Interview 1549 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

06/04/2020174 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: This Is Not a Revolution. It’s a Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation.

Police Brutality & Torture Are Normal After 9/11 (Dec. 19, 2007)

George W. Bush Says George Floyd's Death Reveals America's “Tragic Failures”

Obama Hosts Town Hall Discussion of ‘Re-Imagining Policing' After George Floyd's Death

The Purge: Election Year – FLNWO #38 (Sep. 19, 2016)

Thousands March In Wake Of George Floyd’s Death, From Amsterdam To Tokyo

Cookie-Cutter Unrest in Japan Shows the Global Covid Clampdown Is No Accident

Story #2: “Now Is The Time For a ‘Great Reset’”

‘The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity’

‘Second Renaissance’: Great Reset

Story #3: At Least 11 Local News Stations Caught Airing The Exact Same Amazon Propaganda Segment

Corporate Mega-Bailout Bonanza Begins In Europe

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  1. BorisaMan says:

    Everything going on now is biblical. People seem to want to ignore it, but it is going on. Keep an open mind, read it till the end:

  2. red corvair says:

    I agree with most of what you say guys, but let’s not forget that the images of violent “rioting” still come from the same “authority” which sends “agents provocateurs” (or “umbrella men”) in order to make sure there is violence to crack down on in those street protests. These protests and acts of dissent (against police brutality or official lies and propaganda or manipulation) remain essential for people to feel they’re not alone in condemning those “authorities” and their agendas. It is essential for the Power-That-Be that people remain “locked-down”, “confined in solitary” or “in bubbles” so they cannot communicate with one another their anger and disgust at the manipulation they’re subjected to, nor express their dissent and act accordingly (and violence is not the only way to act, far from it, but it’s the most self-destructing one for sure).
    One slogan you hear chanted by the protesters to the police in the streets of New York and elsewhere is:
    “I don’t see no riot here / Why are you in riot gear?”

    • Duck says:

      Red Corvair

      You have a point, either way its a win for the authorities
      A) Real riots are happening… people beg for martial law
      B)Fake riots are happening…. scared people STILL beg for martial law.

      Federalized police has been an aim of the communists (and their capitalist owners) for a long time- the more centralized things are the less cops will care about pleasing their local masters and be look only to central gov for pensions and promotions.

      c) Real riots and race hatred ignites a balkanized USA where the elites play blacks off on the whites and keep everyone begging the central government

      I, personally, suspect that this is a civil war between the elites and you have the people who own the communist movements trying to actually upset the apple cart and kick out the Trumpian band who surprised them by sweeping at least some power out of their hands. Thats the good reason- its very BAD if this is really part of a plan to keep everyone busy and scared until they beg for a strong government to bring in a nice safe panopticon- that means the economy is going to die and we’re going to a digital system linked to social credit

  3. Jed says:

    A clear current take on the current critical crisis
    The civil riots crisis not the covid virus crisis
    But the current covid virus is a manufactured crisis
    And manufactured crisis are some powerful devices
    I don’t think it’s Isreal, I don’t think it’s isis,
    Don’t think it’s trump or rats carrying lices
    or Hillary or the pope or what ever the current vice is
    A big start is to recognize the manufactured crisis.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Great Reset – New World Next Week – Thursday, June 4, 2020

    The 10 minute mark…
    I am gonna practice and use this James Corbett line when interacting with others.

    ”This Covid Crisis that we supposedly just narrowly lived through. Oh wow! Phewouf!”
    (wipes brow) ”That was a close one!”

    At the 15 minute mark, Corbett highlights something extremely important to take note of.
    Mega Bailouts and the Corporate Shakedown – A Major Purpose of this COVID Crisis
    Man-o-man! I have been noticing this. Anyone who has been following the insanity of the financial realm and Wall Street lately is noticing incredibly incredible, in-your-face, “legalized Mafia Money type corruption”.

    One example of many:
    In the future, where will people get a job?

    The future takes away many alternative, independent employer options and puts the open job market more into the Mega-Corporation realm.
    Think about all the independent food and restaurant places which will bite the dust.
    The corporate food chain arena will become that much larger.
    The job options again will move towards the big boys, just like when the big boys wiped out the independent businesses of the small downtowns back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  5. nirvana says:

    “Bail-out” is a word to describe action in the face of imminent catastrophy. The double entendre of the word comes in depending on ones perspective and how one plans on dealing with the problem ; A) by intensified commitment of resources for preservation and continued use or B) removing as much Value and even Profit(thanks taxpayers) from the catastrophy before abandonment.

    • TechnicallyHeady says:

      I’m glad to find a place where people aren’t so blinded by their own virtue they can see what’s going on.

      The future is going to be just like the past, a system of centralized institutions controlled by one elitist group. The corporations aren’t businesses, they’re arms of the government, or rather, the government and corporations are arms of the Oligarchy. In the days of old, monopolies on goods were given to ensure a supply of income, with goods like alcohol, tea, and even art. Today it’s much the same through market domination by select big players like Anhauser-Busch, Nestle, and Atlantic records. Watching the SpaceX launch then seeing the looting was the perfect visualization of the dystopian cyberpunk future.

      It’ll only get worse in a few weeks once everyone gets evicted from their homes.

      You’re exactly right, they’re looting the country before it crashes and burns. Then they’ll pick over the carcass.

      • mike17 says:

        Hello, TechnicallyHeady; You can call me Mike. Hell, you can call me just about anything except ‘late for dinner,’ loll. I’m easy to get along with.

        Your comment, “It’ll only get worse in a few weeks once everyone gets evicted from their homes” caught my eye, because i’ve been saying all along that one spinoff of the fascist takeover of America will be a blanket edict of imminent domain issued from the puppet-buffoon in the White House.

        How soon do you think this noms de guerre will start clawing at our doors?

        As i see it, when those chips hit the table the time for peaceful non-violent insurrection will have passed, leaving the only prerogative the People will have that of a very difficult choice: 1) Accept forced eviction from our homes ‘at the point of a sword’ docilely and cooperate with the tyrants as they frog-march us into the next phase of their game plan or, 2) stand up against them with those millions of defensive weapons people have been buying over the recent past (until the ammo runs out).

        Having said all along that non-violent resistance is the only viable means of winning back our freedom, i must concede that my (blackened) heart still reposes within that niche, curled up like a tiny animal in its burrow. . . yet when they come and threaten to shoot our women and children and start killing beloved pets as a matter of course. . .

        What do you plan to do?

        . . . An expiring mind wants to know

  6. dnspedersen says:

    Why do he call Them a freemason pornstar and his 17 year coworker Friend?

    • UKJC says:

      I have to ask the same. The beginning of this NWNW was deeply unpleasant. Why on earth does James E-P refer to George Floyd as a “Freemason Porn-Star getting killed by his Co-worker Buddy of 17 years”. Killed? George Floyd was clearly and Brutally murdered. Get a grip Corbett Report. You’re an Agorist, implying you have studied class. You have to recognise the US’ history, but none of that here. Very disappointed.

      • cu.h.j says:


        I hear where you’re coming from, that statement was pretty insensitive. However, the analysis is still good. Cops kill people all the time and a lot of them have been white, with no outrage or media coverage. No protests, nada. I’m sure there are other abuses going on as we speak. The media and “powers that shouldn’t be” will blow stories up that suit the government (and their owners) narrative.

        Looting and violence give the state legitimacy. Just as people were waking up, we get this, kind of convenient if you ask me.

        Having said that, I think James E P could have used more tact. It was kinda weird that Floyd worked with the cop for many years although I think it’s irrelevant because the cop had a duty to uphold standards ethical conduct if he is on duty. There’s no excuse for the murder of an unarmed individual. However, it would be unwise to close one’s mind to learning new information because someone made a callous statement.

        I think we have to become more comfortable listening to things we may find offensive and form an informed opinion based on facts rather than feelings.

        I think the protests were justified and the anti lockdown protestors should have come out to support the protests and share their message. The violence that followed, regardless if some provocateurs were infiltrating or not, was likely continued by some regular people who just wanted to take advantage of the situation.

        I grew up in a very poor neighborhood and I know how some people who live in abject poverty think and some of these people are dangerous. I lived through the Rodney King riots of 1992 and certainly wouldn’t want to be walking in south-central LA at that time.

      • J-Smoove says:

        I have to say that I agree, as well. Watching the beginning of this was very cringe worthy. I understand that the media uses race wars to carry out agendas and divide people but that doesn’t take away from the reality of systematic racism and prejudice of minorities. Pilato’s porn star verbiage was very pointless.

        I also was very disappointed that they only talked about looting, rioting, and violence when there have been many peaceful protests that the media doesn’t even report. I have personally witnessed peaceful protests in my neighborhood. Just because the media presses a button and uses what they want to report, doesn’t minimize real issues for people.

        I have no problem with differening opinions. We all have different opinions but I just found some of what they spoke about as being disingenuous.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I agree with you about systematic racism and prejudice against minorities, particularly if they are also poor.

          I also agree that there were also peaceful protests going on that had a very important message to share.

          • cu.h.j says:

            You are also spot on when you say “just because the media presses a button and uses what they want to report, doesn’t minimize real issues for people”

            Also, I think the positive side to this is that it shows me that people are powerful when they come together. If we work together to stop the system and plans the “elites” are foisting upon us including the racism and police brutality, we can change the world.

            • J-Smoove says:

              cu.h.j, absolutely. There are many pieces to this eugenic and technocratic agenda and peacefully protesting about real issues is a wonderful thing. That shows comradery of all races, like you said. Being dismissive of someone’s plight is never a good thing, IMO. I honestly have experienced what these protests are about from the police. But my experience alone doesn’t make it any more important. Logically speaking, mistreatment of impoverished minorities and not to mention the system that keeps them down is not acceptable.

