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02/04/202153 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis

Kevin Roose

Your Problem Is Not With Section 230, But The 1st Amendment

The Mysterious Case of the Lady Gaga Inauguration Bird and ‘The Hunger Games’

NWNW Flashback: #CreepyJoeBiden and Lady Gaga to Establish Sexual Assault Centres (Nov. 16, 2017)

Lady Gag Gag’s New Oreo: If the Cookie Doesn't Make You Sick, the Propaganda Will

Gag Gag’s Cancerous Cookie Ingredients

Lady Gaga Calls on World Leaders to Help Fund a COVID-19 Vaccine

NYC Restaurants to Reopen at 25% Indoor Capacity on Valentine's Day

Story #2: Elon Musk Wired Up a Monkey's Brain to Play Video Games

Denmark Reveals Concrete Plans for a Digital ‘Covid Passport’ In World First

Story #3: RFK Jr Foils California Plan To Mandate COVID-19 Tests And Vaccines For Students And Teachers

Children’s Health Defense – California Chapter sends Letter to all California Superintendents regarding Medical Ethics, Emergency Use Products, Voluntary Testing & Vaccine Safety

Video: Flash Mob of Anti Maskers at a Natural Grocers in Denver, CO

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  1. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    Props to you both for even watching those propaganda news outlets. I occasionally see it when my brother is watching and I’m there having lunch (He doesn’t watch even remotely as much as he used to.). The stuff that I see is absolutely farcical. I get more realistic, and up to date news, watching “The Expanse”. 🙁
    If you are looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them.

  2. SuperMom Belle says:

    Speaking of music…. anyone so inclined to turn lyric parodies into truth music on the state level of North Carolina, let’s do it.
    ‘She’s Ruling and Ruining NC’ ‘She’s Always A Woman To Me’ Parody (Billy Joel) Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, Unlicensed MD (with sourced links & some fiery commentary below)
    & ‘Ready Aim Fire’ Imagine Dragons Lyrics rewritten on a ‘Belle Curve’
    …Just some ideas

  3. Jan Rosbäck says:

    Maybe Elon Musk has connected that monkey brain to a collective hive mind of the scandinavian politicians. They have gone from bad to even worse. If they will be playing some kind of game I am sure the monkey is going to win. The winner can apparently go back to freedom in the woods, the loosers will have to stay put in the urban zoo.

  4. scpat says:

    You wanted to see a “Have You Or a Loved One Been Injured By a Covid Vaccine?” commercial? Well, here is one, produced by Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN):

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Also, their legal team has been pretty good at squashing some of these companies who were thinking about mandating vaccines as a term of employment.

  5. dmay says:

    Inspiring as it may be to hear reports of ‘Group of Anti-Maskers Interferes With Business’, I don’t see that as the best place for people to put their time and energy. Same with fighting to get your child into a government indoctrination center (‘school’) without an injection. Much better to be working on solutions, like: a network of people to trade with not dependent on any government or corporate technology or permission. And cooperative daycare shared among parents with whatever teaching is desired by the participants. Unplug, don’t fight to remain plugged in to a predatory system. That’s just more misdirection. There are cops in many public schools. We’ve seen the videos of how these cops behave- like cops. Why, for the love of anything good, would a parent hand over their child to such an organization? God help us.

    • noconsent says:

      “dmay” makes a good point. Going into private businesses without a mask, when it is posted on the Door, is no way to make friends. Better to give your money to an establishment that does not have the “Mask Required” Sign on the door. I hope these anti-Mask Protests don’t sink to the level of BLM because they will do more harm than good (amount to worse than a waste of time)
      I don’t wear a mask in my home, or in my car, or anywhere outside, however I do wear one when entering an establishment that has a sign “Masks Required” posted on the door.
      Respect Property rights of others, or they will not respect you.

      The same can be said for Schools. If they require the so called “Vaccination”, then don’t send your kids there. Private Kid Care is better anyhow.
      Do not participate in the Madness. Create something better. It should be easy given how dysfunctional the system has become.

      • scpat says:

        Part of me really agrees with the points you and dmay make. I think that energy is better spent on positive and productive solutions generated from building something other than, rather than going against. Supporting businesses that don’t require masks, farmers markets, local ranchers, homeschooling, etc. These are all very positive moves.

