Interview 1598 - Howard Lichtman on The Thick Red Line

11/17/202056 Comments

Howard Lichtman joins us today to introduce, an effort to restore respect for law enforcement by abolishing victimless crime. ThickRedLine seeks to upend the narrative that keeps the public afraid of breaking the unlawful orders of the politicians and prevents officers from following their own conscience.

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David Rodriguez and Howard Lichtman at Dominican Hospital

Howard Lichtman at Santa Clara Medical Center


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  1. fartmcfarty says:

    The downfall of the world is going to be, “Hey man, I’m just doing my job.” Police officers don’t want to enforce totalitarian laws, but they do so anyways because they have families, mortgages, bills, debt… The thickredline flowchart is a great start, but it should really start with ‘If I don’t do this (e.g. kick people off a beach), am I going to get fired?’ The answer is probably yes. Earlier this year, Seattle Officer, Greg Anderson, got fired for simply posting a video about these very ideas. We need a GoFundMe in the billions/trillions?, some kind of Officer totalitarian job-loss insurance. “Hey man, I’m just doing my job. If I didn’t do it, someone else would. I got kids to feed, you know?” It seems like we live in a world where officers go to work, put on riot gear, and follow orders to stand in front/fight protestors. Then when their shift ends, they join the protests because they share the same beliefs as the protestors. ‘No victim, no crime’ = No job.

    • lizal says:

      this didn’t work in Nuremberg and it shouldn’t work now

      • Duck says:

        “..s didn’t work in Nuremberg..”

        Considering the Soviet Russians (who murdered even more people then even the Nazi’s did) were bringing charges Nuremburg trials I think it shows that IF YOU CONTROL THE COURT then you have zero need to fear punishment.
        If the Germans had won that war then they would have dug up charges against the Allied leaders.

        The Elites and their minions are not reckoning on getting put on trial any time soon

    • Libertydan says:

      Fartmcfarty (do you have a whoopee cushion),
      You make a good point when you say the Police are only doing it for the money (and it does pay well). Non the less, I do think that a Police Union, or a County Sheriff can negotiate with the evil bastards that Fund them.
      As the man said, they are looking a Sheriff to be a real Hero and be the first to stand up for “NO Victim, No Crime”.
      A Sheriff can do it without losing his job so long as the people back him.

    • n4x5 says:

      I fail to see how a GoFundMe-type job loss insurance plan would help the situation if the disobedient officer would simply be replaced — likely by someone more unscrupulous and more compliant. It seems to me that the people who need to be reached are not the rank-and-file but those who cannot be (easily) replaced, those with some sort of autonomy. It’s my understanding that sheriffs in the United States operate with some degree of this autonomy, although I suppose the details vary from place to place.

      I admire what Howard Lichtman is doing with this Thick Red Line plan and think it’s worth continuing, but it’s doubtful that it alone will be enough, and you’re right to bring up the basic financial incentives that these people have.

      In the spirit of another comment below, I’ll add that approaching law enforcement personnel in a calm non-confrontational way is best. Accusatory or condescending treatment will probably turn them defensive and hostile.

  2. manbearpig says:

    One line particularly stood out to me uttered by Mr Corbett:

    “…you don’t know who is on your side until you actually stand up to it”

    translated in my mind as

    “You don’t know who shares your principles until you stand up for them yourself.”


    despite all the attendant danger.

    • vadoum says:

      agreed, that line cuts to the chase.

      when lies on such massive scale are used to disguise unethical/immoral acts, a regroup is in order: stand ones ground to find like minds, and but if you happen to be the 100th monkey, perhaps death will still be better than slavery, or if one isn’t sure about principles vs mortality, at least choose the beautiful way.

      Here’s the universal law enforcers oath:

      On my honor, I will never
      Betray my integrity, my character
      Or the public trust.
      I will always have the courage to hold
      myself and others accountable for our actions.
      I will always maintain the highest ethical
      standards and uphold the values of my
      community, and the agency I serve.

      the issue that needs clarity is around the unethics of obeying an unjust order. An army soldier friend told me: “absolutely, if I’m ordered by a superior to do an unlawful act my job is to refuse,,” However, lotsa examples can be found where authority went to the next level of tyranny rather than backing down (thats our story today in a nutshell).

      life on earth: she’s a hard master, thats no mistake.

