Interview 1623 - Victor Koman is Saving the Agorist Archives

03/15/20218 Comments

Award-winning novelist and agorist publisher Victor Koman joins us today to discuss his work in saving the notes, records, correspondence and manuscripts of Samuel Edward Konkin III, the progenitor of the agorist philosophy. We discuss Koman's relationship with Konkin, his work keeping Konkin's archives in print, and his new project to digitize the vast Agorist Archives that Konkin left behind.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4



GoFundMe: Save Agorist Archives of Samuel Edward Konkin III

New Libertarian Manifesto

An Agorist Primer hardback / paperback (WayBack)


Corbett Report podcast - Corbett Report Podcast Episode 309 - Solutions: Agorism

The Agorist Archives

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress – FLNWO #33

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  1. TruthSeeker says:

    This Interview is a little slow getting started but well worth watching. Having a College Major in Hard Science I tend to pick apart most Science Fiction, however I was very much impressed by the Movie “2001 Spy Odyssey”. As a result of this interview I will look more closely into the Work of Victor Koman.
    Indeed, I have been a Member of the Mises Institute, attended an Inner Circle Event in Seattle, and receive “the Austrian” publication of the Mises Institute, so I am not new to these ideas, yet I had no Idea who Victor Koman was until I saw this Interview.
    Philosophically speaking, I think that there is much to be said for the idea that we need to have a Vision of what we want the World to look like if we are ever going to get there.

  2. tpacifica says:

    As a psychologist I seek truth at a deeper level than one who depends on researching another’s popularity. The great litmus in discerning the desperately needed light of liberty in this mysterious moment is simply following Truth and Compassion– which resonates strongly as this interview progresses.
    I hear you. From the depths of crazy I float upward to gulp clean air. Thank you!

  3. jo says:

    Wonderful interview. I will definitely check out those links and continue rereading the scifi classics and adding some new ones to the list.

    Growing up, I always wanted that Roddenberry vision of the future, though it’s not so agorist perhaps? It was such a great question, why the connection between science fiction writers and libertarianism? (Obviously because they’re smart, but specifically!) I like Koman’s heartfelt and hopeful answer. A discussion on that by itself would make for an interesting show.

    Technology has been used to further enslave us in ways that I think few of us appreciate. So many of us spend our days moving from screen to screen, scrolling through video suggestions, getting manipulated/tailored search results, and, awash in propaganda from every which way, we no longer think at all, not really. We like to think we do. Many of us don’t even navigate the world in a self-directed way. We ask Google or GPS to give us the directions. We look at reviews before we go somewhere or before we buy something. These most efficient routes that shave off a minute or two, these paths of least resistance, mean there is less randomness in our lives, and, with that, the stuff that makes us fully conscious, creative human beings. That is what we lose using technology in this way. There is what I’ve been thinking of as human technology versus AI technology, and this is coming from someone whose favorite TV character growing up was Data in STNG. But more accurately, it’s human technology versus the technocrats’ AI technology. It’s a culture curated by the elite versus one that we make. It’s their philosophers versus ours, and most of us don’t have a clue who ours are. I’m learning.

  4. spirals says:

    Not sure why a direct link wasn’t included in the show notes, but here’s the URL for Victor’s GoFundMe:

  5. Van Heflin says:

    Stopped listening 5min in..

  6. Thom says:

    A worthwhile watch and cause. Thanks for bringing my attention to SEK III and KoPubCo.
    Looks like I have some more reading to do.

  7. zanj says:

    Many thanks to Corbett who does the research and hunts out the very best and rarest, I must add.

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