Interview 782 - James Corbett on The Higherside Chats

12/04/20131 Comment

James Corbett joins Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats to discuss Japanese society, Fukushima, the global balance of power, open source journalism, and much more.

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  1. bobdole_1 says:

    Nuclear industry would be needed for the medicinal isotopes needed for all kinds of scanning devices.

    As for energy, see James’ interview with the Thorium Nuclear Power Plants advocate (I forget his name, it’s in the list of interviews), as a chemistry technician, I say in a perfect world, all nuclear power plants would be scrapped and replaced with Thorium Nuke Plants. Thorium is also impossible to use to make weapons and is barely dangerous by itself, you could have a pound in your pockets and it wouldn’t be a problem. And thorium plants would use all that unused energy from the barrels of nuclear crap they bury inside the earth which eventually crack and leak and could in theory get into groundwater in some areas…that’d be really terrible if it did.

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