  3. potatoeaters says:

    This is s remarkably inspirering presentstion! I actually feel HOPEFUL “in the midst of the pandemic”! I shall press on with this momentum and share with my friend in the police department.

  4. michael.bc says:

    A very worthy and hopefully impactful initiative. I would sound two cautionary notes with regard to overoptimism however.

    1. Understanding Authoritarian Followers as a psychological personality type is an essential first step to grasping what kind of minds are attracted to uniforms and implementing orders and rules set by others. Essentially such types cannot psychologically cope without these supports and certainties remaining rigidly in place – and appealing to their ‘humanity’ may not work for more than a few.

    2. The PTB are well aware just how vulnerable they are should this line of enforcers refuse to implement their directives around these ‘victim-less crimes’. That’s why there are increasing reports coming in of police units cropping up with no ethnic or cultural relation to the people they are policing – a favorite tactic of tyrants throughout the ages – never use local, but bus them in from the far reaches of the empire! No loyalty or empathy for the locals who are seen as the ‘other’.

    • gauntlet33 says:

      @michael.bc, yes, I’ve noticed that’s the problem. In other words, I believe that there’s a majority of people who can’t let themselves accept even the possibility that these conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts because they would then feel powerless to do anything about it. Also, to most politics are a religion, and if the Demonrats say X, then X it is, even if a mountain of evidence proves otherwise.

      About your second point, that’s why I’m convinced that the US will bring in the military to the streets as they would not have any community/local ties, and therefore much less compassion than a police officer who would otherwise have to arrest his neighbor and therefore face potential backlash from the community for unjust arrests and/or police brutality.

      Brandon Smith at said we should form “community militias” as a show of force against riots and therefore the govt’s solution of the “need” to send in the military and I wholeheartedly agree. Everyone should talk to their neighbors and get this started ASAP.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    38 second video – INSPIRATIONAL

    On 11/6 mkey says:
    “A bit of good news.

    Glorious scenes in Piacenza Italy.
    The Police remove their helmets and stand in unison with the people.

    The people were protesting the government Covid mandates…TWITTER DESCRIPTIVE
    Glorious scenes in Piacenza Italy. The Police remove their helmets and stand in unison with the people. 12 nights in a row they have relentlessly hit the streets. The businesses and the people are going broke, lucky to last to the end of the month. It’s happening, people are rising

    Taken from this comment…

  6. borch says:

    We are very lucky to have a great sheriff here in Polk County WI.
    He released this statement back in April and has stood by it since.
    Unfortunately the health departments do not agree.

    “I want to take this opportunity to explain to the residents of Polk County my position on the enforcement of the Safer at Home order. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started over a month ago, I chose to take a common sense approach to enforcing the order. I watched our community self-regulate and adapt to the order. By utilizing social distancing and sanitation guidelines, our community has stayed healthy. I didn’t enforce travel restrictions or prohibit religious freedoms. I respected our fundamental rights.

    “I believe the extension of the safer at home order that was set to expire on April 24, 2020 is an over-reach of the State Government. As your Sheriff, I have taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin. I have always respected the civil liberties of the citizens of Polk County.

    “I believe that most Polk County businesses can safely operate with some protective measures in place such as social distancing and protective equipment for staff/patrons. I believe that our business community can be innovative and reopen safely with everyone’s health in mind.

    “I will work with our local Public Health Officials to make sure community continues to stay healthy and expect that we can safely start to reopen our economy. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office will work hard to protect our citizens from criminals and keep our community safe while respecting everyone’s constitutional rights.”

    • Libertydan says:

      I just heard that the Supreme Court of Wisconsin (similar to The Michigan Supreme Court Ruling) Ruled that the Governor’s Executive Orders there are Unconstitutional.
      This proves that the Polk County Sheriff has some backing at the Supreme Court, should he be asked to arrest the Governor, eh!

  7. Fawlty Towers says:

    Kudos to Howard Lichtman for coming up with this great initiative!

    He is extremely well-spoken and persuasive with his ideas.
    I wish him all the best and much success.

    We need more activists taking to the streets like him.

  8. UseLogic says:

    This is a half way measure – one that can seem to placate fears about how power can be applied, but does not solve the real problem.

    I’m all in favor of defunding the street cops. They’re useless on every measure for the citizenry. What they are is an insurance policy for the political class to be called upon when the citizenry might get irate, all paid for by taxing the citizenry and fleecing them with traffic tickets.

