Interview 1617 - James Corbett on The REAL Meaning of GameStop

02/08/202122 Comments

In this conversation (recorded on February 1, 2021) James spells out what the GameStop / WallStreetBets fiasco was really about. Not that some retail investors were able to squeeze some hedge funds who were naked short selling and thus "win the game" (spoiler: the government will not allow David to beat Goliath), but that millions of people have just seen the markets for what they are: A fake and rigged game run by a mafia that will never allow you to win. This is an educational moment about the power of decentralized movements that people of all stripes pooh-pooh to their detriment.

If you appreciated this conversation, check out the full hour-long conversation between James and Pete Quinones on the Freeman Beyond the Wall podcast, which includes a discussion of the historical technocratic movement and how it evolved into the governing principle of the growing technofascist dictatorship.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett says:
    A fake and rigged game run by a mafia that will never allow you to win.

    Whether it is social media or Wall Street or politics & government, there is no doubt it is a rigged game and the mafia controls it all (not for the benefit of the little guy).

    I get pretty excited when I see organic decentralized movements.

    Currently, something big and decentralized is possibly developing in the Physical Silver Short Squeeze.
    The thing about this organic decentralized movement is that it is not trapped in Wall Street, because anyone, anywhere, at any age, can buy physical silver.
    The Big Banks are having a tough time controlling the narrative, because it goes beyond their paper-based board games of Wall Street and the Commodity Exchanges.

    Here is a SUB-THREAD for Reddit WallStreetBets – The GameStop Event and “Physical Silver Short Squeeze”

  2. robert.t says:

    The reason I’m doubtful about the Gamestop affair is the wide coverage.

    In recent months we’ve seen brutal wars and important coups/color revs which have been given an obligatory coverage only or none at all. Armenia, Burma, Bolivia, Yemen…for many reasons these events are not up for discussion. They are not hidden, just kept a bit below line of sight as we get our heads crammed with COVID, Miley Markles and coming Netflix releases. With all that excitement, who’s even going to want to see the words Nagorno-Karabakh, let alone read about Nagorno-Karabakh? It’s 2021. Why bother covering up a war protest when you can cover up the whole bloody war?

    I just don’t know about Gamestop, but the media exposure is suspicious. If the globsters didn’t like the affair they could have just buried it. Reddit, as alt-mainstream as you can get, could have strangled it at birth. Without being sure, I suspect psyop.

    So what’s the script (since there’s always a script)? Maybe it’s about the kidz taking down the suits. With all the invented dough being pumped into the market, maybe they have to make it look like the big boys can lose. As with those renowned whistle-blowers who tell you stuff about the government you already knew from countless CIA movies (but who don’t even mention 9/11), maybe we’re being told that people-power and loose cannons can win out. Just like in all those movies.

    Dunno. All a bit too-cool-for-school. I’d believe it more if there’d been a lot less coverage. And, like I said, Reddit is about as “alternative” as the love child of Mika Brz and Fredo Cuomo.

    • manbearpig says:

      my sentiments as well.

      also, in spain i see lots of advertising “to get you started on your investment portfolio” investing in covid vaccines for example.

      gamestop more advertising for “stockmarket investment”.

      bleed everyone to the max before it all crashes.

      • robert.t says:

        Yep. Could be as simple as getting some extra mugs through the casino doors before closing time.

        The types who hang out on Reddit and listen to Joe Rogan might decide it’s cool to beat The Man at his own game.

        Here in Oz much of the “news” that isn’t trumpeting COVID terror and vaccine excitement is devoted to boosting the real estate market. It just keeps going up, doncha know. Bit like those stocks. Be a shame to miss out.

        Makes sense. Disastrous unemployment, mass business closures and unpayable debt…of course we’d want to tip more billions into real estate and the stock market. Party like it’s 1929.

    • mik says:

      What about it’s not psyop from start, but it’s damage control and don’t let a good crisis go to waste?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The GameStop Event had its start organically

      If a person does not understand a “Short Squeeze”, they will not grasp the essence of this event. (See my link at the top comment for a brief description)
      People on the Reddit WallStreetBets understood the mechanics of a “short squeeze”. It is a sound strategy which Hedge Funds use also. Anyone who enters the stock market knows that it is a casino, and that there are winners and losers on every bet.
      Usually, the Big Players dictate the movement of stocks, but in this case, I think the WallStreetBets played a major role. Their numbers grew to gigantic proportions.

