Interview 964 - Financial Survival: Reality, Perception and Government Lies

11/03/20141 Comment

Is reality independent of perception, or is perception reality? If perceptions shape our experience of the world, can government and corporations create a false reality for us with their lies? And how does this all relate to unemployment statistics, Sigmund Freud's nephew, and Plato's cave? Join James and Alfred for this philosophical edition of Financial Survival.

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  1. Stephen Amsden says:

    Perception is at fault only to the extent that it is comprised by a “reality” that we are taught, and re-inforced by what we are told. Through clever manipulation of the dialect, ommission of the facts, and suppression of the truth during this process, this “reality” we percieve is carefully crafted to suit the purposes of it’s creators. By means of sophistry they perpetuate the myth, and by necessity must continue to endlessly manfuacture the lies. Part of the solution to this is to gain control of the dialogue. When we seize back control of the dialectic, we are in a position to act according to our own will, and are then free to create a new perception of evidenced-based reality grounded in reason, in facts, and ultimately, the truth. Perception is reality, but it is our responsibility to ensure our perception is based upon the truthful nature of things. Control of this Dialogue will ultimately enable us capable of shedding this mantle of deception we currently accept as “reality.”

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