    We should keep detectives, forensics people and those that actually investigate crimes after the fact. I want every adult to become their own street cop and have the laws rewritten to allow people to defend themselves and further, to shoot to kill some cretin predator they may encounter. I want the citizenry to become the street cop, unpaid and in numbers in the tens of millions across the country. When the political class loses their insurance policy, they’ll be less likely to piss on the citizenry as they do now.

    • gauntlet33 says:

      The problem with “defunding the police” is that if/when riots break out, governors etc. will be calling for the military. In short, although the premise of your argument is not bad, in practice, it will be used against the people, which I explain in my earlier comment of today.

      • UseLogic says:

        The street cop is the tip of the spear. Without them, any disturbance that threatens the political structure would require the military to put down any demonstration of the peoples displeasure with the ruling class.
        That would be the perfect example to the people that they live in a true police state and their voices are to be suppressed at all cost.
        Ask yourself who will be called upon to disarm the citizenry once the 2nd Amendment is deemed to be a nuisance by TPTsB. It’s the street cops.
        Street cops are absolutely never your friend. They are the first line of defense for the oligarchy, kakistocracy, corporatocracy, etc.

        • Duck says:

          I recall a story about a jewish kid taken by the police in the papal states after an alleged baptism, and raised Catholic on order of the Bishop… who was arrested for this ‘kidnapping’ BY THE SAME POLICE after the unification of Italy. Cops just do their job…lol

          But, a street cop is very much your friend if something bad is going on and you don’t happen to be one of the rare people who can fend for yourself. The vast majority of people are “prey” class, and are more then willing to put up with the cops.
          The west is not yet ready to go back to hue and cry and mob justice but it may be one day soon when people are forced to toughen up

        • cu.h.j says:

          This is not entirely accurate. Police and the military are paid to do a job and many of them aren’t completely corrupt and blindly follow orders, especially civilian police officers. They don’t get a lot of training. They aren’t going to be rounding up people taking guns away without really thinking about what they are doing.

          As an experiment, you should go talk to your local sheriff and just have a conversation to see what you think after talking to them. You might be suprised.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I think one of the issues with police they can also succumb to a mob mentality and treat people badly.

            My interactions have usually been non-violent with the police and so I am probably a little biased. However, I know many people have been abused and treated badly.

            Regarding mask enforcement in my local area, we have a mandate for outside mask-wearing. The police do not enforce this, at least have not ever enforced this with me.

  9. pearl says:

    Great interview! Very encouraging and positive, perfectly in-tune with the spirit of The Corbett Report: do not succumb to the relentless divide & conquer tactics.

    Speaking of covid epicenters, are there any independent, investigative journalists in the El Paso area? Daily my husband informs me of how dire the situation is there, requiring 8 hour shifts from local prisoners to help with all the bodies piling up. Surely the government would never lie to us about something like that! I’m from there, so that’s why I’m very interested (I currently live 500+ miles away, closer to San Antonio).

    • gauntlet33 says:

      Yeah, right…bodies piling up. The govt keeps pretending like this is the bubonic plague all the while I have yet to know anyone in my big metropolitan area in Los Angeles who even knows anyone who died of COVID-19 who wasn’t younger than 80 yrs old or in terrible health to begin with.

      • Libertydan says:

        MY sister-in law claims to know 5 people that died of COVID19 in Windsor Canada. Although some were as young as 60, she did have to admit that all had contributing health issues.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I also noticed a similar situation to El Paso in the Rio Grande Valley (not far from McAllen) earlier this year around July. A lot of hospitalizations and some smaller hospitals were overwhelmed.
      Of course, El Paso is much larger.

      I can’t dig up an article easily…searches of past articles are for shit. Here’s a photo title:
      MC ALLEN, TEXAS-July 20, 2020-Dozens of nurses, staff and visiting, treats patients at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas, where hospitalizations and deaths have spiked this month. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly through the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, where people of all ages are getting infecting at family gatherings. (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

      In El Paso, with the way the wind blows and dust in the lungs and on the car windshield, and this current seasonal change in weather, I am wondering if those components along with the culture are playing a role.

      My ex-wife of 30 years used to live out there in El Paso and taught school. She stayed in touch with a past student who later became a nurse and does home care. Every 5 years or so, she would fly out and visit his young family. He told stories of how many folks were not really into natural health and vitamins, but rather depended upon pharmaceuticals.