              I could be wrong when I say this, but I’m not so sure if the response by the James’ would be the same if people were protesting about the refusal of taking vaccines.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I think JC is a kind person with a good heart. That’s my impression of him. I think that it might be hard to understand someone else’s lived experience if you have never experienced it yourself. No one is perfect, unfortunately.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              One of the things about this that is confusing me are the calls from the big hats for police reform. Personally, I think they should all just learn to code, but that’s me. It’s being hyped. Problem is, what is their solution? My worry is that this may be more ammo for the troops in the cities group. But I can’t make heads or tails of it. Call me cynical, but I always cringe when I hear politicians call for national reform of anything.

              Also, I read a few comments here that believe we are headed to a corporate only world. Pretty defeatist attitude to me. It’s true that it’s an obvious goal, but there’s a lot of whiskey spilled between the bar and the lips. I see a future of small businesses run by free people. If I’m wrong, I’ll probably be dead by then anyway. Though I imagine there will be a lot of dying either way.

              • flammable says:

                It is not exactly defeatist. What we are saying is that previously small businesses were allowed to operate within the current system. Now they won’t be allowed.
                Doesn’t mean small businesses won’t exist, but that small businesses will be opened outside the system.

                Like a conglomerate buying everything. The corporations and banks are buying lots of properties but don’t have the money to sustain everything. People will be thrown out of the new system just like employees of a small company that got bought out.

                It is a positive and a negative. Now there is no other way. Either work together and build a new community outside the system or die outside of it. Humans may be easily brainwash but are very resilient when it comes to survival. It just sucks that we don’t learn from history and have to go through unnecessary pain again.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I know what it means. I’m no Einstein, but I’m not retarded. And it is defeatist because it assumes the powers that cower win. They won’t.

              • flammable says:

                I guess it is a defeatist attitude. I don’t know. Unless people are directly stating that there is no hope then I have no idea they’ve given up.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Wish I could reply directly, but there is no reply icon on your statement.

                If they are stating the goals they oppose will be realized, they have already been defeated in their mind. I don’t ever think my opponent will win and work hard to make it so. Not saying I’m always proven right, but it’s a lot harder to beat a person who demands victory, than it is to defeat someone who has already conceded defeat. That defeatism is the root of the victim culture. And that culture enslaves its followers. A little off track at the end, but I tend to be mouthy.

              • Duck says:

                ‘..confusing me are the calls from the big hats for police reform…’

                Federalized cops have been a thing the communists have wanted for a long time.
                “more deadly then war” by G.Edward Griffin

                I THINK this lecture goes over that.

            • J-Smoove says:

              cu.h.j, Oh I personally do not know James and I’m sure he does have a good heart but like you said, maybe it does stem from not encountering something like that. But, I won’t make an assumption.

              We all disagree about things, but I’m more used to James being open and not as dismissive pertaining to different issues. I’ve seen his work pertaining to planned parenthood and it was a wonderful piece that exposed the true eugenics and racist agenda behind it.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I also saw that piece too and I had no idea about planned parenthood before that. I see how this episode comes across as dismissive of the issues surrounding the protests, particularly with the comment James EP made.

                I think it would have been good to have another commentator during this episode to provide a more in-depth analysis of the protests.

    • chris says:

      Hi dnspedersen & UKJC,

      I had a similar thought when listening. I’ve been thinking about it in regards to two angles:

      1) From what I can tell, apparently it is a reference to some of the peripheral details in the circumstances (apparently the cop and victim were long-time “co-workers” at some establishment prior to the incident; and also, according to my brief Googling, the victim may have also worked in some porn production company?). I don’t know what the Freemason reference is in regards to.

      2) I agree that none of that is relevant from a larger analytic perspective about the significance of current events (though obviously the history between the two is relevant to the specific case…). However, I found the more interesting element to be the way in which the protests (and the proximal case spurring them) are being manufactured. I think this is a good point; and it is important not to misconstrue it. That is, it is clearly an instance of police brutality and murder, though as James C. points out, these sorts of events happen every day. So, I think from the perspective that they are taking in the NWNW episode, the point is that the media will selectively capture a specific event when it is to it’s advantage, saturate the media “market” with it, in order to produce the desired result (problem-reaction-solution, as described in previous James C.’s podcasts). Thus, my sense is that there just a different mode of description for those focused on the specific case details (again, obviously a state sanctioned murder), versus those focusing on the way in which this _event_ (without focusing on the nuances and details), can be used to illustrate the way in which power structures (including the media) manufacture a desired reaction.

      • jwha says:

        I agree with everything you said Chris. As to the freemason reference I did come across some photos of George Floyd having a huge tattoo on his chest of a free mason symbol or crest or something. Apparently his brother and father also are masons and also the cop who killed him or so it was said. I guess Pilato is implying something else may be going on with the whole thing, possibly a manufactured event or a psy-op. I am not saying it was. I have no idea but I think this is the reason he mentions it.

        What is more important is the idea as Corbett states of it is a button than can be pushed at any time to manipulate the masses since similar acts are taking place all the time. At this moment in time the public is primed to react strongly because of the covid situation so the button pushing works like a charm.

        On a personal note I have a difficult time listening to Pilato. He is quite annoying to my taste. I am trying to spread much of the Corbett material and other similar material to people I think will be open to listen to it who are totally unaware of such ideas, but with Pilato I have reservations because I think many would hear him and shut it down without actually listening to what is being said and never look back to any other similar material. Therefore it would be counter productive in opening some minds to this material, but maybe it’s just my own personal bias.

        • UKJC says:

          jwha, Chris, thank you for your responses. I wouldn’t share this with anyone I know, period. I’m all for analysis but this takes meta conspiratorial inhumanity to a new level. I do not believe George was a knowing sacrifice of some masonic ritual, he was a human being who was clearly murdered in line with standard US police practice. The porn star stuff just raises the the whole thing to obnoxious. So much good analysis and research from this channel and then this. Sad day.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I like your analysis and I agree completely. I think James EP can be a little crass and appears to make light of things. But I think it’s a coping mechanism to keep it at a distance. Working as a nurse has made me a little crass too. I can’t let everything in or I will get overwhelmed and with this too. I couldn’t watch the video of Floyd’s murder, because I know there has been an probably is worse. It makes me sick.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Oops, I meant to respond to jwha, but UKJC I think sharing the material, perhaps not this particular episode would be a great idea. Most of JC’s material is brilliant and he rarely comes across as insensitive. James EP was the one who made the statement no JC.

            • UKJC says:

              no worries cu.h.j I do share JC’s stuff but this episode was not a good one. JE-P seriously lost the plot, making it revolting and un-sharable. See points above regarding class and history, JC knows better, I just wish JE-P did too.

              • benny.j says:

                I share the same view and agree. I believe some clarification is needed, as is opaque with the NO! if JC shares the same view as JP, but if so it’s distressing.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I found a porn video he was in. Floyd the landlord and Big Floyd were his personas. And they worked together for years. But the tv was really the flashpoint for those riots. They focused on it and the people just felt how the tv told them to feel. Of course, I’m sure it was a coincidence this outrage happened just as the CDC published (confessed) that covid barely rates as a cold in terms of fatalities.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I Shot Santa:

          Thank you for providing this information. Very interesting. Do you have a link to the CDC publication? I can look it up too if you don’t. Don’t want to put you through any additional work.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Don’t have the link, and my battery’s low; so thanks. The porn was low budget. I don’t really like porn myself. I’m not getting any action, and the sex is usually bad. Nothing against it, nor do I downgrade a person for doing or watching it. It’s just how hard is it to have your own sex life?

            • benny.j says:

              It doesn’t matter if he did a porno or has certain tattoo! I’m new to the site but (long time viewer 4+ years) with all due respect to all but making connections of small details and symbolism goes in contrast with what “we” this community stands for. This is tinfoil stuff.

              Investigation, Data & Critical Thinking is what we seek and share with others in the hope they can be enlighten.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                It’s just extra spice. What does matter is they knew each other. And it’s not tinfoil hat to say he was in porn or a mason , though most masons are so for business contacts, it is fact. And spicy gossip.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                You said it Jim Bob…
                “It’s just extra spice.”
                (i.e. “spicy gossip”)

                That is all it is.

          • debra.b says:

            Here ya go. Was reading through here. And, knew I just saw that link, so dropping it. Gotta sleep now.


  7. geisha says:

    Propaganda watch:
    1. Paper: “Nudge policies in the era of COVID-19”:

    Bollywood actors, Repetition, Publication of risk maps, ….

    “Press releases were backed by SMS reminders, the publication of risk maps, repeated reassurances from doctors, frequent public appearances by the Prime Minister, appeals for the public to participate in the fight against the virus through donations to the PM-CARES and appeals to nationalism and solidarity.

    “This was reinforced by repeated broadcasting of information through multi-media channels, using Bollywood to repeat calls through songs, poems and dramatisation and an appeal to nostalgia invoking the Ramayana and Mahabharata stories to encourage people to stay at home. (The researchers looked at India as an example).

    “A nudging-based approach could be useful both during the lifting of lockdown and beyond, providing a way forward for reviving the economy and addressing climate change mitigation goals in the post-COVID era.”

    “The nudges from the government were to motivate people to adhere to unpleasant rules of quarantine and lockdown with huge economic and social costs. Lockdown was possible due to rapid and aggressive sensitisation to the dangers of COVID-19. People united to move away from business as usual..”
    2. All the while the CDC quietly posted on its almost unmaneuverable site that the ‘Symptomatic case fatality ratio overall (all ages together) is 0.004″
    “Symptomatic Case Fatality Ratio, stratified by age in years”

    … No nudging of this information.
    3. “COVI-PASS™ technology is certified by the United Nations and bears an European Union Commission Seal of Excellence. COVI-PASS™ is committed to support Governments, Sports Bodies and Health Services to comply with statutory regulations to improve Public Health management.”

    “COVI-PASS: UK Introduces ‘Digital Health Passport’ … ”

    “COVI-PASS allows you to return to work & social re-integration.” I guess, I’ll neverwork, travel or socialize again.

  8. heartcompass says:

    ALL of it is a distraction while 5G and The Fourth Industrial Revolution is rolled out without our knowledge or consent.

