves have been mercilessly taunted and terrorized and that “there’s something deeply wrong with us and not them in fact (whoever “us is…) but he is still implying that this really was about islamic terrorists avenging the prophet and that Muslims are potentially dangerous.

      I can’t go along with that but thanks for this funny, audacious, informative and otherwise insightful cartoon.

      Then again, maybe there’s maybe more to the Maurice Sinet comment than I saw at first glance… and the “cut to the bone, but whose and why”…

      I’ll give it some more thought; thanks again.

      • Myers says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I will not accept the mainstream narrative of darn near anything until it’s shown to be validated beyond reasonable doubt. I put that link up to Sacco because he makes a good point (made more strongly by Greenwald at The Intercept)-that is that even if we do engage with the meme of ‘free speech versus Islamic extremism’ (which flew around whilst the first gunsmoke was still in the air), and look at it any deeper than the shallowest of levels, it quickly falls apart. Free speech for whom? Free speech to say what exactly?

        Considered in this way, there could be / should be common ground between the subscribers to Corbett who have bothered to read their history and the naive liberals who only get their worldview from such places as the Guardian.
        The denouncement of violence is not to be equated with some superficial cheering of ‘Western Free Speech’ (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean), especially when we do not know who the shooters really were or their true roles in this tragedy.

  10. kris weston says:

    i couldnt agree more about setting our own agenda, the next stage after figuring out whats going on in the world is the complete disconnection from food giants / pharmaceutical drugs / corporate rule. i personally am looking forward to growing my veggies this year and limiting the amount i have to rely on supermarkets with a view to disconnecting entirely. unfortunately i dont own my own land or house or anything, but i will do what i can with what i have. best to you all.

  11. joan.redmond says:

    Gearóid Ó Colmáin managed to mention Gladio B on RT International when he was talking about the French Terror crisis.
    The reporter tried to shut him down but he persevered.

  12. mammique says:

    I understand that we shouldn’t follow the MSM agenda, but I can tell that the job alternative-alternative medias are doing in France to debunk this event is very fruitful, many people starts to wake up and understand. I agree we shouldn’t focus only on this, but it would also be a waste not to do as it’s grows the irate minority to irate average 🙂 There must be balance – or a transition – between following or leading the agenda of topics being up in front, we can’t switch instantly without leaving people behind, the chain has to be complete.

  13. hoppers says:

    Oh dear, some very big ‘Own Goals’ being scored by people who should know better in the frenzy to debunk aspects of Paris.

    • Simon says:

      These post by veteranstoday at best are idiotic and at worse…

      Any for my own sanity I tracked down what I believe to be the getaway route up to the point the police officer on the floor was shoot.

      Charlie Hebdo office, Rue Nicolas Appert turn right onto
      Allée verte turn right onto
      Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, down to about number 9, cross to double back on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir
      Just before Boulevard Richard-Lenoir junction with Rue Moufle, that’s about where the incident with the shooting of the officer on the floor took place. The same place the car has what appears to be white wing mirrors.,2.372534,3a,75y,305.43h,67.4t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1staYqpp5WLnTu7JeIIBsYPA!2e0

      This matches the roadside parking, the PAYANT written on the road. The park type area behind and the walkway into it, the bench, that what looks like a parking pay meter, the sign, and the larger green road side furniture possible a telecoms box.

      Most of the items mentioned above can be seen in this sky news piece. Warning it still does show the officer on the floor, it is blurred but sky do give it a ‘warning: video contains graphic images’ warning.

      oh and the white looking wing mirrors that look black from the ground level picutres when the Citroën is recovered, look whiter from above when photographed from above where it was abandoned.

      Really I was trying not to look at this one, but the veteranstoday youtube link is insane in what it is suggesting.

  14. nosoapradio says:

    Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, January 11, 2015
    Region: Europe
    Theme: Media Disinformation, Police State & Civil Rights
    24 8 1 58
    Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, Number 2 Police Officer of the Regional Service of France’s Judicial Police (JP) (Haute-Vienne), “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the police station.”

    Commissioner Helric Fredou was part of the police investigation into the Charlie Hebdo terror attack.

    The Kourachi brothers spent their high-school years in the department of Haute Vienne. No doubt this was the object of his investigation. Yet the police and media reports state that he was involved in a meeting with the family of one of the Charlie Hebdo victims.

    On Wednesday, as part of the Charlie Hebdo investigation, he dispatched a team of police officials under his jurisdiction. He is reported to have waited for the return of his team for a debriefing. Immediately following the police debriefing, he was involved in preparing his police report.

    According to media reports, he committed suicide at around 1am on Thursday, within hours of the police debriefing. He used his own police weapon, a SIG-Sauer to “shoot himself in the head”.

    At the time of his death, police claim to have not known the reason for his alleged suicide. This was reflected in their official statements to the media: “It is unknown at this time the reasons for his actions”. However, a back story appears to have been inserted simultaneously, most likely from the very same police media liaisons, who then told the press that Fredou was ‘depressed and overworked’. For any law enforcement officer in France, it would seem rather odd that anyone would want to miss the biggest single terror event the century, or history in the making, as it were. (21st Century Wire,)

    ”An autopsy was performed at the University Hospital of Limoges, “confirming the suicide”

    There has been a total news blackout.

    The French media decided or was instructed not to cover the incident. Not news worthy?

    The Western media including all major news services (AP, AFP, Reuters, Deutsche Welle, etc) have not covered the issue.

    One isolated report in Le Parisien presents the act of suicide as being totally unrelated to the Charlie Hebdo investigation.

    Police reports state that his suicide was totally unexpected.

    While described as being depressive and suffering from a burnout, police reports state that his suicide was totally unexpected.

    Did he commit suicide? Was he incited to commit suicide?

    Or was he executed on orders of France’s judicial police?

    Has his report been released?

    “Freedom of Expression” in journalism? These are issues for France’s journalists to address. It’s called investigative reporting. Or is outright media censorship?

  15. Cu Chulainn says:

    Burak looks like a troll sent to discredit this website

    as for James saying he is no longer interested in the details of what “we all know” to be a phony operation, there he seems to renounce his most valuable contributions, which have been to meticulously document what can be known about contemporary events

    the fact is most people around us are in the grip of false narratives, and in a world where live with our neighbors maybe the most charitable thing we can do is to get our facts straight, and help others do the same

    • NotDole says:

      Yeah, It’s a conundrum, James will let you speak your mind, whatever you want to say, if you help him live and work, but then some people who don’t mind paying money to troll (especially if the kind revealed in the Snowden leaks and others, where governments will troll the internet to discredit valid viewpoints going against their narratives..except normally they don’t pay a dime. The fact they will go as far as pay to troll is telling.

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