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10/22/202079 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Ireland To Impose 6-Week National Lockdown, Estimates 150,000 Job Losses

Four Australian Babies Die After Being Denied Lifesaving Heart Surgery And Transfer Due To COVID Travel Restrictions

Victoria's COVID Lockdown Did Not Contribute to Four SA Baby Deaths: Andrews

Australia To Axe Incoming Passenger Arrival Card for Digital App

Ontario Introduces Program That Could Replace Physical ID Cards With Phones

Story #2: The Digital Currency Arms Race - Central Banks Enter the Fray to Protect National Sovereignty

Episode 328 – The Bitcoin Psyop

Who’s Afraid of Decentralized Currency?

PDF: “The Future of Money and Payments”

Story #3: Fake Music “Rebels” Rant Part Two - Selection Boogaloo

Watch Run the Jewels' 'Holy Calamavote,' With Pharrell, Zack de la Rageboy & More

Wikipedia: Unilever

Pledge to Vote: Ben and Jerry's Is Giving Away Its RTJ 'Chunky Dunky' SB Dunk Collab

Run The Jewels and Marvel/Disney Partner for New Merchandise Line

After Years as Indie Heroes, Here's Why Run the Jewels Signed With BMG For Fourth Album

Media Monarchy Meets Run The Jewels

Refused Sign to UMG for new EP, ‘The Malignant Fire’

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  1. fritz.s says:

    Lol: “licking their chops”. That paints a very true and realistic picture.

  2. ab17 says:

    ‘Colourful names for Dictators’ – they call Premier Andrews ‘Chairman Dan’.

  3. Big-_-Brother says:

    Do you guys think that the U.S gov suing google is another PSYOP or legit a law suit? I feel like this is gonna be like another Rockefeller standard oil scenario. Where nothing changes and gives more power to the monopolies

    • Libertydan says:

      I think the law suit against Google could go either way. To counter the argument that the break-up of Standard Oil did nothing productive, I would point to the Case of Microsoft being sued for underhandedly squeezing out other Internet Browsers. Indeed, we do have a choice of Internet Browsers today, and I would have to say that the Government did something Right. So, it does happen from time to time.

    • Alas … just like “never let a good crisis go to waste,” this would appear to be yet another smoke and mirror show to set yet another precedent of maleficent nature … “Don’t be Evil” … yeah right

  4. Libertydan says:

    Re: Story #1
    I have a Cousin who now lives in Ireland. He was a Professional Actor and lived in NY prior to calling out the Sandy Hoax scandal. He actually knew some of the Actors in the Hoax were in the Actors Gild. Yep, those were Actors who were photographed with Obama claiming to have lost their children. He is a fan of “The Corbet Report” and would likely be happy to provide some first hand incite as to what is really going on in Ireland.
    I also have two Nephews that did a Semester at Trinity College (perhaps about the time JC was there). When my bother (now Canadian) and his wife (she was born there) went to visit Ireland there was this Pond that the Natives said to stay away from because the water would make you turn old. Well, my “Canadian” brother, know it all, (Businesses Major) decided to defy that silly Irish Superstition and washed his face in that Pond, where by my Nephew told me, that some of the locals were taken back. Silly superstition right! Well, not so fast, because he did start losing his hair after that and he did seem to age quicker.
    So, how does this relate to the CoVID Lock-Down in Ireland? Well, the Irish do have there Superstitions, and it would seem that this makes them vulnerable to fearing what they can not see.
    In the case of the Pond,there was likely a Bacterium that caused people to age quicker, yet it was explained locally as some kind of Spell. Indeed, without hard Science, I too would have discounted the Spell, yet I would have still assumed that these people had good reason to claim that it would make you old, and thus I would have stayed away from it.
    So, now we have an Invisible Sickness making it’s way around the world, and a vulnerable population who fear what they can not see.
    Anyway, I do have a cousin living in Ireland that sees the Hoax for what it is, and is damn right pissed off that they have closed down the Pubs.
    Here is a link to his facebook page

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is interesting. Thanks for relaying that stuff.

      • Libertydan says:

        A Pub in Ireland is more than a place to get a Beer. It is a place where much Intellectual and Philosophical discussions take place, of which cannot be monitored by the powers that should not be.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      Glad your relative in Ireland can see through all this because there are an awful lot of people here who are falling for it. I’ve even had people say to me that the government wouldn’t lie. There’s not much you can do about that level of delusion. It’s really sad too the number of young people you see here in the street wearing masks when wearing them outside isn’t even part of the rules.