      • pearl says:

        Thanks HRS and because of your countless health posts from Mercola and others, I’m erring on the side of caution: recently got a nebulizer and food grade hydrogen peroxide from a local health store. I hope we never have to use it.

        Dr. Mercola- Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide [shows how to do it!]

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Hot dang! I got one too back when Dr. Brownstein was talking about it in his video interviews with Covid patients. Like you, I have never used it, nor really even unpacked it.

          I may give it a swing sometimes in the near future just to see what it is like.

          Mercola has this website for the general public. It is a nice dissemination piece which I often use.
          Proven, Natural, Safe, Effective and Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Your Immune System.

      • OneKnightErrant says: is an excellent idea. I notice one must be a member to post. I wonder how they filter out Spooks? I watched the video posted by scpat “documenting” deaths in El Paso with shots of refrigerator trucks. No video of bodies loaded into trucks or the ones inside. All I see is an emotional ABC anchor reading his script off a teleprompter and a guy saying: “A friend of mine may be inside.” In addition to the Thick Red Line movement initiated by Lichtman, independent citizen journalists would be useful to monitor news outlets so they can be on the scene videoing the field reporter.

        Community peace officer lost job insurance another admirable idea. Police with families to support would be much more willing to stand together if they knew a large portion of the community were behind them. Also meet ups of concerned citizens to push back against politicians. Peer-to-peer networks to spread information. Neighbor-to-Neighbor coalitions to support other neighbors who’ve been targeted: “The police just pulled up in front with a battering ram!” – “OK, we’re on our way!” Also flyers in mailboxes with a list of natural remedies and dietary recommendations. Including testimonials: “I eat fresh, nutritious organic fruits and vegetables, follow Linus Pauling’s recommendation taking mega doses of Vitamin C to fight illness, avoid refined sugar, very little alcohol and exercise daily so am in excellent shape to help fat, diabetic friends with high blood pressure, globs of cholesterol clogging their arteries, who are constantly sick.”

        If enough people truly understood the consequences of not taking a stand, i.e., the horrendous police state Philip K Dick envisioned almost a half century ago, they would comprehend the ramifications of living in a “prison planet” with 24/7 surveillance and permission from the technocrat overlords to even set foot out of their house or Smart City cubicle. All their appliances sentries in the global panopticon. Hats off to Howard! Yes, a global law enforcement coalition who Just Say No! And a growing number of the world citizenry who chime in with: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not taking it any more!”

        By the way, Ernie, did you see how that worked? James had a guest, asked him concise questions, then listened to the response without interrupting. The next time you have JC as a guest, why not let him speak? Just a thought.

    • scpat says:

      This is what I found with a quick search in El Paso. Articles below.

      Multiple sources reporting bodies ‘piling up’. As many as 8 inmates were used to move bodies and US Air Force were brought in to help, their duties were unspecified. They also say funeral homes are running out of space.

      My questions are: does this have something to do with lack of staffing after having locked down and furloughing employees? Are there simply less people working than there regularly would, making it easier for bodies to ‘pile up’, as they say. I really don’t know. Could it also be due to County inspectors needing to examine each body more thoroughly (in bold in one of the articles)? Does that happen when people die of another illness such as flu?

      So in other words, could this ‘pile up’ be due to lack of staffing and extra measures the County is requiring which would slow down the processing of bodies, causing a build up when ordinarily there wouldn’t be even if the same number of people were dying in normal circumstances due to causes other than Covid?

      El Paso moves to 10 mobile morgues for COVID-19 deaths as judge wants to extend shutdown – FOX14 – Nov 8, 2020

      Last weekend, El Paso County set up its third and fourth mobile morgue units as COVID-19 patients were dying faster than the county could investigate them, leading to a backlog of 85 bodies.

      El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said El Paso County would soon have ten mobile morgues set up to handle the spike in COVID-19 deaths, which the judge said was showing no sign of slowing down.

      (More articles next comment…)

      • scpat says:

        El Paso, Texas, getting crushed by COVID-19 as state surpasses a million cases – ABC News – Nov 11, 2020

        In El Paso, however, the surge in cases has been so alarming that the U.S. Air Force has stepped in to help, deploying dozens of medical personnel from around the country.

        Christopher Lujan, a funeral director and embalmer at Sunset Funeral Homes, spoke with ABC News in October about the preparations they had made as COVID-19 cases rose throughout the county. At the time, they had turned a storage room into a walk-in refrigerator. It was already full, Lujan said.