        However, in this particular situation, when a private business is a proxy for government rules and restrictions, should private property rights be viewed in the tradition sense? Granted, I would guess that many businesses are simply complying with government orders so as to not get fined or shut down, rather than because they fervently support them, but they are still acting as an extension of government policy. This seems to me as kind of a gray issue, rather than black and white.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          scpat says:
          I would guess that many businesses are simply complying with government orders so as to not get fined or shut down, rather than because they fervently support them, but they are still acting as an extension of government policy.

          So true.
          And also, like you said, it is a gray issue.

          Every store I know of has “Mandated Mask Signs”.
          However, many stores (like Walmart, Kroger and others) have a policy for their employees to not confront non-mask wearers.

          Most businesses do not want to be policemen. They will hire police if they decide to enforce the policy, which had its originations from the state.

          Thus, I just walk in maskless. I stand tall and sure, but pleasant and friendly.
          I’ve had a few times with people saying something, but nothing unruly.

          • scpat says:

            I’ve noticed the “no confrontation” policy as well for the most part in my own experience. Most employees don’t say a word. Mask wearing relies heavily, if not nearly exclusively, on compliance by the individual. Just like most other forms of control in society—it’s voluntary enslavement.

            • AB says:

              Agree with most of the comments here. If businesses were places the signs up because they truly believed in them, I would agree that we should respect them or not enter. However, generally they don’t believe in them and only wish to avoid punishment, so I assume that is the case until they try and enforce them. At which point, I either reward them for not interfering by continuing to shop there or boycott them for their ignorance.

              In my opinion it is far more important to be an example to others by not wearing a mask than to assume businesses believe in the stated objective of the mask madness. Allow them to prove their faith in it by asking you to leave, don’t assume they are ignorant.

              • scpat says:

                I agree with this. Test the waters first and see how they respond. Don’t assume.

  6. russ says:

    But . . .but . . . I thought reality was influenza? Pneumonia? Smokers lungs? Polluted lungs? Pulmonary diseases of all stripes were what was killing people!? You mean these things have shrunk to . . . almost nothing? Was it the mask? And . . . Holy moly Batman! Drop that sandwich and take a deep breath! Doctors and hospitals have been wrongly classifying these illnesses for at least a century or so! The PCR tests pegged beyond 35 HAS EXPOSED ALL THESE MEDICAL ANOMALIES AS COVID. Even gunshot wounds and careless motor cycle riders can be carriers. ALL . . . HAVE . . . COVID! It was right there staring us in the face all along! So, if any of the above show up on a hospital’s door step or—Mother of Mercy! —die, it’s because they-all- have-COVID. Remember that name. DEAD MEN AND WOMEN WALKING. COVID. Even the government (Medicare) has recognized its mistake and ponied up with a bounty billing of (roughly/up to) $4200 for classifying an incoming patient of any kind as a COVID PATIENT, $39,000 a day for each day a COVID PATIENT IS TREATED IN ICU, and $59,000 a day FOR A COVID PATIENT WHO DIES WHILE ON A VENTILATOR.


    • noconsent says:

      I just Ate-out in a Restaurant this afternoon for the first time in months. As of Feb 1st the Health Department here in Michigan is allowing Eat-in at 25% of capacity.
      Now that they got Biden in the White House and all of his Zionist Cabinet in place they can claim victory over COVID. The Case Numbers will go down because they want them to go down. Even with the so call “Vaccinations” killing more people than the Actual COVID, the cases numbers will go down, and they will claim that the Experimental Injections are working.

      We must keep fighting for the truth, but we have to be the sane person on the block. Talking with people rationally is about the only thing that works, and it doesn’t work with everyone.

      I came across a guy in the State Park the other day who had a Mask on (I did not) He said hi, I looked at the mask and I shrugged my shoulders, then I said hi. We had a friendly exchange. He wasn’t bothered by me doing my thing, and I wasn’t going to ruin his day by preaching to him.
      Storming Businesses that are trying to comply with with State laws is not good.

  7. scpat says:

    I wanted share this clip of a BBC interview with George Orwell. If anyone needed any solemn inspiration during this age, this could be it:

    Orwell’s final warning – Picture of the future

  8. scpat says:

    Some important thoughts from Huxley and Orwell:

    Love Your Servitude – Aldous Huxley & George Orwell

  9. robert.t says:

    Today I scanned the headlines of Murdoch’s (his giveaway rag, probably made leftist to herd readers toward his more right-wing paid gunk). Truly, it’s only to see what buttons are to be pushed on a given day, but sometimes I do have to check out an article (while holding nose).