      That’s really interesting that your cousin knew some of the crisis actors who took part in Sandy Hoax. I believed in the official narrative at first but did masses of research into it and changed my mind. I’d be really interested to talk to him about it but unfortunately I don’t do Facebook – or Twitter.

      • Libertydan says:

        I don’t know that my cousin knew the Actors in Sandy Hoax personally, but he did know of them, and he knew that they were Professional Actors.
        I no longer do Facebook either, but he does have a following there, and thus far, it seems to work for him.
        Since the “State of Emergency” declared in response to the Events of 9/11/01 everything that is broadcast on MSM is censored, and most everything is scripted for Actors to read as if it were real News.
        It has gotten to where I see a hidden agenda for everything that is broadcast on MSM. Even the Sports Games show how both the players and coaches wear Masks on the side lines. Yep, if they want to get paid, they must adhere to the New Rules and help deceive the masses.

    • Stronghorse says:

      I have a good friend who lives in Ireland also. He is fully awake and knows what is really going on. He does not do social media though, so it would be difficult for them to meet since they cannot travel any longer.
      He is very angry over the pubs being closed and the travel restrictions too, but he doesn’t currently see much in the way of stopping the out of control governments who are colluding with the international bankers.

    • madzz says:

      I am in/from Ireland and there is quite a few of us here! Although I have been surprised by the fluoridation effects… I see too many people who do not want to follow the “rules” but do anyway for fear of standing out. Definitely a lack of 1916 energy.
      We have had a takeover of propaganda, worthy of watching, though….

      There are plenty of protests but the media are playing games and right-winging them. Plenty of social media groups getting shut down.
      And technically the pub’s are not closed but only open for take-away or delivery, which means they will close anyway. Our government is playing serious games.

      And our government are listening to CMO Tony Holohan who tried to cover up the cervical check scandal two years ago.

    • Well, this is GREAT information! Would your cousin be willing to do a video chat ON RECORD?? The REAL PROBLEM is that in order to Make Reality Real Again (MRRA, I’m running for VPOTUS 2024 and starting my campaign NOW!) … Weast all need to unite and align, and Corbett’s 911 in 5 Minutes (or whatever it was called officially … can’t locate the original … grrr, is THE BEST WAY to unite and meme the ever-living F out of!!! Polarize that video through the lens of “I’m a Conspiracy Theorist & So Are YOU!” and the Truth Propaganda shall breaketh the spell The World is under!! I am “Nicholas Oropallo” on FB|LI and The Real Vsauce on YT … I have another Irishman ready to go on my PK Podcast and feel that your cousin may make a good compliment to his second appearance after I have them both on by themsleves.

  5. lovetodust says:

    I wrote it last week, and I will write it again –

    There is nothing funny about dementia/forgetting.

    I recently sent a contribution to James Corbett/James Evan Pilato.

    It will be my last.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      My father suffered from dementia and it was a nightmare. I had to look after my own household and go and look after him as well. Sometimes I used to laugh myself silly at his antics. Humour is a way we cope with the dark and difficult things in life.

    • debra.b says:

      Hi lovetodust,
      I remember last week. As I replied then, I know all too well as my grandmother suffered from Dementia to Alzheimer’s. It’s brutal and no joke. You have them here with you, but you don’t. It’s a cruel end for both the person suffering from it and those who love and care for that person.

      I understand and support whatever you feel you need to do for you. But, I personally will miss your presence here if you go. ❤️

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I understand and support whatever you feel you need to do for you. But, I personally will miss your presence here if you go. ❤️

        Same here.

        • Steve Smith says:

          Yeah. Me too. I appreciate your presence here.
          But may I add, as someone who is forgetting way too many things lately, that as unusual as it is to see Mr. Corbett relax enough to make what seems to be an insensitive joke. It really is a moment to be treasured. James is a real person with real parents and real children who while almost inhuman in his ability to be so self aware is still fallible.
          While I am not offended by his mocking of Biden I understand how others might be. But I am certain that James was mostly mocking the ridiculous process that would nominate a man with demonstrable dementia rather than those who might be suffering from the affliction.
          Hope you stick around and reconsider your decision.
          As fallible as our Mr. Corbett might be, I think one would be hard pressed to find a man with more integrity, self control and intelligence.

          • cu.h.j says:

            That’s some good insight about JC being a real person, infallible who might have made an insensitive joke just like a lot of us might have done so.

            It actually makes me feel a little better about my own humanity and imperfections.

            Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive decline wether it be just senility or early cognitive decline from Alzheimer’s, being picked by the Democratic Party is strange. Maybe they want people to feel sympathy for him? Maybe it’s a middle finger to the citizens of this country if Biden is selected that he’s just a figure head? Who knows it’s speculative.