    • Qno says:

      5G is going to flop, technically and commercially. So are the current fast-tracked CVD-1984 vaccines. They are bridges too far. They are like Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, the follies of billionaires and professional entrepreneurs.

      One thing we should all have learned through the scam-demic is that history repeats.

      With a bit of luck, Bill Gates will end his days self-isolating in a hotel room with a face mask permanently over his nose, just like Hughes. Will that be poetic or what?

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Weapon systems never cost too much.

        • Qno says:

          The solution is probably a team of hackers, no?

          • I Shot Santa says:

            That, and blowing them up or burning them down. Though I wondered how people were burning them down in England. In the states the towers are made of metal.

            • Qno says:

              I wonder if they were being burned down or in fact spontaneously catching fire like smart meters. Honestly my feeling about 5G is it involves almost insurmountable technical problems and is a way to defraud investors.

              Imagine what would happen to backers of telecoms if they didn’t keep coming up with innovations every few years. Same with pharmaceuticals. The money is in the start up phase. That’s why there are so many breakthroughs needing five to ten years of research, hardly any make it to clinical trials and certainly no cures are ever found for anything. By the time investors realise they’ve backed a dud the original entrepreneurs are long gone, they’ve sold their stake and are ‘working’ on the next thing. Developers don’t care because they get nice secure jobs for ‘five to ten years’.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I have no way of knowing. All I can say is that is how it was reported. On the development, James actually covered that some time ago. Pre-covid. Wall Street started checking their work to see if it could be replicated.

              • Qno says:

                Well Moderna are in big trouble for their market manipulation of their vaccine.

                When all is said and done greed for power and money is keeping this entire train on the rails.

                I think the vaccines will be a massive flop, they won’t be able to sustain the pretence they are safe or effective, no way.

                I think investors will have massive doubts about 5G now, since the only thing sustaining the programme in the USA is the illegal re-routing of land-line tarriffs paid by subscribers away from what they are legislated to cover, namely high speed broadband to all areas.

                The problem for the NWO etc is that we are rapidly moving into an era where the only people they are really fooling is themselves.

                And quite rightly we should be concerned about the solutions they have for that.

  9. Qno says:

    Meanwhile, over at the BBC…
    Not a single mention of the C-word on the entire front page of their news site. Oh sorry, a couple of bits down the bottom the magazine section – one on the effect on airlines, one on the effect on children.

    In the Nick of time, George Floyd came along and gave them something else to talk about. Pandemics have become such an embarrassment, and too many whistleblowers now… oh nothing to see here, let’s all just move on.

    Meanwhile back in the UK, 70 million people still confined to their houses are saying “um, excuse me, have you forgotten about us? We’re still here…”

  10. Qno says:

    And on the subject of lives lost – what about lives never born? The dating scene must be abysmal right now. Can we count those never born and never conceived among the death toll from this fiasco?

  11. MagicBullet says:

    James, about the “button than can be pushed at any time to manipulate the masses since similar acts are taking place all the time”. Can you please document this statement by sharing some videos as egregious as the Floyd brutality over the last months that the media ignored?

    If you can’t, then we have to conclude that the riots and crackdown were the result of the EVENT not the result of the MEDIA BUTTON and would require a retraction from you.

    This is quite a crucial point as noted by the many posts above that the entire credibility of this video commentary at stake.

    • misfit says:

      While I don’t always know what to think of much of the reporting because some seem definitely sensationalized.
      I’ve read numerous horrific stories of police brutality over at Free Thought Project.
      I watched one video of a cop flipping and executing a black man he had pulled over with wife(?) and child in car. That’s when I stopped watching any more videos.
      This killing of Floyd is also horrific. I did not watch the video but something seems really off by what I am seeing from the angle of the deliberateness of his behavior to make sure to get full effect of the murder. Why did it go from an arrest and transporting to a prolonged show with so many witnesses.
      I had some training in techniques when I was a Detention Officer and we were explicitly told to never knee at the neck. Knee over the shoulder blade to restrain.
      For me it’s getting harder to know what is real, staged….my brain is exploding

      • MagicBullet says:

        Thank you for the reply misfit.

        So in the Floyd case, did the media “push a button” as JC reports, or did the video takers post videos which went viral “forcing the media to report” on it? If James has evidence of either 1. the media pushing the button non viral Floyd videos, or, 2. frequent police killing of black persons on videos that went viral but not reported on the media, then that would help decide the issue of “media button pushing” in the Floyd case.

        • benny.j says:

          I don’t think JC has evidence of it. I think here he is completely wrong about the switch in this case, that there is a switch yes but this is not it. I don’t know the last time JC visited America, but he overlooks the stupidity of humans and media, giving too much credit to the “powers that be” planning.

          If anything this event can bring and end to the American empire (at most) and at least it would greatly diminish the USA influence in the world and its credibility, hell there is a possibility of Trump resigning or losing the election, which is not in the cards for the powers that be (IMO). This protest is genuine and it doesnt take much to piece together, just a small hint of critical thinking.

          Shelter in place + Unemployment + No Sports + Bars + Music Festival + Drugs + Less Sex ETC and on top of that, by making people wear masks and create “Social Distancing” to an already socially lacking society produce the results we’re seeing. All pieces were there it just needed a catalyst to set things into what we’re seeing, revolt, chaos and hopefully change (which I hope is substantial and good, but in reality it’ll be moderate and fine/ok)

          I’ll give JC the benefit of the doubt as I don’t know the last time he’s been in America. But for us here (I’m in the US) we see there is no conspiracy or switch with the death of George Floyd, in fact the media gets the videos from regular people who share it on social media (Twitter and such) and the national outlets CNN, MSNBC, FOX edit them to fit their narratives, is the Local News outlets who reports them unedited. As its known in the US, local news is about morbidity and sensationalism.

          The CNN reporter event is just more stupidity from cops, the citizenry of all empires follow in more of less three types; the Elite ; the Middle and the Rest. The Elite keep the Middle in check knowing they’ll become the Rest and lose their privilege if they don’t tow the line. The Rest you keep them uneducated and on drugs of all kinds be it sports, alcohol, sex, guns, violence and more.

          JC should know better as a fan of 1984 and Orwell. The cops did that to CNN and other media outlets, they do it to all PRESS (search the social media sites for videos). The Cops are part of “the Rest” more or less and are the by-product of years of militarism, abuse of power and more importantly total immunity for deplorable behavior of the police.

          In a few words the police believes they can do what they want an if “accidents” happen they know they are protected by the whole system.

          • benny.j says:

            Just to add to what JC said in the show, this videos happen all the time in the US, the reason why this one was different is because George Floyd narrated the process of how a person dies, its specially gutting when he calls for his Mother! the cops clearly wanted to inflict great damaged, the other videos had hints of reasonable doubt, movement of body and no narration of how one dies.

            This happen during this crazy shelter here in the US which JC has not experience as this is new in the history of the world and Japan didn’t go thru it. Plus the great divide instituted for years of racism and pitting all the citizenry against each other to overlook the actions of the Elite.

            For the “powers that be” Covid was going better than expected, in no way they dreamed that the world would be that complaint, willing and accepting of what he so well documented Gates of doing.

            • cu.h.j says:


              I think you’re right about a lot of the protesting except for the looting and violence. Not all provocative instigating and this creates fear and anger and more divisive. And not voicing the connection to larger structures of oppression and blaming it merely on “whiteness “ and “anti blackness “ is an oversimplification and alienates some non POC that don’t share the idea that they are inherently racist and guilty just because we live in a racist system.

              I am “white” family came from Eastern Europe to flee nazi extermination and I grew up in a poor neighborhood that was primarily non white. I was harassed by some and called racial slurs but did have an overall positive experience and learned to love all people and was never racist. My grandma fought for justice during the civil rights movement. I have family that are biracial. And I don’t feel I have any reason to feel guilty or shame because of my skin tone. That seems like some of the message coming out of the democratic mouthpiece and I think that’s divisive-to me anyway.

              I don’t think it matters who “wins” the election because I think lack of police means more surveillance. We’ll see . I hope that we get less cops but I suspect it will mean something different.

              • benny.j says:

                I’m not saying is just that simple, as humans we all have experience discrimination or racism. High schools in all countries around the world form part of it, because media propaganda in Movies, TV shows and Games makes it so.

                If in school no-one picked on your for “x” reason you felt good, if you saw someone being picked up or bullied, likely you never step-in is hard for someone to do so, even knowing is wrong out of fear they would pick-on you. This is part of our civilization for now, and it’ll not be solved for quite some time, that’s why as adults best advise we can give kids going thru this is: “don’t worry it’ll get better later, we also went through this”

                No one should feel guilty for being you, that is part of the divide the Elite inflicts on us. Just know that all races in America feel that, even in the days where Italians & Irish were discriminated by how the spoke or by physical attributes while still being white.

                I don’t vote (never have) because I believe that the idea of voting for the less bad is a great sin. I considered myself a mix of some many political ideology’s that there is no defined word for it, all of them are included, even anarchism (the way Noam Chomsky defines it, for anyone that doesnt know search for it before judgement)

                Surveillance has come and will keep coming no matter of the police, is they way things have been going. My comment about the election is that for the powers that be the biggest fear is the rise or revolt of the governed, if the military is released on US soil to quail protesting, it creates a great damaged to the group that wants to expand the empire specially in Africa and South-East Asia.

                The powers that be do know always agree on the same strategy and message, in fact they often disagree and are not on sync or is a single group, they are so many, what I meant by the election is that in my opinion to most of them Trump was working as Covid was going better than expected, now they would want someone that can calm things down and why it’s possible for him to lose. (this is if he keeps playing the political divide on this issue)

                I shouldn’t have giving that comment on the election because there’s so much to discuss that it can’t be written here as it’ll be pages. I like you believe that it doesn’t matter who “wins” the election.

          • MagicBullet says:

            Thank you benny.j. I also think this was not faked and showed the stupidity of these policeman.