      I followed the GameStop thing as it gained more traction during the last two weeks of January, but it organically started. A fellow who went by DFV (DeepF******Value) had been working GameStop for a long, long time and posted on the Reddit Thread. He had made money on the ups and downs of the stock.
      More and more folks climbed in to the forum. Then more and more. Then massive swarms of people. Millions.
      It became a decentralized movement, almost religious.
      Well, it was religious for many.

      Read some of the stories in this article: “Redditor after Redditor responded with similar tales…”
      “This Is For You, Dad”: Interview With An Anonymous GameStop Investor

      That’s not to say that Big Players didn’t play the game. They also benefitted from the ride. Example:
      The Curious Case Of The Hedge Fund That Made $700 Million On GameStop

      My take-home from this “GameStop Event”…
      People CAN affect change as a community.
      Corollary: The size of the community can help determine its influence.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        SILVER Short Squeeze

        People all around the world heard of the WallStreetBets GameStop saga. The saga’s theme is that average people can join together towards an objective and cause an affect.

        Currently, a big change is happening in the silver market.
        What makes it so different from “GameStop” is that the silver market is only manipulated & controlled on paper in the stock and commodity exchanges.
        However, there is the physical market which is the true marketplace. The average person all around the world has been buying up physical silver. Currently, there are shortages.
        People should see what physical silver prices are right now. The same silver coin I bought on January 27th for $30 has gone up over 30 percent today…if you can get it. (See the Thread at the top comment)

        It doesn’t take a high IQ to figure out some things about physical silver.
        It can be a store of value. With a Great Reset coming, it behooves a person to have an alternative store of value.

        A major part of the Great Reset is the carbonless future, where many things will be electric.
        Electric Vehicles and Solar Cells are two of the biggest industrial uses for silver. Where is all the silver going to come from for one billion vehicles?

        A mine can take 10 years or more to be put into production. There are a small number of pure silver mines.

        I could go on.
        My point is that this might be the start of a decentralized movement in physical silver.

        Silver Institute

    • noconsent says:

      I have read many articles from different “Alternative” sources about the Gamestop ordeal. These are sources that I have read for years and who are profession financial writers that write for paid subscribers who subscribe because they are Trusted sources.
      Indeed, my conclusion is that the Gamestop ordeal was a genuine Decentralized Movement to Shaft some Major Players in the Corrupt Derivatives Market. We might ask why the corporate controlled Mass Media mind binders even covered the story, but it did happen, and much was exposed about an Investment system that is set up to rob small investors (what Zuckerberg would call “stupid Fuckers ripe to be taken advantage of”).
      My interpretation of why MSM covered the Story was that is was to big to ignore, and they saw a way (never let a Crisis go to waste) to make it fit into their agenda. From what little MSM I actually see, it seems to me that the controllers of MSM were able to portray the Gamestop Buyers from Redditt, as “Dangerous Financial Terrorists”, who need to be stopped.
      Indeed, most subscribers to this Website know not to mistake MSM for the Truth, however Politicians watch MSM closely and it is these Politicians that those who control the Media want to control.
      These God Damn Politicians know who I am, and they might even read my emails to them, however, they care not about the Truth, They care only as to what the Masses think, and they know quite well that MSM drowns out the Truth.

      • manbearpig says:

        “…That unit of Citadel can see both the direction and the dollar volume of money heading to push a stock up or down…This is known as payment-for-order-flow and it’s probably not a comforting thought that this is what Bernie Madoff’s broker-dealer was doing while Bernie was running the largest Ponzi scheme in history…

        …Citadel Execution Services is allowed by the SEC to pay for order flow so that it can trade against the dumb money coming in from Robinhood while another tentacle of Citadel is managing money for 19 clients who can cough up $12.35 billion each. Welcome to the most lop-sided playing field in the history of markets…

        …such a high percentage of GameStop’s shares were in the hands of sophisticated investors and yet 140 percent of its outstanding shares were reportedly shorted. Exactly which Wall Street firms or Prime Brokers were loaning GameStop shares to be shorted, in excess of the total shares in existence.”

        Such an autopsy would seem like a suitable crisis leading to a stock market pandemic of seemingly epic proportions.

