Interview 921 - Finance and Liberty: The Federal Reserve is the Root of the Problem

08/02/20142 Comments

James Corbett joins Elijah Johnson of to discuss his new feature-length documentary, "Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve." They talk about why it is important to examine the origins and operations of The Fed and what people can do to detach themselves from the bankers' debt chains.

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  1. ursushan says:

    James, Blown away by the documentary, Century of Enslavement… I started it a number of times and fell asleep, but today I drank coffee and once I got past the history, past about the first 30 minutes, I was riveted, i.e., Part 2, The Scam, and Part 3, What to Do About It. What grabbed me though finally is that I have been incensed (that’s the word!) by the NW Order people who have in their scrambled brains the idea to take over the world. What a good many people fail to realize is that the destruction of the U.S.A. is an integral part of this plan. It’s very clear, as G. Edward Griffin states here, that Rockefeller & Co. have made considerable headway in forging their satanic plan. Now that this documentary has made absolutely clear that the bankers who are funding the wars that are destroying us are just printing out the dollars in their private Federal Reserve Bank (underwritten with debased tax dollars), well, it’s clear this is another very serious crusade we must mount. Am thinking that for me the best way to do it would be to insert the link ( in future comments. Mine are almost always fulminations against the constant war-mongering and the NWO plan. Do you think we could enlist Russia’s help (or maybe China’s?). I’m half serious because our foreign policy experts have been so crude, especially with respect to Putin, that they have already encouraged him to express his personal opinion on 9/11. Kudos! You’ve done another stupendous job here (akin to 9/11 Conspiracy Theory). I’ll try to give it press in every future comment I make. P.S.: The sampling of other possible monetary systems, and how they might work was great! Hope you will have a podcast soon on people in places of power who might be receptive to Ending the Fed, other than Ron Paul, of course. Bernie Sanders? Elizabeth Warren?

  2. ursushan says:

    Bernanke lied: They did it again in 2008 — We’ve been in a serious depression since, even if they don’t call it that. When you survey the landscape today, I find it hard not to see the NWO implementation of its plan to turn the U.S. into just one more third world country. They’re trying to get rid of us. People need to get wise to what’s happening and what our long term prognosis is, if we allow them to continue on as they have for the last 100 years. I also noticed the repeated false flag financial events that were used to help these banksters consolidate their power. You almost wonder if false flag is one of exactly two tricks (what’s the other one?) these people have in their playbook. Rockefeller supposedly did a similar trick in the 1970s when suddenly there was no more gasoline at the pumps. These people who can print money at will are manipulating us all over the place, in every aspect of our lives. We have to get smart, be brave, remove their bank. And maybe follow Mao’s plan: Send them to the country for re-education… that is, if we want to be nice…

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