Interview 582 - Tom Secker on Operation Gladio

01/18/20136 Comments

23 years after it was first revealed to the public in the Italian Parliament, few are today aware of the history of Operation Gladio, the stay-behind operation that was seeded by intelligence agencies in Western Europe at the end of WWII and which was responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and outrages in the ensuing decades. Fewer still are aware of the details of this program, where it originated, who was behind it, and what it teaches us about the nature of such operations. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we talk with Tom Secker of about this much-neglected piece of false flag history.

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  1. smw26 says:

    i know it’s an older show, but i thought listening to this was a good primer for beginning the gladio b quatrology

    i find that the esteemed sibel edmonds is difficult to digest for a newcomer

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