            I’m very concerned with a rapid decline into the NWO with Biden though. I think Trump still has a soul which is different from the opposition. Harris is a borderline sociopath who will say anything and do anything for power similar to Hillary.

    • eat my cake says:

      what? you mean the king isn’t wearing anything?

      I’m close to flipping my understanding of this event.
      I’ve been collating and dot connecting and sharing,, sometimes pleading with my friends and family to simply honor facts and stop feeding the beast with supposition based fear,,
      HOWEVER,  I’m coming around to the notion that perhaps there actually is viral activity happening. 

      If our species is also one organism,
      the way bird flocks can murmur,,
      some are white blood cells, fighting the good Jedi fight
      some are muscle cells getting the job done
      some are super sensitive with a meek default
      others numb as’a hake
      all of us are deceivers, 
      rule-benders by degree
      and as these are the days of the sprung lie
      suddenly, inexperienced pilots are realizing they are flying sophisticated space ships
      we are experiencing varying forms of waking up to that:
      indigence gobsmacked nonplussed and found-dumb
      desperation as depressiveness or aggressiveness
      rare impassioned surges of brilliant intelligence
      amidst abundant incoherence and a dominant static charge

      eugenicists could be the suicidal part of a one mind model.

      a virus of exaggerated states and acts
      that force people to emotionally register/acknowledge one’s own hypocrisy.
      our gestures are “being in or out of the manners” (aboriginal auntie)
      that promote/support or degrade, dissonance or resonance,  the dissolution or prolific beauty of creation’s song.

      Is there an over-arching guiding force?
      a natural law that is the inherent core frequency of world reality? 
      whether one hides in castle with drawbridge up and crocodiles in the mote,,  natural law pervades, or might we say

      “She presides”
      and she is a garden,
      The earth from which all this reality is birthed
      is the Boss.

      and for better or worse the humanity system
      has gone viral
      over the dead-end results of our self-centeredness, an addiction/entrainment
      she may well kick our asses
      she may give us the bundy!

      “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
      Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
      ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

    • Octium says:

      I’m sure James is not aiming the joke at Biden or people with dementia, but at the people who are so indoctrinated that they do not notice how sick the man is and still think he could run the country and would vote for him anyway because he is the nominated (S)elected person for their appointed team.

      Out of more than 300 million people Trump and Biden are the top two people for leading the country?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Out of more than 300 million people Trump and Biden are the top two people for leading the country?

        It kind of tells ya something about Americans, doesn’t it?

        • cu.h.j says:

          It tells us something about the political system not “Americans “ as a group.

        • Libertydan says:

          I happen to catch most of the Final Presidential Debate last night and came to the conclusion that I have seen better from High School students. The fact that “The System” has selected these two to compete for the position of President and given them the Spot Light, shows just how bad “The System” is.
          Indeed, even if you accept that one person could possibly manage society effectively, there is no way that you could conclude that these are the best qualified. In fact, these two Major Party Nominees, are likely the worst choices on the Ballot, yet they will get the most votes. What does that tell you about the Voting Public?
          They will vote for someone that they think will win against someone they perceive is even worse.

          • cu.h.j says:

            You are correct about voting for the less of two evils. Human tend to follow the leader. I think humanity should rebel in a coordinated effort and we need leadership. That is lacking which is why people capitulate.

            I can lead in matters I have experience with like health care not armed rebellion or mass civil disobedience. We need the latter, similar to Martin Luther King or John Lennon who could motivate the masses.

            In the absence of this someone willing to be up front and center I am voting for the less of two evil and I think it’s Trump this time.

    • suzt says:

      I understand and support whatever you feel you need to do for you. But, I personally will miss your presence here if you go. ❤️

      Same here.

    • cu.h.j says:

      It’s a terrible disease, probably one of the top three. Sometimes people make bad jokes to lighten a dark situation and this can be hurtful. People are imperfect and make mistakes not knowing that it will hurt someone’s feelings.

      If I have done that here, I apologize. I treat people with dementia all the time and it is a very devastating illness, heartbreaking. I have genetic risks for it and my great-grandma suffered from it and it broke my grandpa’s heart to see his mother that way.

      I have been lucky that I have not had immediate family members stricken with this disease. I am sorry that your mother has dementia and that you have to deal with the pain and loss.

      I will also miss your contributions. I think you are a very valuable member here and your insights are enlightening and I have learned from your insights. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your contributions thus far. Again, if I have ever said anything to hurt your feelings, I am really sorry. Take good care and good thoughts for you and your family.

    • This is true and the technocrats have the Qure!!! All you have to do is worship Satan, right? … Or … Weast can take humor in and enjoy a momentary release by basking in beauty the satire of the What It Means To Be Human … remember: Momemto Mori. God Bless!