    This garbled piece concerned a scandalous figure who has just been elected to congress.

    Here is how the media and its statist masters can’t lose. This Q fan has created a great ruckus in the past by claiming that school shootings are staged, that 9/11 was an inside job, that mainstream dem politicians need to be executed…you know the drill.

    Then, almost as an appendage to the article, it’s pointed out that the lady now says Q was a stunt, 9/11 was as described by officialdom, school shootings, unlike Q, are the real deal…


    It’s win-win. They’re exposing an “extremist” while pointing out that she is now thoroughly statist and congress-safe. We get the satisfaction of raging at Emmanuel Goldstein and the comfort of knowing he is now as neutered as Winston Smith.

    You guys are right. In a few decades the media will sort-of say that 9/11 was sort-of an inside job, if that sort-of matters to you because will be much more urgent things to worry about. And this time the stuff is real. Promise. Sort-of.

    Here’s a thought. What about referring to the media at every chance as “The Mockingbirds”? My guess is that if the already established expression goes big it will hit a nerve or two. And when they ban the word as hate-speech we can always just hum the song:

    • noconsent says:

      How about Alice’s Restaurant;

      I think it helped to end the Vietnam War. There is a line in it;
      “If everybody does it, they will think it’s a Movement”.

      “You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant”, was a line that helped define the insanity of the time. The Military thought control complex didn’t know how to handle it. Indeed, it helped define a Movement who’s time had come.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Alice’s Restaurant
        I remember seeing that movie at a Drive-in one night in the Midwest about 1971 as I stopped to rest from driving on a long trip.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – ANECDOTE & ‘Media/Government Trust’ Observations –

    About two weeks ago, I finally run into my friend Rodriguez who works at one of the grocery stores I shop at. I had not seen him for a couple months.
    I have mentioned Rodriguez several times before, because he used to pass out 9/11 Truth DVDs and 9/11 brochures to his many friends.
    – “Mandated Masks” & Rodriguez –>

    When I grocery shop, I really, really stand out, because I am the only person in the store not wearing a mask.
    On this day, there were at least a hundred people in the grocery store, ALL wearing masks. Rodriguez and I spot each other at the front part of the store, and I rush to shake his hand. He is wearing his mask. He looked bad.

    I asked him, Did you get the ‘Rona?. He tells me his story. He was in the hospital for a month and thought he was gonna die. He was scared. After he was released, he spent another month trying to regain his strength. He’s a big guy, and he tells me how it is hard to breathe but that his lungs are improving. Versed in the symptoms from these comment boards, I listened and responded as a friend.

    I told him that I wished he had contacted me (he has my contact info). I told him about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and people & Doctors who I know and their successes with it. Plus, that there were other things people did, like nebulizing and supplements.
    (I make it a point to project my voice further when talking about alternatives so that others in the store hear.)

    Now, I was gentle, careful not to have a scolding nor preaching manner to Rodriguez. Just be his friend. I told him to email me if he wanted some links to the info. I promised I wouldn’t drown him in information, but just a few sources.

    He said that he was thinking about getting the vaccine. I told him that he doesn’t need to, because now he has immunity. He is young and his Thymus is working well, demonstrated by the fact that he is still alive. He has T-cell and B-cell immunity.

    Here’s my “Go figure on that?!?”
    I’ve run across folks who grasp that the media and government grossly lie. They can’t be trusted.
    For example (besides Rodriguez): Look at all the Trump supporters who witnessed the election lies & media blackout.
    Yet, now, some want the vaccine.
    “Go figure?”
    Maybe the “fear propaganda” penetrated, despite the sources being known evil liars.

    • Octium says:

      Yeah, it surprised me the number of people awake when it comes to 9/11 who didn’t do their research on the ‘rona.

      Kind of like all the people I’ve seen on the survival forums that a paranoid about the government taking their guns but trust the government on everything else.

      I’m waiting for a “scientific” paper to come out that proves that coronavirus can incubate inside gun metal, just to watch the mass hand in of their weapons!