            They would have been just as stupid to agree to a faked arrest like this because there was high risk of, 1. One of the police getting shot from an onlooker, and 2. The police and/or their families being targeted after the event (I guess their families have now run for the hills?).

            I think there are few videos like this with a person completely restrained begging for their life and dying with the cameras rolling. I vote that the event and public reaction caused the media to report it, not that the media pushed a button to report it, but I am willing to listen to documentation if JC has it.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            The George Floyd Protests and Media

            There are many aspects to this entire scenario.
            We should also keep in mind that it is election year.

            The media is gonna play sides. Look at “Hydroxychloroquine”.

            There is a lot going on in the world, but these events cloud over what Corbett often makes a point of as in “Meet Gates” and the Global Reset.

            • MagicBullet says:

              You are correct HRS about playing sides.

              The question roused by JC is did the MSM play a side and push a button to pick up this event, or they had to report on it because of the impact from viral vids and posts, AND THEN played sides?

              As our fearless leader JC purports the former, and this is a serious issue that relates to the media fomenting martial law, and notwithstanding the background you correctly point out, we need some documentation before we can agree or pass on this kind of serious idea to others. Don’t you agree?

              • benny.j says:

                I agree, we need a better report from JC on this, I think he will do so, a have disagree with him on things before and this is fine and welcomed by him many times. He says “questioned everything I say, as this is part of critical thinking” – paraphrasing he’s actual words.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Youboob used to be filled with them. But this was really hyped by the tv. They always tell us what to riot over. If they don’t push it, the riots never go past local. CNN was ranting on about it just as they did the corona cold. As the media is the voice of the state, this hyping was obviously state sanctioned. And comes out right when the CDC puts out the embarrassing corona cold fatality rate. Basically, almost every day has something happening that can be twisted to meet an agenda.

      • Duck says:

        “..If they don’t push it, the riots never go past local…’


      • MagicBullet says:

        Thank you for replying with this info, hyped I can agree, but “button flipping” isn’t necessarily the same thing as hype, though once reported it could be hyped, yes.

        In the Floyd case, there was clear unconcerned and unnecessary torture of Mr. Floyd over many minutes by a uniformed officer, and clearly heard vocal pleading with the officers by a fully restrained and neutralized Mr. Floyd to let him breath over the many minutes of torture. My uninformed guess is that there are not “dozens of such incidents every single day” as stated at 4:15 in this show, but I am willing to be proved wrong. Shootings and harassment of black persons is common I’m sure, but are there really dozens of videos of prolonged torture of a pleading black victim daily???

        I do recall a video on the MSM of a black man in a scuffle with police who suffocated a couple of years ago, but it did not show unconcerned torture and clear and prolonged pleading by the victim, anyway it wasn’t ignored by the MSM. We would need to show failure of the media to take up many videos of brutality including prolonged torture and pleading by the victim on par with the Floyd video to state the media decided to “flip a switch” (4:00) in the Floyd case as opposed to a forced reporting of a video already gone viral.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          It doesn’t have to be such. It could have been any of the documented murders by cops. The BART shooting, scrubbed from the net. The important thing is the media. People think as they’re told. We aren’t a rational species. We’re an emotionally reactive species. I’ve known similar incidents (one of which was a person who was nearly beat to death in a Florida jail, and I was working with him to get the video out, but he thought the tv news was his friend. And they squashed public outrage by a single flippant remark.) where the tv spun it to imply doubt. Sheeple still believe the tv is real news. If they want a riot, it doesn’t matter the subject. People aren’t that bright.

          • MagicBullet says:

            Well it’s unfortunate that people don’t suspect the TV as a propaganda machine, but more do now than in the past thanks to sites like this. You give cover-up examples, I’m sure are common. For Floyd, I vote that the media could not ignore this viral video, however, I can agree they may have had hyping a vid like this in their playbook. If the idea is to rouse the minority and undecided white vote against Trump this seems to be working (CNN is devouring Trump’s response to Floyd).

  12. scpat says:

    I was thinking the same thing when James Evan Pilato was reading the price by Klaus. What does this COVID event have to do with “promoting equitable outcomes” and building “green” infrastructure? Absolutely nothing. I assume the argument would be, “look how unresilient and brittle the current system is. Look at all the debt we are in now because of this situation. We need a new system.”

    But of course if saving the economy was at all important to the string-pullers, then we would have “toughed out” the virus and kept businesses open. But instead we saw the smothering of the world economy, intentionally. That is a big red flag for me.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      2 things happened that didn’t get coverage because of Floyd’s death. 1- Hillary has to testify. 2- CDC published the fatality rate of covid. Which could have been a problem as it’s the sniffles.

      • J-Smoove says:

        Hahaha and for those of us in the beginning, that said that this was no worse than the Flu were viewed by the public as being crazy. COVID doesn’t even touch the flu death numbers. Oh, and we know that they will contribute that to the lockdown and social distancing but there is no evidence that those things do a darn thing to curb a ” virus”. Especially a “virus” that was supposed to be so bad that everything aside from big corporations had to stop.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Evidence to the contrary even! But facts don’t really matter when you put enough English on the spin machine. The world sure is a crazy place!

        • flammable says:

          Even if their numbers were right I still would not support the lockdown measures. Because I am certain the lockdown will cause way more deaths.
          Throughout human history, nothing causes more death and illness then purposely disrupting production and services. It is the basis of a genocide.

  13. robert.t says:

    As the baddies (this week the Chicoms and the police) are skewing those babies on their bayonets and crucifying Canadian soldiers on barn doors…

    It’s nice to observe a bit of Occupational Health & Safety being practiced by responsible masonic actors. Anyone notice how meanie Chauvin was leaning back from victim Floyd so there would be no pressure on his neck? Well, not only that, but it is clear if you study the video that someone had thoughtfully uncuffed George so his hands were free to support himself just in case the position got a bit uncomfortable. Whether you are on the set of a porn film or meeting at Lodge, the safety and well-being of the other is paramount.

    Just a little ray of care and compassion between long-term co-workers. If only the rest of the world could be like Derek and George!

    • robert.t says:

      Not that I can know much here in the scrub on the other side of the world…

      But in the category of “What are the chances?”: After a prelim autopsy found no evidence of asphxia or strangulation (on whatever body, if there was a body) an independent expert autopsy was conducted and it found otherwise. And who was the expert? Why the same who conducted the autopsy on one Jeffrey Epstein. What are the chances?

      Beyond the few seconds where the Chauvin character rolls his shin along the Floyd character’s neck and seems to dig down a little before grabbing the back of the car for balance it is very hard to get evidence of anything much. Odd that in blurry rear footage the other actors appear lower than the Chauvin character. You’d think if they were kneeling on his torso and hips they would be higher. Also odd is the “policeman” next to “Chauvin” leaning right down and appearing to stabilise the right leg of “Chauvin” as he is supposed to be applying pressure with the left.

      Of course, the person arrested as “Chauvin” looks nothing like the “Chauvin” of the Floyd arrest footage…but what fun is a terror event without some gently mockery of the spectators?

      Spread this far and wide. If it’s prominent in the news, it’s either a fabrication, a distortion, a manipulation or an advertisement. Because they don’t waste prime media space on mere information.

      How do we know the media are lying? Their pixels are moving.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Are you calling Pelosi a liar? She vetted it! I’m shocked! And I have no opinion, nor do I care. My care is how it’s being played out.

    • mike17 says:

      So, robert.t, you suggest that the ‘murdered’ George is still alive and that the entire scenario was a staged smoke-and-mirrors, dog & pony event?

      I confess that my thoughts have wafted over the same theory.

      Wouldn’t it be grand if some person or persons could locate this George character and flush him out before the cameras as proof of the deep chicanery we have been subjected to?

      What would the Antifa and BLM factions do then, standing exposed for what they are?

      What a wicked and vile way to provoke race violence (!!) this whole thing has been, dredging up old animosities between blacks and whites just when a genuine consensus of reason seemed to finally be possible between the factions!

      “By deception thou wilt make war.”

      In my personal litany of things real and true it comes to mind that Nature never intended for the multiracial, multicultural circumstance we all abide today to ever come into being, and that it can NEVER produce any real fruit. . . not unless science can find a means of effecting RAPID EVOLUTION!

      As ‘fully evolved’ humans would we even then be able to feel free and at ease with those whose differences were still vividly evident? Perhaps.

      But as to current scenario, it was foisted off on us by those who serve a different credo, and whose god recognizes only THEM as masters of the world.

      They were the slavers of old, and they quite obviously intend to continue pursuing that tack in the here and now.

      The damage is done.

      The question remains, how can we arrive at some modicum of peace between the various races, skin colors and human types that were never intended to coalesce together AS A UNIFIED NATION, despite the tyrants?

      The way ahead becomes obvious to any reasonable mind: Separation of the basic racial factions under ONUS OF TREATY, relegating sectors of the North American continent to each type and thenceforth honoring all treaty agreements between all parties. Let people chose via initial referendum which sector they want to call home, just as the people of Crimea chose when that nation rejoined the Russian Federation!

      Up to now the abrasiveness of incompatibility between the races has stood as a clever and manipulative force de guerre used by the tyrants in their theft of power from us.

      Separation into sectors and the honoring of commitments made on the part of all via unified agreement to never violate sacred treaties, would serve as a major implementation proffering the North American homeland into a state of enduring peace.

      What does YOUR future bode?

      • UKJC says:

        robert.t, mike17,

        Sick, pointless.

        • mike17 says:

          Gosh, UKJC, are you racially charged?

          . . . Maybe you should allow that bad, bad battery of yours to run down a little so you can stand eye to eye with your fellow humans. And smile.

          By your angry and vitriolic post you demonstrate animus.

          You have the right to disagree, but. . .

          Don’t you see that the fomenting of animus is the main issue in what they hope will soon eventuate for all of us as a brief frog march over the lip of that deep, black abyss, chanting kumbaya?

          As i see it our only hope still lies in quiet, non-violent refusal to cooperate with their dictates.