        At Perches Funeral Home, general manager Jorge Ortiz says they turned a chapel into a cooler and small storage space for caskets. The area that had once been filled with rows of pews had been converted to hold up to 80 bodies. On Tuesday, Ortiz said they had reached capacity.

        Inmates help move bodies as they pile up at El Paso Medical Examiner’s office – WIBV-TV Channel 4 – Nov 14

        EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — An El Paso County Sheriff’s spokesperson confirms that inmates at the County Detention Facility are assisting the El Paso Medical examiner with the overflow of bodies at the morgue.

        The inmates were seen at the Medical Examiner’s office in full PPE gear on Friday, assisting near the mobile morgues and inside the building. The spokesperson did not give further detail about the inmates’ formal tasks, only that they were “helping them there.”

        As KTSM previously reported, El Paso has ten mobile morgues set up at the Medical Examiner’s office for the overflow of bodies awaiting autopsy. As of Friday, there were 741 confirmed deaths related to COVID-19 and 369 additional deaths under investigation. The number of deaths under investigation has jumped 137 — from 232 on November 1.

        Texas inmates enlisted to carry bodies at El Paso morgue amid COVID-19 surge – NY Post – Nov 16, 2020

        Several El Paso County inmates were spotted at the ME’s office on Saturday by a photographer with The Texas Tribune. The inmates were dressed in PPE gear and moving bodies into mobile morgues stationed outside the building.

        A spokesman with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the Tribune that four to eight inmates are voluntarily helping at the ME’s office — and getting paid $2 an hour to do so.
        The inmates, from the county detention facility’s trustee program, began shifts last Monday, the spokesman told the newspaper.

        There were a total of eight mobile morgues outside the ME’s office on Saturday, the Tribune reported. The number will soon be increased to 10.

      • pearl says:

        Good questions, scpat. And many thanks for digging up these links! I’m reading through them now…

      • Duck says:

        Bodies cant be just stacked like cordword and then tossed in the incinerator three at a time, (they would take longer to burn that way too) so even a few extra ones end up taking far more space then they really ought to. There is probably not a huge amount of extra capability built into the system.

        I am not an expert but I THINK the chain from Dr calling time of death to Pile of ash is pretty much “just in time” (like a super market supply chain) so I would guess your right and IF there is a glut of corpses its due to a kink in the chain in one or two key places….even a delay handing them off to private funeral homes thru paperwork issues could make it LOOK like a huge influx of dead people has happened.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      El Paso

      While there could be many factors involved with the hospitalizations, the TREATMENTS could play a role.

      Don’t worry…this is FACT CHECKED. 😉

      What are the treatment options for COVID-19? by the Associated Press FACT CHECK.
      …which links to the “official government” NIH version…

      FULL TEXT at the link which directly correlates with the NIH version.

  10. wylie1 says:

    What is the opposite of divide and conquer?
    Gather together, to combat the fraud or improper action.
    Something I’ve been calling on people and businesses to do from day1. Why, because I’ve done it and know it works.

    When a large enough group exists(is formed), they can have orders of magnitude more influence over the various politicians and law enforcement policies. I’ve suggested such groups negotiate with law enforcement after forming, prior to and early on in the CoronaCon.

    The singular Rambo mentality simply demonstrates unthinking as well as ignorance of you actual enemy, including their minions, useful idiots, and order followers. Actually the chicken-hearted mentality of the willingness to shoot your hungry neighbor rather than deal with those causing the problems; while absolutely refusing to do the simple things to prevent that necessity, like forming groups to combat fraud or recall unreasonable politicians.

    Its not a difficult concept, forming a group. It is simply whether you want to be ruled over like a dog or not. Which is it?
    –One could think most out there have already decided they prefer to be whipped dogs rather than run in a pack, otherwise this viral fraud and many other problem would already be solved. Even the terrible inner city thug gangs most frown upon are smarter than those who refuse to find or form a group.

    So it should be no surprise that I’m happy to hear about this fellow who is part of a GROUP trying to get sheriffs to change their ways. A group negotiating / trying to bring them into a better frame of mind and action.

    One doesn’t have to start from scratch, maybe you can influence an existing group to be more active on this subject of viral fraud and protection of freedom/rights?

