Interview 1562 - James Corbett Tackles Event 201, The Great Reset, and the End of Humanity

07/06/2020116 Comments

James Corbett joins Ernie Hancock for his regular weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence. This time they discuss Event 201, fact checking, the plan for a new constitution, and much more.

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  1. littlebird says:

    Hi – this is more a comment on your recent Higherside Chats interview: I think the “Bill Gates isn’t a doctor” argument is risky. Over the past 10-15 years, Gates may have spent 2-3x+ as many hours in labs and learning from expert immunologists and epidemiologists than the average Dr.

    It’s like saying: James Corbett isn’t even an historian.

    • flammable says:

      Did Gates spend all that time learning from experts or did he spend his time making sure they were finding ways of getting the results he is paying them for?

      Yes you are absolutely right we cannot dismiss Gates just because he is not a doctor just like dismissing Corbett because he is not a historian. Gates has spent more time and money on this subject than any non-expert.

      His presentations and talks are what forms the basis of our comments that Gates is not a doctor. Nothing he discusses is scientific or scholarly. It is more of the same old narratives on immunology and epidemiology that he started with decades ago. Gates does not address any studies on the subjects that goes against the narrative or any new findings or anyone’s concerns. All he does is allow his media investments to bombard us with censorship, logical fallacies, and personal attacks while he goes out and repeats his messages uncontested.

      • littlebird says:

        OK, so perhaps it might make more sense to highlight these omissions is in his advocacy for a vaccine solution? Also (and I’m no apologist — just interested in accuracy); Gates is a businessman, and one of a boatload of people making kagillions off a messed up healthcare system. Are there _any_ examples of business people actually trying to disprove/undermine their own billion dollar deals? I doubt it. They pretty much all say it’s for the greater good, or else they don’t say anything.

        • weilunion says:

          Yes, the privatization of everything — schools, health, utilities, roads all of life. And with this you get the government that you hate so much: the corporate capitalist state not run by ‘the state’ but by a star chamber run by privatizers who live off the concentration of wealth.

          You think they are going to regulate themselves or that you can actually live alongside them but apart?

        • catie says:

          There are so many doctors and scientist refuting what Bill and his team are trying to do, but most get censored.

      • MagicBullet says:

        “Gates does not address any studies on the subjects that goes against the narrative or any new findings or anyone’s concerns.”

        This is true! But it’s not because he couldn’t understand these studies, it’s because he DOESN’T WANT to go against the narrative. Fauchi is also an MD, he also doesn’t address these studies because he doesn’t want to.

        It’s all a matter of what the end-game of the operation is. Still it is true, Gates did not bother with much basic science or clinical training, he is not a medical professional full stop. He is a health care business man and has been a deep state operative since he got a lift from TPTB to start MS.

        But wait, we need to ask JC, where does the buck stop? A cabal of billionaires, the Rothchild trillionaires, the Jesuits that the Rothchilds bank for? Where is the end of the rabbit hole, James please tell us!!!!

        • schmitt says:

          Regarding the earlier part of your comment and this thread concerning, perhaps I can add a tiny enhancement. Yes, it is both correct that Mr. gates is not a physician (nor a medical scientist) and it is correct that one can be self-taught on many things. In fact, physicians and medical scientists are always self-teaching on topics previously unfamiliar to them.

          What should be pointed out it that there are experiences that come from, for instance, being in a clinic as a physician. I am a physiologist. I do not pretend to be a clinical doctor. Not only does a physician have, especially if a specially, voluminous firsthand knowledge of how signs of disease present themselves in all their variation, physicians are trained to think of disease in terms of the other possibilities and combinations of illness as well as the complexities of the lives of real patients.

          On the other hand, there are perspectives that come from thinking scientifically and doing actual benchtop or field studies as a scientist that cannot be gotten from reading a book or diagnosing and treating patients. Good scientists think about statistics and probability, designing experiments and natural variation and a broader range of sciences in the vertical organization of all sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) There are mathematical patterns that many scientists are gifted at seeing that clinics doctors may not tend to see. Scientists should be able to see medical phenomena in the context of the wider biological context of population, ecological and evolutionary relationships that medical doctors usually do not have time for. In this regard, it is usual a simple matter to distinguish a physician with purely clinical experience (solely M.D.s) from one who also has research experience, as with those who are active M.D./Ph.D.s and, thirdly, those who are solely Ph.D.s. They all have their different types of expertise, freedoms, focus and limitations.

          I have had the experience of being part of a team of scientists being managed by business people in a corporation. It was frustrating. Sometimes it felt as though the business managers treated us as walking-talking glossaries. To expand on this, the business folks could be discerned to act as though simply knowing words and having heard some concepts explained, they had completely downloaded the entirety of a matter and thus could re-present it in this entirety. No, even more, they believed that their added business skill enabled them to value-add in a way that permitted them to BETTER represent the material.

          This is the fallacy of computerized versions of human knowledge, experience and wisdom. Oodles have been pondered about, discussed and written about this topic in terms of theoretical knowledge versus practical knowledge since philosophical antiquity. What is more, these business people do not even usually possess even well-developed theoretical knowledge that would come from the scholarly pursuit of a subject. Permit me, perhaps, to refer to this, using the abovementioned term, and call this the Glossary Fallacy.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

          • schmitt says:

            Okay. Thanks!

          • littlebird says:

            Thank you for this extremely thoughtful reply, and I 100% agree with you that hands-on experience and complexity thinking are essential to even getting close to understanding health.

            a couple things:

            you wrote: “it is correct that one can be self-taught on many things.”

            I would bet you a good bit of money that Gates has probably spent 50-100+ hours fully suited up in labs with extremely knowledgable experts getting the full explanation of numerous research and development projects. In many respects this is kind of apprenticeship, though the goal is to understand it deep enough to know how to monetize it on a global scale.

            A lame analogy: say someone wants to learn the cello. They may never take formal lessons but if they hang out with Yo-Yo Ma in the studio on a regular basis for 15 years, they’re bound to pick up some stuff.

            • NorthernBean says:

              littlebird, I hear you point, but I still have to largely disagree. “Picking stuff up,” is not enough. Gets is not an immunologist (virologist, infectious disease physician, etc.) because he did not want to be. there is a reason he did not finish college and that pattern persists to this day. He is a dabbler. Dabblers do not want to bother themselves with what they dismiss as “b.s., trivia, repetitious nonsense, etc. Yet, what they fail to see, is that the real formation of judgement in an area of study comes from the attention to these droll details. I referred to the common behavior of business people who manage scientists and other professionals as exemplifying the “Glossary Fallacy.” That is, pick up a few key words and concepts and spin a headline or a business pitch. Your analogy to the cello playing of Yo-Yo-Ma is not only not lame, it serves my point extremely well. If someone, lacking lessons as you say, were to spend a great deal of time watching this master musician, there is little chance that any skill in playing the cello would be transferred. Again, this demonstrates the mistaken notion of our era that information transfer, as between computers or between Elon-Muskian brains, is adequate for transferring higher cognitive aspects of human thought and talents. It does not. Instead, one needs to drive learned information deeply into the biology of the brain, iterated through countless loops of the sensory-motor-environment-perceptual continuum, and to add the intractable element of creativity and will, integrated wit emotions, in order to achieve a beautiful, human end. One needs to drive learned information deeply into the biology of the brain as only a brain can do. Theory plus practice (over and over again) equals phronesis.