          Refusal when they try to force-vaccinate us

          Refusal when they try to leverage us into the next lock-down

          Refusal when they attempt to coerce us in the wearing of face masks

          Refusal to support them at the grass roots levels of government by quietly NOT paying ad valorem property tax, together with the myriad other sops they extort from us annually

          Refusal to pay federal and state income tax

          Refusal to march in protest, as remaining home and maintaining our solidarity in a quiet, non-violent insurrection is the best and easiest way to defeat them, IMHO

          In answer to your probable question, NO! I’m not yet participating in any form of insurrection. I am waiting for what i hope will be a unified consensus of reason, when millions of us agree to begin the long haul which will lead us to a Gandhian victory!

          On the other hand, if you’re an abject racist and/or a paid poster, i haven’t wasted any finger-power in typing out this reply, because many others will read it.

          • UKJC says:

            Mike17 –

            “What would the Antifa and BLM factions do then, standing exposed for what they are?

            What a wicked and vile way to provoke race violence (!!) this whole thing has been, dredging up “old” animosities between blacks and whites just when a genuine consensus of reason seemed to finally be possible between the factions!”

            The opposition reaction has been classless and raceless. Your response a pile of sick ignorant gaslighting. There is nothing to your arguements above, just seek some therepy.

            • mike17 says:


              “The opposition reaction has been classless and raceless. Your response a pile of sick ignorant gaslighting. There is nothing to your arguements above, just seek some therepy.”

              I got your therapy hanging you sick, racist F**k.

              Go back to George Soros and tell ‘im you’ve been exposed.

              Maybe he’ll have his lieutenants send you off to a place where you can actually do some good.

              McDonalds, for instance.

              Or better yet, serving as Abe Foxman’s private ass-wipe.

      • robert.t says:

        Mike, after the Parsons Green bomb which could not even damage itself I vowed to stop looking into all mass shootings, stabbings etc to untangle the details, guess the intentions. I am still not sure if these things are staged badly on purpose to mock us or if the number of authorities and players is so great that a convincing result is impossible. I guess fakery is better than actual murder and blaming of the innocent (which happened at Port Arthur).

        My problem is that I continue to examine when I should ignore. The ludicrous mass shooting of dummies in Christchurch kept me entertained for days while I should have been doing better things.

        My guess is that people like Epstein and “Floyd” are kept alive and rewarded or the huge numbers of participants, from ex-con actors to lofty heads of media, would be too nervous to work their parts. Many of the people standing around and watching these events are actors and their marshals. Better a non-disclosure contract and good pay, surely.

        As to the carve-up of the world into “types”, I see that as another opportunity for the manipulators. Who belongs in northeast Syria? The Assyrians and Yazidis, or the Kurds who are being promoted as good Western proxies? What happens to previously “arabised” populations? Who initially wanted a fully separate Catalonia? A noisy Barcelona elite or the bulk of people living there?

        Unpicking the world into “viables” is a bit to big-picture for me. Tolerance, tradition, family, privacy and property within an untidy but functioning nation state will have to do for now.

        • mike17 says:


          Not in keeping much with Aussie affairs. . . just what i read online, so i’m not very able to discuss the issues of your world.

          Here in the US there’s no question but that the elite have an entrenched group of screen writers and experts in all things pertaining to videography, and that these bastards are scripting mass murders and other false flag events to aid Socialism’s digestive mechanism.

          Boy, they really love to play around with fake blood, don’t they???– though they never seem able to get the color mixed right.

          Of course, some of the shooting events like the recent one in Vegas, were not false flags of the type using crisis actors and phony blood. People really died in the ‘Vegas event.

          But it goes without saying that the American nation has been and continues to be subjected to one imprecation after another in the banksters’ frenzy to enslave us before we drop the hammer on them.

          They’ve stolen the treasury; lifted all America’s gold and silver bullion from both the Fort Knox repository and the Treasury building, so that (i believe) what is seen in rare photos of the gold vault at Knox stacked high and tight in the doorway, are gold washed tungsten bars.

          . . . Robert Reuben would know.

          They must be terrified, knowing we know, and that’s a good thing.

          I fully agree with you on ‘who belongs’ in Syria. I respect Bashar al Assad as a decent man whom the people of Syria love. . . and you lay out the plain truth about the Catalonia freedom movement.

          As the old saying goes, “all things come to him who waits.” It’s just that people wait their entire lives and nothing ever changes, lol.

          But this is the start of a new civilization! Change is definitely on the way.

          The promise of freedom inheres in the stars in this new Aquarian cycle, and the stars never lie.

          Thanks for your reply, robert.t and watch yer step around those crocodile-infested fishing holes.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett has long been warning us…

    I highly recommend looking at some of the links in this article.

    June 4, 2020
    Zero Hedge linking to other sources
    Police Use Contact Tracing And Big Tech To Identify Protesters

  15. scpat says:

    Essentially the trailer video for the Great Reset campaign the WEF and others are on

    • scpat says:

      The Great Reset Podcast:

      The podcast features Prince Charles, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva, labour representative Sharan Burrow and the chief executives of Microsoft, MasterCard and BP.

      The common theme every single speaker focused on was climate change and the future green economy they are striving for.

      So if COVID-19 is the Problem and Reaction, is the Solution the “green” economy, sustainable development, carbon taxes, etc? Sure seems like it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        More on Second Renaissance & the Great Reset
        The Great Reset launched by World Economic Forum and other elite…

        June 5, 2020 – Friday
        Yahoo Finance News video interview
        captioned “Climate Crisis: Battling COVID-19 and Global Warming”
        Global Head of Research and Innovation on how work from home policies can promote environmental sustainability
        (4 minute video)

        FULL TEXT
        Steven Bullock, Trucost Global Head of Research and Innovation, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the state of the environment after COVID-19 and how corporate America can shift priorities to push environmental sustainability to the forefront.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Trucost, part of S&P Global, assesses risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints, and broader environmental, social, and governance factors.

          UK Government’s guidelines for business
          Trucost authored the UK Government’s environmental reporting guidelines for business.

          Portfolio carbon footprinting
          Trucost assessed the carbon footprints of UK investment funds.

          Carbon Efficient Indices
          Trucost data drives US Carbon Efficient Index and Emerging Markets Carbon Efficient Index for Standard and Poor’s and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

          Carbon efficient tracker fund
          Trucost data drives Legal & General Investment Management carbon efficient index tracker fund, seeded by BT Pension Fund.

          Singapore Stock Exchange
          Trucost partners with the Singapore Stock Exchange to help listed companies manage environmental performance.

          Climate bonds verification
          Trucost approved to verify green bonds by Climate Bonds Initiative.

          Water Risk Monetizer launches
          Trucost and Ecolab launch Water Risk Monetizer, a free online tool to help companies manage water risk.

          Natural impacts in agriculture
          Trucost assesses environmental opportunities in food production for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

          S&P Dow Jones Indices
          Trucost is acquired by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

          EU Expert Group on Sustainable Finance
          Trucost chief appointed to EU expert group on sustainable finance.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      BUMP the scpat posts

      “…we need to transform the economy, steering it towards fairer outcomes….”

      A lot of scary stuff being proposed here by those who have such a ‘great’ track record of policies.

      • scpat says:

        Very scary. What is irritating is that it is so damn nebulous and vague. Just a bunch of warm and fuzzy sounding phrases without being concrete about anything.

  16. Jermaine says:

    I see strong parallels to these riots and the Arab spring. A movement sprung out of nowhere in reaction to a single person subject to tyrannical force.

  17. stephen says:

    Alright: a break from Coronavirus to tackling the post-Minneapolis events. Look forward to your takes, James’!

  18. BorisaMan says:

    Hands across America and the world for a total scum bag. I dont care what colour he is, just another scum bag. Then as per usual, something as pathetic as this happens, then all the assholes on here start coming together to have a go at Corbett. Lots of the people on this page really should not be here, highly programmable idiots

  19. Jed says:

    Than anyone who could find their way to this site would think the current riots are of grass root like origin, well perhaps I’ve lost my objectivity but, wow — just look around.
    The evidence that we’re being manipulated by the huge media corporations is everywhere, turn on the tv – the commercials for seemingly different products from different companies all have the same messages like: we’re in this together, we’re dealing with the new normal ect, The big newspapers, their news bulletins are the same, get ‘em on line and see for yourself— Before looking to snarl-up the narrative here remember that all colors of human being are being surfed out by these pricks. Look at the big picture, look at what they’re STILL trying to sell us on;

    Kennedy killed and Conley injured by one pristine bullet!

    747 blows up from combusting kerosene touched off by a fuel-gadge wire spark. (Saw that event with my own eyes)

    50 story steel frame building crumbles at free-fall speed — secondary to 4 hours of fire!

    New virus demands all humans wear a cloth-sheet over their mouths — lock themselves in and loose their livelihoods

    That’s just few and just for starters.

    We’re being steered and manipulated by these pricks, they’re treating us like farm animals, using us for their benefit. Their ability to do such is based on the events they create and the narrative they release in the media they control. The current situation is SO EASY TO SEE, come OOOOOON! They’re laughing at you, on the tees, in the boardrooms, sitting by their pools, saying “So so easy”.

    This site is an oasis for us who can see and who refuse to capitalize on this human farm. Many thanks to JC and JEP for this informative and entertaining series, and for the dedication to clearing up some of the above mentioned manipulations. These sites, “The Corbett Report” and “Media Monarchy” are two of the finest sites on this www. JEP, your style, sense of humor, POV and eclectic multi-music taste are entertaining as f*k! You greatly help me and many others get through the day — thanks!

    • benny.j says:

      You didn’t lose your objectivity, but there are things you do that many of us have move passed it. I don’t watch: The News, TV, Commercials, Ads (they’re blocked), and so on.

      I’m not arguing with you as we agree more in so many things that we potentially disagree. Corbett calling is to watch media, etc so he can report to those that can be enlighten in the hope for a better world.

      I don’t follow Media Monarchy but in this video JP is not his usual self, no humor you can see he’s quite panic. Unlike all the NewWorldNextWeek before. I don’t know if you live in the US but I also went through something like that with this shelter-in place. When you see all the freedoms taken away an America becoming less free and compliant is understandable. I was worried for a panic attack, but eventually sane thoughts prevailed.

