Interview 1641 - Exercising your Rights on Revelations Radio News

05/24/202122 Comments

In this conversation recorded on May 17th, James joins Tim and Andrew of Revelations Radio News once again to discuss all the latest news from around the globe. From the Gates' divorce to the COVID nightmare to the supply chain collapse to exercising your rights (and literally exercising), don't miss this wide-ranging conversation.


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  1. ChairmanDrew says:

    It was good to see one of the hosts (I’m not familiar with their names) bring up the idea that it’s the pandemic that always seems to be happening somewhere wherever you are not. I remember when it was the USA that was an apocalypse of death,until it turned out anyone outside of the state in question knew someone actually in that state, or, you know, spoke the same language of the people there, and found out the apocalypse just wasn’t there. So they changed it to the super exotic land of India, where it just so happens that English is actually widespread as a secondary language, and the narrative is once again proving false.

  2. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Good interview, I like the vibe when these guys get together. Plays like three buddies drinking a beer, shooting the sh*t about conspiracy theory. Good stuff.

    By the way, I think you’d have to be completely insane to send your kids to public schools today.

    You’ve got to admit Alex Jones, regardless of what you think of the guy, has had some pretty hysterically epic rants over the years! 😄

  3. scpat says:

    @ 47:30

    Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    At the 50 minute mark when they are discussing Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams comes up in the conversation (although they couldn’t think of Williams, but “Graham”.)

    ANECDOTE – Oil at $140 barrel, but Lindsey says it goes to $50 in a month

    There is a link to an oil price CHART. It works. But you will need to “grab” the image with your mouse and pull it to your right in order to get 2008. The price swing is incredibly dramatic…kind of like bitcoin.

  5. Fact Checker says:

    Loved hearing three non-haters discussing Alex Jones in a fair-but-critical, appreciative-but-jaded and, yes, nostalgic way.

    Like James, I was a loyal, daily listener during that key 2006-to-2010 era, and Jones was the absolute man. I loved his “rants” (more accurately, “jeremiads”), his “passion” (actually, “fury”), and his grandiose perception of reality. I still just have to believe that he is genuine. However, his show became, over time, unlistenable for 3 equally-important reasons: 1.) hawking the snake oil. Constantly. If you’re like me, and would never consider falling for such nonsense for a moment, all that promotional time was worse than dead air. It was grating commercialism insulting to the intelligence. 2.) Jones descended precipitously into partisan politics. Trump was such an obvious tool of the establishment, that when Jones threw his lot in with the campaign, I simply could not believe what I was hearing, and it has been hard not to think ever since that Jones was a plant, and the “sheep-dipping” phase was over, and now he was being “cashed in” to advance the next phase of the Punch-and-Judy political Psy-Op. (Still can’t shake that impression.) There were just too many issues where Jones suddenly started subscribing to mainstream orthodoxies that were so obviously in the service of the globalist agenda. A wall?!?! That’s to keep us in, you idiot!!!
    Finally 3.) relying on guest hosts, like the brain-dead underling Aaron Dykes and the cheesily stentorian David Knight. When I would find myself listening to some stand-in twice in a row, it would discourage me from even bothering, and I would just forget about the show for weeks on end until it gradually became almost as alien and artificial to me as Network News.

    • MagicBullet says:

      He’s probably agreed to cooperate a bit with the state, but he and Owen still have passion for good topics and they put out more info each week than most any other indy journalists. I do have to look up the topics and decide myself how valuable they are, but it’s all a great way to get info. I care more about the message than the messenger!

    • hugo.c says:

      Thanks, Fact Checker, for the detailed description of your evolution w.r.t Jones.

      Me too, really. I respected his challenging of the 9/11, and other bombings, the Boston Marathon etc., but like you his snake oil just reeked of any lack of principle. In the end, it was largely rant, little content and infused with said oil.

      However, I think he’s an interesting character in a study of the emergence and then suppression of “independent media” and its relation to “influencers/psy-ops”. He was a canary in the coal mine of media control and suppression. To my knowledge, he was victim number one of a united BigTech ban. He is also a symbol of the “silo-isation” of media and echo-chambers as invented by Murdoch with Fox.

      Whereas here, we have little JC putting in the work, documenting his sources and evolving from documenting many of the big lies to inspiring people towards solutions.

      Again, thanks for your thoughts.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Right back at ya. I agree without reservation that Jones remains fascinating, and vital.

        If you have not watched the “Alex Jones Returns” Joe Rogan podcast (Feb. 2019), I cannot recommend it enough. He goes full-tilt into the DMT machine elves, God as a searching orphan, and engrossing self-examination.

        (I’m sure you’ve seen it.)

  6. artemis says:

    Really gracefull had a good take on this…. it is all Too convenient an excuse, a way to shift around large assets to a safer location in the present economic “transition”…without people asking real questions why. They were just front people anyway….actors.

