Interview 199 - Lt. Eric Shine

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Lieutenant Eric Shine, a US Merchant Marine Kings Point graduate and an expert on the history of the Merchant Marines joins us to blow the whistle on implementation of martial law through a militarized Coast Guard. We discuss the conversion of the Coast Guard from a civil into a military agency and how they are actually conducting military tribunals of civilians in a clear violation of posse comitatus. Please see the documentation list for today's episode to links to supporting documents.

Documentation - Martial Law 911
Time Reference: 00:00
Description: One of the two websites of Lt. Shine.
Link To:
Documentation - Crossing the Rubicon
Time Reference: 00:01
Description: The other, more recent, home page of Lt. Shine.
Link To:
Documentation - Naval Officer Lt. Eric Shine Blows Whistle on use of Military Tribunals over U.S. Civilians by U.S. Coast Guard
Time Reference: 00:02
Description: Overview article about Lt. Shine.
Link To: Magic City News
Documentation - Room 5150
Time Reference: 00:03
Description: Article about the psychological assessment aspects of Lt. Shine's tribunal.
Link To:
Documentation - The Coast Guard: A branch of the military that is not subject to Posse Comitatus
Time Reference: 00:04
Description: Overview article about the issues raised by Lt. Shine.
Link To:
Documentation - Military Law – No Longer Just for the Military: Article 32 Redefined
Time Reference: 00:05
Description: Overview article by Lt. Shine.
Link To:
Documentation - Who is Lt. Eric Shine, and why should we care?
Time Reference: 00:06
Description: Article about Lt. Shine's case
Link To: PPJ Gazette
Documentation - Articles about martial law
Time Reference: 00:07
Description: Collected by Freedom's Phoenix
Link To: Freedom's Phoenix
Documentation - Testimony of Lt. Eric Shine
Time Reference: 00:08
Description: Video in which Lt Eric Shine gives testimony on USMM USCG USMI and what is really going on out there.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Final Appeal Decision regarding Lt. Shine's case.
Time Reference: 00:09
Description: Footnotes demonstrate that the tribunal-mandated psychological evaluation could not be conducted with an attorney or videographer present.
Link To:
Documentation - US Coast Guard Home Port page
Time Reference: 00:10
Description: Includes links to documentation of Lt. Shine's tribunal.
Link To: USCG Homeport

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