    • noconsent says:

      The mass media manipulators work every angle and they do get to most people.
      I guest I was lucky and got the COVID early, so that the propaganda had little time to set in.
      Last March I was sick for a week or two. I had Head aches, clogged Sines, difficulty breathing and all the symptoms of a bad flu. I figured that there was no need to get tested because I figured they would call it COVID even if it wasn’t, and kill me with a Ventilator. I even rigged up a Neutralizer with Hydrogen peroxide. I had prolonged shortness of breath for a month or more, but I lived! And, there is no way in Hell I am going to get an Experimental Injection.
      When someone is sick they are the most vulnerable and they can be sold most anything that is purported to make them well. The fear mongering Media manipulators,and the Vaccine Manufactures know this and take every advantage of the situation. The “Chosen Ones” have a name for the people they happily take advantage of.
      I expect Rodriguez will do well with some coaching.

  11. ChaosNavigator says:

    ‘Each year, the UK raises and kills around 800 million broiler chickens for their meat. These creatures are grown in vast sheds with no natural light over the course of six to seven weeks. They are bred to grow particularly quickly and often die because their hearts and lungs cannot keep up with their body’s rapid growth.

    Philosopher Paul Thompson from Purdue University has suggested ” The Blind Chicken Solution“. He argues that chickens blinded by “accident” have been developed into a strain of laboratory chickens that don’t mind being crowded together as much as normal chickens do. As a result, he argues, we should consider using blind chickens in food production as a solution to the problem of overcrowding in the poultry industry. He argues that it would be more humane to have blind chickens than ones that can see…. and proposes a “Headless Chicken Solution”. This would involve removing the cerebral cortex of the chicken to inhibit its sensory perceptions so that it could be produced in more densely-packed conditions without the associated distress. The brain stem for the chicken would be kept intact so that the homeostatic functions continue to operate, allowing it to grow. Ford proposes this solution for two reasons: to meet the rising demand for meat, particularly poultry, and to improve the welfare of the chickens by desensitising them to the unpleasant reality of their existence.’

    ‘To improve the welfare of the chickens by desensitising them to the unpleasant reality of their existence’ ? = in the (in)human world it’s tranlated to densitizing us to unpleasant realities such as deceptions by the state, Big Pharma mass murder inc., dangers of vaccines, the cancer industry, false flag terrorism, , illegal and insane wars, and cruelities ad nauseam vis-a-vis I-Pad I-Pod, pop, porn, Prozac, Paradise Brothel, Miley Cyrus, Dancing with the Stars, Super Bowl, dumbing down through education damage, etc.

    Ignorance is bliss…or is it?

    “After this “desensitisation”, the chickens could then be stacked into huge urban farms with around 1,000 chickens hooked up to each large vertical frames — a little like the network of pods the humans are connected to in The Matrix
    – Wired

    We are – in regard to vaccines, the destruction of human life for profit by the medical industries, state-sponsered terrorism, false flags, the murderous lies by mainstream media, censorship, distortions, manipulations, etc. – going through Schopenhauers first and second stage as prisoners in Plato’s Cave:

    “The prisoner returns to the cave to inform the prisoners that they are prisoners. They don’t believe him and threaten to kill him if he attempts to set them free’
    – on Plato’s Cave and Sokrates

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    – Arthur Schopenhauer.

    Those who are in the third and last stage are the escapees, who are attacked by the remaining suicidal and homicidal prisoners (chickens) who are still in the first and second stage.

    That’s why you experience the aggressive resistance from friends and acquaintances when they are presented with info that doesn’t fit what they have been taught (conditioned to think they ‘know’: imposed indoctrination).

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Interesting direction with “The Blind Chicken” philosophy.

      Ten years ago, I know it was common to feed chickens arsenic. Arsenic (a major toxin) makes poultry grow faster and plumper.
      I’m not sure if they still do that.

      My Doctor showed me hair analysis graphs of her patients (without the names). Some were off the chart with arsenic poisoning. The Doc said that these folks ate a lot of chicken.

      A lot of imported rice seems to have high arsenic levels. However, American grown Lundberg brand rice shows no arsenic upon testing per Mike Adams.

