Interview 1736 - James Corbett on Media, Truth and Power

07/27/202212 Comments

James talks to Alison Morrow about his new documentary series, The Media Matrix. They discuss the history of the mass media, its effects on the population, how media power translates to political power, the printing press' role in the creation of the nation-state and the electronic media's role in the creation of globalization, where media technology is heading and how people can defend themselves against the dehumanization influence of electronic media.


Alison Morrow support page (

The Media Matrix

Mass Media: A History (online course)

Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan

Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard


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  1. A57 says:

    Hi James, This is fascinating to me mainly because I’ve heard of morse code but I never knew to story of morse code before now. That being just a sample of all i’m being taught and how it now makes sense what is going on or at least where it came from. Honestly this mini series of your pulled me back to reality and made me not as afraid as I was because for a while I thought I was going insane with all that was going on and I had no clue where it all came from. I’m just now using a cell phone and a lap top. Before everyone was doing all my banking etc. for me but I knew I was going to have to learn and I am so glad I found you on my way. Thank you and I so look forward to part 3.

  2. clr says:

    Here in Central New York State, it looks like it’s Cyber Polygon. Occasionally, power lines are down, other times, communications are down — it may depend on which service ya got, but it may be a problem with either Elon Musk’s or Bill Gates’ (wrong! they ain’t doin’ jack sh-t!) satellites! Talk about “incompetency!”

  3. colosseum says:


    You raised an important point that I have also reflected upon: why are they accelerating the transhumanist transition this fast when they could have gone through the “one small change at time” path?

    Some ppl say that capitalist system is collapsing and they have to act fast to replace it with total technocratic control. But then they are in control of the system and money supply and could have made it last longer if they wanted to.

    Everyone in the elite seems to be entrapped in this 2030 deadline as if there was something magical or spiritual about this date. And maybe there is (at least from the elite’s point of view) …

    And those more spiritually-minded keep saying that the world is awakening at faster-than-expected pace so the elite had to act to stamp out this great awakening.

    I don’t have a personal opinion on the matter, I only feel that the elite is running out of time for God knows what reason and I would like to understand what they are scared of.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I would like to see James expound on the aspects which you mention.

      You got my mental juices flowing.
      For example: Is there a generational thing that they are trying to take advantage of?

      • colosseum says:

        There is obviously something very counter-productive in the way the elite is acting: the faster they push the button, the quicker people wake up, the more sophsticated the propadanda system has to become to keep the masses brainwashedin order for them to buy into their own enslavement..

        It is as if they were testing the very limits of how quick they can go with this technicratic agenda, but in doing so, the walk on a very thin line where they allow a certain “quota” of awaken people but not too many to cause too much disruption in their plans.

        And yes, I would very much like to see James expanding on this, because I think there’s quite a lot of be said on the topic “Why this fast?”.

  4. nosoapradio says:

    ceci n’est pas une pipe

    ni une vache qui rit

    ni une boucle d’oreille d’une vache qui rit qui part dans l’infini

    et surtout ceci n’est pas du fromage:

    Just a video simulacrum of a laughing cow boasting the simulacrum of an earring that features the simulacrum of a laughing cow boasting the simulacrum of an earring that features the simulacrum of a laughing cow boasting the simulacrum of an earring etc.
    of a photo simulacrum of a cow boasting the simulacrum of an earring boasting the simulacrum of a cow boasting the simulacrum of an earring etc.
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    designed to sell a simulacrum of a cheese product (or a simulacrum of cheese twice removed)

    and not the video simulacrum of a pipe bearing the inscription “ceci n’est pas une pipe” of a photo simulacrum of a pipe bearing the inscription “ceci n’est pas une pipe” of a painting by Magritte of a pipe bearing the inscription “ceci n’est pas une pipe” that’s not designed to sell the simulacrum of a cheese product.

    just to be clear.

  5. LillyBilly says:

    Very very important James, perfect timing and I hope this can be made even more widely available – wish this were being taught at universities . Big Hug x

  6. CRM114 says:

    I just finished the mcluhan book and i was exceedingly suspicious as the chapters went on. First red flags were his constant references to other agents. A lot of the hot/cold media stuff falls apart and there are hilariously inaccurate sentences. It was pretty interesting although I thought the first few chapters were the most interesting. The last sentence of the book struck me as odd and hamfisted propaganda for the new era.

  7. drewcli says:

    My brain automatically tried to fit the wine advertisement into the media discussion. And it tried hard for several seconds, trying to find the logical link between finding a book in a library and Argentinian wine until… It finally lost the mental scaffolding of concepts necessary to follow such an abstract discussion.

  8. Cody Jarrett says:

    The concept and subject didn’t have my first attention but even a glance and a first few minutes of James talking about it opened up my mind and I saw the connections: It is a novel approach to use something so prevalent and obvious to ‘see behind the curtains’ but a fantastic one: Most people would start off with concepts or philosophy and go off on a tangent.
    This is excellent: Asking yourself “What is ‘the news’ actually”?

    A true clear mind at work folks: Thanks James, as always,

    & hi to the community here 🙂

  9. FoxieGrandma says:

    I have recently come across Anglican Priest, Paul Anthony Wallis who has confirmed my conclusion that The Bible has been one of the best “tools” in The Controllers toolbox for keeping Humanity dumbed down & submissive!!

    It all starts with the word “elohim” in Gen. being translated in the singular when it is a plural word. As he states, “It’s a monstrous God we have created by mistranslation.”

    He brings in Mauro Biglino, Vatican translator, to back up the parsing of key words whose mistranslation have enabled this Control Situation by TPTB.

    Paul’s work can be found on The 5th For anyone steeped in the Religious Right Mindset, you know, Bible Belt Mentality, this will be hard to swallow. I guess the question should be, “Why does it not matter that we have received incorrect translations?” 😉

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Shortly after the Alison Morrow interview with James Corbett, she interviews Canadian mechanic
    Clyde Do Something
    NO QUESTIONS! Trudeau staff tells reporters || Clyde Do Something – Alison Morrow

    Unfortunately, Alison talks too much in this interview with her anecdotal interjections which really cuts into Clyde’s perspectives regarding Canada.
    They discuss the Media, Canadian politics, the current attack on Canadian farmers like wee see with the Dutch, and how unpopular Trudeau really is.
    Clyde delivers some excellent communication and you can tell that he has a grasp of the pulse of Canadians.
    He is very aware of the global agenda.
    James Corbett is mentioned in this interview.

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