            • cu.h.j says:

              There is a huge difference between scientific training and history/literature and similar fields. Medicine is not something that can be self taught. Medicine is a practice and skills and experience are learned though doing not just “studying up”

              The fact that Gates knows or should know that we don’t need a vaccine for this disease should raise a red flag in their mind. James Corbett studied literature and can probably learn history on his own. Gates would need to go to medical school get a license and practice medicine to be a doctor.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          In regards to your question as to who gates answers to, I consider it more of a giant committee. Like interests, and all Jockeying for position.

        • endthefed says:

          It’s interesting to ponder the real power and influence of an institution/cabal that has existed for close to 2000 years…the Catholic Church. Their wealth was vast beyond belief long before the Rothschilds started their banking dynasty.

    • octavio says:

      Ok,but he has a huge vested interest in pushing his lucrative Big Pharma vaccines and products…i prefer the research and information from more independent scientists,not plutocrat-paid scientists…no matter how many hours a businessmen like Gates spends with his employees(yes) in labs,he is a big walking-talking conflict of interest.

      • littlebird says:

        I completely agree. And I think _that’s_ what should be emphasized in trying to discredit his actions (as Corbett has done brilliantly), not the fact that he has no medical training (which I’m arguing is somewhat not an accurate statement).

    • jennifer.l says:

      It’s incredibly aggravating to listen to Hancock constantly interrupt and talk over Corbett. If you are going to engage in conversation, please respect the other and let him finish before you start talking.

      • mik says:


        “……respect the other and let him finish before you start talking.”

        But that would be so old fashioned, that’s from boomers times.

        I’m not boomer but remember times when anchors behaved differently. Your observation is very profound, I think it deserves more contemplation than all the gateses and rockefellers of this world. My intuition tells me part of Solution is there.

      • Sherry says:

        I was going to say the same thing. Thanks for bringing this up, Jennifer.1

        It is frustrating to listen to these conversations and I think it’s disrespectful (or maybe quite self-centered) to interrupt like that. So call me boomer and old-fashioned but I think listeners get more information from not hearing these kinds of interruptions all the time. Occasionally, okay but this guy seems to be in the habit of interrupting.

        • lovetodust says:

          Sorry to say, I would not even watch the video when I saw it was Mr. Hancock.

          I really just cannot tolerate the interrupting and the “yelling”.

          I would imagine it was a very informative interview but it becomes so grating when people interrupt and speak so loudly.

          But it seems that others enjoyed it, so c’est la vie.

      • endthefed says:

        I agree, it’s very difficult for me to listen to Ernest. He also boisterously rambles a lot, and is not succinct in the least.

    • jkr says:

      James Corbett, of course, is a historian. Not an academic one. Corbett Report viewers/readers know well to what degree being an academic is automatically a quality criterion. That certainly applies to many academic disciplines.

      Gates is not a doctor (= academic).

  2. MagicBullet says:

    It should be hard to talk about Event201 without noticing an extremely high former CIA officer was present, and as we know, CIA officers probably don’t become officers if they weren’t in the CIA all along and they also never really retire from the CIA.

    There were bankers, PR company people, and consulting co. players, but not one virologist, microbiologist, or respiratory medicine physician on the fifteen 201 players, and only one MD, a CDC Dr. The CIA is clearly more important than a virologist for a viral pandemic, of course!
    Avril Haines; a member of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service; and a principal at WestExec Advisors. During the last administration, Dr. Haines served as Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor. She also served as the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Legal Adviser to the National Security Council.

  3. UseLogic says:

    TPTsB got away with getting thousands of US military and who knows how many Vietnamese killed with a bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident.
    TPTsB got away with murdering JFK.
    TPTsB got away with Ruby Ridge.
    TPTsB got away with Waco / The Branch Dividians.
    TPTsB got away with 911.
    TPTsB got away with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    TpTsB got away with the money heist of $21 Trillion missing from DOD & HUD.
    TPTsB got away with the 2008/9 currency give away to the 1%
    TPTsB got away with the most recent 2020 currency give away to the same 1% and major corporations.

    Read the clues. (((They))) don’t care what you think because (((They))) don’t have to, given history.

    However, this time is going to be different. They have ruined the economy and even the dumbest sheeple knows when his belly grumbles from hunger and when he’s evicted for not having enough money because he lost his job.

    There’s a revolution brewing.
    About time.

    • Hank says:

      I fully agree with you on ‘they do not care’ and I hope you are right with revolution brewing.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Revolutions and civil ears are always coopted. I’ll be declaring a blood feud.

    • endthefed says:

      Yes, and TPTB weren’t just expecting a Revolution, they were fomenting it, and already have all the plans ready to deal with said Revolution and use it to further their goals. It’s hard for me to believe there will ever be enough intelligent people to see through the Matrix and Propaganda and realize what this system really is. Most people just don’t care to think about it…. as long as they have their distractions and enjoy their stockholm syndrome they really don’t care about such things as Liberty and Freedom. I hope that will change, but I think things are going to have to get VERY bad first.

  4. octavio says:

    The rule in Satanic-Magick workings is that the individual or group creating the desired event must always tell the recipient what they are going to do,tell them in some manner…giving the recipient(us) the opportunity to refuse the working….no refusal=consent.
    See Mark Passio,a former Satanist,for many videos on the wat Satanists work…
    The Cabal,the highest level controllers on the planet,use Satanist tactics.
    So,there is the reason for Gates’ pre-pandemic pandemic simulation.

    • Fact Checker says:

      I think the phrase “Revelation of the Method” is ideal for this phenomenon.

      In any event, I agree with Jamess that they want “those with eyes to see” to see indeed. It flaunts the veritable godlike power they wield over the entirety of humanity. This is calculated to demoralize the remnant, and inspire surrender, by those who would otherwise be most inclined to resist.
      On the other hand, it provides a “script” for those who might be inclined to “get with the program.”
      They have a “message” for every part of the bell curve of awareness, sort of like different channels that appeal to different socio-economic segments.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        It just pisses me off. I won’t talk to the mask people either. They have sided with the enemy. Ignorance is a choice.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Yes masks are not based on scientific research but rather a “compliance test “ as JC aptly pointed out. People are complying with tyranny and going along. Many think “ignorance is strength “. These are the same types of people who would turn their neighbors into the gestapo. This is the dark shadow of humanity the cowardice and willingness to do what is easier.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Yes masks are not based on scientific research but rather a “compliance test “ as JC aptly pointed out. People are complying with tyranny and going along. Many think “ignorance is strength “. These are the same types of people who would turn their neighbors into the gestapo. This is the dark shadow of humanity the cowardice and willingness to do what is easier.