      Today (Feb 4th – Thursday) a story about baby food having heavy metals came out. Rice and arsenic were linked.
      High levels of toxic heavy metals found in some baby food: U.S. report

  12. asavetmd says:

    James and James, Putin and Xi read the Riot Act to the Globalists at Davos. Putin has said the same at the UN yearly conference in past years, your Exceptionalist claptrap will not stand. The China-Russia Geostrategic Alliance will not allow it. Exceptionalist rhetoric is over. Multinational win-win cooperation is the only way to go. Schwab, Gates and Fauchi can pound sand until the End of Time but they won’t get their way.

  13. bladtheimpaler says:

    Under the ‘dystopian list’ many folks will miss the import of “fix people’s problems.” By ‘fixing’ those individuals that have a problem achieving one with the hive mind. This is exactly the impetus behind human capital markets and social impact bonds as a kinder gentler way of enforcing conformity rather than the Chinese model of re education camps but with the same end goals in mind and likely to have the same horror stories of abuse and worse.

  14. Nick.G says:

    James and James, I was wondering if you guys accept crypto as payment for memberships. Seems like it would be easier than mailing checks and money orders.
    I’ve been following for a few years now, also interested on your opinions on the whole crypto bubble recently since it’s now being accepted and backed by some of the traditional investment/monetary firms.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Corbett Report does take Crypto!

      Just email James Corbett for the information on where to send your crypto.
      I know he takes Bitcoin.

      (Corbett used to have the crypto addresses on the website, but removed it for various reasons.)

  15. vikingraider says:

    I live in Denmark and sadly this is true, the country is going full steam ahead on a Covid “Health” Passport. It’s amazing the speed with which they moved the narrative onto how can we do this thoroughly? Rather than should we even be doing this? With carefully chosen plants on fake TV debates picking the flaws in paper versions, highlighting the problems with being able to copy and share PCR test barcodes, etc.

    It’s clear it’ll start with needing smartphones, then once people have accepted, move onto the tech in body itself.

    Resistance here is almost non-existent. Except for one video of a protest with a heavy-handed police response, in which a mannequin of Mette Frederiksen, the vile and clearly elite-controlled PM was burnt and which got them arrested for supposed death threats. No-one I work with doubts in any way that the state is doing this all in “our” best interests. All supposedly intelligent people, yet I have no doubt they will be there throwing stones at my house and yelling for my lynching someday.

    It’s painful for me personally. As a British citizen here, I am being forced to reapply for permanent residency (been here 15 years, house job and children, all here..) this year. To me, the Brits, as the new Jews of Europe, are a good test base for them so it seems logical that they will make this health passport part of jumping through the hoops. They haven’t done it yet, but the silence on replying to my application within any reasonable timescale is deafening.

    It’s certainly going to be a year for major decisions and testing of personal boundaries, not just me but for most of us, wherever we are.

  16. mik says:

    I’m really annoyed how you presented Elon Masked Cyborg story. There is no shadow of a doubt present at all. Do you really believe in science&technologism???

    Is there any information available to support his claims?
    Like elon never put out claims and promises and not delivered later. Colonizing Mars for example, bullshit dreaming of almost impossible.

    Monkey playing video games… it is in plural.
    That means they’ve connected to monkey’s consciousness. I don’t believe this crap unless an extremely compelling one take video is available, only then I will reconsider my position.

    Headline is an example for cult of personality building. No, elon is not wiring monkey, his peons are doing this shit

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Elon Musk

      Personally, I think Elon has some major mental issues.

      Something which surprises me is the Cult following this guy has.
      He will Tweet a mention of a stock or crypto, then suddenly the price skyrockets.
      Tesla’s stock price has absolutely no fundamentals. The price is all hype.
      The Cult mentality is so bizarre to me.

      However, the Cult following towards name brand apparel seems weird to me.
      Nike shoes.
      Used Nike shoes or used name brand apparel are going for outrageous prices.

      Geez! I should have stayed in the wholesale/retail apparel business, and sheered the wool off of all the sheep…
      The world’s 17 most expensive sneakers (2020)
      From $4,000 to $2,000,000

      • mik says:

        In a world devoid of values anything is possible.
        Checked your link…right at the beginning, sneakers with holy water, holy mf shit…didn’t go further, not good for my heart most probably.

        Elon is ubermensch of today, entrepreneur in science&technology, can be seen as climate change savior, fighter against state monopoly in space, open (source) AI project, smoking weed….
        I’m just waiting announcement that every full moon elon will be taking virginity of any follower coming to his temple, no matter of sex…sorry, gender.

