Interview 917 - Truth Over Comfort: The Truth About American Eugenics

07/14/20145 Comments

James Corbett joins Carlos Morales on the Truth Over Comfort podcast to discuss the history and development of eugenics. From its ideological origins in the 19th century British gentry to its adoption and application in the United States in the sterilization laws of the 20th century, we discuss the past, present and future of the eugenics-obsessed elite.

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  1. millerpatrick13 says:

    Great vid….you should do more on this topic!! (federal reserve is top of the list i guess)

  2. timstick1 says:


    In response to your interview with Carlos Morales in interview 917, I am interested to know your understanding of the relationship between the eugenics agenda, multiculturalism, and Frankfurt school initiated identity politics as understood by Gilad Atzmon. In other words, how did an attempt to reduce the non-white population develop into a defense of that population and their eventual protection by the ideology of “political correctness”? Are the two agendas, destruction and protection of non-whites, in any way related, or are we dealing with two completely separate ideologies?

    Kind Regards


  3. Richard-Fitzwell says:

    Nikola Tesla interview from 1935, Liberty Magazine, discusses Eugenics:


  4. smalpatatas says:

    We could spend a lot of time on just this report. James has produced a rich body of material such that he might address only the current propagandistic barrage – MH17 – perhaps citing previous work to enrich the current conversation. I’m sure there’s a broad body of membership that can assist in mutual enlightenment.
    What is hard to do is execute some proposed solution since we are all separate individuals globally distributed. Perhaps that is a subject to discuss – what can we do about some outrage? Is it enough that we are empowered by knowledge to accept the responsibility to ‘spread the word’?

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