  6. nail says:

    I would recommend as far as music and Independent Labels and bands The Koffin Kats. They are awesome! My favorite is “domination final” And the Sheckies from NJ.

    • mrbarbecue says:

      JEP isn’t that consistent with his musical awareness…Refused have been back since 2014 and released an album in 2015 and an EP in 2016 on Epitaph…the same label they were on on The Shape Of Punk To Come, at least the North American release, it’s a big indie label yes, but it’s the only way most underground labels survive these days, by merging and selling each other’s stuff in their catalogues (Revelation Records selling records from almost every underground label you can imagine for example).Yeah, they released another one in 2019…3 year break, 2 new releases under Obama, 1 under Trump. What the hell are you talking about Jimmy? (Epitaph is a legendary underground punk/metal/hardcore/indie rock etc. whatever label created as just a PO Box by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion in 1980).

  7. Libertydan says:

    Re: Story #2
    Indeed, “World Pandemic CoVID19” is the cover-story that overshadows/hides a much more hideous agenda, however, I object to JC claiming that CoVID19 has nothing to do with the Global Reset that has been planned for years.
    I see the Planned Pandemic much like I see the Events of 9/11/01. In order to carry out the agenda exposed by “The New American Century” in September of 2000, they needed ” A New Peal Harbor”. The underlying agenda at that time was to take control of nearly all the worlds Oil supplies, (and it continues to this day). The Events of 9/11/01 were put in place in secret to create a “smoke screen” so that the American People would buy into the Bull Shit that followed.
    In much the same way, CoVID19 is a “smoke screen” so the they can get the People of the World to buy into a top down authoritarian World Government.
    Indeed, these two things are linked!
    By preventing the take over of the world’s Oil we have made the Banksters weaker, so they came up with a New plan for world Dominance.
    Don’t get Vaccinated should be our cry!

  8. Blameitontheboogie says:

    I’m in Ireland and all this is based on fake testing. We locked down on 12th March and where I live hardly anything, apart from the schools where the children are wearing masks would you believe, has re-opened since apart from a few shops. The cafes opened for a short time and were actually doing well so they were made to close down again three weeks ago. The tourist industry, entertainment and the arts and the hospitality industry are reported to be on the floor here. I wonder why.I actually went to a small market near where I live which is open air but the Gardai (Irish police) had closed it down.

    This virus, which according to the official figures kills people here at an average age of 83 who also have other things wrong with them, is so virulent it can attack in the open air. Just to add thank you James for that correction about Ireland not being in the UK and Imho the EU has been a disaster for Ireland and most of Europe. As for the Irish rebel spirit, not much in evidence I’m afraid.

    Really depressing about the coming digital currency. Such a bad idea in so many ways. But anyway thanks for your great reporting both.

  9. mkey says:

    What a bummer. No good news? Here’s something.

    83 Year Old Sums it ALL Up in 30 Seconds | Carl Vernon

    Well, not good news, just some fresh perspectives.

  10. mkey says:

    Another contribution for truth music.

    Corona: Revolution sound the alarm ?

  11. Dephyant says:

    I believe he’s been coined ‘Dicktator Dan’ down since the lock downs in VIC already Mate!

  12. SuperMom Belle says:

    I’ve been calling our tyrants in North Carolina “King Coop’em” for Governor Roy Cooper and “Dr. Pepper” &/or “Mandy-tory Cohen, Unlicensed MD” with hashtags #NoKingCooper & #NoDrPepper. Other popular monikers & slogans ’round here are: “Governor Pooper” and “Doc McStuffins” & “My Governor’s an Idiot” (which he’s NOT, he truly believes WE are though).
    “…She hides behind Roy, But she’s Cohen, unlicensed MD
    …Yeah, she doctors the data, But she’s made new-norms Mandy-tory
    …Blame it all on yourself & the Free “to be rather than [to] seem”
    … And the least she could do is admit to the ruse; But she’s ‘Ruling and Ruining NC’.”

  13. Fact Checker says:

    I’m sorry, but if the government openly announces that it will impoverish and immiserate 150,000 Irishmen, and they just roll over and take it, it can only mean the Herd is simply tired of existing in the material world.

    They are at this point not just complicit in their own murder, but begging for it.

    Oh well.


  14. Mohamed Hassan says:

    In reference to the creation of the COVID-19 pandemic as a cover for the great reset here is an article that discusses the invention of the covid 19 virus through sequencing guesswork and “consensus” agreement on it, along with a study from the CDC (link provided) showing that the alleged virus is only virulent in poisoned monkey cell lines but not any common laboratory human cell lines used in study of diseases.