        • Jed says:

          The masks are bizarre, I’m still amazed. They do explain a lot though, like genocides and other such mass mind-control phenomena. Not so much explain as demonstrate. I put one on to get into stores, at the absolute point required, take it off before leaving, protest it all ways short (so far) of fistfights — Goddammit though I hate to say this but I like covering my face in public. “Fuck these people” is what I think and hold in my heart as I wear it. I’ve had arguments over being told to cover my nose and that sort of thing, I publicly oppose the masks, I’m at odds with most of my family, but wtf, I like it. Maybe because I have for so long felt isolated from the general sleeping masses, I’ve felt for so long they’re mind-controlled and now I get daily confirmation that I wasn’t crazy after all. Too bad I am now ‘cus what I described is at least neurotic.
          Perhaps it’s much the same as driving in how the most seemingly polite people who’d hold a door open for you would run you off into a ditch sooner than let you pass ‘em in a car.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I think you have a healthy attitude towards the mask beasts. I haven’t been put in a position I have to defy a mask order. Probably a good thing.

            By the way, I’m enthralled with the book Chaos! Never read anything about it before, nor do I have any idea who most of the players are as I’ve never kept up with the Hollywood and music scene. Less than a hundred pages in, and it’s too fascinating to put in my usual rotation in which I read a chapter or so and then pick up the next book I’m reading. I know, but a strange person like me would have strange ways! Have a feeling that Charlie might be the least important person in the end. Thanks.

            • Jed says:

              What really floors me is thinking about what the US was doing in Vietnam at the very time those killings were happening. How those few deaths terrorized the nation who was at the very same time dropping napalm on children (for starters).

              • I Shot Santa says:

                But those were brown people! And godless commies to boot. Just got into the Phoenix part. Though I have no regrets, since what I learned is about to be invaluable; I can’t believe I was naive enough to think I was doing a good thing when I enlisted.

                This book has a plot of twists, rather than direction. At least so far. I’ve never read anything like it. I’ve always avoided Hollywood, music, and true crime books before. And this one is all of them and more. But I’m so fascinated by it. Thanks. I owe you for this one.

              • Jed says:

                You can see the author is a normiee, makes it a bit hard to wade through for us foil-hat’ers.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I bet he isn’t any more! At the moment he is going through a massive conspiracy by the prosecution to derail justice, to cover for the crimes of the LASO, to conceal CIA/FBI crimes, and so on. It’s like he’s microdosing red pills while he’s writing! This book reads like an everybody done it. He’s even lost faith in the news stories he relied upon so much in the beginning.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I understand your point. In places with air pollution I can understand the rationale but to prevent a respiratory virus in the outdoors is not substantiated with scientific data-as far as I can tell. I wear a mask inside to buy things because I have to but have my doubts about that as well.

            I do think wearing one in a hospital makes more sense. I like wearing one at work and like putting them on a sick patient who is coughing. I don’t like getting sick but am not afraid of Covid. In fact I would like to get some immunity to it. I think it’s healthy to develop immunity via exposure. I’m pretty healthy in a physical sense.

            Regarding surveillance a mask may make it harder to ID people. And it’s an extra barrier for social interaction for people who don’t like to feel vulnerable. But the mask is wrong! It represents compliance with a lie the acceptance of tyranny and supports the destruction of civil liberties.

            The vaccine is right around the corner and that will be the next thing Big Brother has in store for us…then repeat again and again. At some point we will have to say no because it’s the right thing to do-to refuse.

            • Jed says:

              I’m already at “No” regarding vaccines. I used to work as a paramedic and I’d always throw a NRB on the coughing patients, the masks everyone has on now we kept for the spitting EDPs. Fitting.
              So far as getting sick goes, I noticed the folks who used the most hand sanitizer sneezed and stayed home the most.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Living outside, I get dirtier in the first hour of my day than most do in a week. I cook my fish in the fire, ala Bushman style, and use green palmetto leaves for plates. Wash in the river 2 to 3 times a week. And drink water straight from the river. Never sick. We have to train our immune systems. Mine are constantly undergoing a special forces level of training. The average person is too terrified of a germ to be healthy. And you can’t ever make them understand that.

              • Jed says:

                Sounds like a good way to live. You just have to fall in with the rhythms of nature and spend a lot of time with yourself. I don’t know that many people would be able to do that.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                There is definitely a learning curve. Being by yourself is the most difficult part. I enjoy it now, since I’m so over the mass stupidity I see in people now.
                I’m also amazed at the advice I get from people on what to be afraid of out here. Apparently every critter in the world is constantly yearning to eat me. Silly me, I only worry about biting insects! Malnutrition and starvation can be real issues, but people are always “instructing” me to be terrified of things that don’t matter. This is a very rural area, and I doubt there’s a half dozen people here who would last a week. A big part of our societal ills in my opinion would be resolved if people just got back into the woods every now and then. But they’re too scared. Or too busy with their video games. Oop! Rant alert!

          • endthefed says:

            I’ve not had any store tell me I can’t shop without a mask yet. Most don’t say anything, but some have asked if I’ll put one on and I say “No I don’t wear them, but if that’s an issue I’ll leave and shop somewhere else.” Haven’t had to leave yet. I’m a confident person and I’m also not afraid of conflict, but the way I speak to people I make it clear that I won’t wear one, but they realize I’m not going to start trouble and get irrational with them either… unless they decide to get crazy with me. I also make it a point to tell them that a governor’s executive order is not an ordinance or a law, nor do they have the ability to make laws.

            Stand up for your shit. If a place don’t want you to shop without a mask they don’t deserve your money. Someplace WILL take your money without you having to wear a mask. Too many people are reluctantly donning masks when they should simply not comply. I get someone not wanting to lose their job over it, but a store…they don’t deserve my business if they don’t want me to shop without a mask. I’ve stopped shopping at walmart and kroger because they pushed out mandatory masks nationally. Walmart has backpedaled now but I still won’t support them because….fuck them.

  5. misfit says:

    I can’t help but wonder if many of the Governors and Mayors of the more largely populated areas are actually “sleeper cells” – something along that vein.
    Either/Or, Yes, they have gotten away with everything so far with little kickback that has been easy enough for them to dismantle.
    The so-called Sleeping Giant I’ve heard referenced in regards to the reckoning of the populace against the oligarch. It’s sleeping for a reason. It’s been tranquilized and has had it’s limbs cutoff.
    What a pessimist I have become!
    This is why I listen to James. He remains optimistic and speaks rationally with intelligence and knowledge.
    I also think the bottom line of all that is happening is more Spiritual Warfare. It’s our Souls they value not our opinions.
    I remind myself constantly “I do not consent to any of this”…and try and be kind to the mask wearing sheeple…they have no idea of the future they are helping to create with their spoonfed ignorance.