    • wylie1 says:

      My first question to any person of so called authority:
      If what you are basing you policies on is shown to be baseless or fraudulent, which we have shown, then all we are asking for is for you to do the right thing; do you consider that to be unreasonable?

      Police are a top down organization. Sheriffs are at the top of their organization. For those who live in municipalities having their own police(most any city) They will need to negotiate with the mayors. Large numbers in your group(s) are more important for dealing with such politicians who see a power advantage in the special powers using virus as excuse. It will take large numbers to show them that is wrong think and good way to get booted.

      Have to say that it seems more likely that folks find it more convenient to provide for their families (or do other things they like better than jail) if not in jail, rather than it not entering their minds of disobeying silly govt edicts of not going to the beach.

      Have to disagree with James somewhat. For those single and nothing better to do, go ahead and disobey the fraud based edicts if you like. Preferably be smart about it and take a large group with you. For those who don’t want to risk jail, risk a wee bit of time to form a group and SOLVE THE PROBLEM BY
      1. Negotiating with sheriffs and mayors and if you group is large enough, with governors
      2. Suing officials for fraud, failing to follow the law(constitution) etc.
      3. Forcing a fraud free recall
      4. … youz ur thot spot, if you can make a list to go to the store you can do this too. No excuses.

      Police have to pass an entry test. Some (maybe many) municipalities do not accept candidates that score too high. They want order followers not thinkers. Again, a good reason to grow your group or link existing groups for this cause of freedom, to deal with commissioners/mayors/governors/whoever is in charge, to do the right thing.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really, really like this concept.

    Back during the “9/11 Truth Infowars”, one strategy which our group utilized, repeatedly, was to distribute literature and DVDs to FireStations. Through the years, hundreds and hundreds of FireStations received information either by mail or in person at the truck or their station. I ran into many, many firefighters who were aware of the 9/11 cover-up.
    It was a successful strategy.

    Of course, our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” group has passed out tons of stuff over the years, and has been involved with activism on many topics.
    Anyone, anywhere can join:
    It is a good start to finding community if you are in North Texas.

    When our group did events and demonstrations, the police were very supportive. No hassle ever. Joe was told by an officer that they knew who we were.

    Police Anecdote
    A decade back or more, I was in Whataburger getting my double meat with extra vegs. On my way out to the car, I noticed two cops sitting jawing to each other. I went to my car and got two 9/11 DVDs, and went back in up to their table. I briefly said, “A lot of folks liked seeing this DVD about 9/11, and we are giving them out for free.”
    The big cop growls forcefully, “Do you have a solicitation permit?”
    I knew I found an asshole. So I watched my tongue, muting my communication, and played to what he wanted to see (i.e. my domination). “No sir. …sorry sir. …yes sir, I understand.”

    I get back in my car and stewed until I devised a plan on the way home.
    At home, I made a nice cardboard box display of DVDs, with typed signs such as “FREE – Take one”.
    Later in the week, I went down to the main Police Station for this suburb of north Dallas. Plano, Tx has about a quarter million residents. I walk in through the front doors and at the entrance hall front desk sits “Red”. I knew Red, a single father of a teenage daughter, and always called him Red when he used to visit one of my book stores.
    In a friendly way he says, “What kind of trouble are you in now?” I laughed and told him that I wasn’t in any trouble, and went on down to one of the police windows with a lady behind the glass. I asked the lady to please put the Free Dvd box in the breakroom behind her. She did, and in a good spot. I watched her.

    • pfunk says:

      @HomeRemedySupply, I totally agree with the idea of spreading awareness through literature or other means. A Freedom Cell I belong to in the Bay Area assembled two flyers questioning the pandemic and lockdown measures. You can download them here:

      These might be useful to members of the Corbett Report community. I’m not aware of similar flyers covering all of these points, but would love to see examples of others. Sharing knowledge is one of the most powerful forms of resistance there is.

  12. mkey says:

    Who are the main vaccine refusers and how to tackle them – Former CDC chair –

    Here’s a heartwarming story on those pesky vaccine refusers.

    • wylie1 says:

      Thanks. A good clip for all those (like some people I know) who still think govt is their friend, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Nothing like hearing it from the horse’s backside herself.