    • Libertydan says:

      Similar to the Demolition of the WTC buildings on 9/11/01, a World Plandemic provides the perfect Cover-Story to hide a much more damning agenda.

  15. frankwd says:

    I live in Florida. So far we don’t really have restrictions. This better not come my way. We here in Florida are heavily armed and have no problem using our 2A rights. You have been warned tyrannical Marxist scum.

  16. Foxlady says:

    I got the impression that this implication of tyranny works like this: Put restriction 1 into place – watch if there is a major push back of the people. If not, put restriction 2, watch if there is major push back.. and so on. If only people would understand that a determined push back NOW could interrupt this vicious circle! Jump out of the warm water you frogs – before it starts boiling!

    • madzz says:

      This is exactly what happened in Ireland… There was a leak one Sunday night, a letter from the National Public Health Emergency Team to the dáil (parliament), saying that a move to level 5 should go ahead without doubt. People panicked and the government upped the level to 3. More people panicked and then after a week or so they upped the level to 5 with moderations…

  17. debra.b says:

    If this isn’t tyranny I don’t know what is.

    OCTOBER 22, 2020
    FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine on U.S. Children

    Children’s Health Defense Team

    Americans have been following COVID-19 vaccine trial developments for weeks, watching companies jockey for frontrunner status like contestants in a reality TV show. And though participants in some of the studies (by Moderna, Oxford, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer) have surfaced with reactions serious enough to pause several of the trials, market analysts remain “bullish” about the near-term prospects for approval of these liability-free products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    On Oct. 16, Pfizer’s CEO indicated the company would likely file for FDA Emergency Use Authorization for its experimental BNT162b2 vaccine in late November. That statement came three days after Pfizer announced that it had received FDA permission to administer the unproven vaccine to children as young as 12, becoming the first company in the U.S. to include young participants in Phase 3 trials. In the UK, Oxford and AstraZeneca gained approval to test their vaccine in children aged 5-12 back in May, a couple of months before two of their adult clinical trial participants developed transverse myelitis.

    To date, Pfizer has administered two doses of vaccine to almost 35,000 adult participants in five countries. Unworried by the dramatic side effects reported by some of these adults — including high fever, pounding headaches, body aches, exhaustion and shivering intense enough to crack teeth — more than 90 parents have already expressed interest in volunteering their teenagers.

    Article continues….

    • debra.b says:

      Additional excerpt from article above…

      Conflicts of interest and revolving doors

      In the summer of 2019, after having served as the Trump administration’s FDA commissioner for two years, Scott Gottlieb passed through the revolving door to join Pfizer’s board of directors as well as becoming a regular contributor on CNBC. For the past four decades, stepping onto pharmaceutical boards has been par for the course for departing FDA commissioners, though Gottlieb may have upped the ante by also joining the boards of the AI- and big-data-reliant genetic testing start-up, Tempus, and the biotech company Illumina.

      While at the FDA, Gottlieb presided over a record number of drug approvals. According to one commentator, this “trail-blazing” FDA stint and Gottlieb’s focus on “hustling up the [drug approval] process … helped endear him to the industry, making him one of the most popular commissioners in FDA history.” As the director of a consumer watchdog group put it, “He’s basically been a shill for pharmaceutical corporations for much of his career.” Two months before stepping down from the agency, Gottlieb attracted notice when he strongly denied any link between vaccines and autism while publicly threatening that the federal government might be “forced” to intervene in states with vaccine exemptions to make vaccines mandatory across the board.

      Gottlieb’s affiliation with CNBC may explain why he has been a frequent public face during the coronavirus pandemic, promoting the U.S. as a world leader in the vaccine race but also vocally endorsing measures like universal masking, universal testing and restaurant and school shutdowns. On October 19, Gottlieb dourly told Americans that the U.S. is “entering a pretty difficult period” and that “the hardest part is probably [still] ahead.” Ironically, around the same time that Gottlieb was using positive test results to hype ongoing restrictive measures, a former Pfizer vice-president and chief science officer in the UK characterized mass testing as “inappropriate,” asserting that “it is impossible for the positives to be much other than false.” Discussing the harsh policies that have been particularly disastrous for children, the former Pfizer executive agreed that they have essentially been based on “completely fake data.”

    • eat my cake says:

      “more than 90 parents have already expressed interest in volunteering their teenagers.”

      They have no right to consciously jeopardize their children’s health. No body does. They can be sued or have the kids taken away for such recklessness. of course noone will ever know until the second virus from a spiked vaccine is remotely microwave activated.