    • Fact Checker says:

      The governors and mayors are all blackmailed by the NSA/Israeli Unit 8200 under the “Full Awareness” technological Honey-Trap program. The Epstein meat-space sexual blackmail pyramid is the method. This was expanded to every single person in the Matrix–powerful and mediocre alike–by surveilling online fascinations. The #MeToo movement was the threat (We can unperson you instantaneously, no matter who you are!). Paradigm surveillance by the NSA/Unit 8200 was the dossier-building.

      Did you see the Black Mirror episode where the guy is blackmailed by the disembodied troll who hacked his online history into robbing banks and killing people? That’s what’s being done to every level of influence, all the way up the hierarchy.

      • schmitt says:

        I want to learn more.

        Can you suggest some links, sources and additional keywords?

        I got it about the NSA, Project 8200 and, of course, Epstein. It seems as though you have you finger on a larger body of information in the public domain with which I may be unfamiliar.

        • Fact Checker says:

          1st Rule of Stuff:

          Read everything Whitney Webb publishes on lastamericanvagabond(dot)com

          2nd Rule of Stuff:

          Some of that is my own inference/speculation

          3rd Rule of Stuff:

          Every episode of Black Mirror pretty much depicts some aspect of what is going on, or is planned.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Our local government is a literal crime syndicate. They run the drugs, sex, and everything else. State and feds have been to them before, with no changes. It truly is a kakistocracy. But it falls this year.

  6. bladtheimpaler says:

    Most if not all govts. of whatever stripe are now captured institutions now involved in criminal enterprise. Anyone of a non corruptible nature cannot remain in govt. service, politician or mandarin, and be expected to fulfill their duties or last in their position. “It” is rotten to the core and the people are on their own if they only knew ‘it.’

  7. elaine.w says:

    Ernie Hancock monopolizes the conversation; keeps interrupting James Corbett. Annoying. I wanted to hear what James had to say.
    I clicked delete after a few minutes of Hancock’s nonstop monolog.

  8. I Shot Santa says:

    I loved this interview. So much passion! I think Ernie hit the nail pretty square with the pension subsidy angle. I never even considered that possibility.
    I also don’t think the powers that cower care. Why should they? We all allow them to write our narratives. Their only power is that we allow them to control our belief in external authority. And people eat it up because they’d rather have a big Mac than think for themselves. That’s why there will be so much death.

    • kevin62 says:

      Spot on and totally, 100%, agree. You’ve nailed it in one, I Shot, Santa!

    • debra.b says:

      I Shot Santa, I heard Ernie once before this on the ripple podcast where James was also on. I’m very glad that they got together for this interview. I like that Ernie is just straight up with what he says. He doesn’t separate out his personal reality and I love that about him. As I find relatability in that. I thought what he said about them sending the kids home to be with their parents that love them and what will happen when they realize their children have been wronged was an excellent point. Never underestimate a parent fighting for their child!

      Harm both physical and psychological was brought to bear. The dam will break soon. The battle line that is forming will not hold. And, I cannot bear to think of the full on consequences we have yet to experience and witness. I won’t make it. I’ll be among the dead. But, I can only fight in any way I’m able, till my last breath, so that my children and my family might make it out if this alive. And, the plan these evil mfr’ers have will not swallow this world whole.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I like Ernie as well. He’s not afraid to be himself. That’s rare.
        Don’t underestimate yourself. Survival really boils down to taking just one more step. Don’t let your fears write your destiny.

        • debra.b says:

          I agree. Very rare.

          I’m having a bad health day. Barely able to stand up. And, you’re right. Fear often has a field day with me on days like this. A few days before my Dad died he said, “I know you’re handling a lot. You got this?” I said, “Yeah Dad, I got this.” Smiling, he replied, “ I already knew that.” He was just reminding me, ya see. As you did too. Thank you!

          p.s. I got this. 😉

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    At the 10 minute mark, James talks about “I guess I should” do something about Event 201.
    I agree.
    Actually, it could be an addendum to The Bill Gates Series.
    Event 201 is the WTC 7 of the Coronavirus “Crisis”

  10. nexangelus says:

    Coming to a town near you…Leicester in the UK locally locked down (no armed popo though), Victoria, Melbourne Australia, hard lockdown, it seems to be escalating peeps (armed popo)…

    Australia hard lock down after surge of cases:

    And an interesting article I found about mind control/mind reading:

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I’ve always felt they are vastly overstating that mind control. Everything would change if they had the abilities they claim.

    • mik says:

      Mind reading article is a pile of crap propaganda piece.

      Following sentences show author’s attitude.

      “At what point do we remove a person from society because their brain activity deviates from what is considered normal?”

      “Delgado’s goal was to relieve the world of deviant behavior through brain stimulation and produce a “psychocivilized” society.”

      “Psychosurgery, notoriously prefrontal lobotomy, also has a tragic history of abuse.”

      This idea is always present with mind reading:
      “Neuroscientist Marcel Just and colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University are using fMRI brain imaging to decipher what a person is thinking.”

      With fMRI brain activity can be seen, we can see something is processed in the brain, but what is processed, what are exact thoughts, is beyond the reach of fMRI, EEG, XXxX,….., beyond the reach of “scientists” and it will stay there most probably for ever.

    • victoria says:

      just gotta buy the book, find out more about benefits of mind control, which i know very little about… some of it “non-invasive” but not really, there was no choice & so much of the time child rape integral. as an adult, hv seen “new” brain/body tech emerge which i remember was utilized for programming & trng/experimentation/torture in the 1960’s & 70’s incl my having to use on other children (& animals) starting at early age ∞ mk-ultra techno at govt & private institutions: virtual reality headsets, mind control helmets & headbands, mind-mapping, over-ear “hearing aid”, stereo headphones, strobe lights, holography, flight simulators, astronaut training, eeg, mri, wada test, ect, tasers & other es, isolation tanks, underwater labs, night vision goggles… in the mid 60’s began using crt terminals connected to massive mainframe computers — data input, analysis, programming/trng incl playing space themed & war type games.

      shiver to think whats been going on covertly, behind the scenes for the past several decades… no doubt numerous “advances” to be gradually & incrementally introduced to public as “new” via medical & military industries, eventually mainstreamed to the masses. hmmm… dna vaccine, how long in development? not exactly gradual intro, but hey its plandemic scamdemic time ~ godspeed👹

  11. Noahsark723 says:

    For anyone who is interested I finished a new Living Room Session called, “The Great American Hypocrisy.”

    –In episode 6 of The Living Room Sessions I speak about the hypocrisy of America and of its secret society origins. America has always been a free country in name, but never in practice, always under the guidance of the hidden hand of the social alchemist and debt slave financiers who have managed America and her people towards “The Great Work of the Ages,” the new world order.