      • mkey says:

        I’m still hoping he’ll be able to emigrate to Mars some time soon.

    • studiotwoseven says:

      Science & technologism…

      I thought the recent anecdotes about the covid test (nasal swab) possibly being a delivery system for “something” else were far afield, nutty.

      I always thought vaccines had to be injected. Well…

      …just one to pique your interest in the possibility.

    • weilunion says:

      Hundreds of Monkey Slaves Forced to Harvest 1,000 Coconuts a Day

      A total of 13 plantations were identified for using monkey slave labor in Southern Thailand. Macaques are incredibly intelligent and social animals and are able to articulate their feelings and thoughts to one another in huge matriarchal family units. Infants have been known to stay at their mother’s side for years until adulthood. Very similar to human beings.

      This is not part of the solutions category

  17. Bernie says:

    Note to the “James and James” episode of today.

    In the land of the “crazy danes” the lamestream media tries to make people believe, that the idea of introducing a public vaccination passport, is a joint venture between the Government and the private sektor. Nobody Seems to be aware of, that this agenda Was born in the EU(and Maybe in the head of a former computer nerd). The Very scary part of its origin Is the fact, that This Roadmap has different specific goals Where of one is to Cooperate with the Big tech companies, Google, Facebook and Amazon to create algoritmes preventing people to be able reach vaccine-critical websites regarding Big Pharma and at the same time promote all pro-content.
    Yesterday I wrote an opinion article about This and sent it to every mainstream journalist in the kingdom. No answer yet.

    Link to the official vaccination-passport roadmap from the EU website:

    Love your show ?

    Best regards

    Bernhard from Denmark

    • vikingraider says:

      and as part of their plan, picking a small country within the EU to trial it would be a good idea. One with unjustifably high levels of trust in their state and media as being honest and uncorruptable, with a population that would go along with it without realising what they’ve given away before it’s too late.

      I would put other experiments like e-boks (the state communicating everything to you electronically), nemkonto (a single nominated bank account that the state knows about) and mandatory smart meters in the same category.

      I don’t know where you live, Bernie, but where I am no-one is resisting and they all look at me a bit strangely for having different views on it. as a Briton, I even have to reapply to stay, after 15 years of investing in a life here. I fully expect taking the passport or the jab will be a requirement of that.

  18. AB says:

    If you’re trying to work out what you can do right now to save a few zombies, concentrate on the so called vaccine. Don’t bother explaining that it is not a vaccine at all or that it is experimental or that vaccines in general can cause great harm. These points will not penetrate the zombie shield. Rather, simply request that zombie listeners delay their decision to take it until they’ve spoken to others who have already taken it and heard directly what they have experienced as a result.

    Once they hear all the negative feedback firsthand and witness with their own eyes what the jab has done to their friends and loved ones, then you can expose them to the truth about vaccines (and other treatments, fraudulently labelled vaccines.)

    You can’t communicate to a sleeping person using sign language. Know your audience and use the appropriate tools to engage them.

  19. NES says:

    Good work guys, as usual. JEP, thanks for the update on NM. I left there when the Red Queen began her rein of terror over the citizenry.

    Another reality? Yes, personally, I’m counting on being part of the continuing divergent reality as it separates me from the likes of the NYT’s shill Kevin Roose and his buddies, including POTUS, of the thought police and censorship gang.

    I ask myself often. From where did all these Nazi/Totalitarian/Technocratic extremists crawl out–the woodwork? Are they reincarnations of the most horrid of history–Hitlers, McCarthys and Borgias, the historical murderers, censors and bloody torturous power-mongers of old? Who knows? This is a swing of the pendulum that I could do without.

    Lady GAG-GAG. JEP is SO correct. She really should receive a medal for being the top shill among shills. And, get a load of that get-up she’s wearing to sway the stupid people who view the real world through fake movie-eyes, geez. It’s sick the way she presents herself. Oooo! Look at me! Look at me! Self respect is right out the window there.

  20. TimmyTaes says:

    “Men. Men are weak.” LOTR

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You were in South Dakota along the Missouri Valley circa 1971/72 with some friends.
      Do you remember the news of the Black Hills / Rapid City Flood early that summer of 1972?