      Children should be denied the chance to choose taking that kind of risk until of “legal age” that”standard” is one of the targets that the body snatchers target. Its demonic business. As a parent I’d fight them to the death.

  18. debra.b says:

    The term “Dark Winter” is currently being used in overdrive. If this is unfamiliar to anyone here, I’d highly recommend Whitney Webb’s series to understand the 2001 anthrax exercise this refers to. It’s a 3 part series of articles, highly extensive, but well worth reading imho.

    Engineering Contagion Series

    During the presidency of George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s, something disturbing unfolded at the U.S.’ top biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Specimens of highly contagious and deadly pathogens – anthrax and ebola among them – had disappeared from the lab, at a time when lab workers and rival scientists had been accused of targeted sexual and ethnic harassment and several disgruntled researchers had left as a result.

    In addition to missing samples of anthrax, ebola, hanta virus and a variant of AIDS, two of the missing specimens had been labeled “unknown” – “an Army euphemism for classified research whose subject was secret,” according to reports. The vast majority of the specimens lost were never found and an Army spokesperson would later claim that it was “likely some were simply thrown out with the trash.” – continue reading >>

    This NWNW episode covers it also:

  19. corran says:

    I live in ireland, just saw the other day somebody on the street wearing a George Orwell t-shirt with their mask on.-help!

  20. debra.b says:

    Fighting Authoritarianism in Australia During C*VID1984

    Derrick Broze interviews activist Dave from Mindful Militants in Australia. Dave will be sharing his experience dealing with the lockdowns in Melbourne, as well as discussing how his Freedom Cell is overcoming the tyranny.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That was worth listening to. Tactics and strategies to circumvent authoritarians.

      • debra.b says:

        Yes. I thought he had some really interesting insights about fear and how they’re creating it. Some good anecdotes. He seemed very down to earth. ?

        • debra.b says:

          P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, meant to, but forgot that what he said about fear reminded me of the Benny Wills “Two Windows“ poem. I gotta go re-re-rewatch that again. I’ve watched it a lot. Therapeutic. ?

          Ya know, I use emoticons a lot even though I really dislike them. But, what I dislike even more is not being able to smile at someone and them not being able to hear the sound, inflection, tone of my voice. All of what’s going on right now really takes it toll even in that small way.

  21. CreativeLife says:

    Stepping aside from the “Crowd” in this synthetic bar room which sometimes is a fight club and other times a poor me pub, I hope you all are starting to sip the cup of truth that JC keeps putting on the bar. I did not hear James degrade the poisoned allopathetic prescriptions and vaccine injury manifestations ‘they’ purposely misdiagnose as “dementia” and alzheimer’s. (The Roth-efeller Medical System being the No.1 cause of death and decline of functionality.)

    I heard him speak of the lunacy of the gong show people take in, while watching their actor idols perform leading up to the selection installment. Do you think there maybe there are handler’s involved? Do you think maybe THEY are playing the Biden dementia card that was brought to your attention. The world is a stage and it’s getting more obvious every day. Bet you can’t wait to see the Frontline White Coat drills, the Barrington Bombers, the lawyer and doctor actors, backed by the phony journalists and all of the Holly Wood productions, scripted and well funded. I would put the script of the first Stella Immanuel bs and you would cringe, if you paid attention to the scam they are pulling off as the marketers of Hydroxy, AZ etc)

    You hear and see the drivel of Biden’s mental condition spewed out on the stage daily, yet people will go and vote hypnotized and indoctrinated for their hero. Do you really believe JC has no compassion for the suffering of such needless loss of brain function among now people of all ages, not just the older generation? Do you believe he would have no compassion should his own family members find themselves affected but such debilitating effects of profit driven poisons?

    Can you see how the divide and conquer narrative works? Maybe we are all suffering from the hyper emotionalism caused by confusion and chaos. United we stand, divided we fall.

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #1: Ireland To Impose 6-Week National Lockdown, Estimates 150,000 Job Losses

    On Thursday morning, prior to the New World Next Week upload, I ran across this tidbit…

    (The graph is interesting.)
    Ireland Wholesale Prices Change
    Wholesale prices in Ireland declined 12.4 percent year-on-year in September of 2020, the same as in the previous month and the biggest drop on record. The biggest declines were recorded for food products (-6.4 percent); basic metals (-4.7 percent); rubber & plastic products (-2 percent); electrical equipment (-1.4 percent) and pulp, paper & paper products (-1 percent). On a monthly basis, wholesale prices went up 0.5 percent, following a 1.5 percent decrease in the prior month.