    It is kind of long 2:18:02 but I read from 3 very important books. The Secret Destiny of America, Tragedy and Hope 101, and Secret Societies and Psychological warfare.

    Enjoy and til next time…

  12. debra.b says:

    Whitney Webb interview with Tim Dillon (July 4, 2020)

    They discuss the Ghislane Maxwell arrest. But, also Whitney gets into the network of powerful people involved. As with the Epstein case she exposes the massive pedophile blackmail operations that go back decades. And, certainly centuries. But, learning who’s involved and how they are involved, how this began at the beginning of the 20th century, in my opinion is valuable to understanding how they’ve accomplished so much of their evil plan using innocent children to do it! It’s absolutely horrific and vile. She also says in this interview that with technology they have now they don’t need someone like Epstein to carry forward in this way.

    She explains much in this interview. I highly recommend it. It’s lengthy (1:47:04), but you can skip past on air ads that Tim Dillon does which cuts down the length. Also, the interview begins at 8:44. I also highly recommend Whitney’s articles….her series on Epstein entitled “Too Big to Fail” is a very deep dive into all of this. It’s on Also, her articles on Last American Vagabond as well are all highly informative. Derrick Broze has some good articles there too. I’m terrible at retaining what I read, so I always listen to any interviews that discuss current articles. I find it helps me to process all the information. Because it is a lot of information. And, especially if you came into it later in the game as I did. I’m just mentioning this in case anyone has this same issue as I do in that regard. 🙂

  13. debra.b says:

    By Raul Diego (includes interviews w/Whitney Webb)
    July 7, 2020

    The Merging of US and Israeli National Security States is Accelerating Amid COVID-19
    A new pro-Israel policy framework proposed by the US Chamber of Commerce is bolstering the ongoing merger between the US and Israeli national security

    A two-pronged initiative by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Homeland Security is set to substantially increase Israel’s already significant role in America’s digital health, artificial intelligence (AI), critical health infrastructure, as well as law enforcement, public and border protection and other key sectors.

    Citing “health challenges” posed by COVID-19, the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative (USIBI), a venture of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is advancing a new eight-point policy framework to facilitate a “more robust bilateral collaboration” between Israeli and American companies to realize the “potential” of technologies emerging out of Israel relating to telehealth, robotic diagnostics and AI-powered applications in healthcare.

    In a recent article, investigative reporter Whitney Webb uncovered the deep Israeli military roots of virtually every “health” tech startup to emerge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and their extensive relationships with the U.S. government at both the federal and state level. Regarding the policy framework, Webb stated that it was likely “part of a broader effort aimed at using the coronavirus crisis to facilitate the integration of Israeli tech companies, particularly in the “digital health” sector, into the U.S. technology ecosystem. Many, if not the vast majority, of these companies”, she continued, “were either founded by ex-members of Israeli intelligence or military intelligence, but also serve as contractors to Israel’s government or its military.”

    The policy paper issued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was developed by a “working group” of unnamed “leading global companies, investors, scientists, academics, and medical experts”. While the USIBI no longer lists their members on their website, archived pages from 2017 show large multinationals like Procter & Gamble, GE, and Caterpillar on the membership rolls, along with the Las Vega Sands Corporation, owned by Sheldon Adelson – the single biggest donor in all of U.S. politics, and TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.; an American-Israeli generic drug manufacturer that was sued last year by 44 U.S. states for orchestrating a price-fixing scheme with 19 other companies. TEVA recently pulled out of settlement talks with the Department of Justice, betting that the Trump administration will not pursue further charges against them in the midst of the pandemic given that TEVA is among the companies making the President’s most hyped COVID-19 remedy, hydroxychloroquine.

    Cui Bono?
    The mystery behind their currently unpublished member list might be explained by what Webb described as “a policy that has been acknowledged by Israel’s government where intelligence operations are spun off into private entities and merged into large multinational corporations, specifically in the U.S., with the ultimate goal of ensuring cyber supremacy for Israel’s high-tech startups and mitigating the successes and popularity of the non-violent Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement in the United States.” [Article continues]

  14. debra.b says:

    “New Article!! – An Israeli govt contractor partnered w the IDF and tied to the Epstein-linked Mega Group is using AI, is set to guide US lock down policy and monitor the population. Already partnered with Rhode Island and Mayo Clinic.” —Whitney Webb

    Meet The Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI To Profile Americans And Guide US Lockdown Policy

    July 2, 2020 By Whitney Webb

    An Israeli government contractor founded by a former Israeli spy has partnered with one U.S. state and is set to announce a series of new partnerships with other states and U.S. healthcare providers to monitor civilian health and use an IDF-designed AI system to profile Americans likely to contract coronavirus and to inform U.S. government lockdown policy.

    A company tied to Israel’s military signal intelligence unit, Unit 8200, has recently partnered with the state of Rhode Island to use an artificial intelligence-based system developed in tandem with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to profile Americans potentially infected and/or “at risk” of being infected with coronavirus, then informing government authorities of their “risk profile.” Once flagged, state health officials can target those individuals as well as their communities for mandatory testing, treatment and/or more restrictive lockdown measures.

    The firm, Israel-based Diagnostic Robotics, is poised to announce a series of new such partnerships with several other U.S. states as well as major U.S. hospital systems and healthcare providers in the coming weeks, according to a company spokesperson. The first of these announcements came on June 30 regarding the firm’s new partnership with Mayo Clinic, which will soon implement the Diagnostic Robotics’ “artificial intelligence platform that predicts patients’ hospitalization risk.” They have also been in discussions with Vice President Mike Pence about the platform’s implementation nationwide since April.

    Their creeping expansion into the U.S.’ state coronavirus response and that of other countries has been directly facilitated by the organization Start-Up Nation Central, funded by controversial hedge fund manager Paul Singer and directly partnered with an Israeli government-backed intelligence initiative aimed at making the United States dependent on technology developed by the Israeli military or intelligence community as a means of preventing the adoption of policies that support the non-violent Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement at the state and local levels. This initiative also serves the dual purpose of ensuring Israel’s political influence and positioning as the global “cyber power,” an oft-repeated policy goal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Since March, Diagnostic Robotics’ AI-based “risk profiling” software for coronavirus has been utilized by the Israeli state in the form of the National Israeli COVID-19 Monitoring System, a key component of its increasingly Orwellian national health surveillance system. That system, which also initially partnered with Clalit — Israel’s largest health services provider, now involves the “daily nation-wide monitoring of coronavirus-related symptoms of the population.” Of course, these “coronavirus-related symptoms” include common symptoms such as headaches, coughing, abdominal pain and confusion, which can indicate any number of minor illnesses, allergic reactions or other conditions entirely unrelated to coronavirus.

  15. Cu Chulainn says:

    James, have you considered the possibility–perhaps you have mentioned it in a recent interview i have not yet heard–that, once an injection has been administered to the bulk of humanity, a real illness might be released on the public to which those vaccinated might be immunized, so as to eliminate through disease that part of the public that has refused a “vaccine”?