      • Jed says:

        I do turn that idiot box on and check it — like a rubber neck driving by an accident. I like to see what’s being served up, the commercials are the most fascinating, especially the Rx ones — and I do like some shows and movies, idk, for me it’s a vice. All vices should be moved beyond I suppose, but remember the old joke,
        Patient: “Hey doc, if I quit smoking, gambling and drinking will I live longer?”
        Doctor: “It’ll feel longer”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Patient: “Hey doc, if I quit smoking, gambling and drinking will I live longer?”
          Doctor: “It’ll feel longer.”

          • mike17 says:

            My version, lol, goes:

            Patient to doctor: “Am i gonna live, doc?”

            Doctor to patient: You might, if you give up all the wine, women and song.”

            Patient’s reply: “Then i will definitely quit all that damned singing.”

            • Jed says:

              Awesome mike, I love ‘em all. I have to watch out for pre-ejokulation though. They can scatter out energy just like a sand bar makes a wave crash before it gets to the beach. Sand bars have taken out more than a few proud ships too. Jokes can be powerful things and they only carry one rule, they have to be funny. Not everyone agrees but that’s at their own peril.

              • Jed says:

                I live on a 120 mile long sand bar, no joke!

              • mike17 says:


                Thanks for the vote of approval, although jokes have never really been my forte.’

                But i still recall a few dillies from the old Navy days.

                . . . Inappropriate for a forum.

                As to “sand bar” – lucky you!

                . . . Can’t begin to imagine what i could do with such a halcyon dream!

                Just think of the fishing!

                Where i’m located one must exercise caution at all times, especially when going outside at night even though it’s a low-crime environment.

                . . . It’s tha bears.

                They pay frequent night-time visits looking to steal my bird feeders and get at the seeds, or to ransack kitchen garbage should i be foolish enough to put it outside overnight to await next morning’s visit to the recycle center.

                This past week a monster-sized bruin lifted a new, 40lb. bag of sunflower seed out of the back of my truck. I’d just got home from Wallyworld and put the groceries away, and figured the sunflower seed would be safe until i got up enough moxie to retrieve it.

                That’s what i get for THINKING.

                I have to lower the tail gate to retrieve big bags, but ‘ol fuzzy latched onto that 40lb. sack standing on his hind legs like it was nothing and lifted it right out!

                I was napping after the Wally harangue; shopping wears me out. When my dog started having conniptions i opened the front door and she ran tearing up into the woods, where the bear was ripping holes in the bag. The time was about 2130 EDT.

                With 12ga in hand i went out to call the dog and i guess the sound of my voice persuaded the bear to depart, without forcing me to fire a shot. They don’t always cooperate, especially when they’re as big as that one, so it pays not to be gun shy.

                Next morning i found the bag of sunflower seed up in the woods a ways laying on the ground, with the bulk of its contents still intact. Some duct tape closed the gashes that ‘ol fuzzy had made, cutting my losses to a minimum.

                I pity the bears because of human encroachment on their former habitat, but positively DO NOT feed them.

                I’d post trail-cam photos of this fellow if there were a means of doing so here. If you know a way plz advise.

                You got the great whites and crocs, jed; i got the bears.

                Lucky us!

  20. pavol.a says:

    I have watched The monopoly on violence documentary and despite James did not appear in it, there was a small add in documentary.

  21. debra.b says:

    Even with events being fabricated, manipulated, engineered, etc… There are human beings experiencing the effects of these that are real. Human beings suffering all over the world. Specifically in America, brutal abuse has been perpetrated against the minorities for centuries. It has been endless. The media portraying it as having improved I would argue is also a manipulation. In the simplest terms, as I’m able to describe, they took slavery which was said to be “abolished” and gradually moved it to the prisons as the abuse continued during that process. I’m not as educated about much of the topics discussed here as many here are. I’ve never been what one would considered “educated” no matter where I’ve ended up along the way. And, I’ve been told so many, many times. What I am is experienced on many things, so that’s the place in which I speak from. It’s flawed. I know that. Im not by a long shot say I’m experienced in everything. That would be ridiculous and impossible. I’m not experienced in systemic racism in America. I have a bi-racial niece whom has given me horrific glimpses. My heart and my family’s hearts are in fear for her always. But, that’s still not my experience. It’s hers. Even my sister, her mom. It’s not her experience. It’s her daughter’s. My niece is a strong girl. But, I always wonder just how strong is she going to have to be? And, when is enough going to be enough? Whether my comments steal moments from the larger agenda at hand, I don’t know. I haven’t forgotten what I’m doing here. Or, what pushed me onto the comment boards after years of watching in the wings. I wasn’t sure how to even begin to comment on this episode or in this discussion. I almost didn’t. But, from my perspective it comes down to truth and honesty. There’s a larger picture at hand. I understand that. I, personally am still after years struggling to grasp many of the pieces of that picture. Many here are helping me to do that. I’m not going to agree with everything or understand everything, but I’ll give it my best effort. I don’t know if that’s enough. But, it’s all I’ve got.

    • UKJC says:

      Hi debra.b your on point. If only others here hadn’t lost sight of their humanity.

    • Duck says:

      ‘…Specifically in America, brutal abuse has been perpetrated against the minorities for centuries. It has been endless. …’

      Brutal abuse, especially of minorities, is the normal situation for most of the world… in the USA and western world it is considerably LESS bad then elsewhere.

      If this were not so then there would be a move of minorities and move OUT of the west to safer and better places rather then the opposite- a desire to move TO these areas- which is whats happening.

      Americans, including African Americans, are highly privileged people compared to most 3rd world-er’s… even the poor ones have access to things rich people of 100 years ago did not.

      Racism and class struggle and even religious ferment are 95% generated by outside actors for their own ends. The blacks will be geared up to make the whites fear and then the whites will vote and support the police state that will n turn oppress them along with the everyone else. Racial politics breaking into race war (hot or cold) will kill the golden goose that has made everyone better off in the west and reduce all groups to a frightened balkanized mess begging the Raj to save them from the other groups

    • mike17 says:


      (1 of 3)

      On brutal abuse:

      I agree.

      The plight of the Negro has been horrifically difficult and there is small wonder that so many black people feel the way they do about whites.

      But there is a perspective associated with the foregoing that many individuals on both sides of the racial fence either avoid or are not aware of: It deals with the UN-natural environment that both blacks and whites have been thrown into!

      When the slavers began bringing Negroes across the pond from Africa in the Seventeenth Century there was much more involved than the mere ideological nuances of money and profit.

      Yes – profit was a major aspect of the slavery industry in America, but the racial group RUNNING the show held with a long-term plan, which i know as the “Hundred Years” plan, drawn up to serve as a slowly encroaching mechanism designed to contramand, co-opt and destroy what white men had created, relegating control of it over to the infiltrators.

      The names and owners of the slave ships of old are well known and the information pertaining to them remains fully available on the WWW. If the reader of this reply has any interest in the foregoing of more than a desultory type, there is nothing stopping him or her from finding it.

      The same racial group that was behind slavery until Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was passed into law, have never ceased in their efforts to enslave others and thus profit, writ large, from the results of free labor at the crack of a whip.

      A blatant marker vividly portraying this assertion as living proof that all Americans are slaves may be found in the Federal Reserve Act of 1912 and its enabler, the never-ratified 16th Amendment, also known as the Graduated Income Tax Act.

      Since December, 1912 the destroyers of nations and races have again done their evil work in effecting the ruin of the united states of America, through debauchery of her currencies and theft of her once substantial treasuries.

      • mike17 says:

        America now stands a bereft and weakened nation in utter chaos amid roiling miasma.

        Oh, yes — the thieves have finalized their long-term infiltration of America’s sacred borders and are now putting up endless smoke screens against the imminent risk they face in the wake of disclosure, such as this.

        The past has not been kind to this group of criminals, who in accord with empirical history have faced expulsion from other nations in no less than one-hundred-one former instances and are coming into focus for what will most assuredly be the 102nd.

        Traditionally, this group of abject, calloused scoundrels is empowered by oligarchic means, so that the big cheeses at the top (the bankers) provide safety and ‘ease of living’ standards (via preferential treatment) for the lesser, albeit lock-stepping units of measure beneath them, while profits derived from the many industries set up to operate within the realm of slavery economics, are channeled into revenue streams to enrich and perpetuate them.

        Call it “trickle-down” economics, if you wish. You can call it ‘late for breakfast’ if you like, but the circumstance will remain the same: That until these scoundrels and their unjust system of empowerment over us has been removed and real American patriots have been placed into every position of power – we will continue living as slaves with NO HOPE.

        The prospect for racial parity in America is not good; it would take the power and divine wisdom of a virtual AVATAR to ameliorate differences between the races, and yet i believe most of us go through our daily lives with GOOD INTENTIONS.

        Therefore, why are all the bad things we note of late happening to us?

        I tell you it is because the wicked at the material top are paying underlings to make it so.

        • mike17 says:

          The arrest of troglodyte monsters like George Soros and the issuing of indictments against all members of the Bauer bunch, who pollute the British Isles under the artsy-cutsie title, de Rothschild, would go far in ridding the world of these imprecations. It shall remain my belief that precisely this will become an astounding fait accompli in the road ahead, and that not only will the world be FREE but human horizons will increase exponentially and it will be as though the angels have draped a mantle of fragrant honeysuckles down onto the collective human shoulder!

          But in the interim, it makes good sense to heed Nature’s call in providing solace to the races via creation of separate republics to grace the American homeland: Four, perhaps, or at least three, for blacks, whites and Hispanics, allowing each person to choose which republic he or she desires to call home and providing a one-time allocation of funds to pay for housing and relocation, etc.

          I am not alone in this idea. Given that human populations will continue expanding it becomes the only sensible means of allaying race war and revolution, the ends of which can easily lead to a worse circumstance than people will have fought to eliminate!