  23. justin_r says:

    James, as you asked where is the spirit of 1916 now in us Irish I thought I’d share this with you – – yes we Irish are slow on the uptake but there are always a few of us to get the message through our thick skulls. We may not have it all covered but we have hope in our hearts and courage In our souls being led by a lady with true passion and strength, in Tracey. I hope this answers your question, if it doesn’t please explain why and I hope you will give her a shout out in the next video you make and note…” I questioned the Irish strength and now I am happy to see there is still some fight in this old dog yet.” Or something to that effect 🙂 still fighting. Thank you, avid fan, Justin

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That video scared the shit out of me.

      I listened to the audio while doing stuff around the house.
      I thought to myself, “What would I do if this was where I live?”

      October 23rd
      Tracey O’Mahony reads through the Authoritarian Mandates…
      Covid-19 Laws: Nationwide Level 5 Lockdown – Statutory instrument 448 of 2020
      (19 minutes of dry authoritarian-speak for “You are our sub-human slaves”. Dogs have more freedom.)

      • justin_r says:

        Nothing to be scared of @Homeremedy… we came to embrace this challenge, the great challenge of being human and fighting for what is good and true. Ireland is messed up no doubt but I will not let fear and rage toward my brother and sister cloud my judgement. Instead I shall try and fight for good and honesty all the while letting go of these emotions that create division. Thanks Justin

    • madzz says:

      We need some anti-political fighters though. The political divide is too great here.

  24. HEDGE110 says:

    On tyranny in Australia (in short, our politicians plan to give immunity to members of the naval, military or air force of a foreign country, or a member of a foreign police force). What could possibly go wrong;

    I am alarmed to discover that in addition to the ‘horribilis’ Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) Declaration 2020, an equally ‘horribilis’ Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 is before the Australian Parliament. This proposed Bill includes section 123AA which includes the following;

    ‘123AA Immunity in relation to certain assistance
    (1) A protected person (see subsection (3)) is not subject to any liability (whether civil or criminal) in respect of anything the protected person does or omits to do, in good faith, in the performance or purported performance of the protected person’s duties, if

    (a) the duties are in respect of the provision of assistance, by or on behalf of the ADF or the Department, to:

    (i) the Commonwealth or a State or Territory, or a Commonwealth, State or Territory authority or agency; or

    (ii) members of the community; and

    (b) the assistance is provided to prepare for a natural disaster or other emergency that is imminent, or to respond to one that is occurring or recover from one that occurred recently; and

    (c) the assistance is provided at the direction of the Minister under subsection (2).

    (2) The Minister may, in writing, direct the provision of assistance in relation to a natural disaster or other emergency if the Minister is satisfied of either or both of the following:

    (a) the nature or scale of the natural disaster or other emergency makes it necessary, for the benefit of the nation, for the Commonwealth, through use of the ADF’s or Department’s special capabilities or available resources, to provide the assistance;

    (b) the assistance is necessary for the protection of Commonwealth agencies, Commonwealth personnel or Commonwealth property.

    (3) Each of the following is a protected person:

    (a) a member of the Defence Force;

    (b) an APS employee in the Department;

    (c) a person authorised under subsection (4) to perform duties in respect of the provision of assistance mentioned in subsection (1).

    (4) The Chief of the Defence Force, or the Secretary, may, in writing, authorise a person, or each person in a class of persons, to perform duties in respect of the provision of assistance mentioned in subsection (1), if the person, or each person in the class of persons, is any of the following:

    (a) an APS employee or other employee of the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth authority or agency;

    (b) a member of the naval, military or air force of a foreign country, or a member of a foreign police force (however described).’


    • HEDGE110 says:

      More on Australian tyranny;

      The Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) Declaration 2020 states;

      ‘During the human biosecurity emergency period, the Health Minister may:

      – issue any direction to any person (section 478)
      – determine any requirement (section 477)

      that the Minister considers is necessary to:

      – prevent or control the entry to, emergence, establishment, or spread of COVID-19 in Australia
      – prevent or control the spread of COVID-19 to another country or implement a WHO Recommendation under the International Health Regulations.’

      Article 18 of WHO International Health Regulations states;

      ‘Recommendations issued by WHO to States Parties with respect to persons may include the following advice: require vaccination or other prophylaxis’.

      Article 43 of WHO International Health Regulations states;

      ‘If a traveller for whom a State Party may require a medical examination, vaccination or other prophylaxis under paragraph 1 of this Article fails to consent to any such measure, or refuses to provide the information or the documents referred to in paragraph 1(a) of Article 23, the State Party concerned may, subject to Articles 32, 42 and 45, deny entry to that traveller. If there is evidence of an imminent public health risk, the State Party may, in accordance with its national law and to the extent necessary to control such a risk, compel the traveller to undergo or advise the traveller, pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article 23, to undergo:

      (a) the least invasive and intrusive medical examination that would achieve the public health objective;

      (b) vaccination or other prophylaxis; or

      (c) additional established health measures that prevent or control the spread of disease, including isolation, quarantine or placing the traveller under public health observation.’