    • Fact Checker says:

      It’s far more likely the deadly pathogen will be in the “vaccines.”
      That’s the only way the overlords can be sure they won’t suffer “Blowback”–that is, exposure to themselves upon release.
      Once they have mandatory inoculations in place, they can decide who, where and when to expose their victims to the really bad stuff: by injecting it directly as desired.
      Of course, they’ll BLAME it on the unvaccinated–but in the “fog of war,” no one will ever be able to prove it’s the opposite…

      • Cu Chulainn says:

        no doubt the injections (“vaccines”) will contain pathogens & the ultimately the potential for mind control Dr Vernon Coleman is warning about

        but a next step, after the injections have been imposed, might be to eliminate that part of the population that refuses injection. easy enough to do with a pathogen for which the innoculated might have some immunity.

        • Fact Checker says:

          But again, I don’t think they would ever release something “into the wild” because it would be unpredictable. Everything they do has to be controllable–that’s why they have opted for a laughably phony pretext (bolognavirus) rather than a more spectacular genuine pathogen. (Also, the same reason they made sure to collapse the wtc buildings into their own footprint–controlled and predictable aftermath.)
          You also seem to be assuming that vaccines “work” the way they tell us they work, since you think the inoculated would indeed be immune to this new release, and I take it you assume the Masters of the Universe would also be immune to it.
          I have never been very convinced of general vaccine theory, and even if it worked for smallpox and whooping cough, those sacred cows the vax cult loves to trot out, I don’t think that means all vaccines are equally effective, and are the bulletproof prophylactic that conventional wisdom holds.

          • robert.t says:

            Agreed. We tend to overrate the powers and judgement of our handlers. In movies, characters chase the antidote to save themselves or loved ones. In life, there may be quick fixes, but you can’t bank on them. A released virus will either fizzle or go wild. (They’ve probably tried that many times already.)

            Recent history shows that lying through totally corrupt, centralised, corporatised media is the way to go. A faked shooting with invented participants, victims, witnesses etc is far easier than actual killing. Just getting a few people to run around outside an empty Walmart is enough now. The only problem is public boredom. (What happened to serial killers?)

            People with PhDs in physics eagerly watched Elon Musk’s upholstery float along undamaged in a vacuum while being hammered with enough photons for a medium-low oven temp (then frozen). Their knowledge of the most basic science simply abandoned them in the face of glamour. The need to conform, believe, belong, applaud was greater than 1+1=2.

            The “science” behind disease warfare will be bungled more often than not. Our handlers are scientific enough to know they can’t punt too big.

            I’m guessing the danger will be in the injection. I’m not even an anti-vaxxer (neither is Andrew Wakefield)…but stopping Gates and his hypodermic dreams should be a priority for all.

            • debra.b says:

              “ I’m guessing the danger will be in the injection. I’m not even an anti-vaxxer (neither is Andrew Wakefield)…but stopping Gates and his hypodermic dreams should be a priority for all.”

              I agree. I always read your posts. And, I usually feel more grounded. Your words make too much sense for me to feel otherwise. I just wanted you to know. Thanks!

              p.s. whether or not I stay grounded. Well, that’s another story. But, I am gonna hang on to that quote above.

            • Fact Checker says:

              I don’t want to derail things, but there’s no temperature in space, because there’s no gas to act as a medium for imparting or whisking away heat.
              Cars–just like satellites and plenty other space-junk–can happily float around in the vacuum without melting, burning or freezing. In the vacuum, photon energy will pass directly through solid matter at the exact rate it contacts it, so no increase in the temperature of the space-junk.

              • robert.t says:

                There is no convection thus no temperature in space; but there is radiative heat, which is how solar flux reaches Earth. Radiated heat can then be conducted within or upon an object. Range of temperatures is from -170 ˚C to 123 ˚C for Lower Earth Orbit satellites and -250 ˚C to 300 ˚C in orbits beyond. Hence thermal control systems for different satellites and orbits in addition to controls for internally conducted heat from electronics.

                Of course, the vacuum of space would immediately annihilate upholstery foam before heat could take effect.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Don’t know why I can’t reply to your reply, but:
                Solar irradiance can reach earth because photons don’t need a medium—-but it’s not converted to heat until it enters Earth’s atmosphere.
                By what means could the upholstery be “annhihilated”?
                Can’t catch fire, because no oxygen, so…

              • robert.t says:

                The atmosphere is matter, as is a satellite. That’s why there is a lot of fuss over active and passive thermal controls for satellites.

                As for upholstery, the effect is expansion, not fire. That’s why liquid boils in a vacuum at any temp, including us. Put upholstery foam or a marshmallow in a vac chamber and watch it immediately blow out till those cells collapse.

                Put Bill Gates in a vacuum chamber and…

                I’ll stop there.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “Expansion”–good answer. However, if the foam is covered in (non-porous) vinyl, the foam would maintain its pressure. Also, if the foam itself were sufficiently porous, the air would escape before disintegration, or (let’s call it) “foamal annihilation.” Do you have a source on the specs for the Tesla interior that would support your claim that it would be subject to foamal annihilation? I find it unlikely, but I concede its possible.
                From what I can tell at this point, the problem with Musk’s space car stunt was its recklessness, not its implausibility.

  16. Duck says:

    Morgenthau Plan is what its looking like for small companies, Marshal plans just for the large ones.

  17. woody says:

    Just thought I’d mention that the increased obsession with sanitation is probably going to lead to a spike in antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

  18. debra.b says:

    Please note: This is a real study that rotten Harvard researchers did, which is cited in this article. Warning: The NY Post uses some graphic sexual language in the linked article, which I will not post here.

    NY Post
    Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists
    By Zachary Kussin
    June 2, 2020

    EXCERPT 1:
    Safe sex during the coronavirus pandemic might soon require protection beyond just the nether regions.

    A new study from researchers at Harvard University says that hooking up carries some risk for transmitting COVID-19 from one partner to the other and recommends — among other practices — wearing a face mask while doin’ it.

    The research, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ranked frisky situations based on how likely it is to catch coronavirus while in the act. Researchers recommend wearing a mask for the riskiest sexual scenario: sex with people other than those with whom one is quarantined.

    EXCERPT 2:
    The study also mentions that having sex with people who are together in quarantine is safer, but there is still a risk. For instance, if one partner goes outside to run an errand and is exposed to the virus, they can transmit it to the other. Even if that person is ultimately an asymptomatic carrier, they can still infect the other.

    The safest approach to sexual activity, according to the researchers, is not having any. Abstinence, they say, is “low risk for infection, though not feasible for many.” Another option, they add, is masturbation.

    This is a direct link to the study if one prefers bypassing the NY Post

    • lovetodust says:

      So does this mean Trojan will be introducing face condoms?

