Interview 857 - James Corbett on Japan's Demographic Crisis

04/10/20140 Comments

James Corbett joins Melody Cedarstrom and Alfred Adask on the Financial Survival radio show to discuss the economic issues facing and shaping Japan, from demographic winter to debt crisis to Abenomics. We also talk about the Fukushima disaster, the Chinese-Japanese tensions over disputed islands, the "New Cold War" between Russia and NATO, and the price of gold.


Japan's population falls 'by record 244,000' in 2013

Japan's demography - The incredible shrinking country

Adult diapers will soon outsell baby nappies in Japan

But the Progressives Told Us Abenomics Would Be Great for Japan

Top Nuclear Experts: Technology Doesn’t Yet Exist to Clean Up Fukushima

Critique of Yablokov's Chernobyl book

The CIA’s 1971 Secret Report On The Senkaku Islands Dispute

Obama Prepares to Wage Offensive, First-strike Strategic Nuclear Warfare against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria

Anders Fogh Rasmussen appeals for more funds for NATO's war machine

Ukraine's acting PM vows to comply with IMF conditions

Ukraine Welcomes IMF Austerity Regime

More IMF research confirms austerity increases inequality

IMF cautions Australia against austerity policies

HFT manipulation of gold and silver prices

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