      • HEDGE110 says:

        More on Australian context;

        Dr Katie Atwell from University of Western Australia states;

        “When it comes to accepting the COVID vaccine, we will have to think about how many unvaccinated people we can tolerate in the WA community epidemiologically. How many people can we safely protect inside the vaccinated or recovered arms of the rests of us? And it may just get to the point that if there are more unvaccinated people than what we can tolerate, then the Government would have to use some kind of mechanism to either require those people to be vaccinated or stay at home… I can see some really interesting debates and issues coming up in the future around that and what kind of ‘passport’ you might need to be allowed to get back out into the world – some type of verification of your ability to walk out into the world as a person who is not going to be a spreader of COVID. It’s possible once a vaccine is in place or once we are through the worst of this outbreak, that governments might put in place a requirement for people to demonstrate that they are vaccinated or already immune to COVID in order to perhaps return to jobs outside the home or public life.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          “And it may just get to the point that if there are more unvaccinated people than what we can tolerate,
          then the Government would have to use some kind of mechanism to either require those people to be vaccinated or stay at home.”

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Demonstration on October 23, 2020 – Friday

    What really happened when Victorians came out to lawfully exercise their human rights. What the mainstream media won’t show you, the independent media will.

    ABC news is reporting that “About 200 to 300 people were estimated to have attended the rally” Have a look at all the footage to see if this mistruth adds up. Who is the mainstream media lying on behalf of and why are they suppressing this type of real news and information from the general public?

    Everything I filmed was for the protection of myself and the Victorian people as it is unclear if the police and the State Labor government are acting in violation of multiple laws themselves based on the conflicting statements of Assistant Commissioner Cornelius on 22.10.2020 and Daniel Andrews on 23.10.2020.

    The Voice of the Victorian People – Police & Labor State Government Abuse Human Rights of Victorians
    (8 minutes – A well done video)

    • mkey says:

      It’s really well but together.

      A few points.
      1. order followers are the scourge of this world
      2. I’m not sure why was this report painted as political, giving it any other connotation than a fight for liberty. The woman holding her child surely wasn’t there for political reasons.
      3. we should stop thinking in terms of rights and start taking advantage of our liberties. Rights are given under certain conditions and taken away when someone sees fit. Liberty is obtained as we step into the world and it can not be rescinded in a moral fashion by anyone.

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Derrick Broze – His YouTube account is no longer

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Saturday – October 24, 2020
    Anti-COVID measures protest in London – Live


  28. debra.b says:

    Derrick Broze via Twitter
    “I said it last week, but I continue to be disappointed in #NativeTwitter #IndigenousTwitter shilling for the political parties. Listen to our brother John Trudell and his words from his 1980 Thanksgiving Day Speech and his warnings about voting and trusting govt“ (2:13 min audio clip)

    Powerful words. ”Find some spot on the earth that we can relate to”

  29. Kate says:

    The Palestinians also die from a lack of quick access to emergency health care because their travel is restricted in their open air prison.

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Sunday October 25th
    Live Stream
    Crowds of People Gather in Berlin in Protest Against Updated Coronavirus Measures

  31. J.P. Wheels says:

    Well, I’m late to the party. Another great episode of NWNW guys! As we head into the circus that will be the 2020 election while simultaneously edging closer and closer to the unveiling of the COVID-1984 Vaccine, it’s great having you guys relaying the news(for those who want to hear it), from an alternative and humorous perspective. I think in these dark times we need more shows like this, and for that I thank you both! Again, keep em comin fellas!

    By the way don’t ever curtail or censor your humor just because one person finds a particular subject offensive.

    From The Mitten, have a good one!

  32. mkey says:

    Statistics 101

    Putting cocrap statistics in perspective.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      She does a great job of exposing the hyperbole of fear, especially with the inflated PCR testing stats and Covid deaths.

      Quoting the video description…
      This is an excellent analysis from Rachel Elnaugh.
      The original video from her YouTube Channel…

      October 20, 2020
      Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics 20 October 2020
      (16 minutes)

  33. victoria says:

    much to my surprise, no mention of the highly political bee gees, their 1973 song Dear Mr Kissinger remains near & dear to my heart.

    and what about political psychic artist billy idol, 40 yrs ago he knew about 2020 … dancing with myself came out in 1980, & then eyes without a face most astonishingly released as a single in 1984!! #predictivemusic

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