      • debra.b says:

        Ha! Anything’s possible, unfortunately. I think this is something people would see and dismiss as “won’t happen.” Or, think they’re not serious. Except, when it does happen, are sexual rights something people will actually fight for? I mean they’re blinded with fear and ignorance. Can’t see free speech being dissolved before their very eyes. Actually, helping to make it happen. But, sexual rights might just wake enough up.

        So, in that vein this song popped into my head. Couldn’t stop it. I’m not a hip hop fan generally, but this is an ultra catchy tune. Desperate times…And, born from the age demo or “generation” that most needs to wake up, imo. 😉

        “Let’s talk about sex.” Salt-N-Pepa

        .p.s. On a lighter note, I just finished visiting with my grandson, my little healing balm. And, had major success in speaking with my daughter about vaccines. Also, my son in law is onto the issue, so that helps. But, I still don’t want her leaving it all to him. Scary as it is to think about for a new mom. She’s got to. And, she heard me today. I’m very relieved. At least in that one smaller aspect.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Just remember that far in which idiots lined up to see who could wear a condom over their head the longest. S fad I fully support.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I remember reading about that “Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists”, and around early June posted a comment regarding it. The concept seemed so silly for an intimate act.

      Coregasman orgasm that happens while you’re doing an exercise. (“core” exercise)

      Remember the SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Featuring The Old Man and Talking Head

      We were commenting about the therapeutic value of recalling past pleasant memories.
      The 5th Grade came up for me. This was more than 5 decades ago.
      That night, upon going to bed and even as I was waking the next morning, I was replaying so many 5th Grade memories that they easily could fill a book. I focused only on the 5th Grade. I was impressed with myself at the vivid nature and many recollections. Prior to going to bed, I had taken some supplements (B Vitamins, Niacin, lecithin, N-A-C, etc.) which may have helped oil the mental gears.

      5th Grade
      Sometimes, on the weekends or evenings, I would ride my bike over to my elementary school grounds and its nearby creek to goof around. On the playground, they had a tall pole with a thick rope hanging off the ‘T’ bar at the top. One evening, after supper but before sunset, I was at the school grounds and started climbing up that rope. There came a point where it was a tough strain to pull myself up higher. As I struggled slowly, I started to feel a somewhat pleasant but weird sensation in my loins. The intensity grew until finally there was an emission with the accompanying very pleasurable, pulsing sensation.
      I didn’t know what to think of it.
      I never told anyone about this phenomena.


      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        This east Texas era was during black segregation and the backdrop of my town looked very much like the “To Kill a Mockingbird” film, but toss in a little southern Louisiana humidity, overgrowth and character.
        So, I really did not know much about sex at the time, but from what Mom had told me.
        My Dad was out of town desperately working to feed four young boys, I being the oldest. My Mother had tried to explain the sex act and female anatomy to me and my brother. We started laughing and saying, “No way am I ever gonna do that!”
        ha!!…Funny how we change our minds.

        Through the school years, off and on, I ended up with some upper arm strength. It was something I kept to myself, and as I started dating girls or utilizing the right hand, the exercising went by the wayside.

        There was a time once when I was in the 8th grade that I noticed a neighbor girl in her backyard climbing the clothesline pole. I could tell. I could tell by the slow motions and hanging strain that she too was experiencing a coregasm.

        I did not even know the word “coregasm” until a few days ago. When I woke up the other day after remembering the 5th grade, I started to research the internet to see if others had the same phenomena.

        • debra.b says:

          The rope on the elephant tree didn’t do it for me. 🤣 LMAO I’m sorry ya gotta give me a minute to stop laughing.

          Please stand by….. some accompanying music…
          Cyndi Lauper She Bop

        • debra.b says:

          Sorry about that, HRS. You’re talking about 5th grade. I’m laughing like a school girl.

          I started dance class when I was in 2nd grade. Tap, ballet, jazz. I may have experienced something like this around 4th grade. Dance requires pretty extreme core strength. My mom didn’t talk to us about sex. In school, girls learned about getting their monthly and having babies. This was in the 80s. Yes. When I learned, I definitely reacted the same. Plus, I was pretty terrified. It is something how we change. I didn’t want to go that far when I did, but the two boys I’d dated before had broken it off with me when I wouldn’t. So, still terrified, I gave in.
          And, I got pregnant. First time. It took a while for me to truly change my mind after that.

          Giving up dance was one of the most difficult things to do when I got pregnant. I very much loved it and my teacher. I’d been dancing for 8 years.

          Before this, however, I had one of the best summers ever!

          My brother, my cousins and I had a little group together. We performed. We entered a local contest which we had to perform several times to reach the final round. They chose three finalists. We were one of them. Oh, this contest….it was a lip syncing contest. Plot twist! I could actually sing though and we all could dance. My brother could play bass. He and my cousins could all carry a tune vocally. My cousin could play drums and the other was trying to get there on lead guitar. So, since we hadn’t quite polished up the act…we performed as, Prince and the Revolution. My cousin had a Prince thing going on. Girls chased him like he was Prince. My cousin was full blood Italian, Sicilian. I’m half Italian, Irish, English and Native American. Although, I don’t know the details of the Native American heritage because I didn’t learn about it until after my grandfather had passed. I didn’t do any dna testing. I happened across a relation in a most unexpected way when I wasn’t even looking. A cousin who’s near full blood Native American. But, that’s another story. Anyway, 1985 was an awesome summer. We had a blast. Part of that was to do with the lake I mentioned down at my grandma’s. We hung out there nearly every day. This was the same lake where my parents first met. That too is another story. I’ve got too many. My memory is way too long. I might try that vitamin memory combo you mentioned. See what happens.

          This was dubbed my signature song at family parties. My two uncles were singers. One who is still with us continues singing locally. I’ve never felt on par with them. I suffered pretty crippling stage fright. My daughter has an amazing voice. She sings locally with a barbershop group, as well as her own quartet.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Me too. I was laughing to myself about this kind of stuff when I remembered it.

            Your stories always are so interesting.
            I have noticed that my relatives, especially the Italian blood, who hail from your part of the U.S. also have a strong interest in singing and music.

            “Prince and the Revolution”
            During the early mid 1980’s, I was in the apparel business as I traveled the country. I saw thousands and thousands of women.
            Prince was definitely on the minds of a lot of women. When they talked about him, their eyes would get glassy, and I swear some women seemed to drool.

            Exercising the pleasant memory muscle. I think it can have therapeutic value. Also, I am amazed at how far back one can remember.
            Memories have shown me something…
            Each of us, we write our story.

    • victoria says:

      given fair warning, i went directly to the study & also checked the dictionary ~ there really is only one “n” in “annals” of internal medicine, tsk-tsk they need to go back to school. then i very nearly had a heart attack, quickly shut my eyes in disbelief, how can this even be listed?! safe masturbation tips from planned parenthood

      once i get my valium prescription refilled i will read the ONION ny post article

  19. debra.b says:

    This is a video by Dr. Carrie Madej giving information regarding the Cvd19 vaccine. She’s speaking in as laymen terms as possible. I haven’t seen this before, but it was posted on June 25, 2020. All the sources she cites are linked in the YT description.

