Interview 361 - Peter Dale Scott

07/18/20111 Comment

Renowned scholar and researcher Peter Dale Scott, author of such books as Oil, Drugs and War and American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan joins us to discuss the latest developments in Afghanistan and the real importance of the drug trade in that region.

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  1. junior.ii says:

    Professor Scotts pronouncement on us withdrall, amongst the cultural and ethnic facts on his reporting, are something to take a view and a decision on in respect of the future of fiat money (digital currency) lenders and their oligopily of the drug trade and the extended independent (lawless) interconected intelligence agency in the reigon in 2021….not very supprised the cia wont be leaving the reigon however they lie to the public. Digital currency is a real problem for them.

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