          For now, let us all take a deep breath and try to feel compassion for those who are justice-oriented and fair-minded. The bastards fomenting hate and malice against others of different racial and ethnic makeup than they. . . especially against whites, who are unjustly receiving the brunt of blame and accusation. . . are serving psychopathic scoundrels and monsters for pay. These mentally challenged mercenaries constitute only a tiny minority. It’s just when we see them amassed at one or other targeted zone that they appear to be great in number.

          The way to defeat them lies in peaceful, non-violent insurrection; remaining home as FREE PEOPLE who do not wear masks and do not obey unjust edicts pertaining to martial law. If the cops try to arrest us while going about peacefully and normally, let them. They will soon discover the shortage of space required to confine us all.

          There are paid trolls posting to this forum. Some of their posts seem reasonable but this is merely a ploy to gain acceptance as a tool of empowerment against the legitimate and sincere posters. . . those who have a truthful and worthwhile message to convey.

          Don’t be fooled by scoundrels!

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Peaceful doesn’t do well in a firing squad.

            • mike17 says:

              How right you are, I Shot Santa.

              That’s why we must walk with a smile but carry a BIG stick.

              Nowhere is it written that ‘peaceful’ must include self-sacrifice.

              As ‘ol Clint told the bad guy, “I deal in lead, friend.”

          • J-Smoove says:

            Hey Mike17,

            “They will soon discover the shortage of space required to confine us all.”

            This is a good point. I have always said, for example, if you had enough people to just say F it, I’m no longer paying taxes and refuse to be used as cattle, they wouldn’t be able to jail all of us. It just wouldn’t happen, IMO. I believe we all have enough power to derail the system, but there many other factors that get in the way of it.

            • mike17 says:

              Thanks for your comment, J-Smoove.

              Yeah, there’re lots of factors that get in the way but they can and i believe WILL be worked out as we go along.

              The main thing is GETTING STARTED.

              Then, we tackle the peripheral issues one at a time as they emerge into focus.

              But i’m not a military-grade logician, nor a tactician. I was old Navy during the ‘Nam era but that’s a different deck of cards.

              Yet – i believe there are veterans with real combat training who’re much younger and physically more capable than i, who can and will gladly sign on to add their knowledge to the kitty once we get that ball rolling.

              This whole resistance thing must come as the result of a unified consensus of reason among all who wish for FREEDOM! There can be no conscription.

              Recall, that according to history the Revolutionary War began with only a small percentage signing on, yet as the patriots demonstrated their unrelenting courage despite initial defeat, the laggards began coming in.

              . . . The rest is history.

              Where there’s a will there’s a way.

              It must cut across all lines of race and ethnicity and be all-inclusive for it to be effective.

              What we DON’T want is a central HQ and a door with some or other title or name on it, where the infiltrators can then come in posing as friends then co-opt and infiltrate the movement, turning it into another example of the controlled resistance.

              There are paid troll-posters attaching themselves to this forum like barnacles, out to infiltrate as above.

              What the despots fear most is a non-centric consensus of reason among a majority of decent, good people who’ve never even met one another but who nonetheless agree via innate logic and reason as to what must be accomplished.

              Thanks again for your comment, J-Smoove!

              • I Shot Santa says:

                The only way an armed resistance would work is if it were completely decentralized. No command and control. No overall leadership or strategy. Nothing that could be usurped by the state. And it will come to this because we have failed to demonstrate our will for so long. A simple tar and feathering attitude would have made this unnecessary, but our own fears have determined this.

      • Duck says:

        “,,The plight of the Negro has been horrifically difficult and there is small wonder that so many black people feel the way they do about whites…’

        Small wonder indeed, when an attitude of having something stolen from them is deliberately fostered thru education and indoctrination for political reasons. The lecture “more deadly then war” BY Griffin

        goes extensively thru the earlier stages of the continuing process of dividing Americans along racial lines not in order to improve black lives but in order to use them as ‘cannon fodder’.

        The money powers who owned the communists are carrying on with the same playbook

        “…The names and owners of the slave ships of old are well known and the information pertaining to them remains fully available on the WWW. If the reader of this reply has any interest in the foregoing of more than a desultory type, there is nothing stopping him or her from finding it…..’

        Amazon banned the sale of THAT book…..

        • mike17 says:


          Sorry if i gave a bum steer re availability of info on slavery industry, but i think somewhere i still have a screenshot copy of the original list of names of all the slave ships and their owners.

          This list appears on what looks like old, yellowed parchment paper and is inscribed in the style of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century works.

          If there is any way to post it here as a screenshot image i will.

          Otherwise i’ll have to transpose it into a text-edit style list and post it that way.

          ‘Not sure what book you refer to, but the controllers have definitely clamped down on everything that exposes them.

          Bezos and his fellow comrades within the control matrix, who in turn serve other and higher powers reposing above their evil, selfish heads, have been fully obedient to their masters’ whimsy and will surely remain in keeping with the Master Plan of the Elders of Zion.

          . . . The latter ISN’T a Tsarist forgery.

          Funny, how in spelling ‘Tsarist’ my Linux dictionary is unable to find the word and places it in red marks as incorrect.

          Wonder why that is?

          • Duck says:

            Try Czar ?

            Not much with the cyrillic but I think it translates either way

            Funny , as I read it means “Caesar” , which became a title, but started as a guys name. Lol.

    • debra.b says:

      I feel the point I was trying to make was misunderstood. So, I’ll try again.

      I understand abuses happen all over the world, as was noted. I wasn’t comparing and contrasting who’s suffering is worse. I referred specifically to America because I felt that was the topic of discussion. And, one I could speak to albeit to a small extent.

      I have enough compassion to go around for everyone. I don’t personally feel the need to dismiss the lesser abused population to validate the more severe. Of course, I’m more focused on what’s happening right in front of me, as I am only human.

      Ultimately, I was attempting to say that by whatever means in which these events unfold. Manufactured, manipulation, psyop. criminal, etc.. The consequences are very real for real people. I thought that was worth acknowledging even though there’s a much larger agenda at hand.

      As to the notion of forcing people to separate. I think that would be extremely cruel. I would not tell my niece who is part African American, for example, that she must choose us or them. Or send her away. I also have a niece and nephews who are part Jewish, do I tell them to choose as well? Where does it end? If that’s what the world will come to I’d rather not live in it. If my Dad allowed the dictates from a group of his cruel Irish bloodline to keep him from my mother in the 60s neither myself nor my siblings or our children would exist. My parents faced much opposition to their Irish/Italian union. I’m proud to say neither fell prey to it. Was it as severe opposition as an African American and white or Hispanic and white union might face? Absolutely not. But, believe it or not it was treated in a similarly hateful vein. So, do I have less compassion for my mother because it was not as severe as my niece is treated for being part African American? No, I don’t. I feel compassion for both. In my opinion, it is far more complex than what is written. Unless one is there, I don’t believe one can truly know the full details of what happened. “History is written by the winners” after all. And, I believe that to be true.

      In terms of defeating the current circumstances. Everyone will do what they can do or not. I’m in no position to know or dictate to others what they should do. I’ve never done that and I’m not about to start now. Some may be able to go off the grid or join in opposition with others they don’t know. That’s not an option for me. I won’t abandon my family to join others I don’t know. I will stand by them no matter what. And, do my best to survive. If I die then so be it. I don’t fear death. We all die. How I’ve lived is what matters.

      • J-Smoove says:

        “I understand abuses happen all over the world, as was noted. I wasn’t comparing and contrasting who’s suffering is worse. I referred specifically to America because I felt that was the topic of discussion.

        I have enough compassion to go around for everyone. I don’t personally feel the need to dismiss the lesser abused population to validate the more severe. Of course, I’m more focused on what’s happening right in front of me, as I am only human.

        Ultimately, I was attempting to say that by whatever means in which these events unfold. Manufactured, manipulation, psyop. criminal, etc.. The consequences are very real for real people. I thought that was worth acknowledging even though there’s a much larger agenda at hand.”

        This was eloquently stated, Debra. I agree.

      • Duck says:

        Forcing people to separate can be cruel, but forcing them to live together IN THE ABSENCE of shared values is a recipe for disaster and tyranny.

        The west has allowed its culture to become based n material goods and consumption rather then shared faith or shared values and ideas… as long as there is plenty of slop in the trough the different pigs wont fight- but the slop is running out and so various groups will play racial politics which will lead to a very unpleasant set of events.

        Racial politics are horrible and destructive, but they WILL exist in the vacuum left by the decay of religion and civic virtue. The people in power WANT us to fear each other because then we will beg the government to save us from the scary white/black/latin or whatever

        • debra.b says:

          Where did I say that I thought anyone should be “forced to live together”? If you’re referring to my family. Just because they don’t get what’s really going on here does not mean that we don’t have any shared values. We have plenty. I can’t speak to others in terms of their values nor would I. Nor would I suggest people be forced to live together any more than I would suggest they be forced to separate. I do not hold expectations in people with whom I don’t feel I’m entitled to hold. Namely, those who are not directly a part of my life.

          Once again, I understand the larger agenda. I understand the entire scope of what is happening today. I understand all about racial politics. And, I know what the people in power want. I may not be as educated as you are, but I’m not lacking in intelligence either. And, quite honestly I don’t appreciate the mocking undertone you are taking with me in your reply….“the scary white/black/latin or whatever“. I’m capable of reading in between the lines. And, I don’t appreciate being spoken down to.

          With all due respect, I’m done with this discussion.

      • mike17 says:

        (1 of 2)

        “Some may be able to go off the grid or join in opposition with others they don’t know. That’s not an option for me. I won’t abandon my family to join others I don’t know.”

        I’m not trying to pick a fight with you, ma’am, but in the above line you in as much as admit to feeling the same way about your own people as whites are characterized racists for doing!

        It goes to the old adages, “to each his own” and,
        “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” etc.

        There is nothing wrong with feeling more comfortable among one’s own people and no one has the right to demand an apology from you or me for doing it!

        We are only acting in the way Nature intended.