      A few months following that flood, I hitchhiked starting from Texas for 2 weeks on $50 (came home with maybe $10).
      I had a friend, a drummer and musician (who later taught music at a University), living in Rapid City. I paid him a visit and he toured me around the area in his VW Bus.
      After his place, I hitchhiked to western Minnesota, east of Fargo, to see an old girlfriend, the daughter of a Dairy Farmer.

      Something which stands out for me during this era, especially with hitchhiking, was a “sense of community” with the public at large, and of course, with fellow baby boomers.

      Along the interstate entrance ramp, sometimes there would be a series of us individual hitchhikers spaced far apart in a line with our thumbs out, including females traveling alone.

      Example of community: On that late July evening, just prior to the sun setting, I was headed north on the highway outside Sioux City, Iowa. A carload of three girls picks me up. Two were sisters.
      They ask me if I wanted to spend the night at their house. I answered, “Sure, but I don’t want to impose or be any bother.”.
      We walk into the house and they yell, “Mom we picked a guy up hitchhiking and he is going to spend the night.” The Mother, not balking, tells them to fix the room. The next morning, the girls drop me off on the Interstate. There had been no sexual innuendos by any of us during this encounter. Just a sense of community and trustworthiness.

      Timmy, during this era, did you also notice a broad sense of community?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Rapid City, South Dakota – Amazing coincidental encounter of old friend

      • TimmyTaes says:

        Hi HRS:
        A: No. I knew nothing of the floods in the Black Hills in ’71/’72. We knew nothing of the outside world. Us hippies in the Yellow Farmhouse on Bluff Road read no newspapers. We did have an old black and white TV, but only watched old episodes of “The Rifleman” at 10 AM every morning. Our TV with rabbit ears only received the one station… at times.
        B: Yes. I did notice a broad sense of community back then. The old Scandinavian farmers of the area tolerated us and hired us to do farm chores. No one gave us hippies a hard time. We were all one living on the northern plains. I like your hithchiking stories. My grandpa Jack used to drive trucks from Mpls. to Fargo. Don’t know if he picked up hitchhikers. He wasn’t supposed to. Only a driver’s seat in the cab.
        Oh, I would go bird hunting on the landlord’s land. One time I shot a pheasant just 70 yards from the farmer’s wife who was cultivating with the tractor. She stopped the tractor and clapped. Pheasants eat crops. And it was a nice quick shot on my part. My Dalmation had pointed (no training) right at the game bird in a tiny clump of weeds at the bottom of a telephone pole by the road. I’d been hunting all morning and ended up shooting the bird just across the road from our farmhouse.
        I miss that old community feeling. Thanks for reminding me of it.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I so enjoyed reading those tidbits of the era. There’s an ember glowing warmth to ’em.

          Rifleman – For about a month or so in 2020, my son’s family (all 6 still living at the 25 acres) would sit down and watch episodes of the Rifleman.
          Those black-n-white westerns always tried to convey a story of integrity. Them old Cowboys probably wouldn’t take to Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates.

  21. weilunion says:

    Nuremberg failed insofar as the bankers, , IG Farben, Union Bank, the investor class of Germany and of course high level war criminals were never tried. They were given US citizenship and protection.

  22. Arby says:

    The same Elon Musk who said, about the US destruction of Bolivia so that companies like his could get better access to the lithium fields there that countries like Bolivia had better suck it up because this is how it is. Destroy a country for profit? Think about what aggression like that means. As others have noted, imperialist aggression that involves one country attacking another, for gain, incorportes ‘all’ evils (terrorism, rape, murder, etc). Elon’s principles are clear.

  23. lizzie says:

    Just watched an award winning documentary about Sweeden’s approach to the lockdown.
    It comes from the evidencenotfear website. It’s a good resource and you can find out how to join the Discord chat at the Crown pub there too.
    It’s funny how I haven’t seen one convincing documentary about the benefits of lockdowns or one sniff that the people making money off the back of this have any genuine interest in helping people be healthy. Nothing goes in depth in any meaningful way. It’s possible i’m only seeing what I’m interested in but I think it would be hard to conjure up a meaningful pro-lockdown documentary based on evidence.

    • mkey says:

      These people don’t care about anyone’s health. If they did, would they defraud the masses of their income and saving? Would they promote/enforce the worst quality “foods” or toxic “medicine”?

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