Interview 918 - James Corbett and Ry Dawson Deconstruct "Ahonomics"

07/31/20141 Comment

James joins Ry Dawson on The ANCReport to discuss the Japanese government under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and its systematic attempts to turn back the clock to Japan's imperialist, militaristic past. We discuss the attempts to undermine the "peace clause" in the Japanese constitution, the abject failure of Abenomics for the average worker, the fostering of xenophobic and sexist tendencies under the Abe administration, and more.


Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution

The American occupation of Japan: the origins of the Cold War in Asia

Parliament's A Riot

Japanese Real Wages Tumble Most Since Lehman

Japanese Industrial Production Collapses At Fastest Rate Since 2011 Tsunami

Japan jobless rate rises; consumer spending falls

Exclusively in the new print issue of CounterPunch

Soros Created ‘Abenomics’ To Suicide Japan’s Economy

Is George Soros Trying to Spark a Japan Rally?

Soros shuns Abenomics with stock sales

Female Politician Driven To Tears After Being Mocked In Diet

Scholar quits NHK over nuclear power hush-up

NHK chief tells board ‘comfort women’ remarks no big deal

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