        Just in time for some creative destruction to usher in a new Great Reset investment paradigm…

        hmmmmmm… for some reason so-called “stakeholder capitalism” comes to mind though I know nothing about it. But Alison Mcdowell offers some very intriguing explanations about Human Capital Bonds and the commodification of humans as digital data packages to be tracked and bet on yielding new dividends for fourth industrial investors and payment-for-order flow broker/dealers…

        Then again this is all new to me. And to a lot of other folks
        as well…by design… Think I’ll watch the Big Short again…like a lot of other folks I imagine…

  3. Saku says:

    James, you should look into Qortal ( it is so much more than a crypto and the more I read the more I like what I see. It seems to be exactly the decentralized platform maker you talk about.

  4. noconsent says:

    This Article from Zerohedge about the Gamestop Ordeal should help to explain some of the Motives behind the Investors who Saved the Company from massive Derivative Short Selling that was already on the table to kill Gamestop.

    I would not recommend playing the Stock Market (rigged Game), but it seems to me that those Investors that saved Gamestop did so for the right reasons and should be given some positive recognition for it.

    That said, I have it from several sources that “Physical Silver” is over sold by “Paper Silver” to the tune of at least 250 fold, and that is what controls the “Spot Price”. In other words, if just 1/2 of one percent of the holders of “Paper Silver” were to demand payment of the Silver in Physical Form, the Sky would fall in on these corrupt bastards that manipulate the price of Silver.
    For those who are “Game”, one would buy “Paper Silver” on an exchange whereby they could demand “Physical Silver” ASAP, and if enough Investors (less than 1/2 of one percent) did this, there would no longer be enough “Physical Silver” to make the “Paper Silver” any good, thus the price of “Physical Silver” would go to the moon rewarding those Investors who got their “Physical Silver” before it was gone.

    Such a play on Silver would change the World, for the better (I hope).

  5. mkey says:

    To me, all of this sums up to what Carlin said: “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”.

  6. weilunion says:

    Yes,James the “it is a psyop” is getting old. You hit it on the head: monolithic conspiracy theories.

    It’s easy this way. One doesn’t have to think! Just call something a “psyop” or “conspiracy”.

    Just a bit of historical fact, not part of any ‘conspiracy’, Joshua Browder is the son of William Browder.

    William Browder, you might know, is wanted badly by Putin.

    William Browder’s father was the head of the US Communist Party of CPUSA during the 1930’s and 40’s.

    Interesting how life works.

    As to Gamestop, yes, it is a libertarian wet dream. But it has nothing to do wih the unfed masses who toil for food and die for oil.

    That people actually think they can overthrow existing capitalism through trading on Wall St. shows exactly that the real psycop worked: namely belief in a system whereby a small handful of people control the means of production and the rest toil as wage slaves if they can toil at all.

  7. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    Red Pilled indeed! That pill was shoved down the peasants throats on the tip of a dick!
    If you are looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them.

  8. rgarr says:

    All the comments are about a decentralized monetary system and not fiat. The more systems, the more corruption. Why do you all want more systems, different systems, better systems? They never work and never will. No systems, just humans.

  9. urthp says:

    Not only does the Goldman Sachs & Co. club own the casino; they have for a while now issued the credit chips (USD) with which you play. They run the US Inc. bank of issue (Fed Reserve).
    You play in their casino, with their chips and according to their rules which they reserve the right to change on a few minutes notice should your bets start to win.
    They own all people who use their credit issue.
    Their issuance capacity is infinite.
    Take your vaccine, keep your mouth & face masked and shut up. (sarc)

  10. bladtheimpaler says:

    Unfortunately the main player pushing this ‘revolt’ was an ‘Alice Cooper’.
    A long haired.head band wearing revolt leader at night on Reddit and a three piece suit wearing Wall Street denizen working for a Wall Street firm as his day job. Pam Marten catalogued this on her web site ‘Wall Street on Parade’. I’m not going to to look up this information Marten published to rehash here as that would still be hear say. You can read Marten’s published material on this on her web site for yourself. Anyway this fellow might now be facing stock manipulating charges as the fall guy. It appears the hedge fund shorts were being largely covered while the trading arms of the big banks slowly exited their long positions, taking a tidy profit, leaving the ‘revolutionaries’ holding a very inflated price to value bag of shit. Whoever orchestrated this pump and dump with a new twist of hammering the shorts by the combined efforts of retail (little guy) investors has done a masterful job of criminality that WILL go unchallenged.

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