Interview 922 – Gary Kohls Confronts the Hiroshima Myth

08/04/20141 Comment

Today we are joined by Gary Kohls, MD–a retired physician and regular contributor to the Duluth Reader–to discuss his recent column, “The Hiroshima Myth and the Glorification of American Militarism.” We expose the myths surrounding the supposed necessity of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII and outline the real reasons that the nuclear annihilation of these cities took place.

The Hiroshima Myth and the Glorification of American Militarism

The Hiroshima Lie (Stimson and McBundy write the official myth)

“Fog of War” firebombing sequence

Hiroshima Hoax: Japan’s ‘Wllingness to Surrender Before the Bomb’

Interview with a Hiroshima Survivor (part 1)

Interview with a Hiroshima Survivor (part 2)


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  1. badger says:

    Another excellent and detailed video that explains why the two bombings were totally unnecessary is “Oliver Stones untold History of the United.States” – Season 1, episode 3, “The Bomb”. Very distressing to watch. You can watch it here:

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