        But also, i feel it poignant to say. . . the world has entered the most incipient bounds of the coming ONE Humanity.

        It is not the outer husk of body that makes us what we are, but the inner spiritual nature, of which the body and its PERSONALITY SELF are a reflection!

        No two of the myriad groups on this earth have arrived here at the same time. All of us differ as to TIME IN POSITION and therefore our exact POINT IN EVOLUTION!

        For the most part, with the exception of those who adapt to deliberate, intrinsic evil as a chosen way of life, we are all BLAMELESS!

        • mike17 says:

          (2 of 2)

          . . . Because it is not a matter of blame and malfeasance, so to say, but of CAPABILITY which motivates and perpetuates us.

          Does the senior high school graduate, upon acing his final exam on may 28th and thus being released for the summer, pending the grad ceremony, then repair back to his younger brother’s 6th grade classroom where the boy is struggling to pass his final exam for the 7th grade, stand in the doorway and ridicule the younger boy, accusing him of being inferior because he is “incapable of passing the requiem for the senior year”?

          What should be done with such an older brother as that?

          . . . a size 12 brogan rapidly applied to just the right part of his body anatomy would vastly improve his disposition.

          None of us need apologize for WHERE WE ARE. It is a foregone conclusion that where the older brother is today the younger sibling will be in just 6 short years!

          The trouble comes into play when those myriad, varying points of maturity and accomplishment produce miasma and duress between all parties, when, separated and allowed to coalesce only among one’s fellows would ameliorate the difficulty and thus relegate conditions to a state of harmony.

          Such has always been Nature’s design.

          But there does come a time in the course of human evolution when all members of the human family begin melding together as one unit. The world is expanding its parameters of human awareness.

          I think this is what’s going on today; and despite the imprecations of selfish predators among us who try to steal away every worthwhile nuance of life for themselves, we have the intrinsic right to live in harmony, both with Nature and in our relations with fellow humans.

          When the entire human family is ready for a merging into one body, it will come as a natural part of life. No one will plan for it nor will there be any laws or regulations encoded on the parts of governments.

          . . . It will simply BE.

          But one look at things now forewarns that we would be better off separate-and-distinct rather than thrown together as a single body into one roiling miasma of racial animus.

          • mike17 says:


            On “forced to separate:

            There would be no forced separation. As i plainly said, Ma’am – a referendum would be held.

            Besides, people could still choose where they live by applying for a transfer, as i see it.

            At least i would certainly wish to make it so, and would not agree to a steel-clad mandate.

            • debra.b says:

              It seems the more I say, the more I am misunderstood. Others here have commented on what they will do to fight back against the tyranny. I don’t know what everyone’s circumstances are. Either way, it’s not my place to judge or say, nor would I. I’m glad for people to do whatever they can do. I was stating quite plainly that MY circumstances do not allow me the options that others may have. But, I’ll elaborate just so maybe I’ll be better understood. I have financial constraints, serious health limitations, and yes, I have a family that I wouldn’t leave because I love them. That’s just my reality. If you wish to judge or make assumptions about me based upon that. Knock yourself out. Just kindly keep it to yourself because I’m not interested.

              If by “my people”, you’re referring to my son, my daughter, my grandson, my mother, my brother, my sisters, nieces, nephews….they are my family, whom I love. It’s that simple. I’m not against others because my family is my first priority. Please don’t speak to me as if you know what I feel in my heart. You don’t! So, that’s just plain insulting. And, I’ll say again I do not appreciate being spoken down to or lectured or preached to about who I should be. The lecture on the immaturity of my being a part of a close family. I’ve heard it all before, so you can save that lecture for someone else.

              You’re free to imagine that you know who I am better than I know myself all you’d like. But, the truth is that I don’t know you and you certainly do not know me.

              I really do not have anything more to say. So, again with all due respect I’m done with this discussion.

              • Duck says:

                Sorry if I came across as talking down to you.

                It was not intended and I apologize whole heartedly… the point
                I was making (badly) is that people are no longer linked by common culture or values and thus are not able to live as harmoniously as before.

                Again, sorry if I come across curt or rude.

              • debra.b says:

                Hey Duck,
                Thank you. I appreciate that. I really didn’t intend to be harsh either. I understand what you’re saying. I guess I’m holding on to whatever harmony that’s within my grasp. I don’t know any other way I can get through this.

                Thanks again! Debra

  22. Steve Smith says:

    I finally found time to watch this episode. Needless to say I was interested in seeing exactly what James P said that elicited such emotions.
    My take upon watching it myself and listened to the shocking things that James said was somewhat anticlimactic since I had already read and heard about it all elsewhere.
    James P, at least to my sensibilities is self deprecating while putting on an act of being a representation of a younger generation that is largely ignorant and easily influenced and controlled by shocking headlines and innuendo and internet stories. When he was relating the story in the interview he sounded just like the guy that puts on the same persona when he is doing his daily job as a pretty damn good DJ. Which is to inform in an entertaining manner people of generations perhaps other than mine.
    Media Monarchy is one of the podcasts I listen to. Boy can that guy fit a ton of stuff into an hour show.

    Perhaps I am becoming more callous in my old age but my outrage producing capacity has been taxed to it’s limits. I don’t know that I even believe the official story about George Floyd much less can I muster up any more outrage about his alleged death at the hands of the state than I have about Duncan Lemp or countless others.
    I guess I could be getting numb to horror stories that I have no real reason to believe are true.
    Finding fault and sowing division among compadres for something as petty as the way a professional DJ presents if not true information, certainty accurate information in that it exists, is something I find destructive and unproductive and definitely not worthy of this message board.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Having thought about what I wrote for awhile, I realize that as usual I could have worded it much better. Anyway, I should have said that every generation, including my own is largely ignorant and easily influenced and controlled by shocking headlines and innuendo and internet stories.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I caught your meaning and heart.
        I’m older too.
        I once mailed James Evan Pilato $25 or $30. Wrote a brief letter with the cash, and my return address/real name on the envelope. Told him I wanted to support him, but listening to the show most days may not always be a fit for me with my work lifestyle and my age. I gave him my email address and also told him that I was HomeRemedySupply at Corbett Report.
        I never heard back from him.

        Not long along, I sent Dan Dicks some money online. He replied with a “thankyou”. When I saw the thankyou, I sent him another 2x amount.

        I have sent money to other folks also. If I don’t get a “thankyou”, I don’t send more.
        10 bucks is an hour labor for me.

        I’m old school.

        • Jed says:

          Just so you know Hrs, if you send me money you’ll be getting a note of thanks back.

        • Steve Smith says:

          That’s funny because I did a similar thing. I sent James P. Two humble checks and a letter. One check for himself and the other I imposed upon him to send to James C.
          It was during a busy time for him but he did finally text me back. It was a number of weeks later when I texted him and reminded him because it had slipped his mind during his move I think. But eventually he came through and I was able to join both sites by snail mail. I had tried to donate to James C with my credit card using my iPad but was unsuccessful. I think it was because of James being in Japan.
          Anyway, I bet it just slipped through the cracks as he was very gracious and grateful to me. Perhaps he will read this and rectify the situation.

          I completely understand how difficult it is at this stage to help support all those people that need it and truly deserve it. I often rue the fact that I am not in a position to do what I want to do for all those I would like to help. And there are many. But I do try to share and promote those I cannot help monetarily.

          As far as listening every day. There is no way I could do that either. Thats why I am so grateful to have this iPad and am able to download so many quality podcasts. I am routinely a week or so late listening to episodes that don’t really contain time sensitive news. Media Monarchy is a news show but I find that it is just as entertaining days later.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I listen to morning monarchy regularly. James IS of a different generation. I find I disagree with many of his conclusions, but he does put out a lot of great content. I only listen to his news, but he puts out more content in a single day than most people do in a month. About 8 hours a day! So I give him a lot of slack. I’m a supporter, with my big bad dollar a month, and I’m glad that he’s finally getting a lot more supporters.

  23. Alchemist says:

    What happened in this thread is a great example of why we shouldn’t waste our time with the minutiae of each event they throw at us, because it’s all a big distraction from the end goal!

    I really believe that if any group could make big changes in the world, it’s this one, so if we want to survive in this crazy new world, let’s try to stay focused.

  24. 6079 Smith W says:

    This 1 hr 25 min video of the WEF “Great Reset” discussion was just shared to me by a friend this morning. Amazing. I never knew this group even existed.

  25. Alchemist says:

    Melinda Gates Lays Out Her Biggest Concern For the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    “Who needs it after health care workers?
    In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.”

  26. SouloftheWhiteAunt says:

    I’m interested to find out when the term “Great Reset” was first being seeded by IMF/WEF. I found this article which is worth revisiting from June 2019 (

    “The International Monetary Fund began spreading a meme a few years ago as a way to describe a global economic crash without actually saying the word “crash”. Managing Director Christine Lagarde and others started using the phrase “global economic reset”.”

    Who was at the Great Reset launch on 3 June? “all stakeholder groups of global society” – really?

    Can’t wait to see what comes out of the 420 hubs of the “World Economic Global Shapers Community”

    The one Young Global Leader represented is doing pioneering work on contact tracing for cows (you know, to improve farming efficiency). I wonder if it will work for us sheep?

  27. J-Smoove says:

    “In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.”

    Hahaha. Yeah, that sounds about right. Yes, get us colored folk second in line for mass vaccinations and then the elderly. These people truly believe they are above all and can just decide what is “best” for the population.

  28. Arby says:

    That Second Renaissance thing is strange and alarming. I don’t really know what I’m looking at there. Clearly it’s fiction. But it’s clearly related to reality.

  29. MagicBullet says:


    This video of the arrest of GF:

    Shows he was intoxicated (said to be fentanyl-a strong opioid + maybe other drugs). He was shouting he couldn’t breath well before he was put on the ground, he was extremely uncooperative from the start. The Vid strongly suggests he died from a mix of a drug inducing respiratory distress and his agitation that required more oxygen. There is no indication of police roughing him up from this body cam angle.

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