  13. dewmu says:

    Hi, this is my first comment. It is encouraging to hear that someone has made headway with people connecting to the police. I was searching this website – Retrieved from: and scanned through the article 19 June 2020. What the data say about police brutality and racial bias – and which reforms might work. I am realizing that Mr. James Corbett is having us step up to think through what we are expressing and searching for valid and reliable references. Okay, it is a good practice but makes me feel I’m in graduate school. Lol
    Anyway, here are some raw thoughts that I have about police that may be true and may be false, or both – are police corrupted on some level as they are part of a chain pf power, and power/authority can be misused? How many police are infiltrated by corrupt masonic ties? (not sure how to word these questions). How are police being or have been militarized; which, if so, is against constitutional law (though in my understanding has been forfeited when executive orders have been activated through a national emergency. (that’s probably a run-on sentence).
    The Columbine police in my understanding from Mr. Ron Aigner were inappropriate with teenagers, which is allegedly the real issue of what happened, and that other parts of that incident/or series of incidents were staged and a false flag to smoke-screen the truth of what really was happening.
    It is risky to engage the police when a new world order infrastructure governed by the deep states are being played down – as the police are most likely coerced to certain attitudes and activities???
    Just my thoughts on police, whom I do try to keep distance with.

    • wylie1 says:

      All good questions and as one might suspect, apply to several police-ing depts/locations but not all.

      The govt mentality is that if you are not fighting against their abuse of power and theft(money, rights, property, etc) then you must not care; so then full steam ahead with doing the wrong thing.

      It is their full time job. Whereas the people have to make time to fight them. Some like to pretend they have no time for that …which can easily be proven false. So then one is left with the govt conclusion that they don’t really care what happens to them …until after it happens. i.e. whiners instead of preventers.
      –akin to not buying vs. buying insurance.

  14. cu.h.j says:

    I’ve worked with the police as a nurse in the ER and many of them are just regular people, like you and me. They get paid to do a job and depending on the person would use their moral values to determine the way they conduct themselves. Working with the general public is tough and in the US people aren’t always on their best behavior. Being a police officer can be tough especially if they don’t get sufficient training.

    I’m not saying some people aren’t abusive, some are and it’s wrong. Many though are just regular people and you can connect with them, especially the people who are experienced. My point is that I think it’s necessary to reach out to law enforcement and try to inform them of what’s going on. They would be the ones enforcing these crazy restrictions and whatever abuses are in the pipeline. It’s good to be able to talk to people and connect with them as human being and get them on your side. This can be done if you’re dealing with a regular person.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m with you on that.

    • I am a 3x College Loser Biochemist/Accountant (#dontgotoschoolkids), who can see oh so easily through all the damned lies in COVID 1984 … I drive a car for a living and have many opportunities to speak to the police both voluntary and not sometimes and they normally extend me a professional courtesy … but in my ADVENTURES AS A COLLEGE LOSER!!!! I have polled the police and not one is going to go door to door to force vaxx anybody … now is the time to unite and KILL YOUR MASTERS!!!

  15. illbnice2u2 says:

    I thought of a way to make the police police the police. When the police do something evil and are found guilty of it, it is the tax payers that foot the bill paying the settlement. I think police should have to pay for their own insurance and when they are found guilty of wrong doing their insurer would pay the settlement. Premiums would start rising and the police would be soon policing each other. Also get rid of Qualified Immunity

    • wylie1 says:

      Excellent. If doctors, lawyers, engineers, and vehicle drivers have to buy insurance, why not so called Law Enforcers? The insurers would investigate and not issue policies to many of those that should be canned but instead are just moved.

      • wylie1 says:

        Unfortunately the police unions and/or politicians would find a way to subvert that a few years after implementation by rolling out a new “cost saving plan” of “group insurance” thereby amounting to what some cities already carry, only this would find a way to cost the taxpayer much more; as does everything implemented by govt.

  16. I sent this to my Sheriff.
    *Fingers crossed*

  17. How do I download this so that I can share it EVERYWHERE?!?!? I’ve already been having this discussion as much as possible with the Boys in Blue everywhere … We The People of Planet Earth NEED THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!

  18. darby_m says:

    James, you are the work horse of the truth movement!
    I am so grateful for this interview! I just got off the phone with Howard as they are literally headed my way! I will be meeting him and his group in a day or so. I am also organizing a group to meet with our local sheriff. I also hope to arrange for a meeting between them and Howard. Super encouraging!
    We can either free each other or enslave each other and this is a miraculous and yet practical step toward freedom that is clear to any reasoning person!

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