    The video has over 42k views. This is a video recorded on her phone. This is the only video she has posted. She has just over 1k subscribers, so she just seems to be urgently attempting to warn people. I think she’s genuine and even though we know much about this already, somehow it’s still scary to hear this doctor describe the details. And, maybe it’s something that you can share with someone who may not listen to a more polished video, for instance. I’m quite surprised Gootube hasn’t pulled this yet, but they likely will. I’ve no way to save it.
    Video running time is 22:27.

    Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne
    Published on Jun 25, 2020
    Vaccine Information on Covid19, nanotechnology, smart phone health apps, rDNA, rRNA, patenting GMO

    • lovetodust says:

      Hey debra.b, thank you. I just watched it, and recommended it to the one person in my life that will watch and appreciate. lol

      I don’t know if you have ever watched the videos on Children’s Health Defense. There is a great series of videos (6 so far) with Polly Tommey and Bobby Kennedy. They chat every week and the series is great.

      I also watched a recent video of Polly on a show called Under the Wire from Australia hosted by a woman named Meryl who runs the vaccination injury organization in Australia. Great interview from June 7, 2020.

      Polly Tommey has been educating about vaccine injury for over 20 years. She was instrumental is getting Vaxxed and Vaxxed II produced. She has a 24 year old vaccine injured son. She is great to listen to.

      I get so much information from members on Corbett, and from reading various twitter feeds (though I am not on twitter myself), Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Del Bigtree.

      Thanks again for the link.

      • debra.b says:

        Lol. I just replied to you up above. You’re welcome. That’s great that it was useful for you for sharing! I was hoping it would be helpful. I found it to be for myself, actually, because I need to hear things broken down in different ways for various reasons. But, mostly boils down to my thought process.

        Children’s Health Defense, yes! I just donated recently actually. I was telling HomeRemedySupply on another thread how I’m trying to zero my focus on a few topics that I feel are the ones I personally need to dig deeper on. And, how I’m angry at myself for not taking on the Vaccine topic sooner. My brother is well informed, however, I’ve not offered him my full understanding in our past discussions, to which I‘ve since apologized to him for. He’s been super helpful in getting me started. As was a podcast interview I heard of RFK Jr. several months back. He really fully opened my eyes. I have seen that series on their YT channel, but I’ve not watched yet. I did see Vaxxed, with Polly’s story. But, I’ve not delved deeper yet into her specifically. I will take a look at that recent video you pointed out.

        Thanks very much! I really do appreciate the information. Yes! Lol I also get pretty much all my information from here in the comments and scrolling around Twitter. I also don’t join Twitter or Fakebook either. Luckily, Twitter still allows non-joiners to scroll around. Unfortunately, it is still one of the quickest ways to find up to date info. Especially, if you don’t know exactly who’s websites to look for and you’re not the best researcher, like me. 🙂

    • Alchemist says:

      God bless this brave woman. THIS is the video I’ve been waiting for. Thank you for sharing.

      • debra.b says:

        Yes. Very brave. And, kindhearted. You’re welcome!

        • Alchemist says:

          I’ve heard the two way street theory mentioned before. Is it just a theory or is there evidence to support what she said about outside intelligence controlling thoughts & behaviors of genetically modified (through mRNA technology) humans?

          Some notes I wanted to touch on…

          She said vaccine makers give little tweaks to vaccines without telling anyone. Here’s a “little tweak” nobody was told about:

          In the 80s they started using human cell lines instead of animal cell lines to make vaccines; such as the MRC-5 line which came from a fetus with abnormal cells that was aborted from a clinically insane mother. Mental illness is hereditary, right? Inoculation with human DNA vaccines started with the millennials—the snowflake generation. Ever notice how millennials are a little different than their predecessors… and the men are generally more effeminate? Are they vaccine-injured from human cell lines?

          Also in the 80s, we saw something new—AUTISM.

          Dr. Diesher addresses the possible connection between autism and human cell lines used in vaccines in this testimony (13min):

          Presentation by Dr. Diesher:

          *Side note* after her testimony, we found out through the Italian corvelva study that MRC-5 did NOT come from a healthy fetus (as I already mentioned). Dr. Diesher goes on to suggest that only animal cells lines should be used in vaccines, but that also comes with problems….

          Which leads me to the ripple effect Dr. Carrie talks about. Viruses can be transferred from animals to humans through vaccination. The effects last throughout a lifetime and follow into to the next generation. Vertical transmission was seen with SV40, the cancer causing virus that came from monkey kidney cells in the polio vaccine— transferred from vaccinated parent to child.

  20. Terraset says:

    Power determines everything, the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. It’s all just luck, you have to be lucky enough to be born with a body capable of doing what you want to do in life, you have to be lucky enough to happen to be in a society that allows you to do what you want and survive reasonably, only then are you allowed to be happy. Everyone else is destined to be miserable, suicide is the only option left to them.

  21. catie says:

    they just need to keep the brainwashing going for at least 15 years and they’ll have an entire new generation raised on these lies. Parents need to stop the abuse on their children starting in the public schools but also at the airports where they allowed their children to be groped by TSA agents.

  22. Terraset says:

    Well I’ve already been taken out of the game because of my genetics so look to me if you want to know a little about what it will be like to have no meaningful agency left in your life for reasons that are both not your fault and outside of your control. I and the other dub human defects like me will be among the first culled and abandoned. Our inherent weakness precludes us to lives of meaningless suffering with no escape other than death. Some try to make believe that they have independence and agency because of government programs, funding, etc, but once that is inevitably shut down to save money at the expense of some truly useles eaters they will find out just how “differently able” they really are. The demonization of any sort of disability has been happening for awhile now and its one that’s actually legitimate. There is no logical reason to allow such things to live in society, draining it of resources that could be going towards real people.

  23. hoff says:

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on ME..

  24. dobsy says:

    The total surveillance state is world wide and AI acting upon any communication over the internet is building files on every human involved. Once the money system collapses, and all buying and selling is enabled by credit accrued in a social credit system, the total world-wide slave state will be instituted.

  25. asavetmd says:

    The Head of the Snake was slain by Saint George and there is a giant sculpture in Victory Park in Moscow showing that.

    • Tsuyoshi says:

      The presenter says, “Major documentary confirmation of something many of us have come to know for certain in recent times: the entire COVID-19 world-shutdown is part of a live training and simulation exercise run by the unscrupulous WHO and United Nations, as documented in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s annual 2019 report and their International Health Regulations treaty of 2005—which 194/or 196 countries signed off on—which pretty much establishes a Global Government (of the WHO & United Nations, & the high-level international GMPB) along with their sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, & other unnamed donors.”

  26. tsepati says:

    Here is a very detailed analysis of Event 201, the role of each player in the simulation and reality.

    Unfortunately, it’s in German; but English subtitles are provided.

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