Interview 830 - William Engdahl Exposes the Western Agenda in Ukraine

02/27/20140 Comments

In this wide-ranging interview, author and geopolitical analyst William Engdahl of breaks down the history and context of the geopolitical machinations in Ukraine. We talk about the US/NATO encirclement of Russia and the evidence of western intervention in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. We also discuss the breakdown of the Saudi-US relationship and the destabilization of the Middle East, as well as China's increasing geopolitical influence around the globe.


US, EU meddling in Ukraine battle

"F**k The EU" - US State Department Blasts Europe; Revealed As Alleged Mastermind Behind Ukraine Unrest

What You Should Know About the Ukraine-Style Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela

US missile shield: ‘Russian Bear sleeping with one eye open’

Saudi Arabia - 9/11 Connection With Senator Bob Graham

9/11 Families 'Ecstatic' They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Rejects U.N. Security Council Seat in Protest Move

China is Now the World’s Largest Importer of Oil—What Next?

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