    • wave.watcher says:

      Yes, I think she nailed it. It’s exactly what I have been thinking this is, but she had some other details and points that I didn’t know.

      I think this ‘divorce’ conveniently gives them a good excuse to liquidate his entire stock portfolio in one fell swoop. If they just did that for no ‘good reason’ it would raise so many red flags. Bill ‘conveniently’ knows what’s going to happen just before it does (the best way to predict the future is to create it). So this is what I think the ‘divorce’ is about… just prior to the collapse of the economy including the stock market, Bill & Melinda conveniently have to liquidate all of their stock to split it up. Keep watching, do they liquidate their stocks? What do they do with the money, put it into cryptocurrency? Disappear some of it in precious metals?

  7. David Haag says:

    Best 1 1/2+ hours I spent in the past week, excluding yard work. I have pondered the debates over the mask or not mask, vaccine or no vaccine, and the possibility of a requirement to produce documentation. Some have proffered the response, “I identify as vaccinated.” I am thinking of a different approach. Ask the inquirer if he or she is a private citizen or an agent of the government. Regardless of the response, reply, “It is a violation of HIPAA laws for you to seek my health information.”

    “Most of us believe that our medical and other health information is private and should be protected, and we want to know who has this information. The Privacy Rule, a Federal law, gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information. The Privacy Rule applies to all forms of individuals’ protected health information, whether electronic, written, or oral.”

    If you hear crickets, go ahead and proceed. If there is physical or verbal obstruction, turn around and walk away—no point in pushing their buttons. There are few places you or I have to go into. Government offices, banks, and medical facilities generally prohibit open or concealed carry. I am OK with that, but any business that would restrict my access in any manner will not have my business.

    I respect the right of any business to require shoes and shirts for entry, my choice to refuse any limitations.

  8. MagicBullet says:

    The Northwest weather intro could be a good warning forecast of the next man-made weather attack.

  9. MagicBullet says:

    To add to the Japan story, here in Tokyo:

    1. EVERYONE is wearing a mask even in the streets, on their bicycles, many alone in cars. There is LITTLE objection to mask wearing here.
    2. I havn’t seen it, but I have heard of vids someplace of booing a lone nonmasker off the train, but it is possible to walk into a store without a mask and be left alone. Generally, Japanese leave others alone. Children up to teens would probably be left alone outside, but all comply in the school.
    3. ALMOST NO Japanese question the govt nor know anything about the real world of black ops.
    4. They are in great fear of both the virus and the vax, so their fear is helping them avoid the vax a bit.
    5. Digital currency (CBDC) is planned to come here.
    6. Immunity passes are likely coming here.
    7. There’s little sign of lack of supplies,
    8. There are NO signs of wokism, rascism, right vs left, anti-police, gender issues or sexuality issues, and no migration issue, and NO RIOTS.
    9. There is a LGBT+ community that quietly but peacefully survives well.
    10. Vaxes are rolling out for the elderly, adverse events are not chiming in yet.

  10. spider says:

    My doctor’s office called today and told me I needed to have my blood pressure taken by the doctor before she can renew my meds. I ranted on about masks being a fascist attempt to subjugate the people. I said that the Oregon Health Authority’s rules on masks precludes my use of Oregon’s medical establishment as I refuse to wear a mask. (Actually the rules are made by OR OSHA and recently made permanent) After talking to my doctor I was told that I would get the meds for another month. Then my doctor relayed, “Don’t forget to get your vaccine.” That set me on another rant about vaccines. I suggested they listen to the video of Greet Vandan Bossche and his warning of the danger of these vaccines.

    The requirement that businesses need to check for vaccine cards is more fascism from the state.

    • flammable says:

      The OSHA ruling on masks is being misrepresented. OSHA is not approving of nonstop mask wearing. It is just pointing out the decision is the under the discretion of the employer and worker. OSHA does not cover every possible hazard or equipment. It’s ruling only applies to work environments and PPE. Surgical and cloth masks are not PPE but sanitary equipment which does not fall under respiratory protection standards. OSHA does not have to tell you that putting a plastic bag over your head or sticking a rag down your throat is dangerous.

      • spider says:

        Exactly! If you listen to what the managers of OSHA say, you will understand that these monsters know the evil that they are perpetrating. (see youtube video on testimony against their permanent rules.) They’re drunk on an administrative body having legislative power without the consent of the governed.

      • spider says:

        Oregon Health Authority

        Businesses, employers and faith institutions now have the option to adjust their masking guidance to allow fully vaccinated individuals to no longer wear a mask in their establishments. Businesses, employers and faith institutions doing so must have a policy in place to check the vaccination status of all individuals before they enter their establishment. Businesses, employers and faith institutions who do not create such policies will maintain the same masking guidance listed below, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

  11. frogsoup says:

    I’m in Toronto, it IS as bad as you think. and its not gunna get much better. better…with less restrictions*

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